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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm MST

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happening right now, a search is underway as authorities respond to unconfirmed reports of an active shooter. at this point, police have not found a shooter at lax. it erupted in terminal 1, where there were noises. the pi a confirms loud noises
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running out onto the tarmac. our very own anchor stephanie cost bridge at the airport now took this video for us. she joins us live on the phone. obviously a false alarm is what they are reporting at this point, lapd, but a very scary situation for everybody. what did you see? >> it was one of the most incredibly surreal, unbelievable situations i have ever been in. i was sitting at the gate. my gate was the first one outside of happened was my back was to the security area and all of a sudden i heard this commotion and by the time i turned around, it appeared as though somebody had run through the doors to get to the outside on the tarmac. about 10 security officers were going full speed, running after what appeared to be this person. at that point, i hear people from behind security start
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out of here. still when i think about it, it's really upsetting. it just makes you -- you don't know what's going on. you know how the world is these days and you're just wondering what is going to happen? is about to happen? i just ran as fast as i could, just expecting at any moment to hear a loud blast. i just wanted to go. i had no idea wh on. i ran to the terminal and then i saw one of the doors from the tarmac, from one of the other gates, somebody had opened it and i was like i am getting out of this building. i walked downstairs and that is when a lot of people started gathering on the tarmac and they kept us close against the wall, which i didn't like and then they moved us to a different start -- spot on the outskirts of the terminal where
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people said there was no active shooter situation according to lapd. we still don't know what is happening. right now, they want us all back inside and standing in line. we are waiting to go through security and it is every single gate in the southwest terminal at lax airport. right now, people's phones are dying so everyone's boarding passes are on their phones so people are starting to print those out at kiosks. it is going to be a very long night. >> you can see as we are talking, we have those live images pulled up we saw of traffic coming up to lax. a lot of those flights were grounded, a lot of them starting to get underway again but here is an image showing absolute chaos around the region, people trying to get to their loved ones and out of the
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knowing what is happening. so scary. at this point, lapd says this was a false alarm. they heard loud noises and then people started shouting for people to run. what did you do when you were all gathered together? we saw a were facebook life. everybody gathered outside. they were just trying to get a hold of loved ones, is that right? >> it's interesting because i was watching people around me and everyone was really quiet. the talk about situations like that with mass chaos and tragic situations. a lot of people react dier it, of course in the moment people were running but once you are all outside, people were just kind of standing there. a few people were on the phones. i immediately called my parents and talked to them. they ran through the terminal and you saw my facebook of live videos. from the adrenaline and the running and the shock of everything, we still didn't know what was happening at that point. even security and airport personnel were outside and they were all saying we don't know what is happening. we are trying to get you more
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that is when they moved us. really interesting situation just to watch how everyone reacted. there are hundreds of people right now in the terminal. you can go to my facebook page. i have posted several facebook pages with what is going on but what is interesting is that anytime there is an uproar from people, like a group of people. say they yell or something, people start freaking out and everybody is like everybody be quiet. right now, they are just talking and whatnot but that is interesting because every time you hear some sort of commotion, everyone just gets a little -- >> and it creates a ripple effect. >> absolutely. >> we're going to let you get back to the process of having to get there and fly out. hopefully, get to us safely. a false alarm is what lapd is reporting for unconfirmed
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lax. stephanie hockridge joining us on the phone. we will see you back at work soon. back in the valley, crews on the scene of a backlash at 19th and southern. phoenix police telling us two motorcyclists were hit by a car, one male and one female. both were wearing helmets and they were taken to the hospital. both are listed in stable condition. another chaotic scene and glendale. police say two cars involved in some sort of chase at glendale avenue and 54th ended with one car crashing into a thankfully, no one inside. chris sgro is live at the scene. do we have any idea what led up to this? do we have any idea what happened? >> >>reporter: we have some sort of idea but there is still a lot of details we need to confirm. i want to show you the biggest thing we have seen all day. that is a car that is in that nearby bakery. lyndale police are telling us
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and what me involve this car right here that has the hazards on. there was someone on the scene today that says this was all started because of an attempted abduction, that their mother had to save his sister from being affected by some men who were driving that car. she ended up chasing them and that is when all of this happened. a high-speed chase leading to this crashes proven to be so much more and glendale tonight. details are murky but it may have all started after someone tried to take a woman's daughter. however,om let that happen so she took action. >> my mom was there and she attempted to stop them. when my sister got away, she got into the car with my mom and the people took off. my mom was trailing them. >> reporter: it's not clear how the crash happened by glendale police is still investigating and has asked several people in for questioning. pd says they have received a 911 call about an attempted abduction minutes before the crash.
