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tv   ABC15 News Sunday  ABC  September 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:00pm MST

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from the red carpet to our cardinals, it's a big night for them too. but starting with breaking news with a robbery and the arrest made by phoenix pd. police telling us the crook tried to sell somebody on 25th
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armed but police not saying much. and the search is on for a suspect who sthot -- shot a man. the victim is not helping with the investigation, police don't know if a fight broke out and this was an accident, but the victim expected to be okay. a boy has his family to thank, changing what could've be phoenix fire crew to a drowning scene near indian school and 23rd avenue but it turns out that 3-year-old boy jumped in the canal. those who saw it happened jumped in to pull him out. because of their quick actions, that boy is okay and was taken to the hospital but just as a precaution jie right now learn -- right now learning more about the crew of the plane that went down in a gilbert neighborhood, how they parachuted themselves to safety,
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happening there at the scene tonight? >> reporter: this is the home where the plane crashed in the plane crashed in the back area, you can still sense the smell, the crew who survived this, part of the arizona sky hawks parachute team. we want to show you video of what was seen in the sky, a ball of fire, next you see parachutes, those were those sky divers jumping to safety. they had been scheduled to perform institution event there in gilbert. but at some point, the pilot noticed fire on the wing. as the plane was on fire, he also jumped from the plane, landing about a half mile from here where the plane crashed. the president with the constitution fair just telling us the group has been performing for their events for about a decade and he didn't notice any trouble right away. >> they were right on their mark. everything was perfect with regard to their performance.
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talking amongst themselves, there was excitement, i didn't know what it was. >> reporter: and he actually witnessed those sky divers and making their safe landing. the pilots are still recovering from second and third degree burns. where you may have seen these performing, coming up. the video captured unbelievable, so many of you saw that plane turn in to a fire ball mid air. now hearing firsthand, the heart pumping feeling to go with this incredible footage in our team coverage just minutes away. the people who worried their farm might go up in smoke. and what they found feet away from their horses when the smoke finally cleared. well, he's out of jail but not out of sight. police are keeping a close eye on mark pane, accused of mowing down three phoenix police officers last week. he's been in the hospital since wednesday but police can't say anymore than that. as for the injured officers, they're now recovering from home. just in, state police want
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jonathan hammer, last seen in zuligman before he got separated fwr his friends -- from his friends. their truck was found abandoned on the u.s. 93, he might have walked in the desert to hitch a ride. that was thursday. now, pps and his family in austin say they need your help to find him. we're learning about a threat made against students at this tempe high school. right now, parents and students dealing with limited information. so in minutes we'll be telling you exactly whypo isn't a credible threat and what they're doing to make sure everyone feels safe. stay tuned. and all clear just going out after a scare near qualcomm stadium in san diego, our cardinals played not too long ago. how a suspicious package found thaer the trolley -- mostly clear the trolley station just steps away from today's chargers, jaguars game. saying it was not an explosive device and everyone is safe. of course all this comes on the
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and an unexploded pressure cooker device found blocks away. tonight police say they may have found the most important clue. the same man seen in both sites on surveillance video. we also know the explosive residue was something that can be used at target practice and often found at for thing good stores that could make it hard to narrow a search. the plan was to blow up the second device, no word if that's been done. it does not look like manhattan blast is connected to the pipe bomb scare in new the reason investigators say the bombs in both cases had different materials inside, also said the attacks don't seem to be linked to international terrorists. jersey shore beaches are back open but of course, so many are a little edgy. and you can never be too sure these days, that's why a robot is hard at work in seattle. someone left a backpack outside a police station, it looks suspicious but the good news just in tonight, no threat to report. time to talk of 2016, a lot
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in tucson. similar reports, and the running mate giving the honest report of the word she used. she called some trump supporters irredeemable, saying that's not a word he would use. and martha stewart and drudge may be -- donald trump the reason she's voting. he called out her apprentice spinoff for low ratings. the hope was to put the birther comment bind him -- behind him, it appears donald trump will face it straight on in about a week, believing that topic will come up during the first debate between both presidential candidates on september 26. and make plans now because you can watch that debate here on abc 15. afterwards, dancing with the stars followed by a special 90
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the desert's fiery sunsets but this is just a latest wildfire to pop up. burning 28 miles west of [ indiscernible ] brand new pictures. sparked by lightning, at least 175 acres have burned. aps had to cut power this weekend so crews could be safe. about 900 customers are affected. well, it's one thing to stroll on the grass enjoying a sunday lunch, but not on an airplane. united flight rolled off the airport tonight. but what a scare this was, the flight was headed to reno. officials say the plane's brakes went out. good thing that emergency function on the plane for these kinds of issues because that is what stopped it from going in to a ditch. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> how about that for a win tonight, the cardinals blow out the buccaneers, 40-7 for their first win of the season.
