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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm MST

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the wins, the losses, the fashion faux pass, abc15 has you covered on the red carpet. >> speaking of red, the cards are back. the takeaways from tonight's win. first, two trucks torched. our crew is there near 48th street and southern. they say th little ways from each other. we're told this looks like an industrial area. 5 people are in custody right now in connection to last night's explosion in new york. the fbi and nypd on this one. they found a second pressure cooker bomb, unexploded. right now, they're calling him
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investigators say the device had a pretty common explosive res due, so it's making this investigation all the more difficult. 29 people injured in that blast. tonight, they're all out of the hospital and back home. incredible follow-up out of gilbert. a crew aboard a small cessna survives a plane crash by jumping out to safety. tonight, we're learning more about these people. near where e in rock hill and gilbert. amazing that they survived. >> reporter: it is just amazing that nobody inside was hurt. the pilot, he has some burns, but he will recover, we're told. the skydivers all jumped out to safety. for the first time, we're hearing from people who watched them land, not knowing something was terribly wrong. >> what looks like a ball of
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and his crew in trouble, forcing him and the four skydivers to jump out of the plane early. >> he made communications and just identified that his wing was on fire, and he was having aircraft issues. >> reporter: the crew that survived this crash is part of the arizona sky hawk parachute team. >> they came in just like normal. all four of the skydivers came in. they landed safely, but there is a that was different this year. i wasn't sure what that was. >> reporter: what it was? anything but the usual. the skydivers were unhurt. the cessna crash landed in a home, setting it on fire. the pilot landed about a half mile away, suffering second and third degree burns. >> they've been coming every year, with a lot of fanfare and a lot of success. it's just unfortunate. >> reporter: the team performed for several events armed the valley. here's a bird's eye view of
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this is video from their jump. this time, the performance didn't go as planned. >> the first that we've ever seen this to my knowledge in gilbert. >> reporter: the ntsb is now investigating what caused the fire on that plane. and ultimately led to it crashing here at this home. we're told that investigation could likely take 2 to 3 weeks. reporting live in gilbert, >> amazing survival story. the first hand accounts are just as stunning as the images we've got. cross roads farm shares a wall with the house that plane crashed into, where about two dozen horses in the pens next to it, they all got spooked. joanne bender was just leaving when she saw the crash. it wasn't until the smoke cleared she says they realized just what a close call this was. >> it was just right under our
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hear from a man who was at that festival that plane was supposed to be a part of. his must see video the moment that plane exploded, and the surprising reaction from the crowd below. we want to get to another story right now. a train stopped near the new jersey transit station. we're just hearing the trains are being stopped and held as a result. this is between the newark airport and the city of elizabeth. the fbi is on it. we'll let you know when we more. police now say it does not look like that new york blast is connected to a pipe bomb in new jersey. saying different materials were used, also, the attacks don't seem to be linked to international terrorists. tonight, the jersey shore beaches are back open, but certainly not back to normal yet. it's no surprise that people are on edge. when someone left a backpack right outside a seattle police
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considered very suspicious. the good news, no threat was found. a robbery near 25th avenue and camelback. tonight, the suspect is in handcuffs. police say the guy tried to rob somebody in the area. some reports say he may have been armed. we do have calls out for more details, but police aren't saying much. the search wrapping up for a suspect who shot a man, then took off. all of this going down near 48th street in broadway. we're told the victim is alert and talking. but not cooperating with police. they're still trying to sort it out tonight, saying they don't know if a fight broke out, or if this was all an accident. a family hugging their little boy tightly tonight. as soon as people saw it happen, we're told they jumped in right after the void to save them. firefighters took him to the hospital, but it sounds like he's going to be just fine. it's the letter home that can make any parent shudder.