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she has protected us all our lives. >> reporter: owners from the bakery are left to pick up the pieces. markoe says he hasn't been able to assess the damage but he is glad no one was hurt. >> i was worried about my sisters and any family that is here to close up on a sunday. it is really crazy you know that this happened. >> >>reporter: glendale police and a lot of other crews are still take a look, that is the car in the bakery. that is pretty much keeping the building standing. we are not sure when that will be removed on wednesday between 54th and 53rd. those will be reopened but several people are being linked to the chase and are being questioned by glendale police. tune people in the car are in the hospital with serious injuries but not life- threatening injuries. there is one person that tried to run away from the scene that
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again, no one officially charged yet according to glendale police. there is still a lot more layers to the story that have yet to unravel. hundreds of people coming together for a candlelight vigil come at all to remember the victim of a brutal murder. this, as taylor police tried to figure out who stabbed and killed an 84-year-old man in the parking lot of an la fitness earlier this month. raquel cervantes has more from desert brief park in chandler. >> drug members of the indian community came out to their support. or than 200 people gathered here holding candles to remember 84-year-old shavahausi hasakout. police have no suspects or motives and are asking for help. as members of the indian community mourn the man who had 84 years old was joyful and full of life, they are trying to make sense of the tragedy. >> that has caused significant
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we want to come together as a community and show that we are together and we will support you and happiness also moments of sadness like this. >> reporter: silent witness is offering a reward in this case. anyone with information should call chandler police are silent witness at 480-witness. raquel cervantes, abc15. tonight, the father of a phoenix toddler killed four years ago finally feeling justice might be on the way. savannah cross was killed in december, 2012 while at a home daycare run by ryan and allison clement. detectives say ryan reid abused the girl and allison clement did nothing to stop it. ryan reid pled guilty to second- degree murder, child abuse and attend the -- attempted sexual conduct with a minor. he is facing a sentence up to 35 years but allison clement has not accepted her plea deal
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>> if she don't want to take it, we will help the court system buried her. i just don't see how you can sit there and allow what happened to my daughter to happen and then not expect to be held accountable for not doing anything about it. >> if allison clement does not accept the plea deal, she will go to trial at the end of next month. all new information as we learn the name of the man shot and killed by police pointing what appeared to be a bb gun. angel torres junior showed up at his ex-girlfriend's apartment at 57th and thomas. she texted family saying he was armed and on drugs. an officer shot and killed him after he pointed what turned out to be a black baby handgun. police say there has been a long history of domestic violence with that couple. the driver who hit and killed a cyclist appeared to be driving drunk.
