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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MST

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your top stories at 4:30, the number of officer-involved shootings on the rise as officers open fire in phoenix and california sparking big protests but a brand new picture was released calm the riots. we're live in north phoenix where neighbors are upset about a halfway house opening around ex-cons around their children and their school but they're taking action. we'll show you how. >> voter registration roles and the identity of registered voters. could hackers try and ruin election day for voters? good morning, everyone. 4:30 on this wednesday.
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in the studios. >> welcome back. >> thank you. it was a blustery afternoon and evening and made way for rain, a little bit overnight anyway, iris. yeah, a haboob rolled through yesterday. i want to show you this video from 27th avenue and camelback. light rain coming down but it didn't last long, just enough to get the streets wet, and i'm tracking a few showers this morning. the time lapse will show you the passing moving across the phoenix metro. as you look at the abc15 desert doppler, you can see the showers, mainly across the west valley, moving off the higher terrain over the estrellas and glendale getting in on the spotty light showers, moving through sun city and surprise
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we have more storm chances later and tomorrow. i have the breakdown coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, iris. now to the top stories across the country, officer- involved shootings. >> phoenix police becoming the target at another gas station and this one, the am/pm near 19th avenue and rose garden. >> katie conner is live with the latest. katie, what you can tell us? >> reporter: danielle, this started as a planned undercover officers pulled over the suspect at the am/pm. officers got out of patrol car and walked towards the suspect, and police planted a gun towards the officers. they retreated to the patrol car. that's when the suspect put his car in reverse and went right into the patrol car. the officers shot the suspect in the eye. >> your training takes over. you do what you can to protect the community and your partner as well and you're looking out
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they approached the suspect and saw he was struck, they immediately removed him from the vehicle and began cpr. >> reporter: we're told two guns were found at the scene and the apparently was taken into question. as for the suspect, i am told he is in critical but stable condition. once he is released from the hospital, danielle, he will be taken to jail. >> katie, thank you. and we are tracking developments out of southern california this morning. a man has died after he was shot several times by officers. that shooting prompting hours long protests because no weapon was found at the scene. let's get back to the abc15 live desk. they have video from the scene, chris, but they are not releasing it? >> reporter: you are absolutely correct. they did not release the video but a single still frame from a cell phone there moments before the shots were fired. okay. you can see the officers. let me use the pen tool.
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but this is the man question. okay. he has his hands in the air. i do not know what, if anything,ly had in his hands right there. they are saying it was not a weapon as he had his body pointed towards the officers. it appeared he had something in his hand bus hand -- hands, but they are seeing he was simply refusing to comply with officers and he was not holding a gun but he made a motion according to officers here, and officer -- a second officer, i should say, tazed this individual. they were not wearing body cameras. it was a still photo released from cell phone video. 4:34, chris, and we have flew information on a rob's at a sun city pawn shop with deputies out, and you have to see this picture of a k-9
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could not run out. good boy, good officer, yeah. somebody give that pup a bone. as for the pawn shop, we're told that the owners handed over surveillance video to the deputy. school is a place to learn, not a place to fear and after a series of threats against the phoenix union high school district, police have three students in custody and more arrests could be on the way. nearly two dozen schools were mentioned in the threats. >> it really just exploded and affected a lot of people. we were told that kids are missing school because they're afraid to come to school. >> all of the threats feature something eerily similar, the creepy clown profile picture alongidside id -- alongside the threats. chris? an abandoned house catches fire at 51st and glendale.
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the other home was damaged in the past a few months ago. fire department officials believe that squatters may have caused a second fire to the second home on the property. live in north phoenix, residents are getting ready to talk with mayor greg stanton about this cons, popping up near homes and shopping centers. the group, together advo skate for a safe community, in the with doug ducey's chief of staff, and the group claims that the facility is operating illegally. the facility was originally intended for juvenile offenders. >> it was there for 44 years
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the department of corrections decided to repurpose that. >> reporter: now, that meeting with the mayor happened sometime today. we'll track what comes of it. dan? after more than three years of waiting, the city of mesa will accept section 8 housing, good news for the families waiting for the affordable options. october11 through the 13th, that window can close, though, if >> it's nerve-racking and it's very stressful, you know, not knowing whether you will get kicked out or not or live with someone or go back to a shelter. >> this year, applications are only accepted online, and we have everything you need to know on it's the reason arizona is even a state, the mexican- american car, and today, the
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and died in a battle 170 years ago are coming home from 1846. the mechanics congovernment found the remains several years ago and will return them to the united states with full honors at dover air force base. further testing will determine their identity. the monsoon ongoing. did you catch this yesterday? with just three days left, the dust storm you see there, a haboob rolling into the valley, engulfing the valley and swallowing up neighborhoods and making it hard to see just a few feet in front of you. we would love to see pictures and video that maybe you captured of this dust storm. make sure to send them our way, i showed you this time lapse earlier but when you look at the initial start, you can see a haze over the valley, the lingering dust in the air from last night's dust storm.
