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were for the second night in a row an airport scare, this time in albuquerque. this is new video as police isolate and surround this southwest plane, eventually evacuating everyone on board to investigate a suspicious package. thankfullyit was a false aalarm. in the valley tonight,
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he be here? >> the fbi offer ago i 50,000 -- offering a $50,000 reward to find lyle jeffs. >> navideh forghani has more. >> reporter: we're hearing from the fbi for the first time about the disappearance. they believe a rift between he and his brother warren jeffs will help find him. he's awaiting trial for food stamp fraud, accused of diverting thousands of dollars in benefits. they don't know how serious the disagreement is with his brother, but they hope it's enough to get followers to turn him in. >> people that come in and out of his orbit may not have the same amount of loyalty to him, and again that's part of what we hope. >> reporter: now the fbi says that jeffs could be anywhere from utah to here in arizona,
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that anyone with information will come forward. back to you guys. >> all right, come with me, come on. he broke the law as chichi in the movie scar face, but when it happens in real life there's consequences. angel salazar, now considered a fugitive in our state. he was arrested in january for not paying child support. he left asu a year early for strong is going back to school, drug school that is, due to this arrest caught back in february in scottsdale. strong admitted to having pot in his pants. tmz reporting the drug school is part of a plea deal to avoid jail time. caught in the nick of time is what police are saying about this indianapolis man. they arrested christopher burn during a traffic stop and found a rifle, 100 rounds of ammo, and chemicals to make a bomb. he's charged with planning an
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tonight marks one year since the terrors started on interstate 10. last year at this time, the freeway became a place a lot of drivers didn't want to be as someone started shooting car after car, and then an arrest made, this man right here, but eventually leslie merritt, jr. was cleared of all charges, and for whatever reason it is shootings eventually stopped. we asked dps if they ever handed out the $50,000 reward in the case, and they have not, bu is still on the table. a mystery no longer, but the devil's in the details. police looking for two brothers connected to two gruesome murders in 2008. the man in this picture and his brother killed two men execution still with an ax or machete before dumping the
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and joey sending us this mug of the man who's spent years panhandling to raise money to help bury his stop. we've done several stories on terry johnson, tracking him down, trying to determine what the money is actually being used for, but friday a phoenix police officer finally carting him off to jail after he was warned several times to stop panhandling on the off ramps, but he was back at eight again the next -- at it again the next day. tomorrow many of you ahead to the polls for the state's primary, and tonight senator harry reid calling for a look into a cyber security breach here in illinois and here in arizona. we asked election officials if there was a reason to be concerned. >> we took the entire registration data base off line to be inspected the by a cyber
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knowledge and the best of their knowledge no information was hacked or stolen. >> if you didn't mail in the ballot you can vote tomorrow at polling locations, and count on us for complete coverage. couple of case, first in the senate, you've probably seen the ads on tv. republican kelly ward giving senator john mccain perhaps the toughest primary challenge of his career, and then what's going to happen with sheriff joe arpaio? the threat of criminal charges are loom, but he's still expected to win the general election. just two days from now donald trump will be in phoenix making what could be a pivotal speech on his immigration policies. tonight we know mary anne mendoza will join him on stage. her son was killed in 2014 by
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>> i want this criminal element forced out of our country. i want them to face the same penalties we would for the same crime. it's time for things to be more on america's side than on illegal's and refugees side. >> the rally is 6:00 wednesday night at the phoenix convention center, and at last check tickets were still available through trump's campaign website. there's a limit of two per cell phone number, and you're not allowed to bring homemade and just over two months to go until the presidential election action and this year the race is neck and neck. the poll shows clinton at 40, and trump at 39. it's essentially a dead heat. google accused of censoring search results about hillary clinton's health. try it for yourself. several people saying when they search hillary clinton and health t suggestions are
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search engines like bing it doesn't do that. a day by the pool could soon look different in homes in scottsdale. the city ready to pay people to tear out their pools. >> abc 15's jon erickson is live on this one, and this is a new idea. what's the deal with this? >> reporter: the goal here is water conservation in scottsdale, protecting this precious resource. no one has taken them up on the offer yet, but tonight we find a woman that might be customer this is a debtor with boats -- desert with boats, sprinklers, and polls. lots of polls. diane has won of them. what do you -- one of them. what do you see when you look at the pool? >> money. a drain of money. >> reporter: scottsdale system ready to stop -- is ready to stop the drain. they have a new program paying
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up to a $1,500 rebate for the cost of filling it in, and she might take them up. >> reporter: how often do you jump in here? it's been hot. >> a couple of years. >> reporter: really? >> yes, haven't used it at all. >> reporter: pools lose 100 percent of their water to evaporation, and more must be pumped in. the rebate plan is about conservation a spokesperson says. >> i'm paying for extra water for i think if it was well-used it would be worth it, but i don't have an excuse for having it anymore. >> reporter: a water official says the average cost to remove a pool is about $6,000, so the city rebate would only cover about a quarter of it, but diane says she spends more than a thousand dollars a year on pool maintenance, so in the long run it could be worth it. >> yes, so expensive.