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bethany home crossing the street outside a crosswalk. he was hit from behind by that suv. another suspected drunk driver crashed on the loop 101 near i- 17. tps says this was a single car crash. no word if the driver was taken to the hospital or arrested. this crash causing major traffic trouble on the loop 200 too. you can see the car just rolled over there in the westbound lanes near 40th street. tps says one person was thrown from the car and rushed over to turning to the weather, temperatures today in the upper 90s. to deny self there. it was dry. average high 104 degrees, deer valley 97 degrees, scott stone 97 degrees as well as tablet topping out in the upper 90s. outside, we are all in the 80s and low 90s. tempe, 90 degrees, 86 degrees in anthem, 87 degrees in surprise and upper 80s in
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the 70s, looking for mostly clear skies and a really nice start across the valley as you head out the door on monday morning. here is your drive time forecast. mid-90s in the forecast. by the lunch hour, sunny skies. a dry one tomorrow with light winds and warmer temperatures. back up near average highs tomorrow climbing to 104 degrees and we're not done heating up yet. i will let you know what to expect with these temperatures in your most accurate forecast coming up. the music world is in mourning tonight as latin american superstar juan gabriel has died. many sources say he died of a heart attack today and he sold more than 100 million records in his career. he was on tour, scheduled to hit the stage in el paso, tx before he died. people on social media posting about that singer tonight. the mexican president, sending his condolences to the family saying they lost a superstar. also, some people saying they know all of these songs based on the events they had with
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to miss this legend. last week, i said i was close to pushing the panic when it comes to the cardinals offense but jason, you said hold off so i was all geared up for preseason game number three. the game i was focused on, hoping to find a reason to back off the panic button. >> they did not give you a reason but i will say this, plenty of teams have gone there to check a 4 in the preseason and still made it to the playoffs. the cards was not pretty. not one of carson palmer's better days. it started with that ball right there ending up in the hands of the texans. that results in a 7-0 lead houston. five plays later, the cardinals are able to respond. 75 yard drive capped off by dave johnson's -- dave johnson's touchdown. >> carson throwing the screen pass. not bad. this one gets picked off by john simon.
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touchdown. five turnovers on the day for arizona and the cardinals follow the texans 34-24. >> back off that panic button. >> i can. there has only been, of the teams that have gone zero to check a 4 in the preseason, only two have made it to the preseason. >> five turnovers preseason or not, that is bad. take out the liquids and pick up your shoes. we know all of the deal with the tsa but a former employee says the tsa doesn't follow their own policies.
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abuse of power and low morale, new accusations coming to light involving the tsa. the agency is no stranger to
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explains, this latest scandal could be putting your safety in the sky at risk. >> i am a patriot at heart. >> for nearly 9 years, jenny took her job screening bags and passengers at sky harbor very seriously. >> i need to know at the end of the day when i'm putting people on a plane that that plane is safe. >> now she reveals the tsa doesn't follow all of their policies and it could be putting passengers at risk. >> there have been days i am on you are only supposed to be at that position for 30 minutes. >> reporter: dennis spent more than 11 years with tsa and now he represents employees through the union. he says the biggest issue is a lack of ongoing training. >> i cannot tell you amount -- the amount of times that somebody says what do i do for this? a supervisor is supposed to know most everything for what should go on. >> reporter: when employees
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employees treated as the problem. >> the agency is extremely aggressive towards the employees. >> reporter: he says he fears this fear of retaliation could be hiding a much bigger problem, which could be life or death. >> one plane drops out of the sky, everybody's hard work is broken down, examined and scrutinized. that is going to be the wake-up call. >> reporter: katie conner, abc15 news. coming up at 10:30 pm, hear from a former tsa agent employee about what when she says she spoke out. on the developments. two men arrested for the shooting of the cousin of nba star dwayne wade. nike aldrich was caught in the crossfire on friday. the mother of four was pushing her baby in a stroller when she was shot. authorities say two brothers on parole have been charged with first-degree murder. darrell and there in folders just got out of jail -- darrell
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out of jail. low 90s after topping out at 99 degrees at the airport west -- with west southwest winds and humidity at 21%. 86 degrees in deer valley, 89 degrees scottsdale, and temperatures in chandler right now at 91 degrees. we will all be falling into the 70s by tomorrow morning. we're keeping our winds light across the valley and they will stay that way through the overnight hours work no big changes. a nice night ahead tomorrow. already seeing dry air filter in be far a storm system -- before a storm system. temperatures currently in the 40s. here as well, where that storm system is moving off to the east, you can see the green indicating where we have the more moist and drier air now in place. at least for a couple days before we see those shower and thunderstorm chances come back. dew point temperatures in the 40s across the high country.
