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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 23, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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breaking news, and it's curfew time in charlotte. the mayor putting her foot down hoping to end the violence after three nights of protests, but not everybody is marching home. we're hearing the police captain say the department won't enforce the curfew as long as everybody remains peaceful in remembrance of
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killed by one of their officers. our team working even when they're off the clock, and that's how we know this situation in the valley is serious tonight. avoid 19th avenue and glendale. a man jaywalking was hurt and critically hurt by a car here, so it will remain shut down for awhile. three phoenix cops now former phoenix cops after an outrageous case of >> >. a driver claiming they made him eat marijuana until he was sick. >> nohelani graf is live with more, and you expect the cops know better? >> reporter: two of the cops were rookies, but one of them served more than a decade with chicago police, and i pulled up several complaints against him during that time. over a decade in a city that
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even the cleanest record doesn't excuse forcing a man to get high. now the spotlight turns to the man accused of forcing it all. jason mcfadden. he was hired on in phoenix, transforred from chicago. over a -- transferred from chicago, over a decade there. in chicago he had 15 citizen complaints, ranging from mishandling a prisoner's property, and use of force complaints. he was only rep remanded for one. the chief says they'll look at all of it. >> make sure if there were red flags we didn't catch. >> reporter: meanwhile he's not hiding his disgust. the chief says the officers found a gram of weed in the car, and instead of busting the 19-year-old driver, they bullied him. eat it or go to jail.
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ultimatum. >> i'm very, very displeased with their activities, and i was going to fire them. >> reporter: they chose to resign and one you worker was demoted. >> this is contrary to everything we stand for. >> reporter: the lieutenant demoted for not speaking up was disciplined before for not watching his mouth, telling inappropriate joke on the job and using the n word. >> it's got a lot of people talking. >> and we're learning more about the 19-year-old. he didn't drive after eating the pot. his car was towed. >> and he may have had a medical marijuana card from another state, but told police it was expired. >> he's booked into his own cell on 4th avenue, and we'll
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officer was accused off. we're told he confessed to it and immediately was removed. shootingsin the west valley. the first one 95th and bethany home road. one man hurt and not doing well. officers are looking into whether it's kented to a -- connected to a separate scene at 71st and northern. one man with life injuries. same exacts story. great news to report. a silver alert flashing on our freeway signs leading to another successful save tonight. check out the picture just into the news room. deputies catching up to the man along the bush highway, and he'll be okay. we put out the word last night when hi went missing. just in, we're hearing a group of mechanics will be picketing at sky harbor airport
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better contract from southwest airlines. southwest says they're committed to striking a deal here. and a hiccup at a valley hospital. if you know anybody at honor health scottsdale medical center, you may hear about the ac going out. it was replaced as soon as it failed this rain, that sound, a hot drink, really there's no better way to kickoff chief meteorologist amber sullins updating your most accurate forecast tonight. >> and what do we have to look forward to next? >> things are quieting down. drier air will move in, and we'll keep the cool down, so that's the good news. looking at desert doppler, we still have a few spotty showers in the higher terrain to track tonight, but drier air is starting to filter in. the cooler air settling in, and then another warm up to track into the weekend.
