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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  September 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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newton. we have to start with meteorologist iris hermosillo. is anyone waking up to wet conditions? >> we are seeing wet weather in parts of the valley. the main storm system, tropical storm newton, still just to the south of our state. but it's racing into arizona and ahead of it all this green you're seeing on the map, all of that moisture that has surged in. now we're seeing the showers develop on the outer bands of the system in the valley this morning. is where we're seeing the action through mesa, gilbert, and chandler. rain showers along the 60 in mesa and gilbert. and slowly tracking to the west, northwest. these outer bands will move a little differently than the main system. and track from east to west. wet roads in parts of the valley and more storm chances on the way.
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you the hour-by-hour forecast next. and we continue our weather coverage with the maricopa county flood control district. and you have a unique perspective. >> we're behind the scenes. and it's a central hub. this is where meteorologists behind the scenes are keeping track of any rainfall all around the valley and the county and they're also keeping an eye on the radar. a they have 400 weather stations around the county to really gather data and figure out how to be prepared. looking to prevent any flooding and figure out how to respond if any event happens. >> i want to give you a check of the traffic. we're seeing the wet roads in
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mesa drive. you can see the splashup from the car in front of you. and we have a crash in the east valley. let's give you a closer look at 202 eastbound. doesn't sound like it's blocking traffic but something to remind you you need to slow down. the rest of the valley is quiet. we'll look at i-10 in the west valley in the next traffic check. went to update you on breaking news. a deadly officer involved shooting happening late night. and there's a very active scene at an apartment complex where people are shocked. justin pazera is there. justin, 40th street and thomas, just north of there, what led police officers to open fire? >> this guy came out with a sword. he's 25 years old. the sword was tied to his wrist and hand and he was lungeing at
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forced them to open fire. let's tell you how this started. it was 4:00 yesterday. phoenix police got a call from the suspect's mom. she called police saying her son was acting psychotic. he had a felony warrant. and around 10:00 last night. the mom called police again because her son called her saying he assaulted a guy at this apartment complex. officers came back out. and that's when they tried to use stun bags to try and stop the attack. they were here for over an hour from the time of dispatch to the time that the shooting actually occurred. and that time is spent trying to formulate a plan. ultimately, the suspect decided his own fate. >> back here live you can see this large police presence. they'll be out for quite some time investigating this. as for the police officers,
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put on administrative leave, depending on the outcome of the investigation. and as for the suspect. we're waiting for his identity. that's expected to be released later today. justin pazera, abc15. >> with the newest information on that scene. and our breaking news doesn't end with justin. >> hundreds were watching this chase unfold. a lot of you probably watching it on we're learning more about the katie conner is joining us with more information. these guys were no strangers to police. >> they weren't. and sources tell us they may be tied to other bank robberies in the valley. i-10 near baseline. three officers shot and killed one of the suspects, steven rio. he was recently released from prison and served time for dui,
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robbery. they robbed this bank in avondale. this dispatch reveals how dangerous the chase got. >> they're trying to reposition and he's still westbound. >> bailing out. >> we know that the other suspects have been taken into custody. the identities are not yet released. as soon as we learn more, we'll pass it on to when news breaks, get it first with our mobile app. you'll get the alerts sent straight to your smartphone or tablet. >> the battle to get to congress is taking a new turn. the saga starts with christine jones all but declaring her victory. and then her opponent won by nine votes.
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voters were disenfranchised, that their votes were not counted. the campaign is filing a lawsuit to make it happen. >> our democracy is predicated on the belief that every vote should be tabulated and we want to make sure that every vote is counted. >> a recount has to happen because the margin was so close. they are working with campaign lawyers and did hand over the records that they requested. no sign of a man who disappeared at over the weekend. crews wrapping up the search and we haven't heard if they plan to get back in the water today. chintan shan was with a group of friends and next thing they know he was gone. family members are hoping to find him. >> he was a dreamer and we still believe that he's alive and well somewhere. we just don't know where.
