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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. major security breach at an airport. >> apparently, somebody jumped in a truck on the runway out there. >> a man jumps a fence, fleeing police, then steals a struck, crashing it right into a plane. as passengers try to board. the investigation into how this could happen. fighting words. donald trump and hillary clinton trade blows, accusing each other of racism as trump wavers on immigration again. and hillary attacks the man running his campaign. trump's campaign manager joins us live. murder mystery in mississippi. two beloved nuns found dead. killed in their home. no suspect or motive. now, a massive manhunt under way. the community on edge. race against time. the hero police officer rushing to the scene to pull a passenger from a burning car. breaking glass, yanking him out,
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alive this morning. good morning, america. you're going to want to see that whole video. a real hero right there. it's a great friday in times square. and in central park as well. look at that crowd. packing in for country star jason aldean. he's going to perform live. and all eyes right now on the tropical threat in the atlantic. ginger is tracking that. but firs w major security breach overnight. a man in nebraska evading police, making it on to the tarmac. striving a truck right into a plane while passengers were boarding. abc's david kerley is at the reagan national airport with the latest on all of that. good morning, david. >> reporter: amy, this is a scary one. a man screaming, jumping into that truck, slamming into a jetliner with police chasing the entire way. it's an airline pickup truck that was slammed into a jetliner. in the process of loading. the end of a bizarre security
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>> we just got a report of a person possibly jumping the fence over at the airfield. you guys have any word on that yet? >> reporter: it was 9:30 in front of the nebraska airport when the man was screaming that people were trying to kill him. police approached. >> they tried to calm him down. he bolted for the parking garage. >> reporter: a foot chase with the suspect jumping a fence. on to the airport runway. >> i don't have word on it. but i do see police en route o foot. >> reporter: the suspect having stripped off his clothes except his underwear, jumps into an unlocked and running pickup truck. it's now a vehicle chase. >> apparently somebody jumped in a truck on the runway out there. >> reporter: when police cruisers cut off the truck, the suspect doubles back. and that's when he slams into the nose gear of a southwest jet in the process of boarding. >> they're all just east of the tower now. right next to southwest. he ran into a southwest. just in front of the tower. >> reporter: two crew members on the jet suffered minor injuries.
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and minor injuries for the suspect, who was restrained and still screaming when he was taken into custody. quite an evening on the tarmac. one airline employee summing it up on the radio in just one word. >> wow. >> reporter: wow indeed. police believe the suspect may had taken drugs leading to his behavior. southwest has taken the jet out of service to check for damage to the nose gear. george? >> that was a scary one. thank you, david. the race for the white house now, engulfed in charges about race. hillary clinton and donald trump accuse each other of bigotry overnight. as a new national poll shows clinton with a ten-point lead. jon karl has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george, hillary clinton used her only public appearance this week to launch a blistering indictment of donald trump, painting him as part of a racist political fringe. overnight on cnn, donald trump tried to explain his explosive claim that hillary clinton is a bigot. >> her policies are bigoted
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>> but you're saying she's personally bigoted. >> she is. of course she is. her policies. they're her policies. she comes out with the policies. >> hatred is at the core of that? >> or maybe she's lazy. >> reporter: after several days off the campaign trail, clinton is now firing back. >> more and more it seems as though his real message seems to be make america hate again. >> reporter: clinton says trump is spreading prejudice and promoting white supremacists online. >> like the user who goes by the name white genocide tm. trump took this fringe bigot with a few dozen followers and spread his message to 11 million people. >> reporter: trump bluntly told our new hampshire affiliate he doesn't want white supremacists to vote for him. >> no, i don't at all. not at all. and i will tell you that this is not about hate. this is about love. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump is taking heat from conservatives for backing away from his vow to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. >> who wants those people thrown
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>> i do! >> reporter: top conservative trump backer ann coulter told abc news that whomever advised trump to soften his position on immigration should be fired. >> i'm trying to encourage donald trump to dump whomever the moron is. >> reporter: but trump now seems unclear exactly what his position is on deportation. >> you know it's a process. you can't take 11 at one and say, boom, you're gone. >> reporter: clinton is also taking aim at the ceo of the campaign, the former head of >> breitbart embraces people on the extremist fringe. on conservative right. >> reporter: and there may be more turmoil ahead for the trump campaign ceo. with reports he faced a domestic violence charge in 1996. after the kind of attack hillary clinton leveled at donald trump
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republican leaders would leap to the defense of their party's nominee. but, george, as of now, they've been largely silent. no notable tweets or statements from leading republicans defending trump from the alarming charges made by hillary clinton. >> okay, thanks very much, jon. let's talk about that with kellyanne conway, mr. trump's new campaign manager. let's pick up with jon left off there. no tweets from reince priebus. the speaker of the house, paul ryan, or mitch mcconnell. are you disappointed? that gop leaders aren't stepping up to defend donald trump. >> reince priebus was with mr. trump last night in aspen together at a fund-raiser. they'll be in las vegas together. >> nothing public. >> i think they're busy behind the scenes. we had the rnc yesterday. we feel really good about the relationship between the presidential campaign and the republican national committee. but, you know, george, this entire conversation had to be had. usually republican nominees are not bold enough to go into communities of color and take the case right to them and
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they've been afraid to do that. mr. trump deserves credit. >> he's been talking about the black community but doing it in white communities. >> he's hoping they're listening. we had african-american leaders from many different states together in a meeting. it was a productive conversation. they're telling him what concerns them within their communities. he's listening. >> we heard mr. trump say he thinks hillary clinton is a bigot. do you think she is? >> i think her policies have if we're going to look at the 70% of americans saying this country is headed in the wrong direction and they want change, then we can't abide policies by really a political party and hillary clinton -- >> but is mr. trump right to call her a bigot? >> is she right to call him a bigot? he's called a bigot, a racist, a sexist. why is her team allowed to just hurl personal insults and get
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conference in 265 days? . no press conferences, no press outreach. more to the point, why is she giving speeches with two months to go about him and about a website and not about health care and the economy and education? and isis? all the things americans tell people in the abc polls they care about. >> i think she brings up the website because it was run by the ceo of your campaign right now, mr. bannon. and we saw those reports yesterday saying he had been charged with domestic violence back in 1996. actually, according to court records, told his wife not to appear to file the charges. was mr. trump aware of this? is he okay with it? >> i don't know what he was aware with respect to a 20-year-old claim where the charges were dropped. so, that's all i know about it is what i read. >> let's talk about immigration. a lot of questions about mr. trump's policies the last couple of days. throughout the primaries, he was very clear. all the undocumented immigrants in the country would have to leave the country. is that still his position?
