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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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>> and there's a piece of land where a so-called safe playground will stand. >> sonu wasu is live. >> reporter: yes, several charges are involved in the effort. it's filled with bright murals and a gardening area. the church next door wants people to know it's a safe place for their children. another crime scene, two people dead. two others shot. emotions running high. >> it's bad, i mean, we don't let the baby play outside, that's for sure. >> reporter: people are staying lock indoors -- locked indoors. a victim ran door to door last night asking for help, and driving around today we saw at least eight churches within a mile of the crime scenes, representing hope, and we found this woman of god. >> it's a place of safety, a
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the saving station. >> reporter: placesthat have been making a difference. watson says that growing up around here it was tough not to get sucked into the street life. what kept you out of trouble? >> honestly sports. my parents. church. >> reporter: and good mentors to encourage him. dr. anne hart who's on the police advisory board calls these scary times. >> >. you don't know if you'll be the next victim or know the next victim. >> reporter: and for those message of hope. >> the boil teaches us that -- bible teaches us that if you live by the world you'll die we the sword. >> reporter: but a message of courage. >> we have to be vigilant and if we see something say something. >> reporter: and here's the number to call if you know anything about the crimes. >> thank you, if you want to take a look at the shooting
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been interactive map on abc 15 mobile. >. and a huge shake up in sheriff joe arpaio's racial profiling case. they'll investigate if he should be criminally charged. the doj is taking over after con flicks of interest. and -- conflicts of interest. and mcso revised policies and procedures stemming from arpaio case, including work conduct, professionalism, and international investigation. arpaio is currently seeking his 7th term. pretty quiet weather-wise across the valley all afternoon long. we talked about the thunderstorm chances over the last couple of hours, and have been tracking them. here's the queen creek cam. a lot of cloud cover. a thunderstorm right over queen creek producing about a quarter
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last 30 to hah minutes. you can -- 45 minutes. you can see the storm slowly moving east, but not a lot of movement with it. the rest of the valley quiet this second, but still have a few thunderstorms to the east near queen valley, and also more showers, and even a couple of rumbles of thunder east and so the south of buckeye as well slowly moving east, so those rain chances stay right around 20 percent, so some pop up showers and thunderstorms possible the rest of the evening a lot of us stay dry, but can't completely rule it out. upper 90s right now, and taking it to the upper 80s into the 11:00 hour. more on thunderstorm chances that weekend in a couple of minutes. >. it's going to be a tough call to make, letting a family member know they're dead, but police will tell us who was killed in chandler overnight and release the name of the
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the crime scene is near mcqueen and ray. i motive hasn't been revealed. >> detectives will be arriving in colorado tomorrow for the couple arrested yesterday. the couple held without bond for the murder and kidnapping that happened in california, but they believe they drove right through our state. they're accused of killing the woman's half sister and kidnapping her three kids. right now they're trying to see if family members can take care of the kids. >. talk about meth on the streets, but meth in class rooms? that's the were dinner discussion a lot of -- that's the dinner discussion a lot of the parents will be having tonight after trace amounts of meth were found in mountain point high school class rooms
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update from the live desk as rescuers in italy are saying they might not find anymore survivors from this week's 6.2 earthquake. they've been digging through the rubble oftentimes by hand for people missing but facing a new obstacle that hardest hit town could be a powerful after shock and it's really damaged any access to bridges there. the mayor says the roads aren't cleared quickly enough and emergency crews aren't able to get in and at this hour the death toll stands at 281. banks may be closed but this guy is already planning his big move since his linked to two bank robberies in the area.
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central avenue and os born the week before that. he wears gold rimmed eyeglasses. a heart breaking out come for a colorado family who lost a loved one at lake powell only hours ago. 35 year-old chelsea saved her life to save her 2 year-old son. he slipped off a houseboat and into the water. she's a super star attorney, marathon these irs scams are out of control and now not just trying to get money from you or your parents, they're using our kids. move in day for college students could be a payday for scammers. phone callers from fake irs agents demanding a payment from a federal student tax and if you don't send it right away, you're going to jail. say it with me, this is a scam.
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online get your money and a lot of you tell me it's getting worse. joe just received a phony irs lawsuit call. i was told the tax had gone through an audit and this man called me 11 times this morning when i would hang up on him. this is harassment. i know you know about the scam but it's time to remind the people again. you're right, here's the deal, the irs will not call you demanding payment for a debt. demand payment for itunes cards or gift cards or threaten to take you to jail if you don't pay. if you get this call, hang up. we have it online right now and share it so you parents, kids, grandparents won't be the next victims. go to abc need me help, here's ways to get ahold of me. tracking a developing story, breaking news from the
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in carefree being evacuated right now because bomb techs going in to remove ex-closives. this -- explosives. rural metro telling us somebody showed up with blasting caps and turn mite to turn them in. we have air 15 headed to the scene to make sure everything is safe out there. >> hopefully it is. new at 6, online care retailer is test driving valley. >> zroom set up ifs first virtual reality showroom in fashion showroom. it's tech friendly with a lot of tech enthusiasts. they buy, refurbish and sells online. >> they're on track to hill a billion in revenue after three years in business.
