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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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script and wanted to get heavily involved. this is abc15 taking actions. >> the now tropical storm now moving across mexico and heading to arizona. and flood watch for some parts of the state. the rain still possible in the valley. i'm tracking your desert doppler. >> reporter: and phoenix police possible to try to stop a suspect coming towards them. we'll tell you what the suspect did that caused police to open fire. a bank robbery ends with a police chase. good morning to you. welcome to abc15 mornings. we are starting off with a lot of breaking news. mallory is monitoring the traffic situation. >> and you're actually watching
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>> we've been tracking showers and thunderstorms too. let me show you what's happening right now as we take a live look at the satellite view of clouds and radar. we have tropical storm newton south of our state and it's slowly tracking north and the outer bands are moving in producing the rain and thunderstorms. and even close to the valley this morning. the main system to the south is slowly tracking to the northeast and is set to move into southeast arizona as we through the day today. now, we are under a flash flood watch today all across the southeast pocket of our state. but i did want to update you on a change. the phoenix metro is no longer under the flash flood watch. that watch includes the foothills and just to the southeast. the potential is still there for showers and storms in the phoenix metro. and i'm currently tracking a few spotty showers near the
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the rest of the day -- next. and no wet roads yet here in the phoenix metro. you're seeing green speeds and no problem spots on any of the freeways. in the southeast valley, this is i-10 loop 202. and we'll focus on i-17 in just a couple of minutes. abc15 breaking news. >> now to the other top stories. the first on the scene to report this deadly officer involved shooting involving phoenix police officers. the scene is still very active near 40th street and thomas will be the main cross streets. it's 37th street just north of the location. that's where justin pazera is right now. and there are a lot of questions about what happened. >> reporter: phoenix police saying the suspect lunged at them and that's what caused them to open fire. let's set the scene for you.
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4:00 in the afternoon. the suspect's mom called police saying her son was acting psychotic. the guy left before cops got there but they figured out quickly he had a felony warrant. and then the mom called again because her son called her saying he had assaulted a guy in the apartment complex. they tried to stop the attack >> when somebody is at that close range, the tools were deployed and they were not effective. the man was charging at officers and they had to resort to deadly force. >> back out here live. the scene is very active with a lot of police detectives. and police have not released the identity of the suspect and they have not released the identity of the officers. buts that expected today.
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pazera, abc15. >> and the minute you get another update, we'll stop what we're doing. >> that other incident started as a bank robbery and turned into a wild pursuit with air 15 watching the whole thing unfold. the man killed is a career criminal. the investigation is far from over. let's get to the latest can katie conner near i-10 and baseline. what can you tell us? reopened after being shut down since yesterday afternoon. we know one man was killed by police. and this morning his family is speaking out. and they are not blaming the officers for pulling the trigger. >> i understand why they did it, you know? >> they're doing their job and people react differently to situations. and when you're scared and there's all kinds of things going on, you just react.
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gotten out of prison. and they were hoping steven would turn his life around but instead he robbed a bank and led police on a wild chase. the friends are still a mystery to us. sources are stilling us the men could be linked to other bank robberies. katie conner, abc15 news. good news for many of you in chandler. the power has been restored. it's 100% back on. at one point, there were thousands of customers, this includes homes and businesses in the dark near the chandler airport. did you see this late last night in scottsdale? this crash scene here? a couple of fire trucks near the loop 101 in hayden. the driver was not cooperating
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guess what? they got the driver out of the car and ended up in handcuffs. two people bitten and a dog with a gunshot wound. the fire battalion chief tells us two homeowners were trying to break up a dog fight. one person shot the pit bull. the homeowners did have to go to the hospital. he is up for reelection but the legal troubles for joe arpaio continue. the u.s. department of justice is asking for a status conference about the possible criminal charges. right now it's in the u.s. attorneys hands over what to do next. all of this stemming from court orders he ignored in his racial profiling case. don't be surprised to hear arpaio's opponent blasting him for those troubles.
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sheriff or to protect his reputation. it's to serve this community and protect our children and families. >> he is a former police sergeant. he lost to arpaio four years ago but believes in his chances this time around. an escaped murder suspect is back behind bars in las vegas. on the run since friday, alonzo perez is accused of 31-year-old. he twisted his handcuffs and broke them. you have to be pretty strong to do that. he escaped and stole a truck from a nearby business. the team worked around the clock to find him. and he was arrested without incident. twitter silence for itt technical institute after announcing their country wide closure. there's a problem.