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explain his position as being what it's always been. which is absolutely no amnesty. he's going to build a wall, which has been the centerpiece of his campaign from the beginning. he wants to protect the american worker, which is a way of talking about immigration that very few people do. he wants to make sure american workers looking for jobs who feel like they're competing with other folks have the opportunity. he has also made very clear that those who have committed a crime will be returned immediately. and enforcing the law, unfortunately, in washington, is such a novel concept. estimates are, if you enforce the law, so much of this takes care of itself. as he said last night to a different anchor and a different network, we don't know how many are out there. >> he said a couple of different things over the last couple of days. on sean hannity's show, he suggested that the undocumented could stay here legally. then he talked on anderson cooper's show about leaving the country and then coming back. if they stay, will there be a path to legalization?
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>> he has said no path to legalization, no path to citizenship and no amnesty. you can return home, and if you would like to stand in line, like everybody else is taught in kindergarten to stand in line, wait your turn, go through the normal courses. that would be case by case basis. >> how will he get them out of the country? >> that will be determined. he has to talk to law enforcement agencies. this has never been tried on such a scale. and in fact, it's president obama who has deported by some estimates 2 million plus people. we know it's possible. it's just how do we -- how are we dealing with the fact, a, we have illegal immigrants living among us? he wants to find a fair, humane way that doesn't cause people harm. >> just to be clear, final point, all the undocumented immigrants in the country will have to go? >> he has said first you throw the bad ones out. the ones who have committed a crime, they leave. we don't know the number. some people have estimated 1
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knows. then you find a humane, fair way to deal with those who are still here. he said last night, they would have to return to their home countries. and then, if they would like to come back the way they should have in the first place, they're welcome to do so. we're the most generous country to immigrants in the world. and that won't change under donald trump. amy. >> all right, george, thanks so much. now to the very latest on the tropical threat. a tropical wave headed to the gulf. ginger is here tracking the very latest for us. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, amy. this thing is looking less and less healthy. that means less and less threatening next couple of days. watch this, the tropical wave we have been watching, still in the caribbean, hitting the elevation. that means friction. that is not good for the development of a tropical storm. then the wind shear displaces where the storm is. however, still has a chance in the next three to five days, a 60% shot now of becoming a named tropical depression or storm.
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south florida, is watch it, but don't freak out. certainly not at all. because a lot of the convection, the rain is south. we'll keep watching. >> thanks, ginger. now to tensions rising in the persian gulf after a situation at sea. a u.s. navy patrol boat firing three warning shots at an iranian vessel. this is just the latest in a series of close calls in that region. martha raddatz joins us now from washington with the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this is the most aggressive behavior by the iranians in recent memory. boats in the persian gulf approached by three iranian vessels that were crisscrossing the bow of the u.s. boats at high speed. i know from having been on u.s. ships in the gulf that there are escalating warnings given. radio calls. loudspeakers. horns, flares. the iranians finally veered away, but later returned, aiming head on. coming within 200 yards.
7:13 am
50-caliber weapon into the water, and the iranians finally turn around. amy. >> and martha, we know we had those ten american sailors captured by iran back in january. is this a sign that tensions are escalating in that region? >> well, there's been constant tension in the gulf over several decades. but there has not been an incident like this where shots were fired in recent memory. this may signal the unhappiness by some factions over the deal and the seemingly warmer relationships with the u.s. amy? >> all right, martha raddatz with the latest. thank you, martha. and now, we're going to get the latest on the search for survivors after the earthquake in italy. the center of the country feeling powerful aftershocks. as the death toll climbs. terry moran is on the scene in the hard-hit village of amatrice. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. rescue teams here are still battling the clock and the dangerous aftershocks that keep rattling this region.
7:14 am
are beginning to turn the page. the death toll now over 260. and officials have begun to release the remains of the dead to the families. and the first funerals are beginning today. the italian prime minister has declared tomorrow a national day of mourning. and people are beginning to ask questions and demand answers. how, in a region so prone to earthquakes in a country that's passed laws requiring buildings to be earthquake-proof, such a catastrophe as this could happen. george? >> there was no protection there. >> the pictures still so devastating. all right, now to another community on edge, this one in mississippi. a manhunt under way after two catholic nuns were found dead. the beloved sisters known for serving their community. and abc's ryan smith is here with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, amy. they dedicated their lives to helping the poor at a local clinic. described as two of the sweetest sisters you could have ever imagined. their shocking murders stunning their small community as authorities search night and day for their killers. this morning, a manhunt in mississippi.
7:15 am
inside their home. >> everybody's in shock. >> reporter: police canvassing the area, looking for nearby surveillance videos, hoping to find clues as to who may have been responsible for the deaths of sister margaret held and sister paula merrill. >> the police department will continue the work throughout the night and throughout the day until there is a resolution. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the catholic diocese saying the women's home showed signs of a break-in. and that their vehicle was missing. overnight, police finding the car a mile away from their home. >> this is one of the poorest counties in all of mississippi. >> reporter: both women, not only nuns, but trained nurses as well. >> margaret and i have worked together for years. we just see patients and do what needs to be done. >> reporter: sister paula had worked in mississippi for more than 30 years. the pair opening their home to the masses after hurricane katrina left the town without power. this morning, that town now on edge.