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the bird gang has a whole went up, coming up after a devastating loss, in a big way. no more moment up than they did today -- momentum than they did today. >> palmer throws for 380 yards, three touchdowns while the defensive back, defense racks up five turnovers. impressive day, 48-7, the final outing in glendale. >> obviously we're very pleased with the i thought our guys had a heck full week of practice and it showed up on the field. protecting the football, ttsz the best -- it's the best thing doing offensive, protecting the football, and defensive, coming in bunches. you get pressure to create fumbles, we'll get turnovers. >> a lot of stars. marcus cooper, johnson, floyd, palmer, i mean, peterson, the list goes on and on.
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>> any time you win the turnover ratio 5-0, yeah, it will be a blowout. >> nice to see the team everyone thinks is going to the super bowl to actually take the field. >> yeah! >> fantastic. >> exactly. [ laughter ] well, speaking of football, it wasn't the heat the rams are bringing against the seahawks but the blazing sun in southern california causing trouble in l.a. today. about 160 people were treated at the rams first regular season home game. downtown l.a. waking in the 90s, thankfully, none of those now, as we take a look at temperatures across the region, we're seeing extreme heat, well above normal for this time of year across central california and our state as well. phoenix 105, yuma hotter at 107. clear and quiet, but all eyes now are down on the baja peninsula and what is happening just south of there. we told you last week the tropical storm could develop here and it has. this is tropical storm pane
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briefly become a hurricane and steer to the north. we're going to be tapping in to some of that moisture as we head in to this work week. increasing cloud coverage tomorrow, rain chances back in play across the valley on tuesday and then a major cooldown coming our way. we'll track those temperatures for you in a few minutes. no room for error, talking about criminals but our abc 15 investigators just found out one key on the computer jeopardized several phoenix cases 151? we may never know, or will a killer continue to roam free in the valley? a mysterious object floating in arizona, and the guesses as you can imagine are wild. but we're going to the experts for the answer. and you may laugh when we tell you this, but the
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tracks because of a computer glitch? that's what police are working to find out. what happened? here's dave. >> reporter: we have insider e-mails that information may have been tainted without detectives knowing. it's the key we use the most, hit it, the space bar means nothing; right? not in phoen's it's a character. type it before or after a detective's badge number and that detective may not see that case assigned to them. this e-mail was sent a week ago to 256 investigators and supervisors. attached, a list of every affected incidence, incidents just two weeks ago, dozens as old as last year. police say those 500 incident reports with a wide array of cases, robberies, the good news,
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were handled and closed. but, 75 of them are still open cases. police officials tell me they'll have more info for us on those cases in the coming days. and they're also right now working on both short and long-term fixes to make sure this doesn't happen again. if you want to know if your case was affected, find that e-mail and the list of all the cases on our website. in the newsroom. happening now, a possible prison strike at facilities across the u.s., including arizona. pointing to what seems like an we reached out to the department of corrections but tonight we've not heard back about these claims. well, it's hardly to be imagined that there's a killer living out his life for weeks and a family's heart break. police have not said much more about the dana farmer case. she was the one shot and killed on state route 51 almost two weeks ago. the killers got away on a warped truck. three in a truck but only one who fired the bullet. as we said before, this
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shooter, so that means there's at least two killers living among us. phoenix police assure us they're working around the clock to find this guy. however they say there's been tho new leads. the last time he -- no new leads. the last time he struck was july 11. call silent witness at 480-witness. we've had you asking about jesse wilson and what's new in his case. he of course in our thoughts tonight as well and what a tough weekend it is, marking two months since that 10-year-old boy vanished from his buckeye home. we continue to r to police if there are any new leads in the case and to see it if there are any renewed plans to search for him. tomorrow, school is cancelled at clinton college in north carolina and grief counselors will be on hand after a deadly bus crash this weekend. four people died, likely because of a tire issue, all of them headed to a football game. the youngest victim just 10 years old. two federal investigators are tasked with checking those bus tires, one of them blew out right before the crash. and based on what they find, a