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broader spectrum in terms of car buying and not all these car salesmen calling you, don't have to take call the time to go to lots and more family for time and work and yourself. >> the popup showroom at scottsdale fashion square till september 28 near the food court. coach has not had the best luck when it comes to training camp injuries. 2013, jonathan cooper down. 2014, darnell docket. that's season it was corey peters and michael floyd. 2016, the cards made it through camp without a major injury and ba was asked act that in this morning's press conference. here's what he had to say. >> why are you trying to jinx us? man, we ain't done yet. come on bro, yet. yeah, we're as healthy as we've been in three years and it's a scary thing because we've got a
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>> one in less than 48 hours as the cards face the texans sunday afternoon in houston but come on, bro. >> knock on wood. that's not wood but whatever that is. >> two weeks in the preseason, don't say the word injury. >> come on, bro. all right, i'm tracking changes out in the east valley. >> we're giving away tickets to the cards, broncos game on september 1. download the abc 15 app and entry for your chance to enter. good luck. all right, now to those changes, over in the east valley, dust getting kicked up with the thunderstorms. it's the 202 and 60. visibility down below a half a mile in the east valley near mesa gate way. this part of thunderstorms developing over the last 45 minutes to an hour near queen
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with this, not too strong at mesa gateway. out of that southeast easterly direction. gusts at 20 to 25 miles per hour. mesa gateway reporting 22 miles per hour gusts. this is pointing back to the east. you can see those clouds really billowing up along the higher terrain. a couple of thunderstorms out there near queen valley. thunderstorm that has produced the blowing dust in the east valley right now near queen creek, zoom in a bit closer to this. not a lot of movement on this over the last several minutes. in fact, over the last couple of minutes, see how heavy that rain was. it's dissipated and new development to the south of chandler. this slowly moving off to the east, northeast tonight. we have a couple of spotty thunderstorms near tortilla
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storm to the south of buckeye kind of cycling through where it looks a bit stronger then a bit weaker and again, you see a little impulse there as it comes up into that red color. that's where we would find heavier rain falling at this hour. more thunderstorms through the white mountains and pine top and pushing into parts of the grand canyon. a lot of lightning with that. few thunderstorms near court side just to the south as the disturba in from the west. rain chances near 20 percent through the rest of the evening and overnight hours. potential for strong wind gusts, heavy rain. those will be the two biggest potentials but with those across the valley, we could have blowing dust leading to reduced visibilities. small hail and get you updated more on your forecast in a couple minutes. a summer drink now linked to hepatitis a scare.
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pretty big health scare in virginia. a hepatitis outbreak getting eight people. from a tropical smoothie cafe where an employees been diagnosed. many filing lawsuit ands health officials traced the source to
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imported from egypt. protected by the badge, a remarkable story of survival after an officer is shot during a chase through three counties. >> he kept going to make sure the bad guy didn't go away. the guy confronted police, jumped into the car, flipped the you turn and the bull lets went flying. they ricocheted off the badge and off the vest. >> it's amazing that a three by four piece of tin saved his life. >> as for that gunman, his high speed chase caused him to lose his life. he died in a fiery crash. they got away from the hunt but not the surveillance cameras. a valley auto shop asking everyone to keep an eye out.
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tracking showers and thunderstorms over the last hour in the east valley and now a blowing dust advisory in effect till 7:30 this evening as you look we me, look closer to the service. you'll see some of that very hazy, dusty conditions looking back to the east right now. thunderstorms off to the east. we've had thunderstorms near queen creek, this is what's prompted the blowing dust advisory and the dust moving to the southeast valley and into the east valley over the last 20 to 30 minutes. visibilities down to around a half a mile. thunderstorm just now off to the west of queen creek. this will slowly be moving off to the east producing heavy rain and could have wind and kicking up dust there. some of those outflow boundaries moving towards chandler and southern lakes and could produce and develop new thunderstorms as it moves off tote west over the next several
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valley and tortilla flats. just to the south of eye. light rain falling there. here's the plan the rest of the evening, keeping a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms all night long through the overnight hours, gusty winds, heavy rain. that's where we could have blowing dust. staying on top of breaking news from the live desk, first live looat carefree. had to be evacuated as bomb techs go in to work to remove explosives. rural metro telling us a person actually came to turn in the blasting caps and dynamite. we're working to get you more details but if this is near your commute, part of tom darlington is closed right there in front of the fire station to avoid this area all together. see these guys, police say they're leaves in the night.