7:16 am
>> reporter: the community and church now mourning the loss of two women who gave so much. >> they came to live out the gospel by serving the needs of people. the people loved them. >> reporter: police are not discussing a motive. and it's not clear whether there is any connection between their work and the killings. the cause of death hasn't been officially determined. >> ryan, thank you. we're going to move on to the dramatic rescue caught on tape. you see a georgia police officer racing to pull a man from a burning car. and abc's steve osunsami is in atlanta with the images caught on the body camera. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, george. shortly after this amazing rescue, authorities gave this police officer a medal. and this morning, for the first time, we're seeing why. >> we got a bad wreck out here in front of my house. this car is going to blow up i believe, man. >> reporter: take a listen to the frantic call for help that officer dan whitney raced to answer at 3:00 a.m. >> is there anybody inside the
7:17 am
>> yes, i'm pretty sure it is. but i ain't going to it. it's going blow up. >> reporter: it looks like a ball of flames. and all he has is a small fire extinguisher. then he sees 21-year-old passenger carlos lopez who looks seriously hurt trying to crawl out of a small rear window. the door is jammed. >> climb back in. get a garden hose! >> reporter: officer whitney tries another rear door. then the trunk. then srt window where the 21-year-old is still stuck. >> come on, man, slide back in. go back in. >> reporter: whitney manages to pull the young man out through the broken glass. saving his life. shaking the body camera. that still recorded the dramatic moment. >> get on the ground. >> dan whitney is one of our
7:18 am
and, quite honestly, it's just a regular day for him. >> reporter: police tell us the seats of that suv were melting as this was happening. the driver of the vehicle did not survive. george and amy? >> oh, man. >> my heart was pounding watching that. >> didn't hesitate at all. just a regular day. >> well, a pretty incredible day. >> it sure was. let's go back to ginger. look at that hail. >> the hail, this is just a regular day in amarillo, texas. pounding into there. the same energy heads north and east today so, anyone in parts of kansas, wichita is included, right along i-70, west of kansas city, look out for the damaging wind and
7:19 am
>> so how is this for synergy? jason aldean is here today. he has a song called "amarillo sky" that talks about hail. and coming up here, the family of that young american woman captured by isis is now speaking out, taking on
7:20 am
>> i'm still waiting for that donation, mr. president. >> they say he didn't keep his promise. we'll have more on that ahead. and epipen outrage. major backlash over that price hike for a life-saving device. sarah jessica parker using it for her son, now saying she's disappointed and concerned. er u for her son. saying she's disappointed and concerned. but there is one car that can conquer them all. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local
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good morning, time 7:23. i'm dan -- danielle lerner, and we are learning about a triple shooting near 28th and broadway. two have died, the third is in the hospital. another person showed up at the hospital from a gunshot wound from the same neighborhood. we are working to see if those incidents are related. first on abc15, the mother accused of murder in the overdose death of her young daughter had another child that got into drugs as a toddler. adelin russell died in april shy of her birthday. one of russell's other children got into drugs when he was just 2 years old. he survived and his father got full custody. dcs confirmed six different investigations related to russian expel her children --
7:24 am
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we kicked off our friday with some wet weather. still tracking a few light showers out near cave creek this morning, and there is the potential for more storms as we go through the day. some more rain out to our west, west of buckeye, and a few spotty showers out to our southeast. as you're getting ready to head out the door, just a slight chance of a spotty shower. watch for wet spots. overall we'll have to wait un for more storm chances, todays highs only 99 and the it's going to be a humid day. mallory. >> overall, the delays aren't too bad on the freeway, a little lighter for your friday morning drive. cave creek road is closed down from cheryl drive to peoria avenue. 7th street or hop over and use the 51 instead. we do have a crash, kind of hard to see, u.s. 60 westbound at alma school. it's a little heavy. thanks mallory.
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mueller's parents
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? a happy crowd out there in central park this morning. why are they happy? because jason aldean's there. he's going to sing in just a little bit. he's capping off our country playlist week with a big performance just ahead. >> cannot wait for that. also right now, hillary clinton and donald trump trading barbs, accusing each oth racism. as trump wavers on immigration, his campaign manager telling us moments ago that trump's plan is to throw the bad ones out, quote. brazil is charging ryan lochte with filing a false police report after that gas station incident in rio. police say lochte will be allowed to provide testimony here in the united states. >> it's great to have sara haines back here this friday morning. we're all parents here.
7:31 am
young children home alone while she picked up food. did authorities overact? that's coming up in the big board. >> lot of people will be weighing in on that one. sara, thank you. first, a new twist in the case making headlines this morning. kentucky woman shayna hubers, convicted of killing her boyfriend, sentenced to 40 years in prison. but now she's getting a new trial. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with the latest on that. good morning to you, mara. >> reporter: amy, good morning. that murder conviction is now overturned because of what one juror says was a misunderstanding. no one would have even known about it but for one unbelievable coincidence. this morning, a shocking ruling. a kentucky judge finding convicted murderer shayna hubers should get a new trial, after officials discovered a juror on her case never disclosed he was a felon. 25-year-old hubers admitted to shooting her 29-year-old boyfriend, ryan poston in 2012, six times with his own gun.
7:32 am
self-defense, okay. >> reporter: hubers describing the graphic details of the shooting during a police interrogation. >> i shot him enough times to kill him. he was laying there still. twitching and making noises. and i shot him in the head. i gave him his nose job he wanted. >> reporter: prosecutors say it was not self-defense, arguing hubers killed poston in anger after he tried to break up with her. and last year, she was convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison. now, it's been revealed, one of the jurors on her case was a convicted felon. unknowingly, he claimed, after falling behind on child support more than 20 years ago. information that only came to light in a bizarre twist. one of the lawyers involved in hubers' appeal had represented the juror in 1992. >> this has got to be maddening not just for the prosecutor but
7:33 am
overturn a verdict based on an inadvertent mistake. >> reporter: in a statement, the victim's family says, we respect judge stine's decision. if we must endure another trial, we do so with absolute confidence that justice shall again be served. >> reporter: now that juror said he actually didn't even remember pleading guilty for the child support case it was so long ago. next hearing for hubers is on october 7th. she'll remain in jail as she waits for that new trial. a really remarkable coincidence. same lawyer is now working on the appeal. thank you, mara. we appreciate it. we move on now to the heartbreaking and inspiring story of kayla mueller. our chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with the never-before-seen video
7:34 am
untold story of her parents' exhaustive effort to get her back. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, george. she was the girl left behind. just three years ago this month that that young american woman from arizona, kayla mueller, was taken hostage by isis. and this morning, we're hearing from her parents about their determined fight for her freedom. ? the home movies show a young woman full of life, traveling the world to help the innocent victims of war. >> my name is kayla mueller. >> reporter: but that all ended with this video, being seen this morning for the first time. >> i've been here too long. i've been very sick. it's v >> reporter: kayla mueller had been taken hostage by isis on what was supposed to have been a quick trip into syria. as isis brutally murdered three young american men. >> i'm back, obama. >> reporter: the plight of a fourth american hostage, kayla, remained a closely held secret. as her parents, marsha and carl, worked desperately to gain her freedom, sending their own videos to isis. >> please, show mercy and use
7:35 am
>> reporter: there would be some 27 e-mails back and forth between the couple in their kitchen in arizona and kayla's isis captors in syria who, at one point, set a 30-day deadline for a $6 million ransom, or we will send you pictures of her dead body. buut a white house official threatened them with prosecution if they paid ransom for their daughter. >> somehow we survived. but i remember the argument, i said, ma something. they're not going to bring kayla home. >> reporter: a year and a half after she was captured, isis sent the muellers three pictures of their daughter's dead body. later, when the president came to arizona to console them, the muellers said the president made a promise to help the foundation they set up in kayla's name and broke it. >> he says i will help that foundation. you won't know. it will be an anonymous donation. but i will.
7:36 am
>> reporter: there hasn't been such a donation? >> no. i'm still waiting for that donation, mr. president. you see the flag at my driveway. it's not something i take lightly. talking about our president that way, but that's what he said. >> reporter: the white house has now confirmed to abc news that the president has indeed not yet made the donation he promised some 17 months ago. but an official said he still intends to, george. >> you can see the disappointment in their eyes. also, in the story tonight, you have interviews with her fellow hostages who tell the story of a remarkably selfless woman. >> she put herself last after them. she had a chance to escape and decided not to because it would endanger other hostages. >> unbelievable. okay, brian, thank you very
7:37 am
left behind. coming up next on the big board, a mom arrested after leaving her 8 and 9-year-old home alone. did authorities go too far? and amazon is under fire for its popular subscribe and save program. why it's outraging some customers. plus, a new headline dividing parents. could quitting actually be good for your kids? our insiders will join us in just two minutes. ?
