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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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heading south of the border. this morning we have a preview of what you should. >>. brand-new video coming in from tucson. a locked down just lifted after a shooting outside of the hospital. what we are just now learning. let's get the forecast. this is mostly clear skies. as you head out the door you will feel mild temperatures and a little bit of humidity as we see the monsoon moisture gradually increase around state. nice and dry with mostly sunny skies. 85 degrees now at phoenix sky harbor. today heating up into the triple digits, the warm up is a little slower than yesterday. by lunchtime we make it into the hundreds. not before their fifth most the clear skies through lunchtime and a few more clouds this afternoon. we had the threat of storms and dust. i will break down the hour by hour storm cast next. the two slow spots will be
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>> on the 10 and the 17. taking a look at the 10 in the west valley you are seeing those back to loop 101. is continues all the way to the tunnel. on i-17 slow southbound near camelback. a nine minute desert drive time on i-17 southbound until you hit the split. around seventh avenue it does ease up. i'm hearing of a car fire on loop 101. and try to get more the next. as you wake up with us ballots are being counted in the arizona primaries. >> one race is still too close to call in congressional district 5. nick ciletti is life with details.>> reporter: we just checked the secretary of state's website and so far it looks like christine jones is ahead by about 900 votes. nobody officially declared the winner yet.
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right now we have christine jones coming in with about 30% of the vote followed by andy biggs at 29%. digs is not conceding right now. last night tears and smiles as christine jones thanked her supporters. she has billed as the answer to establishment politics. she says she will take that all the way to dc. >> it's time for fresh thinking and the outsid perspective to have successful people who have things in their life to say maybe there is a different way we can support a conservative policy agenda. >> i put up christine jones is twitter and she has not tweeted anything out either. we will keep a close eye on that. we are also watching another race in arizona that is making national headlines. i will have those figures coming up in the next half hour. we have to talk about
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pinal county sheriff has beaten his competition. each about 10 points behind in that race. we are hearing from sheriff belle view about his victory. here's what he had to say. >> i'm elated. this is a convincing win. when you look at all of the tabulations of votes, to come out so strong in pima county and pinal county, to have such a the majority of votes are, this is where i have served. people who know me best. >> also a few local races that are too close to call. the race involving the mayor of glendale. less than 200 votes between incumbent jerry wires and challenger mark burdick. wire and other dealers have been dealing with the turmoil in recent years over dealings with the arizona coyotes. and east valley jeff dialed is more than 1000 votes
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this race took a nasty turn. mostly due to unanswered questions about dials military record. a close race there. returning to the waits for the right house. donald trump has a busy day. he will head to mexico to meet with their president. he will then head north to phoenix to deliver a big speech . katie conner is live outside the phoenix convention center. ground zero where they will have a speech. what should we expect today? >> reporter: a lot of pe even donald trump tweeted that the demand is unreal. we expect thousands of people to be lined up outside the phoenix convention center in a few hours. the doors open at 3:00 and the rally starts at 6 pm. tonight he will focus on immigration. he initially took a hard line on issue, but now he appears to be backing off. governor ducey will introduce trump tonight. will be the first time to see
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recent polls show trump and clinton are neck and neck here in arizona. the last democrat to win arizona in a presidential election was bill clinton back in 1996. security will be very tight this afternoon. you can expect a lot of supporters and protesters. we will watch for any protests outside the trump ra this was the scene last night in washington state as dozens of people took to the streets at a trump event. we're learning it was peaceful for the most part. only two people were arrested for disorderly conduct. breaking news coming in. an update, brand-new video coming in of the scene where a shooting took place outside tucson medical center. police say a woman who was reportedly shot near the garage area, the hospital place on
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that was lifted around midnight. the victim was taken to another hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. it is unknown if the woman was an employee, a visitor or a patient. new 59th ave. we have delays. is all dry in the valley and in the state right now. storm chances are going up. i will show you what hazards to look out for and we will talk te double trouble. hawaii on high alert as two hurricanes head toward the big island. will they make landfall? chris brown now out of jail
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we have an update on the future of macy's. we're learning and the department store will wait until after the holidays to announce which locations are closing. we know 100 across the will close. we do not know where. we reported this month the macy's at the tucson mall could close. that store looking for ways to save money. a lot of people are shopping online. we have been waiting for the sun all morning. it is up and we're looking at mostly clear skies across the phoenix metro. a nice-looking start to our wednesday morning. it doesn't feel as cool out there as it has the last few mornings.