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105 degrees, and looking just as hot tomorrow as we stay mostly sunny and dry. a little break from the monsoon here in the valley, but storm chances will be back really soon. we'll walking through the seven- day forecast coming up notary public minutes. it sounds and looks intense, but this is not an emergency. it's training. cool new video from the tucson fire department tonight as crews cutting apart an old food city store to get practice different types of situations they might have to deal with in the future. developing now at 10:00, another city in our state getting on board with body cameras. wickenburg police buying 19 of them, and each police officer has to upload the video to a server at the end of their shift. caught on surveillance cameras, a clue, police were hoping to find after an overnight shooting at cj tally's pub. cops want to find the guys who
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time, got into a fight with two men and shot them. thankfully they'll be okay. and a car plowed through this bakery after a car chase at 54th and glendale. police say it started with an assault down the street, someone chasing after thible attackers' in the car, and when the men crashed the car it was right into a bakery. the owner saying this devastated her family. >> heart breaking for us to see, you know, our life's work destroyed over, i mean, something idiot that decided to do something wrong, and ended up worse. >> police say the driver may still face charges in the crash. the business is not insured, but the owners plan to rebuild. taunting through text messages. one man said his dog is being held hostage right now, the pup pawned off as ransom.
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lets the dog outside to go to the pact room, but one night she was -- bathroom, but one night she was snatched, and now people certaining him messages from fake numbers trying to get money. >> it's like a piece of your heart, and the worst part about it is her wondering where i am. >> he's turning to social media creating a facebook page and hoping someone in the community sees her and brings her home. >. remembering the touching tribute for gene wilder, and the honor fans say he deserves. yikes, snakes on the loose in the valley, and this is no small slitterrer. >> confused by these campaign
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tributes pouring
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around the world for gene wilder, known by many as the original willy wonka. a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wildest men. wilder in so many movies including stir crazy filmed right here. and he doesn't have a star on the hollywood walk of fame. perhaps lit change soon. >. and the votes on the eve of election, and some people are rechecking the ballot. david watts doesn't appear to be on there, and nohelani graf is hitting the campaign trail to find out what's the deal. >> reporter: it's a sure sign of election season. candidates getting their names out there. >> my name is david watts. >> reporter: his platform, a pet peeve.
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run intersection -- one intersection, and it's distracting. >> reporter: david watts want to make gilbert great again. not as mayor or city counselor, but as city secretary of defense? >> oh, well. >> reporter: his campaign sign says so, but he hates signs, so waits the story? >> -- watts the story? brother would do, made signs. >> reporter: made by his twin brother. safe to say never has a sign caught watts' attention for man his own. >> i started getting people coming up to me for church asking are you running? they thought it was real. >> reporter: come election day the real candidates can work on change. >> we respect the people that
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serving. it's a great thing. >> reporter: but until then, if he can change anything it's the tone of this election to a lighter one. >> i'm david watts and i prove this message. >> no, i'm david watts and i approve this message. new at 10:00, not your typical political sign, but this one is real. it's on us60 just outside wickenbu hillary for prison. after a brief summer break, the phoenix city council is getting back to work this week, and we have a first look at two big votes scheduled for their wednesday meeting. those city id cards are expected to be formally improved, and it would help those homeless. it's free, but only used as a
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driving or getting on an airplane. and there's money coming from a national grant to go through backlogged rape kits. this type of evidence can crack cold cases previously unsolved for years. >. just in from scottsdale, firefighters fighting a big one. a 7-foot boa snake. either someone is letting it go in the area or there's something in the water, because same spot this month. >. and update to the water war at san tan valley. the golf club says johnson utilities isn't following orders. up until now they kept the grass green from irrigation water, but now the yuletity wants to -- utility wants to switch them to more expensive ground water, but the course
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bankrupt. the yule tillty's lawyer -- utility's lawyer declined to comment. i feel like a lot of people have been outside. >> yes, the humidity has been lower, and now not a thing to track on desert doppler. how long has it been since i could say that? but i'm tracking the moisture. that big swath of dry air coming in from the south, but the monsoon moisture is sitting just to the east at this point over new mexico and west texas, and it's going back west our way in the next 24 to 48 hours. right now humidity levels low, 16 percent relative humidity here in phoenix, so feeling nice and dry. the dewpoints down into the 40s as we sit at 97 degrees. the high near average at 105, and looking just as hot into tomorrow. a huge chunk of the valley including central portions and west valley cities into the