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that we can find him. >> your heart just breaks for his parents. and the family is in touch with a psychic, hoping to shed light on the case. listen to this. construction is supposed to begin this month on the loop 202 south mountain freeway. adot is facing another obstacle. the group arizona's resources and injunction to stop construction. speaking of the roads, let's check in with our traffic expert mallory moore. you're seeing wet roads in the east valley and another crash on the 10 that i'll map out for you. they're going toe to toe in a courtroom. why the battle could be settled today. he was hurt in a mystery
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taking his first big step in the recovery and didn't do it alone. and we're keeping a close eye on the skies for the you. the rain is falling in parts of
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a teenager is smiling once again after an explosive device in central park caused him to lose part of his leg in j connor goldman is back in school. and there he is taking his first steps with a prosthetic leg. time now for your most accurate forecast as we track rain across the valley. and we are not tracking a tropical storm moving into the phoenix metro but rather the outer bands of tropical storm newton. newton will move into the state but not directly into the valley but we'll feel the
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developing through the southeast valley, wet roads for you. if you're in mesa, gilbert, chandler, and also tempe as this batch of rain is tracking to the west, northwest. scottsdale is up next. the areas of heavier showers on the 60, those will track to the northwest. eventually working into tempe and scottsdale and the 101. a chance for wet weather. we have showers south of good year, and we've been tracking rain near maricopa and gila bend. we have running washes near hey la bends. and that's the concern. especially across southeast arizona for the running washes, and possibly flash flooding as newton races into the
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state. it loses intensity and starts to become the remnants of the system. but even though the track is to the southeast, we'll keep storm chances in our forecast throughout the day. abc15 desert drive times brought to you by centurylink prism. a couple of crashes to watch out for. eastbound right in the tunnel, it's not blocking traffic but it could slow you down a little bit. and another crash in the east valley. we're seeing slick roads where the showers have moved through. 202 came in as the eastbound crash originally, but looks like it's on the westbound side. and we're going to be talking travel. the tsa is expected to hold a news conference this morning. we'll be talking about their main topic and it involves long lines at the airport.
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are back to school without a crucial resource. and one dog decided to take a trip of its own when the owners went on vacation. we have the special family reunion in minutes. big lawsuit, big payout. fox news is making headlines of its own. two months after the bombshell sexual harassment lawsuit chief, the network is settling for $20 million. the announcement comes after a scathing new york magazine article alleging that he had been recording conversations. >> the parent company wanted it over and done with. they are trying to have this be a part of the past, not part of the future. >> we sincerely regret and apologize for the fact that she
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respect and dignity that all of our colleagues deserve. and i'm diane macedo, abc news
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look at that. the windshield wipers are moving and iris is tracking the forecast. desert doppler -- you see it on the left-hand side of the screen. mallory will be checking on the roads. meanwhile, johnson and tsa administrator peter 97inger will be holding a news conference. earlier this year we saw thousands of passengers stuck in long lines. sky harbor was not too bad. not compared to houston, los angeles, and chicago though.
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in a courtroom. jury selection begins for the oregon wildlife refuge standoff. an arizona rancher was killed in that. and also involved was a former marine from our state. eight people will stand trial along with the bundy family who was behind the standoff. and the pipeline protests in north dakota -- a big win for the protesters as dozens flooded the construction and the workers just left. a judge blocked some of the work. a final ruling is expected on -- they are concerned about sacred land being destroyed or damaged in the process. michigan and illinois are dealing with lead in the water and so is new jersey and this is affecting the largest school district in the state. water bottles are going out to students after the lead levels
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the school says it's the aging pipes, not the water source, and they hope to have it fixed by october. he's taught us all how to live, how to love, how to be fair, how to be kind. he speaks to the world he knew, that we all believe in. and it's a world worth fighting for. his legacy will go on. a mother speaks about a child she lost three decades ago. jacob wetterling was killed when he was 11 years old. his family has been advocates for children and preventing child exploitation. this textbook for high schoolers is offensive, inaccurate, and they want to make sure it never makes it inside the classroom.