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i'm showing you the temperatures and the dew points. the monsoon moisture has started to go back up. the dew points are starting to climb. in the mid-50s to upper 50s in some spots. what that means is you will feel the milder temperatures when you step out and also more humidity. that humidity is sticking around through the day today. temperatures will get hot. we will be back in the 100th this afternoon. unlike yesterday the warm up will be a little bit slower today. the 100s will hold off about lunchtime. 85 now. warming to 89 by 8:00. mid-90s by 10 am. 101 by noon. today's high temperature of 105 puts us 1 degree above the 30 year average and a couple of degrees lower than what we saw yesterday. temperatures are trending down as the monsoon moisture gradually goes back up the
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will show you the storm chances in just a few minutes. i told you about reports of a car fire on loop 101 in scottsdale. it looks like it is near raintree. it looks like the flames are now out. that is southbound on the 101 traffic is still very light. the entire east valley seeing no delays right now on th60 101 or the 10. the 10 in the west valley will have heavy delays your 83rd 2 75th ave. as you make your way inbound isis is vowing revenge after its spokes man is killed in a us-led airstrike. new concerns with the zika alert. more cases being reported in one part of the country. from delivering headlines to making the headlines.
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take a look, this is on the i-10 tempe is the area. you can see to the east the sun is up and it is 85. a warm start to the day. it will get warmer as a line drive heads around the broadway curve. we will get to the most accurate forecast. first, the live desk with chris with news. >> let's talk about national securi. the us is closely monitoring the situation overseas with a major blow to isis. a prominent face to the terror group confirmed dead in a coalition airstrike. the man died in syria. he was a founding member of isis and served as its chief spokesperson and is known for calling on wolf -- lone wolf styles in the west.
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control throughout iraq. new developers in the arrest of chris brown. the singer was released on $250,000 bail he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after a woman called lapd claiming he pulled a gun on her. the singer denied the allegations and went off on instagram while police were searching his home. >> barricaded myself and my house? have you seen my house? i'm going to barricade myself, i'm not coming out. >> this isn't the first legal trouble for brown. he was convicted in 2009 for assaulting rihanna. brown is due in court in three weeks. the threat of the zika virus is growing. the state is confirming three brand-new cases in the miami area. we're learning starting on sunday all the parks in florida, including walt disney world, universal and sea world will start offering free mosquito repellant.
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the same thing. >> scary video out of this scene in new york. at least 10 people injured after a ferry collided with a group of kayakers on the hudson river. we learned in why petey is looking into whether or not the sun played a factor in the crash by blinding the driver. the kayakers had to be pulled from the water. most were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. one person in critical condition with serious injuries to his arm. the attorney general's office is taking action again after our investigation into ada lawsuits. the agent asked a judge to consolidate every open case filed by a controversial group called advocates for individuals with disabilities. if the judge oks this ag plans to try to dismiss all of the
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we have discovered the group filed more than 1700 cases this year. an update on the freeway shooting case with dps confirming a reward is no longer on the table. the reward used to be $50,000. the prime suspect cleared of all charges so they saved them money is not available anymore. dps still wants you to contact them if you have any tips. good news on the valley dog held for ransom. he is back home with his owner. we told you about the story kidnapped the dog and started sending texts and demanding money. have your helped crack this case by tipping off police in phoenix. thank you so much for being vigilant. the dog's owner tells us he doesn't want to press charges, he just wanted his dog back. we are on hurricane watch. two different hurricanes threatening hawaii. the category one storm madalyn could hit the island as early as tomorrow. forecasters say it should pass
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even a small change in course could be a direct hit. hurricane lester is expected to weaken to a tropical storm for hitting hawaii. president obama is expected to visit oahu this week. the white house says he doesn't intend to change his plans. that is something we will keep an eye on. for those of you getting ready to head out let's check in with the most accurate forecast. increased moisture around the state. yesterday we had there is more moving in from the southeast. that move -- that means the storm chances are going up. at least a slight chance in all of these areas highlighted in green for a storm. the best potential is along the rim and across southeast arizona. for the phoenix metro that means the chance for storms could move off the higher terrain and also a dust threat. it will feel more humid to muggy today. not just today, even into
