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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 13, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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no way! no! didn't see that coming, did you? porter ale cheese sauce, grilled onions, and bacon on a artisan potato bun. jack's new brewhouse bacon burger, new from jack in the box. hey, where did jack go? he was just here. unacceptable, unnerving, and uncaptured. >> a community career targeting women along central between glendale and northern. navideh forghani talking to one of the victims, and what did she say? >> reporter: well, so far this guy is parked alongside side
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approach he tries to cut them off or drive alongside them trying to get them near his car. the path along central gets a lot of traffic. >> runners are always coming and going. >> reporter: so dawn, who doesn't want us to use her last name was blown away at the bold move one guy made. >> how could somebody do something like this? it was the middle of day. >> reporter: she was running along central between glendale and northern when the mystery creeper pulled up from a side street. >> he waved me across to >> reporter: but something didn't feel right. >> i thought he was having car problems or he was lost, that's why he was driving so slowly. >> reporter: she says the guy waved her towards the car and mumbling something. >> >. i caught him saying he'd pay me for a good time. at that moment i looked down into the car and he had his pants down around his knees, and he was performing a lewd act, and exposing himself to me. >> reporter: the pervert took
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she posted about it on next door to warn other victims, but realized she wasn't alone. >> other women had similar experiences, sounded like the same guy. >> reporter: she wants to help get whoever did this off the streets. >> >. my fear is his intents are escalating, and at some point something either physical violence or sexual violence might happen if he's not caught. >> reporter: now this guy is an african american male late teens to early 20s driving a light colored sedan, so be sure to be on the lookout. dawn was so shocked she truly regrets not getting a lot of details like what he looked like, and the description of the car, even a license plate, so again it's important to pay close attention, and if you see anything suspicious call the phoenix police. if you. and here they are, two men arrested in tonight's premier
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the men protesting ryan lochte, stick around later in the newscast when we show the video of when they rushed the stage. and an avondale bank robbery that ended in a police shooting last week, one man was killed, but the other two are behind bars. one of the men in jail, just days ago he gave a big sob story to the judge, just pleading to get out. >> obviously i'm struggling trying to get the money for my she's already on stage four. >> you heard it there, he claimed his mom had cancer, and he wanted a lower bond to be with her during her final days, but new at 10:00, we tracked down his god father who say his mom doesn't even have cancer, and say it's just a employ to get out of -- ploy to get out of jail. and mountain rescues on camelback, tonight it was two
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jon erickson is live, and not only was it steep, but it was dark out there as well. >> reporter: and awful cording to air -- according to air 15 video it looked like the rescuers and teens alike were using flashlights to get down the mountain. it was an 18-year-old and 16- year-old, both males, in a spot too steep to make it down themselves. firefighters helped them make it down, and they're fine tonight. on friday it was also a night rescue on the mountain, and that time out a ticket being there after dark. the teens tonight not ticketed. camelback hours are from sunrise to sunset, so if you need a flashlight you might be there too late. back to you. thank you. new video, new questions tonight about a former mesa police lieutenant, and whether he received special treatment behind bars. he retired earlier this year after being argue ever arrested for drunk -- arrested for drunk
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lieutenant is seen chatting with another officer behind bars. you can see the sign no prisoners beyond this point, but he's there anyway. the police department is not commenting until an internal investigation is complete. and one valley man wants you to be an alert after he catches a wild crime on camera. abc 15's joe bartels spoke to the man, and joe the crooks were casing the joint? that's what he think happen. the crooks used a hammer and school driver to pop the lock on the truck, but this time two cameras caught the whole thing from above. cameras are rolling at a home near 24th and indian school. a dodge speeds by, seconds later it stops right in front of the victim's home. >> here comes the lookout. >> reporter: two guys hop out and go right to work. >> they were very quick. within two minutes they were in