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time now for the big board. our team of insiders standing by live to weigh in on today's top stories. becky worley is here. your story is coming up. but we're going to begin with a parenting story that's stirring up a lot of debate. a mom on vacation in delaware arrested after leaving her two kids, 8 and 9, alone at home for 45 minutes while she picked up dinner. neighbor called the police. dan abrams, our legal analyst, is here. dan, we have a consensus here already. overkill by the authorities. what do you say? >> yeah, i think this is nuts.
7:40 am
which is that the kids appear to have been walking their dogs, right? and someone driving a car sees that the dogs are -- i guess one of them got loose. they needed a little bit of help. and, you know, this neighbor then decides, well, where are your parents? calls the police. don't blame the neighbor. but the fact that when the police arrest her when she arrives home with the food for her kids that she had gone to pick up fi m the overkill here. >> i guess. don't blame the neighbor? why doesn't the neighbor go to the kids and say, what's going on here? >> well, because, if the neighbor sees a 9 and 8-year-old walking alone, needs help. i think it's okay for the neighbor to say, look, i'm worried. people are going to have different opinions about whether this is right or wrong. but i don't think that you can argue legitimately that it's criminal. you would have to find that this mother had a history of these kinds of problems or some other issue.
7:41 am
our heads at the table. becky worley included. when my kids were 10 and 8, if i had to go run errands, it was fine. is there a legal cutoff -- is there an actual age that authorities -- that's on the law? that you can't leave your kids alone? >> yeah, it varies state to state. in the state of delaware, you can report anything for a child under 12 who is unsupervised. it becomes a judgment call. >> i was babysitting at 12. >> yeah. >> other people's kids. >> when i was 10 -- when i was 10, when i was 10 i was taking the new york city bus by myself to school. i mean, you know, it's like -- this is a 9-year-old and 8-year-old in a vacation rental area. i just think that they got nervous. the police. the police probably made a mistake here. $500 bond. >> wow. all right, dan, thank you very much. we're going to move on now to amazon coming under fire for
7:42 am
it's a service that automatically refills orders for everyday products like paper towels and toothpaste. some are upset, saying the prices they've been charged have fluctuated dramatically. what's going on here, becky? >> subscribe and save. but some people worry this is bait and switch. so, as you explained, amazon lets you sign up for the standing order on staples -- shampoo, toothpaste. they give you a 5% to 15% discount. "the new york times" pointing out a forum where people complaining that prices fluctuated wildly. we dug up some examples. folger's coffee, june, $6. august $12-something. moisturizing lotion. $6-something in july. in august, $10. sometimes doubling in price. guys, now, amazon said they warn
7:43 am
they send an alert ten days before the shipment is sent. dynamic pricing is something that's all over the internet. >> i did it with razors. i thought i had the same price all along with razors. i didn't read it closely enough. why is this striking such a nerve? >> well, think about it. we go buy things like razors, like paper towels, and you go into the store, i buy paper towels every week, i don't think the price is going to double next week. well, online, amazon wants to change a price on 1 million items in inventory, click, click, done. you do that at walgreen's, hey, bob, take your price gun out. there's 1,000 bobs doing it in 1,000 stores. losing an entire day of work. this doesn't happen in brick and mortar. we're going to move on to an article in "the wall street journal" that caught our eye, it asked the question, when is it okay to let your children quit an activity? like piano lessons, soccer. dr. lombardo, the word quit sounds so negative. but the article makes the point it can be constructive if done the right way.
7:44 am
connotations. yet, there may be some benefits to letting your children stop activities. on one hand, they can focus their energy and their time on other things, like academics and other extracurricular activities. and on the other hand, they actually can have free time to have family dinners. research shows that kids that have dinner with their families do better academically, have less stress, and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. >> i remember when my mom let me quit gymnastics after six years. it wasik off me. how important is it to let your kids be a part of the decisionmaking process? >> this is a great opportunity to teach your children decisionmaking. help your child come up with the pros and cons of stopping the activity and the pros and cons of sticking with it. work through the problem-solving process with them. not only will they get the skill
7:45 am
they're more likely to buy into your decision, which is the ultimate decision, if they're part of that process. >> mine was when i got to quit the marching band. >> what was your instrument? >> trumpet. >> i also got to quit the french horn. i was horrible. >> see, i disagree with you guys. i quit piano lessons. i regret not being able to read music. but thank god i didn't have to keep going with tennis lessons. >> dan? >> i gave up on the violin. i think everyone was very relieved by that, both my music teacher and my family. >> we'll end on that note. all right, dan, thank you so much. dr. lombardo, becky, we appreciate it. coming up next, gio is in central park where it's getting really loud. >> it's going to be loud at the football games this season. why doctors are telling us to wear these ear plugs and even download a special app. coming up in two minutes. stay with us.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
around here, we're back now with big noise at the big stadiums. the roar you hear during concerts and games, sometimes so loud it's deafening. cheering can be exciting. experts warn it could damage your hearing. abc's gio benitez is in central park with more. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey sara, good morning to you. we're going to be testing these crowd levels here in just a moment. at our own concert here for "gma." but you might be surprised to hear what you will hear at these stadiums. take a look. this sunday, the vikings are kicking off their first preseason home game at a brand-new stadium. and fans, listen up, you're in for an earful. when the u.s. bank stadium hosted metallica last week, the concert not only brought down the house, it had some complaining about the noise levels. one fan tweeting, i think i've suffered long-term hearing damage. another posting the next morning, my ears are still ringing. ? i want to self-destruct ?
7:49 am
it's the stadium itself. and the acoustically reflected material on its roof. according to a hearing expert, this means noise levels during a football game here could sound ten times louder than other nfl football stadiums. to put it in perspective, a normal conversation is around 60 decibels. a lawn mower can reach around 90. and doctors say, anything over # 5 >> the thing to remember with noise exposure is that it's cumulative. so, after decades of attending concerts and football games, you could wind up with permanent noise-reduced hearing loss. >> reporter: kansas city's arrowhead stadium holding the world record for the biggest roar at 142 decibels. that's louder than a jet taking off. seahawk fans have clocked in at 137.6 decibels. and in new orleans, the mercedes-benz superdome has
7:50 am
and that is a lot. take a look. because this weekend in minnesota, they're actually going to be passing out a lot of these earplugs here at the door for free. but now we're going to test the decibels here at our park here. ready. let's give a good roar here. go! [ cheering ] >> reporter: remember that limit is 85. and we have reached that limit of 85. so it looks like we might need these earplugs. back to you guys. >>ow maybe us, too. but, i don't know. i'm going to the uga-tennessee game in october. i'm not wearing earplugs at all. it's going to be awesome. coming up next, back to school hacks. simple ways to make starting the school year stress free. and then our huge party in the park. country superstar jason aldean here live. rocking us into the weekend. no earplugs necessary. dean here. rocking us into the weekend. no ear plugs necessary. an here .
