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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  August 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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the search for lyle jeffs -- they are hoping the rift between lyle jeffs and warren jeffs may lead to some clues. danielle had to grab my hands had to -- to sing don't talk -- to say don't talk just yet. left -- [laughter] iris, what should everybody expect if they get behind the wheel this morning? temperature-wise just a little milder so let's get right into the -- into your most accurate forecast in case you do have to run out the door soon. the sun is not up yet but once it does, we see sunny skies with just a few high clouds drifting in this afternoon but plan on amos sunny day and again this morning temperatures are on the mild side so most of us the through the mid-80s through the morning with clear skies light -- and light
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it's a change from yesterday, a little bit higher. we had our high of 105 yesterday and today we're up to 107 in phoenix with much of the valley nearly as hot. i will break down the planner. we have to talk about the return of monsoon moisture and more so -- more storm chances could arrive soon. let's get to breaking news where i want to track more on the crash. this is 32nd street and bell, shut down right now for a really bad crash investigation. katie conner is there on the scene for us. katie, what is the latest there? >> reporter: i will step out of the way here as the security guard tells me late last night the driver of this silver car was heading north when he crashed into the white truck. both drivers were rushed to the hospital and we're learning or about the driver and that
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if we can zoom out and zoom into this dominoes sign, the security guard says the driver was working for dominoes, heading to make a delivery when the crash happened. again, both drivers are in the hospital and right now we just talked with the sergeant here on scene and he says this intersection will be shut down throughout the morning so avoid this area if possible. he told me they need daylight to be able to go through all the evidence for this investigation. you see the crime scene tape up here. >> closed for this from 28 to 32nd but as katie was saying, avoid that whole intersection. we can get you around if you are traveling and this is right off of the 51. cave creek can also be an option. it should be shut down for some time. in the east valley we're not seeing any issues there with freeways and side streets and really valley wide it's
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couple minutes we'll have a look at the west valley and a look at the 101 on the -- and the 10 before you head out. happening right now, police are looking for a shooting suspect in phoenix. all they are saying right now is that a man is in -- in his 20s is recovering. officers say the victim was standing in his driveway when all of a sudden a tan suv drives right by fired. the guy here, the victim was shot in the arm. he's expected to be okay, many non-life-threatening injuries. officers are investigating looking for the tan suv. when i get an update on the description i will let you know. hotly contested primary races that we've been watching closely especially with the state conduct -- congressional districts. two of these races are expected to be especially close. >> reporter: absolutely and they are where the incumbents are not on the ballot.
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for everybody but let's first start with the free-for-all, district 1 on the gop side. a total of six candidates are on the ballot for this one, the sheriff is the front runner but facing some tough challenges from retired air force colonel wendy rogers, and also rancher gary king. we also have businessman sean read, and former arizona secretary of state ken bennett. state representative andy jakes and christine jones appear to be the two front runners and don states liane representative justin ellison also on the ballot. coming up at 530 this is the only -- not the only heated race, we also have two of the biggest names in arizona politics soon fighting for their political lives. that's all coming up at 530.
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of election tampering by the russians. this comes as the fbi warns of foreign hackers on the heels of two major cyber security breaches, one in illinois and one right here in arizona. we asked state election officials of there's any reason for us to be concerned. >> you took our entire voter registration database off-line so it could be inspected by a cybersecurity team best of our knowledge and their knowledge, no information was either hacked or stolen or compromised from our database. >> if you didn't mail in the ballot the polls will been -- will open with -- in less than an hour. stay with us for full results. many of you may see a large firefighter prison and tollefson firefighters are dealing with a tent -- with a
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apparently a person passing by noticed a large amount of liquid in the road near 96th avenue and roosevelt. that will be just south of the i-10. when crews got there they found 30 gallons of an unknown substance. we're told it was possibly cleaning items used at a weld site. we're still waiting to confirm that information. as they were still investigating, we have a call into the fire department but i did want to let people know because pe out to us asking what was happening. finally busted, abc15 viewer joann driessen test the mug of the man who has been years panel -- panhandling telling people he's trying to raise money for his -- to help bury his dead son. we tracked him down and tried to find out what the actual -- money is actually being used for. friday a phoenix police officer finally carted him away off to jail after he was warned
