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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> he was a good person, that was someone's son and brother. tonight a family asking everyone to hold back their judgment for the man shot and killed by police during the wild pursuit we've been tracking. >> and we now know who he is. steven delrio, and he's a career criminal. >> navideh forghani is live
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end. >> reporter: no movement here, you can see the i-10 and baseline still shut down as police investigate, but there's been a lot of movement in the investigation so far. delrio just got out of prison, and you'll hear from his family who really hoped he'd turn his life around. >> steven chose a day like this to do whatever it is he did. >> reporter: decisions ultimately leading him to point a gun at officers, and we're now learning th fired at the suspect, killing him, and hours later his family not blaming police for making that choice. >> i understand why they did it, you know. >> they're doing their job, and, you know people react differently to situations. when you're scared and there's all kind of stuff going on, you just react. >> reporter: officers chased him across the valley after he and top friends robbed a bank in avondale. >> i can't say i knew any of the people that he hung out
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group fired at avondale police before taking off. who the accomplices are, are a mystery tonight, but delrio has a violent history dating back to 2014. his rap sheet behind bars wasn't much better. he got out of prison three months ago, and his family, even his cousin a pastor, thought he changed. >> i knew he was right. >> reporter: ant fortunately he couldn't -- unfortunately he couldn't seem to stay out of trouble. >> i knew he was under the influence of the proper things, and seeking after righteousness and doing the right things he should have been doing, maybe this day would not have occurred. >> reporter: now another really big development happening now is we just learned the suspect and his two accomplices were linked to several other armed bank robberies in the area.
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>> thank you. to the point about delrio trying to turn his life around, he found out in jail he requested a pin pal, saying he was trying to better himself in the future. >> we watched the suspect toss the black bag of money out of the get away car in this alley, and now at 10:00 also in the bag was the suspect's cell phone. we're just being told his sister, the one seen close to the money drop is after being detained by police. she was questioned, not arrested. >> and here's where the cash came from. this credit union west in avondale. how much money we were don't know, but -- we don't know, but the guys marched in there with guns blazing. and live pictures from our adot camera, and no timetable for
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and a sizable outage in chandler, some 3,000 customers affected earlier today tonight big stores like wal-mart. also traffic delays stemming from the outage from queen creek to pecos. traffic was rerouted in a matter of hours. >> >. two words, hurricane newton. amber sullins has updates on the path, and newton is already causing problems. >> yeah it is, newton slamming resorts along the peninsula, making land fall as a category 1 storm. two people killed, another three missing as newton pelts the area near cabo with heavy rain, knocking down trees and knocking out power. tourists huddled in hotels tonight, and right now it's bringing the moisture and rain into southeast arizona, and there is a chance that this storm could move into east
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storm strength before it weakens into a tropical depression. if that happen it's going to be the sixth time on recorded history of arizona to ever see a tropical storm move into our state. we tap into a lot of that moisture down there, but as far as the tropical storm actually coming in, the last time it happened was 1997 with tropical storm nora that brought record breaking rain to the yuma area. tonight the flash flood watch for phoenix has been canceled, but areas to the east and southeast arizona still under the advisory until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. just within the past 10 minutes mcso's dive team wrapping up the search for a boater missing since sunday. he was with a group of friends and got left behind. next thing they know he was gone. crews used a sonar system and robot to search the murky waters. 50 of his family members are now in town hoping to find hope.
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still believe that he's alive and well somewhere, we just don't know where, and we're hoping and praying we can find him. >> the family put up posters around marinas and the lake to hopes it will help, and they're in touch with a psychic out of california hoping to shed light on the case. the battle to get to congress from the east valley taking a new turn. it started with the ballot, but now it moves to the fight between jones and biggs could go on for awhile. >> reporter: they're fighting to represent the east valley. parts of chandler, gilbert, down to queen creek, and the latest battle involving a lawsuit against the county elections has had a lot of stops and starts. it starts with jones giving a victory speech wednesday night, but then her opponent actually
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count was released this weekend. just were nine votes accept -- just nine votes separating them. now the jones' campaign says 300 voters' votes weren't counted, and they're asking a judge to make sure they're counted. >> our demommas is predicated -- democracy is predicated on the belief that every vote is counted. >> reporter: for since so few votes separate them. as far as the allegations of disenfranchisement, i spoke to the county elections department, and a spokesperson says they've fulfilled the public records request by the jones' campaign, and will work with jones' campaign lawyers as the lawsuit continues. >> thank you. they're fighting to get to washington, but those in congress are there right now in a bit of a stalemate.