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:54 am
and back here on "gma." i'm holding one of the cutest puppies up for adoption. the north shore animal league is here with us. chloe is holding my mike. we're going to look at the wildfires, 40 of them burning out west. thankfully, hot again in
7:55 am
z23ekz zvpz
7:56 am
good morning, everybody, time 7:56. i'm dan spindle. a south phoenix neighborhood. >> reporter: we have an active police presence near 28th and broadway. i'll step out of the way so you can see as investigators are on the scene with evidence markers. they are looking at the car with the shattered window. there was a shooting victim with a 33-year-old man after this shooting. they are called out here for a report of shots fired at three in the morning. when they got on scene, they found shell casings and noticed the car. they don't believe they are involved in any of this. we did talk to a few neighbors. they said they heard at least 8 shots and there are a lot of people coming and going from the house.
7:57 am
to be done, especially since there was a shooting five blocks from here. looking for a possible connection. in phoenix, megan thompson, abc15 news. we have breezes out there after showers rolled through overnight, even thunderstorms. not a lot of shower activity on desert doppler now within the phoenix metro. we have showers to the west, and a few isolated showers near florence. as we go through today, those storm chances are sticking around. plan on a chance for storms evening. producing strong winds, heavy rain and the dust threat is there. that chance for storms this afternoon and evening with a temperature only of 99. then storm chances continue tomorrow before we start to dry out on sunday. malingery. the roads -- mallory. the roads are pretty quiet, not too many crashes or delays. take a look, we have a crash there, loop 101 northbound at peoria avenue. it's slow back to about northern. let's give you a look from our adot camera.
7:58 am
side. we have some curiosity there. traffic is just a little bit slow. just a few minutes to the top of the 8:00 hour. country super star jason aldean. he's in a new york state of mind performing live in central
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. epipen backlash. sarah jessica parker cuts ties with the makers of the life-saving device. says she's deeply concerned after the price skyrockets. millions are worried and outraged. dr. ashton joins us live. hack to school. the best tricks to get your kids out of bed and out the door. >> we're late. let's go, let's go. >> into the classroom. and on top of their homework. reese witherspoon telling secrets. you'll never guess what she wants to do. >> if disney wants to make a sequel, they can just call me. oh, my gosh, i think i'm running out of batteries. >> find out which movie could be next. ? that sun would have just hung up in that sky just a little bit just a little bit longer ? and the ultimate country takeover. jason aldean performs live in central park, as we say --
8:01 am
and that's not all this friday morning. there is jason aldean, heading on stage for a huge summer concert in central park. crowd's excited. we're looking forward to hearing his performance just ahead. and we're also celebrating a big moment here on "gma." we want to say thank you for helping us reach 6 million likes on facebook. and to say thank you, we have a special facebook live with social media s you can watch right now on our facebook page. they're all watching jason aldean. they don't see the cameras on them right now. >> but we're streaming live. we'll get the morning rundown now from rebecca jarvis. hey, rebecca. >> hey, george, good morning. the big story this morning, donald trump causing confusion over his policy on illegal immigration. earlier this week, he seemed to soften his position on deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants. but last night, he told cnn
8:02 am
he says first, he'll build a wall to secure the border. but he's not being clear about what will happen next. >> there's no legalization, no amnesty. and if somebody wants to go legalization route, they'll go, leave the country, hopefully, come back in. and then we can talk. you know it's a process. you can't take 11 at one time and just say, boom, you're gone. >> this morning, trump's campaign manager told george that trump wants all immigrants to get in line and enter the country the legal way. but his plan to get undocumented immigrants out of the country meanwhile, hillary clinton is accusing trump of helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. and she's putting a twist on his campaign slogan, saying trump wants to make america hate again. the death toll from the earthquake in central italy is approaching 300 this morning after another strong aftershock jolted the region. rescuers are frantically digging to find people missing in the rubble.
8:03 am
meantime, police investigating the murder of two nuns in mississippi have located a car missing from the crime scene, but they have yet to make any arrests or determined a motive. the nuns were stabbed in their home where there were signs of a break-in. it's not clear if their work had anything to do with the murders. and new questions about airport security after a man in his boxer shorts was able to jump the fence at the airport in omaha, nebraska, last night. jump into a truck, and crash into a southwest air passengers were boarding. two crew members were injured. the judge who handed down a controversial sentence in a sexual assault case at stanford university will no longer hear criminal cases. judge aaron persky has asked for a reassignment to civil court. he's facing a recall campaign after sentencing stanford swimmer brock turner to just six months in jail for raping an unconscious woman. a dangerous scene on a
8:04 am
a woman got out of her car to run after a cat dodging in and out of traffic. she ended up grabbing the cat. but authorities released the video to show people what not to do if you see an animal in the road. psa. and finally, some love for a guy we first told you about yesterday. this picture of jimmy cox diving head first into that murky water to fix a broken water pipe for a woman has now gone viral. now that the texas utility worker is getting a shout-out from a guy who has done his fair tv star mike rowe who offered to buy jimmy at least one beer. >> just wanted to say, it was inspirational. brought back a lot of deeply personal memories for he. so thank you for that. i wanted to say i was serious about the offer for a beer. or two. please tell me that was a water line. honestly. and you were in the mud. because if that was a sewer line, i'm going to have to get you a whole case. >> thankfully, it was a water line and not a sewer line.
8:05 am
looking at this picture. they loved it so much, they're now sending him a pair of new jeans. >> i love it. >> and i love it, too, because you think about the game when you're kids, how long can you hold your breath? this guy must have been the master champion under water. >> i don't care how much they tell me what it is. your mind goes there. >> and you belly-laughed at the picture again. >> it's a great shot. >> love that guy. customer service on a new level. >> thanks, rebecca. okay, it's time for "pop news." kicking off with a personal favorite of mine. reese witherspoon spilling some big secrets on facebook live. we obviously tuned in. some of our favorite things are her biggest inspiration is her mom. her favorite actress is holly hunter. she's working on a project with nicole kidman in australia. she's worked with paul rudd five times and called him a national treasure. and we teased it earlier. let's find out which movie she would make a sequel to. >> if disney wants to make a sequel, they can just call me.