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see some of the dust is settled in. the showers are isolated in nature and a slight chance, a 10% chance of isolated showers here by 8:00 this morning. you may catch a stray shower as you are driving into pork work. and then a lull in the action and this afternoon, a 10% chance of a stray shower or a thunderstorm. overall, a less active day before better kick in tomorrow. 76 as you step outside and warmer and 94 and more humid. we'll break down the hour-by- hour forecast and talk tomorrow's storm chances next. iris, we're not seeing slowing on the freeways, so that's good news there. but we have a crash i-10 eastbound at 339th avenue. the right lane is blocked. so just stay to the left to get by. not see anything slowing.
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looks like everything is cleared and i am not seeing extra issues because of that. we'll head out to the east valley in a couple of minutes. chris? rain willing wildfires tearing through california at this hour. for many homeowners, this is unfortunate because a lot of them will return home to just ash. the first push to legalize pot is making its way to polls across the country. and a chance moment
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17 minutes until the top of the hour. do you have the old bicycle taking up space? consider donating it and letting it be a holiday miracle for foster care. we at abc15 are teaming up with earnhardt auto centers. just drop off your old bike at
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donate your money or time to help fix up the bikes. info found at well, in 40 days, it's anyone's guess who will take the votes to win the presidency. but for the next few weeks, you can bet the candidates will be on the campaign trail almost every day. hillary clinton heads to new hampshire today with former rival bernie sanders and donald trump has stops in iowa and wisconsin. danielle, when election day arrives, authorities will try and make it as smoothed as possible, and that involves hackers. the feds are revealing that 18 states are seeking assistance against cyberattacks. democratic party staffers,
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hacked. the fbi is investigating and not quite sure if it's linked to the dnc e-mail hack. if i get more information, dan, i'll let you know. it could have been the 13 area networks or social media live streaming, however you watched the debate, it was the most watched ever. it didn't beat the super bowl numbers like predicted but 84 million people tuned in and broke by the 1980 debate held by jimmy carter and ronald reagan. one hot topic this year, marijuana, nine different states with a chance to vote to legalize pot including our state, arizona. the majorst of the public support legalization. 58% support the use of marijuana and 13% of u.s. adults report using marijuana currently.
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be voting on and raise our state's minimum wage. former house speaker newt gingrich was just in town and here's what he had to say. >> the question is whether it's affordable. in seattle, they raised it too fast and killed jobs. if you incentivize a place like wendy's to replace people with machines, you reduce the number of people making a living. >> if passed it would increase it is minimum wage to year before jumping to $12 an hour in 2020. we are on the wildfire watch at the abc15 live desk. thousands of acres involved in california. this is brand new video coming in from the loma fire threatsening 300 structures. some of it is really close to taking some of the structures out and mandatory evacuations are in effect. and also new, it's now 25% contained. danielle helping me out with
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want you to see this from petaluma. a brush fire took out eight homes here. see that? the growth was blamed by a broken gas line later turned off. that was devastating, danielle. a warning for anyone checking up on their favorite celebrity. be careful when you click online. intel computer is out with the 10th annual list of the most dangerous celebrities to search online, and topping the comedian superstar amy schumer. other celebrities to be careful with justin bieber, carson daily, will smith, rihanna, and miley cyrus. don't go clicking on things you don't recognize. >> good idea. a story that makes you feel good, two football teams coming together to create a memorable
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>> lou's coach helped him to feel the rush of playing, scoring, and being a hero. >> they're cheering for you. >> his score didn't count but the teams really made lou's day, and that counts more than anything. all right. let's talk about your most accurate forecast. i am tracking showers across the valley, and here's what you need to know wednesday. there is a chance of spotty showers this morning with a chance of a stray shower or storm later today and warmer temperatures this afternoon and higher humidity, too. this morning, let me show you where the showers are. many of them are confined to the west valley as they are moving off the estrellas and into the phoenix metro this morning tracking from south to north and northwest and moving in from spots like levine and