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needed. maybe the logistics just don't make sense, but we should know more tomorrow about why real estate heir robert durst will be moved to an indiana prison's medical unit. his attorney requested a prison in california since he faces a murder trial in lajs. -- los angeles. right now he's serving seven years in prison for a federal weapons charge. keep the guesses coming until we know for sure what it some of you spotted it in our skies and told us about it right away. and arizona loves these kinds of mysteries. we reached out to the experts so see what they can tell us. if you think the emmys are all about the glitz and glam, you're partially right. >> before the night is over, there are exhausted celebrities in hollywood. not only do they have the award show, they have two more events to attend. it's the creative arts
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stuff that wasn't there on time for tv. >> and many other categories, new categories, tv academy actually had to split them up. the insiders say there are 26 official parties before the emmys and six after parties tonight. >> wow! >> you could just act poor scommi not get -- poorly and not get nominated, that's a good option, aim high. [ laughter ] yeah, i like that. let's take a look what we're tracking weather wise, a lot of changes in the forecast as we head in to the it was a beautiful but hot day today again, triple digits back across the valley and clear skies as we drop back in the 90s. 97 tempe and glendale, 93 mesa and lich field park, the meks hour or so and then we stafrt -- the next hour or so and then we start to see them drop in to the overnight forecast. bottom out tonight at 77. that will be the temperature
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hot, two degrees cooler. still in the triple digits, still about four degrees above average. increasing those clouds throughout the day. morning, mostly sunny, 5:00 p.m., mostly cloudy and the clouds will thicken up overnight going in to tuesday as we tap in to moisture from tropical storm pane. now, look at tuesday morning. pretty widespread choices for showers across the region. we're not anticipating much in terms of any thunderstorm activity. but we may see a few isolated thunderstorms here and there. mainly just going to rain event for us, we'll take what we can get here. because we still have a big amount of our state, either abnormally dry or some level of drought, including here in maricopa county. and those spots in southwest arizona that may see the most rain, they're under severe drought there in yuma county, that's 4% of our state. we're hoping to get a dent in the drought conditions with this storm system. here's how the rain chances will pan out. 10% for the valley and the
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night. 40% on tuesday, mainly rainfall totals across the valley, less than a quarter of an inch and then a slight chance for a few more showers as we head in to wednesday and thursday and deal with some of that lingering moisture leftover from this system. coming up soon, what temperatures are going to do. major cool down headed our way, the day by day of your seven day forecast, lows and highs across the state coming up in the next half hour. >> we see a lot of house fires in the valley especially on the weekend when more people are home. that need saving. we caught east valley firefighters using the most important tools in that fight, the fido bag. abc 15's raquel cervantes with the story from fire station 6 in chandler. >> reporter: no human patients at this fire, but priorities did treat others live. >> busted through the front door, no visibility, smoke down to the floor, and then we went in to start doing our things,
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hit them in the leg, it was a dog trying to get out. >> reporter: firefighters rescued two dogs and three cats from the smoke-filled home. quickly placing oxygen masks from their fido bags to treat them. >> the gentleman had showed up, the owner of the house, he seemed you know, very grateful we were able to get all the animals out >> reporter: the fido dag bag -- bags came from the fetch foundation, and the founder came tol replenish the supply after the morning's fire. >> we want to make sure and -- the guys and gals don't go on a run, sometimes the o 2 masks are transported with the animals or damaged during the save. >> reporter: by evening, firefighters got an update on the condition. >> both cats are doing well and expected to live. that's a miraculous turnaround, they came out basically dead. they must have used up as much as the nine lives as they could. [ laughter ] >> this particular fire started in the dish washer but the exact cause a mystery tonight.
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supposed to help us tell what weapons criminals are picking up, why it could be all be a guessing game now from now on. taking a knee in the valley, it looks like the national anthem protest is something some arizona coaches stand behind. a life without car payments? lyft making a big predict the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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frightening trend to know about your family's safety, one we recently saw play out in ohio. the use of look alike guns. sadly a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by police last week after he pulled out a bb dwn on an -- gun on an officer. police agencies are saying they're seeing this more and cases could turn deadly without knowing if the gun is real or not. under federal law, imitation guns have to have an orange plug in the barrel but so many times they're painted over or removed. tomorrow we'll find out if there really was a gun at the scene when an officer shot and killed a man in tulsa on friday. police also plan to release the audio and video in this case. the suspect refused orders, his car was parked right in the middle of the street. we've all been warned about the heroin epidemic, especially in our state.