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your kid's high school. it's the reality for some parents in tempe. chris, we understand this rumor has been floating around now at least a week. >> reporter: as early as last friday. but we all know that rumors exist in high school. this is one that everybody took pretty seriously. now we first got the tip on facebook, and that's really where this rumor began to spread, after some parents posted facebook. this is what we found out. the rumor began circulating this past friday after a fight between students. something was supposed to happen that day, but when nothing happened, some tipsters revealed it may happen monday. after the investigation, both believe there is no credibility behind this threat, that nothing will happen. but you'll see even more tempe police in the area. you'll see more than just a
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campus, because they don't want to take any chances and they want to make sure that everyone does feel safe going to school tomorrow. a quick, good note about the story, it was quickly investigated, because so many people called into the silent witness tip line that they have here through the tempe police school resource officer. so a lot of parents acting quickly once they heared from their students, and obviously, we do expect do see a lot more tempe police officers here in the area, and near campus just to make sure. >> just the kind of thick you've thank you, chris. new information tonight, he may be out of jail, but certainly not out of trouble. mark pain, the man accused of running over three phoenix police officers. he's at the hospital we're told he was taken there wednesday. but police can't say any more than that. as for the officers, they're home, healing, and resting. state police asking to you
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last seen in saligman. it's possible they wandered into the desert to try to find some help. we are on wildfire watch you now, checking for updates, as another blaze pops up in our state. this is the fulton fire, burning about 30 miles west of payson. so far about 175 acres have been scorched. aps cutting power this weekend, trying to keep crews safe in that area. about 900 customers are impacted though. we're fold the -- told the flames sparked last evening by lightning. clear and quiet, and been that way statewide throughout the entire day today. down to our south though, is where our attention turns, because we have a tropical storm down there, and it is called tropical storm payne. this thing is going to be making an impact on our state as we head into the workweek, so let me track it out here for you. it could briefly reach category 1 strength here tomorrow. then it will weaken again, and
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gets closer to the baja peninsula into tuesday and wednesday. we're going to be seeing that moisture surge into our state. increasing rain chances here. so tomorrow, just a slight chance at 10:00% and the very late night forecast. then 40% chance in the valley on tuesday. and a 60% chance for rain up in the higher at the rain. slight chances for more showers continue wednesday and thursday. coming up, we're going to talk about how much rain we can see and the other big changes coming to our state. talk about a complete turn around, in just one week. the cardinals blowout the buccaneers for their first win of the season. >> just a collective sigh of relief. that looks like the team we expected to see. plenty to talk about at the water cooler, and how about the end of the 1st half. they head to the locker room after scoring two touchdowns in just over a minute. >> the defense comes up with five turnovers. it was an all around solid butt
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cardinals. after the game, carson palmer said the win couldn't come fast enough. >> it was one of those weeks where, it doesn't matter who you're playing, as soon as sunday night ended you couldn't wait for today, and you've got to fight that urge that you just want to get back on the field, and you've got to go through your monday, tuesday, wednesday, and so on. but we were, you know, after what happened last week, we were ready to play and couldn't wait to get back out on the field. >> now, enjoy it for 24 and get back to work. >> exactly. >> we need another win. all new at 10:00, why police in the valley are willing to make a deal with some wanted criminals. >> a pass with the stroke of a key. how some valley criminals are slipping from police radar. >> and it's been exactly a year since his arrest in this glendale wal-mart parking lot. leslie merritt jr. became a
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only at casino arizona and talking stick resort! did crime slip through the cracks without examination base of a computer more now from the abc investigator. we got our hands on an email just the latest glitch police are working through with the overhaul of their record system. it's the key we use the most. hit it. the space bar leaves nothing? right? not in the pd record system. accidentally type the space, and that detective may not see that case assigned to them.
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investigators and supervisors. attached, a list of every affected incident. dozens old as last year. police say those 500 incident reports involved a wild variety of cases from a dui to robberies. the good news? an ongoing review shows about 425 of the incident reports were handled and closed. but 75 of them are still open cases. police officials tell me they'll have more info for us on those cases in the coming days, and they're also right now working on both short and long term fixes to this doesn't happen again. if you want to know if your case was affected, you can find that email on our website. forget the flashing lights and handcuffs. starting tomorrow, peoria police will let you take care of your misdemeanor warrant without sending you to jail. it's an attempt to clear out the 2,000 outstanding warrants in the city. the department says it could be anything from a traffic violation to domestic violence.
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up. >> you have a warrant, you're always looking over your shoulder, wondering if you're going to get stopped by that officer behind you. this gives the citizens an opportunity to come in and take care of it, without going to jail. >> the program runs until next thursday at the peoria municipal court. we've posted details at the community mourning after a deadly bus crash this weekend. four people were killed, the youngest just 10 42 other people were hurt in this. now federal investigators say the cause could be a tire issue. two investigators will be checking the bus tires. one of them blew out right before that crash happened. based on what they find, a full investigation may not be needed. does your child have a bb gun, or maybe a convincing squirt gun? that toy could be putting your family at risk. tonight, we're learning look- alike guns are gaining in
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split second decision, they could be convincing. sadly, a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by police last week after he pulled out a bb gun on an officer. the experts worry more cases could turn deadly without knowing whether the gun is real. under federal law, imitation guns have to have an orange plug in the barrel, but oftentimes, they're painted over, or even removed. moving from california to indiana. tomorrow, we'll learn more about why real estate heir medical unit at an indiana prison. right now, they don't know when he'll move, but say they expect to know tomorrow. he is currently serving a 7 year sentence after pleading guilty to a weapons charge. what bright lights shine, a lot of people start asking questions, is it a plane, a cloud, maybe a spaceship.
