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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  August 30, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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happening right now, breaking news, 2 different images on abc 15, a fire actively burning on the left of your screen, one of our cameras on the right-hand screen that isn't, seen the smoke near 7th in indian schools. that area, uptownay phoenix if you will. fire crews are responding, abc 15 has crews en route. as soon as we get an update on the situation will pass it along , we are monitoring the fire. i also knew, we learned of a criminal investigation underway in canaan. 35-year-old woman shot and killed, the mojave -- the mohave county deputies say their own pulled the trigger. >> paula dell phillips pulled a shotgun at officer, the
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the woman died at the scene. the officer is on administrative leave. >> this investigation just beginning, we will stay on top of the story. so much happening we'll let you know when we get an update. i an update on breaking news, we've been following, please situation ending and ltd. -- ahwatukee. the suspect took off from a traffic stop, we don't know his name, officers they he was asleep in the car before led officers on a low-speed chase. he may have been impaired. he was holed up inside a home near 40th in chandler, right bite chandler boulevard off 40th for several hours. he has several felony warns against him. searching for a shooting suspect in phoenix, this happened near 43rd, a man in his 20s was shot in the arm and he is recovering. he was standing in his driveway when his -- an suv drove by and someone opened fire.
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not the story anymore. >> a lot of stuff in the valley dropped in the 70s but even phoenix and sky harbor started warmer in the lacedaemonians and those temperatures -- in the last 4 -- the morning to those temperatures are heating up. i said will be in the hundreds before lunchtime and check it out, we are officially in the triple digits. at the top of our phoenix hitting 101 degrees. something else we have seen check them out, they went from being in the 40s this morning, mid 40s to the mid-50s. starting to feel the monsoon moisture making a return. it once up the heat, temperatures will heat up quickly to the afternoon, today will be a hard day up to 105 by 1:00 and 107 are high for today. we'll watch for that around 3:57 pm. most accurate forecasts hot and sunny, and still dry in the
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i will show you were storms are developing in a few minutes. in democracy 2016 the gloves are off and voting is underway in the arizona primaries. >> keeping a close eye on the contest, including the race for u.s. senate and the challenges senator john mccain faces on his roads to his 6th term, abc 15 joining us from the polling location and phoenix with what is at stake. >> reporter: we are here at 32nd -- 30 second timeout -- and camelback were senator tom mccain and his wife voted this morning, the senators seeking his 6th term in office. he just celebrated his 80th birthday yesterday at his age something a number of his opponents including dr. kelli ward who is running against him have used against them. kelli ward going as far as to say she believes he is too old to be an office. other things along those lines. in recent polling, it seems like senator mccain is ahead,
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cited another pool where she said he was up 37%, she and the rest of her campaign believe they are within striking distance, we spoke with the senator a short time ago, listen to what he had to say.>> getting out the vote, we are very confident about the outcome today. we look forward to moving with a little action in november. >> i asked him off-camera how he feels about the general, if he i so great. he and the campaign are confident, at least not letting on otherwise. if they feel differently. for the full results go to tran2/results, we'll make sure to keep you posted as soon as we get the figures from the pool. reporting here in phoenix as morning nick ciletti abc 15. i and a campaign race for sheriff, the challenger, one --
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the winner of the race will face off against another democrat in november. don't worry if you don't know where to vote, we have you covered, head to , find our polling location. senator harry reid is calling on the fbi to look into the threat of election tampering by russian hackers. we told you about this yesterday, this comes as the fbi warned that foreign hackers on the heels of 2 breaches and illinois and here in arizona. we asked state officials at there's a reason to be concerned. >> we took our entire voter registration site off-line to be examined by a cybersecurity team. to the best of our knowledge in their knowledge, no information was hacked or stolen or compromised from our database.>> if you didn't mail in your ballot the polls are open, and will be open until 9. you can
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results online and and our mobile app. as we turn to the race for president, chance to attend donald trump campaign rally, tomorrow at the phoenix campaign center top, tickets are still available through his campaign website. it limits 2 tickets per cell phone number. you are not allowed to bring signs, banners or backpacks. after a brief summer break city council gets back to work, the 2 big both scheduled for thme the city id cards are expected to be approved, supporters said -- say having one would help those scores home is an undocumented. it would be free but can only be used as secondary ids, so it's not valid for driving or getting on a plane. the other boat would allow phoenix police to hire outside help to go through dna cases and backlogs. the money would come a national grant, this type of evidence,
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for years. a couple traffic alerts from the morning drive, on the left-hand part of your scene, restricted most of the morning, that crash at bell. the driver in white pickup truck ran a light and slammed to the ford focus. the driver of the focus taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition. alcohol could be a factor in this one. on the right-hand part of your screen, over indian school road near 73rd, into the back of a valley metro bus. no words on the extent of injuries but at last check, there were backups in that area. still ahead, overnight the driver slams into a woman going more than 100 miles an hour on the i-17. the driver tried to make a run for it. a tow truck driver watching it unfold came to the rescue.