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moisture concerns. -- returns. watch for the clouds to build up north and northeast of the valley. also, watch for storms to the southeast for those storms to the southeast will slowly track north. they could bring the gusty wind and the dust into the valley by this evening. chance of rain is there as storms could move off the higher terrain and into the phoenix metro. a slight chance of that happening. like yesterday, we will have to keep a close eye on to it going into tonight a slight chance of a shower after midnight into very early tomorrow morning. a better chance of rain storms tomorrow afternoon. those could move off the rim into the valley. by friday morning a chance for wet weather. and then storm chances slowly drop through the day on friday. drier air by the weekend. as you plan the next few days
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forecast going into later today. partly cloudy skies later today with a high of 105. temperatures trending down over the next few days with more monsoon moisture. it will feel more muggy. drying out just in time the labor day weekend with temperatures below average. i'm hearing the new crash on i-10 in the west valley is westbound i-10. this is just past loop 101 near avondale. we will try to get you more details. it sounds like only the hov lane is open on i-10 westbound past the 101. in eastbound direction we are seeing delays right now, about an 18 minute desert drive time. it starts new 75th ave. and that takes you to the mini stack even though the speeds are easing up at about the tunnel. i want to look at the north
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, traveling eastbound, is superheavy. that continues to about 35th ave. the next couple of minutes you could see some delays there. we will get more details on the back crash on the i-10 in the west valley next. when bluebell ice cream returns to arizona it will bring a new flavor. >> i love bluebell. there was major controversy surrounding the plan but they posted saying the newest flavor will be announced tomorrow. will also find out where they will ship that. lubell is slowly reintroducing the ice cream following a recall braked -- linked to a listeria outbreak last year. if you're itching for the fall flavors you are in luck. >> pumpkin spice latte will be available at mcdonalds starting today. no word on when starbucks will
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was september 8. >> it's august. it's still august. >> i know. we are all waiting for fall temperatures. >> bring it on. the search is happening right now for a thug who attacked a street vendor. a street vendor trying to make a few bucks. he was pistol whipped. we will take you to the scene and let you know what investigators are looking for. the american flag band at a football game? it's true. has nothing to do with the colin kaepernick controversy. explaining the recent rash of big snakes on the loose in
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if we mentioned the flag and football you'll probably think about the colin kaepernick controversy. >> the most recent thing at the top of her mind. a new issue playing out in oklahoma. students at one high school sick out last friday night's game because -- kicked out of last friday's game because they were caring an american flag. some students were puzzled by this decision. >> the flag being a symbol of
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kind of a double standard. >> we don't know if the students will bring the flags to the next game. i say as long as you're not blocking anyone's view. something very odd is slithering around scottsdale. >> three things. three big snakes found near old town. the time -- the kind of along the rain forest. one woman found a 7 foot long bala while taking out the garbage. two burmese pythons were also found at the same spot recently. experts think somebody probably owns them and is not doing a good job of taking care of them. >> my personal opinion is somebody's not securing the cages. somebody has done a poor job of securing their animals. >> if found the snakes owner could be fined. what started as a fight leads to a fire investigation. wait until you hear what one guy did after losing a fight to his neighbors.
6:27 am
celebrating a win. it was a bigger one than a lot of people expected. we are looking at those numbers. still have a near 83rd. westbound past the 101 a really bad crash. i will give you a smart route to get around that. most accurate forecast, warming into the triple digits
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a couple sitting on the couch, the next thing you know people are kicking down the door. we are on the scene at this home invasion in phoenix. donald trump has a big speech tonight in downtown phoenix. we will have an update on the security of this event. a bad crash on i-10 in the west valley. this is a picture from adot, i- 10 westbound, westbound at avondale boulevard. past loop
6:30 am
jackknifed tractor-trailer and a couple of cars involved. let's have a closer look on i- 10 westbound at avondale boulevard. to avoid that mcdowell and van buren are your best options. only the hov lane is cloven. so it will be extremely slow and the delays will get worse. the rest of the valley not doing too bad. we will have a clo couple of minutes. we have some video from the latest monsoon storm. it was brief but powerful. in scottsdale trees uprooted, power lines down near indian school. crews working through the night to make repairs. parts of the valley dealing with a lot of dust, wind. look at this. we think our viewer for doing the right thing, d oswald
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i have to tell you, yesterday was the nicest ring, i got a text on my phone and i were said heads up, i live in the east valley and there is some stuff coming your way. >> the monsoon moisture is increasing. we talked about the dust threat yesterday. today it's there again today and also the chance of storms this is warning nothing to slow you down. all clear anal you can see we have mostly clear skies. 85 degrees is the temperature. as the humidity increases with the monsoon moisture you will feel it. the humidity is sticking around through the afternoon as temperatures heat up into the hundreds. not as hot as yesterday, up to 105 in phoenix. a chance of storms and dust. i will show you when to expect the biggest threat and what hazards to look out for through the afternoon. plus, the weekend forecast coming up.