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heaviest shower, that's northeast of peoria right along the loop 101, right where it curves over and heads towards the i-17. so the northwest corner of the loop 101 is where we will see the heaviest rain track through before this continues to move to the northwest. tracking north northwest and eventually will cross over loop 101 to the 303. more spots in glendale and we are seeing them track from southeast to the northwest and move over some of the same areas like the i-10 and grand and track north into peoria and sun city. heads up. you may need to use the windshield wipers a few times this morning. a couple of showers in tempe moving up to mcdowell road and
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north. scottsdale will get in on the rain and tracking showers northeast over the higher terrain pushing to the north. as we go through the morning to 8:00 we get a chance of spotty showers continue to develop. late this afternoon and evening, another slight chance of storms with the chances only at 10%. anything that does develop and move in will be fairly isolated and spotty like what we are seeing right now. going into this afternoon, we'll see the rain 10% but by tomorrow we're actually pulling in moisture from what is tropical storm roslyn off the coast of baja. this morning, a 10% chance of a stray shower and this afternoon, the best potential across nowhere and eastern arizona but we could get a stray thunderstorm in the valley where the afternoon chance comes in. but overnight tonight, the
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tomorrow, look at how active futurecast is, scattered showers in the morning and more cloud cover and cooler temperatures. all in all, the best potential for rain along the rim and in eastern arizona but our storm chances will go up in the valley, too. today, 94 and a 10% chance of rain and tomorrow, 92 with a higher chance of storms, and friday, we'll gradually dry out ahead of the weekend. we'll talk about the temperature ho forecast in just minutes. i want to remind you that tomorrow, we've got something big starting at abc15 mornings. it's halloween time at disneyland resort. we are giving away two family 4 packs of tickets to the park each day with two chances to win every weekday watching the weather word of the day, 6:00 to 7:00 a.m.
4:52 am for more. no big problems valley wide, and the desert drive time there, 14 minutes. this is traveling westbound from val vista to the 101. i want to show you the 101 from the west valley and the abc15 live drive out tracking the showers. iris mentioned the northwest corner is where you're seeing this. this is part of your morning drive. a look at the desert drive times next. >> thank you, mallory. and merely answering a stranger's question but little did this woman know it would change her family's life. >> you think it's too fake to happen. look at the joy, don, holding his great granddaughter penny for the first time and this meeting was a complete accident. >> don and penny's mom were
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someone up and they started chatting after don mention that does his great granddaughter also had a tube, and they kept chatting only to find out that penny's mom, kelsey's boyfriend is done to's grandson. he had never in the his great granddaughter. >> beautiful moment, captured forever. a man taking photos of people in the women's bathroom on campus. police are telling us isn't the first time, either. oh, the suspense, the final celebrity and judge leaving
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another week, another celeb saying goodbye on "dancing with the stars. " but this week, we are saying goodbye to a judge temporarily. >> but former texas governor rick perry could not wow the voters just like in the past. >> i have no regrets. man, i walked into this not helping how to dance, incredibly anxious about the whole process but willing to put myself on the line. i stayed longer than i figured i would. >> as for the judging panel, len goodwin has to return to england for another show and didn't want to fly back and forth every week.
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? ? ? jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. another officer-involved shooting right here in the valley. why the suspect pulled a gun on police at this gas station. and a student might be deported for his shocking crime and confession to police. it isn't the first time he's done this. and sheriff arpaio is
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why his opponent, penzone , is throwing the gavel at him. welcome to abc15 mornings. danielle, welcome back, and just in time for the full resources of abc15 tracking in the rain moving in. >> a little bit of rain and iris is keeping a close eye on the radar. iris? we have the showers through the valley and they're fairly spotty but at least one of them producing heavier rain in the north valley. and the areas of green indicating the showers. one batch moving from tempe into scottsdale with another area in glendale with the heaviest shower in the northwest valley moving along the loop 101. this is peoria heading


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