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see what they can tell us. no answers from them just yet. but we're going to keep them posted. until then, keep the guesses coming. time now for your most accurate forecast, it was a hot weekend in the valley. as we kick off the workweek tomorrow, another hot start, right back in the triple digits. right now, 93. humidity at just 10%. we're pretty dry out there. winds are calm, and pressure is on the rise at this we still have sky harbor, as i mentioned in the 90s. the rest of the valley has dropped down to the 80s. 88 in glendale. 87 in scottsdale. goodyear checking in at 85. tonight, lows in the 70s in most of the valley. 75 overnight in tempe, and ahwatukee. 76 in glendale, and a little cooler to the north. low 70s for anthem and cave creek under mostly clear skies.
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increasing throughout the day. we will still be above average with most of the valley hitting the low 100s, but places farther to the north and northwest like cave creek, anthem, and even toward wickenburg in the 90s for tomorrow afternoon. phoenix is going to hit 103. 101 for your high in mesa and chandler tomorrow. here's the break down by the hour. the morning looks pretty nice. by 8:00 a.m., we'll already be in the low 97 for lunch hour. then feeling the triple digit heat for the rest of the afternoon. notice, a slight chance for rain in play. that's really going to be for late tomorrow evening as we continue to track moisture surging in from the south. futurecast shows things getting pretty cloudy in here by the late afternoon and early evening. then into the overnight forecast, with he see rain chances increase. 10% late tomorrow night. overnight into tuesday morning, it will ramp up by the hour. we're going to be to a 40%
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valley. this latest futurecast run shows it pretty widespread across the area. this is all coming in as we tap into moisture from tropical storm payne. here's the breakdown. monday looks hot and dry. tuesday, we talked about that 40% chance for rain. we're also going to see temperatures drop about 15 degrees. it's going to put highs in the 80s in phoenix. wednesday, still mostly cloudy. a 20% chance for a few more showers. then thursday, warm and breezy. a bit more sunshine, and with lingering moisture in place, a stray shower would not b completely out of the question, but overall, this is going to be our transition toward a drier forecast as we head into the weekend. how much rain are we talking about? let's take a look. here's future cast. we get into tuesday afternoon, and it looks like we have the potential of maybe seeing as much as a quarter of an inch in the valley. we're roughly about a quarter of an inch below average to date for the monsoon. if we can get that much in here, that will help, and for
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a half above average. hopefully, we can at least knock that monsoon deficit down a bit. we're going to take a look at your forecast across the rest of the states and of course, we still have your seven day. a national debate wrapping up right here in the valley. could area football players now be taking a knee?
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a scare at san diego's qualcomm stadium today. >> this all happened this afternoon near a trolley station outside the stadium. thousands of people were out attending the san diego chargers game at the time. san diego police called in the bomb squad. they later said that was not any kind of device, and issued an all clear. the description of the package not released. this image posted on facebook, the view cared her friend shared this photo from a gilbert high school game. the post says it's too coaches kneeling during the national anthem. the national anthem debate started when colin kaepernick chose not to stand for it. we talked about the cardinals 40-7 win over the bucs and some of the stars that stepped up today. there was one amazing interception that got the defense rolling. i'm talking about patrick
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the end zone in the 1st quarter. peterson comes up with the ball, points the finger to the crowd in celebration, and the defensive rout was on. afterward at his locker, i mentioned that was one heck of a catch. >> that was pretty nice. sportscenter top 10, but that was a heck of a catch. the height is definitely not his advantage once the in the air. yeah, it was a nice grab, hopefully i can continue making those happen throughout the year. we'll see what happens. no question about it. we're talking cardinals every monday and friday night at 7:00. tomorrow night, you can join us live at the big red brew house in the university of phoenix stadium. the parking is free, admission is free, and doors open at 5:00 for monday night football. david johnson will be our special guest, and you can
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live in gilbert, with a new look at the plane that crashed into this house. one guy watched as it fell out of the sky all through the lens of his camera phone. why he thought it was a stunt, coming up. >> it's no surprise to us. great food is easy to find here in the valley, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? ll them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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denny's introduced new buttermilk pancakes and now we're introducing free pancakes for kids. who's crazy idea was this? who. for a limited time, kids get our new pancakes in any of these flavors, free. well you saw it all right here on abc15, the emmys, of course, so much work going into it all, but it's just the start for your favorite stars. >> we mentioned a handful of after parties. the valley chef is taking on a
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starting right now. feeding all of those hungry a listers. >> maybe you've waited in those long lines stretching around the block, and now what a compliment, serving up dinner to the stars. such a compliment, they fly him out to go do this. that means the lines are getting longer here too. >> three or fo it's been exactly a year since merrick jr. was arrested.