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keep going up. that's why now through saturday, it's opioid and heroin epidemic week. president obama made the declaration last week and the white house says more americans die from drug overdoses than traffic accidents every year. the 3-d printer may be the king of dentistry in the future. more dentists are looking in to the technology to design crowns. ma means more money in your pocket. the process doesn't take long either. once the crown is designed, it takes 15 minutes to fineun little bit that it wasn't more because it was so quick. i would imagine it was something so expensive. >> yeah, it would depend on your insurance. the tests happening in the valley, but lyft just dropped some major thuz about the self-driving car -- news about the self-driving cars uh may have seen. most of its rides will be taken care of with autonomous cars, which means no drivers. lyft's co founder says he thinks
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end because it will be cheaper to drive in self-driving cars. once the planes died down, crews got suspicious, what they found that couldn't be wiped away by the flames. it all went down in this walmart parking lot exactly one year ago tonight, the accused freeway shooter was arrested. coming up, details on the new lawsuit possibly worth millions. plus, what's next in the case. plus, don't miss a special
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the fear of the unknown for parents in tempe. >> a rumor is spreading online of a shooting at corona high school. police say it's not credible. but the reaction from parents online still shows a lot of concern about this. >> yeah, abc 15's chris crow is there, what are they saying about this threat? >> reporter: well, this is the e-mail right here that they just sent out to parents. just a couple hours ago, that red header "important message" they wanted everyone to know that this basically stems from a fight about a week ago. this rumor has been floating around but the school district tell me there is no credible evidence whatsoever to back this up. but still, tomorrow, you can expect even more police presence around campus because in their words, they don't want to take any chances. so you can see more than just a school resource officer at this campus. now, tempe police believe they know the quote players involved.
8:29 pm
given. but what i can tell you is that this rumor has been floating around for a week after a fight broke out between students. the story has changed, the date changed, but pretty much after tips came in from silent witness that found out that tomorrow was the day that a lot of the students were talking about, so that's why they're going to be beefing up patrols around this area tomorrow. again though, a lot of information and a lot of rumors, a lot of speculation have been floating around on social media, we're going to take a dive in to what we know so far, even more so, coming up at 10:00. but for now, steve, back to you. >> yeah, if it's a prank, nobody is laughing, that's for sure. thanks, chris. some new information about the crew on board, that plane that crashed in to a gilbert home. they're part of the arizona sky hawks parachute team. last night between ray and gilbert. officials say the pilot noticed flames on the wing before it went down. that's when everybody jumped.
8:30 pm
minor burns and the four sky divers fortunate to escape without getting hurt. it drew eyes up and cameras out and we're still getting speculation of should more images coming in from so many of you who watched that fire ball in the sky. abc 15's nohelani graf, and attention was thrown on that fire. >> reporter: yeah, because they had 70 horses on the property worry about. some that bordered the very wall where that plane crashed. but it wasn't until the smoke cleared that they realized just how close a call this really was. crossroads farm is like a second home for joanne fwender -- bender, it is home for her horse. she was getting ready to leave when the shock of a lifetime turned her around. >> something was coming from the sky and i actually flinched because it was so close.
8:31 pm
suddenly she's racing back to the paddocks. >> and i saw it crash. >> reporter: right to the house, bordering with 20 houses, a front row seat going wild. >> they were scared, trying to run away from the fire. >> reporter: starting to corral the animals through the fog and smoke. pieces of the plane raining down on the rot -- property. >> here on the grass, on our feet, that's part of the plane. >> reporter: firefighters get the flames out, the smoke c and no one or horse is hurt. bender can only step back now and see it as one thing. >> it was truly a miracle. >> reporter: and to give you an idea of just how thick that smoke was, at one point they had to put on masks so they didn't breathe it in. the horses were all safe, but bender's horse, did get a little scraped up on the hind quarters just because of all the horses running around. now back to you.
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thank you. still no rest tonight after that deadly shooting at a glendale house party. we know it was 31-year-old robert gra nado killed in that fire. another person was also shot, we're told they're in serious but stable condition. we're also still waiting on an official cause on this fire at an abandoned church in buckeye valley. investigators now saying it looks suspicious, especially since the electricity had been cut right before that fire broke out. our crew captured video from the scene last night near palo verde and buckeye road. lez my mary jr. said he's not the guy and will never be the freeway shooter. abc 15's joe bartel is near the freeway, where the arrest happened just a year ago tonight. the statute of limitations for the civil suit ends tonight. >> reporter: yeah, tonight was the deadline.
