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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 29, 2016 1:35am-2:10am MST

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abc15 breaking news. we are always on the watch for breaking news and one of our employees just spotting this. police surrounding a school near alma school road. cops are actively looking for a
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at this point, it does not appear anyone has been hurt but someone did fire shots in the area. we will stay on top of this for you. it's the least you can do after a serious crash but someone didn't have the decency to stick around for police after colliding with an suv near 49th. this intersection just reopening within the past two hours. the hit and run driver believed to be in a silver sedan. thankfully, the other driver x -- is expected to be okay. if the sun isn't out, you should be finished with your hike but rescuers had to find 29-year-old woman at pious to a peak when she got dizzy and couldn't find her way down. two gay bars, two armed robberies all in one night. phoenix police now on the hunt for the robbers as the bar owners want to know why them? >> jon erickson, the only one with the surveillance tonight. >> john, the owner says the robbers were waiting for their chance.
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robbers were hiding in the shadows and when a car pulled into the parking lot, they ran over to get them under the lights and in view of the cameras. here is of you. gun in hand, t-shirt, and masks. the robbers move quickly. the camera says one second after this picture, the scene looks like this, apparently running with a gun. the black and white view is outside the bunkhouse. this is the owner. >> i was very concerned. it didn't happen inside the bar but i was concerned for my >> reporter: it's about -- it's a few miles outside of indian school road. the owner says the robbers here had a long gun. the robbers got away with phones, some credit cards. was it all a coincidence? >> i don't know if it's a hate crime or not. it's probably too soon to tell. >> reporter: he says if you know who these crooks are, to give police a call.
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news. september is going up with a bang as another round of storms moves through the valley. we are capturing lightning bolts and amber sullins is in the abc15 weather forecast center. >> take a look from our adot camera. a wet ride home . cars and semis picking up a lot of water near glendale. we had lots of pictures coming in from our viewers as well. jim his backyard. let's go to that picture in good year. a large raincheck, tiny rainbow, and even some lightning. the rain, mainly hitting the west valley tonight. as we look at some of these totals, almost a quarter inch and glendale. phoenix sky harbor, just a trace today. nothing going down in the books. showers now clearing farther north. we will track them in the higher terrain for the next several hours if they continue to dump heavy pockets of rain
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lightning. overnight and tomorrow, rain chances creep back up. a 30% chance of scattered showers thursday. we will take you hour by hour through what to expect coming up. tonight only abc15 is hearing from the unsung heroes helping a couple victims get justice. >> a busy street and clear signs out there of a hit and run. >> reporter: guys, the damage on this wall should tell you just was. it is absolutely decimated, in pieces. a car was backing out of this driveway when a speeding drunk driver plowed into them. that guy, tried to run away but neighbors weren't having it. traffic along the stately road has gotten louder in the 20 years since tony has lived here. but this crash instantly turned her head.
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-- one that louder hard. >> reporter: maybe a was inspiration from the superhero movie she and her husband were watching but they just ran to see who needed help. >> it was a mess. like pieces of car. you could see the radiator fluid still. he gets out and he takes off. >> reporter: so 20's husband also did, tracking him through the neighborhood until police caught up. tony headed toward a mangled minivan. >> the back was totally impacted. >> reporter: three people inside badly hurt. june -- she knew well. >> when we were in a car accident it was pretty dramatic. >> reporter: two years ago, her daughter hurt and bleeding. it was strangers who saved the day. this was her moment to pay it forward, joining neighbors packing ice on wounds. a calm voice in the chaos. she doesn't call what they did heroic. >> that is what we are meant to do is give back. >> reporter: but to the people
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strangers may have had the biggest impact of all. the victims in the car are recovering. meantime, the driver admitted to drinking and smoking pot. he now faces -- faces several felony charges. we are putting plans in place to cover the next big arizona visit. republican nominee donald trump is expected that the prescott valley event center on tuesday. doors open that morning at 11:00. if you are interested in tickets, there is more information on acb15 mobile. we will have much more fro campaign trail in minutes. a heated debate in the race for congress in our state's first congressional district. paul w -- paul babeu against thomas halloran. you can bet, previous experience came up up. >> nine ability to tell citizens that you knew what was going on and you are in denial --
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speakers ] >> investigation that proves what you just said is not the case. >> again, denying any wrongdoing. catch our investigations on animals, balloons and toys signs of childhood happiness but it's marking the saddest of realities for an avondale family. a five-year-old boy found his dad's gun and accidentally shot himself. the injuries, too much to survive.'s mom in her bedroom. investigators calling this a terrible accident. no arrests expected. from sketches to arrests in just hours. it's no surprise. several people called glendale police yesterday with the name jeffrey wilson. the former phoenix firefighter was in court today charged with heinous crimes. sex assault and kidnapping committed at gunpoint. he denies it all but one woman told cops he attacked her under a bridge at 90 first-hand
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to come forward took both courage and bravery to make this report to the police department. >> for now, wilson will not be allowed out of jail. we're learning more about the man who phoenix police shot near the loop 101 and 19th. john carpentier still in critical condition. officers shot him after he apparently pointed a gun at them during an undercover drug deal. john carpentier has been convicted of several crimes dating back to his teens. he recently spent time in prison for beating a man with a hammer. a valley man on a mission to protect your kids at the store. she is only state -- she is only telling her story right here. kim tobin is live at a walgreens at 40th and chandler. her toddler had a close call at that store. tell us what happened. >> reporter: it took just a second for this toddler to grab these hearing aid batteries off one of the lowest shelves in the store.
