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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 10, 2016 1:06am-1:41am MST

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it's been a deadly day on the hiking trail, and another scare tonight. >> and this time it's echo canyon. two people lost in the darkness of the night. kim tobin is the joining us live. >> they're okay, but it's going to cost them? >> reporter: yes, $107 is how
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echo canyon, this park and whole area only open from sunrise to sunset, they're saying sunset is 6:42. that's when it went dark tonight, and park rangers say a 34-year-old man and 15-year-old girl were almost to the top of the summit, and got lost. it was too dark to get down on their own. not hurt, so no medical help needed, but crews did have to hike up with lights and them down. >> of course it's a citation. our departments here, as soon as it's sunset we can give tickets, but we usually wait 10 or 20 minutes afterwards. we see them coming down and give them time to get down, then educate them. >> reporter: this is phoenix fire's third mountain rescue today. this afternoon a tragic one. a 26-year-old man from switzerland died at the
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trail. he passed away, all of this reminders as you hit the trail in the fall season. back to you guys. thank you. a man choked unconscious by a cop. police brutality or necessary roughness? only abc 15 has the video so you can decide. nohelani graf speaking to the man about what he remembers. he's calling for justice? >> reporter: he says this is the worst in what he calls a long history of bullying by williams police. officers tolhi but you know the saying three sides to every story? well we're getting that thanks to a camera at the police station giving us the perspective of a fly on the fly. this is the man as he friends no him. 12-year national guard veteran, volunteers at the williams senior center. this is how police know him. a regular at the williams police department, and this is him being choked out by an officer. he blacks out, but he believe
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>> it's a violation of my civil rights. i don't think they should have been touching me at all. >> reporter: he was accused of threatening someone during an argument. he admits he was drunk and swearing, but says the cop was in his ear too. >> he said this is on you, this is on you. >> reporter: suddenly hands were on his throat. >> i said hey what are you doing? >> reporter: three others are in the room. no one moves to help the officer. he says he's been in trouble a lot, but believes he's been harassment. >> the chief of police told me, even in front of my mother, he's going to follow me until the day i die. what does that mean? are they going to kill me if i get a chance? >> reporter: he feels lucky to survive this, and aafraid of -- and is afraid of backlash for speaking out, but worries others will be in the same position.
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phoenix police. now back to you. police following up on leads tonight, but still looking for the three men responsible for shooting and killing a woman on the 51 wednesday night. meantime a scottsdale restaurant stepping up to help that woman's family. the owner of pig and pickle is friends with farmer's daughter. this weekend the restaurant overing -- offering a 15 percent discount for anyone that offers $15 or more to the go fund me pain for the >> yes, we're all working for the same goal, so we try to step up and help. >> the goal is raise a few thousands dollars from customers, and they hope to match the account. they went on vacation, left their dogs at a kennel, and came home to find out the dogs were dead. two dozen dogs lost their lives, and now jail sentences for the kennel owners. jon erickson was live at the kennel the night it happened, and now he's live at the jail.
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>> reporter: one of the kennel co-owners, husband and wife took a plea deal. the deal calling for 23 days in jail, one day for each dog. the judge today though deciding to triple that and sheriff joses after they choke -- joe says after they check in here it's off to tent city. malisa hughes then. >> nobody is to blame! >> reporter: and her now, a judge deciding she and her husband are to >> i'm so sorry. we said it from day one. >> reporter: what happened is more than 20 dogs died at their gilbert boarding kennel in 2014. the air-conditioning in the nine by twelve foot went out in the middle of the night. two of the dogs killed were heather's remy and valor. >> it's a very hard situation. >> reporter: and heather now saying the apology didn't feel real. >> she's always played the
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sorry you don't know how any of us feel. i'm just happy with the sentence, and knowing she'll be in jail for 60 days. >> reporter: the couple got 60 day sentences each. the wife begged not to go to jail immediately saying she had two troubled daughters at home. >> if i go to jail with them not knowing what's going on, one of them will not survive it. i promise you that's true. >> reporter: the judge deciding she can go jessie got the hand cuffs today. we could show then and nows all night. >> we don't want any other family members to go through what we've gone through. we want it never to happen again to anybody. >> reporter: but the then and now we can't show is of the dogs. there is only a then. the now is just their memory. in phoenix, jon erickson, abc 15 news. tonight we're hearing from the daughter of a chandler woman accused of setting her own home on fire, and police
