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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  August 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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you might need that umbrella, showers are falling in some spots across the valley. tracking the latest on desert doppler radar. and a story you will only see on abc15, murder weapon. we will detail this for you. coming up, how much the reward has increased for the serial street shooter. >> the weekend is almost in sight but certainly an active morning here. >> yes let's talk about that. rain falling across the valley. >> we had a few rumbles of thunder through central phoenix and must of the early activity
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lifted off to the north but we still have some showers popping up in tempe, guadalupe and scottsdale. it's enough to get those roads wet as you are getting ready to head out the door. it's not a complete washout but some valley neighborhoods will have to watch out for pockets of rain. west valley had a stray shower but that is clearing up. all of this is moving to the north-northeast so it will track at a higher terrain. we get a bit of a loan before more student chances -- break before more stone -- storm chances pick back up this afternoon. right now let's check the live drive. >> reporter: good morning iris, we are on the 51 heading southbound just pass glendale. it's surprisingly dry right here but honestly, just a couple miles down the 51 is such a different story. we had rain on and off while we were here in the live drive. if
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can you say this right now? just a little bit and now we are getting rain on the windshield. it's crazy these showers right now. let me show you what you missed overnight. we have video of the dot -- from adot. the rain was pouring down, just gushing. we even heard some thunder and saw some lightning strikes. we had another video also. one of our journalist journalists is capturing this so if you live along the 50 when you probably heard some of the thunder. -- the 51, you probably heard it -- this thunder. will continue to track this throughout the morning and bring you more of what we see, but very often -- on an offense body. first on abc15 mornings,
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at east wood street. it's a very large police presence. the crime scene tape is up. making thompson is getting updates from police -- megan thompson is getting updates from police right now. we will revisit here momentarily when megan is ready to join us. speed and impairment could be factors in a ba leaving two drivers facing charges. this was early this morning your cave creek in peoria. that's where a driver tried to pass another car, lost control and slammed into a tree. see that suv right there? that's important. that's an suv driving right through the crime scene, passing the police officers as they were trying to investigate the scene. there are even flares and crime scene tape. officers were running after the car. they pulled him over, stopped him, got him out of the car, he's been investigated for dui
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updates on the original crash, i'm waiting for that. chandler k-9 officers are searching for -- through the grass to find a potential murder weapon. there it is. that's the gun. we were right there as officers found the weapon. investigators are on the scene near mclean wrote and rewrote. we know one -- and ray road. we know one person has died. chandler police has tweeted out that the custody and there is no threat to the public. we have reached out to officers were -- for more details. a lot of fluid investigations and when i have updates i will let you know. now to a story we've been following since the beginning, one man on a mission to kill. >> the reward to stop him just got a whole lot bigger. katie, the attorney general's office is pitching in several
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>> that's right and now the reward to catch this guy is $75,000 and so far police have received over 1500 tips but they still need your help. you can remain anonymous but just call silent witness at 480- witness. it's completely anonymous. they don't take your name or contact info. they just give you a code. the only way you know if you get the cash is to call back and give them your codename. >> we stressed to them like crazy to hold tip's codename. we can't call you. we don't know how to reach you so if you lose that it is extremely difficult to retrace that. >> they will keep -- we will keep this sketch up. if you recognize this man, make sure -- you call police. >> a hot pursuit in deer valley and a prisoner escapes but he's
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end. this is an abc15 exclusive. they stopped the suspected car thief but before they could booking they had firefighters taken -- take him to deer valley medical center and then at the hospital he jumped out of the ambulance. police say he tried to steal somebody's car. he ran to the budget in -- inn. he ended up in a scuffle and the patrol vehicle. the vehicle lurched forward, up a curb and into the wall and if this wasn't all crazy enough he was running barefoot in the heat of the day and had to be treated for burns. when he is finally booked, they will release his name. i know everybody was watching this on the out. you can always -- on the app. there's always cool content out there. as they city bus stopped here, you can expect business to be there for quite a while, at least a week.