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the college is closed. 35,000 students are affected by this. so maybe you're wondering what if you're a student or have one in your family. all hope is not lost. joe ducey taking action to break down your options. you can apply for free loan forgiveness. and get copies of your transcripts. you can get those directly from the school but there's no telling how long that will last. it's a lot of information to soak in. we have it all for you at click on the let joe know section. tropical storm newton is racing towards our state. i pulled up the water vapor imagery. it's in mexico right now and racing to the north, northeast. and it is tracking straight towards southern arizona, possibly will enter our state as a weak tropical storm.
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tucson, timing-wise, expecting it to arrive between 10:00 and noon. it could come a little bit earlier. ahead of it you can see all of that moisture in the green. that's worked its way into our state and we're already seeing showers ahead of the main storm system. some of them now impacting the valley too. you'll notice a few over the estrellas. seeing a few of the scattered showers, not a lot of yet. also a few showers down south of good year. and we have more to the south in maricopa. these showers and storms tracking to the west as they are part of the outer bands of the main system. and we'll talk about where the main system is heading and who will see the biggest impacts today. you could see some rain on the 60 or the 202.
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have to worry about. and valley-wide you'll see the same conditions, including i- 16. this is at 7th avenue. if southbound side is a little bit busier. this is past the durango curve. we'll give you a look at i-10 in a couple of minutes. we have a zika alert. a pharmacy in tucson may have found a treatment against the virus. they tested one of the drugs used to treat influenza and it was effective against the virus. they'll seek accelerated drug approval from the fda if successful. i'm going to give them the chance. >> an arizona man doing all he can to help his family after a birthday trip comes to a fiery
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rain chances, we are looking at
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we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. that's just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on.
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welcome back to abc15 mornings. desert doppler radar showing you some of the green as showers move into parts of the valley. and on the right you see the adot camera near wild horse pass on i-10. some of those showers already impacting the early morning drive. expect through the rest of the day. this is just the beginning as we track tropical storm newton. what was supposed to be a fun birthday trip has a tucson family clutching to hope. >> saw the fire from the undercarriage of the rv. we're object fire. grab a dog, get out. >> while the 14-year-old son and dog managed to runaway from
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and his partner and two other dogs were not as fortunate. >> we got engulfed in flames. we all screamed and then we managed to get away but at that point, the damage was done. >> craig suffered first-degree burns on his hands, arms, and face. and jeannie has burns to 60% of her body is in a medically induced coma. both of the dogs are in doctor's care. the family has set up a go fund me page to help with medical expenses. this is an interesting story developing right now. and the question this morning, did criminal activity take down a police helicopter? an investigation is underway after a police chopper crashed in southwestern mexico. three officers died.
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survive. and at one point the governor tweeted out that someone shot down the helicopter but then said he couldn't confirm that. the drug powerful enough to take down life stock and elephants. we've been talking about the heroin problem. fentanyl is responsible for eight overdoses it's 10,000 times more potent than heroin. >> it's going to take more than one or two or three doses of narcan. it may take inter-convenience. and it's going to be dangerous for our first responders to handle. >> cincinnati's mayor is calling it a public health crisis.
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proposals in the next few weeks. move over scott kelly. we have a new record setting astronaut. that's jeff williams and two russian crew members returning from the international space station. the soyuz capsule landed in kazakhstan. 534 days in space covering four missions. >> that's unbelievable to think about that much time in and this is presidential politics 101. valley high school students are getting a close up look at the political parties. these are students in a government class at mcclintock high school in tempe. and instead of learning about it in books they got the chance to meet representatives and ask them about the platforms.
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so they are excited about voting. >> the students are learning about internship possibilities and some of them are voting for the first time. we have to talk about this guy they call newton. >> still racing up to our state. today is going to be an active day, especially for southeast arizona. tropical storm newton sitting off to the south and moving towards arizona. and it should officially sometime here before lunchtime. i think the window is right around 11:00 here this morning that we'll see it cross over our border and move into our state. you'll notice the main system is going to track to the northeast. but ahead of it we're seeing some of these bands and these bands will move a little bit differently, moving from east to west around that main storm. so that's exactly what we're seeing happen right now in parts of the phoenix metro.