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jordan did it to get attention from her boyfriend. the home is battery damaged, but -- badly damaged, but jordan's daughter says she believes her mother was trying to hurt herself, and instead of jail she needs help. >> she's not a bad person. she loved this house, she wouldn't set it on fire. everything was in here, baby pictures and clothes, everything. it was full of memory. >> reporter: according to police rose suffers from mental health issues and domestic violence. a valley family details about their heart break tonight after their little girl drowned. they say the 2-year-old slipped out of sight, and she was found in the baby pool out back. here aunt who's a -- her aunt who's a nursing student started cpr, but she died yesterday, and her funeral is a week from sunday. now to the waiting game, and it could be another month before we found out if sheriff
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charged for violating court orders related to the racial profiling case. abc 15 learning a status conference is set for october 11th. if charges are announced, it would be a bombshell just weeks before election day. she did it on principal, not just for the results is what christine jones is saying tonight after a judge adds 18- volts to the total -- 18 votes to the total of the race in the 5th congressional district, but they didn't help her. she was trailing it's 16 votes. a recount still planned for next week. parents reaching out to us after students are left stranded at the bus stop. navideh forghani forced to go down to the school district in person to try and get answers. >> no, i got the press release, but i had decisional questions about how many called out. >> i don't know. >> but she does, can i talk to her? >> it turns out 15 bus drivers called out in protest leaving
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uncovered. bus drivers say they're upset about how little they get paid even though the district says the rates are competitive. we're told things should be back to normal on monday. it was a targeted attack on something that hems save lives -- helps save lives, and the cruel damage outraging the community. now people are taking action to make it right. emergency medical veterans response provides life saving measures as a variety of events like football games or concerts, but around the ambulance was sliced, ripped, even burned, and the owner only had it for a few months. >> to take something like that from other people for no reason is, that's what i can't wrap my head around. >> but a better ending to the story. after getting the story out there, desert signs in cave creek contacted the owner saying they'll cover the cost. we're getting answers on the chaos at the border in
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border agents opening fire on a man trying to cross over. here's a picture of the shot out windows. the driver was a 26-year-old man from mexico, and he's in stable condition in tucson. we also learned he had a passenger, a 16-year-old boy who was not hurt. all of the officers and border patrol agents will be okay. >. one border patrol agent finding himself on the wrong side of the law near san diego. he's accused of allowing undocuments us in exchange for cash bribes and sexual favors. a glendale student using what she learns in class to put an accused flasher behind bars. the man exposed himself to two girls near their high school. they were walking home from school near 89th and glendale saying the man drove up, asked a lewd question, and flashed them. one of the girls attends a criminal justice class at
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identify the car and pick him out of a photo line up. gold and diamonds weren't enough, the man accused of stealing jewelry from drake's tour bus also accused of going to asu looking for sex. he talked his way past security in a dorm, found an unlocked door, and climbed into bed with a female student and offered to have sex with her. we talked to the neighbor across the hall. >> he was just talking to them, i guess, and wanted to show them his the girls kind of pieced it together and figured it out and told the cops that like we think this was the guy with drake's jewelry. >> he also admitted he was high on marijuana and pcp. and justice on hold for the first man convicted of terror charges tied to isis. kareem accused of plotting to attack the super bowl in arizona in 2015.
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sentencing has been pushed back a month to october 25th. well, a nice day weather- wise. sunny skies. hot, 103, still in the 90s, it's warm this evening. passing high clouds, mostly clear skies in the forecast. dry tonight. we dip down to 80, and you see it will lights of tempe there in the background. the asu and texas tech game forecast is coming up. >> i've got one trapped in the car. trapped in a burning car, police with but no -- to lose, but no idea what they were up against. and another set back for
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on fire but out of time, but thankfully in luck that a group of heroic police officers were in the a car crashing, bursting into flames. a family stuck inside >> we could hear screams from inside the car, somebody just screaming for help. i didn't think, you know, you just grab them and get them as far as away as you can. >> you saw a baby there. a total of 5 people there, including two babies, but the officers from maryland say a week later the video is too hard to watch knowing what could have been. perhaps it's fitting on a weekend where a movie about the
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theaters, we have our own miracle. amazing that all four people on board this small plane are still alive after crashing in the front yard of a home in wickenburg. we're told it was heading to payson but had mechanical trouble. we know the pilot and his wife are from wickenburg, the two others from texas. they're recovering tonight at a valley hospital. all right, scottsdale, it's your turn for the pesky weekend freeway closures. northbound loop 101 closed until monday morning from indian bend to shea, you're headed to the west valley, maybe the cardinals game, think about using i-17. and they called 911 for what? from loose frogs to broken cell phones, the calls are putting lives at risk. it goes without saying, but police are warning people not to call 911 unless it's a true emergency. to prove their point, listen to the calls just from today. >> 911 what's the emergency?
