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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm MST

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coming up in just 30 seconds, the search for shooters who crashed a house party. a look at how amer right now at 10:00, a live look from new york city. the entire nation paying tribute to the victims and heros from september 11.
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never forget. >> i'm craig fouhy live at the university of arizona stadium. a tough opening for our arizona cardinals. they miss a field goal with seconds to go, and fall to the patriots. >> developing now, the search is on in phoenix after a drive- by shooting at a house party at 83rd avenue and buckeye. two teens shot, one of them in the back of the neck. the other in the face. neighbors tell us, they heard a hail of on scene our crew counted 15 slugs being processed out there. officers say the bullets came from two shooters inside two different cars. a white suv and a black mercedes sedan. we spoke to a teen who left that house party right in time. >> i get home, and there's like, out of nowhere, shots going off. once they stopped, i came outside. it is running. >> the two teens shot are in
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driver. the search is still on for the black mercedes certificate dan. another shooting was at 99 and camelback. a man in his 30s hit twice, but is expected to recover. all new tonight a lot of nightmare. the intersection closed for quite a while after a crash. a car and motorcycle collided there. the motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. no word on what led up to this accident. our adot cameras were rolling on this scene, a crash on i-17 southbound at durango curve. dps tells us, a car hit a wall there. we know phoenix fire responded to the scene. so far, no word if anybody was
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nation. so engrained in people's memories, many know exactly where they were on september 11, 2001. today is the 15th anniversary of the deadliest attack in our nation's history. for one peoria police officer, his memories are firsthand. chris, this officer was actually there on ground zero. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, kim. robert miller has been with peoria police department for the but before that, an officer at nypd. he was there that day, 15 years ago, 9/11, as a first responder. earlier today, the peoria police department shared on their facebookpage his memories in a candid interview from that day, saying that what he remembered the most was the fear of what was coming next.
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the staten island landfill, and when they sent it over there, we needed to still go through it, to check for human remains and what not, so people had closure and something to bury. >> it's almost hard to hear him go through all of that, but it's what a lot of first responders had to go through that day. he did add, he finds it's cliche to say on days like today, especially the 15th anniversary, he really does hope that people never forget. kim. thank you for that story. a group headed to new york right now to remember 9/11, they're taking part in a 300- mile bike ride in honor of officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. 300 officers from around the country are riding in the annual tour deforce. the phoenix officers this year
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david glasser,, who was killed in the line of duty in may. >> if we can get out here and give these families an opportunity to have some sort of an experience, you know that maybe puts a smile on their face. that's really what it's all about. >> six other officers from phoenix police are there right now. mesa police officer, jerry moreand is also taking part in a tour deforce. ? [ music ] ? this video, and photos from the amatchy junction. veteran groups in the area organized this crane. the group laying a wreath at the apache junction veterans memorial gazebo. still ahead, we're going to take to you tempe for those gathering for a memorial, and those in new york and washington, d.c. paying their respects. a live look outside at your forecast right now. obviously, football back in a
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were enjoying their time outside. tailgating, doing all the fun stuff. >> it was a beautiful day across the valley. looking at a little cloud cover passing through over the past couple of hours. no rain. things will stay pretty dry for us through the rest of the evening. 105. that was the official high temperature in phoenix today. mesa gateway topped out at 100. as you look at current temperatures. in the upper 80s at deer valley. a warm evening we'll continue to follow it tonight. tomorrow, the winds pick up just a little bit. especially through the afternoon hours, out of the south-southwest. 5 to 15 miles per hour. gusts up to 20 miles per hour, then lighter winds throughout the evening. so we're going to be talking a little bit more about this forecast, our monsoon moisture increasing, and that means our shower and thunderstorm chances
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brand new information about a shooting at desert ridge marketplace. we brought you this as breaking news last night at 10:00. phoenix police say this all started with a robbery attempt in the parking lot. they say two men met there to complete a sale that they started online, when the buyer tried to rob the seller, the victim fired shots at him. the suspect returned fire, grabbing the merchandise, and taking off on a red motorcycle. he's still on the loose tonight, and might have gunshot wounds. the victim was not hit by bullets, but did have a minor injury from that struggle. anyone with information, urge today call silent witness. a man is in custody, accused at firing at a car on a valley freeway. this happened at the i-10/i-17 interchange. thankfully, no one was hurt, but the two people in the car say they were heading westbound on i-10. the man allegedly pointed a gun at the woman he fired.
