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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> four sky divers jumped out, they were not hurt. it's not clear if the sky divers are jumped out as part
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the plane crash -- backyard, thankfully, the two people inside were in the front of the home. they got out just in time before the home caught fire >> the flames did two 360's and came this which the plane was whistling and i thought "it's not going to make it." >> there was a ball of flames, it was going through you and it went straight down. several fire crews are still here. people out in the neighborhood also here, just watching what has happened. how close it came to their homes. now, the fire is all out at the home. it is a total loss, the flames -- pieces of the flames, still back. faa and ntsb will be investigating the cause of the crash thank you, raquel. more breaking news, two things
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together. e motion, new york city. catches your breath. that's exactly why 29 people are in hospital, tonight, now, abc news is reporting police have found what appears to be a pressure cooker rigged with wiring at a sec sight. we have video from the first scene in manhattan, so far, everyone is expected to recover. investigating. the bomb was in a tool box intentionally in front of a building. so far, no connection to terrorism. in neighboring new jersey, police believe this was a planned attack, too, a pipe bomb went out off a marine corps charity run it was left at a trash can along the race route. luckily, the race was delayed and no runners were hurt new information on a deadly shooting at a glendale house
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we now know the name of the man killed. he is 31-year-old robert benado. neighbors say they heard arguing outside and gunfire >> it happened right outside of my window. >> grenadeo died at the scene. no arrests have been made as police try to figure this out. police say the man -- who pulled the trigger at a bar. officers say he and another man got into a fight and he shot the man in the stomach. he is expected to survive. this happened at the hideaway bar at 35th and northern >> >> this man's weapon of choice, his dog.
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it on a police officer. 38-year-old derrick baxter allegedly hit a woman and a child. he tried to get away, was tasered twice, that's when he yelled at his pitbull to attack. an officer shot and killed the dog after it bit him. tonight, the officer is recovering. two others have minor juries >> >> a father of three gunned down during a drive-by shooting. after a month of no aner tonight, a tearful, but strong message from his mother to the killer. man up and come forward. abc 15's megan thompson takes us through the case and what police need to crack it. >> on the night of a august 16th. i was getting read request to lay down for bed and i got a phone call from my son that my old eldest had got shot.
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forever etched in joan sander's find >> i got dressed. he came and got me >> reporter: a play by play that won't stop about the day 29-year-old maurice sanders was murdered >> my son was a good son. he wasn't a bad hearn. >> reporter: sanders ill canner only described with a black male as a round face. the vehicle he fired from, a newer silver or gray chevy suburban to go out and do something like this >> reporter: saunderss was not just a son, but a parent himself to three children his youngest one year old. >> why would somebody do this horrible thing to this dad. i can't answer that tor them. >> reporter: tonight through the tears, this family is begging for that killer to come forward >> you know, taking innocent people's lives and you want to
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you know, >> reporter: if her son's shooter won't step up like she wants, she is hoping you at home will >> i want you all to help. help me find out woe took my son. >> reporter: silent witness offering up to $1,000 reward for sanders murder, information this family is desperate for. >> that case and so others, generating tips is how so many of these crimes get solved. silent witness is rolling out something new on arizona streets hoping to do that. the new silent witness car making its debut >> whether they go to a neighborhood function or a school function or an event, this is a visual look of what silent witness looks like. >> reporter: the car, given to the nonprofit by anddale toy
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>> >> so far, september has been pretty good to us weather-wise. we could be in for warmer temperatures, here is laura thomas with your forecast it topped out at 100, today. hope you enjoyed it. abc 15 doppler radar, all quiet, statewide, we have mostly clear skies. here are the numbers for today, we'll hit the average of 100 degrees after starting out at 73. temperatures have been falling. we are in mix. 83 in tempe. good year, looking for 70s as we head into the overnight hours. tomorrow, it will be a little warmer. above average highs. good year hanging out at 103. going out to the d backs a hot one, first pitch at 1:10. sunny skies throughout the game, light winds in the valley.
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into the afternoon, more cloud cover. that's going toking bringing changes to your forecast. i'll let you know what this is the start of, these clouds moving in. if we have thunderstorm chances showing up soon in a couple of minutes new tonight, a red light runner set says off a chain of crashes. now, a 65-year-old woman is dead. tucson police say the man driving an s.u.v. hit two other cars when he didn't stop at the light. kathleen forshea was rushed to the hospital. she didn't make it. we are learning more about two crashes, one lands a truck side ways. the other has a man on his side. first to scottsdale where the man is recovering from serious face injuries police say he fell out of a golf cart and into the road fear 1st avenue and scottsdale road. it took two hours to wrap up this investigation. now, to a bad crash in phoenix.
