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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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the nation watching a pivotal political night in our state. >> familiar names in unfamiliar territory are predicted tough battles for senate and sheriff. >> and key congressional contests as well, and that's where we start as well. melissa blasius is covering district 5, and this is a crowded race >> reporter: it has been a
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primary here in congressional district 5 which is the southeast valley congressional district. very heavily republican district, and right now we are at christine jones' headquarters, where she's been up since the first vote totals came in. a lot of people giving a lot of credit to the political ads she ran, maybe this guy looks familiar, and as a result tonight has been a big night for this outsider candidate. jones came into the room 45 minutes ago, shook hands, thanked a lot of her volunteers and supporters privately. a few minutes ago we were told they hoped she'd make announcement soon, any minute to the crowd here to talk about tonight's race so far. there are a lot of smiles here, and they hope to provide good news any minute now. you know congressional district 5 was held by matt salmon who's
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way republican battle. jones is joined by biggs, olson and stapely. a crowded field, and the reason is night is such a big deal in this part of valley is because since it's such a conservative district, whoever wins tonight is likely going to guarantee themselves a ticket to washington come january. we'll bring you christine jones as soon as to speak to the crowd. back to you. >> we'll check in with you soon. thank you. another big race for maricopa county recorder helen purcell. it's essentially a dead heat with cam englishing aaron a -- challenger aaron flannery. and a lot of people saying this was john mccain's toughest primary battle yet. jon erickson is live at the headquarters, and in the end it wasn't all that close.
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>> reporter: steve, john mccain's opponent kelly ward was optimistic late into the night, but the person celebrating victory in the building behind us tonight was indeed senator john mccain. read into the political tea leaves as you will, but flake was here and he's been a critic of donald trump. kelly ward has been dubbed by salon magazine at lady trump. a lot of energy at the rally tonight, but it wasn't enough. hear some of what mccain said tonight. >> i promise to work as hard as i can for you too, and to fight for policies principal and principals i believe are essential to building a better future for arizona and america, and making the world safer for our shared values. there's a lot at stake in this
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who win it is presidency >> reporter: so kelly ward hit mccain from the right. now it's congresswoman anne kirkpatrick's job to hit him from the right. the general election campaign starts right about now steve. >> expected to be a tight race as well. thanks so much. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio will be on the november ballot as most expected. he easily beat his main face off against the democrat who's already questioning if arpaio at age 84 is too old for another term. here was his response to that tonight. >> age means nothing. i think that's an insult to discriminate, i can't even say that word, to discriminate against senior citizens. >> you'll hear more from arpaio in a few minutes about donald trump's big speech scheduled
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>> reporter: this is a night you guyed worked really hard for, so i hear the headphones in the back super distracting, but i'll say this. >> thank you for being here, and for every single person who voted, thank you for voting. for every single person who knocked on a door when it was 118 degrees out, thank you applause ] >> i will say i admire and i want to acknowledge and honor my opponents tonight.. this was a heart-fought campaign. every single person in this case came out and did their best and offered their service and to them i'm grateful. together they have represented the people of their communities for almost 40 years, and i give them my honor and thanks for that as well.
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>> now i know you may have heard that in the east valley there's no real general election. but we still have a lot of hard work ahead. tomorrow starts the process of us unifying the party, coming together, and most importantly defeating one hillary clinton. [ applause ] >> you've the christine jones' camp. the race begins again, starting now. we don't know what's causing it, but the results page at the secretary of state's website has been down on and off tonight. likely all the people trying to check the results. th at the time good news is you can follow them on the ticker right now at the bottom of your screen, and more results still to come, including in the 1st congressional district and
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races on a lot of eyes will be on our state tomorrow night as donald trump clears the air on where he stands on immigration. we've also learned that he'll be making a pit stop before arriving in phoenix. mexico's president inviting both trump and clinton to meet with him. no word whether clinton will also accept the offer. meantime tonight donald trump jr. saying his dad is most definitely not backtracking on any of his immigration policies. >> he hunt softening -- wasn't did and has done all along is he's speaking with the people. he's not lecturing them, he's actually having a conversation. he surveyed the room and said what are your thoughts on this because i want to take into account what the people say. >> trump in washington state tonight, and these are protests outside his rally. hundreds of people on the streets. we first showed you this from the abc 15 live desk at 6:00. protests are planned for tomorrow as well. >> >. and trump expected to