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being questioned. the woman is still on the loose. in sun city west, investigating the deaths of two people. last night, a family member found the bodies in a home off 147th drive and tutura drive. mcso says there are no outstanding suspects. neighbors tell us an older man lived at that home by himself. a valley intersection back open after a crash shut it down the work has major construction going on. we're told a 50-year-old woman ran a red light, slamming into another driver. that woman rushed to the hospital, suffering life- threatening injuries. the investigation still ongoing, but deputies believe speed played a big role. only a month into the school year, and the classes have been canceled in glendale. two schools, challenger, and landmark, forced to shut down immediately because of safety issues dealing with the
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to the school earlier, showing us the small cracks are cause for big concern. >> reporter: we want to show you exactly what the school is most worried about. gaps in the foundation. cracks like these, that's what has them concerned tonight. they can't see all the damage that goes underneath the surface here. this is all discovered after an improvement project was underway over the summer. after bricking ink an architect, and structural engineers, they discovered the damage was s decided to stop classes through wednesday. >> there are varying degrees of decay through the walls. how much decay depends on where you look. but the uncertainty here is we don't know how much damage, because there are areas we can't see. >> reporter: they do know this is going to cause a crack to their budget as well. nearly $2.5 million. what they're expected to spend on fixing both schools. >> high winds, maybe like the hurricane that swept in, if the
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something like that that would actually sweep the walls from the bottom, not from the top, but it's basically having your feet swept out from under you. >> reporter: the repair is expected to take up to 5 weeks. in the meantime, officials start a slip schedule of sorts. but the details haven't been worked out yet. no classes are scheduled for tomorrow. but the school is going to go to a state advisory board meeting to try to get the funds to pay for all of this. if you're a parent, there's three meetings going on tomorrow. in glendale, megan thompson. still haven't quite wrapped my head around what happened in glendale tonight. all you know is that's not exactly the way you want to kick off the season. the missed field goal heard around the country tonight.
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better from your angle, fouhy. >> reporter: jason, this was awful. listen. the patriots score with 3:45 to go. they go up 23-21, but the cardinals get the ball on the 8- yard line, and drive 11 plays. get all the way down to the patriots 29-yard line. some great plays by carson palmer and the other guys. listen, brown catches that pass. then it comes down to this last field goal, but it's a bad snap, and of course the field goal sails wide le cardinals end up losing here at home, 23-21. we were in the locker room afterwards. the guys were depressed. here's coach arians at the podium talk being why we lost this game to the new england patriots. >> we didn't really play well enough in any phase. although we still had a chance
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the game. it all starts with me. you know, it starts at the top, and we obviously were not ready to play. they outplayed us. amend we'll learn from it, and grow from it. a long way to go. and we'll regroup and see if we can win one next week. >> that's the sentiment from everybody in that locker room. we're going to learn we're going to grow from this. all week, jason, we talked about no tom brady, no rob gronkowski the last couple of days. it didn't matter. the patriots come away with a win here in the game number 1 of the season the cardinals fall 23-21. coming up, we'll take you inside the locker room. i caught up with campbell for a quick one-on-one after the game. >> we'll hear from you in a
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the stadium. some of the fans. they think it's over. and slowly, they realize we just lost the game. >> keep us updated. thank you. a health scare for one of the candidates impacting future plans on the campaign trail. plus, a new poll laying out where the candidates stand less than to months to election day. a security alert in new mexico
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dig developments in democracy 2016. we just learned hillary clinton has canceled travel plans to the west coast on monday, amend tuesday, after a health scare. take a look at this video. it seems to show hillary
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her aides. she was taking her daughter chelsea's nearby. according to her doctor, hillary clinton has pneumonia. hillary clinton still the favorite, she has 46% of the vote, but that's fallen two points since august. donald trump is 5 points behind, but is slowly gaining support. gary johnson has 9%. jill stein has 2%. one person is dead, two other people in critical crashed into a concrete wall at denver international airport. police say the female driver died at the scene. police say about 20 passengers were taken to nearby hospitals. no word yet on what led to that crash. scary moments in new mexico. police responding to the albuquerque international sun port airport today. for a report of a suspicious device. the bomb squad was called in after a device was found at the check point. the bomb squad cleared out the
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again for everybody flying in and out. all right, getting over to your weather forecast now. we just went for a walk outside, and it was kind of toasty out there. >> still warm, sitting in the 90s. we hit 105 today. that's above average. typically around 102. then as you look outside, the satellite radar composite, still showing a little bit of cloud cover out to the east. those showers and thunderstorms have pushed well off to the east and into new mexico, and mexico, leaving us with mostly clear skies here across the valley. however, as we go through the overnight hours, we will still see clouds return. a chance for showers and thunderstorms also increasing across the valley, and state. so start to see a little bit of that monsoonal moisture move back in. rain chances around 20% throughout tomorrow afternoon here in the phoenix metro. you can see that that coverage will be higher through the white mountains, down through the southeast.