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phone turned back on? >> this is 911 for life threatening emergencies. >> only about one in four calls are ever even emergencies, the vast majority are bogus, and those that misuse 911 can be arrested and fined. and the efforts to legalize marijuana in our state, one of the biggest donations in its time to oppose the legislation, $100,000. they question marijuana's safety and that's the reason they say for their donation. across the nation, the making a murderer guy may not be getting out of prison after all if prosecutors have their way. prosecutors in wisconsin are
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overturn dassey's conviction. he was convicted of murder. he's due to get out in november. and people all over the country honoring remembering the live -- honoring and remembering the lives lost 15 years ago. sunday marks the somber anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. we caught up with a man going to the healing fields in tempe for the first time. >> it was something that i've always wanted to do, and i here today, and just to remember the, you know, all of our fallen family members and brothers, sisters everybody. >> if you'd like to see it it will be an display all weekend at tempe beach park. ahead of 9/11 national security a big topic on the campaign trail. hillary clinton in new york meeting with national security leaders. >> i'm bringing democrats and republicans together now because i plan to get right
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>> that as new polls show donald trump gaining ground with independents, and meantime trump with a simple response to criticism, he keeps praising russian president putin. >> if he says great things about me i'll say great things about him new creepy clown sighting, this time here in our state. check out a photo posted on a facebook page this week showing somebody biking down a street it's apparently a growing trend in the us aimed at scaring people, and apparently it worked in yuma. >> i hate clowns, they terrify me. >> yuma police say it's not against the law to wear it, but in other states there are reports of people dressed as clowns trying to lure children into wooded areas. officers say no joking around, be cautious. >> reporter: new tonight the pre--
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a movie about our state's immigration laws. >> i get emotional because it's, it's like constantly fighting. >> the driver -- the movie's producer i should say wants the movie released while joe arpaio was in court battles. caught on video, a very lucky guy in austin, the 9th floor of a parking garage. you can see it there. his car dangling over the edge. witnesses couldn't believe it either. >> it echoed through the whole thing, and i saw a car and glass fall from the sky, and i looked up and saw the car dangling, swaying in the breeze, and the guy was in the car, and yelled and gave this blood curdling scream. >> but then he managed to get out of car and wasn't hurt.
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one a miracle, however we're told the car is totaled. consumer alert, nissan is warning some cars to stop driving the vehicles all together because they should catch on fire. they recalled 135,000 cars from 2014 to 2015 because the brake fluid can leak and cause fires. you're urged to park it outside and not drive it. and a could effect what car you drive. fancy cars seem nice, but maybe not when you hear this. >> you're more likely to get skin cancer and cataracts if you drive a bmw for mercedes. it shows side windows of some of their models block less than 60 percent of harmful uv rays. the worst car for uva protection t2009 mercedes e950. lexus cars had the best
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space? consider donating it to be a holiday miracle for a kid in foster care. we're teaming up for the annual recycle your bicycle campaign. easy to help notary public three ways -- help in three ways. drop off a bike, donate money, orb volunteer to help fix up bikes. we have a full list on and warm and dry tonight, and we continue with dry conditions. we'll have a look at the football forecast, and i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them
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see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is i'm going undercover, at an actual brewhouse. it's awesome. amazing! what if i told you, you are eating a jack's brewhouse bacon burger from jack in the box.