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panhandling on the off ramps. but it didn't last long, we hear that he was back at it again the next day so a heads up on that. a family forced to rebuild their business after a car plowed right through it following a car chase. this is at the mexican bakery near 54th avenue and glendale. police say it started with an assault down the street. when the men crashed their car right into the baker -- bakery the owner says this has just devastated her family. >> is see our lives work destroyed over some idiot that decided to do something wrong and ended up force. >> police tell us the driver may still face charges for the crash. the business was not insured but the owners plan to rebuild. the phoenix city council gets back to work this weekend we have a first look at two big votes scheduled for tomorrow's
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supporters say having a city id would help those who are homeless and undocumented access basic city services. it would beree but could only be used as a secondary id so not valid for driving or getting on a plane. another big vote would be to allow them to go through those backlogged cases. the money would come from a national grant. we've seen time and time again evidence that could crack cold cases that were previously i want you to do the job you were paid for. >> getting heated there. the car repair shop is paid but the car is not repaired so joe lets you know why the insurance company never should've let this happen. looking for the polygamist sect leader lyle jeffs. west valley drivers have it pretty easy but we will take a
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we will see hundreds more quickly this morning as we warm into the upper 80s by 8:00 in
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back in the valley by 11:00. after that it's all about the 100s throughout the afternoon and today's high temperature is two degrees hotter than yesterday. up to a high of 110 degrees so hot -- 107 degrees, so a hot afternoon. abc15 desert dry times brought to you by centurylink prism. >> the road still look really nice as far as the freeways go especially no delays just yet on the 10 and maybe you are hopping on the 101 connecting with i-10. if you're headed up to the north part of the valley you are seeing the same conditions there as well. i will break down the rest of the valley commuted just a couple of minutes. crooks terrorizing a valley man, first turning a cell phone into a weapon of choice after stealing his dog. pools are a necessity here
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talk about a tropical threat, on the west coast were east coast, bracing for a lot of moisture. detailing the. in this morning's gma first looks, a murder rocking an ivy league school as to college students were stabbed on cornell university campus, killing one. anthony was there and one other -- were attending a student party when a brawl broke out. >> he hit them by accident. they both apologized. >> police say they do not believe there's any current threat to safety on campus and they are continuing to investigate what happened. >> we've got a lot of videos that have been submitted by
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>> we will have more in the investigation -- on the investigation coming up on gma. ithaca new york. beautiful. >> it is but just a little too
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welcome back, 5:15 here on abc15 mornings. glad you're waking up with us. i've got to tell you it will be a warm one today. iris hermosillo with your most accurate forecast to let you know how this primary election day will pan out . >> the -- speaking of virus, meteorologists just like her, all keeping a close watch across the coast on a couple different tropical systems here, the weather system off the coast of north carolina on the outer banks expected to strengthen within the next day, bringing wind gusts of up to 45 miles per hour. at last check the tropical depression is that 45 miles 45
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further south. this is expected to become a tropical storm this afternoon. people living on the outer banks are bracing for the impact of the storm but i want to bring i received quickly here. you and i were just talking about the concerns here for the hawaii area. >> the tropics are active across the atlantic and the pacific. this tropical just -- strengthen to a storm. not moving inland directly but it will come pretty close, so talking high winds and strong serve and -- strong winds and high surf. that area of low pressure is expected to become a tropical storm as it works its way over florida, possibly bringing some drenching rain by the end of the week so we will be watching that track very closely, and also in the central pacific all eyes are on hawaii with a category four storm in the pacific, madeline is a hurricane that will start to weaken from here forward but it
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island -- right by the big island bringing strong serve and heavy rain and there's another hurricane right behind it. that one is still over open water but we are also keeping an eye on wester in the pacific so there's a lot to talk about and we will also talk about the valley forecast in just a few minutes. what's going on? >> a repair shop closes. and his car is still in parts. >> you were paid for, that you collected money on that you lied to me for three months about. >> that's how long they -- their mustang has been sitting on the lot of first-class collision in phoenix waiting for repairs. >> i have no hood, grille, headlights, bumper.