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covert surveillance by police. people picking fights, panic attacks. >> just some of the details coming out in a tonight. one year after leslie merritt jr.'s arrest. he was cuffed for the freeway shootings, and joy, he's out of jail now, but his lawyers are claiming they say he'll never really be a free man. >> reporter: the statute of limitations just ran out tonight. you'll remember, his arrest happening exactly one year ago
10:32 pm
trailer, that arrest still haunting leslie merritt jr. >> the police and the prosecutors are not above the law. >> reporter: lawyers chalking up merit jr.'s arrest to a public relations stunt to try to calm the public's freeway fears and bending to intense media pressure. >> his arrest was the culmination of a botched investigation, a wrongful >> reporter: his lawyers claim the court of public opinion has been less forgiving. >> people still confront him in the street. he told me just last week, a man wanted to fight him. >> reporter: from street fights to license plate tracking. merritt jr. says it's a constant threat. >> i worry about it every day. i don't want to have to put my kids through the constant stress.
10:33 pm
solitaire confinement, and a lot of taxpayer expense. >> i would suggest to the jury, that's a starting place, if the state values prosecuting an innocent man that much, perhaps that's something the citizens of arizona should take into account when trying to determine how much this case is worth. >> reporter: dps does not comment on pending litigation. the ball's in the state's court to respond to allegations what they typically have a month ago. now back to you. a lot of curiosity in an fbi office in lower manhattan right now. as agents questioned five people for that explosion. it's breaking news we've been following since our news at 8:00. so far, no one's been charged. in fact, everyone's so tight lipped.
10:34 pm
been released just yet. learning they're part of the arizona sky hawks team, and they leaped to safety after the pilot noticed flames on the wing. those four skydivers along for the ride, all of them survived without a scratch. now the plane and its parachutist were meant to draw attention all along, just not like this. spoke to one family at that celebration, and they say everyone was surprisingly calm ns falling out of the sky. >> reporter: from their point of view, and their location, they had no idea it crashed into a house and did damage like this. in fact, in the moment, many thought it was a stunt that was part of the festival show. josh barnett was there with his family, and they were watching a puppet show. they like to make youtube videos, so he always has his camera out. suddenly, he looks up, and sees that giant fireball.
10:35 pm
sees skydivers, but fire was part of their costume, so it took a moment to realize something had gone terribly wrong, and he'd recorded all of it. >> they never expected to actually capture anything live yourself. so you're like, wow, that's amazing that you saw something kind of like that, but then at the same time, i guess you're like, thinking, oh, my gosh, is everybody okay? >> reporter: he says the scary moments actually came later for his kids. they're a little younger so they worried that a plane could hit their house too. they, of course, talked it out, and said that conversation made much easier by being able to say that everybody survived this event. >> you can understand a scary thing to watch for everybody who was there. tonight, police are working to solve two shootings in the valley. the first happening in phoenix. one person is in the hospital right now, after officers say someone from a car started
10:36 pm
walking in that area. thankfully, no life-threatening injuries to report. as of now, police have not released a suspect description, but they did tell us, this does not appear to be related to the serial street shooter case. the second shooting taking place in glendale. police tell us two men confronted him at his home, they started arguing, shots were fired. police stopped the two guys who lept in a truck, but didn't arrest them. we're told the guy who was hurt tracking your forecast. it's a beautiful night here in the valley. temperatures in the 80s. and overnight, we're going to see that drop off into the 70s once again. so a nice start to the day tomorrow. as we send those kids out to the bus stops for the first day of the school in a week, temperatures in the 70s. going home, upper 90s, to 100s. not quite as hot as today's 95, but pretty close. increasing clouds and breezes in the late afternoon and evening. take a look at dew points.