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specialty tools. there goes by vacuum pump and recovery tank, and here he goes with my torches. >> reporter: david said the air- conditioning repair tools and jugs of expensive freon, $800 a pop gone. >> i nigh they knew what they were doing. >> reporter: take a look at the guys. bun with a tattoo -- one with a tattoo, the other heavier set, and he says watching the video was creepy. >> i think i was being watched. 2003 dodge durango dark green. cops are investigating another burglary in the same area and the description matches this one. the surveillance video gave the police enough to arrest the guys. he wants you to learn, saying install a camera system, talk to the neighbors, learn who they are, and never ever let your guard down. thank you. new at 10:00 always keeping you
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there's a new one. surprise police saying scammers are calling as aps agents threatening to shut off the power if you don't call a toll free number and pay a fee. aps posts all valid numbers on the bill though. it's not over yet, still a couple of weeks left in the monsoon season, and the rain was coming down hard tonight in sannal valley as a reminder. and live drive was in the gold canyon area just before sunset. a lot of windshield wipers to work out there tonight. we also have some damage to show you out of tucson. a free landing on this -- tree landing on this mobile home here, sounds like everyone made it out okay, but tonight looking at desert doppler, the valley is in the clear, while storms still linger across southeast arizona, and here's what comes next. this massive area of low pressure digging down through california, shaking up the forecast tomorrow. we have more rain chances, cooler air, and some pretty strong winds to track for some
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coming. you can hear it all right, boos at a town council meeting in guadalupe as candidates who lost the election get to be on the town council anyway. three new members take office in november, but the current council appointed two losing candidates to be on the council until then. they say it's about giving the two younger candidates a chance at town government. state's office certifying the primary result, including congressional race in district 5. for now christine jones is trailing andy biggs in the republican primary by 16 vote, but the steps to initiate a recount will begin tomorrow. it's going to be until thursday before students at two glendale schools can return to class, but it won't be at their own campuses. challenger and land mark are closed for five weeks to repair
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parents packing into the glendale civic center tonight for meetings, and hoping for answers. the students will go to new schools and flip flop half day schedules. >> once they get back on a routine, that's the thing getting them back on the routine. once they're settled they'll be moved back up and go back. there's going to be a transition. and the split won't include specialty classes like music and art. should cursive writing be required? that's the main focus of public hearings kicking off tonight, all of this part of newly proposed english and math standards. if approved reading and writing cursive would be required for third graders, and they'd like your opinion voiced online. the website is on your screen. you can see it there. happening now, the family of a missing river guide
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get ready to begin the search of the grand canyon. the 34-year-old didn't return to camp of a trip down the california river, but -- colorado river, but due to the high winds searchers couldn't fly in until the morning. and the fate of a scottsdale yoga instructor could be in the hands of the jury. the closing arguments will start again tomorrow. she's accused of letting underage boys at her breasts. >> >. she seduced the boys all night long. starts at the table, moves through the house, into the bedroom. >> the woman's defense? her lawyer claim she was too drunk at the house party to consent to sexual activity. who did it and where are they now? nearly a week after a woman was gunned down while driving on
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searching for the killers. and new tonight we learned when the victim, dena farmer will be laid to rest. her funeral will be this saturday morning at 11:00 at the chapel of reflection at 40th street and southern. she betrayed cancer patients and their families, stealing from the cancer charity that she worked for. the woman now sentenced to two years in prison for embezzling $200,000 from company credit cards and manipulating her pay check. the staff at the charity say they were also betrayed by her, and are working to rebuild the trust in the organization. >> we really had to stop and make sure that we put the pieces in place to have proper oversight so that this could not happen again >> the woman will serve three years probation after her time in prison >> excuse me, hey, back off! so that's what they showed you on tv, but wait until you
