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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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a deadly freeway phoenix is gorgeous! a deadly freeway warm weather, blue skies, the sonoran desert. and what's better than doing something amazing in my city? doing it for free! hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is keeping phoenix in motion with fun, free, cultural events for you and your friends. discover the stress relief of our drum circles or enjoy a night at the movies with us. if you don't think this is right for me when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at the call taker just heard three loud pops. >> shots on the freeway leading to an absolute mess out there right now. traffic snarled for hours. >> a stretch of the 51 northbound remains closed at one point that back up stretches for miles after we're told a woman behind the wheel was shot and has since died.
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her life right there on the spot. kim a lot to sort out chug who fired those shots. >>reporter: police tell us this woman was able to call 911 give them a description. she says it was 3 hispanic men all in a white pickup truck a work style truck with a ladder in the back. police are now scouring this whole area of thomas as they are searching for this truck and the suspects who possibly exited off this area. the woman the truck was following her chasing her. she didn't make it clear if she knew them or if this was random started chasing her on i-10 she went non northbound on 51. she got in the hov lane. shots were fired into her passenger side she was pronounced dead at the hospital. the shooting led to chain reaction crash. another woman was hurt sent to the hospital in stable
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the white truck was driving erratically. the victim was on the line when she was shot. >> while she was on the phone with 911 the dispatcher heard about 3 gunshots and the call was ended. >> the suspects reportedly drove north on the 51 again possibly exiting off tom thomas. police scouring the area. we watched them pull over a white pickup truck a work truck and question a man there. he was let go. police saying they are still searching they several of those kind of work style vehicles on thomas any. but no luck. they say right now they really need the public's help in this. again a white pickup truck work style with a ladder rack on it three hispanic men are the suspects sought in this crime after a woman was killed here off the 51. we'll send it back to you guys. >> to say this was a back-up on the freeway might be the understatement of the night. two advantage points here to show you. on the left you see how drivers
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onramp at mcdowell. on the right side of your screen air 15 capturing the bird's eye view of all this. let's take a closer look. cars going every which way pointing in all directions. drivers wondering just how to maneuver out of this one after he sitting at a standstill for hours. >> imagine having to coordinate that mass exit off the freeway while investigating a murder. i was actually listen to the scramble on the scanners as troopers tried to figure what to do. >> scanning report of shots heard northbound 51 at thomas. heard three shot shots did not see anyone. >> shut down everything northbound 51. >> all the ramps shut down. >> anybody adjacent to mcdowell or behind it start pushing them off. >> have availability down there to filter these people on to mcdull. >> 10/4 sir. keep sending them down this way. >>reporter: they held those
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see if there were any wins witnesses. the 51 southbound never affected by this but northbound lanes are still a trouble spot. live look right now from air 15 showing you exactly where this is happening. the northbound 51 closed from the i-10 and 202 amples until thomas. it is expected to stay that way for at least the next 5 hours. we're going to continue to check back in throughout this newscast to give you the latest updates. >> we have crews spread out all across the valley we hav the only crew at this breaking news. mcso looking for two robbers who just hit up a cvs pharmacy near power and jermaine. they had guns and dressed in black they took cash and took off in a white dodge minivan. now to that wild chase the woman we all saw during the thick of it. steven dell rios sister center of a lot of questions.
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she's giving a brand new perspective. >>reporter: bank robbery had just happened. who didn't watch that air 15 video see that black bundle on the ground and assume it was the money. but steven del rio sister says not everything is what it seems. that bag was actually a long- sleeved shirt and crumpled cash. >> i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry what's going on. they messed up now chasing me is that's all christina del rio got out of her brother. >> i want my brother home. >>reporter: she gets a phone alert sees there police chase unfolding live and she knows that s suv. >> i opened the back gate because i know he's coming home. >>reporter: she was right air 15 overhead del rio's car pace is up an down the back alley and that toss out the window from this view christina knows how it looks.