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down the driver who caused it, the person in handcuffs are cameras are there. after the driver ran he was pepper sprayed a phoenix police. the truck driver says he was following his instinct. coming up, families making their voices heard after the voice -- after the price of epipens skyrocketed. i a man getting arrested for dog napping after his best friend snatched him his yard. i election day, did you vote? are you going to? yes, no or maybe? you mailed in your ballot weeks ago. go to our website and click on
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outrage growing over the epipens price hike. later today dozens of activists expected to deliver petitions for more than 600,000 consumers.
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delivered to my lands headquarters in pennsylvania. the pet -- the company has increased the price of the drug by more than 400%. the petitioning group is calling for legislative and regulatory reforms to stop pharmaceutical price gouging. i a fundraiser taking place to help the family of vanessa , the 3-year-old remains in hospital and a medical state sleep after getting hit by a police cruiser this month. she is expected to be in the hoss -- in the hospital for months. if you pita jungle near arrowhead top center, the event is from 4 to 10 pm. keep your dog on a short leash, can you bring this man's nightmare to an end, his dog being held for ransom by tech savvy seeks. with clear skies, we look across the valley but temperatures are heating up
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i want to check in on breaking news, a large fire burning in north-central phoenix near 7th street in indian school. ivan told from our newsroom it will be an abandoned duplex, we of crews arriving at the scene, we'll bring you the newest information as it continues to come into the newsroom. that is what we have right now to pass along.>> one man says his dog is being held hostage right now through text message.
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.members. usually lets his dog out to relieve herself but one night she was snatched. the people who took the dog has been sending text from fake numbers asking for money.>> it is like a piece of your heart is not there. it's like, the worst part about it, she is wondering where i am. >> facebook page hoping someone will see her and help her home. developing, another city getting got it -- getting body cameras. by 19 of them for their officers, each officer will upload their video to the server at the end of each shift. >> this may be the best and worst election happening this year. david watts from gilbert always complains to his brother about
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so his brother made fake signs and put them on street corners, but on educated voters may think they can vote for him. check out there. if you look closely, you a city secretary of defense, obviously not a real position. but funny nonetheless. >> it will make you laugh on primary day. olympic size visit from one of the tiniest patients, pending native -- temping native stopping by the valley ho their support during his time in rio. the synchronized divers cousin is a nurse there so he and his own did it does dedicated section drug beginning. i it's been a while since we saw iris, but i'm sick and tired of you always getting it right. >> we talked about how we're going to warm-up today, it's an even lunchtime and we're in the
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the 90s, i know from the weekend i -- a bit of a tease but we will feel more monsoon moisture soon. don't worry, the heat will turn down the next few days, but today we have to get through it. as we go into the afternoon and temperatures get hotter. sunny skies, all clear, sitting at 101 degrees in phoenix. 5 degrees hotter than at this point yesterday. 5 degrees hotter than 24 hours ago. not everyone is in the hundreds, but may have made it there. the valley cities. temperatures in the 90s from glendale to tempe to mesa, 99 degrees, good your checking in at 99 degrees and apache junction also coming in at 99 degrees. it is hot and we'll keep warming up, temperatures warming above where we made it yesterday. 105 with a high yesterday heading up to 107. i will show you those highs and that but breeze is out there,