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and want to destroy western civilization. >> if it's allowed in text classrooms. it will teach a whole generation how to discriminate against latinos. >> the state board says the decision is up to local districts on whether they use it or not. reporters swarming the former brazilian president as she left the presidential palace for the impeachment protests have erupted all around brazil against the new president. the pomeranian is back with his family in california. brownie bear went missing a day before his family went on a cruise for a terminally ill family. he was taken to a shelter and was shipped up to a rescue
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the rescue center learned what happened. and now the family and pet are reunited. >> that's a heck of a trip for the dog and the family. >> i don't know about you. but iris has cats. >> one cat. >> if you cat went to canada and back. that would be impressive. >> i agree. hopefully, that doesn't happen. let's talk about mexico. we're talkin storm newton. and that's where tropical storm newton is still located, south of our state. and it's racing to arizona. and as i mentioned earlier. it looks to track in around 11:00 this morning. it could still be a weak tropical storm as it moves in before weakening to an area of low pressure or the remnants of tropical storm newton. notice the main track takes it through southeast arizona, southeast of the valley.
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tropical system moves in will be through southeast arizona. there are wind advisories posted for tucson and areas to the south as that's where the storm will enter the state. and the biggest rain concerns, the flash flooding concerns will be across the southeastern pocket of our state. the flash flood watches in effect through 8:00 this evening. the immediate phoenix metro is no longer under the watch. but the higher terrain to the east, the areas in pa knell county under the flash flood watch. in the phoenix metro, not to say we won't get pockets of heavier rainfall. but the threat is a little bit lower as the track takes the storm to the southeast. from casa grande to douglas to nogales, these are the key areas. we could see heavy rain and dangerous flash flooding as the system works its way to show
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outer bands. and we'll see scattered chances for showers and storms over the next 12 to 24 hours before we see the system clear out. we're tracking showers through the east valley. mesa specifically. also fountain hills and moving into the scottsdale area. 20 to 30% chance, best potential this morning, more scattered activity this afternoon. and high temperatures only making it to the upper 80s to low i'm keeping a close eye on tropical storm newton and i'll show you where heavier rain is falling and where the washes are running in just a few minutes. for drivers in the north valley. not seeing any trouble spots. the crash we had i-10 in the tunnel. even though it's now clear, we're looking at a 20-minute drive time eastbound from i-17 to the 60 and all this red is what you're seeing from the crash. it has cleared so hopefully,
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the east valley. you're dealing with the crash on loop 202 near mcclintock. and we'll show you the wet roads u.s. 60 at country club. just take it easy. traveling westbound approaching the 101. i'm not seeing crashes or majorrishes. they are battling each other instead of zika. more problems from capitol hill as they try to find funding to will he get reelected or end up behind bars. what we've learned about the arpaio court case. >> reporter: an officer involved shooting is being investigated. and the suspect is dead. we'll talk with witnesses who
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once again, a bill that would provide money to fight the zika virus has failed to get out of the senate. it failed 52-46. democrats opposed parts of the bill that would have blocked funding for planned parent hood.
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spraying neighborhoods to kill mosquitoes after a homeowner in the area tested positive for the virus. the spray is different from those in other parts of the world. sun light breaks down the chemical in 20 minutes or so. heavy rain will be the biggest hazard for all of us as showers and storms move in. we'll talk about all of the alerts today in your most accurate forecast. and the west valley is dry but slow. take a look at i-10 avenue. and we'll give you a look at the desert drive times next. the up expected response from a family -- a very unique endorsement for hillary clinton. i'll explain this one next. and a valley woman is now a fugitive. what she told authorities that might have tipped them off that
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ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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two top stories we're covering for you. an officer involved shooting overnight. >> we'll get back to justin pazera in just a moment. but we have to start with the weather. and for that we go to iris hermosillo. >> all eyes on tropical storm newton still located south of our state but we're starting to see the outer bands ahead of
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the valley. the main impact is in the east valley. scattered showers near scottsdale and western mesa and moving into tempe. the loop 202, the u.s. 60 and the loop 101 in the east valley. southwest of the phoenix metro we have more showers and thunderstorms this morning. and as we go through the morning, plan on scattered showers to continue. it could be a wet drive to work for some of storms will be possible throughout the day. i'll break down the storm chances in just a little bit. the temperatures in the 80s to right around 90. that's it. and we'll talk about the latest newton track in just a few minutes. we'll check back with you in just a moment.
