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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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and here we have 1893, from the makers of pepsi cola. i'm gonna swirl it. i'm gonna smell it. i'm just gonna take one small sip... kinda seemed like more than a sip. here let me show you. ahhh!!! refined. 1893. made with kola nut extract and real sugar. boldly blended colas. shirtless as he walks into jail, heartless if these accusations are true. >> mark payne behind bars after phoenix police say he's the one you see driving right into three officers at a quick trip at camelback. >> and navideh forghani uncovering new details for us at 10:00. what are you hearing about a
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don't have a motive as to why he ran over the three officers, but we hope to learn it soon. he has the initial appearance in one hour. i spoke to the black lives matter leader of phoenix, and he says this case hurts their cause. the new mug shot just released. is he a mind that lost his mind? or does help a thing against the police? his -- he have a thing against his 90s court documents might make you think he has a thing against the blue. but since then his record has been clean until early this morning. >> we need to lock the parking lot down, and get witnesses. >> reporter: this dramatic witnesses showing him drive right at police officers at the qt. they're lucky to be alive.
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planning three funerals right now. >> reporter: payne is an activist, some saying he was at a recent rally against police that almost shut down the i-11, but the black lives matter leader has no idea who he is. >> at this point in time we deny any knowledge of this person. >> reporter: reverend walter says the officers had every right to shoot, but he's glad they didn't. >> they say class and dignity, and did the job of taking the suspect alive to get to the bottom of what caused this hatred. >> reporter: now we will be staying out here to see the suspect face the judge, and hopefully learn more about the motive, tune into abc 15 mornings for the details. >> yes, everyone ould condemn this kind of violence. thank you.
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is a one-time thing but it's not. in 2015 over 700 officers were assaulted on the job. officers go into callings prepared for anything, but -- calls prepared for anything, but today they were just standing in front of a gas station. goes to show they can never let their guard down. looking at the video again we want to tell you good morning america is in town working to bring you more on the story. >> and we were certainly concerned when we another crash in the valley involving police officers. air 15 was over the scene at 67th avenue and broadway. two officers in their patrol vehicle colliding with the white pick up in the center of careen. one of -- screen. one of the officer taken to the hospital. thankfully the injuries are not serious. it's unclear what lead to the cracker. and a valley mom has just lost her own daughter because
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the 20-year-old, the one killed in surprise, and her family holding a vigil in her honor tonight. alexis' mom says she lost another daughter years ago because of the very same thing, and she doesn't know how she's going to move forward. >> i wouldn't want to see any other parent go through this pain. the dark days, and the nights are probably the worst time because that's when you realize she's not coming home and her room is right next to mi, it's not going to happen. >> >. so many people thinking of that family tonight. as for the frier, accused of -- driver, accused of all of this, he's still in the hospital. hitting someone with a car is bad enough, but taking off after doing is inexcusable, and tonight we know who police are looking for after a deadly hit and run early morned morning, and police say this is the driver. smith is believed to have hit
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police also releasing this photo of the gray chevrolet impala smith may be driving now. he's considered armed and dangerous. only on abc 15, demand for cameras so great the stores can't keep them in stock. that's the case in chandler. some homeowners recently burned by a series of suspicious fires and they're hypervigilant right now. joe bartels is in the neighborhood for us tonight, and sounds like they're watching every move. >> reporter: and who could blame them. they've had six fires near chandler in the past month or so. one home was burned, but now there's more security cameras watching every move. the anger is burned into them targeted by a suspicious string of fires, some now worried to even show their face. >> we know you're coming before you come to the door. >> reporter: the voice disguised for safety, the
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new cameras he installed after the fires. >> nothing is going to happen on my property without being picked up my motion sensors. >> reporter: the neighbors also victims. they're installing cameras soon. four homes on this block alone, and more cameras coming online soon. >> personally i like to go back to where i came home from work and wore write about normal stuff. >> reporter: and meanwhile neighbors using the next door app. >> i've had neighbors approach me just saying hey want to let you know we're out and about making rounds looking out for anything. >> reporter: charge police still working hard on a case looking for tips to put this neighborhood back at ease. and chandler police say there have been no reported fires since september 2nd. if you know anything about the
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>> yes, joe bartels reporting live for us tonight. thank you. chandler not the only community trying to solve a fire mystery. flagstaff police believe three separate fires all within city limits all started this morning may just be linked. thankfully crews are able to put out the flames before they got out of hand. >. they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the picture one guy took could be worth a thousand days in jail. a 19-year-old used a cell phone to take a picture skirt at a tucson wal-mart in april. investigators were able to track him down today. she's used to giving the instructions as a yoga instructor, but now she's waiting to see what the jury will say. the scottsdale woman accused of letting several underaged boys touch her breast, and prosecutors say she went further with one boy, but the