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miles per hour and will keep those going into this afternoon. occasionally the gusts will be stronger, at sky harbor 24 miles per hour and we'll keep some of these breeze is going to the afternoon. we could get stronger winds starting to develop to the east, another change from yesterday, not only feeling heat but seeing more clouds cleanup over the higher terrain. ron burke how was yesterday at this time, as we get more the monsoon moisture moving back into the state the storms develop over the higher terrain. to her east, but storms could develop closer into the afternoon. let me take you around with our doesn't doppler, an area seen most of the action, pinetop lakeside to career and southeast, getting storms. tracking slowly to the south, southwest. nothing near the valley but we watch for storms to develop
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our southeast into the afternoon. storms could come close to the phoenix metro especially in the foothills locations, but we expect most of us to stay dry. we will have to watch for the threat of dust into the afternoon and evening as any storms that come in will have at least the potential for producing gusty winds and dust. futurecast will show you storms look to move into the higher terrain, but not promising, the -- the other weather models keeping a clos look at we will see enough moisture to work their way and but they could come close and we'll watch for that threat. by tomorrow more monsoon moisture, when storms look more promising in the phoenix metro. by thursday the chances look better also. you will see the chances going up wednesday into thursday and also friday, before the dryer conditions settle and. all in all the best storm chances in the higher terrain
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we'll talk about the afternoon temperatures in a little bit i'll have your seven-day forecast as well. chances are you have an old bike line around, switching gears. you might consider joining at and let the -- donating at a and b a holiday me -- holiday miracle for kid and foster care. teaming up for the annual recycle your bicycle campaign. you can drop off your old bikes at any different location, donate money or volunteer fix up the bite. find out more information at the drop off locations on ?bike. it's too bad irises face isn't on the store. the big news in the entertainment. the new cast of dancing with the stars revealed. >> you may have seen it happen live on good morning america. interesting cast. ryan lochte, vanilla ice,
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former governor rick perry and calvin johnson, you can watch season 23 when it premieres monday, september 12 grade here on abc 15. speaking of stars there like the rest of us. even taylor swift has jury duty sometimes. she took this video of herself with the fan in nashville who asked the judge to leave her out of the jury pool. there was concern about her upcoming trial in denver. she says she was claimed was -- she claimed she was groped by a fan at a meeting great. i will a new adoptable dog, here is her before picture. wait until you see what she looks like now. i investigators upping the
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i wodon't know where about con-artistsso whend committing medicare fraud... i wodon't know where it me me so mad i wanted towhend give them the old one-two o,lways check your medicare to statements for errorsift these ookshink we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, prott it
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i should you be before picture this is the after. talk about a cutie. taking action on abc15 to get animals in our community adopted. >> we love having the arizona humane society with us, you brought happy, i'm already in love with her. she is so sweet. ju >> when she first arrived at our shelter after the our emergency medical technicians found her on the street she was so mad it and couldn't see. -- matted and couldn't see. she was a little ragged mop. her for was tangled and tight against her skin, they had to shave her down, but she was shy and scared. as soon as she got the makeover
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volunteers at secondhand -- 2nd chance animal hospital, the little tale has not stopped waiting. she is very social. >> any age limits? >> she loves everyone. she will give everyone kisses, she loves to go on walks, be coded in caring around, -- carried around, she is a people.. >> she likes to walk, but as we're watching you guys green room she is curled up on my lap hanging out. >> the best of both worlds. >> she is loving watching iris here. >> talking about the temperature outside, you guys have been very busy. >> our emergency animal medical technicians rescued her, we have about 15 call today this time of year. for pets abandoned or left in the heat without shade or water, it's a busy time.