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coverage with raquel cervantes . >> this is in gila bend and that's the sand tank wash. it's running under the eight. and roads north of the 85 are affected. drivers should not cross them. back here the flood control district is watching for areas like this all over the county. >> the county is big, right? about 10,000 square miles. there's a lot of washes. there's a lot of unbridged washes. and there's living in maricopa county so a lot of areas can be affected. and they are watching for areas experiencing running washes to prevent any flooding. and if they need to respond, they'll be ready. >> let's give you a check of the roads where we're seeing the slick and wet conditions in the east valley on 202 where
5:32 am
switching to the traffic map. even though we're seeing the wet roads, we're not seeing in i slowing. the desert drive time is 19 minutes here. i-10 eastbound from 75th avenue until you hilt the ministack. it's super slow near the tunnel because of an earlier crash. that's cleared but there's still extra slowing. 5:32 from the if you're an -- phoenix officers were involved in a shooting late last night. just north of this location, justin pazera has been at the scene for us. first and foremost. let's talk about the officers. were any officers injured? >> reporter: no officers were injured but depending on the outcome of the investigation, they could be placed on administrative leave. the investigation is still going on right now.
5:33 am
scene investigating this. the 25-year-old suspect is dead because they said that the suspect was actually lungeing at police officers. he had a sword, a very large sword tied to his wrist of hands when he came at the officers. this started yesterday around 4:00 in the afternoon. the suspect's mom called police saying that her own son was acting psychotic. police came out here. and the guy left before cops could get they figured out he did have a felony warrant out. they got another call from the mom. the son was back and assaulted somebody here. and police then came back and that's when they had that brief standoff. they tried everything possible to get this guy to surrender as neighbors just watched in shock. >> and the [ indiscernible ]
5:34 am
the sword in his hand over the cop's head. and they all opened fire on him. >> reporter: phoenix police spent about an hour trying to figure out less lethal ways. tasers, they used bean bags, and even the k-9 unit was out here. as for the suspect, we're waiting on the identity. and that's expected to be released today as the identity of the officers is also expected to be today. justin pazera, abc15. >> the details just scary indeed and horrific. but danielle, that's not the only news involving officers breaking fire. >> if you were watching the chase that led to the second shooting, i doubt you were able to turn away. one of the suspects is a career criminal. and the investigation is far from over. katie conner is joining us live
5:35 am
latest. this area was shut down for hours. >> it's finally back open. we know one man was shot and killed by phoenix police, and that man's family is speaking out. but they are not upset at the officers who used their guns. i understand why they did it. >> they're doing their job and you know, people react differently to situations. and when you're scared and there's all kinds of stuff going on you just react. >> that's del rio who had recently gotten out of prison. he has a long rap sheet dating back to 2014. the family was hoping he would turn his life around but he robbed a bank with two friends and then led police on a wild chase throughout phoenix. the friends he was with are still a mystery to us. and the investigation is ongoing. and sources say these men could be tied to other bank robberies
5:36 am
back to you guys. >> bringing us the very latest this morning. thank you, katie. she told authorities she would run and now they can't find her. she's accused of rubbing an ill -- running an illegal dental clinic in phoenix. she told authorities she would go back to mexico. she is considered a fugitive. re-reached out to the court we'll let you know once we hear something back. this next guy lives in glendale and he was arrested for a crime in oklahoma that involves a new mexico woman. her body was found on i-40 in oklahoma last year. we're told at the time gonzalez was a truck driver who frequently used that route. he's going for his 7th term
5:37 am
but he could also be up for jail time. the u.s. department of justice is asking for a status conference about the possible criminal charges. right now it's in the u.s. attorneys hands over what to do next. of course, we're talking about the court orders that arpaio ignored in a racial profiling case. >> and his democratic opponent, paul penzone blasting sheriff arpaio for his as. >> it's not to serve the sheriff or to protect his reputation. it's to serve this community and protect our children and families. >> >> >> the presidential election is two months away. and valley high school students are getting a head start on the process. students got to meet party representatives up close and
5:38 am
military to affordable college, they got insight into what it means to be a part of the democratic, republican, libertarian, and green parties. >> they get to express themselves politically and everything else. you learn more than what you just hear on the outside. you're digging deeper into the information that you need to know. >> and the students are learning about internship opportunities and some of them are getting a chance time. back at the live desk one of the top stories is the developing weather situation. you see the green lighting up the radar as rain is beginning to pepper parts of the valley. and the storm is going to be in southern arizona right now in the green valley area. look at that. nearly 2000 customers without power. it doesn't say if it's storm related. but iris is pinpointing the
5:39 am
from our friends in tucson. can we take a live look? i know that you've been busy in the weather center pinpointing where the rain is falling right now. >> and this is mainly the east valley. the main storm, tropical storm newton, still located off to the south. and all of that moisture -- so you can see where the system is. and it is just south of arizona. but it is going to cross into our state this likely around 11 a.m. is when we see the core of the system move in. and it's going to move in south of the tucson area as it lifts through the southeast pocket of our state. as you mentioned ahead of it we're seeing the rain bands thanks to the rich moisture that's moved in. tropical storm newton could move in as a tropical storm or an area of low pressure as it crosses the border just southeast of the valley.
