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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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the breaking news we're following, fire investigators, police officers on the scene near 15th ave. and missouri. we just lost the shot so give me a couple of minutes. we are being told this is fire crews were called to the scene early this morning. we will get back to the scene as soon as i get another update from there. we will revisit that breaking news shortly. good morning everybody and welcome to our newscast. >> what we expect in the forecast today? >> last night we had some storms rolling into the valley. this morning all dry. when you head out plan on dry conditions and mild temperatures
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the temperature is running hotter than yesterday at this time. something else to know, the dewpoint is in the mid-60s. you will see more humidity and the monsoon moisture working back into our state. with that will come storm chances and the threat of dust later on. we will talk about that. today's high not as hot as yesterday, but still 105. we will break down the storm chances in a few minutes. seventh street and thomas. police officers are on the scene. the call came out around 12:45 this morning as an assault call. when we got there we learned this was a home invasion. two wightman -- white men kicked in an apartment door. one was armed with a baseball bat and the other handgun. the man with the baseball bat hit the victim on the head. he received a really bad cut
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to the hospital. the woman involved, the victim, she was not injured. the suspect is between the ages of 20 and 30. all they took was a wallet. it is unclear if the couple was targeted. police say this may have been random. detectives were interviewing the couple overnight. this is an active investigation and we will revisit that but i get an update. in the gop county recorders race. she was a woman to blame for all of the long lines during the presidential preference election in march. purcell about 350 votes behind aaron flanery at this hour. purcell had held onto that job since 1988 and was going for her eighth term. >> another race, involving the mayor of glendale. less than 200 votes between a,
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verdict. they have been dealing with turmoil over the arizona coyotes. donald trump will be here in the valley this evening. phil lopes from peoria will kick things off at 5:00. followed by, doug ducey, sheriff joe arpaio, jeff dewitt, rudy giuliani, mike pence and the headliner is donald trump. sheriff arpaio saying he's excited to hear about trumps visit with mexico's president. >> i think the main thing is at least meet, have that meeting to talk. if there is any problems discuss it, work together and see what we can do for the good of both countries. >> we will have more on trumps visit with the mexican president in a moment. first, we are learning more about what donald trump might say tonight.
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and center in downtown phoenix. is expected to make one of his biggest speeches yet here in the valley. katie conner is joining us live with all the details. large crowds are expected. >> reporter: set up is underway right now at the phoenix convention center. we expect thousands of people to line up around this building. people wanting to learn more about trumps immigration plan and speech tonight. >> they are bringing drugs, crime, they are rapists and some, i assume, are good people. >> that was a hard stance trump took last year. now he appears to be backing down, saying he will be fair but immediately deport them -- illegal immigrants with criminal records. he also said he would introduce a monitoring system to make sure no one overstays their visa. james garcia says even if trump actually changes his policy it's too little too late.
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consistently to entrust latino voters to him, at least the vast majority of them. i think a change in policy now, some change in heart, is being regarded as disingenuous. >> >> reporter: garcia says you can expect a lot of protesters outside the convention center. you also mentioned before trump heads to phoenix he will meet with the mexican president. >> that's right. trump tweeting last night he expects does he accepted invitation to meet with the mexican president in mexico city. the mexican president tweeting he wants to promote mexico to the world and protect mexicans wherever they are. he both said trumping clinton had been invited for the meeting. hillary clinton's email back in the spotlight as the fbi says the agency will release a report that is sent to the justice department recommending no charges be filed against her. that report could come out as
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we will watch for that. in july james comey said clinton was, quote, extremely careless with sensitive emails though no charges were recommended. the decision to release that information comes after a number of requests have been filed by news organizations. this morning sen. john mccain is waking up a winner. he defeated his challenger in the senate primary and is looking toward the general election. let's get out to nick ciletti live at the secretary of state's office. what is mccain saying about the general election? >> reporter: even before yesterday's votes were counted he was confident about the primary and told me off-camera he was also confident about how things would fare in the general election. getting back to the primary, these are the latest numbers coming in from the arizona secretary of state's office. mccain at 52% and dr. kelly ward at 39%. this was billed as mccains
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if elected this will be his sixth term in office. that is something his opponents tried use against him. last night's campaign was optimistic. mccain is looking forward to the general election. >> you have given me a chance to continue serving arizona. thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: applies he said let's make it one more win. there are still some races that have not been decided, especially a congressional race. we will look at that coming up. >> while mccains race was cut and dry not all the races are that simple. stay up-to-date with results as they come in. stick with us here or head to abc switching gears, a suspect on the run after an armed robbery near 19th ave.