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41 degrees in payson. as you look with me on the satellite radar composite and futurecast, as we look across much of the southwest, this is what is going to be happening. this system moves off to the east as high pressure builds in. that means all those shower and afternoon are going to be three new mexico, colorado and east of us. hotter temperatures for the valley and dryer statewide that we may see a spotty shower or two across the country. our rain chances will be just about finished for the next couple of days. it will be wednesday before we see isolated chances here in the valley. a 20% chance on thursday and friday. a stray chance as well then. that monsoon thunderstorm chances looking pretty quiet this week. temperatures tonight in the 70s valley wide. 103 degrees tomorrow afternoon in tempe, 102 degrees in chandler. goodyear going to fit -- hit
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temperatures back up near our average highs as we kick off the work week. overnight lows tonight, chilly across flagstaff. right now, 50 degrees. 58 degrees in winslow. 40s at the highest elevations. 50s along the rim. 100 degrees tomorrow in casa grande and the hottest spot on
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the arizona diamondbacks looking for a series win against the reds. today at chase field, or she -- our two bradley pitches six solid innings, cincinnati's two runs come on back-to-back home runs on the 2nd inning. by the time, the d-backs already had a four run lead. many thomas with a lee in the 6th making it 9-2 arizona. that is the 10th home run in the last 20 games. the d-backs win 11-2 and take the series 2 to 1. championship game between south korea and new york in the little league world series. ryan harless strikes out eight and limits north korea as new york beats north korea to do to 1 to become the first united states winter since 2011. it was also new york's first championship since 1964. >> how about that? >> i am proud of those kids. >> 7000 teens to one. >> go usa. >> not since 2011.
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score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed... only at casino arizona and talking stick resort! it's a new addition to the family. a new addition to the family. >> from strangers to family, the first time meeting at friendship park in jacksonville, fl. christie and adam have known each other for a about a year but hadn't met this -- face-to- face. christie was diagnosed with leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. she had a hard time finding a donor until adam showed up.
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match. >> just amazing. donors and recipients can't meet until one year later to make sure the transplant holds. christie and adam say it is both something they look forward to. i am raquel cervantes in phoenix where the music world
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we do want to give you an update of the scare that happened at lax. we are taking a live look at los angeles international airport. there was a scare of an active reporter. all reports unconfirmed. once lapd arrived, they say this happened at terminal 1 and those loud noises sparked panic. no shooter, nobody hurt. you can imagine this is going to cause a lot of traffic backups and a lot of flight delays. we are going to this for you. the music world is mourning the loss of juan gabrielle who died at 66 years old. raquel cervantes joining us from phoenix with how the singer is being honored here locally.>> reporter: if you were at home or in your car tonight and turned up the radio, chances are you heard spanish stations playing tributes to juan gabriel with wall to wall tributes playing songs back-to-back. several spanish language radio
10:33 pm
we stopped by their studios today were the host took phone calls for hours, sharing memories of the singer and what he meant for his audience. he was 66 years old and died in his california home. many sources say of a heart attack. he sold more than 100 million records, composed more than 1500 songs and he was an icon in the latin american music world. this week, he performed in los angeles. the singer was known for his ballads and catchy songs about love and heartbreak. he was known for his flamboyant style. many say the music world lost a legend tonight. tomorrow, if you turn up your radio, stations will begin their wall to wall tributes back again tomorrow. >> a legend lost. a lot of people sharing those fond memories. they were found on the side of the road, two teenagers shot and killed. this all happened more than a
10:34 pm
speaking out. james gibbs says he cannot move on until he gets the answers about his daughter, sophia's death. he says the stress of searching for clues is eating him up and ripping his marriage apart. he helps somebody watching will come forward to help them solve this heartbreaking mystery. >> it would help me so bad to be able to put this behind us because nobody, nobody will talk to me. >> being offered for information leading to an arrest. as always, silent witness, you can call them and remain anonymous. known as the septic tank murders. we are expecting new details tomorrow about a suspect in this disturbing crime. the pinal county sheriff's office says two cold case murders happened in casa grande where dismembered remains of victims were found in a desert wash and a second set were found in a septic tank and 2014. both men were reported missing
