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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> reporter: he brought what he thought were blasting caps, even a stick of dinite inside the -- dynamite inside the fire
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on, brought it out here near the brick wall, and that's when they called the bomb squad. this is where the bomb squad found it when they showed up here. he is the bomb robot picking it up and putting it in a blast box. then you see the bomb squad carrying the box away, putting it inside a truck, and they drove that truck somewhere else. if anyone finds anything they think might be explosives, don't bring it here to the fire station! >> if anyone finds anything suspect that they believe is an explosive, leave it where it don't touch it, don't bring it to a police station, don't bring it to a fire station. >> reporter: what was that stick? still undetermined. no
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the bomb squad didn't blow it up. an armed robbery in phoenix, naejt 19th and -- 19th and indian school. shots were fired by the robber. nobody was hurt. the guy got away. people in the area are scared. the reward is up and so are black bmw's, everybody on high alert, doing their part to catch the serial street shooter. and the most aren't call i understand came in tonight. >> reporter: it came in just a few hours ago along the i-10. someone spotted a black bmw. of course they called that into police. this is what we were able to catch. >> not behind the vehicle anymore. they just said they
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>> reporter: these types of calling are coming in quite a bit this week. finding out two reports on monday, yesterday near the isfraen and mcdowell, drivers were following a black bmw andor phone with 911. this morning, someone reported this older model bmw near 77 and oz born -- osborne. police investigating every call that comes in. i spoke to a woman who lives next door to called in this mortgage, and she's just glad people are paying attention. >> we're all looking for each other's safety. >> reporter: they've upped that reward to $75,000. no tip is too
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police out with this investigation. we've been taking action every day to get the word out about the serial street shooter and the seven people he's killed. hispanic leaders say many in their community don't know enough about it to help. >> the community is tired and they just want to guy caught. it's a lack of communication. we need to connect it and strengthen it and get it done faster. >> a lot of s still haven't heard about the street shooter. groups have been canvassing neighborhoods to raise awareness. some light drops out there, but they don't seem to mind at
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>> chances for rain going up. already seeing some development back to the west. severe weather tonight out across parts of mohave county, near bullhead city. west of maricopa county, just outside of buckhead. here's how the rain chances look. 10% through 11:00. we'll bring the valley rain chances up tonight to 20%. some of us will hear some rumbles of thunder overnight tonight. knsz, cars -- kansas city, cars underwater, flooding going to right now. this is in the plaza district, and particular
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there's a new goldeneye tonight. >> it's the nickname for a bank rob or the loose. the f.b.i. really wants this guy caught >> reporter: no one has seen a gun so far, but imagine how terrifying just the threat of that is. his late target, dear valley credit union, he was here just yesterday think the same guy is fwhiend a robbery at -- behind a robbery in central phoenix. that happened about two weeks ago. he seems to carry a black backpack
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this group of kids is not going to face any charges. they were with maria contreras in wilcox last month when she was the only one who could not get out of the way in time as the train came by. new information on the big decision in a racial profiling case. one of the attorneys saying sooilting conflicts of interest -- citing conflicts of interest. the doj will investigate if arpaio will face criminal charges for ignoring court orders. we asked him and his attorneys an interview. we have yet to hear back. you can be too old for a lot of things but is running for office one of them? john mccain's challenger stand big her comments that mccain might die if reelected.
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the body and the mind. >> you feel comfortable diagnosing him on-air? >> as an 80-year-old man? yes, i do. >> both candidates squaring off in tuesday's primary. tuesday mccain didn't talk about being too old but he did talk about stopping isis. he said the missiles they build can help. >> we're gonna need the kind of capabilities that raytheon has been so good at for so long. >> in the war on terror, destroying ground most likely use for those weapons. but mccain says budget cuts are overtaxing and overworking the military and the equipment they use. after less than a year on the job, the woman run the troubled phoenix v.a. hospital is already leaving, announcing her retirement for health reasons. an interim director will take over here in phoenix
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replacement. new video from that moment police arrested a guy who hopped an airport fence and drove a truck into an airplane. aviation expert says it might be a sign of a bigger problem. >> the larger issue is the backside of our airports in this country generally are not secure enough. that is a fact. >> a report released this year looked at t.s.a. security bleaches from 2009 to 2015, and sky harbor appears on more than one. west phoenix's water main back in operation 24 hours after it burst, causing a sinkhole. a bus stuck in the middle of it yesterday. he watched thousands of gallons of water getting deeper underneath the cars for sale. so he called his boss in a panic. >> it was horrible! i was
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and the water was filling the trees, and the place of work, and all the people. math at school is normal. but meth at school, not so much that's exactly what is forcing students and staff from cl classrooms at mountain point high school in awas talky -- ahwatukee. meth found after the security guard quit in july. >> i don't know what they're thinking. i wish there was more education maybe for the kids, and whoever. >> a foul odor led to some surface testing. three classrooms had to be cleaned and retested. the school says no one was in danger. 5-year-old wyatt has been a fighter all his life but he just
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him get stronger. somebody stole his therapy tricycle, cutting the lock off the bike rack. when you lose a student, it's like a kick in the stomach. >> cayla mueller gone, the way you can help her legacy alive. >> yes, no? maybe so? new details on trump's revised visit next week. >> con artists renting out
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trump tweet she in fact coming to the valley on wednesday, it just won't be at the hyatt in downtown phoenix.