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pistol whipped -- a street vendor pistol whipped. a fire shot at the ground. no one was hurt. no more than the pistol whipping. there is no description of the suspect. if you know what happened contact police. a pair of big mouth burglars on the run. we showed you this heist a couple of weeks ago as they collected $30,000 worth of stuff from this arcadia house. one of them kept partner in crime, saying his name over and over, michael, michael. one of our viewers like police to this man, michael heinz. turns out he could be connected to several other home burglaries. his accomplice is still out there. if you can help catch-up call phoenix police. officials say a top spokesperson from isis is dead.
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inspecting military operations in syria. the us admits to targeting him in an airstrike yesterday but it is unclear if ours was the one that killed him. isis says it is determined to seek revenge. he was part of a terror group from the beginning and was believed to be the group's next leader. time for the forecast. parts of the valley got a few >> toe showers and thunderstorms yesterday. that creeping into the state. now we are getting more. you can see it in the green as we look at the moisture starting to move back in that means the storm chances are back in the forecast today. as we head into this afternoon watch for storms moving off the higher terrain and into the phoenix metro. the dust threat will be there and the timing is this afternoon into the evening. it could be just as you are
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temperature-wise, sitting at 87 now. today's high warms up to 105. not as hot as yesterday with temperatures trending down from here forward. we will talk about that coming up next. the freeways look picture- perfect. we are seeing all green on all of the valley freeways, including the 10. an 11 minute desert drive time heading from 75th ave. to the mini stack. i want to give you a look at state route 51. this is at glendale in the distance it looks like there is some minor restrictions on the northbound on ramp. something to look out for. we will have a look at i-17 next. do you have an old bicycle sitting around? sick -- consider donating it to a kid in foster care. we're teaming up with earnhardt ottosen year's for the annual recycle your bicycle campaign. you can help by dropping off your old bikes at any of 20 different earnhardt locations,
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to help fix up the bikes. you can find the full list on abc chicago's police chief cracking down on six of his own after an officer involved shooting there. history in the making. the first flight to head to cuba in more than 50 years. sun devil stadium is gearing up for the season opener against nau.
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welcome back. this is us 60 looking good this morning. this is right at gilbert road. no problems either direction.
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look at the desert drive time's and what you can expect for you hit the road. a brand-new wildfire burning in california. this is the bogard fire that started new riverside. it has burned about 1000 acres so far. earlier about 700 people had to evacuate, everyone is back in their homes this morning. crew -- crews had this fire about 10% contained. they have de human caused. crews believe they can have the cedar fire contained by september 10. it is only growing by couple of hundred acres by the past few days and crews now have 70% containment. the cause of this fire is under investigation. it was ohio first and then indiana and west virginia, now two dozen heroin overdoses are reported in louisville kentucky and one night. just one night. a doctor at one hospital saw it
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he is calling this a public health emergency because he says even a small amount of that drug is making patients lose consciousness. that chicago police chief is now looking to fire all six officers involved in the deadly shooting of a black teenager in 2014. dash cam video shows an officer shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald 16 times. that officer is now facing a first- degree murder charge and officers fired for giving false statements during the investigation. this comes out of chicago, one of the most violent months into decades. >> it's hard to get your mind around these numbers. in the nation's third-largest city they had 81 murders this month so far. the highest murder toll chicago has seen in a single month in 20 years. october 1996 they had 85 killings. the latest victim is a 16-year- old boy shot of monday hanging out with a friend. usa today reporting chicago has week courted more murders this summer the new york and los
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according to police data there have been more than 462 murders in that city this year. a small plane crashes into an rv park in sparks nevada just as it was getting ready to land. the single-engine aircraft went down to less than a mile from the runway. no one on the ground was hurt. we don't have 4-d on how many people were on board at the time. the ntsb is taking over the investigation. pickup the tablet more than $2.2 million in legal fees in the ongoing flint water crisis. a bit of rick snyder notifying state officials of the additional spending. so far taxpayers have paid $1.4 million. that's not to fix the water, that's just legal fees. the first flight from the us to cuba in more than 50 years is scheduled to depart at 6:45 this morning. the jetblue flight is heading from fort lauderdale florida to
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flight between cuba and the united states was back in 1962. the ap is reporting more than 400 flights per week will now connect the united states and cuba. that is another step for the obama administration fulfilling a promise to connect the countries. that's interesting stuff. people are getting ready to board. the wait for the first game of the season just got longer. saturdays game at sun devil st if you're heading to the game asu is of lamenting new rules when it comes to bags. they will now follow the same guidelines as the nfl, only clear bags or small clutches allowed. keep that in mind. prime time is a was better. speaking of prime time, don't miss more preseason action as the denver broncos head to glendale tomorrow to take on the cardinals in the final
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our exclusive coverage starts thursday at 6:00. kickoff is at 6:30 right here on abc 15. let's talk about the most accurate forecast. you will feel some changes outside. you'll notice mostly clear skies . right now the sun is still not out, it doesn't come up until six:02. when it does we will notice it on the valley can. little warmer and more humid. starting with temperatures around 2 degrees warmer than yesterday as we sit in the mid to upper 80s in much of the valley this morning. not as many 70s. mesa is the only spot in the upper 70s along with maricopa to the south. the rest of us sitting at 82. scottsdale 88. levine in the upper 80s.