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capitol hill. the first day back from vacation, the senate failing to pass a zika funding bill. the democrats blocked the measure because republicans tacked on new restrictions for planned parenthood. up for re-election, but also up for jail time? an update on the legal troubles for sheriff joe arpaio. abc 15 obtaining new court documents, the us department of justice asking for a status conference on the possible criminal charges. it's in the us attorney's hands on what to do from court orders arpaio ignored from a racial profile case. and you can bet his opponent will blast him over this. paul penzone doing it today questions his character. >> it's not to serve the sheriff or protect his reputation, it's to serve this community and protect our children and family. >> he's a former phoenix police sergeant. he lost to arpaio four years ago, but believes his chances
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endless possibilities, but in reality it should say the possibilities have ended. all itt campuses closing, including the three right here in the valley. the school blames the government and its sanctions. the school was pegged as a risk to students and taxpayers, so what now? what if you're a student or have one in your family? well all hope is not lost. abc 15 investigator joe ducey taking action to break your options for you, and first and foremost he says you can apply for a free loan forgiveness plan through the federal government. also he says make sure to get copies of our transcripts. right now you can still get them directly from the school, but no telling how long that will last. it's all on, just click on the let joe know sections. >> >. hundreds of miles away, but hitting close to home. a glendale man linked to a cold
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gonzalez was arrested on friday at his west valley apartment. dna evidence linking him to the death of a woman found in oklahoma last year. at the time gonzalez was a truck driver that frequently used that route. well; it was no accident, at least police are saying that after six people were sent to the hospital in yuma. as we first reported to you, two people now in custody after a driver allegedly tried to mow down a crowd of people in his car on saturday. and a 19-year-old. the two men were arrested. they got in a fight with two others, then jumped in the car and hit the people. a deadly combination, drunk, high, and driving. the woman admitting she hit and killed two people in masalas month. she just got out of hospital and made her first court appearance, and despite the
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prior arrests she was released until trial. now the families of victims starting a petition to put her back behind bars. even though construction is supposed to begin this month of the loop 202 south mountain freeway, adot facing another obstacle. a group filing an injunction to stop construction. and we're holding out hope tonight that a 2-year-old girl will be able to pull through after being pulled from a west we've been making calls all day waiting for an update. in last check she was in critical condition at pch after flown from a home. we'll keep you coasted. off the job -- posted. off the job, county workers fired or resigning after it was discovered he misused county computers, looking at porn sites and watching netflix. now protocols are now in place
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employees with access. dirty dentist on the run, and the reason cops can't find her might feel like a root canal. she's holy, but apparently not to some high schoolers. the prank that could land some in big trouble. >> they'll speed around and stop in the middle of street.
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run.
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and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. sometimes pranks go too far, and that's what saying about what happened during and before a high school football game in the valley. >> that's right, last friday desert mountain visited notre dame prep in scottsdale, but before the game someone placed a hillary clinton mask over the statue of the virgin mary at the school's entrance, and attached a sex toy to the statue, and then during the game somebody dressed as jesus, and acted as a cheerleader on the field. >> the school district saying if any student is found
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>. a mystery finally solved after nearly three decades, but the answers don't ease the pain, only add to the sorrow over what happened to an 11- year-old boy. jacob wetterling. he disappeared in 1989, and finally today his killer confessing to the crime j days after leading police to his remains. he had to go into detail about what family just feet away. >> for us jacob was alive until we found him. >> he'll serve the next 20 years in prison. who's really responsible? a woman accused of running an illegal dental clinic worked police she'd go back to mexico
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no one took her passport, and now she's on the road. she was released after paying bond. she was supposed to surrender the passport at the next court date but of course never showed. now she's considered a fugitive. just nine weeks from now many of you will be voting to elect the next president, and it doesn't get much closer than this. trump at 45 percent, clinton at 43 percent, a virtual tie given the m both gearing up for the first presidential debate 20 days from now. less than a week after speaking at trump's rally, governor ducey putting distance between his ideas for immigration and trumps saying he doesn't believe it's necessary to build a wall along the border with mexico. he says he wants better security and enforcement, but believes technology could get the job done. she endorsed donald trump,
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could get her in trouble. she used the state e-mail, using state resources to influence an election can carry a very, very big fine, in fact it's up to a year in jail, but at this point it doesn't appear anyone is pressing for charges. pokemon go causing stop and go traffic problems in an unexpected spot. several gamers pulling over a quiet neighborhood near the loop 101 and 59th avenue, and it's been identified at a pretty hot spot for rare pokemon, some out there playing until sun rise >> i try to be a little more safe about it, and be aware of other people in the neighborhood and stuff like that, and try to be respectful of that, bullet there's the crazy people that speed around and stop in the middle of
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alerts. count it on one hand, just five days to go until the cardinals open the regular season, and several fans getting to meet favorite players in peoria. runningback david johnson one of the those there, and he's about to be a new dad. >> i've been reading books and stuff. she's a nurse, and she's been ready for a long time, so she'll have to help me along the way. >> no name picked out just yet for the baby, by the way proceeds during tonight's event go to the phoenix law enforcement association charity. we'll have more on sunday's big game later in sports. will it feel like football weather? >> or a hurricane? or somewhere in between. >> we have to get through one to get to the other. we have a lot to track, and here's the hurricane. down to the south hurricane newton, the outer rain bands pushing into southeast arizona tonight.