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trump has spoken at the convention center before. it looks like that could be an option from their calendar. one of trump's biggest supporters is helping them out in a big way this weekend. jan brewer will help his campaign open a new office in las vegas. >> i hope i never forget that everything happens for a reason, and is that nothing should be a regret. >> an exclusive so many of you watched never before seen video. kayla mueller and outrage expressed by her parents over how the u.s. government handled the situation had her daughter. >> the memorial scholarship set
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interested in international relief. it was started by faculty member who is didn't know her directly but was inspired by the impact she had on the world at such a young age. >> to have that bravery be extinguished in the world, it shocked all of us. and to look around at our other students who were just like kayla, who want to do those things in the world, and make a difference, this seems a great way to honor her. >> the a-driven. we have a crew at grand opening of kayla's hands playground tomorrow morning.
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nasty primary race. he also spoke at mueller's mem service. they stole five tailgates and now police will be on tails. they're offering up a big reward for tips leading to an arrest. >> $5,000 that we want to offer somebody if we catch these guys. we want to make sure we catch these guys. >> smith thinks the crooks will cell them for a few hundred.
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posting properties that aren't theirs on lists and facebook groups. two names to watch out for, mark scott and albert johnson. >> those are probably fake profiles. first do your research, look up the address on a legitimate site. company is listed, call and verify the person you've been talking to works for them. >> and if they ask you for money before showing you the property. a traffic alert too, busy freeways in the valley are being shut down this weekend. i-17 will close in both directions,
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11:30 tonight to sunday morning. you might be able to stay in town, and enjoy some cooler temperatures maybe? we're hoping? >> i think that might be wishful thinking. it's still august out there. >> look at that hail video! >> storms all across the high country. today some slow-motion video for you here from flagstaff. where many of you saw this heavy rain falling. golf-ball sized hail with that possible. a lot of lightning with it tonight. and winds potentially with those storms as they move to the east near 70, 75 miles per hour.
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tonight northwest! here across the valley, it's been quiet for the most part. we could have a couple of those showers and thunderstorms pop up in the 7:00 hour. the 6:00 hour, now we're watching new developments, back to the west across maricopa county. south of bend, heavy rain falling to the south of wenterceberg and buckeye. this is moving to the east northeast with the the valleys tonight. 91 degrees after topping out at 98 today. tonight 79. a 20% chance of valley storms through the overnight hours. as you look at future cast, we have a disturbs that's going to be passing across the state tonight. the highest potential for showers and thunderstorms will be north. 2:00, overnight some spotty showers and storms can't be
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rain chances diminish for us throughout the valley with better chances of it travelling north tomorrow, looking for widespread rain and thunderstorms there. toni rain is the biggest threat. might get some small hail, and some blowing dust across the open deserts. here's what the rain chances look like. 20% chance tomorrow in phoenix, 40% across the high country, and slight chances north all week long. we'll take those rain chances out through tuesday, here in the valley high pressure moves in, and then the monsoon storms look like they'll be back in our forecast as we get into wednesday, thursday, and friday.
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lake havasu, 66 in kingman, 50s and 60s along the rim with 70s here tomorrow morning. pleasant start for us. back up to 100 tomorrow. slightly below average highs across the phoenix area. here's a quick peek at the valley forecast tonight. as we dive into the 80s right now, but overnight lows in the 70s, slight chance of rain, 90s tomorrow to near 100 degrees vale wide. we will be under -- valley-wide. we'll be under that advi well. drier forecast sunday, monday, tuesday. we'll have a full look at your 7-day forecast coming up. new video tonight of criminals in action. and as you watch at home, let the jokes begin. two guys dressed in hockey gear stealing beer from a liquor store in canada. they went all out. they got away with three cases of beer. you wouldn't want to run
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the snake scare on our valley trail.
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ldz from the yooik yikes
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yikes file, it's a den of baby rattlesnakes in scottsdale. park rangers tweeting out this foeft fearsome family -- photo of the fearsome family. they stumbled on it cleaning out a tortoise hab at that time, 18 -- habitat, 18 snakes inside. and babies other most poisonous. a florida man still recovering from a rattlesnake bite a couple weeks ago. >> he was just mowing the lawn when he stumbled on a snake in his backyard and it bit his ankle. >> i didn't feel anything at first. and then i screamed for my wife. [ laughter ] >> the kids were playing safely inside at the time. he is used to getting scars. a brown recluse spider bit him this spring, and he got bit by a small alligator. and he was hit by lightning four years ago!
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the fda announcing new mandatory tests today for the zika virus. when is the same thing in the same store not the same price? an undercover investigation by our sister station in kansas city found some children's medicine was a dollar more in the baby aisle than it was in the pharmacy! they w isolated error. just tonight they found it's still happening. not only with medicine but also with pet products. if you've seen this happen here, we want to know about it. training camp in the books.
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arena bowl 29 at gila river arena. and this one did not start well for our rattlers! the soul jumped out to a 21-0 lead, midway through the 1st quarter! that's really fast, even for arena football did that month fly by or what? the cardinals officially
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>> i felt hike this was a great camp for me, especially with it being my second one. >> before that, they have two preseason games to go. preseason game no. 3, sunday afternoon. and after that, the cardinals/broncos game! we're giving away tickets. download the abc15 mobile app for your chance to win agricultural u of a is showing their real gladiators on the gridiron. >> whatever comes out of these gates, you've got a better chance of survival if we work together. >> the team's earlier videos
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themes. >> fun. >> like the voice there [ laughter ] >> a few rumbles of thunder overnight tonight, chance of rain continues tomorrow, then we dry things out and heat up just a little bit! slightly above average to kick off the week, and the monsoon moisture returns by the middle of the week next
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- hillary clinton -- and john krasinski -- with cleto and the cletones. and now, pace yourselves, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. a big show for us.


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