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speech tomorrow, and for more on that we bring in navideh forghani, and he's not the only one speaking. big line up in the works here. >> reporter: yeah, a huge line up tomorrow. a lot of energy. i just found out who's speaking. here's the order right now. governor ducey, joe arpaio, and mayor dewitt and rudy iliani. they're excited also about to opportunity to meet the president of mexico. >> i think the main thing is at least meet, have that meeting, talk, if there's any problem, discuss it. work together, and see what we can do for the good of both countries. >> you're going to see an
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clarity as it relates to the immigration here in arizona. >> reporter: yeah, gop chairman robert graham tells me that trump is picking arizona to unveil the policy because of the controversy in our state, so he wants to unveil it right here tomorrow. they are expecting protesters like you guys said. of course they're not worried about security at all. we're of all the speeches on -- coverage of the speeches on abc 15 and and breaking news on the streets of phoenix. this have video just coming in where a street vendor was apparently pistol whipped in the back of the head. armed hold up. the robber got away with about a hundred bucks, firing a shot at the ground as he took off. incredibly nobody seriously hurt, but there's not a detailed district of the guy
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it tougher to catch him. and it was brief but powerful. a storm knocking down power lines and trees and tearing off roofs in scottsdale. crews tonight still trying to repair power lines. air 15 also up over the valley tracking rain and dust around rush hour, mostly in the east valley, and here's an up close look at the dust. take a look. really intense. a viewer doing the right thing here, pulling over and wait tonight things pretty quiet not just here, but across the state, but monsoon moisture is in place, and storm chances remain in the forecast for the next couple of days. in the valley a slight chance, and more blowing dust is possible before drying things out again. coming up we'll look at the storm chances and a sneak peek at what to expect over the labor day weekend. new information tonight about a pair of burglars on the run. we showed the heist a couple of weeks ago as they collected
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phoenix home. our viewers taking action, leading police right to one of the suspects, and nohelani graf shows us the key to catching him. >> reporter: you might call them the bickering bandits. >> just do it and get it over with. >> reporter: or the big mouth burglars. oneover them a paranoid prowler over and over urging his accomplice to leave. but the most tossed around? michael. putting that name to a good look at this face was all it took for a viewer to make the gut feeling a reality. michael hines busted, and police could end up connecting him to more break ins, and hoefully making the -- hopefully making the connection to his partner in crime too. in phoenix, nohelani graf, abc 15 news.
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the family after little girl hit by a police officer as she ran out to get ice cream. the man and his wife haven't left her daughter's side, so tonight the employees pooledth their times a-- their tips along with 15 percent of the sales to help with daily expenses. >> it's emotional for us because we're like a family here, and something happening to them happening to us, and there were a lot of tears, a lot of what can we do. >> their daughter remains in a medical sleep state. he's known for his rapping, and now he has an even longer rap sheet. the latest on chris brown's arrest. and finding a good home is hard enough, but one man made
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happening now, singer chris brown in jail, interviewed by la detectives after a bizarre scene at his southern california mansion. all starting when a woman called police asking for help saying brown pointed a gun in her face. in an instagram video brown insists he's innocent, but he's been in repeated legal trouble since his felony conviction in 2009 for assaulting his then girlfriend rihanna. new at the best of an accused scam artist wanted in four states, including ours. scottsdale cops say he conned people into putting a deposit down into rental properties he didn't own, but victims caught on quickly. >. and a reward is no longer on the table in the freeway shooting case. with the prime suspect cleared of all charges, the money they
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says contact them if you have tips. >. now to the close call at deer valley airport, both people on this small plane lucky to walk away from this one. the plane landing without the landing gear. it's why it's on its belly here. the fortunate part, no fires sparked from this, and everyone will be okay. >. something odd is hissing in scottsdale. three snakes that actually belong in the rain forest, not the desert for sure. we showed these night, and now we have the video. this 7-foot long boa just about gave a lady a heart attack as she was taking out the garbage. scottsdale fire also found two pythons about 10 feet long in the exact same spot. so where are they coming from? experts think somebody owns them and isn't doing a good job of taking care of them.