5:40 am
across southeast arizona where we see the heaviest rainfall. here in the phoenix metro the potential is there for scattered showers and thunderstorms through the day. and that's what we're seeing develop on desert doppler radar. we have rain through the east valley, moving through parts of mesa and now through tempe and scottsdale. pockets of heavier rain and we have more rain south of the estrellas and also buckeye. and some scattered showers west of maricopa with heavier rain near gila bend. running washes in the area so use caution if you're in southern arizona today. especially across the southeast pocket where we have the flash flood watches still in effect. storm chances by the hour, a 20 to 30% chance through the day. and best potential this morning, and then another window as we head into the evening. we'll talk temperatures and the other changes we'll see through
5:41 am
the only delays are i-10 in the west valley. if you're starting in the north valley, very light on the 101 as you're trying to hop on the 17 or the 51. an eight-minute desert drive time from dunlap to mcdowell. and from i-10, you'll see a lot of slow and go. this is 67th avenue. basically it starts at 73rd and continues to the tunnel. and a crash in the tunnel has now we'll take a look at the east valley drive in a few minutes. if you're an itt tech student, you're probably concerned about the future of your education. coming up, joe lets you know what to do next. and we've talked about the national polls. just coming out a brand new local poll. what it's revealing about the
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vi we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. that's just common sense. call representative kyrsten sinema
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welcome back in to abc15. time is 5:44 and taking a look at the adot camera in tucson as you're seeing wet and slick roads on i-10. and the same conditions in the east valley. i'm going to give you a closer look in just a moment. an accused murder is back behind bars after a manhunt. at one point police warned alonzo perez could have been anywhere. he was in vegas when officers found him and did not put up a fight. lake michigan -- caught on video -- a father and son were caught in a rip tide. a woman jumps in and gives them a life jacket. people on board extended a pole
5:46 am
out safely. eventually, the three were taken back to store. this is brand new. the dallas morning news tweeting out its endorsement. we'll show it to you. we recommend hillary clinton for u.s. president. i show you this because this is very important. this is the first time that this newspaper has recommended a democrat since before world war ii. that's coming out of the texas. let's bring it state. when it comes to arizona it's a near tossup to who voters will elect. a new poll from arizona state university shows hillary clinton with a slight lead over donald trump and one in five voters still undecided. all this happening. and the ceo of tar bucks just now -- starbucks releasing that
5:47 am
clinton. a lot happening. >> it's a scary time to be an itt tech student. but we've been down this road before with other schools. you have options. current students, the state board is your best friend right now. it's looking for local schools that will take your credits and allow you to finish your degree with as little interruption as possible. loan forgiveness is free through the department of education. don't fall for companies who want you to pay them. if the school is closed where do students get transcripts. you can still get your records from itt. i'd put in for those asap. the state is working to get the records. stay in touch with them. that's a lot of information.
5:48 am click on sections and then let joe know. and call the -- i'm investigator joe ducey. if you have a problem let me know. it's a big day for apple fans. the tech giant is expected to reveal the iphone 7 and there could be three versions. it's missing a headphone jack and a lot of people are wondering if they blue tooth headphones. you may not want to it in line. they could be released september 16th of the 23rd. and you can use the current phone for the mobile app. >> pull up desert doppler on your phone before you head out the door to see if it's raining in your neighborhood. some of us could get some wet roads as you're driving into work this morning.