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and getting them out of these situations. >> where can people go if they are interested in taking this girl home? >> she will be available thursday at 15th avenue and dobbin. if you want come down and meet her she is sweet. we have a lot of pets looking for homes this time of year. >> 602997 602-997-7585. we need a forever home for this little girl.>> good luck, still ahead, at 11, this community can make you smile and look for -- don't make you smile but will need to look for help, the creeds targeting kids. >> do you know a breast cancer survivor someone battling the disease, are they using their experience to give back to the community? if you want to nominate someone, to have your story shared on abc15, the honorees will get a $500 gift card, for
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for our stories of strength go
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let's check in on the breaking news we're following , north- central phoenix , check out these images from a few minutes go. a large fire near 7 in indian school, you may see the smoke across the valley. we are told it will be at an abandoned duplex. we have crews getting updated
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are able to provide the newest information. we'll pass it along as soon as the newsroom is updated. right now the fbi looking for lyle jeffs, you might want to keep your eye out. >> the $50,000 reward if you find them. he slipped out of his ankle monitor and has been on the run ever since. he was waiting for trial for food stamps front, he is accused of swindling millions in federal expenses. >> and the there's a rift between he and his brother, they hope it will lead to some of his less loyal followers leading them to the fbi. >> coming out of his orbit may not have the same level of loyal to him -- loyalty to him. that is what we hope. >> the fbi said he could be anywhere from you talk to arizonto overseas. >> they are hoping someone with information can come forward to help. i the devil in the details with
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grew some murders in 2008. looking for 2 brothers both illegal immigrants and both believed to be drug traffickers who likely are in mexico. the sheriff's department saying the man and his picture, and his brother killed 2 men execution style with an answer machete. before dumping the remaining in a septic tank. >> 2 men shot in phoenix and we get a look at the suspects. we brought this to you, breaking news yesterday. police were hoping to find this clue after a shooting at the pub near 16th and bethany -- and bethany home. officers want to find these guys who were turned away at closing time. they got into a fight, and 2 men were shot. both of the men expected to be okay. i a former sun devils heading back to school after this arrest was caught on body camera in february in stock -- in scottsdale.
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hand, tmz reporting from school is part of a plea to avoid jail. arizona the strictest state when it comes to high risk drivers but surprisingly even though we're high risk, range 44 the cost of insurance. here's a look at the state with the toughest laws of the country, are say coming in first in dui criminal penalties and 2nd in dui prevention and speeding enforcement. studies show on average red states are toughest on high risk drivers >> democracy 2016 primary voters will head to the polls in our state and florida as republicans wonder how donald trump campaign will affect races for the house and senate. the 2 candidates at the top making an aggressive play for voters, a lana zak has the story. pundits have speculated on the effects of donald trump, voters in florida and arizona casting ballots today into test
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marco rubio and john mccain. >> i have never been a big fan of john mccain.>> reporter: trump courted controversy when he went after mccain's war record. >> he eventually endorsed the arizona senator. >> iao in the highest esteem senator john mccain. >> reporter: mccain has said he's in the fight of his life with this election, and the story is similar for marco rubio republican real estate to -- developer called florida's little trump. also making her way back to washington debbie wasserman schultz. emails revealed russian hackers led to a public battle with bernie sanders who endorsed her challenger. >> this could be a crisis in confidence whatever the outcome. if people feel rushers involve people look at the aftermath of the election and not accept it. >> reporter: hillary clinton continues her massive fundraising drive preparing for
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that first debate taking place in one month. recent poll numbers show donald trump has been able to stabilize the bleed and the next likely test for both competitors, what happens in the debate arena. happening now, meteorologist on the east coast and pacific keeping a close eye on tropical systems, one of the coast of north carolina outer banks. you can strengthen in the next 48 hours as it sweeps by to the east. as last look, the tropical depression has produced winds of 35 miles per hour and 70 miles south of cape hatteras -- cape hatteras. it does is it said -- is expected to become a tropical storm this afternoon, people are bracing for stronger winds and possibly 5 inches of rain in some spots.