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our state. it's not going to hit arizona as a hurricane, but it could hit southeast arizona as a tropical storm, and here's the range of possibilities, all the different model spreads, each line depicting a different forecast model. looks like it will cruise into arizona as a tropical storm, and then weaken to a tropical depression pushing north and east. there's a slight chance it could take a path the west, and if it does we'll get more rain in the valley, but in the meantime we're knot expecting much here. prime impacts across southeast arizona, and as it comes in winds high. gusts near 50 miles per hour or so. wind advisories in effect across southeast arizona, and sustained winds of 35 plus in places like tucson and areas southeast of there for tomorrow morning. here in the valley, a few
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gusts near 25 miles per hour for us, and look at the rain fall on futurecast. big swath of it across southeast arizona in the morning hours. a chance we could see action here in phoenix as well, but not looking as great, so we'll burn to it 30 percent by tomorrow morning, but that's as high as we'll go for the phoenix metro, and the national weather service has gone ahead and canceled our flash flood watch here. it's still to the east and southeast, and look at the fall totals. we'll break it down on the a list. the valley, less than a quarter of an inch. the southeast valley, maybe an inch and a half, and some areas that get stronger thunderstorm, maybe an inch. southeast arizona two to four inches. that's the key impacts. overnight in the phoenix metro, slight chance of showers, up to 20 percent at 4:00 a.m., 30 percent through the morning, and more slight chances in afternoon and evening.
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we can feel that -- 630s. we can feel -- 60s. we can feel that tropical moisture. 90 right now, and 80s across the valley, and 70s in sedona and payson. the upper 50s to low 60s there tonight. 46 in flagstaff, and 68 there tomorrow. but look at the highs across southeast arizona. only the 70s with all of that rain and tropical moisture. for the valley below average at 91. still in the 90s thursday before drying out friday and the triple digit heat comes back, it sticks with us into early next week with a slight chance of monsoon storms back in play sunday, monday and tuesday. a quick thank you to so many of you for taking action and calling into the recycle your bicycle phone bank. we raised more than $12,000, and it's never too late to
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bike. i mean, there's no coming back once you make a fiery mistake like this. can you guess what went so wrong here?
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was
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you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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caught on video, quite the oops in florida when a woman's revenge against her ex- boyfriend really backfires. she told police she thought it was his car, so she set fire to the trunk, then the car burst into flames, but you might have guessed it, it was the wrong car, and now she's also facing a charge of arson. to smoke or not to smoke on campus? the university of arizona could be the latest to cigarettes. they were included in a proposed policy two years ago. then they allowed a limited use, and now they want feedback on a limited ban. meantime a surprising health alert when it comes to what you're breathing in. your car could put you at risk of alzheimers. tiny particles from the brakes could travel to the brain and cause the disease.
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the causes of -- avenue into the causing of alzheimers. and two models of new iphone expected to be revealed tomorrow. you can expect a bigger camera, a pressure sensitive home button, no headphone jack and a water resistant design. a time when parents are limiting how much tv their kids watch, what if you could bing on movies paid for it? netflix just posting what sounds like a dream job. it needs a kids content tagger to add to its team. the job is part time, and lasts for about a year. cashing in for kneeling down. ahead in sports, criticism we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that.
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a dangerous man hunt just coming to an end, and an accused murderer that broke out
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found tonight, and he was still in las vegas. police had warned perez could be anywhere, including arizona. we're told he didn't put up a fight when officers found him. abc 15 sports, brought to you by sander son ford the arizona cardinals now in game week preparing for sunday night's show down against the patriots. that sunday night nationally televised game, but the patriots will be brady, but regardless of who's taking the snaps, bill belicek is still the coach, and that makes them dangerous. >> you never know what you're going to get. they always have a surprised. extremely well coached. you have to beat them. say what you will about kaepernick's decision to is it dour during the national anthem, the controversy is down
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began fans weren't buying the jersey, he was coming off a bad season, not sure if he'd make the team, but as of this afternoon his jersey is the number one selling them at nfl team shop, in fact fans have purchased more of his number 7 jersey in the last week than the last eight months combined, and yes he'll see percentage of the sales. you may not agree with him, but app parentally a lot of people do. it's a big stage, and the cardinals are bringing in a big voice for the occasion. kristin chenoweth will sing the national anthem an sunday. with the unofficial under to summer in the books, it's
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the menus, but forget pumpkin spice, banana milk is all the rage. it keeps your drink smooth, sweet and creamy. >> finally. >> there you go. let's take a look at what's happening as hurricane newton makes its way up. southeast arizona is taking the biggest hit. score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed...
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
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from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, andy sam beryl. dave salomoni and animals. muse infrom desiigner. and now, prepare yourselves. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you. i'm overwhelmed. that's very kind.


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