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so when we got it here it wolfed down six rats like it hadn't eaten in a long time. >> interesting details. weird visual. [ laughter ] back to tonight's primary results looking at district 1 involving the pinal county sheriff, he declared himself the winner, and now the associated calling it as well. he's exec moment now. in congressional district the in southern arizona martha mcsally running unopposed. >> we've got about 70 days to go to make sure the community knows that we've gotten results. it's not just rhetoric, it's results. we have a record we'll be running on. not just talking about what you think you can do, but show them
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>> she'll face the winner of democratic race, hines or steel. tonight is the first election with the new ballot harvesting law in effect, making it a crime to collect and turn in someone else's ballot, but the county recorders office has no way to enforce it. and to big races out -- two big races outside our state. debbie wasserman schultz won her primary did marco rubio. both moving on to november. all right, a developing story for you right now, hawaii on hurricane alert. a warning issued as hurricane madeline inches closer. it's a cat 2 storm, and expected to hit the big island within the next 36 hour, and hurricane lester is right behind it, a major cat 4 storm. it will weaken, but is expected to impact hawaii over the
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course there's multiple storms to track in the atlantic as well. >> that's right. >> so the tropics getting really busy, and the monsoon as well. look at the time lapse year queen creek. starting with rain, the dust picked up. visibility dropped to nothing in a matter of minutes, and then we had another strong storm develop in that area later on in the afternoon before some of that action moved into mesa and scottsdale as we showed the today. so what's next? well tonight is looking pretty quiet. not a lot to track on abc 15 desert doppler, and it stays that way in the overnight forecast. temperatures drop into the # 0s. right -- 80s. right now at 93, and a dewpoint back into the mid-50s. aman dewpoint is mid-50s or higher, and we're tracking that now. temperatures dropping into the 80s in places like cave creek, fountain hills, chandler and gilbert, but the west valley
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and to the north it's 75 for sedona currently, and 53 in flagstaff. tonight lows in the 40s and 50s along the rim. upper 50s in payson and prescott, and mid-80s to the west. phoenix down to the mid-80s as well, and tomorrow it hitting 104, and that's right in line with the month-year average -- 30-year average. to the east show low hits 78, and safford and globe in the the east that see the best chances of showers and thunderstorms. not just tomorrow, but over the next several days. here in the valley a slight chance it could move in, but a better opportunity into thursday. we'll see a 20 percent chance here, and there will be a slight chance of a few more stray showers in the morning hours mainly on friday before drier air comes in over the labor day weekend. here's how it breaks down. hour by hour tomorrow.
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triple digit heat in the afternoon forecast with a 10 percent chance of a stray storm. gilbert hitting 102, queen creek at 101, and tempe, ahwatukee and chandler seeing highs of 103. same for goodyear and litchfield park. but peoria and glendale, 104. air quality moderate. ozone, maybe dust mixed in. pollen count moderate too, and the uv index high tomorrow and the flio here's what to expect. a 20 percent chance for storms as high as it will go thursday. not seeing anything higher than that in the seven-day forecast. in fact drier air coming in for the labor day weekend. it will be nice, sunshine and 103 saturday. can you spot the real from the fake? the big brand names appearing as counterfeits online. plus, what do dogs really understand when you talk to
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why pay more if you don't have to? that's why so many of us search for bargains, but can you spot
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thing? they're showing up online now. msn compiling a list of the most counterfeited, brands include rolex and ray ban. the best bet is go to reputing sites. >. and we have confirmed if you bout tickets for gabriel concert, you can get a refund through the ticket seller. and we have a great opportunity to get free eye care. tomorrow morning the company vsp global is bringing the mobile eye clinic to give kids free exams and glasses to several elementary schools. keep in mind this is first
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>. if you prefer dogs over cats here's another reason to support that choice. dogs cannot only understand the words you speak, but also understand the tone. they mapped the brain activity of 13 dogs, and even if you use the excited puppy voice to tell them you're going to the vet, they can see right through it. and the next season of the bachelor is still a ways away, but did you catch the announcement tonight? nick viall, is that how you say it in the. >> i think so. >> he was revealed as the new suiter. he's on this season of bachelor in paradise, so interesting. >> he's saving a lot of money
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score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed... only at casino arizona and talking stick resort! we're getting breaking news into the abc 15 news room. reports of a shooting at the tucson medical center. it happened in the parking garage, but the entire entire, the hospital included, on lock down, so officers are sweeping the building. they say they recently made contact with the victim, but we just don't have the update yet on the person's condition. the scene is still active as we get updates we'll pass them along. abc 15 sports brought to
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>> it's the brutal part of business, the cardinals forced to cut down to 75 today. they got rid of a corner and put another on injured reserve. they have to cut another 22 players by saturday. ask the final pre-season game is thursday on abc 15. they host the super bowl champion denver broncos, and coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. with kickoff at 6:30. and we know the feeling. seeing a starting quarterback go down without being touched. happened tonight vikings fans distraught after it happened to teddy bridgewater in practice. he has a serious knee injury and won't play the rest of the season. and saturday's game at sun devil's stadium switched to 8:00 p.m. on the pac12 network. the coach todd graham still
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quarterback by the way >> it could be worse [ laughter ] >> by the way, the power for those people in scottsdale still out until 4:00 in the morning. >> just that one isolated area. >> i know. >> that's the monsoon, that's how it roles. not -- rolls. not everyone gets hit, but the spot that is do get it bad. there are chances for that wednesday and thursday and friday before drying out for ?? with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more.
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zooey deschanel. ben stein. and music from glass animals. and now, don't move -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: welcome. thank you. very kind. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i appreciate it. i hope i don't disappoint anybody. i'm a little bit off my game


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