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watch in effect for hawaii as hurricane madeline which you see right here has reached category for -- 4 strength. it reaches yesterday but it will start to weekend today as it tracks close to the big island by wednesday night. right behind that another hurricane. that one for now not impacting lance pope we're watching it. >> down. video showing the arrest of a possible domestic terrorism suspect in indianapolis. we told you about this last night at 10. christopher byrne was stopped during a traffic stop and police found a rifle, 100 rounds of ammo and chemicals that could make a bomb. he has been under police radar for quite some time. he is charged with planning an act of terror. investigators in rhode island looking into how this crane fell on a bridge. to workers got stuck in the
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feet over the river. the men were expecting something underneath and this happened. a 2nd crane had to come in to rescue them, they went to the hospital as a precaution. you may have seen this on your social media, police in south carolina stepping up patrols after reports of people dressed as clowns luring kids into the woods. parent citing last night. several others reported a 12- year-old told deputies were in the backyard of an apartment complex. talk about staver -- scary. >> check out this video, massive flames shooting from homes in california. the woman who lives here was not home when this happened and her dogs got out but sadly the woman's cat was trapped inside this burning home. a firefighter found the cat who was overcome by toxic smoke, hazelton pulled out a bag and
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saving action was caught on video. >> come on kitty don't give up the fight. >> i was happy we had a good outcome, sometimes they are but this was a good one. >> so good to see it, we saw what happened in the valley a couple of days ago. i a pet parent showed up after she was arrived, hazelton said besides being scared the little girl should be just fine. >> nearly 4 dozen people sickened by tickets movies. in virgini they are linked to frozen strawberries used at a particular tropical smoothie cafi in that area. more than 500 franchises across the us including our state, no word on other cases outside virginia, the story will continue to be monitored as it develops. a mystery unfolding in new zealand, managers at a farm could try and figure out how 500 cows went missing. they are
11:38 am
there worth up to $1600 each, you're looking at $18,000 for all of the cows. each one is take so police say they would be easy to trace if they were stolen but no sign of those 500 cows. >> the truth is out there. researchers have clues that we are not alone in the universe. we're learning about a mysterious blitz that appeared on the russian radiotelescope a year ago last may. scientist in california say the signal appears to have come from a sunlight start with at least one known planet in the constitute -- constellation hercules. 95 light years away. only 500 trillion miles. so far no one else has heard the blip. >> we know -- we will know the signal is real when other people find it also. he says it may not be a big deal but they are leaving no stern
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how many times have we seen this, pool not being used, they
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the day by the pool might look a lot different for some years in scottsdale. the city is ready to pay people to tear out there pools. >> a spokesperson said they are the city to do it. they are offering up a $1500 rebate towards the soul -- the cost of filling in your pool. removing it can cost several thousand dollars. the rebate will not cover it all. >> one owner says -- homeowner says she spends so much on home maintenance -- on the pool maintenance so in the long run it might be worth it. >> holland heavy use this? >> a couple of years. >> i haven't used it at all. >> pools lose 100% of their
11:42 am
evaporation, and has more evaporates more has to be prompted. >> the city spokesperson says the rebate plan is about conservation. the car repair shop gets paid but the car doesn't get fixed. letting you know why the insurance company never
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keeping a close eye on wall street, the doubt is down, .4% sitting at 18,000 .4% sitting at 18,400 .4% sitting at 18,425. worker calendars, we know that apple will unveil the next iphone september 7. in early weeks it has in similar to the old de rich of the audio port and the bigger model features 2 cameras. details about the million- dollar volkswagen settlement. 210,000 volkswagen owners with the cars that cheated on admission test have registered to settle with the automaker. 235 owners have asked out of the settlement and pursue legal action on their own. foreigner -- it involves 4 and
11:46 am
preliminary approval but the final decision expected october approval but the final decision expected october 2018. a repair shop closes, and mike's car is still in part. >> i want you to do the job you are paid for, you collected money on, that you lied to me for 3 months out. >> that is how long mike and christie's mustang has been sitting on the lawn, first, last collision waiting for repairs. headlights, i some stuff in a box into fetters. >> christie says her insurer progressive pain almost $10,000 to the closed this is without her knowledge in with her forged signatures on the checks. >> progressive when it comes through with more repair money so christie let me know. >> no one wants to help, you're on your own and you don't know
11:47 am
i feel like i am out $10,000. >> we wondered why progressive even then the money after what happened at the same address a year earlier. at that time the first-class collision owner found guilty of insurance fraud and forgery. state records show him accused of directing employees to cause additional damage, to file higher take higher claims with insurers. >> we found that owner back at the location but he says it had nothing to do with their car. >> business. >> he says after his fraud conviction he sold the business to brian, the man identified in the video. he says it was him who dealt with the couple's car. >> and what about the coincidence these things happen within a year time? >> i've no idea. >> he said he took back the business from holzer and open a different repair shop. we can find them but in the video he admits to cashing the checks. >> why would you cash a check knowing you're doing this?