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protesters rushed the stage with ryan lochte still on it. flames as far as the eye can see, firefighters battling a big one tonight. and why didn't she say
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>> we have a long excuse me, hey, back off! excuse me, excuse me! excuse me! >> woah. >> off, off! >> excuse me. >> wow. >> okay! >> well, you heard it here tonight. drama on dancing with the stars. right after ryan lochte performed, and now we know what you didn't see on television. >> yeah, security on their toes for sure. amid the boos two guys tried to
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security quick to grab them, and here they are. they say they were upset with the olympics fiasco, and here's the behind the scenes look. the star says he's using the show to redeem himself. and look at this, one of the largest fires you'll ever see. no reports of injuries in chicago, but these businesses will have to totally rebuild. there's a family dollar you saw there, and crews still looking into what caused all of this. what he's accused of doing is so wrong in so many ways. >> yeah, that's right, 77-year- old donald klein a fertility doctor turning himself in today in indianapolis. >> yeah, he's trying to use his own sperm to try to get patients pregnant. that's the accusation. six adults who were con receiverred through his clinton
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in the 70s and 80s found out they were siblings. first the all-star game and then two rounds of the ncaa basketball tournament moved out of north carolina last year, all of them stemming from their controversial bathroom law. the city of scottsdale looking to crack down on drone usage. abc 15 obtaining new documents with a number of proposed changes, including certain parks. the rules would not apply to first responders. if passed you could be fined up to $300. the city council will take this up september 20th. all right, election day will be here before we know it, and tonight hillary clinton and donald trump are virtually tied in four key states that's georgia, new hampshire, nevada, and us right here in arizona. the wall street journal surveying likely voters, and in your state you see it there. trump at 42 percent, clinton at 41.
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red state, but new hampshire traditionally blue, so this could be very interesting come november. as to the latest on the campaign trail now, a day after she nearly collapsed at that 9/11 memorial, and you see the video there, hillary clinton taking a break for now. her doctors revealing she's suffering from pneumonia, so why didn't she just say when last week it was just allergies? here's what she told cnn tonight. >> i just didn't think it was going to be that big that's just the kind of thing if it happens to you and you're a busy active person, you keep moving forward. >> so speaking of moving forward, tonight president obama will campaign on her behalf in philadelphia. donald trump will also be near the philadelphia area tomorrow, but tonight he's in north carolina where protesters interrupted his rally several times [ cheering ] >> we have some trouble. >> a man grabbed a protester by the neck and tried to punch him
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escorted out, he tried to grab a woman also being taken out. and a shocking story a valley couple won't soon forget. they went to wal-mart to grab a couple of items, but instead it was bed bugs grabbing at them. we showed this video to a pest control expert that confirms they are in fact bed bugs. the family shot this video after her husband sat in one of the stores motorized scooters itchy on his back, so he stood up to check and there they were >> my whole back was just full of bites. >> reporter: really? from just a few minutes? >> yeah, just a few minutes riding it. >> reporter: so you got outside and did what? >> i got outside and literally just stripped down. >> can't say i blame them. the store took out all the scooters in use, and they're bringing in an expert for testing. it's already happening.
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it's time for holiday hiring. target is the first big change to announce it. they need 70,000 extra people. few dozen of those openings right here in the valley. target also wants another 7500 to help with online orders. the hiring event is happening next month. >> can you believe it? >> i can't. we're already ready to talk about that? or not. >> if you shop at hobby lobby it's been up for months now [ laughter ] >> it's year round. >> i don't think they take it down [ laughter ] we have a lot about. storms throughout the day today bringing rain, wind, dust, and even that gorgeous site from an abc 15 viewer. the rainbow near hunt highway and gilbert road. tonight back in the clear across the valley. showers and thunderstorms hitting the heir over the last -- higher terrain over the last couple of hours, but they're winding down, and the only place left is southeast arizona along wilcox and i-10 moving towards the new mexico late line as we speak. that's what we're watching now.