8:06 am
alabama 2." >> oh, i love that movie. >> plus, bonus, she's also thinking about making another "legally blonde." >> that's fantastic. >> i want another "election." >> that did not get enough attention. tracy flick. i've been showing up with cup cakes all week outside in the studio, people. and then, "sweet home alabama" you've got a baby. in a bar. i love that line. >> i might have used it before. >> i used it all the time. i bring my so, it makes sense. next up, big music news trending right now. we know that shakira's hips don't lie. if her facebook doesn't, we can expect some new music from the international superstar soon. she posted this video saying she's hard at work dancing to new tunes. inside the studio. and we couldn't be more excited. >> that reminds me how great "zootopia" was, too. >> yeah, i love that song, too. >> is that where that is from? you can tell the parents with young kids.
8:07 am
springsteen celebrated "born to run's" 41st birthday at metlife stadium by singing for four hours. breaking his own record for longest e. street band show in the u.s. and a lot happened in that time. including a marriage proposal. bruce spotted a couple in the crowd. invited them up on stage during "jersey girl." the guy said he loved his girlfriend so much, heck, i love you more than bruce. sorry, bruce. i sure hope so if we're putting a ring on it. but another record was broken for the youngest singer to join the boss on stage. 3 years old. take a look. ? >> wow. >> so cute. >> gio would be proud. she has those earphones. headphones on. >> andrew was there. and he still can't talk. >> i've seen that.
8:08 am
he knows every song by bruce. >> every word of every song by bruce. >> you can call in, andrew. >> a phoner from andrew shue? i'm waiting. oh, yeah. here's a look. sorry, george, i always forget i have to keep going. we got a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." outrage growing over the epipen price hike. a life-saving device so many families need. sarah jessica parker is weighing in. and "fear the walking dead" one of the show's stars, kim dickens is joining us live. plus, a little more summertime please. jason aldean is here performing,
8:09 am
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back now with the growing outrage over epipen's price hike. sarah jessica parker has now cut ties with mylan. after the company raised the price for a pack of two epipens from $100 in 2007 to $600 today. abc's rebecca jarvis is brack, she's tracking the fallout. good morning again, rebecca. >> reporter: good to see you again, george. like so many families, it's a cause near and dear to sarah jessica parker because of her own son's life-threatening peanut allergy. she's urging mylan to lower to cost. this morning, sarah jessica parker joining the epipen outrage. a device her own son needs for his life-threatening peanut allergy. >> his breathing looked labored. and his mouth was swelling up. >> reporter: previously, a vocal proponent of mylan. the maker of the life-saving device. >> you learn how to integrate this into your life. and you try to get as much information to be ready. >> reporter: now, writing to her
8:14 am
i'm left disappointed, saddened by mylan's actions. i do not condone this decision. i have ended my relationship with mylan as a direct result to it. the pharma company with a virtual monopoly on epipens, increasing prices more than 400% in just the last eight years. hitting families like jennifer velez, whose 9-year-old daughter, lola, is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. >> i was shocked. last year, it was $300. i heard $600, i was just amazed. >> reporter: velez, one of the first to sign this online petition in july asking congress to stop the epipen price gouging. >> i just don't understand what their justification is. >> reporter: now, mylan responding to the outcry saying it will help subsidize the cost of its device with, among other things, a $300 instant savings card. a coupon the company says will
8:15 am
to 50% of the cost. so with these new changes, mylan will cover up to $300 for some patients. mostly those with high deductible insurance plans. a number of lawmakers say the changes don't go far enough. mylan's ceo heather bresch says the epipen's increased costs are a result of a broken system. and that, quoting i'm running a business. i'm fo i'm not hiding from that. george? >> okay, rebecca, thank you very much. let's talk to dr. jen ashton about this. pick up on the last point. people see the price. they can say, this is wrong. we have to do something about it. but this is a complicated issue. >> it is. there are multiple elements involved here. there are medical aspects. there are political aspects. there are economic aspects. a lot of people saying this comes down to free market versus government regulation or control. people also asking about why a generic competitor hasn't been brought to market. several companies have tried
8:16 am
and gotten caught up in the fda regulatory process we hear so much about. now, a perfect storm here showing all of the problems we have in our health care system and innocent lives caught in the cross hairs. >> because this is so crucial, these pens, for so many people. >> you have to understand what is going on in a life-threatening allergy. when you get exposed to this allergen, our body releases a substance histamine. it opens up blood vessels. drops blood pressure. that's the sequence of events that leads to an anaphylactic reaction. eventually potentially leading to cardiac arrest. epinephrine counteracts that. this is life-saver. >> this could happen about other life saving treatment. what should parents be thinking about? what can they do? >> by the way, it's not just kids. this hits home for me. i developed a life-threatening food allergy in my 30s. i had a reaction. these are my epipens.
8:17 am
two. you need them at school, you need them at work, at home. really, you're talking about $600 you're hearing. multiply that by three. i think the key here, what we're hearing with parents, taking the lead, through social media. there are some things parents can do. number one, they cn ask pharmacists, doctors, their insurance companies, about savings, coupons, discounts, rebates. it's worth a try. the other thing is, be vocal. i always say, start local. and then expand your reach to a global. and then look for support on social media. we're seeing a phenomenon that really has the impact to make some change. again, so many problems with our health care system. we have to put the term care back into health care. >> last word right there. jen ashton, thank you very much. and coming up here, back-to-school tricks to make your mornings easier and help your kids ace their homework. help your kids ace their
8:18 am
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plus yes2you rewards members earn 1 point for every dollar spent. get a $5 reward for every 100 points! now that's the good stuff. kohl's. ? out on the verge of the rest of our lives ? we're back now with your be your best week here on "gma." this morning, we have back-to-school tricks to make life easier, all part of disney's healthy living commitment initiative.