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by day coming up in the seven- day forecast. he stabbed a guy and let him bleed to death, no motive, totally unprovoked, and now an update. the killer, jacob weedman could be going home. the clemency board voted to let him out on house arrest. an unwelcome bit of news for the victim's family. we're getting clarification what happens now that the vote is done. and tonight we're warning you about the latest outbreak in valley class room. super lice are biting, and knowledge is power to protect your family. kim tobin is taking action for us, and super lice? it sounds worrisome. >> reporter: and what we're seeing with lice in the united states is that it's not responding to the over the
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experts recommend one of these combs and a lot of hard work. super lice is back, crawling through valley class rooms voluming the start of the new school year. >> when you get lice, people panic. it's just, there are bugs in your hair. it's gross. >> reporter: gross, but super common. >> when you had it to first time did it itch? >> yeah. >> reporter: and right now a north valley charter school has an 77 cases out of 850 students. all parents have received a notice explaining kids will be sent him with nits or eggs in their hair. >> those are nits. >> i can honestly say that i felt i did the best i could with the combing, but it wasn't enough. >> reporter: this mom of five had to visit the experts after her kids caught the bug, and she was warned. super lice has evolved over the years. >> the chemicals don't kill the bugs, and you still need to
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tiny, but you can see old samples of what's left behind after treatment. >> between 12 and 24 hours they start to die. >> reporter: and once the bugs are out kids and parents can breathe a sigh of relief. >> we knew leaving here that she was done, and that was the best feeling ever. >> reporter: the cost to sit in this chair is about $100 an hour, billed in 15-minute increments, but as soon as the kids walk out they're clear to go to school. >> that's andered mention the home remedies like pouring coca-cola on your head to kill the lice, experts don't recommend it because it's not scientifically proven. and tucson is a little safer now that police say they have a serial rapist locked up. christopher garcia accused in five attack. police believe theosophed
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avondale murder because a man and his wife are behind bars. the woman's husband has been hiding out south of the border. everyone agree it is shooting scares on the freeway have to stop. the latest at 101 and warner about had today. -- 4:00 today. police searched for the car and shooter with no luck. and tomorrow at school expect to see the normal amount of officers. they were extra today after reporting of somebody on campus with a gun. we're learning the valley bus driver did the absolute right thing and called for help sense this happened. the bus was smoking, stopped, made sure everyone was in a safe position and phoned it in. what was supposed to be an improvement to the prison
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there's a new meeting about the new maricopa reentry center. parents worry about homeless ex- -cons hanging out at the shopping center or committing crimes in their neighborhoods. the the service serves the facility originally intended for juvenile offenders. >> it was here for 44 years and nobody had an issue with it until the department of corrections rerp >> they say it's proving to help people from falling back into bad habits and therefore making the community safer. he crawled through a dog door and liked what he saw, because an 18-year-old hit the same home in glendale three times in six hours. this happened near 7th avenue and cactus. apparently using a stolen credit card to buy a gift for grandma got him busted. it's cats invading at least one valley neighborhood in the
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trapped almost had hundred himself. -- 400 himself. he drove 30 miles to release them. we asked for advice on his behalf, and we're told it's not the way to go. ed from >> at last fine, if they're neutered they can't reproduce, but they're still wild. >> if you fixed them and have a fixed colony a lot of the behaviors that cause problems like you'lling and fighting -- yowling and fighting stops. and the charges may be going up against an ex--con accused of conning people in the valley because there could be more victims. he! ed families -- he! ed families say -- he scammed families by saying he'd no contract work. they believe he pulled the same scam in four valley cities, and
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hard to watch, but cops say it's the reality of hard drugs, and that's not the only message about the overdose you're seeing here. and the three things rattlesnakes are looking to do this time of year. republican vice president pick mike pence in arizona, but did he say anything to sway voters? and it was a wet day here in the valley. phoenix sky harbor checking in at just over a quarter of an inch of rain. we'll take a look at some of
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we're tracking that breaking news out of charlotte, and the cure few in effect right now. we're monitoring all the video and live pictures coming in because any violence, and because police say they're
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in their words the curfew will be used as a tool if things go sideways. tulsa in our thoughts tonight too as an officer is officially charged with gunning down terrance crutcher who was not armed. officer betty shelby became quote emotionally involved to the point of overreacting, and she could pay for it with possibly life in prison. last night a valley perspective on the growing tension. >> now an abc news exclusive, presiden bridge this divide with police >> the way we change the system requires us to be able to reach out and engage the broader american community, and that requires being peaceful, being
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disciplined. >> >. and the president underscored here that most protesters and most cops are doing it the right way, for more than those causing trouble. one-half of the pair hoping to replace the president in the white house in november just wrapping up a campaign stop in the valley. republican candidate mike pence speaking at a church in mesa, and he mostly avoided talking about the unrest in our country. >> reporter: this was your run of the mill stump speech from the republican vice president pick, side ste controversies of the trump campaign over the last week, but it was exactly what his supporters wanted to hear, and left democrats wanting more. a friendly crowd of about 800 people hoping to here mike pence talk about his faith. >> i'm a christian and conservative and a republican in that order. we can become one nation under god again. >> reporter: but the speech was short on specifics.
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that he didn't talk more about his record, and the amazing experience he brings to the. ticket. >> reporter: he repeated trump's greatest hits on immigration. >> we're going to build a wall, and mexico is going to pay for it. >> reporter: but he didn't address the north carolina riots over police shootings in tulsa and charlotte, or talk about the birther issue. donald trump earlier this week erasing five years of questioning president obama with a 30 >> and then ail of the sudden he say -- all of the sudden he says this is the end of it period but didn't apologize. >> reporter: arizona democrats using that too slam pence even before he took the stage. >> just a few more short days until the presidential hopefuls face off in the first presidential debate monday here on abc 15 followed by dancing with the stars and our special 90 minute newscast. caught on video and a key piece of evidence in charging a massachusetts mom. have you seen this video?