10:37 pm
dry out there. but we are going to see an inflex of moisture from -- influx of moisture from the south. all the way up into the 60s. this moisture coming in from tropical storm payne, which is about 1,000 miles south of us right now. look at all the moisture wrapped around this system. we are going to be tapping into that. the latest models are in pretty good agreement as to what's going to happen to these. each line different forecast model, and they're pretty much all in agreement, that this is going to turn to the north, and try to veer back toward the baja peninsula. it is going to increase cloud coverage late in the day tomorrow. a major cool down tomorrow as well. new information tonight about an attack in a minnesota
10:38 pm
was his 22-year-old son. now the somali community in minnesota is condemning the attack. police say his son died at the cross roads center. he says police didn't mention the attack, but took photos and other things from the family apartment. nine people were stabbed before an off duty officer shot and killed the attacker. isis has claimed responsibility for this attack. happening now, prisoners across the country, including right here in arizona on strike. multiple people reaching out to abc15 saying all of this is happening right now, pointing to what seems like an online movement. as of now, we have not heard back about these claims. turning now to democracy 2016, a big weekend in arizona for hillary clinton. today in tucson, senator
10:39 pm
women for clinton. martha stewart said she will be voting for clinton, because quote donald trump is totally unprepared for the presidency. stewart had a falling out with donald trump ten years ago. tonight, donald trump's vice president is weighing in on telling security to put down their guns when protecting here's abc's mike pence. >> i think what donald trump was saying, is if hillary clinton didn't have all that security, she'd probably be a whole lot more supportive of the 2nd amendment. >> catch up on other big national races with a new show on abc15. it's called the race. it airs every sunday night at 11:00 right after abc15 news. panic at the pump for
10:40 pm
states tonight. some gas stations are running out of gas and the few stations with gas are bumping up the prices. all because of a leak that shut down portions of a massive pipeline in alabama. so far, six states have declared it a state of emergency. we know you have to get places, and so does the city of scottsdale. that's why tomorrow, they're going to launch an express trolley route, so more parking spaces can free up downtown. they'll be minutes. there's also a traffic alert that could impact your morning commute. tomorrow, adot starts construction on the south mountain freeway project. this is just the first phase. big stuff starts early next year. the 22-mile freeway is expected to open in late 2019. the fashion, the speeches, it was a star studded night at the emmys. but even in hollywood, things got political.
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10:43 pm
it is time for in the ring and it is all about the arizona cardinals. take a deep breath, let it out. topic number 1. the win. 40-7. not just a win, but a dominant win over the tampa bay buccaneers. >> we said it all catastrophic it would be for a team of this high expectations to go 0-2 at home to start the season. they come out and do exactly what they needed to do in a huge way. i don't know if you saw this. i saw your score prediction, i saw my score prediction. >> 416 yards of total offensive just awesome, and dominating. they started slow. larry admitted that after the
10:44 pm
picking it up in the 2nd. >> the way tampa looked too, against our defense, was like oh, my goodness. >> they turned it on in a big way. >> speaking of the defense, that brings us to topic number 2. marcus cooper. who is this guy? number 41. >> welcome to desert. >> they picked him up september 2 in a trade with kansas city for an undisclosed pick in 2018. >> feel a little bad for our new guy. bruce arians said he had the hot hand. you never take out the hot hand. that's true for the game, true for the rest of the season. it's his job to lose going forward. >> 60-yard touchdown, you're watching right there. 7 tackles. 2 pass deflections. a coming out party. >> you can imagine if you can
10:45 pm
play, how much that would set everyone's mind at ease to have that cornerback position? >> you saw why he had to switch over against evans earlier. >> man, that would be huge. >> it started off with this. number 3, carson palmer coming out as the stay marshmallow man. >> i think this tops it. he's doing calisthenics. >> look at nick rapone, the coach walking by, saying what the heck is this? >> carson palmer does have a tremendous sense of humor. >> you don't see it in the news conferences. just plain up, doing the karaoke there. >> we saw a little bit of it in the documentary. but this is it.