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seventh street and thomas. police officers were on the scene quickly. the call came out around 1 am. we have learned two white men kicked in an apartment door. they were armed with a baseball bat and a gun. inside a man and woman were sitting on the couch and the victim was hit on the head with the baseball bat and received a cut. the woman was not injured. 20-30. all they got away with was a wallet. it is unclear if the couple was targeted. it appears it may be random. detectives were interviewing the couple this morning. when i get an update i will let you know. a car fire investigation that is unique. this is near 15th ave. and missouri. officers on the scene telling us two guys got into an argument. one grabbed some gasoline and
6:33 am
firestarter leaves that car and sets a fire under random balcony. the fire on the balcony was quickly put out. no injuries to report. that could have been really bad. the firestarter was taken into custody and could face charges including arson. sen. john mccain looking ahead to the november general election after defeating his challenger in the senate primary. nick ciletti is the state capital. what is sen. mccain saying?>> reporter: i have to say, he was very confident yesterday and very confident this morning talking about going ahead with the general election. he thinks he can win this. mccain coming in at 52% of the vote. that is compared to kelly words 39%. she tried to put up a good fight, but he did have that
6:34 am
this is mccain's toughest primary battle yet. he wins handily. if elected it looks like this will be his sixth term in office. that is something his opponents were trying to use against him, also saying he was too old to be an office. it looks like it was mccain they came out victorious. >> you have given me a chance to continue serving arizona thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> [ applause ]>> reporter: after that applies he said let's go ahead and make this one more win in the general election. less than 10 weeks away. we will have to see what happens. a developing story in the race for maricopa county recorder, this one is still too close to call with helen purcell.
6:35 am
challenger aarons flannery. purcell has had that job since 1988 but was widely criticized for the voting problems during the presidential preference election earlier this year. the problems keep coming for election officials. a lot of people had to refresh the website last night. no word on why but probably so many people trying to check results. sheriff joe arpaio handily de chief dan sabin. sheriff arpaio will head to a rematch with paul pan zone in november. speaking of, sheriff arpaio will be speaking tonight at donald trump's rally at the phoenix convention center. >> before delivering his immigration speech he will meet with the mexican president. katie conner is live with what we can expect. >> reporter: right now the
6:36 am
behind me the doors don't open until 3:00 this afternoon. at 5 pm representative bill logan will speak followed by gov. doug ducey. sheriff arpaio and former mayor rudy giuliani. tonight trouble focus on immigration. initially took a hard stance on the issue, but now many seams -- say he seems to be backing off. doors open at 3 pm. we already have two people lining up outside. >> he is an awesome man. i support him from living in new york until now. i always wanted him to run for president and it's happening. >> we talked with several grassroots organizations, there will be plenty of protesters outside the phoenix convention center. if you're heading out this afternoon make sure you show up early. you can also buy your tickets online.
6:37 am
hillary clinton will be in cincinnati today speaking at a private fundraiser for the american legion convention. meantime, the fbi could release its report on her email scandal as early as today. the decision to release information comes after a number of requests have been filed in multiple news organizations. chris just got his hands on a new poll. let's talk about image. how do you view clinton? how do you view trump? favorably? unfavorably? a new poll out from the washington post and abc news, this is among registered voters , this is for hillary clinton. unfavorable, 59%. but, as for donald trump, unfavorable with the voters, 60%. it turns out they are now that get back. i think everybody can agree, there is an image problem. that is brand-new information talking about the election cycle among voters.