8:22 am
ways to start school stress free. is it possible? >> well, back to school, it can be a headache. but good news, there's a hack for that. school is in session. our goal? making the school year a little easier one hack at a time. first up, getting enough sleep and then the hard part. getting up. less yelling equals less stress, equals a healthier and happier family. so -- good morning. if you have a slug a bed, like i do, two hacks. first, let your pet wake the kids up. hack number two, bring in the tunes. ? a morning playlist of "up and at 'em" songs does wonders. next hack is for getting out the door. accept that there will be days when it all goes, shall we say, awry. come on. we're late. we're late. let's go, let's go, let's go. having an emergency backup plan in the car will save you time and save you from making bad nutritional choices. nonperishable snacks like nuts
8:23 am
a hairbrush and rubber bands. thank you. and love this, dry toothbrushes. it's not perfect. but at least we're getting to school without being hungry, having messy hair, and bad breath. now after school. >> ugh. >> homework. >> reporter: it's one of the most dreaded aspects of school. a recent study from the ecommerce site zulily says set a timer. let's do 20 minutes. for younger kids especially, the task can seem daunting. but if you agree on a time and maybe ask their teacher what is reasonable, it's more finite and manageable for them. >> yes. >> yes! >> reporter: another supersmart hack. when teens are proofreading their essays, use the google translate tool to read the composition back to themselves. >> the renaissance broot about a drastic change in common
8:24 am
and incorrect grammar to the student's own ear. >> i'm going to use that. it's awesome. >> it's a great hack for teens. we have a few for parents here. lunchboxes. you want to keep things cool. ice packs, they make condensation. >> water gets everywhere. >> freeze a sponge. put it in here. and then if there's any messes, you can -- >> and you put cellophane over it? >> yeah, you can do it without. but you can clean up afterwards or encourage your children to clean up. i heard that happens in some famies not mine. not mine. this one, i love. this is the gum hack. there's been some studies done that show gum help you to think better. makes your brain fire better. also, if you chew peppermint while you're studying and then chew peppermint while you're taking the test, there's some corollary on memory. and, i mean, we're talking about gum. it can't hurt you. >> i got detention for chewing gum. can i say that? i did. the only time i got it was for chewing gum.
8:25 am
you do that. >> but i like what you're thinking. all right, let's go to ginger in central park. thank you, becky. >> i'm with you. we couldn't chew gum either, amy. hey. a very good morning to everybody. this is alicia. give everybody a smile. she wants to be a doctor. i said we're going to talk about a different kind of science. how hot do you think it is? >> i think it's really good to help people. >> oh, that's awesome. it's hot. it will be hotter. a quick look at the forecast for you. the temperat you can feel it. that humidity. it will feel like 103 this afternoon in washington, d.c. and richmond. that's the big picture. it's very nice to help people,
8:26 am
>> we're getting ready for the mtv video music awards with the real mtv moonman. yeah, he's right here giving out tickets for the big show. rihanna, britney spears, they're all taking the stage. we're going to be there for all. 2016 video music awards are live from msg this sunday night. 'l jason aldean is here right now. stay with us.
8:27 am
a situation continues to unfold right now, this is north of phoenix. mcso s.w.a.t team in a neighborhood near 7th avenue and happy valley role. air 15 actually above that scene just a few minutes ago. reports are that deputies have been there all night long. one of t looking for may be a woman who fled the home on foot. we'll keep you updates as we get information. we are waiting for the condition of a 2-year-old girl found at the bottom of a swimming pool. air 15 was above the scene on ray and kyrene. the father gave the girl cpr, and she was breathing at the hospital. the pool has a fence. no word how she got into the water. after early morning showers and thunderstorms, things are quieter around desert doppler in the valley.
8:28 am
the chance is there for more thunderstorms. don't let your guard down. keep the abc15 mobile app handy, and we have several disturbances to track over the next several days. that keeps our storm chances in play. mostly clear now, but as we head into this afternoon, plan on partly cloudy skies. those storm chances going back up. we could see storms that produced areas of blowing dust, gusty wind, and pockets of heavy rain. sitting at 83 degrees now. today's high temperature only makes it to 99 degrees. storm chances do continue through the day before we start to dry out. mallory. and iris, for drivers hopping on loop 101 northbound into scottsdale. you're going to see a heavy drive. no crashes here. 21-minute desert drive times northbound from 202 to red mountain and shay. you're going to see a portion shut down for construction work. we have a crash from our adot camera here. state route 51 southbound as you're trying to get on the i- 10 eastbound ramp. it's blocking the left lane, make sure you stay to the right
8:29 am
media, facebook, instagram, twitter, all of that, here on
8:30 am
? welcome back to "gma." a great crowd here at in the city at the citi parks foundation um isser stage. all for country star jason aldean. >> they're ready. this crowd is ready. we have social media superstars here helping us celebrate 6 million likes o way to go, "gma," we want to say thank you to disney's hottest new boy band, forever if your minds. chloe kardogian. the puppies. >> puppies. i'm going to end up taking one home. and there's jason aldean. take a look. >> guys, new york city. bring it to the world. let's go. >> here's jason with his number
8:31 am
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drinking moek that we're smoking the party we throw is all night long lights come on when the lights come on ? ? you're a little shy thing with a wild side on a night like this you just can't hide ? ? it's time to live it up so come on and raise your cup ? ? we're talking bout memories yeah we're gonna make 'em talking about rules you know we're ? when the lights come on e everybody's screaming lighters in the sky yeah everybody's singing ? ? every word to every song to the girl they're taking home tonight ? ? when the lights come on everybody's feeling hallelujah high from the floor to the ceiling the drink that we're drinking ? ? the smoke that we're smoking the party we're throwin''s going all night long when the lights
8:33 am
on ? ? wae we all the same cause we thinking the same thing we're all the same cause we're thinking the same thing nooets we're on the same page cause we're sipping the same drink similaring the same drink ? ? here's a little something to thank y'all for showing up aldean and the boys are here to rip it up come on when the screaming ? ? lighters in the sky yeah everybody singing every word to every song to the girl they're taking home tonight ? ? when the lights come on, everybody's feeling a hallelujah high from the floor to the ceiling ? ? yeah, the drink that we're drinking the smoke that we're smoking the party we're throwing's going all eight in long ? ? when the lights come on when the lights come on your boy's
8:34 am
? it's going all night long when the lights come on ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jason aldean. oh. the fans are loving him. we're loving starting our morning off. let's talk, though, you guys are happy, right? we should check in on the tropics. a quick look at the less and less threatening through the caribbean. it's tough for this thing to stay together. it's got now a 60% shot as it heads west of becoming a named storm the next three to five days. we'll keep an eye on it. you can cheer.
8:35 am
>> and we're celebrating abc's summer of service campaign. this is a cool thing. working with disney and youth service america to inspire kids to help their communities. here with me now, ami, a summer of service winner. we're so happy you're here. you've told me about the programs. what inspired you to do this? >> thank i used to live in a shelter a few years ago. i would see how kids would suffer in the shelter, not having enough supplies. so i thank god every day to wake me up and give me the strength and energy to help others. with the grant i received, i buy school supplies for kids in shelters. >> ami picazo, that is something else. 16 years old.
8:36 am
$500 summer of service grapt through september 30th. go to to get more information. joining me now, kim dickens. welcome, by the way. one of the stars of "fear the walking dead." she plays one of the fierce leaders, madison clark. season one averaged millions of vowers. the new season is keeping fans on their toes. let's take a [ bell rings ] >> are you out of your mind? [ bell ringing ] >> service is sub par. >> all right, kim. you got, amy is one of those big fans. she's trying to get here. second half of the season, a lot of action going on. with the's it like on if set right now? >> it's exciting. we're out in the ocean. running through the desert. down the beach.