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east tomorrow, so it will be moving away from the valley. if you do see those showers and thunderstorms on abc15 doppler throughout the day, again moving off to the east. we will be looking for more widespread rain, again through the white mountains. we had a little severe weather in that southeastern area of the state earlier today. here's how our rain chances are looking. very isolated chances tomorrow morning. we'll leave it at 10%. heating. we'll bring rain chances just up to 20% tomorrow. 93 right now. west-southwest winds at 6 miles per hour. we're looking at temperatures to warm quickly throughout the day. a little more cloud cover. 92 at noon. highs tomorrow in the upper 90s. not far from that average of 101. so we'll be a little bit cooler. still a very hot day across the
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digits. 75 in mesa. then 95 tomorrow. current temperatures outside north. 50s in flagstaff. 77 in sedona. 90s in lake havasu. yuma currently in the low 90s. wind speeds have been a little breezy throughout the day. tomorrow, the winds increase. could have higher gusts between 35, potentially even 40 miles per hour across the higher at the in you're traveling throughout the state tomorrow. in flagstaff, highs tomorrow back in the 70s. 80s along the rim. 92 in tucson. 95 casa grande. 99 here in phoenix. highs tomorrow, in the upper 90s for all of us. so we're right there in the ballpark with that average high of 101. 97 in glendale, as you look at your most accurate forecast
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breezes into tuesday. 98 wednesday. we'll continue to take it up a degree on thursday, near 99. then triple digits back in the forecast friday, saturday, sunday, with morning lows in the 70s. >> laura, thank you. we're going to just not talk about the cardinals for a bit here. right now, we're going to talk about the sun devils. we're happy about this. one of the guys making a big name for himself. >> our audio guy is this calin balage and what sport does she play? first of all, it's a he, and he's a beast.
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what a game last night in tempe. asu and the final score looks more like an arena game. in large part due to kalen ballage. the sun devils scored 9 touchdowns last night, and ballage was responsible for 8 of them. he ties the ncaa record. asu win it is 68-55. at the end of the night, a historic night for kalen ballage. the win was all that mattered. >> to be honest, i really don't
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these guys. that's not important to me. and they'll tell you straight up. i want to win football games. that's what we did tonight, and scoring 8 touchdowns, that wasn't part of the plan at all. i just wanted to win a football game, and we ended up doing it. i just wanted to contribute to the team any way that i can. >> i'd say he contributed a little bit. >> next up for ballage and the devils, they're off to texas as they take on the utsa roadrunners friday night. >> very humble too. don't care about the record, here to night. another live report from university of phoenix stadium coming up. >> we look forward to it, jason. coming up, we do have a live look from new york city right now. the nation remembering thousands of lives lost 15
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you saw it right here on abc15 tonight. there is a new miss america. miss arkansas winning the pageant in atlantic city, topping a field of 52 contestants to claim the shields performed a jazz dance to a song from the show smash earlier this week, to win the preliminary competition. this pageant, tonight, making history with the first openly gay contestant, miss missouri. and set those reminders tonight. the new season of "dancing with
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on abc15. big names competing this season including olympians ryan lochte and lori hernandez. 90's rapper vanilla ice, and rick perry. a mother searching for some type of closure. a petition gaining traction right now. why some people want to say yes to the death penalty. >> live in flags stand score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed...
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score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th.