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bag. >>reporter: but looks can be deceiving. >> it was a shirt. >>reporter: she says that's a crumpled up 5 or 20. no words are exchanged. >> he looked at me i looked at him that were it. >>reporter: seconds later police swam hershey's in handcuffs in the back of a patrol car she learns how the chase ended. >> he had the biggest heart being around a bad crowd made him do bad things. >>reporter: she says he was de sit but she's not convinced her brother ever had a gun. what she does believe though just as sobering. >> i'm sure if there was he would have probably ended his life. >>reporter: christina was never formally arrested says she was never read her rights and she says unless an autopsy report shows gun residue on her
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>> new tonight del rio's family coming together where he took his last breath. he was a son and brother he had a family who still believed in him thought he could turn his life around. they are mourning his loss. we're hearing from the two suspects who survived the ago politicianes behind bars. >> one has a desperate plea for the judge the other telling us he doesn't remember much. here's john erixon. >>reporter: he talks like a man who needs cash. >> honestly i'm over here for my mom for her chemotherapy and she's already on stage 4. >>reporter: court documents say sergio escobar by do was the one shooting at police during the getaway. whatever money he said he needed before he needs more now. his bond at a quarter million dollars. >> and i though with this i probably won't see her again. >>reporter: court documents say the actual bank robber was ruben rodriguez from inside the jail he tells us he doesn't
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wasn't part of any robbery. >> i'm not sure what happened. >> what do you railroad do you remember. >>reporter: he robbed the bank to pay a drug debt denies that to us. the paperwork also says he's an addict. >> what do you mean addict? >> addicted to drugs or alcohol. >> addictive personality. >>reporter: authorities say he has violent convictions in his past. score by do for his part says he hasn't been convicted of anything as an adult. the judge told them could face a murder charge in this case since the driver died. >> the fact -- when my court date comes go ahead give me the death penalty lock me up for life. i just don't want to miss the chance of watching her pass. >>reporter: the judge said she's sorry about his mom then gave him a quarter million dollar bonds too. in phoenix john erixon a cornerback 15 news.
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arizona's most notorious killers is getting her hands dirty behind bars she could be cleaning toilets. the job pays 10 cents an hour. >> a lot of speculation that her legal team her appellate legal team is actually going to file a motion to keep jodi arias toilets behind bars. change that she is being singled out. >> the 36-year-old serving a life sentence for stabbing her ex-29 times then cutting his throat at his mesa home. she's currently planning a prison wet wedding with one of her admirers. don't mess with a rap star less than 24 hours after a jewelry heist on drake's tour bus the culprit is cut.
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about $3 million. somebody sent this video to tmz. it shows drake at stalking stick arena angry after being told about the heist. the briefcase belongs to his deejay. a new chapter in the saga of the national anthem protests sparked by colin kaepernick. the washington spirit soccer team playing the anathema head of schedule just so player megan rapinoe wouldn't take a knee during the anthem. she did that caber nick's actions. washington's team officials say they don't want anyone to quote hijack the tradition rapinoe calling the move unbelievable. tonight what's left of newton is headed farther east but not before dumpinging a lot of rain on southeast arizona. after 3 inches of rain fell. tucson also soaked catching some drivers by surprise. >> slit slippery in spots.
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didn't use the windshield wipers on heavy just light wipers, traffic was excellent. >> our crew caught more rain coming down but no major problems reported there right now. we still have showers to track across southeast arizona as well closer look at desert doppler shows some of that activity hitting i-10 near miles an hour an a. heavier rain pushing down to the south through oral push down to the south. we have a flood advisory more rain for stafford and more chances for rain as moisture lingers over our state we'll take you hour by hour in just minutes. it's a story of numbers 9 attacks 7 murders linked to the cereal street shooter. phoenix police reminding us tonight all they need is one good tip to put this guy where he deserves to be and if you're the one who provides it $75,000
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the search is over. but the investigation just beginning. a family's worst fear turning out to be true. dive crews finding the body of 24-year-old shin san is that. another live look from the 51. a deadly shooting shutting down that freeway we'll have an up 7 weeks no answers. one of my biggest things i take it for is migraines. >> is it really so bad?