10:35 pm
home. the two murders are now linked to a violent mexican drug gang. the sheriff's office has identified one of the suspects. more details will be released tomorrow at a news conference. in tucson, a teenage boy found shot to death, left lying in the street. police say he was shot by his own friend while trying to rob several people. we are told patrol officers responded to gunfire. shortly afterwards, they found the victim's body. they say jonathan schmidt it was with three others trying to rob a group of people walking down the street. one of his friends pulled out a gun and started firing. jonathan was hit and killed. that group was trying to get away. the three now face charges of first-degree murder. the widow of an arizona rancher could bring a lawsuit against oregon police and the fbi. cynic him took place in a
10:36 pm
and was killed in a confrontation with authorities. prosecutors determined shots fired were "necessary." the u.s. justice department is investigating statements made by an agent. an attorney for the family says the lawsuit has not been filed yet but more details will be released next month. we are getting a break from monsoon thunder storms across the valley and the state of arizona where we have thunderstorms this hour into parts of texas. while to the northeast, we have showers and thunderstorms as well moving into parts of chicago and something to keep the pacific. we will beheaded toward hawaii the next couple days. if you have plans to travel, keep an eye on that hurricane as it moves west northwest. krantz temperatures 64 degrees albuquerque, 81 degrees little rock, 82 degrees new orleans, phoenix it at 92 degrees.
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as we go into tomorrow. if you are traveling, coming out to this broader view, maybe you are heading across the country for work or travel. 85 degrees tomorrow, 103 degrees in vegas and dallas is going to be hitting the low 90s. >> thank you. now to part two about your safety at the airports. have you ever gotten stuck in those long, frustrating lines at security? we are not the only ones who are frustrated. many tsa employees are as well. some are speaking out exclusively to katie conner from acb15. >>reporter: decade, it was julius 'job to make sure nothing got past security but now she is out of a job. >> i feel like i got thrown out with yesterday's trash.>>reporter: before julie started her shift, she was given a standard breathalyzer test but there was something wrong with the machine. >> oh no, no problem this happens all the time. just go back to work. >>reporter: julie was called as a witness in a sexual
10:38 pm
when she spoke out, she says her harassment began. >> try to jam me up in some live -- in some bleep. you are going to taste leather. >>reporter: julie was eventually fired. that missed breathalyzer test, that is why the tsa said she was canned. >> not true, not true, not true and if it was positive, why did you send me back to full duty work? >>reporter: this tsa official says it's like the lord of flies, either attack or bee attack. >> it's a national problem. >>reporter: natalie represents julie and other employees disputing their termination. when tsa employees raise a concern even about national security, they often get punished she says rick >> you cannot keep harassing these people and discriminating against them. you are spending taxpayer money to do this. enough is enough. >> management needs to be held
10:39 pm
still wants to make sure passengers are safe. she hopes her story will prompt change at the tsa. reporting in phoenix, katie conner acb15 news. >> we have reached out to the tsa multiple times but we have not gotten responses. wildhorse casino hosted several rising stars last night in the world of mixed martial arts including a rising star who was told multiple times he would never become a professional fighter. arizona's own matt betzold has made a caer people wrong. over a dozen medals and eight wins, six losses, all on one leg. >> ? >> the 33-year-old amputee might have more wins if more people were willing to fight him. >> i have a lot of people that dodge me. nobody wants to get beat up by a guy with one leg. >>reporter: the fight began at six years old, a man
10:40 pm
parents attempted to poison matt as revenge against his father. matt fell into a coma, developed a blood clot and six weeks later, the lower half of his leg had been amputated but rather than harboring resentment, matt chooses to be grateful. >> i forgive him because he made me who i am.>>reporter: matt sees it as an advantage. >> i have a disability. i am not disabled. that is how i look at it. there is other people can't. in my mind, i think they are the disabled one. >> >>reporter: that mentality has helped him become a popular fighter in the world fighting federation. while he fell short of the flyweight title, matt betzold knows he is a champion just for stepping in the ring. >> if you never make your goal, at least try. at least you can say you tried. you only get one life and you don't want to live life with
10:41 pm
powerful to see. he says it is not a disability because he can do things we can't. >> he says he has a message for dana white. he says the ufc is about money so give him a shot. she is the president of i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really?