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in car parts in minutes. >> owners of a mesa dealership offering $5,000 for information that puts these guys behind bars. >>reporter: a major dealership said bandits made off with five tailgates to five trucks over night. it's been caught on camera but take a look if you know these bad guys. az rv is crawling cars, and trucks and cameras covering every inch of every tire in the parking law of the land. despite security. >> i need your help, last night about 2, 2u 20. we had two individuals decided to rob us. >>reporter: those two guys ripped off five tailgates to five trucks in a matter of minutes. don't believe it, these bandits were so cavalier, they did it in front of one of the dealerships cameras, loaded the tailgates and raced off without any trouble.
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nobody likes theft and we're just trying to keep it together. >> tonight auto az is taking action. their manager devon smith posted this video on facebook which has more than 15,000 view ands hundreds of comments with people trying to help online. he's hoping it leads to real results. >> our reward of $5,000 we want to offer somebody if we catch these guys. we're serious about this and we just want to make sure that we catch these do anything to other people. >>reporter: each tailgate worth a thousand dollars. they think the crooks will sell them for hundreds but not if they're caught first. reporting in mesa, chris, abc15. az auto rv is crawling with bikes, cars, and trucks and cameras covering every inch and tire of the parking lot despite
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the phoenix serial shooter tonight thanks to a meeting between hispanic groups who say many spanish speaking families had no idea about the threat. police have canvassed neighborhoods and looking at every detail on surveillance video they've picked up on the way. the reward up to $75,000. leslie merit jr. will not be getting his gun back for now but we know how he's dog for spending months in jail for a crime he didn't commit. his client is back to work got his job back two days after being released. beside being called the freeway shooter, the hardest part was rekindling his relationship with his kids. >> he had to re-bond with his kids, his young daughter didn't know him and that was devastating and heartbreak the. >> we're told merit split up with his fiance. three homes torched in
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it's the home in the middle that caught fire but no one's been living there for a month. that's when the old renters moved out. there's a ton of smoke damage to the other homes. the ballot initiative that could realize pot in our state. opponents stepped in and they claim if the judge's ruling stand, courts no longer have the power to prevent fraud. the ruling expected by september 1. right to die laws have not been a but one did in california all though know that's being challenged as well. opponents are worried the law lacks safeguards to protect against abuse. for now, judge said the law will remain but the suit challenging it has not been thrown out entirely. everybody wins tomorrow ahead of a robot icks competition in louisiana. the visiting teams have the secret weapons but packed supplies for anybody affected. >> don't want anybody to feel
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bring their spirits up because it's not the end of the world. >> it's so awesome they're having this competition to get some of the kids mind off of things. >> students coming from other parts of louisiana as well as texas and mississippi. >> she's run the phoenix va hospital for less than a year and leaving already. debora announced her retirement already for health reasons. she's been in phoenix months. whistle blower complaints brought up a nationwide scandal but the vets need more stability and improvement. >> it's been frustrating. we've been just going through a lot here at the phoenix va and just do what we can to make sure we have leadership that
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blood suppliers, the government's latest efforts to stop the spread of the zika virus. a life changing gift for a teen who's life was changed by a medical discovery. a rough patch for a dog
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that's no good... stevent! that's just vandalism. whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 volkswagen reward card and a five hundred dollar labor day bonus when you buy or lease a new 2016 passat. visibilities due to blowing dust in the valley down to around half a mile at times. winds gusting to 30 to 35 miles per hour. more on this in minutes. right now from the live desk, scary moment ins california, the lid of a refinery blows off and spent smoke up in the air. sulfur was in the air too. that was the big concern. we learned all that smoke that's being seen there wasn't
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due to the insulation material that had caught fire inside. people living nearby in carson are told to remain inside as a precaution. all of this and nobody was hurt. >> major effort to protect the nation's blood supply. next time you give blood it'll be tested for zika. previously the blood testing was happening in parts of florida and puerto rico and now extending across the u.s.. fighting back to stop zika in its tracks. arizona high school students kicked off their great arizona mosquito hunt. science students use their skills to map and track them. looking ahead, calem muller's parents. infused ideas for concepts and following a big set back of
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company. it's been a battle. find out if the rattlers are on their way to a sixth afl championship. and blowing gust advisory till 7:00 p.m. tonight. winds picking up along the
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the monsoon still alive. very active week across the valley. take a look at this. a thunderstorm in san valley. the rain coming down and these guys not minding one bit and the dust blowing in the valley from the storms to the southeast as well. more on that in a couple minutes. a. >> we'll look for that, thanks. promising made but never kept. the family of the prescot woman kill inside isis captivity said president obama promised to make a do nation but never followed through. now the white house is pledging the president will contribute
6:46 pm
muller is the aid worker taken captive three years ago. her parents sent the video along with frustration with abc's brian roth. >> i think the fact that the government blocked their efforts to raise rand some money to get their daughter free. >> you interview with the muller family in a girl left behind on 20/20 tonight at 9. daren sharper is fighting back and appealing the conviction and 20 year sentence in his drug and rape case. he pleaded guilty in four states. one crime happened here in arizona. no word on the grounds for appeal. surprise, surprise, more personal attacks on the campaign trail. last few days hillary clinton
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trading barbs over minorities voters. trump said hillary clinton's words of the 90s have been called racist by several groups. clinton's campaign released an add along with images of white supremacist supporters. she's standing by trump saying in part, the fact she's attacking him on this shows how worried she is that his message is resinating with her brewer is putting her money where her mouth is, helping trump's campaign hoping a new office in las vegas. the grand opening for trump, pence victory headquarters is tomorrow. new at 6, what would you get if you could buy anything you wanted at best buy? eddie rodriguez knows that feeling because that was his wish. he got a laptop, beats headphone and everything.