8:33 pm
just days ago and just in time. first, for $10 million, now not naming a dollar amount, instead leaving it up to a jury to decide in this lawsuit. the shootings that rocked the freeways rocked. >> bringing him in to custody before 7:00 tonight. >> reporter: from that moment, he became a valley household name after the case was dismissed seven months later, merit jr. walked out of jail, still facing intense media attention. and the threat of arrest. dps even doubled down on it. >> i believe that we have enough evidence to develop probable cause to believe he is the correct suspect. >> reporter: now, this damning 20-page lawsuit, now lawyers are swinging back. >> no safer than it was at the time of merit's arrest. >> they have opportunity to shut
8:34 pm
>> they effectively tried to sandbag their own witness. >> they twisted evidence >> reporter: lawyers filing the suit just days before the statute of limitations ran out, which was tonight. the suit alleging dps was wrong, changing the shooting timelines to fit the evidence and continuing to drag merit jr.'s name through the mud. and dps will not comment on pending litigation, also, leaving the door open for charges to be refiled and, in fact, even going as far as to days ago. back to you. >> yeah, sounds on both sides the case is far from over. thank you, joe. time now for your most accurate forecast and a live look at abc 15 desert doppler. we're clear and quiet across the state and we will stay that way overnight and tomorrow morning as you head in to work we will though, see, cloud coverage during the day. 8:00 a.m., around 90 degrees at
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in the valley forecast, still a little bit above average. but all eyes right now we're on tropical storm pane, this thing bringing some huge changes to our forecast, over the next several days. so we're going to see rain chances back, a major drop in temperature, and more breezes as well, we'll break it down for you day by day, coming up in just minutes. drivers running on empty in several eastern states and they're still dealing with issues tonight. gas stations are actually running out of fuel all together and prices are going up at a lot of other stations. it is the result of a shut down a portion of a massive pipeline in alabama. north carolina and georgia are among the six states that declared a state of emergency. people are rushing to fill up their tanks before the entire supply is gone. and when it comes to prices at the pump right now, the national average is $2.20 for a gallon of regular. that's up two cents from a week ago. we're only paying an average of $2.12 in arizona, that's up a penny. the valley average, $2.10.
8:36 pm
explosion in new york making headlines. donald trump was at a rally when he spoke about it. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> meantime, hillary clinton talked about it as well as she arrived back in new york. >> we have to let this investigation unfold, i'll have more to say about it when we actually know the facts. >> the situation likely to remain candidates in the coming days. world leaders descend on new york soon for the united nations general assembly. traffic alert that could impact your morning commute, starting tomorrow, a-dot kicking off construction on the south mountain freeway project, this is the first phase in the loop interchange, the big start starts next year. the freeway slated to open in late 2019 and expected to link the west and east valleys.
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rapper coolio assuring fans he's doing fine tonight following his arrest at l.a. x. tsa says the grammy award winner had a loaded, stolen gun in his carry on bag yesterday. at first officials detained one of his b belonged to him. but they later discover td it was the rapper's. he was released on $37,000 bail. the people i talked to live and here in the mesa condominiums all had the same concern and all had the same answer to the question, is my hoa crazy? >> just like hair -- harassment. >> reporter: the warnings, and fines against residents, it's a hot topic here. >> i think it's ridiculous.
8:40 pm
able to do anything. >> reporter: but take those concerns to it an hoa representative and whoa, watch out. if it's considered inappropriate. >> you find yourself unable to use the pool, unable to use the laundry room, so on. >> reporter: attorney solis is talking about the block list, if your words or actions are deemed inappropriate. >> we find inappropriate, we're the judge, jury, and executioner. >> reporter: he says it's way too vague. >> what's proet for >> reporter: if you make the list, you can't wash your clothes in the laundry room, party in the clubhouse or use their wifi to get online. >> what if you send an e-mail and send it in all caps, is that inappropriate? >> reporter: disobey, you get slapped with a $50 fine. vendors on the list can't talk to the board, owners can, but only at meetings. de solis had seen the block lists but wonders if it stands up in court, being so gray and one sided.