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a day we will never forget. tonight in tempe, hundreds of people gathering for a candlelight vigil to remember the lives lost on 9/11. live at tempe beach park, there are behind you. >> reporter: this is called the 9/11 healing field. it is a stunning site. community members walked along the field to remember the victims. each flag has the name of a person who died in the attacks. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: a solemn ceremony to remember those who died 15 years ago today.
10:32 pm
old. >> we just thing it's really partner to teach our children about our freedom, and what this day means. >> i lost three of them in the towers when the towers came down, so it doesn't get any easier. >> reporter: this woman was just 5 years old on 9/11, too young to happening, but remembers the look on her mom's face. >> just seeing my mom so scared, her pain, just seeing her scared made me feel as scared as she was. >> reporter: today, those gathered are vowing to remember and honor the lives lost on 9/11. >> i love the feeling, because we all heal, but we never forget. >> reporter: this is the 13th year that this display has been up in tempe. the community really
10:33 pm
here. even at this hour, people are still out in the park, walking among these flags. taking pictures with them. reading the names and just remembering 9/11. >> a lot of beautiful moments out there, thank you. several tributes taking place across the country to remember the worst terror attack on u.s. soil. [ bell ringing ] >> from the new one world trade center in new york, to the pentagon, ceremonies highlighting the loss and horror of that day, but also the bravery of the people who stepped in to help. >> you saved money lives on september 11. thank you well for the gift of your final hour. >> grieving families saying this day never gets any easier, but it's important to remember
10:34 pm
in shanksville, pennsylvania, an observation to remember those aboard flight 93. all the names of the crew and passengers read aloud. that marks where the plane was down in a field, after planes already crashed into new york and the pentagon. homeowners in an apache junction park are back after a s.w.a.t. standoff. police say they got a call about a family disturbance at 5:00 a.m. they say a man came to the talk to police. after four hours, that man finally surrendering. he will be facing several charges. this sparked at 43rd avenue and indian school. sadly, one of the dogs inside did not make it out. we're told a man and woman were at the home at the time. the guy able to escape the flames from the back of the house. two dogs were able to get out.
10:35 pm
the cause still under investigation. pretty quiet weather here in the valley today. as we look across the nation, the clouds and thunderstorms, well off to the east. headed into el paso right now. you see showers and thunderstorms from atlanta. overall, pretty quiet as we look out across the nation right now. here is what current temperatures look like. checking in on our family and friends. upper 60s in st. louis. 61 in chicago. 75 in denver. and in 65 in albuquerque. seattle at 61. of course, here in phoenix, the warmest spot as we sit at 93 degrees here in the 10:00 hour. headed down into the 80s, as we head into tomorrow, and up to around 99 to 100 degrees in phoenix tomorrow afternoon. 83 in albuquerque. 74 tomorrow in denver. if you're traveling to chicago, looking for those upper 70s. mid-70s in detroit. coming up in just a couple of minutes, we'll be talking about what we expect with shower and thunderstorm chances back here
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they're picking up as well. i'll let you know in a couple of minutes. moving across arizona, the navajo nation's opposition to the death penalty in the spotlight tonight as a mother says she wants justice. the mother of an 11-year-old navajo girl abducted and killed in ship rock. the petition has about 400 signatures. authorities say a lured ashlynn mike in the van, and her body found the next day. he supports the major crimes act, which allows tribes to accept or reject a death sentence under federal jurisdiction. uber announcing they will soon have 1500 new drivers. this all in an effort to bring more jobs to the city. uber says they're hoping to make the hires before the end
10:37 pm
out of washington, d.c. a woman put behind bars after taking one too many french fries. police say she and a friend were drunk when they walked into a restaurant. they sat down next to an officer eating dinner. they started talking. that's when the officer says one of the women took a fry off his plate, then another. the police reports that the officer asked her to stop, warning she could be arrested for theft. her alleged response, as well take me to jail. when she reached for another fry, the officer ended up cuffing her. a catfish there. a woman says she and her friend were walking in a park, they heard a noise up in the tree. and that's when something fell, smacking her in the face. >> a bird had a fish in its beak be and dropped it right on
10:38 pm
dropped to the ground. >> the woman did get a cut on her face and some bruising. she had to go to the doctor. as for where that catfish came from, a few friends reportedly spotted a bird flying away in the sky. wack back to university of phoenix stadium. the arizona cardinals suffering a tough 23-21 loss tonight to the new england patriots. there was a couple of key plays on defense. campbell ended up with a fumble recovery that led to a recovery. i caught up with kalais in the locker room. i asked him what he can take away from this game tonight. >> boy, what a tough way to start, huh? that one hurt a little bit. but you know, at the end of the pile, we didn't make enough plays. the patriots did. this one is going to sting.