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need of a kidney transplant. >> it's totally like overwhelming and just i come in here with everyone and it's so great. like the best feeling ever. >> how cool is this, he went on that shopping spree in a limo. all she need was a little face and looking for a new home. this tiny pup was hit by a car and thanks to tlc from a valley animal hos living another day. her back legs had to be amputated and got sweet wheels out of the deal and hanging out at second chance dog rescue ready to be adopted. catching thieves breaking into a valley business and
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espresso machine. the passion and hard work have pushed her through. >> it's just crazy to think that vision and actually doing what you love can blossom into something like this. >> her business spotlighted this year featured on abc's shark tank and see her entire story on our earlier we checked in on the cardinals wrapping up camp in glendale and across the street, afl action going on. arena bowl going on and this one did not start well for our rattlers. philadelphia soul jumped out to a 21-0 lead. mid way to the first quarter and that's quick to arena football. the soul set a new arena bowl record with 28 points in the first.
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history. rattlers mount a come back but this wrapped up seconds to go. rattlers fall by a final score of 56-42. they've lost three straight arena bowls at home. maybe that neutral site wasn't a bad idea after all. >> maybe not. they've been working a lot in that first quarter. >> judging by them, they'll be back soonment. >> yeah. the heat probably back soon too. at least before summer wraps up. >> in the coming day. not tonight. pretty active out across the valley and state. we have a blowing dust advisory and that's for the phoenix metro till 7:00 p.m. this evening. no other watches and warnings to tell you about. abc15 desert doppler. shower ands thunderstorms around queen creek in the last hour, hour and a half. that outflow boundary approaching scottsdale and
6:51 pm
guadalupe and blowing dust along the boundary and some gusts between 30 and 35 miles per hour. pretty quiet as far as shower ands thunderstorms go now in the east valley. we could see a couple of popup ands have had a light shower sitting for the last five to ten minutes of the south of buckeye. that was a thunderstorm that was dissipating and see more activity south of gila bend in the east to northeast at this hour. rain chances chances not out of the keep them at 20 percent approaching disturbance over the west. spotty showers possible and doesn't mean all of us will get wet tonight and rumbles of thunder possible in the evening and overnight forecast. we're at the 90s right now. 79 in phoenix. the thunderstorms have been stronger across northern arizona and strong storms
6:52 pm
that will be pushing into new mexico. tomorrow we'll look for more showers and thunderstorms to develop along the rim. here's where most of the the rain will fall tomorrow afternoon but can't rule out a couple spot jewish writers showers and storms across the valley and things dry out as high pressure bids in getting into that sunday forecast through early next week. breezes in bull head city. sustained winds at 18 miles per hour. sky harbor reporting light winds picking up. dew points 5 0es for flagstaff and dew points in the 40s. temperatures, 55 degreings in flagstaff, 55 at the grand canyon where it's been quite a bit of shower and thunderstorm activity today. 72 in prescot, sitting in the 90s, august, 97 bull head city and current temperature lake. havasu in the 90s. overnight lows in the 70s. upper 60s to low 70s in tucson.
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forecast for tonight, 70s here near 100 degrees so below average highs tomorrow continue with the ozone high pollution advisory in our forecast as well and a much drier forecast sunday, monday, and tuesday. we've got a breaking up date from you from the live desk where i learned that robot has moved into this bag with explosives at the carefree fire station to help bomb techs try to remove those explosives. air 15 providing this live picture over the now. rural metro is telling us somebody dropped off blasting caps and dynamite within the last hour. not sounding like sinister but not terribly well informed of how you dispose so they have to take every precaution out here as they try to move in and see what this is. it's inches away from this situation right now. the station is does remain evacuated. the surrounding area is closed
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so avoid this area all together. it's incredible how they in. we'll keep watching and keep you updated. shark tank at 7, what would you do at 8, and then the 20/20
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