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we have got to talk some football. the cardinals were still sputtering today. >> can we get one solid performance? one? >> i was the guy last week saying i was going to push the panic button. i am starting to panic a little bit. it is pretty ugly. the biggest concern for me is the cornerback play. justin bethel was a little scary. >> you are not concerned about
10:44 pm
>> he is such a veteran. i feel like we know what we are going to get regular season. i am not too worried. i am worried about the man opposite patrick peterson. if they can't get someone to lock that down, that will be exploited all season. >> carson has not looked solid yet in a preseason game. maybe 15 plays total but today, second quarter, he had two interceptions. one for the pick six. that's two in a row for him. >> who is to say if this wa regular season game, he doesn't get in the flow of the game? >> when you think they planned? >> the coach hardly played. he can't get into it. >> i am concerned about that sputtering offense but we haven't seen that consistency. >> no injuries to key players yet. >> mike jenkins is out but we will see what happens. topic number two, colin kaepernick. everybody is talking about colin kaepernick. colin kaepernick met with the media and listen to what he had
10:45 pm
he sat out for the national anthem saturday night. >> i will continue to sit. i am standing with the people that are being oppressed. to me, this is something that has to change. when there is significant change, and i feel like that flag represents what it is supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way it is supposed to, i will. >> there you go. look at these videos. this guy is burning a colin kaepernick jersey. people are burning colin kaepernick airings. they ar he has every right to sit during the national anthem. that is what america stands for, but i thought he chose the wrong venue. >> i was just going to say the irony is a standing. the greatest gift of our american democracy is freedom and he is using that freedom to disrespect the country that gives him that freedom. he is expressing america's greatest quality without even reizing it. >> i love that. >> call up your congressman, do
10:46 pm
we are past awareness. we are all aware of our country's problems. >> it was a struggle. i think it was a bad choice for a man struggling to keep a roster spot. i think it was a bad choice at the wrong time. topic number three, the diamondbacks obviously 5576 right now on the season. who is to blame for this? >> everyone. >> there you go. >> the front office has obviously made some dumb decisions. >> derrk eight-year extension. >> he did. i am telling you from the top to the bottom, everyone is responsible for these struggles. the shelby miller trade was one of the dumbest moves i have seen in major-league baseball and quite -- in quite some time. the players, how much falls on the players? if they were winning more ballgames we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> the injuries have been adding up. >> you can't put it all on injuries. >> no, but clearly zack and
10:47 pm
it has been a comedy of errors through the season but you have to look at that front office because dave stewart's contract is up. they have to decide whether they are going to extend him. >> everyone is at fault but if i was forced to say who doesn't fall on mostly, the front office. thanks, guys. turning to weather, upper 90s and low 90s out there right now. 92 degrees with 20% humidity. light winds out of the west southwest direction. in the overnight hours, we shift to the east. planning on doing hiking tomorrow morning? looking pretty nice. hotter in the afternoon. make sure you are drinking plenty of water. you are staying cool. it has been a few days as we climb up to 102 degrees with winds staying light. throughout the weekend, we had that high pollution advisory. we were under the ozone healthwatch today. it will be in the moderate category so we will have higher ozone levels tomorrow if you
10:48 pm
broader perspective is showing the circulation right here. that is where we have our storm system moving to the east tonight. it is taking showers and thunderstorms from the clouds we had across the high country with it. we have been clear in the valley all day long. that will continue to be the case as we have a ridge of high pressure building in. not going to really see changes in our forecast until wednesday. here is tomorrow afternoon. showers and thunderstorms will to the east. we are staying hot, dry and stray 10% chance of showers across the northeastern pocket of the state. a storm system off to the northwest on tuesday with rain chances coming back slightly for the valley. a 10% chance by wednesday. temperatures today in the 90s. tomorrow, 104 degrees. 106 degrees tuesday with slightly above average highs. we top out at 104 degrees on
10:49 pm