10:39 pm
we'll come back to work tomorrow and figure out a way to get it done. >> you know, the football, those guys are going to play. they're not going to lay down, because they're missing a couple of guys. so are we. we fought. bill belichick is a great coach. they're prepared, and played a good football game today. >> a chance for a field goal. it just didn't happen. >> yeah, the opportunitie there. today just wasn't our day. i'm still confident in this team. i'm not worried at all. we've just got to come back to work tomorrow and figure it out. just got to keep playing football. >> what did coach have to say to you guys after the game? >> we didn't make enough plays, as simple as that. it's pretty obvious. we had opportunities, and we didn't make enough. the bigger thing is, we started
10:40 pm
the end. we had opportunities. we will shake this one off. we've lost before. the first time we los it's probably going to happen again. but we have nothing to lose if we just stay together and play hard. >> chandler jones added a lot to the front. >> yeah, those guys played great for us. for a lot of guys, making plays. just wasn't enough plays. >> thanks, appreciate it. >> reporter: you can tell nobody was very excited in that locker room tonight. after losing to the tom brady- less patriots. we thought this might be a win here. it wasn't to be tonight. coming up, we'll talk about some of the positives. some of the takeaways from tonight's game. for now, we'll send it back to you from the university of
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outlook. it's a long season. 15 more regular season games to go. along the way, we'll be talking cardinals football live on our facebook page every sunday night at 7:00. hear from your favorite players, and we'll also hear from you, as you're able to interact us with live. every friday night at 7:00. to the only other divisional game today. this was a wild one. seattle finds had themselves down 10-6 miami poised for a huge upset. with a minute left, the one and only seahawks touchdown of the day. that's all they'd need. seattle win it is, 12-10. they squeak it out. tomorrow is going to be the rams and 49ers for monday night football. >> we're ready for it jason. thank you. if you know a breast cancer surviver, or someone current by battling the disease, abc15
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welcome back to university of phoenix stadium. a tough loss tonight to the new england patriots, and the cardinals start the season 0-1. but we can't leave here talking about some of the positives. let me show you some of these things tonight, larry fitzgerald was literally unbelievable. 8 catches, 88 yards, 2 touchdown receptions. with his 2nd touchdown catch of the night, he becomes just the 10th player in nfl history to have 100 career touchdown receptions. what a night for him. fits, more concerned about the win than anything else. that was a tough one.
10:45 pm
back for the arizona cardinals. but he knocked out a great 45- yard run in the 4th quarter that kept that drive alive and kept the hopes alive for the arizona cardinals. he was sensational all night. he admitted, he needed to start fast next week. he is looking forward to getting another shot against the tampa bay buccaneers. the other guy new to the defense, chandler jones. a great night tonight, he comes over from the patriots, of course in that trade for jonathan cooper last year. he ends up with a tackle for a loss, a huge hit, and a fumble recovery. a big night for that guy. there were positive signs. here's larry fitzgerald after the game. >> it went in spurts. we had it going for a little bit. nothing sustained. we've got to find a way to be
10:46 pm
able to maintain the positive drives. we get it back again, we've guilty to continue to be able to do that. we just didn't have it continuously throughout the course of the game. we had it in spurts, and obviously, it wasn't enough to get it done. we practice it all the time. something coach always drills in us. we were able to get down there and close, that's something we always work on. we expect to be able to execute that in that situation. obviously, we to get down and maybe score a touchdown, and do something like that, but we weren't able to do that. and that is what cost us the game. >> reporter: of course as larry said, that was the problem. they didn't start fast enough, and couldn't finish with that field goal. there were some positives we'll take into next week's game at 1:05 against the tampa bay buccaneers.