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evidence doesn't stack up. >> we presented a method are of evidence -- a bunch of evidence in the case, and i say you find her not guilty. >> if convicted she could face six months behind bargellos a valley pastor accused of -- bars. a valley pastor accused of over children. a handful of victims coming forward and laying out his alleged attacks. one girl, a child bride, says she married morales is just ten weeks old and was already pregnant in her teens. he's facing a couple of charges right now, but the exact number of victims has yet to be finalized. we're hearing from a tempe pastor who some say is more of
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the lgbt community who was banned from south africa days after announcing a trip there. >> it's really too bad that south africa fell through because they've banned me personally, banned the soul winning event, but at the end of the day it's no skin off my back. >> he say he was also banned from england. it's another day off from sc students, but the hope is that it will erase a few weeks of frustration. they were going to be in split schedules sharing space with two other schools, but now students from challenger will move to an old vacant primary school and they'll have full days of school. land mark students will still
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showers, thunderstorms, high winds cooler air because of this low pressure system, the first one of fall. it's pumping the moisture out to the east, so things are starting to quiet down across the state. just a few isolated showers and thunderstorms along the eastern portions of rim and into the white mountains, and that's it now. coming up in a bit i'll tell you which spots could see more storms tomorrow, and what to expect in the valley for the rest of the week. more money in hopes that more people come forward. the reward up catch whoever brutally murdered an 84-year-old man last month, his bid found in the park -- body found in the parking lot of an la fitness in chandler. a scary scam effecting asu students and their families. police alerting us to this after a mom who lives in california got a call saying her daughter was kidnapped and if she wanted her back she'd
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in class at asu. scammers often find information about you on social media, so be sure to check the privacy settings, and if you get a call like this officers want to hear from you. an asu student gets a nasty burn after his samsung cell phone blew up. >> but it's not the model samsung is currently recalling. -- currently recalling. >> i felt the burning sensation, and realized it was my phone, so i got the pants off as fast as i could and the room was filled with smoke. >> samsung says consumer safety is samsung's top priority, we're in contact with mr. patel and conducting a thorough investigation in his case. and a mid-air emergency caught on camera over the arizona desert.
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hacked. who did it, and are the accusations true? >. the semi truck case in california, someone who trains
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okay, not your typical chase. did you see any of this today? it was wild. a driver in a reportedly stolen semi truck leading cops all across southern california. >> and before getting arrested he told police he didn't want to go bac jon erickson with a closer look at how tough it is to actually do something like that. >> reporter: for someone who wants to steal a car getting away means all they have to know is how to drive a car, but stealing a big rig like this? a pro says that guy had to know what he was doing. not everyone knows enough about driving a big rig to make it do this, a u-turn without stopping in the middle of a police chase.
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westbound know on highway 62. >> reporter: police say truck driving today was a crime for this guy, 48-year-old james edgily. >> turn it in the opposite position. >> reporter: but it's a career for darlene, the training chief at southwest truck driver training, and she says it looks like this driver had some practice. >> he definitely did. you can't just go down the road and decide to make a u-turn. you know, especially if you have a 53-foot trailer behind you. it >> reporter: it's the job of the wheels to roll, but it's getting them moving that can be the trick. >> you pop it too fast, it's not like a car, you can't just push down on the clutch and decide to go. >> reporter: she says it's a good thing his cruise of the inland empire didn't turn into 18 wheels of road rage. >> he could have done a lot of damage. very, very dangerous. that's a lot of weight. >> reporter: he ended up stopping, surrendered
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wheels keep on rolling. jon erickson abc 15 news >> field recover! field recover! field recover! pretty incredible video showing the dangers and the incredible technology of f16 fighter jets. this video just declassified by the arizona air national guard showing the jet going into a nose dive as the student falls unconscious and those beeps you heard is when he woke up and the auto pilot saved his life. a russian hacker is being blamed for posting confidential medical data for american athletes on line. the fancy bears group is accusing members of team usa of having quote tainted victories in rio. among the teems serena and
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biles. the international olympic committee confirmed the athleted didn't violate the antidoping rules. and he made a big statement in the rio olympics and may be moving here to arizona. remember the ethiopian runner making a protest gesture during the games against government violence? well, he fears he won't be able to go home or be safe there, and said today he wants to stay right one more day of rest, and then hillary clinton is heading back to the campaign trail saying she'll get back to it thursday after battling pneumonia. she was supposed to be in nevada tomorrow, but bill clinton will go in her place. and donald trump still unloading on clinton for her remarks about his supporters