degrees in prescott, gila bend 90s, 92 degrees in yuma. the same in phoenix. forecasted lows tonight, 70s and 80s. light jackets needed tomorrow morning and in flagstaff at the grand canyon, 78 degrees tomorrow morning. upper 60s in tucson with highs returning to the upper 90s. look at temperatures at west. 108 degrees in yuma, kingman going to be hot add 97 degrees. your most accurate forecast shows a few breezes in our forecast at a 20% chance of storms that thursday. thursday looks like the best chance of rain in the valley forecast. overall, the monsoon threat is pretty low this week as of right now with morning lows in the 70s and 80s. a big night
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acb15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> the phoenix mercury hosting the conference leading l.a. sparks at talking stick resort . phoenix with an early lead that holds up through halftime. the mercury with a lead at intermission. diana taurasi leads with 26 points on the night. no other phoenix players finished with more than nine points. candace parker leaves l.a. with 25 but the mercury get a big win over the sparks at 70-
10:53 pm
irish hills of michigan for the 400. kyle larson take the lead from chase elliott with 10 laps to go. he hangs on to grab his first win in the nascar sprint cup series. larson becomes the 13th different driver to win a race this season and gives himself a spot in the chase for the championship. it is larson's first sprint cup win in 98 starts. >> we had a lot of work to do after the first third of the race and got it done. things started. thank you to everybody, the pit crew. we made it back. >> and action of the barclays. patrick reed overcomes an early two stroke deficit and then built a solid nine on the back nine. rickie fowler has a meltdown finishing with two bobby's and a double bogey on his final four holes. reed picks up his first win since 2014 and moves up to number nine and number one in the fedex cup standings. we're giving away tickets to
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acb15 app. for more information and the contest rules, go to of course, good luck. if you don't go to the cards-broncos game, watch it right here on abc15. it is the final preseason game of the year. our exclusive coverage starts thursday at 4:00 with kickoff
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grand canyon university's newly remodeled golf course is thriving in the heart of phoenix. and tree-lined fairways signature par threes greenside bunkers premium greens and a brand-new clubhouse and restaurant. experience a university championship golf course this summer with great rates as low as $15, available now.
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tonight, we are getting a sneak peek into the odyssey aquarium in scottsdale. meet gizmo, peanut and pepper, small otters. they are new residents moving in. england's, jellyfish and octopus are also on the way. 200,000 ft.2 in the facility holding more than 2,000,000
10:57 pm
the shark encounter with more than 20 different sharks in the tank. there is also unique features at this one. >> you will actually see a large acrylic viewing panel. that is our public restroom. when you're done doing our business, you go to the sink, wash your hands and you're looking into our shark exhibit. don't worry, the sharks can't see you. >> or cam may? you can touch some of the sea life. the official date for the grand opening has not been announced but it is coming soon. we will let you know when this happens so you can go check it out. >> they are not watching you when you go to the bathroom. >> just washing your hands, that's all. >> a quick update on the forecast?
10:58 pm
we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast. topped with spicy pepper jack cheese and jalape?o ranch.
10:59 pm
is going to be creamy and mild, and it's really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good. a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. mmmhmm.
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previously on "castle"... they killed my mother. what do you want me to do here? beckett, everyone associated with this case is dead. walk away. well, last time i checked, it was my life, not your personal jungle gym. (castle) i know you crawled inside your mother's murder and didn't come out. the same way you hide in these nowhere relationships with men you don't love. you know what we are, castle? we are over. (ryan) captain montgomery's part of the conspiracy. he's been lying to us the whole time. did you kill my mother? no, but she died because of what we did that night. you'll run straight at him. i might as well shoot you where you stand. now they're coming. castle, get her outta here. no! please! (tires squeal) where is she, roy? you can't have her. you can't hide her from us. (men grunt) oh! so that was what, your last stand? i'm just gonna kill her anyway. no, you're not. and he's not. i saw to that. you're done, lockwood. we both are.


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