6:38 am
care for. now to the current president, president obama will stop in lake tahoe and will participate in the 20th annual lake tahoe environmental summit. is expected to proclaim his commitment to protect the lake tahoe environment. it has recently been threatened by drought and erosion. phoenix police on hunt for a suspect who pistol whipped a street vendor. he was trying to make a few bucks. 19th ave. and cactus. the vendor was hit in the back of the head. officer say the robber got away with $100. no great description to pass along. we could get an update at any second. new information on the fundraiser held for a little girl hit by that phoenix pole cruiser. we now know $6000 was raised last night. that money will go
6:39 am
vanessa and her family. the three-year-old remains in the hospital and will likely be there for months as she tries to recover. new information about a pair of bigmouthed burglars. we showed you this high's a couple of weeks ago. these guys took off with $30,000 worth of stuff from a house in arcadia. one saying his partner's name over and over. one of our viewers took action and led police to michael heinz. he could be connecte accomplice is still out there. if you have any information to help track him down call phoenix police. waking up to mostly clear skies. dry weather in the valley. nothing to slow you down as far as the weather. a little warm, 85. also humid. it is dry in the valley and across the state for now. storm chances are going up
6:40 am
they are getting higher in spots across the state, including in the valley. i have highlighted those areas where we will watch for the initial storm development. the areas from flagstaff to the white mounds, but also across south a -- southeast arizona. the valley will have to wait until this afternoon and evening to see the potential of storms moving off the higher terrain or the threat of dust with any developing storms to the southeast. a lot to watch out for. the best bet might be to keep t when we see anything heading our way we will let you know. storm chances kicking up this afternoon. that 10% chance moving off the higher terrain in time for the evening commute. we will talk temperatures next. we have some hot spots scattered throughout the valley. the worst of it will be i-10 westbound near avondale
6:41 am
blocking most of the lanes of traffic. it is a back up almost to the 101. we have a crew on the way and we will get you live pictures as soon as we can. van buren and mcdowell could be good options. the north valley is slowing down as well with a 11 minute desert drive time from the 17 to the 51. in the east valley the 10 is slowing down at about taylor boulevard. this is at chandler boulevard, very heavy traffic to road. a little better than the 10, but still heavy delays. we will have a look at i-17 next. do you see that jetblue plane? this is a big deal. this plane will make a historic flight, the first one to cuba in decades. several decades. vladamir putin arrested in the us? it's not what you think.
6:42 am
becomes the news story. you have to see this.
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6:44 am
welcome back. we have a look at the abc 15 live drive on i-10 headed to that really bad crash on i-10 westbound near avondale boulevard. we will get live pictures from the scene. only the hov lane is open right
6:45 am
i will give you the smart routes to get around that mess in a few minutes. happening now, the final moments before this plane departs tampa. this is interesting. this is the first commercial flight from the us to cuba that will take off soon. this is out of florida. the jetblue flight traveling from fort lauderdale to cuba be the first regularly scheduled flight between the united states and cuba american airlines begins flight on september 7. this morning vladamir putin is waking up in a florida jail. yes, it's true. were not talking about the russian president, we're talking about this vladimir putin who is a resident of west palm beach florida. this one was working -- is threatening his coworkers at a
6:46 am
charges of resting -- trespassing and resisting an officer. a louisiana photographer being called a hero after saving a pregnant woman from a burning car. >> i saw this video earlier. amazing. the whole thing caught on camera. the newsgroup was on their way to a story in baton rouge when i saw a car on fire. the woman behind the wheel lost control and smashed into a tree and couldn't get out. the photographer came to the rescue and carried her to safety. he says he didn't and twice. cover stories like this and never be a part of the story. we are human first. we tell the story second. >> the driver was taken to the hospital in stable condition. her unborn baby is also okay. he put that into perspective, so often we had to the scenes and you're not a part of it, but he jumped right in there. >> the new spokes are
6:47 am
congratulations to them. an update from the brazilian president. they are expected to have their final vote today. one of the images coming out, this is a major paper in brazil, the blue squares are the senators in favor of impeachment at last check. that number was 50. they need 54 in order to vote her out. she was suspended in april, accused of fudging the numbers in the federal budget to maintain spending and boost her own support. asu fans, saturday's game has been flexed to 8 pm on the pack 12 network. they will open at home against in a you. asu is now implementing some new rules when it comes to bags. they will now follow the same
6:48 am
bags or small clutches only. those players applying for roster spots on the cardinals, the denver broncos heading to glenn dale tomorrow to take on the cardinals. is the final preseason game of the year. our coverage begins tomorrow evening at 6:00. kickoff at 6:30 right here on abc 15. college football, almost the regular season of football. now if we could only get some fall like temperatures. not the case. temperatures today will be a little lower than yesterday with more monsoon moisture. right now we are sitting at 85. today's warm up is a little slower than yesterday. yesterday we hit the triple digits before lunchtime. today i think we will wait until about noon to make it into the hundreds. we will stay in the hundreds through the afternoon into the early evening. you'll notice the temperature up to 98 by 11:00.