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more action tomorrow. here's futurecast into the early afternoon. storms firing up first in the higher terrain, maybe some action coming down in phoenix in the afternoon forecast. there's a 10 percent shot in there, and we do look drier as we head towards the middle of week. right now 86 degrees, winds breezy southeast at 14 miles per hour, the dewpoint in the mid-50s. humidity for us 36 percent, and surprise still holding on to 90 degrees, but the rest of the valley in the low to mid-80s. glendale hasn't updated in awhile, but the tempe are dropping, and up farther to the north low 70s in sedona and payson, 58 in flagstaff, and 55 degrees in show low. so winds, we're tracking them now, a little breezy in some spots, particularly northwest portions of the state, but tomorrow they pick up to the northwest and along the i-40 corridor. these are seened wind tomorrow afternoon, not gusts, over 25 miles per hour. gusts even lier for the valley -- higher for the valley, near
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hour wind gusts, so wind advisories in effect. all areas shared in the tan you see here, much of the mojave county, tomorrow, a couple of different end times, starting at 11:00 a.m. the ones at flagstaff end at 6:00. farther to the northwest 8:00 p.m., and because of the high winds and the dry air we're seeing across northwest arizona, red flag warnings for potential fire danger also in effect there. lows tonight down into the mid- 70s for bullhead city, lake havasu all prescott at 57, flagstaff 47, and show low at 51 degrees. here tomorrow. 60s and 70s along the rim. nice cool day. upper 70s in payson and sedona. 88 in nobody. 96 in -- globe, 96 in casa grande, and no triple digits across the state tomorrow. phoenix below the average of 101, exactly what we hit today, and a 10 percent shot of a stray shower in the forecast. lows in the 70s across the valley. 96 in tempe and gilbert
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mesa, queen creek, and apache junction, and 96 in peoria, with avondale at 97. here's the next seven days after the slight chance of a few stray showers tomorrow, we're dry through the middle of week, and temperatures stay below average. we're not going to see the triple digits again until sunday. the cardinals dropped the season opener to the patriots, and it all came down to this. that missed field goal. coming up we hear from the
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abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. when you're a six-point favorite, opening at home, and no tom brady? you should win, but apparently someone forgot to tell the patriots. they went 10 for 16 on 1st downs and rushed for over a hundred yards. not the start to 2016 that anyone was expecting. downs in the 1st quarter because of miscommunications on receiver/quarterback, defensive we were just not getting up the field on 3rd down. >> unless you're a die hard patriots fan you didn't see this coming. no tom, no rob, and it was the home opener! the cardinals gm put it like this, you wake up monday
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angry, disappointed, embarrassed, and that's the way we should all feel. just didn't get it done, and a lot of reasons why, and that needs to improve. it's certainly unacceptable, and he's exactly right. that loss was completely unacceptable, and no add insult to injury he said he'll bring players in for tryouts tomorrow. steve means business, and he's not messing around. and after an ugly loss like that one, that's what i expect from him and bruce arians. no excuses, just fix it. that's craig fo >> not only fix it but talk about it. a lot to talk about tonight. abc 15 hosting cardinals countdown every monday night. >> yes, a big party for fans at university of phoenix stadium. jason snavely with patrick peterson, and some fashionable head gear. >> did you see the give away at the door tonight? >> no, i didn't. >> i think you have to swap it
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moves. go like that. >> i like it down like that. styling it like this [ laughter ] >> reporter: talk about an event like this. i mean it's free first of all. it's at the stadium, and people get autographs and get to mingle with you. >> i think it's a great idea that they brought it to the fans, especially the fans over in the west valley to have the opportunity to get to see the players and interact with the players in a venue to get the opportunity to watch the monday night game with food and free give aways. i thou and wanted to be a part of it so that's why i'm here. >> reporter: do you think the rest of the players will jump at the opportunity? >> no question if you want the opportunity to ride in the chopper. >> reporter: yeah, what was that like? >> yeah, it was great, eight minutes. >> reporter: eight minutes? >> yeah! >> reporter: sure beats the traffic. >> of course. >> reporter: thanks for the time. that's all from the brew house, back to you. >> week one in the nfl wrapping up with a double header, the
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and pittsburgh ran away with it. they win 38-16. >> and the night cap finishing up, the 49ers hosting the rams, and yes kaepernick did kneel during the anthem. now to the game.
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