10:47 pm
in the studio. >> plenty of room to improve, but also a lot of positives to take from that game. >> give us more positive news weather wise. we're sill in the monsoon, a understand those rain chances, going to go back up tomorrow. the clouds roll in through the overnight hours. 79, we're headed down to tonight. a 20% chance tomorrow afternoon, so little daytime heating. a little more moisture in our forecast tomorrow. we'll bring those chances up to about 20%, from about 4:00 to the evening. and linger in the overnight hours. a forecasted high of 99 tomorrow, topped out at 105 today. we'll take a few degrees off those eyes. breezes also picking up. 10 to 15 miles per hour. sustained winds through about 5:00, 6:00 at night, we any thunderstorms, of course, we
10:48 pm
with gusts tomorrow throughout the valley around 20 to 25 miles per hour. 57 in flagstaff right now. 71 in winslow. 63 in show low. 72 in payson. prescott, in the upper 60s. look at the feature cast with me. you'll look at the clouds that begin to roll in tomorrow morning, waking up with mostly dry conditions. showers and storms begin to bubble up throughout the afternoon. more showers and storms. in county if a, the coverage will be best out to the east. these storms moving to the east throughout the day, with the in the valley, and across northern arizona, to the east and the southeast. something to keep in mind. you may run into a few of those storms out there throughout the day. 78 in peoria. glendale, headed down to 79 tonight, and back up to 97 tomorrow. 95 fountain hills. laveen, 97, 96 ahwatukee. chandler, back up to 97 as well. the average high, 101.
10:49 pm
highs tomorrow, upper 80s. 100 lake havasu. 108 in gila bend. phoenix, 99. take a look at your most accurate forecast with me. some breezes in here tomorrow and tuesday. a very slight rain chance through tuesday morning, then a hot and dry forecast coming up over the next seven days. mostly sunny skies here 100 as we wrap up the week with temperatures in the morning in the 70s. >> looking good, thanks laura. if you have an old sitting around, why not donate it? abc15 teaming up with earnhardt. drop off the old bikes at the 20 different earnhardt locations, donate money, or volunteer time to fix up the bikes. you know what's worse than
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talking some baseball now. series finales for the d'backs and giants. san francisco trying to break out the brooms at chase field. the diamondbacks trying to avoid being swept for the 10th time this season. that doesn't help. zach greinke gives up a solo shot on the second pitch of the game. the giants take a 1-0 lead. later in the game, castillo
10:53 pm
lead of the game. it's 2-1 arizona. but the very next inning, greinke walks three batters. the giants never look back. san francisco wins it 5-3. the d'backs are swept for the fifth time at chase field. suffering their sixth straight loss. today was missing a little bit too much for balls. not quite making as good of pitches i need to. >> the d'backs fire three game series tomorrow night at chase field against the rockies. now let's head owe to crooked sticks. dustin johnson was on a mission. 23 strokes under par for that. dj would be handsomely rewarded. not only with 3,000 fedex points, but he also pockets a cool $1.35 million.
10:54 pm
champ has earned over $9 million in his best season to date 0 on tour. >> wow. that's not too bad. a good paycheck. >> he's got a family there to share it with.
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did you ever play on the teeter totter as a man in illinois, is kicking it up a notch. the retired welder started working on this. it sends people 50 feet into the air, so maybe a giant teeter totter? >> at first, i thought, i want to build me a big wind chime. i found one that was out of my reach.
10:57 pm
teeter totter. >> his goal is to get it in the guinness book of world records. in about eight weeks, he will find out if he has the largest teeter totter in all the land. election day is less than two months away. you can catch up with the 2016 presidential election. all the other big national races too, with a new show on abc15 called the race. it airs every right after our newscast. the first episode months away. >> is it weird every time i think of teeter totter it makes me hungry? i think of tater tots, i do. >> i have some with me. >> i feel left out. final check on the forecast. >> a slight chance of rain. a very slight chance of rain in
10:58 pm
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?[ music ] ? ? welcome to "the race", we're talking the presidential election, i'm mike sack, we're here in washington, d.c., with less than two months until election day, and the candidates have been in striking distance of each other, hillary clinton and donald trump's campaign planes shared a cleveland to park on monday. they were there on labor day to court workers votes. clinton and trump coincided again on wednesday, this time, rotating on and off the uss intrepid. >> what you want in a president, a commander in chief, is someone who listens, who evaluates what


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