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two vendors. >> she says progressive paid almost $10,000 to the now closed business without her knowledge and with her forged signatures on the checks. progressive wooden come through with more repair money so christie let me know. >> i feel like nobody wants to help. you don't know where to go. i feel like i am out $10,000. >> that we wonder why progressive even sent the money after what happened at the same address just a year earlier. collision owner was found guilty of insurance fraud and forgery. state records show he's accused of additional damage -- claiming higher damage to get higher claim checks. the owner says he has nothing to do with this car. after his fraud conviction he says he sold the business to the man identified in this video. he says it was wholesome who dealt with the couple's car. >> -- what do you think about
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things happened in -- one year's time. >> he says he opened a different repair caught -- repair shop. we couldn't find holzer but we did talk to him on the phone. >> why did you cash the check? >> why did they send the same money to the same address? records show it was their own people, progressive insurance employees who started the investigation. check to be made out to me directly. >> progressive says while first- class collision was still on probation, we treated them like any other shop as we were required. they told the family to take the car to another shop. after we got involved progressive did reissue the check for the car repairs. if you've got a problem, let me know. scottsdale is ready to pay
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he will pay people up to $1500 if they remove the home swimming pools with the goal of water conservation. the program is pretty new. it started last month and still looking for its first customer. we found somebody who might take them up on the offer. >> here i am putting out all this water and paying out extra water for something i'm not using. if it was well used, it would be different but i don't have an excuse for having it anymore. you might want to buy a new pool today as the heat kicks up especially by this afternoon with the hundreds setting back in and it will be a hotter day for the valley. the forecast is staying dry today that the monsoon moisture slowly works back in and i will show you that the storms could can close in just a little bit but here's the hour by hour breakdown. it's 85 degrees right now, a bit mild, but not too bad to start off the day. you will see sunny skies to
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by 10 am we are already and 97 degrees in the 100s set in before lunch time. there's a very high uv index so sunblock will be key before you head out the door with a burn time of just 10 minutes again today. today gets hotter than yesterday, up to 107 degrees and again saying try with triple digits -- staying dry with triple digits in the area. some of the monsoon moisture sitting to our southeast will slowly start to work its way back in and we start to see the storm chances in the higher terrain just to the southeast. a few of these could develop to our east and southeast. i think the phoenix metro stays dry but we will have to watch for maybe some gusty winds that come from those storms and the
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the dust threat although low is not completely clear. keypad abc15 mobile app handy. storm chances to go up later in the week and i will show you that. in just a few minutes. this morning you are seeing all green on the valley freeways including the north part of the valley checking in at an eight minute desert drivetime. so traveling eastbound from the 17 to the 51 remember we have a rogue closure right at state route 51 shutdown between 30-second and 28th street. it's closed and it will be for a good portion of the morning so greenway road, union hills drive, that's the best option and you might even have to utilize cave creek to get around that. in the next traffic check we will take a look at i haven't 17. -- at i-17. taking action in a time of need as a little girl is recovering after getting hit by
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and his signs were on the street corners but his name is i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited.
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from the live desk, brand- new details about the billion dollars volkswagen settlement. so far about 210,000 volkswagen owners with vehicles that
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registered to settle with the automaker but get this, about 235 owners have asked to stay out and pursue legal action of their. in all this involves 475,000 car owners. a judge had given the $15 billion settlement preliminary approval with the final decision expected october 18. a fundraiser is happening to help the family of vanessa carreras. look at that sweet little three- year-old, still in the hospital in what is state sleep. she was hit by a police cruiser earlier this month. she was expected to -- she is expected to be in the hospital for months. this event goes from 4:00 to 10:00. monsoon storm chances gradually go up. and we take a look at some of the delays you could see
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morning. this is a live look at 30- second and bell, shut down as we detail this bad crash. also ahead, they are two of our state's longest-serving politicians but could their names not be on the november ballot? digging deeper into this primary day.