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we'll continue to drop the temperatures into the 70s and low 80s as we head into tomorrow morning. cool there in flagstaff out the door in the mid-50s. 79 in kingman, 90s bullhead city and lake havasu, upper 80s in court side, and dewpoint temperatures have continued to drop today, drier air moving in, we're in the 30s and 40s across the higher terrain, 50s here across the valley, and still 60s where we've had a little more moisture down in the southeast pocket of the moving through, and a few afternoon showers in again the southeast pocketer of arizona. here's what's changing tomorrow. looking for mostly clear skies valley-wide, but looking at the state you can see how quiet it is going to continue as we go throughout the morning into the afternoon. slight chance for a few showers and thunderstorms north, to the east throughout the white mountains, and sunday the rain
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tomorrow if you're headed north maybe to sedona in the 90s. slight rain chance saturday, but sunday we bring the chances up to 30 percent. drop the highs just a little bit into the upper 80s looking for more cloud cover, and a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms across the higher terrain. here in the valley we'll bring a slight chance for a couple of showers in the forecast, but not until sunday when we'll see about a 10 percent chance. monday a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms and take the chances back down tuesday, and out of the week next week. tonight no rain in the forecast. 80 in ahwatukee, 72 in the morning. chandler back up to 103 tomorrow. 102 in scottsdale, and asu taking on the red raiders, 100 at kickoff. we'll dip into the upper 90s, so it's going to be a warm evening. mostly clear skies, and wind speeds light out of the south to southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. 40s north tonight, back up to
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tomorrow. 106 bullhead city. a look at the most accurate forecast. upper 90s monday, 97 tuesday, a slight chance of rain sunday, monday, tuesday, hma. ..s mlife kep back corocine.e r ang ece ntitbreo. ahmtoms. adults olledoms. corocine, roid.oms. esinler bls. oms. aiays g r hours. dicine ofeathurs.
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ents. hose trleon a ctrcine, inroid. s welled, r llf you bcre a ctrcine, hateid. orthcred. r ifsthma mpveworse. hour breo pr you. for breo eoom. well as of today it sound like the new england patriots will be seriously short-staffed
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famer sidelined, possibly two. rob gronkowski will not suit up it's reported, they took off for arizona without him. no brady or gronk? that's helpful for the patriot. as for bruce arians and the arizona cardinals, toasty day in tempe leads to practice inside the bubble, and their season opener. they'll kick things off with essentially the same offensive personnel as last season, and the veteran chris johnson knows just how rare it is in the league. >> most teams that go that far or make it to the super bowl or anything like that, you know, a lot of people want to get paid and you know just the team, every year it's different, and i've never been a part of a team where the whole entire offense came back the next year
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>> that familiar offense will face their first test sunday night in glendale. finally tonight a tempe police officer showing us a completely different side of them. >> you've probably seen him in a number of abc 15 stories, but i promise never like this. ?[ music ] ?? >> master of the keys like that right there. he played at the a living facility in tempe. there's the smile. >> awww. >> his mom made his practice. >> for what? now this! he's on the news! >> forecast looking pretty nice tonight. another hot one, little warmer actually. 10 had.
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>> today on "fablife"... ?? >> one incredible favorite foodies special. >> lawson. >> everyone makes mistakes. it's where you go from there. >> blais. >> we're gonna smoke this burger. >> oh! >> bertinelli. >> menu first or guests first? >> it's a little bit of both. >> legend? >> my lovely husband john and his entire family. >> it's time to play family food. you're gonna love it. >> ew, that's nasty. >> you think? you guys have no points yet. how embarrassing. (cheers and applause) ?? >> welcome to "fablife."
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at some of our most popular chefs, cooks, and mouthwatering recipes, and of course that includes some of our all-time favorites-- valerie bertinelli... >> whoo! >> yes! >> ...nigella lawson, and richard blais. >> oh, my gosh, that nigella lawson cake. >> oh, my gosh. >> i made it. i made it at home, and it's so good. >> i wasn't here for that. i missed out on that. >> you missed it. >> i'm gonna make it for you, leah. >> don't worry. and you'll get to see what happened when chrissy and i were let loose on the streets behind the scenes of the grilled cheese >> feels like yesterday. >> i know, right? >> seriously. >> it was like yesterday. well, speaking of hitting the streets, chrissy, you've been on the road with your book-signing. >> i know. >> that is so exciting. >> i can't believe i'm finally back too. that was a whirlwind. that's my book. >> yay! (cheers and applause) we love it! >> it's amazing! and it's so exciting. it debuted on "the new york times" best-seller list, which we are so-- >> yay! (cheers and applause) >> i know. thank you. yeah, that's so crazy. >> number one, too, by the way. >> i know. >> number one.