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i think the temperatures will drop a little bit over the next few hours. we will get a little cooler. overall, it will be a milder start as you head out. we have some light breeze. right now between 5-10 miles an hour across much of the valley. plan on wind between 5-15 miles an hour across the valley. mostly sunny skies, mild temperatures and eluded humid as monsoon moisture moves back in. this afternoon hot and humid. no temperatures hit 107 yesterday in phoenix. today i'm going with 105. with the humidity, the increase in monsoon moisture the threat for storms is there with possibly some dust in time for the evening commute the monsoon
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but moving back into the state. storm chances will go up. especially across southeast arizona with a chance for storms along the rim. future cast will show you the storms get going along the rim first and in the southeast pocket of the state. by late afternoon they could start getting closer to the valley, possibly moving into the phoenix metro. there is a slight chance. overnight we will watch for a stray shower developing, especially after midnight into early tomorrow morning with more chances for storms tomorrow. tomorrow looks like a better rain date for the phoenix metro and storms develop along the rim and could me by friday morning a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. and isolated threat going into friday afternoon. along with the rain chances and the gusty wind we could get with any storms we will have to watch for the dust threat later today with storms to the southeast that could send gusty wind our way. the dust threat is there, especially heading into this evening. temperature-wise, i mentioned we won't be as hot today. as the moisture moves in the
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the temple continue to drop. by tomorrow low 100s. low 100s friday and then drying out heading into the weekend. we will talk more about the hour by hour storm chance breakdown in a few minutes. the north valley should find pretty nice sweeps. if you're traveling on the 101 across the 17 and 51 i don't the 17 southbound, you're looking at about a 16 minute desert drive time starting at the 101 to the i-10 stack. we will have another look at i- 10 in the west valley in a couple of minutes. a valley home damaged during the neighbors remodeling? coming up joe lets you know how the owner is working to get it fixed. we are seeing the big winner in district 5. we are taking a closer look at the
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google maybe challenging uber. >> it has started sort of a ride sharing service in san francisco, available through its ways app. it links passengers with drivers heading in the same direction. >> no word if they could spend outside the bay area. there also racing to develop driverless cars. the iphone seven coming out next month with no headphone jack. what to do with the headphones >> you can use this, the bluetooth audio adapter that lets you connect a conventional set of headphones to a smart phone with no headphone jack. the price? about $20. >> a dream come true for couch potatoes. a new papa john's app lets you order pizza directly from your apple tv. >> dominoes and samsung already have a similar system that dominoes is offering a 25% discount. >> those are your tech bytes.
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we told you they would happen, two career fairs going on. one at the shared in mesa hotel. that is in wrigley bill was. the phoenix career fail -- career fair can be found on our website, abc many fans are upset over the death of jaun gabriele. he was supposed to perform in
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we have confirmed if you bought tickets for his concert you can get a refund. it has to be arranged through your ticket seller. she was and latin artist that died too soon, selena is now moralized at madam tussauds in hollywood. portrayed by jennifer lopez in the hollywood film. her family revealed the statue to a group of cheering fans. on good morning america dierks bentley and keith urban will announce for the cma awards. is the 50th anniversary of the event and heirs right here on abc 15 november 2. temperatures today will be hot, although not as hot as yesterday. storm chances and dust chances going up. i will break down the forecast. we're getting word a united airlines flight has made an emergency landing in a dozen people are taken to the hospital. we will explain why next. we're back with more results and here he from
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coming up where donald trump is going before he stops in downtown phoenix. plus, less than 1000 votes separate the top two candidates in the race for district 5. we are taking a closer look at those numbers.
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clear skies, but still warm. >> a little warmer than the last few mornings. the humidity is also creeping back up. let's talk about the forecast. we are tracking changes as the monsoon moisture makes a return . right now it's hard to see the mostly clear skies, but it is mostly clear. this unofficially comes up an hour in two minutes from now. once the sun comes up you will see those mostly clear you will feel the humidity. we are in the mid-80s right now at phoenix sky harbor. i mentioned, and we were talking about it feeling warmer when you step outside. by this afternoon the heat is kicking up. we will hit a high of 105. that is lower than yesterday. with the increasing monsoon moisture the storm chances gradually going back up. i


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