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we are following two big stories, debris scattered across the street and a major intersection closed following a deadly crash. today are pile and mccain are in -- sheriff arpaio and mccain are in tight primary races. let's talk about this series crash, two cars involved in this one at 32nd street and that intersection is shut down and katie conner is on scene with the newest information. this investigation has been going on for couple hours and you're saying it could still last for a couple more hours. >> reporter: that's right, they will continue the investigation throughout morning rush hour. this is a huge crime scene but i want to point out all the evidence markers there leading up to where exactly the crash happened. the security guard here tells us that the driver of the
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last night sometime after 10 pm he was heading to make a delivery when he was hit by the white pickup truck. both drivers are in very serious condition right now. they won't say had wide discretion happened and detectives are waiting for the sun to come up to could -- to continue to gather evidence. avoid this a just heard right before you talk to us chris that a driver actually drove through the crime tape so make sure to avoid this area. for more on how to get out -- get around it let's head over to mallory. avoid the seller -- this area for sure so the smart route especially rondell road is greenway and union health. -- and union hills. the 51 looks good in that area, the 17 maybe taking that southbound from dunlap until you hit mcdowell and really the entire
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now as far as freeway good -- freeways go but in the valley we are getting a little busier so we will take a closer look at that in a few minutes but iris, drivers will see dry roads this morning. >> good news for those who want to get out early for outdoor activities whether it is a hike, bike or run. it should be nice but get out early because temperatures warm up quickly. we're sitting right at 85 in phoenix so it's a bit milder than the last couple mornings. we've manage 70s in mesa and chandler so when you step outside you'll feel it's a little cooler in some spots. i this afternoon temperatures will get just as hot as yesterday and a few degrees hotter in a few spots like phoenix as we head towards the high of 107. your most accurate forecast for mesa and the valley, 104 in chandler and 106 in glendale. i will show you the hour by hour breakdown of temperatures so you see exactly when we hit
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one has been called the toughest sheriff in america and the other is a war hero who may be facing his toughest local battle yet -- political battle yet. they are two of the republicans running in today's primary races. nick ciletti is live in phoenix taking a closer look at these contests. >> reporter: good morning, both sheriff arpaio and john mccain are on the -- are arguably two of the biggest names in arizona politics and no stranger to today that starts with the primary races and according to some polls they are very tight. let's start with sheriff arpaio. it appears his toughest opponent will be one-time buckeye police chief dan saban. the winner of that will take -- face-off against democrat pope end zone in november. -- paul burton zone in november.
5:34 am
quote being too old for office. mccain just celebrated his 80th birthday yesterday. we're expecting to catch up with him and his wife after 7:00 because they will be voting at this very location here. he and share profile both women this primary election then they will see tough battles against democrats on that november's general election. they aren't the only ones facing tough battles ahead. -- ahead at 6:00 we break down some of the hottest contested congressional races taking >> nick ciletti, 5:34, thank you. we are taking action to show you what you need to know today. what do you do if you are a registered independent? is it too late to register? allison rodriguez has more from the secretary of state's office . >> reporter: it's an open primary states of not only can independents vote but secretary of state michelle reagan says they should. in fact voter registration is up and there
5:35 am
election, many registering online. a cyber attack rattled the office but secretary reagan assures me everything is secure for the election. the cutoff for registration has passed. for independence you will need to show up at your designated precinct and then choose your ballot. >> they will ask you which ballot you like. you will tell them would you like to vote in the republican primary or in the democratic primary? >> secretary reagan says she's excited about a new online voting system which promises to deliver the results in real- time after the results -- after the polls have closed. reporting from the capitol allison rodriguez, abc15. all right, everyone can vote, you just have to know how to do it. we have you covered on this primary election crew -- day and we will have crews fanned out all over the place bringing you real action -- reaction from around the city. keep the
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evening newscast. keep it right here on abc15 throughout the day. donald trump could be making a pivotal speech about his immigration policies. we know this morning marianne mendoza will be one of the guests joining him onstage. her son brandon, the mesa police officer killed by an illegal turn -- illegal immigrant driving drunk the wrong way. >> i want to see this criminal element country. they should face the same penalties any of us would for committing the same crimes. it is time for things to be more on america's side than on the illegals and refugees' side. >> if you want to go at last check to gets were still available through trump's campaign website. there's a limit of two tickets per cell phone number and you are not allowed to bring homemade signs banners or backpacks.
5:37 am
plan to go. vote in that poll on our twitter page. maybe you've seen these campaign signs in gilbert. sad to burst her bubble, but all of you david watts fans and supporters, he's not a real candidate. you can write his name in i suppose but the joke is on you. he's not really a candidate. it started as a political prank against him because his pet peeve is driving by and seeing all the signs cluttering the intersections across town he said that forever so his twin brother decided to put his face on a fake campaign sign. >> a couple of us went around town and put them on in front -- a few different stores and venues and took pictures to make them look like they were all over town. >> people were asking if you are running and it's not real. >> it's kind of funny. [laughter] it's actually really funny. he's a proven human. [laughter] that's what the sign says and
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position does not exist. ask yourself, could he be here? the fbi now offering a $50,000 reward to find lyle jeffs who has been on the run since he slipped out of his ankle monitor last month awaiting trial for food stamp fraud. he's accused of diverting $12 million in federal benefits. they believe there is a rift between lyle went -- lyle jeffs and warren jeffs. they are hoping that to get followers to come forward with information. >> people who may come in and out of his orbit may not have the same level of loyalty to him. that's part of what we hope. >> they said he could be anywhere from utah to arizona or even overseas but they are hoping somebody with information will be able to come forward. in the newsroom this morning, a driver slammed into
5:39 am
on the i-17 going about 100 miles an hour on the freeway and then took off running after the crash. the time -- the tow truck driver you saw there moments ago watching it unfold. he came to the rescue. first he checked on the woman and saw she was okay and then he chased down the driver who ran from the scene that caused all of this. you saw this moments ago after the driver was pepper sprayed by dps or phoenix police officers. the time -- truck driver says instincts. >> he ran down a couple blocks in the neighborhood and that was that. it was the right thing to do. >> fortunately nobody was seriously injured and the i-17 has since reopened but talk about a good witness with that tow truck driver helping officers. two men involved in a shooting at a phoenix bar. this is an update to breaking news we brought you yesterday on abc15 mornings.