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y23esy yvpy . >> take you back out live to that shooting shutting down parts of state 51 freeway at this hour a woman shot and killed after being trailed by
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work style pickup truck those three still on the run. the northbound lanes of the 51 will remain closed for the next 5 hours or so from the 10 and 202 ramps up to thomas we're told four other crashes have resulted from this two of those people hurt in that. 7 weeks of searching 7 weeks of wondering what happened to 10-year-old jesse wilson. the buckeye boy disappearing from his home back in july. his school still leaving outside trying to keep his memory alive. a newest to help find them. police continue to investigate the tips that come in and if you know anything that could help call the tip line, the number on your screen (623)349- 6400. drop trump's plan what do you think of the promise of building a border wall. one week after his speech in phoenix a new republic news
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registered arizona voters don't want it. saying the wall should not or should definitely not be built. 33% support it. the rest are unsure. also 68% of those polled are not in favor of deporting all illegal immigrants currently in the u.s. on the campaign trail donald trump and hillary clinton on the same stage tonight. just at different times. both talking national security in new york. trump saying we have a good relationship with russia and he believes they wanted to defeat isis he laid out a plan to end deep military spending cuts. >> as soon as i take office i will ask congress to fully eliminate the defense sequester and will smith a new budgets to rebuild our military. it is so depleted. we will rebuild our military. >> clinton got on twitter hours ago responding to criticism tonight from the r nc chair. he said she looked angry and defensive the entire time while on stage. well she responded quote
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taking the office of president seriously looks like. >> as you know that whole e- mail scandal one of the biggest criticism of clinton house dems releasing conversations between clinton and her predecessor as secretary of state. that would be collin powell. those e-mails show him telling her how he took steps to avoid going through the state department servers using his own computer. a deadly drug or necessary pain reliever. show of support tonight for cray actual. we told but this last week how the dea plans to ban putting it on the same danger level as heroin. ever since our story aired s several viewers have been reaching out to us saying it helps them with their medical needs. the asian plant based drug is sold as slept online and smoke shops but the fda has not approved it. one woman says she takes it instead of prescription drugs after she lost both of her sisters to pill overdoses. >> having it there for pain management, for the monthly
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biggest things that i take it for for migraines. so it replaced all of those other prescription medications that i was on. >> a group in support of the drug targeted a petition and plans to organize a protest on capitol hill. tracking tomorrow big day in the courtroom. former mesa cop gearing up for trial. phillip brails food accused of shooting and killing i an un armed man at a hotel in january. early career con expected to be sentenced on of her schemes involved faking cancer to get a taxpayer funded abortion. do you need to get around town but don't have a car? now there's another option. tempe expected to join phoenix and mesa with the grid bike share program. the city council voting on this tomorrow night. if passed 300 bikes will be stationed across the city by early next year. many of them along the asu
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rent them 24/7 by payin at kiosks, we're tracking rainfall totals these are the latest numbers. mesa .35 inches for litchfield park maybe a quarter of an inch of everywhere else we track across the far northwest portions of the valley into the east valley as well less than a quarter of an inch. southeast arizona got the most of it. south tucson 4.7 inches of rain. we actually had some spots down isolated areas at 5 to 6 inches of rain. these are some of the other locations that got an inch or more including okay benson and stafford. here are the updated totals for the monsoon we're a little bit above average just shy of two and a quarter inches but for the year we're still below average. 4 plus inches so far for the year which is over an inch and quarter below normal for us. right now nothing to track in the valley. showers down to the south
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stretching from oral valley down along i-10 to the north of tucson. that's heading farther down to the south. we also have a flood advisory down here until about 1:45 in the morning. 5 plus inches and lots of active watches flowing in that area. height to moderate rain stafford out to north of clifton employer chances in the overnight forecast with lots of moisture still in place. right now in phoenix we're at 80 degrees. humidity at 62%. how often do we get to say dew point in the mid-60s southeast winds are at 9 miles per hour. temperatures across the valley upper 70s to low 80s for the most part. glen day 87 degrees you see the drop off in the east and southeast valley down into the upper 70s right now. farther down to the south we have casagrande at 73. tucson 71. temps in the 60s staff for and douglas humidity legal are 90 to 100%. watch out for reduced civic