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school. you can see a truck right there flipped onto its side. we are working to find out if anybody was hurt in this one and how that wreck happened >> a scary situation as a man crashes a hand glider into the ground a viewer sending us photos from the scene, we are told the guy was unconscious and having trouble breathing when paramedics first giott to him. we are making calls to update on that man's condition. right now, mc85 is closed because of a bad crash, 103rd and buckeye. that's where we find abc 15's chris grove. chris, what are you learning out there? >> reporter: this is pretty serious. we know so far this is a car versus a pedestrian, now, this is about as close as we can get. we are on 103rd avenue halfway, the road is closed.
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way down there. county road 85 has been closed all the way to 99th avenue because of this crash. we couldn't know the status of that pedestrian, just yet. we know he is if pretty serious condition. we are waiting to get updates about his status. but, we can tell you this section of road will be closed for awhile, now, crews are out there, but this is about as close as we can get. if you are driving late in this area, tonight, avoid it because you are another way home. this road will remain closed for a couple of hours as soon as we know more information, you will be first to learn about it on your app as well as on the show, guys, back to you. >> >> tucson hosting the rainbow warriors from hawaii. they are wearing their u.s. arizona tribute uniforms.
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anniversary of pearl harbor. quarterback brandon dawkins, taking it from 24-yards out. wildcats take a 6-0 lead. johnson goes in from 24-yards out, making it 20-0 arizona warriors answer with a touchdown, next possession going 81-yards, midway through the second, dawkins throws to shawn brown, brown take it is the rest of for the touchdown. right now, we are early in the third quarter with arizona up 34-7 many that's an early look at sports, we'll have pour coming up in a few minutes. still ahead, a live look of the scene of that small plane crash went into that home, right there, raquel on the scene, gathering the latest details for you. that is coming up a spectacular fire at an old church.
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a terrifying attack inside of a minnesota mall tonight. police say at least eight people have been stabbed. witnesses say they heard gunshots, police have not confirmed that part, yet, though. the suspect is believed to be dead. the mall was placed on lock down as officers investigated. this all happened in st. cloud, about 70-miles minneapolis. >> >> >> a stolen pair of socks, the tip of the iceberg for one press scott man. officers stopped him in the parking lot and decided to search his car. inside, an ounce of meth and a loaded double barrel shotgun. is he facing several felony charges now tonight turning to democracy 2016, some disturbing new comments on the campaign trail.
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hours after his big birther back track his supporters call it sarcasm. but clinton supporters are calling it down right dangerous i think her body guards should drop all weapons, take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. let's see what happens to her. it would be very dangerous attacking hillary clinton on gun control, talking about her secret service de trump didn't elaborate, but critics say he is suggesting violence it's not the first time he has been accused of it. the clinton campaign calling it disturbing >> let's reject cynicism, bullying. device he rhetoric that my opponent uses to make us afraid of each other clinton's former rival, bernie sanders, backing her up. stumping in battle ground states like ohio and
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coming up new tonight at 10:30, we are fact checking the candidates on the recent statements turning to weather, i hope you had a nice saturday weather- wise, topping out at 100 sunny skies and tonight, clear skies as we look back at the lights toward phoenix. our dew points in the 30s with calm winds, calm winds take us through theover night hours, nice quiet, clear skies tonight as we heading out the door tomorrow, a little warmer. 100 today. tomorrow, up to 105 and we'll see a few of the high clouds begin to stream out across the area. beginning to see a little increase in moisture as we get into early next week. no showers and thunderstorms chances in the valley, tomorrow, 103 in mesa, tempe, 104 tomorrow in glendale. good year under mostly sunny skies.
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we are going to stay pretty much on the drier side, tomorrow, dew points in the 30s and 40s throughout the day, taking us into monday. we bump them up, by tuesday and wednesday, we begin to see the dupes work their way back into the 50s and 60s, so the humidity is going to be increasing and our temperatures will fall a little bit. here's what's happening. satellite radar, future cast is going to show things stay quiet acrosses is the state of arizona, watching a disturbanc pull in upper level moisture as we get into the monday forecast. we are also tracking the tropics, what now is tropical depression, expected to become a named tropical storm by tomorrow. right now, its forecasted to move to the northwest, could interact with the storm system heading down the west coast and that means it could bring in a little more moisture for us to work with to get more thunderstorm development as we get into tuesday and wednesday.
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will do, we'll watch it and keep you up-to-date as we get closer. here's how the rain chances looking. tomorrow, no rain chances for phoenix or flagstaff. increase the chances very slightly monday, in the valley, 10%. 20% chance across the higher terrain, 50% across the flagstaff and northern arizona area as we get into tuesday, wednesday, isolated chances tuesday and wednesday. quick pe phoenix. lows will be in the 70s, we'll have 30s. and the high country and then tomorrow, we are back in the 80s. most accurate forecast, seven- day forecast coming up in minutes turning to sports arizona cardinals could have their hands full tomorrow against tampa bay >> this is not the tampa bay of old. quarterback jamis winston in his second year.