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nobody was on the bus at the time but certainly a great deal -- something to watch. this is much smaller than yesterday's -- wednesday's earthquake, excuse me. this hit just after 4:00 arizona time. these are live images here. this is considered a rescue operation not a recovery but with the aftershocks th to find any survivors games. the death toll is now up to 267. >> more -- praying hope -- we are praying that more people will be found under it alive. police say melissa santana and sergio ortiz killed melissa's four-year-old daughter back in 2013. she admitted to hitting her daughter in the stomach and both are charged with child
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and a status conference begins for the man accused of shooting and killing a 7-eleven clerk. we're told he admits to the shooting but says it was an accident. the victim died at the scene. the suspect will also be in court on tuesday. former accused freeway shooter who's been cleared of all charges ought to get his gun back. you remember lizzie -- leslie merritt jr. was for a long time the sole suspect with dps. he was grilled about the government. he grilled them about the ballistic testing. dps is sticking by their guns -- their guns so to speak. >> dps was unsatisfied. they had their own lab do yet another round of analysis and they said it was a match. effectively they said anybody else is wrong, and they are right. >> for now we know the gun will
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i've got to talk about terrorism here and security, breaking news at the live desk. this is after at least eight police officers were killed in this huge explosion in turkey. 45 people were injured. a truck full of explosives going off right outside of a police station. it's not clear who did this at this very moment, but the kurdistan workers party is terrorism. they have been behind a string of attacks targeting security forces things -- since negotiates -- negotiations fell apart last year. many of you are waking up to soggy yards potentially, iris. >> storms are rolling through and you can see a little bit of the shine on the roadways as we look live toward state route 51. mallory will have an update in just a bit but let me show you where the rain is still falling right now.
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earlier but now we are getting pop up showers behind that main batch and you can see we've got heavier rain toward thomas, moving to the northeast. that's toward mcdonald and parts of scottsdale. also getting rain through tempe and you can see the badge of heavier rain pushing into southern and continuing to trap towards the loop -- track towards the loop 202. you got more spotty showers in the west valley. we'll talk about the storm threat that will continue the next couple of days. i pulled up our adot camera right now right at 40th street. you can see those showers. take it easy, some areas not seeing it if you wake up and do see
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i do want to give you a look at loop 11 in the west valley. we had this crash that they cleared so that should be okay. in 10 minutes this is southbound from grand avenue to i-10 and. we will give you a closer look in a few minutes. >> you could see it almost breathing -- expanding and contracting. seeking cover in a bathroom, not knowing what is going on outside. we are hearing about the angel place save what you want is to keep your children safe. >> yes she's young but this outspoken teenager is taking action after her father was
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it's 4:44 on this friday morning.
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across the valley. iris has been most accurate forecasts a you can plan your day and get ready for the weekend. we will have more on that coming up in a bit. two years later and the pain is still no easier to bear, an arizona gun instructor accidentally killed by a nine- year-old girl. he was teaching her to use an newsy. -- an uzi. the family is pushing to get a law to ban children from using automatic weapons. they need to do one thing first. >> the day it happened we knew we wanted to change the law and that all started with forgiveness. it started with telling the little girl that she could move on. it wasn't her responsibility to worry about us or any of this. it was her job to move on and we let her
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daughter. the family says the lawsuit -- could bring closure by holding somebody accountable. they could have more -- we could have more on this starting at 7:00. breaking early, pc this crash scene? police officer say it was no accident. 16th street and university is where a car slammed right into a palm tree and they say they started with an argument inside the vehicle. apparently the man grabbed the wheel and jerked it -- causing into the poultry. -- slammed right into the palm tree. will the manager of that starbucks turned hero with a tornado just wiped out the building. we showed you some incredible video yesterday of the time on -- time that it hit . now we are hearing from some of the people inside the coffee
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>> we had no idea it was so close. nothing was telling us that. i just wanted to get home to my family. we wouldn't have been there, to see that now. >> you see that? somebody in a neighboring building caught the incredible destructive video. moments later that person rushed over to help. >> i saw the building fall over so as soon as it was safe to do so i sprinted outside and joined in with some other guys to bust the bathroom doors out >> nobody was seriously injured in the storms. unbelievable. between 300 and 800 people were displaced from their homes but the manager angel turned out to be an angel that day. back in the valley now, the state's largest utility aps has been served in court in the ongoing battle between -- from the alleged dark body corporation of 2015. these documents may show they
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commission candidates during the 2014 elections. they passed with regulating certain utilities. burns says he has not been able to do that. >> it is our responsibility to regulate and if we don't have the authority to regulate then we are not regulating obviously . >> burns is up for reelection in tuesday's primary but plans to keep investigating even if he loses. the field includes rick gray, al mellman and boyd done dunn. you know the story, you've seen him before and a judge in south africa has just challenged -- shut down a bid to challenge his sentence. it doesn't end there in south africa., dan, danielle, iris, back to you. waking up and heading out the door, you might need the