11:48 am
the money to send -- to the same address? it couldn't be because they didn't know about the fraud conviction. records show it was their own people, progressive insurance employees who start an investigation. >> i would've asked for the check to be made to me directly. >> in a statement progressive says while first-class collision was on probation at the time they were in business legally and we treated them like any shop as required. they told the suffix to's the car to another shot. when we got about progressive reissue the check for their car repairs. i'm joe ducey if you have a problem let me know. just ahead, the new pizza and one location opening october so jobs are available. the job fair starts for the new location on gilbert road, going on through september 3 from 10
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stopped by an interview for one of their team member positions. i a little boy charlie at home withom, watching cloudy with a chance of meatballs. >> there are clouds developing and parts of the state. yesterday was quite at this time, this morning a different picture. as we get the monsoon moisture back across the state. we're seeing storms northeast of payson, tracking towards young, if you are in young you further to the east, lakeside, storms developing along with areas southeast of their through the white mountains. all that tracking to the south, southwest at times. as the storms continue to push further down over the higher terrain. the best potential for storms will be a long the rim but through them white mountains, higher terrain east of the valley. yet the kleave -- keep a close eye on it , it could come to
11:50 am
metro especially towards young. not expecting much rain in the valley, to drive for it, but that can change over the next 24 hours. we will feel the storm chances will get better. this afternoon, we watch the storms closely, could see the clouds billow up to the north east. futurecast trying to bring the storms and but as mentioned earlier not looking promising. we'll keep a close eye on it, and you could see gusty winds and pockets of blowing dust. watch for that keep a look at the abc 15 mobile app, we'll update you if anything changes the next few hours as we keep a close eye on the storms. tomorrow monsoon moisture back in the valley, better for storms and tomorrow we could see storms in the higher terrain and phoenix metro. rain chances will get better going into thursday as well. after a couple of dryer days are storm chances are going
11:51 am
the mountains north and east of the valley. gusty winds could move into the phoenix metro of the higher train because of storms to the north east. stronger breezes this afternoon, keep an eye out for the potential of dust this afternoon. better rain chances come tomorrow through friday and will try things out into friday and -- saturday and sunday. in the meantime, today will be hot with temperatures in feet as close to 107, hotter to the west, up to 109. close to 110, yuma hotter than that, 112. low 90s sedona, upper 80s winslow and window rock up to 77. across the valley temperatures in the triple digits , yesterday was hot but today , a degree or 2 above yesterday's high temperatures. phoenix warns from 101 2 103 by lunchtime and a high of 107 this afternoon. overnight temperatures will
11:52 am
in for another mild night across phoenix metro. 84 in phoenix. temperatures trend down, and temperatures go back up, thursday a high of 102. and by thursday, football. you do not want to miss the preseason action as the denver broncos held -- head to glendale to take on the arizona cardinals. our exclusive coverage starts thursday at 6 right here on abc15 with kick off at 6:30 looking forward to that. also looking forward to this right this minute video. >> police investigating after thumbtacks were thrown on the course of a bike race. >> cycle is competing in the illinois state championship race took a tumble, writer tom keller posted a picture on facebook showing some of the
11:53 am
they are also found in another corner of the race. thankfully none of the cyclists were seriously hurt. >> police asking for the public help define who is behind us,
11:54 am
11:55 am
we want to know, if you voted today, if you didn't th 18% of you say yes we got it done, 9% of you say no and most of you mailed in your ballot. >> top stories for you, criminal investigation happening in kingman after a police officer involved shooting. paula dell phillips according to police , poignant a shotgun at an officer last night at a traffic stop. the officer fired several shots. the woman died at the scene, the officer on administrative
11:56 am
off from a traffic stop. he was asleep in a car before he led officers on the lows tj's. he may have been impaired katie was pulled up in a home near 40th in chandler for hours. i are crew capturing video of smoke coming home an abandoned duplex. breaking news at the top of the newscast, north-central phoenix near 7th street in indian school, no word on what caused the fire but updates are of the day on abc and the abc 15 mobile app. >> think you for look at what we're working on for the now arizona. >> good morning, we're encouraging news in the fight against the zika virus. researchers say drugs already exist that may protect expected mothers and on born babies. also 100 times more toxic to your dog then toxic -- the chocolate and maybe in your cupboard. a warning for -- from veterinarians about one of the biggest dangers to dozen many haven't heard of it. i hours away from the first commercial airline flight kubo,
11:57 am
all coming up for you at 4 pm on the now. i a lot happening. and a gorgeous -- and a gorgeous image. notice the bright object inside the yellowish cloud, scientists say the star which has the characteristics of very young and very old star , the best of both worlds. newly forming protostar. i don't know what a protostar is.>> desert doppler, along the eastern remain white mountains, worth keeping an eye out. they won't make their way following the phoenix the we'll watch, and will keep you posted. storm chances will go up the next few days, today still hot
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