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>> arizona cardinals trying to avoid an 0- host tampa bay. the last time they met was in 2013 and cardinals trailed the bucs 10-0 at the end of the fourth quarter, but two big interceptions, coming away with a 13-10 win. that was a different tampa bay team. tomorrow, the defense will face quarterback jamis winston, coming off a performance in atlanta
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you can tell they have a great rapaport for one another. making sure whoever i'm covering is as tight as possible. jamis, he has a great knack for scrambling to throw. he has a big arm, very strong arm. he trusts his arm. at the end of the day, secondary makes him pay when he launches the ball up top number two florida state seminoles travel to louisville cardinals. louisville, paying tribute to muhammed ali. it may have been one of the greatest performances for the cardinals, louisville quarterback runs for 146-yards and throws for 216. the cardinals jump out to a 35- 10 half time lead. never met up. scoring 28 more in the sec half, louisville defense comes
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seminoles to 284 total yards. cards, 60 minutes for the third straight week. seminoles suffered one of the losses in history. 63-20 your final north dakota state taking on 13th ranked iowa, this afternoon in iowa city. iowa on a 19 game win streak, but by son are on a mission. north dakota finishes 124-yards passing. it was his run with less than 4:00 to go made the biggest difference. peterson kicked the field goal and the by son pull off an upset against the 13th ranked hawk whys, north dakota ace 6th straight win in the program. this one, turns into an early route. tigers score early and often,
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point, -- after the tigers score, bulldogs return, harris grabs the ball in the end zone and flipped it to the official before taking a knee. clemson jumps on in the end for a touchdown. 14 points, no time off the clock. at half time, both coaches agree to shorten the game. so they played 12 minute quarts instead of 16. clemson rolls -- a question about that, can coaches the game? they can there is no mercy rule. they can shorten the game. it happened three times today across the country. >> thanks, craig too many people say that animals aren't just their pets, they are their family. tonight, one valley family
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so he could donate it to a local shelter >> i know those people are in need i want to help them out to survive a better life if i can. >> logan is my hero, now, the highlight, a surprise for the little boy with a big heart because you know they had to do something, right? turns out logan loves allegiant airlines, but the company made a special video wishing him a happy birthday as we a giving him a trip anywhere he wants to go. way to go, logan a live look. air 15 over the scene of a small plane that crashed into a home, you see the fire is now
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developing in the west valley, three different crews are needed to battle a huge fire in the buckeye valley. it took hours to tame the flames, but thankfully, no one was abc 15's chris bro' was at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: that's what investigators are saying. this is the old abandoned church behind me that the fire crews have been fighting pretty much throughout the entire day. they are doing it right now. what's so strange about this case is the fact that was abandoned. there is for electricity to this building, so they don't know how the fire got started.
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treat different fire departments trying to put out the flames. the structure is so flimsy, they almost decided not to continue to fight the fire. they are doing this, because they are trying to keep their firefighters from getting hurt. >> witnesses called it in >> i called and i was like "there is a building on fire." and they came out and it esz alated so quickly. >> reporter: investigators are here, arson is still a possibility. remember, investigators are calling this a suspicious fire. back to you meantime, phoenix fire crews when flames strike a home. not always because of the flames the first fire truck that showed up had their truck fail. they couldn't get water to the homes to fight the flames.
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the house. that only complicated things. thankfully, crews were able to get it under control with no injuries. raquel, what's the latest with the house fire >> reporter: it's a st active scene. the fire is out. we can see where the plane crashed. it's the one where there is a cutout in the garage. the plane landed on the backside. it's incredible that the two people inside were not hurt. they were sitting toward the front of the home, the plane crash towards back. we have video of how badly the home was damaged. debris all over the home and in the backyard. firefighters tell us the pilot radios that the wing was on
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pilot ejected, landing a half mile from her, over in the field. we have burn injury and his condition is unknown. four sky divers were on board. they ejected and were not hurt. this turned into a huge two- alarm fire, but the firefighters have it under control. right now, a busy and active scene with the faa and ntsb investigating. thankfully, the two people inside, thankfully, no one was here was hurt. back to you. tonight, an accused al- qaida bomb maker locked up at guantanomo bay revealing new details, saying a member of the saudi royal family was part of the effort to recruit him for violent extremist acts prior to
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he got historying in electrical engineering a big demonstration for a big cause. dozens of protesters posting up outside of mayor cope pa county animal control. their vigil wrapping up, but it was in vigil to honor those animals killed take a look at me, outside,le 0s, 89, 83 in scottsdale. we are looking at 82 in dear valley. wind speeds light, staying light and we will be falling into the 70s, heading into the overnight hours. clear skies. 67 in cave creek, 71 tomorrow morning. scottsdale and mesa, 72. here's your planner, in the 80s as we goad into the 8:00 hour.


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