6:49 am
105 today. still hot going into the 4:00 hour. storm chances will also kick up by this afternoon and into the evening. we will have to watch for storms moving off the higher terrain and the threat of dust today. be on the lookout for that. tomorrow a better bet for rain chances in the valley. those chances continuing overnight into friday morning. a slight chance of storms friday afternoon and then drying o weekend. the best storm potential is southeast arizona and along the rim. temperatures will drop a few more degrees over the next few days. i high of 103 by saturday. i will take the liberty outlook in a few minutes. here is another look at the crash on i-10 westbound at avondale. still only the hov lane is open. we have an update, there are injuries. we don't know the extent of the injuries, but it is a
6:50 am
it is a bad crash with delays starting around 99th ave. just past the 101. to get around it you want to hop on well before avondale and use mcdowell or van buren and take dysart -- excuse me, dysart to west 10. even if the eastbound direction you are very slow as well. the rest of the valley, delays most of it is looking great. this is the the i-10 stack. you will see heavy delays there as well. an appeal on the way over that decision to allow construction of the loop 202 extension. the proposed southbound freeway. it would be built next to tribal land. the gila river indian community council doesn't want that to
6:51 am
decision to move forward with construction. the council feels the project would desecrate sacred land. we have to talk about these tight races. still votes being tallied. we will address every close race with the newest numbers coming
6:52 am
6:53 am
we have the top stories starting with a traffic alert. a really bad crash on i-10 westbound at avondale boulevard. all lanes of traffic except the hov lane are close. the looks like a jackknifed
6:54 am
driver is en route to this crash -- live drive is en route to this crash. we will have a look at the smart route in a moment. i'm live in downtown phoenix where's we -- where secret service is getting ready to sweep the convention center behind me. donald trump will speak tonight on immigration. thousands are expected to be inside and outside of his rally tonight. the doors open at 3 pm and i'm live at the state capital. we know the arizona secretary of state's office is trying to finalize the results of a number of key races from yesterday's primary, including the congressional race for district 5 in the republican primary. right now christine jones is leading that raise but only about 900 votes. those results have not been finalized yet. andy biggs has not declared
6:55 am
know a winner has not been declared yet. as soon as one is count on us to let you know the exact results. that race and so many more that are still too close to call. live at the state capital with abc 15. -- in the race for maricopa county recorder this one is still close to call. longtime incumbent helen frizzell is about 350 votes behind aaron flanery right now.
6:56 am
but was widely criticized for voting issues during the presidential preference election. the heated battle over corporation commission making headlines because of utilities and solar interests going head- to-head. bob burns and andy tobin are the top two vote getters and will advance to the general election for sure. the third place on the ballot appears to be going to boyd done. movie fans, you can breathe a sigh of relief because hot off the pr has locked down the oscars through 2028. announcement was made this morning. they are already signed through 2020 and decided to tack on eight more years. you can see the oscars right here on abc 15 in february. let's look at the forecast. over the next few days storm chances are back. today we could see dust. keep the abc 15 mobile app handy because we will alert you of anything heading our way that i
6:57 am
today. the good news is for labor day weekend we are drying out and staying in the low 100s. find a different route than i-10 westbound. use mcdowell or van buren because of this crash at avondale and then dysart to i- 10 westbound. still slowing valley wide. i-10 eastbound at 75th ave.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump's surprise, heading to mexico to meet with their president who's compared him to hitler and mussolini just hours before a major speech on immigration. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. >> the clinton campaign fires back this morning. >> thank you. >> breaking right now, emergency landing. a united airlines flight taking off from texas hitting severe turbulence. ambulances on the tarmac. at least 16 people rushed to the hospital. hurricane watch. florida's gulf coast bracing for a developing tropical storm with heavy rain, winds up to 70 miles an hour and a pair of hurricanes barreling towards hawaii. schools closing, windows boarded up preparing for massive waves and mudslides. and singer chris brown arrested after a bizarre


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