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in here. most of us are quiet but across the southeast valley i'm starting to see more of the scattered showers. from apache junction to gill bert and chandler and right along the i-10 and the loop 202. some pockets of heavier rain. and not a lot of lightning but enough to get the roads wet. parts of the 60 as well. and also along the 10. and near we have the scattered showers developing across the valley. and a few more showers across the estrellas south of good year. and more widespread activity to the south. maricopa getting rain. and gila bend getting some of the thunderstorms. again, the outer bands moves from east to west. the main system tracking
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morning. that line west of y arizona is not moving to the phoenix metro. it will track to the west in yuma county this morning. and more widespread showers, and that's where the main impact will be today. looks like new 72 is going to move in as a tropical storm or transitioning into a tropical depression. if it does move in as a tropical storm. that would be the 6th tropical storm to ever arizona. so far, we've only had five tropical storms move into our state in our history. so we're going to be watching closely. it's going to come close. it looks like it's going to stay a tropical storm until after it crosses the border. and then it loses strength and becomes an area of low pressure. the main track is in southeast arizona and the heaviest rain
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low, as we go through the morning hours and into the afternoon. a chance for rain through the morning with slight chances for thunderstorms as we go into this afternoon. not to say we can't get pockets of heavier rain, but the main impact will be in areas to the southeast. temperature-wise, temperature cooler because of these rain chances and all the clouds. 90degrees will be the high. i'm going to break down the hour by hour storm chance and temperature planner for just a few minutes. desert drive times brought to you by century link prism. i want to head back to the west valley. twelve times on loop 202 westbound from gilbert to i-10. and from the adot camera it's very slick out there. this is 202 at mcclintock. a lot of shine on the roadway. it's a great reminder to take
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slick roads. 4:51 and an arizona swimmer and war veteran, one of thousands of athletes celebrating the start of the paralympic games in rio. ticket sales have hit 1.5 million. elizabeth marks will compete in five events. do you have an old bike sitting around taking up space? consider donating it and let it be a holiday miracle for a kid in foster care. it's the annual recycle your bicycle campaign. and you can help in three ways. drop off your old bikes at earnhardt locations, donate money or help fix up those bikes.
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our way. coming up at 5:00. we'll give you a look behind the scenes and make sure you're prepared. and they found her on the playground and took action. you won't believe the lengths they went to to find jewel's owner. apple is expected to answer some big questions today. >> first, will the iphone 7 have a headphone jack? it's unlikely. the next question is you connect the headphones. >> and new features for apple music and apple tv. >> and for those looking for fashion and function, michael corse is out with his take on the smart watch. >> price tag, $350. and you're looking at a cool new drone taking to the skies. it takes off like a helicopter and flies like an airplane hitting speeds of up to 50
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>> right now it's a prototype but the goal is to use it for
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the you're just waking up
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of elementary students showing us the true meaning of taking action. this is jewel who was found at cesar chavez elementary in july. they nursed her back to health and found her owner who unfortunately didn't want her. if you'll like to adopt jewel she can be found at the fearless kitty rescue. because they're -- the suns making the big announcement. the purple border has been around since 1968 and it was dropped -- the 98, 99 season i believe. the outer bands of tropical storm newton moving in to the states. i'll show you what to expect as you head out the door.
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shootings in 12 hours. both of them with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. that's just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on. call representative kyrsten sinema
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5:00 and happening right now. we are on the scene of breaking news. two officer involved shootings in 12 hours. 37th street and thomas. we're taking you to both scenes. and parts of the state
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newton. we have to start with meteorologist iris hermosillo. is anyone waking up to wet conditions? >> we are seeing wet weather in parts of the valley. the main storm system, tropical storm newton, still just to the south of our state. but it's racing into arizona and ahead of it all this green you're seeing on the map, all of that moisture that has surged in. now we're seeing the showers develop on the outer bands of the system in the valley this morning. is where we're seeing the action through mesa, gilbert, and chandler. rain showers along the 60 in mesa and gilbert. and slowly tracking to the west, northwest. these outer bands will move a little differently than the main system. and track from east to west. wet roads in parts of the valley and more storm chances on the way.


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