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and southeast cities like chandler, gilbert, apache junction and queen creek. across the statement, down to the south -- state, down to the south, casa grande 88, globe 79, payson at 70. show low at 57, and kingman at 84 with temperatures still in the 90s to the west as well. 80s to the west. flagstaff bottoming out at 47 degrees. then tomorrow, 75 in flagstaff, 76 in show low. highs prescott, payson and sedona. 98 in kingman, and 108 for lake havasu and yuma topping 110 with a high of 111, and here in phoenix 105 with mesa hitting 103, gilbert and chandler at 104, and upper 90s for carefree and cave creek. the early morning lows are looking great though. upper 70s to low 80s across the entire valley, and highs tomorrow only reaching 105 in
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goodyear, and avondale. and hour by hour. 81 at 6:00 a.m. 86 at 9:00. low 90s by 10:00. triple digits by 1:00. 102 at 2:00, and 4:00 p.m. 105 the high. few clouds in the afternoon forecast. mainly off to the easter because that's where we see the storm chances back tomorrow. tracking the dewpoints here. those will be increasing as well, and as they increase that means moisture is flowing back highest dewpoints thursday, and that's when the highest storm chances are as well. 20 percent chance here and 40 percent across the higher terrain where the best bets for storms are the rest of the week. tomorrow in the white mountains and southeast arizona, and into wednesday a slight chance closer to the valley. thursday up to 20 percent, and then back down to 10 percent friday before we see more dry air coming in for the weekend. highs will peak at 105 degrees across the valley tomorrow, and
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in the seven-day forecast, so we'll get even lower and hover around 102 or 103 for the end of work week and the weekend too. do you know a breast cancer survivor or someone currently battling the disease? are they using the experience to give back to the community? abc 15 and simon med imaging want you to nominate someone to have the story shared right here on abc 15. they'll also win $500 gift card. go to our the rules. >> >. when, where, what, omg so many questions, and tonight so many answers about the new iphone. and where do you stand on the kaepernick debate? tonight coach bruce arians is
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right now new rules for companies flying drones, and it means we could see up to 600,000 in the skies in the next year. the faa no longer requiring a pilot's license, but the drones can only fly during the day up to 30 minutes before sunrise
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they must weigh less than 55 pounds, go no faster than 100 miles per hour, and the operator must keep them within sight. and apple will unveil the next iphone on september 7th. it's similar to the 6 designs, but the smaller model getting rid of the audio board and the bigger model with two cameras. and amazon is with a 30-hour work week to draw in more mothers. that's what they saw. they make 25 percent less than full-time employees. when it comes to putting in more than 40 hour's week, arlington, virginia take it is top spot, but chandler is number 7 with several high profile companies. scottsdale number 8 due to it being a tourist destination, and gilbert number 9 because
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in the country. trending now, the days of being hot for your teacher may be more important than ever. get this, a new study shows college students do better an a test if the professor is good looking. researchers experimented with two photos as students listened to a lecture. the more attractive one won out. and we know looks aren't everything thank goodness, but it's a big reason people cheat. that women are programmed to cheat? researches from the university of texas say it comes down to biology, and that monogamy is unnatural. >> and women keep their options open so they have a back up
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well i'm sure you have your opinion, everyone does, but it's tough to put it into the better words than bruce arians did today. i'll show you that in a minute. the 49ers quarterback refusing to stand during the national anthem friday night, and here's what the quarterback had to say about it. >> i'll continue to sit, i'm going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me this is something that has to change, and when there's significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent, the country is representing people the way it's supposed to, i'll stand. >> for some that was enough to start burning his jerseys and posting it to social media. bruce arians had a different approach in today's press conference. >> i respect his right as an american, you know, freedom of speech is one thing. i disagree with it. i want to stand and cheer for all the people who have lost
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that flag, so it's not my opinion, but i respect his right. >> can i get an amen is ? i think he hit the nail on the head. at the end of the day you can sum it up in three words. agree to disagree. if it's the breakfast of champions he's a good choice to be on the front of the box. michael phelps will appear on the lifetime achievement box. it's the third time on olympic champ that lives in the valley has been honored by them. >> i'm hoping to make it on the grape nuts box [ laughter ] finally tonight, do you have an old bike just taking up space? consider donating it, and let it be a holiday miracle for a child until foster care.
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bicycle campaign. we have more on our website. >> perfect weather for a bike road. >> for a little while. a few hours in the morning. >> and on the way to school not suiting taking the kids this morning. same story tomorrow. on the way home we'll feel the triple digit heat. tomorrow is hottest day in at 105. 102 thursday, and that's the
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- terrence howard. wolf blitzer. and music from bonnie raitt. and now, stay right there -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, there. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i'm glad you're here. because it was a very busy


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