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dew points going into tomorrow you notice they drop a little bit but we're tracking 50s and 60s still they have moisture across central and southeastern arizona for more chances for a few more showers. the chance for the valley pretty shim but it is in the overnight forecast at 20% and we'll see a 10% shot going into tomorrow. let's take a look at what that forecast looks like hour by hour. best bet 1, 2, 3, 4:00 a.m. for us slight chance early tomorrow and another very slight chance in the late afternoon and evening. hour by hourem the upper 70s to low 80s in the morning. upper 80s to low 90s at noon mid-90s in the afternoon forecast which is well below average. 94 mesa. west valley 95 in me or a ya avon day at 94 degrees. we'll keep 70s around for hose for the next several nights but the triple digits are back friday and saturday we will see another drop this temperatures and more storm chances as monsoon moisture returns early
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the zika fighting efforts right here in our state tonight. dorm lights not usually too exciting but at
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. arizona could soon be at the forefront in fighting the zika virus. tucson company plans to begin testing a drug on people early next year. it's already proven to work well against the flu and now lab trials show it could kill the zika virus as well. >> we believe it would be a treatment and hopefully would lead to a curative state where they would no longer have it in their body we would it from the body. >> keep in mind on a national level democrats have blocked zika bill 3 times in the senate but today senate leaders in both parties said they are working with the white house to approve emergency funding. >> new tonight controversy on campus as one college unveils segregated housing. >> this was actually requested by black students and there's already a waiting list. the dorms can hold 24 people living california state university in los angeles. but the school refers to it
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the goal is to give black students a place to congregate and connect. man cures million 0 says pedicures pbr. a trend starting to off in the valley of nail say honest serving booze. the classy nails spa near baseline and gilbert they are in the process of trying to get a liquor license and start pouring drinks next february. tom brayly is gone for now
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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. guilty caught up on the big story of the night. northbound 51 will be shut down for several more hours from the i-10 and 202 ramps to thomas. temperatures is investigating a deadly shooting a woman shot by what sounds like three men in a white work style pickup truck. those three have not been found so this is an all out search
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abc mornings and abc 15 mobile. it's the cardinals an patriots sunday night and of course the focus is on jimmy garafalo the patriots back up quarterback taking the reigns now that tom brady is serving four game suspension. but he's e isn't playing the poor me card doesn't seem too concerned about taking over for a future hall of famer in fact he was saying all the right things this week as he heads to arizona to take on a very tough cardinals defense. >> all the reps between the two of us. it's different without tom no question about it but it is what it is at this point. these are the games that count now. the intensity picks up throughout the whole building you feel it and i mean i wouldn't have it any other way. >> last week colin kaepernick said he would donate $1 million to help correct what he calls
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one on he thanked everyone to show love and support post a picture to instagram fans wearing his jersey saying he'll be donating all the proceeds from jersey sales right back into the community. he finished his post with this i quote i believe in the people and we can be the change. look, i'm not supporting kaepernick but i have to tell you he certainly is following through with his commitment. he's not just giving it lip service he's actually following through on a promise to help by making a huge fi donation. and i salute him for that. that's foo he on sports. >> he lied about being held at gunpoint during the rio olympic now he's paying for l. >> ryan lochte suspended for 10 months longer than michael phelps got for two duis he's banned from next year's world championship. the other three swimmers involved got a shorter suspension. sure it might have been expensive, sure it barely mentions academics but it sure
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remember this recruit many video. well they just had bid day and page the sorority is adding a large number to its newest class we never got an exact figure how much this video costs only that it wasn't the $200,000 reported in teen vogue. final check of your forecast temperatures tomorrow still well below normal but it's going to be humid. there's highs across the state
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, dr. phil mcgraw, from ?better things?, pamela adlon. snoop dogg, and music from bastille. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for


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