5:49 am
valley cam over the loop 202 and state route 51 but i am seeing showers on loop 101 and u.s. 60 and loop 202 in the east valley. some pockets of heavier rainfall near tempe, dobson, also guadalupe road seeing the heavier showers. this shower heading to south phoenix -- we'll keep a clos and we have an area of showers along the northeast pocket of the loop 101. and much of glendale is dry but the showers could track into our southeast glendale neighborhoods this morning. and much more activity south of buckeye this morning. and although the showers will continue to track to the southwest, these are the outer bands of tropical storm newton.
5:50 am
little differently than the actual storm itself. they'll move from east to west. gila bend is getting steady rain. and those storms moving to yuma county early this morning producing quite a bit of lightning and not seeing as much lightning over the valley. and we have rain across southeast arizona and that's where we'll see the main impact as the main storm system moves through the southeast pocket of our state. a chance for scattered and storms in the valley through the day today. especially through lunchtime. and as we go into the afternoon, you'll notice the bulk of the rain shifts to the white mountains with a slight chance of storms in the valley too. the biggest impacts will be to the southeast. and we could get heavier downpours. a good day to have the umbrella handy. know that it's going to be muggy as you step outside. the high only makes it to 90 degrees. we'll talk more about the 7-day forecast and the alerts in
5:51 am
minutes. and i wants to give you a look at the live drive in the east valley. we're seeing the rain coming down. and the windshield wipers working extra hard which is what you'll need to do. let's give you a look at our adot camera. you can see the slick roads. and westbound between country club and loop 101 things are slowing down because of the wet road conditions. we've seen a couple of crashes in t are pretty slick. and delays are i-10, and i-17 around the durango curve it's starting to slow down. and there's a crash on the eastbound side 83rd avenue and it doesn't look like it's blocking traffic. you're back to almost the 101 and then it doesn't ease up until you're past the tunnel. we just got to say a quick
5:52 am
calling in to the phone bank yesterday. we raised $12,000 for the recycle your bicycle program. and it's never too late to volunteer or donate a bike or money. a big breakthrough in the fight against cancer. what researchers have just discovered. and a bank robbery leads to a wild police chase in phoenix. hear. and we're days away from the anniversary of september
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that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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the city of scottsdale plans to mark the anniversary of 9/11 in a special way. there's photos and video from september 11th. models of the twin towers, a memorial card created by a scottsdale woman. try to imagine owing a $50,000 toll bill. she claims she never received notification about the types.
5:56 am
already key. they have a robust notification system. >> she never received a notification so that makes it right. >> 50 grand. that's going to take some budgeting to pay that back. no toll roads here. >> let's take a look at our travel conditions. we'll take a look at the other slick spots around the valley. >> the wet weather coming as we wake up to mostly cloudy skies and storm newton. i'll show you the latest update on where the storm is heading and the impacts we'll feel in the valley next. and some parts of arizona feeling the effects of tropical storm newton. we'll take a look at the damage coming up next. >> and phoenix police open fire on a 25-year-old suspect. the suspect is dead and we're hearing from witnesses who sat next to the mom watching her son get shot. and the top story will be
5:57 am
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the $3.50 sub of the day every day of the week... at subway?. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue the $3.50 sub of the day and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? from the rain to the breaking news happening right now. phoenix police officers involved in a deadly shooting late last night and early this morning. justin pazera is live on the scene with brand new information. and a bank robbery in
6:00 am
exclusive dispatch audio you have to hear. and this is video as the tropical storm made landfall in mexico's baja peninsula. two people are confirmed dead in mexico. one of the hardest hit area was the los cabos area. seeing the showers coming down as we head from temp mesa. and a lot of people want to know what it means for us. will newton impact us? >> the main storm system is just south of our state. but it is going to move into southern arizona and likely have its biggest impact on nogales and tucson and eventually stafford. just because the tropical storm is not directly moving into phoenix doesn't mean we're not going to feel the impacts.


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