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some of them producing heavier rain so let's look exactly where that is this morning. it's not widespread, definitely very scattered across the valley but i will take you into those spots. goodyear, getting a heavier shower moving in, into the goodyear area and this batch is going to continue to move off to the northeast. you can see there is a lot of red so that in -- heavier rainfall. some of that rain could continue. peoria and glendale, you are also in the path of this shower. we will be watching that as it moves to the north. not seeing any lightning strikes but it is certainly -- certainly not a rumble of thunder out of the question. a few light spotty showers out
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tracking the area of heavier rain moving right over camelback mountain. this is pushing to the northeast and that eventually is going to continue to move northeast into northeast scottsdale. and the senate -- southeast valley has -- this is tracking right over mesa gateway. the radar is there, tracking to the northeast. apache junction is in the path of that. we've got valley and a little bit more to our south. maricopa getting in on some of that rain. if it manages to hold together it could move towards ahwatukee and there's another spotty shower to the south so as we go through the next couple of hours watch for the scattered showers that could continue to impact the valley and all of this is moving to the northeast so we have wet weather along the mogollon rim. any of those
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in that direction so the ran also has a -- the ram also has a chance for showers. plan on this early-morning rain chance but we have chances for more storms later, a few disturbances moving through, a boost in monsoon moisture and then rain chances -- means chances are sticking around even into tomorrow. we could see storms to our south. the dust threat will be there today ahead of any rain moving into the valley and by midafternoon into the evening a the phoenix metro and those chances carry through tonight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow during the day, just a slight chance of an isolated storm as we go into the afternoon, so an active couple of days. the high is only up to 99 today. we will talk more about the 7- day forecast in just a few minutes. abc15 desert dry times brought to you by centurylink
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from crashes or delays but watch out for the slick roads in scottsdale. i do want to give you a heads up about this weekend because there's a major road closure loop 101 northbound to mcdonald street. it's friday night tonight to 10 pm -- 10 am on monday morning. but it is weather-dependent. you are still seeing slick and shiny roads right at frank lloyd wright, so take it easy. do not call this small. the monstrous feet and now authorities are on the scene where somebody stole a trailer full of energy drinks. and we've got a rundown of what's happening across the valley. apple is reportedly testing a new video sharing and editing app for the iphone and ipad and could be out next year.
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the first president to start in a three-day -- to star in a 3-d virtual reality film. >> the president himself got a preview of the film wearing a virtual reality helmet outside the office. and dominoes demonstrated a drone delivery in new zealand -- predicting deliveries there by the end of the year but due to restricted airspace u.s., don't expect your pizza to be delivered here by drone anytime soon. >> those are your tech bytes.
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we are giving away tickets to the cards-broncos game less than a week away. just download the app, look for the contest entry for your chance to win and go to ab for more information. good luck. the weekend is here and there are plenty of things to do across the valley. >> it's a boy band lovers dream. them my 2k tour -- the my 2k tour -- are you kidding me with all these people? sign me up. [laughter] teenage mutant ninja turtles is playing at goodyear ballpark tonight at 7:30.
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there. catch of all of the cop starts at 7:30 at breeze park. and the rattlers place nine, the game starts at 4:00 of gila river arena. and tomorrow night -- said 10 regional park, where closed toed shoes and a black light. the event runs from 8:00 on. afternoon at the american girl store this afternoon to celebrate the arrival of melody. free events are happening all weekend long at the scottsdale location geared for kids ages eight and up -- girls ages eight and up. i will show you where the rain is headed and what else we are seeing across the valley next. we have so many stories we're covering right now.
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28th street and broadway,
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at shell casings are littering the streets in this phoenix neighborhood. police were just here last night for a triple shooting and now they are back. the breaking
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we are in the live drive right now on the 51 heading northbound and we've seen spotty showers throughout the morning. we will bring you the latest images we're seeing out on the roads. dramatic new video shows kayla mueller pleading for her life while in crisis captivity. early on we saw some lightning. we're tracking rain showers. >> yes, some areas are getting heavier pockets of rain so let's take you right to desert doppler to show you where the rain is now and where it is headed in case you're getti we've got rain in goodyear, tollefson, scottsdale and a little bit of rain in southeast gilbert. it's tough to see because it's right over the radar site put this area in goodyear and tollefson just south of i-10 getting the heaviest pockets. not seeing a lot of radar -- lightning but you will need the umbrella as you head out the door especially in any of these neighborhoods just south of i-10


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