5:40 am
16th street and bethany home. we're told these guys didn't make it into the bar, they were turned away because it was almost closing time and then they got into a fight and two men were shot. both are expected to recover. as we talk about your most accurate forecast it was nice while it lasted, a three-day stretch in the upper 90s this past weekend but yesterday we started to feel the heat again hitting 105 and today it is getting hotter, a couple degrees above that up to 107 degrees degrees above that average of 104. as the dry conditions continue today, temperatures will feel a little bit hotter by this afternoon and the warm up will be faster too. as you plan the day, know that we are sitting at 85 degrees now and we warm into the upper 80s by 8:00 and then 90 said in but we will only be in the 90s -- set in but we will only be there for a few hours before 100s arrive. we stay in the
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7:00 this evening so a threat of those 100s this afternoon with a high of 107 around 3:00 to 4:00. so stay hydrated and cool and we will talk about when the monsoon storm chances return, next, mallory. a couple minutes ago i told you the 10 was looking this year and now we are starting to see delays rolling. this is out in the west valley where you will see a 17 drivetime starting around 35th avenue. delays start around 83rd and i will take you to the mini stack. i want to head out to the east valley though where it is really quiet, no issues on the 60 or the 10 right now. pretty light traffic for you but we will look at loop 11 headed to scottsdale in a couple of minutes. it's like your heart is not there. the worst part is her wondering
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>> first they steal his dog and now they are just being cruel, taunting the man with texts
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good morning, if you're just waking up with us here, take a look at your screen. it's a beautiful shot of the sunrise, 85 degrees as you get ready to head out this morning. we will check in with iris hermosillo with your your most accurate forecast and mallory has dried times in moments but first, we are following power outages this morning ? >> yes, valley wide here. not discriminating this morning, this is a live look at the srp outage map. that red icon there, that's not
5:46 am
power in the west valley around 16th street to 19th avenue. check on friends of you have them in that area but look at aps here. there's a big brand icon on this one. this is 1394 customers, nearly 1400 customers without power. this area will be right around cactus. if you know somebody who lives in this area make sure to check on them especially as temperatures this story will make you mad, taunting through text messages. one man says his dog is being held hostage right now, pawned off as ransom by some runs -- unknown dog-nappers. he says he typically lets his dog out to go to the bathroom but one night she was snatched. now, the people who took her have been sending him text messages from net -- from fake numbers demanding money. >> it's like a piece of your
5:47 am
and the worst part about it is her wondering where i am. >> that's chris nolan. he created a facebook page hoping somebody in the community sees her and helps bring her home. imagine finding this guy slithering through your neighborhood. no thanks, right? this morning they are no longer looking for the owners. a dentist has claimed that 7' albino python town near 75th street. not sure how he didn't know the little guy was missing and what's really interesting is, this is the third large snake found in this area in just a month. i think i will stay clear of the area for a while, dan. a new sauce, pizza and wine location is opening in october so jobs are available. today starts the job fair for that location at dover road and
5:48 am
it starts today until seven -- september 3, 10 am to 6 pm each day. stop by to interview for one of the team member positions . 400 jobs are coming to tempe. towers watson is officially closing -- opening for business , looking to hire software engineers and licensed benefit advisors. the center opens at 10:00 located near priest and washington. if you are looking for work. mark the cale october 7 is when we will find out what new bells and whistles the i-phone will have -- the new iphone has. they are getting rid of the audio port and the bigger model features two cameras, dan. the golf club at johnson ranch says the water company johnson utilities is not following orders.