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deplorables. >> she calls you deplorable, but i call you hardworking american patriots who love your country and want a better future for all of our people. >> clinton arguing trump is the one with a negative view of americans, releasing an ad highlights his most controversial comments. it's a controversial vote whether to legalize recreational pot in our state, but police may have found a new weapon to keep roads, a test that tests a driver's breath for marijuana instead of relying on saliva on blood. >> thc only stays for a really brief period of time on the breathe, so unlike saliva or blood or urine where what you did last weekend will still show up on that, in breath it doesn't, just for a few hours. >> the company says it's the first to be tested by law enforcement road side and hopes
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year. the winds are backing off tonight, but man it got wailed, emily new mexico -- wild, especially in the high country this afternoon, wind gusts over 50 miles per hour in kingman all from the storm system i showed you earlier in the newscast. in phoenix, 29 miles per hour at sky harbor, and in charge. breezy and -- chandler. breezy and windy in the val. tonight the breezes still blowing with force likely to produce winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour, and gusts still area. so here's what happens with the wind, overnight they die down, and futurecast tomorrow afternoon at 2:00, kicking up the wind in the higher terrain. nothing like today, but still breezy in the high country, and gusts hitting 25 to 30 miles per hour up near flagstaff. tomorrow the wind in the valley generally staying less than 10 miles per hour. here's the low pressure system heading out to the north and east. drier air starts to work in behind it from the west and
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see it coming in on the water vapor imagery, that brown swath is the dry air starting to move into parts of maricopa county at this hour pushing the moisture farther to the east. the showers and thunderstorms dying down, still a little activity in the higher terrain, eastern portions of rim and into the white mountains, but that's about it. the showers are going to continue to move off to the northeast dumping light to moderate rain. little bit of rain pocket, but nothing too imagine for tonight and cloud to ground lightning still possible with some of the storms we're seeing out there now. the valley is dry and staying that way. the storm chances confined to some of the spots we're seeing them in right now. to the valley and to the west it's about drier and cooler air. coming in. temperatures dropping below the triple digit mark tomorrow. 70s through 6:00, 7:00, and
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about five degrees below average here in phoenix. right now breezy and glendale at 91, the rest the valley palming down into the 80s -- falling down into the 80s. casa grande too, 84 there. 58 in flagstaff, 52 in show low, temperatures in the 40s to low 50s, and tomorrow flagstaff hitting 70, sedona 81, 94 in casa grande, and no matter where you are across the state, below affirm over the next several days. slightly cooler to the north. low 90s for anthem and coke, and for the keeks -- cave creek, and we'll gradual little start to warm up for the end of the work week, and triple digits back on sunday. sunny and dry every single day. sure it's a gamble when you put money down in a casino, but
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new at 10:00, a taco bell in orlando robbed, but the guy with a gun did something unusual at first.
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it. the cashier says after handing over a $20 bill he demanded the money and took off. it's not what you want to hear if you're ant to fall a-- about to fall asleep, but more bed bugs are found in places you won't believe. just yesterday a valley man bitten at wal-mart, and now imagine it happening as you're eating. the silver nugget casino restaurant in las closed because of a woman being bit. >> this is the ledge where my legs were sitting, and when i took the picture it's just caked. >> health inspectors are looking into it. the casino was last inspected in june receiving an a grade. >. and arizona is getting a bigger taste of the wine world, and wilcox is the second city in our state to be designated
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abc 15 sport, brought to you by sanderson ford. with the also opening the season sunday it's -- cardinals oathing thse easy to overlook one of the greatest performances. the asu runningback got 8 touchdowns breaking the pac12 and the asu record. today he was quick to share the spotlight with his teammates. >> >. i realize i didn't do it on my own. the line did a great job
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effort >. nike released their 2016 version of the thursday night football color rush uniform, and the cardinals get an all black uniform that's cool, the problem is even though they play on a thursday in early october they won't get to wear them. here's why. they play at the 49ers october 6th, and the niners uniforms are all black, to they have to go with all you can only wear the color rush on thursday nights. but the good news is you can still by a jersey at the team store, and 100 percent go to charity. when they do get to wear them i hope they have a black of red helmet. and a ribbon cutting ceremony tonight to unveil the new football fields complete
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game. cory peters was there for the celebration did it's always good -- celebration. >> it's always good whiff the opportunity to come out and speak to kids, and encourage to get out and be physically active. >> it's one of several new amenities including playground equipment. it wasn't the most exciting of games with the 49ers shutting out the rams >> but when a fan ran onto the field, the radio play by play was something to listen to. >> hey, somebody has run out on the field. a goof ball in a hat. and a red shirt. he takes off the shirt. he's running down the middle by the 50. he's at the 30. he's bare chested and banging his chest. he runs the opposite way. to the 50, to the 40. the guy is drunk, but there he
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waving his arms. >> watch out here come the blue coats. >> >. oh, and they tackle him at the 40-yard line! >> he called the moment the most exciting thing to happen that night. and the analyst next to him for
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, patrick dempsey, bug expert dr. justin schmidt and music from tame impala. and now, here we go again -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> kevin: very nice. thanks, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. welcome to hollywood. this is where it all happens. some good, mostly -- hey, did


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