8:37 am
we're everywhere. it's a lot of activity. a lot of stupts. >> that must get you in the shape of your life. what's it like training for the show? >> we don't have two to train so much. we rehearse stupts the day before. we're just supposed to be regular people. not superheroes. >> for the fans, we have a question. when h we see guest stars from the original "walking dead "? >> everybody asks that. i don't know they say we're not as of now. >> you say it's not up to me. >> it's not up to me. i think it would be great idea. >> what is the first thing people say to you on the street when they recognize you? >> you mean, about fear? hey, we love the show. it's great. our show has been so much -- it's been so much fun to be part of the show that has a close relationship with the fan base. >> amy's coming. she's coming. see "fear the walking dead" on
8:38 am
we have more with jason
8:39 am
8:40 am
[ cheers and applause ] we're back now with none other than jason aldean. his brand-new album, "they don't know" comes out in just two weeks. so wonderful to have him here on this steamy friday here in the park. welcome. thanks for being with us.
8:41 am
a little humid for new york today. >> you brought the heat from georgia. you just performed your 17th number one single, "lights come on." how about that. i love the story behind the song. it was a last-minute addition from our friends florida georgia line. >> we were in the studio. recording the last few songs. had no plans to record this one. they september it over. i listened to it one time, recorded it that day. i think it got sent to radio about three weeks later. it happened pretty quick. >> wow. and the rest is history. you're out on your six string circus tour. one of the top global tours the. you have a special show coming up at the grand ole opry. tell me about that. >> for the last ten or 11 years, we have done a concert for the cure. a show that all the proceeds go
8:42 am
>> can i give you a hug for that. >> this year, we decided to partner with the grand ole opry and do the show there. all the proceeds will go to the susan g. komen nashville chapter. >> survivors and thrivers say thank you for that. who is ready for more jason aldean here in the park? here he is with "a little more summertime." ? ? boarded up the water town ain't nobody hanging round ? ? another gray september day was
8:43 am
? if that sun would have just hung up in that ki just a little bit extra little bit longer ? ? if those blue water waves could have stayed at our feet on the beach ? ? stead of going out with the tide ? ? if that wind was a friend it would warm southern whisper on her note ? she might have stayed forever and ever in ever left these arms if only i ? ? had a little more summertime ?
8:44 am
let her memory take hold stirring that old fire up ? ? as if i don't miss her enough if that sun would have just hung up in that sky just a little bit extra ? ? just a little bit long er if those blue water waves could have staid at our feet on the beach stead of going the tide ? ? if that wind was a friend it would still be blowing in like a warm southern whisper on her ? ? she might have staid forever and never ever left these arms if only i had a little more
8:45 am
? yeah, just a little more summertime ? ? ? if that sun would have just hung up in that sky just a little bit extra a little bit longer ? ? she might have stayed forever and never never left these arms if only i had a little more summertime ?
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
everyone here ready for a little more classic jason aldean. here he is with "dirt road anthem." [ cheers a applause ] ? ? yeah i'm chillin' on a dirt road laid back swerving like i'm george jones ? ? the smoke rolling out the window an ice cold beer sitting in the console ?
8:49 am
headlights it's got me reminiscing on them good times ? ? turning off a real life drive and that's right i'm hitting easy street on mud tires joets yeah back in the day potts farm was the place to go load the truck up hit the dirt road ? ? yump the barbed wire spread the word jack and jim were a few good men ? ? where you learned how to and cuss and fight, too better watch out for the boys in blue ? ? like i know something y'all don't know man that talk is getting old you better mind your business man watch your mouth before i have to knock that loud mouth out ? ? i'm tired of talking man y'all ain't listening them old tirt roads is what y'all missing ? ? yeah, i'm chilling on a dird
8:50 am
george jones ? ? smoke rolling out the window an ice cold beer sitting in the console memory lane up in the hid lights it's got me reminiscing ? ? i sit back and think about them good old days the way we were raised in our southern ways ? ? i can take y'all where you need to go down to my hood back in them woods ? ? we do it different that's right but we sure do it good and we do it all night ? ? so if you really want to know how it feels to get off the road with trucks and four weals note jump on in and man tell your friends we'll raise some hell where the black top ends snoets yeah, i'm chilling on a dirt road laid back swerving like raim george jones ? ? smoke rolling out in window an
8:51 am
console ? ? memory lane up in the headlights it's got me reminiscing on them good times ? ? let's ride ? ? ? ah i'm chilling on a dirt road laid back swerving like i'm george jones ? smoke rollin' out the window an ice cold beer sittin' in the console ? ? memory lane up in the headlights it's got me reminiscing on them good times ? ? i'm turning off a real life drive and that's right i'm hittin' easy street on mud
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
the new cast for "dancing
8:55 am
on tuesday. who will it be? on tuesday, all will be revealed. >> you don't want to miss it. >> only on abc's "good morning america." a big thank you for jason aldean. he's going to sing one more song. when she says baby. see it on our site. have a great weekend, everyone. ? ? some days it's tough just gettin' up throwin' on these boots and makin' that climb ? ? some days i'd rather be a no show lay low before i go out of my mind ? ? when she says baby oh don't matter what comes ain't going nowhere she runs her fingers
8:56 am
the time is now 8:56 and i
8:57 am
the best possible outcome for a 10-month-old boy who disappeared with his father, the father found and arrested for possession of dangerous drugs. baby abraham said to be safe and reunited with his mother so great news that a man who escaped from a dps trooper is still on the run -- but a man who escaped from a dps trooper is still on the run. surveillance video from the convenience store captured this whole thing. dps has yet to release the video or any kind of suspect description by this afternoon we could see blowing dust, heavy rain and even strong when sandstorms develop around the state. they start to fire up around lunch -- along the mogollon rim first and we could see them moving into the valley later this afternoon so keep an eye on the sky and remember, stay alert especially when it comes to dust as that could reduce -- reduced visibility quickly. temperatures only get into the mid-90s across the state
8:58 am
into saturday before we start to dry out. this really isn't too bad but we do have to get to the crash on i-10. let's get over to the i-10 eastbound -- camera. you can see the center lanes are blocked so stay to the rest of light -- to the left or right. we will be back with 11 -- with a full hour of news 11:00. join us next on "sonoran living" as the queen of clean is here with back-to-school apps .
8:59 am
9:00 am
coming up today on "sonoran living", does your child have way too much homework? why this note is getting high marks and going viral. and a valley companie look at who is in our kitchen? chef salad is back and he's better than ever. today he's teaching us about traditional cooking. school is back in session and the queen of clean is here to tell us how to get out those stains from your kiddos' uniforms. all right now on "sonoran living". it is friday. happy friday


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