8:41 pm
that stops them from acting inappropriately. >> reporter: i asked about the block concerns and how many people are on it, no response. you know, i'm always wanting to hear about crazy hoas, why not let ne tell -- let me tell the valley about yours? like the facebook page and tell me about it there. i'm investigator joe ducey, you got a problem, let me know. you got an old bike taking up space in the garage? let it it -- let it be a for a kid in foster care. >> recycle your bike campaign. help in three ways, drop off your old bikes at any of the 20 different earnhardt locations, donate money, or volunteer to help fix up the bikes. find a full list of information an emotional day in the valley, how cops followed through with their mission to help one little girl in need. taking a nationwide controversy right here to the valley, where two people were spotted kneeling during the that
8:42 pm
smiles on everybody's faces but perhaps, none bigger than the smiles larry fitzgerald was dishing out in the news conference. and your forecast looking great in the morning, temperatures in the 70s, a little hot going home, upper 90s to low 100s, clouds continue
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
breaking news just coming in
8:45 pm
possibly after that explosion in manhattan, just 24 thours ago, five people just taken in to custody, no word yet on how they're all linked. but we just told you last night, one man was spotted on surveillance at both locations where bombs were found and it now appears there could be accomplices. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> as you know the cardinals pull off a 40-7 win in tampa bay, one of the stars was secon year running back johnson. he finishes with 45 yards rushing, 98 yards receiving. here's larry fitzgerald talking about his near miss touchdown, larry's near miss and then johnson's ability to play receiver. >> no, my knee was done. elbow was down, other knee was down, i was fighting, i was lobbying, but it didn't work. michael floyd was happy though. he was happy. so that's how it works in the national football league, you
8:46 pm
takes it. last week i was teasing him, he had one on his right, i caught it, he should've caught, that just kind of happens. you got to capitalize when you have the shots, especially when you have the offensive, defense. the catch is made on the sideline, going over, that sort of, i mean, that's catching a lot of receivers, you know, those guys, the play receiver don't make. and you know, he's making those kinds of plays and also, you know, getting 15, 16 a game, breaking off big runs. so i mean, the sky's the limit doing. we don't want him to be too comfortable in the passing game. you know. [ laughter ] but, you know, when it's there for him, we want to make the play though. >> you got to love him. his job's safe though, i would say. let's talk about the guy taking the snaps. today the magic number was three. carson palmer, number three, shoot for over 300 yards, three touchdowns, three different receivers. it was palmer's 17th time
8:47 pm
the cardinals. only kurt warner and womack have more, he passed joe montana on the all time list. he now has the passing yards in history with 40,615. of course, he doesn't like to brag about himself, so his go-to receiver did it for him. >> you know, we have a quarterback as talented as carson and as accurate, you just need to get on his page. that's all. i finally got on his page. that's really what it's been. and, you know, he doesn't force the ball, he spreads it out to know, from darren to david to mike, i mean, he just does a great job evaluating and seeing what the defense is giving us and finding an open man. saw that again today, spread it around to everybody. >> all right, if you missed last week's premiere, we're talking cardinals every monday and friday night at 7:00. get back tomorrow night, join us live at the big red brew house, parking is free, admission is free and the doors open at 5:00 for monday night football.