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is i told my agents and managers and everything, i was like, "don't even call me unless it's number one," 'cause i was so tired and, like... and then they call, and they're like, "guess what. it's number one." and even then i was so tired, i was like, "oh, cool." aah! i'm so tired, but i'm so happy 'cause i never, ever would have expected that. for some reason, like, in the modeling world, there's, like, little accomplishments you can make and things that make you happy, but they're not all necessarily-- they don't take you very seriously still. >> yes. >> so, there's things you can be proud of yourself about, but those things are small. this i'm, like, actually proud of. >> yes! you did a great job. >> we are so proud of you. >> thank you. thank you, guys. thank you for being so supportive. you guys came to my signings. >> i know! >> we wouldn't miss it for the world. >> that was so sweet. i was peak sickness here, too, but you guys were so sweet. >> i know, you kicked off your book tour in l.a. >> yeah. >> and i remember we were filming here, and i said, "you guys, let's just go to the grove. we have to surprise chrissy. i don't care how tired we are." >> i made john tweet it 'cause i was like, "nobody's gonna come, so, like, you have to say that you'll be there too." (laughter) so, i made john say that he would be there. >> and there was a line around
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support the book gets, because me, my fans, i'm used to seeing them on twitter and instagram. i haven't met them, so it's really cool to meet everybody, and everyone has their own little story of how they've never cooked before or-- and it's funny, out of-- i think you guys saw-- out of everybody in line, i might have had like four guys, and even out of the four men, they all made me sign for their wives and girlfriends. >> but they had like ten books each. we love you so much, chrissy. we're so proud of you. >> we love you. >> we are so proud of you. >> i love you guys. >> we really are. we're so proud of you, baby. >> i love you. >> thank you. thank you. the kitchen, i thought it would be fun to play a game, because we love games here... >> we love games. >> we do. >> ...called guess the kitchen gadget! >> whoo-hoo. >> we're gonna play guess the kitchen gadget, except chrissy's not gonna play because you're a number-one best-selling "new york times" author. >> can you imagine? i'm glad i'm not, because what if i don't know it? oh, gosh. >> you can play with us. >> (laughing) >> you can just help out each of us if we don't know. >> okay, i hope i know these. >> so, leah and lauren, you each have a box in front of you with a gadget inside. i will give you three options
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then you guys have to guess the correct one. >> okay. >> yeah? >> i'm down. >> are you guys down for that? okay, leah, you're up first. >> oh, i'm first, okay. all right, let's do it. >> are you gonna open your box? >> okay. what in the world is this? >> okay, wait a second. these aren't normal cook gadgets. >> i thought i was gonna get, like, a can opener. >> no idea what that is. >> chrissy was gonna be like, "that's a spatula." >> these are the things-- these are the things that are, like, those last-minute things on the counter at those kitchen stores-- >> impulse buy. >> it's an impulse buy. okay, leah... >> oh, my. yes? >> be careful with that though. is it, "a", a hanging macrobiotic herb planter... >> oh, i could see that. >> ..."b", a sack for boiling food in a pot, or "c", a flavor infuser to help make flavored water, iced tea, or punch? >> what do you guys think? >> come on, audience, "a", "b", or "c"? (audience shouting) what do you guys think? >> let me see it too. >> that's cool. >> "b"? >> "b"? i hear a lot of a's and b's.
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>> a sack for boiling food in a pot? >> yeah. >> okay, well, let's see what the answer is. >> that is so lazy. i love it. >> yes, it is actually "b", a sack for boiling food in a pot. >> that's awesome. >> now, it's called the food pod, and it allows you to simultaneously hold, cook, remove, and drain food from boiling water or steam. >> you could even do pasta in that, which is one of my favorite-- >> and you can fill up the pod with vegetables or eggs or whatever you want, dip it into the pot-- to the pan, and off you go. >> i like it. >> i want one of those. >> not bad, right? okay, lauren, are you ready for yours? >> yes, of course i am! >> okay, this one's special for you. (laughter) >> what does that mean? >> no, i'm just kidding. (laughing) take out your gadget. >> okay. oh, boy. what in the heck? >> that looks like a baby-- >> it's one of those '90s workout machines. >> i'm obsessed with it. okay, lauren-- >> where does this go? >> lauren, it's for the kitchen. just relax. is it, "a", to separate the seeds from the flesh of your lemons... >> what?


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