10:46 pm
stay puft marshmallow man, because that is an all-timer. it was a night of glitz, glam, and politics. glue no surprise in this election years, the emmys getting political, and it all started with a wall. >> i think that veep has torn down the wall between comedy and politics, so i certainly do promise to rebuild that wall, and make mexico >> julia louis-dreyfus winning for lead actress in a comedy. jeb bush starring as the uber driver who picks up jimmy kimmel in the show opening. bush saying quote, he's in between jobs right now. >> head to for more emmy highlights. you can also find a photo gallery of what all the stars were wearing on the red carpet, and catch up on the hilarious
10:47 pm
weekend. we're still in the 90s right now, not that hot anywhere else around the region. low 80s right now in mason, ahwatukee. superior, checking in at 73 at this hour. here's a look across the state. sedona, and payson also feeling the 70s. flagstaff at 47. the grand canyon is the coldest spot around the state right now. 45degrees up there. tonight, down to 36 in that area. expected to hit the freezing point tonight, but they will be down into the 30s. flagstaff at 38. window rock at 34. temperatures in the mid-40s for show low. 70s from the valley out to the west. these are the same spots that we'll be feeling the triple digit heat again for tomorrow. phoenix at 103. bullhead city, lake havasu also at 103 degrees. sedona 91.
10:48 pm
82 for show low. here's a closer look at the valley. most of us in the 70s tonight. then highs tomorrow, 101 in mesa and chandler. 95 up in carefree tomorrow. 99 in anthem, and 101 in deer valley, with our west valley spots like peoria, avondale, and laveen hitting 103 for tomorrow afternoon. here's how it breaks down by the hours. the morning looks great in the 70s through 6:00 and 7:00. 10:00a.m. takes us to 90. noon at 97. then we feel heat through the afternoon as the cloud coverage continues to build. here's what it looks like on futurecast. this is monday at 8:00 p.m. you see the clouds continue to surge in from the south here. a slight chance of an isolated shower tomorrow evening. but the best chances are going to come in the overnight forecast, going into your tuesday morning commute. this is 7:00 a.m. on tuesday. you see the chance for widespread rain across central arizona and even areas to the southwest as well. then it becomes more showery in
10:49 pm
the afternoon hours, or continuing into wednesday with the chances still in play. tuesday's the best bet. 40%. not going to be tracking a lot of thunderstorm activity. it looks like it's just going to be steady rainfall, if we see it. we'll drop down to 87 on tuesday. so a massive cool down for your tuesday forecast. wednesday, 93. back up into the mid-90s thursday. then another storm system to track from the northwest. this is not go to the valley, but it will bring another dose of cool air. we'll go down to 93 on friday. kick off the weekend at 92. lows will drop into the 60s next weekend. flames spark at a phoenix home near 7th street in union hills. the phoenix fire crews are telling us, they are able to get the flames under control, but homeowners are being treated for smoke inhalation right now. we're working to learn more
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just laying around, consider donating it. abc15 teaming up with earnhardt auto centers for the recycle your bicycle campaign. you can help in three different ways. drop off bikes at any of the 20 different earnhardt locations. you can toe nature money, or you can volunteer to help fix up the bike. you can find much more information on it will be tough to hand
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was yes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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today, the magic number was 3. over 300 yards, 3 touchdowns to 3 different receivers all thrown by number 3. while he was at it, he went right ahead and passed joe montana on the all-time list. palmer now has the 16th most career passing yards in nfl history with 40,615. of course, he doesn't like to brag about himself too much, so he left that to his receivers. >> you have a quarterback as talented as carson, and as accurate as carson, you just need to get on his page. i finally got on his page, that's what it's been. he doesn't force the ball. he spreads it out to everybody. whoever's open, from darren, to
10:54 pm
does a great job evaluating and seeing what the defense is giving us, and finding an open man. you saw it again today. >> let's hope for more of the same next sunday as the cards head to buffalo for their first road game of the season. in downtown phoenix, we had a marathon of a game at chase field. 4 and a half hours of baseball why? because we had bonus baseball. the d'backs and dodgers go 12 innings this game ball recipient was a no brainer. brandon drury, with a home run, and then the biggy. a walkoff single in the 12, wins it for the diamondbacks. that's a fun finish, but that may fall in the category of too little, too late. still fun to watch. >> all those d'backs fans are napping now. >> napping and waiting for next season, correct. jason thanks.
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
well, she wants to put the pedal to the metal, and now she can. chandler police taking action to help a little girl in need. laya has down syndrome, and autism, and she's always nonverbal. police learned about her through the lion's club, and teamed up to ra buy her a really cool bike. >> with training wheels and one of us is running after her. this is nice, because we get to all ride together, and she'll be able to keep up with us. >> mom says she can't wait for laya to feel the wind in her face. and the weather is going to be
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th.
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lcome to the race here. we want make sure you know wh is campaighere. pneumonia took clinton off the trail earlier in the week and trump today'ses takes aim as you. >> clinton apologizes for the oss name of deplorables.


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