5:49 am
irrigation water but now they say they aren't getting it anymore. the utility wants to switch them to more expensive groundwater but it's a change that they say would make them go bankrupt. and they said nothing was supposed to change until after they rule on this issue. the utility's lawyer declined to comment. let's talk now about your most accurate forecast because i've got to tell you about the hotter temperatures we are expecting today. yesterday was hot . today is getting even hotter than that. this morning we are feeling a bit of a difference as we are off to a milder start but looking at mostly clear skies. it's another good start to the day as we look live over camelback mountain. 85 degrees is the current temperatures will a bit warmer than this time yesterday. we do have 70s out there though so it's not all 80s in the valley and it's still pretty drive. the dew point is sitting in the mid-80s with the monsoon moisture clearing to our
5:50 am
we gradually back toward our state but the valley is still looking to stay dry so plan on sunny skies through the morning , mostly sunny skies through the afternoon as we could see if you were clouds. temperature wise sitting at 85 now, warming 280 by 8:00 and then 97 -- warming 280 eight -- to 88 by 8:00 and eventually 107, two degrees hotter than yesterday. as storm chances go valley will stay dry but we could see them hiring -- up to our northeast. we will watch the clouds building off to our east. keep an eye on any storms that could send gusty winds -- dust possibly our way and going into tomorrow the storm chances do start to gradually go back up as we could see a few storms move off the horizon -- the
5:51 am
the afternoon are looking better for rain chances in the valley. storm chances will go back up at least through the middle to the late part of the week before we start to dry out by the weekend. drivers on i-17, things aren't looking too bad for you but it is slowing down a bit traveling southbound around the durango curve especially in the left lane seeing stop-and-go. expect minor delays. as you are traveling to the 17 southbound from the stack to the split. by the time you hit 19th avenue it starts to ease up and you will see some slow and go right around northern as well rest of the valley, really the delays are on i-10 and extending. we will head up to the north valley for loop 101 next. just in case you won't be around to see it you've got to start getting ready for the "dancing with the stars" ballroom.
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medalist sam dorman will stop by the nicu at st. joseph's hospital to thank staff and patients for support during their time in rio. his cousin is in nicu there so he has a dedicated cheering section. you probably don't remember the name but joe jacoby is in olympic canoeing champion who won gold four years ago but somebody stole it from his car weeks later clone we saw something gold shining through a pile of trash. seriously. she found him through social media, returned the gold medal to the former olympian. we hear he paid a visit to their school as well. thank you. we are just a few hours away from the big reveal, the new cast of dancing with the stars. >> before that we can tell you
5:56 am
ryan lochte is trading in his speedo for dancing shoes. and it's primary day. one of the celebrities is governor rick -- rick perry. >> and derek hough is returning along with maxon. catch the full announcement later on good morning america temperatures right now are sitting at 85 degrees, mild and dry. i show you how much hotter it is getting next. i-10 is pretty packed right near 75th avenue so we take a look at some of the hot spots on the freeway. and taking news, 32nd street and bell shut down. avoid the area, really bad crash. the crime scene tape is up and she just got new information. a serial sext her and now anthony weiner's dad behavior is making headlines in the
5:57 am
and a traffic stop leads to and a traffic stop leads to a pair with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast. topped with spicy pepper jack cheese and jalape?o ranch. on a lightly buttered, toasted ciabatta roll. the perfect cheese for pepper jack is going to be creamy and mild, and it's really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good.
5:59 am
welcome to delicious. a traffic alert that could impact your morning commute in a big way. >> we have a team on scene and mallory moore is here tracking the smart routes to help you get around. >> once again let's get to the
6:00 am
. >> it's shutting down the intersection of 32nd street and bell, happening right now. katie conner is on the scene for us monitoring this breaking news all morning long. katie, what's the latest? >> reporter: detectives have been waiting for the sun to go up for this investigation. let me walk you through what happened. the driver of the silver car actually worked for dominoes. you can see this in the middle of the street. last night the security guard tells me pizza sometime after 11 pm when a white pickup truck slammed right into him. both drivers were immediately rushed to nearby hospitals and both are in serious condition right now. police won't say why the crash happened but you can see the dozens of intersection -- of evidence markers here in the street. this extends beyond the intersection. the best piece of advice is to avoid the area. we saw somebody who didn't


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