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it's a screaming 2-year-old tugging at her mom's limp body who's unconscious, on the floor of the family dollar store. it's believed mom overdosed on heroine, and now it's a big debate on social media, and police why with a wish the person taping with would have help that had frantic toddler, but they recognize sharing the footage is important too. it's a fact of life we deal with here in the desert. snakes. could be anywhere. but this because it happened last night on a couple's back patio near north scottsdale, and they say this epic battle went on for three hours. >> what? >> yeah. turns out these snakes were battling it out for a nearby lady snake hiding in the grill. >> and so for the first hour and a half i was like what do i do? because i have these two rattlesnakes battling or mating
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they're getting a lot more calls because of the cooler weather putting snake into winter mode, out and about looking to eat and mate. >> so which one got the rose? >> i don't know [ laughter ] >> that may be the end of the story [ laughter ] >> which ever one is crazier got it. >> they need to take at across the street. >> all right, there's the valley rain fall totals today. some of them high, but what's incredible, paradise valley, tolleson for example, just shy of three quarters of an inch, and much of that rain fell in about 10 to 15 minutes this afternoon, so it was a good soaking for many of us. we mentioned sky harbor, picking up just over a quarter of an inch. we'll have the latest totals for the monsoon season, that will still technically end even
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to monsoon flow, it's going down in the monsoon total because the season doesn't end until the end of the month. still an inch and a half below average for the year and below average for the monsoon. now in desert doppler we have a few spotty showers breaking out tonight. very isolated near queen creek and north and east of the valley heading farther to the northeast at this hour, and of course still tracking some stuff up in the very highest terrain grand canyon, the rain is picking up in intensity, and storms farther north of there. we'll continue to track them. chances remain in the higher terrain tomorrow for a few more isolated showers, but the valley forecast will dry out here. we'll see dewpoint and humidity levels drop. they're still pretty high out there now. it will sit at 78. glendale at 80. chandler and gilbert at 80 as
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mid-70s. 72 in anthem. 6 is in payson, and 54 in flagstaff. our lows tonight pretty chilly, and with winds still very breezy up in the high country it's going to feel even colder than it really is, but dry air is already coming in, the water vapor imagery with the brown filtering in from the west and drying us out over the next 24 hours. 74 percent humidity here, over 9 percent at lake havasu. that's going to happe tomorrow, the dewpoints dropping down to the 30s. it's going to drop quick and feel great. 76 at 10:00, and 80s through the afternoon, more than 15 or more than 10 degrees below average, and in some cases closer to 15 degrees. the valley, mid-80s after early morning lows in the 60s, and 30s in the higher terrain in the coldest spots.
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90s back in play over the weekend. temperatures stay at or below average for the next seven days. moments away, the yahoo breach just the first layer of bad news. what to watch for from here. plus the best travel prices are all about timing.
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now that the summer get aways are behind us, let's talk fall travel.
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best savings, that might mean acting really soon. experts with expedia say for they've you have to book 21 days in advance, and last year it was an average of $345, and booking earlier was more expensive at 3635 dollars. and a massive data hack we're tracking tonight by yahoo. not this year in 2014. the lacquers tried to -- hackers tried to sell the credentials of users and we're just now learning about it. the worry now that it's out there, there's no undoing it so it can be used against other sites and systems. change your pass jordans, and not -- passwords, and not just for yahoo.
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with the media today in their 20th year in the valley, and the captain is back for his 21st season with the franchise. >> reporter: has it gone like that? >> it's absolutely incredible how fast it goes by. i don't, i can't even put a finger on it of when it started happening faster, but it's happening so fast, it's incredible beating up on the buccaneers sunday, but this year is the first road trip of the season, and it's never easy according to patrick peterson. >> this one is tougher because now we're going into a hostile environment, a team that's desperately looking for a win. a team that's very, very talented, and just missing a couple of things, so we know we have to expect the unexpected. >> make no mistake about it,
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against the wall, and as patrick said they're traveling out late friday with some of the younger guys making the first nfl road trip, it will be anything but easy. we still have 60 minutes to 6 football to play sunday. what could possibly trump his role as dr. mcdreamy on grey's anatomy is this we think
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shondaland taking over abc 15 once again, grey's anatomy season 13 premier.


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