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and you can interact with us live on facebook, of course. and it is going to be a lot of fun. so, it is a great place, 26, 28 big screen tvs, a bar, food. [ laughter ] pictures, autographs, and it's a lot of fun. >> back to carson, wasn't it carson in the marshmallow? >> talking about that tonight at 10:00. yeah. [ laughter ] >> okay, we'll get to that later. thanks. new tonight, a national debate making its way to the valley. at least according to one of our viewers. check out this facebook post. the viewer says her friend shared this image from a recent gilbert high school fooblt game. the -- football game. it's two coaches kneeling during the national anthem. that debate started when colin kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem. the 49ers quarterback decided to kneel again today. sticking with football, here's a story that will put a smile. the taep's water -- team's water
8:49 pm
scoring a touchdown. robby heel, a special needs student in michigan, his mom had no idea this memorable play was in store. her son wearing number 24, there he is, there he goes, running more than 20 yards right in to the end zone. look at mom's reaction there. the moment was extra special for her, she's battling advanced cancer. >> and his team is so instrumental, helping me to get him to practice, it really, it takes a village to raise and this village is really been outstanding. >> the coach says it's the least they could do for robby, since the team considers him to be part of the family. all right time now for your forecast, tracking changes, a hot start to the work week tomorrow. 105 our high, not that hot, but close. 93 now, humidity at just 11%, and winds coming in out of the west southwest currently at six
8:50 pm
the 90s, like mesa, tempe, glendale. others of us already dropping down in the 80s. we have chandler, glendale, both at 87 degrees. queen creek at 86, cave creek 81, updated seconds ago. buckeye at 82 degrees at this hour. farther down to the south, casa grande in the 80s north, sedona 77, flagstaff in the 50s, 56 there. 61 solo and still rocking out the 90s in places lik here's tonight, lots of lows in the 70s across the central and southern valleys. 73 out to the thoeft in bull head -- northwest in bull head city. temperatures in the higher at the rain -- terrain, 38 window, rocks in the 40s for winslow, and highs tomorrow, low 80s for show low, sedona, 93 degrees and
8:51 pm
tomorrow afternoon. for the valley down in the south and tucson and all out to the west triple digit heat for one more day. 103 phoenix tomorrow. 102 gilbert and tempe. 97 cave creek, 95 care free and in the west valley, seeing triple digits across most of our cities out there. 103 peoria, glendale and levine and 102 for surprise and buckeye tomorrow afternoon. increase that cloud coverage throughout the day, tomorrow evening sunset, here in the valley. moisture from tropical storm pane is going to continue to surge in. overnight going in to tuesday, that's what's going to ramp the rain chances up. the best chance for rain right now appears to be tuesday morning. rainfall should be less than a quarter of an inch across the valley. light to moderate rain and not a lot of heavy shower and thunderstorm activity. we're going to increase the breezes, gust 25 miles per hour, and drop temperatures pretty dramatically, a 15 degree drop across the valley.
8:52 pm
degrees on tuesday. then we'll see the 90s come back on wednesday, slight chance for a few more showers on wednesday and thursday, as we deal with lingering moisture over the area. then we dry out and temperatures stay in the 90s for the end of the work week, and meks weekend -- next weekend too. the tv industry not the only form of entertainment, we've got you covered on the silver screen. new box office numbers released from the weekend. sully was number one. the film starring tim hanks brout million. blair witch comes in second and bridget jones's baby rounds out the top three. took action and now they've delivered. the chandler police department raising money to buy a bike for a girl in need. today they presented it to leah. a lot of people gathered with their own bikes to join on the fun, she as down's syndrome and autism and nonverbal. police learned of her through
8:53 pm
raise $3,000 for a bike. >> i understood this was a fundraiser to raise money to purchase the bike, but they actually gave it to her tonight, which is so cool, i can't wait to go home and ride it and take her for a ride. >> yeah, one of the reasons police bought leah the bike so that she can ride with her family and also so that she can strengthen her core. like a holiday, we should all take the week off from work. arizona restaurant week in full swing, more than 150 restaurants in t going to have a select menu, the appetizer ks main course, desert, sometimes a drink and a discount. the goal is to get you to explore all the cuisines. for a list, head to mark your calendars, because you can see our own fay fredericks in action, hosting a charity, next sunday night from
8:54 pm
house. the sun devil head coach and ceo of harkens theater are the night's featured speakers. the stars hit the red carpet. find out the actress who delighted fans with a rare public appearance and a hint, it
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
well, here's one of stars turning a lot of heads on the red carpet, abc's own kerry washington. child but it didn't stop her from making her way down the famous row of red. it's a rare show as she's been preparing for the arrival of her new baby in private. well, we've all gotten the so is-called swag bags. maybe at work, we have? >> our producer wrote this one. [ laughter ] >> what does she have? [ laughter ] >> or a sports team she mentioned. but the celebrities also get them at the emmys.
8:57 pm
traditions because rich celebrities really need more stuff. [ laughter ] items that come inside, they're not cheap. >> no, a $100 pilot pen, the same exact brand you can find at the checkout counter of your same brand, maybe that's not $100. >> i don't know if it's the same pen, but not $100. >> also a $1,000 plastic surgery gift certificate. and free dental work. so much more. lots in the swag bag. [ laughter ] an explosion that sent dozens to the hospital and now people are in custody in new details on that bombing at 10:00. and new information after a plane crashes in to a gilbert home, where you may have seen the crew before. plus, the valley chef serving post emmy eats, what he's serving for the crowd and more of the after parties happening now. the look at your forecast, for tomorrow, temperatures
8:58 pm
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