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they are marketed toward senior citizens. one popped out so easy. the mom panicked. they were scattered all over the place. she rushed the kids to the hospital because she thought they could have swallowed one. at this age and this size, kids grab everything in sight. >> both of my children were seated and strapped into their strollers. >> reporter: aaron cooper took her little ones down the school supply aisle at walgreens where kennedy managed to grab the closest thing hanging. >> all of these hearing aid batteries, packages open. they were all over the floor. >> reporter: she started counting. >> we found all but one. >> reporter: knowing button batteries can get caught in the inside -- in the esophagus and become deadly, she rushed her kids to the emergency room. >> i was so lucky that neither of my children swallowed the batteries. >> reporter: but then she realized the batteries were right next to the kid friendly school supply area.
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height for curious children. >> reporter: she reached out to the manager who said corporate is an plan of the floor plan, which varies from store to store. we received a comment from walgreens calling this an unusual occurrence. this mom hopes to keep pushing all stores to keep batteries in a safer place and educate parents about the dangers. >> if i can prevent just one parent from going through what i experienced, all of this will be worth it. can see how tiny these are compared to this penny. we did some research with poison control. they talk about how 3500 people each year wind up swallowing one of these batteries and most of those as you can imagine are in the toddler age range between one and three years old. back to you in the studio. >> that could have been devastating for them. beauty schools current -- permanently closing and panicked students
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regency beauty institute and all 79 of their campuses. a statement on their website apologizes for what they call an abrupt announcement of very difficult news. they say a negative characterization of for-profit schools is a reason the organization doesn't have the cash to continue to run their business. they got away the first time but their mistake was trying to dan. cops say they got anthony sarno and richard harney surveillance video walking off with a back from terminal 3 at sky harbor. police showed the video to delta workers so when the guy showed up the next day, busted. when police asked why they took the back, they said to give to the poor. the airport skytrain could be expanding but right now, some say the costs are sky high. the phoenix city council is looking to extend the skytrain to the rental car center, about a 2 mile extension.
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a committee will take up the proposal next wednesday. [ chanting ] >> happening now, protesters taking over the streets near san diego as we learn of new arizona ties to the latest police shooting controve
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y24qoy yvpy (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. the latest tonight out of south carolina. classes canceled for the rest of the week at an elementary school after a shooting left two students and a teacher winded. one of the students is in critical condition. the teenager police believe is
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shooting and killing his own father before going to the school. parents left in disbelief. >> i just pray for the family is 'kids. i thank god it wasn't my son. >> a hero emerging in all of this. it was a volunteer firefighter who stopped the 14-year-old gunman before he could get to the school's locked doors. cries for justice after police shoot and kill a man near san diego. reports coming in about protesters chucking bottles at police. the aftermath of the shooting caught on cell phone video. as we first reported from the abc15 live desk, alfred olango has ties to the valley. he lived in glendale as recently as 2015. police originally said he had an object in his hands that he refused to put down. they now believe it was a vaping device. three way shooting. words we don't take lightly and
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his window was shattered and that was just the first surprise. we are going to show you the damage in just a second. the victim says when he called 911, they told him to return the car to the rental agency and let them call in a complaint. now he is questioning how dps handled the case. >> when something like this happens with something, there was past occurrences, this isn't a new thing. it should be taken care of properly. >> i would have would at least, brand taken a report from us and that of passing it off to someone else. >> a dps spokesman says the man was not hurt and they take these cases very seriously. we have breaking news coming into the acb15 newsroom. a shooting near 48th street and broadway. you see the huge police presence at this hour. abc15 first on the scene. we are still waiting to hear more information about what happened out there but at least one possible victim, we do not
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we will keep you updated. once again, 48th and broadway. hackers invading voter registration. it's really the first presidential election this has become a big concern. arizona is one of more than a dozen states affected. the fbi uncovered new attempted hacks and this might just be the beginning. experts have demonstrated many state voting machines are vulnerable. we are addressing the very concern. >> day to day, you won't see it on voting day, you won't see it's whether or not we as a state and other states are actively looking for these type of potential hacks. >> he also says legally, election results could be thrown out if a hacker occurs. you can only imagine the chaos that would ensue. today's removed from the first presidential debate, both candidates trying to capitalize. donald trump once again calling hillary clinton unfit to be president. >> what's happening to our
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>> hillary clinton lacks the character and judgment to hold public office. >> clinton, using some big names, bernie sanders and michelle obama who says we need an adult in the white house. >> we also need someone who is steady and measured because when making life or death, war or peace situation decisions, the president can't just lash out irrationally. >> the next days away. some new video of a suspected peeping tom using a camera in a porter potty. he might have made a big mistake snapping these pictures of himself. this happened at an orchard in detroit. deputies are using the slip up to their advantage, putting these pictures out there to get this guy caught. new video from levine. adot getting an air fall from
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southbound freeway construction. this is the second of three public meetings to get input on design plans. the final meeting is next thursday at fowler elementary school in phoenix. the freeway is expected to end by 2018. one of the biggest stretches in the valley. shutting down part of it for months on end is not the easiest thing to handle but some good news tonight about bridge construction near bell and grand in surprise. adot announces november 22 has th less than two months ago. it will be here before we know it and hopefully sooner rather than later because the temperatures will be nice. >> and the monsoon will go away. it well. >> it will go away. i know sometimes we think it never will, but it will go away. one last hurrah as the valley starts to dry back out. those showers moving further to the north that this hour. we are tracking them near prescott.
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and then up toward chino valley and the more rugged terrain south of williams. we will keep a close eye on all of that overnight. farther east, we have rain falling along i-40 between winslow and holbrook. a little lightning over the last 30 minutes from those storms. phoenix sky harbor hasn't gotten any measurable rainfall here over the last several days. a trace year and there. the things that is going to count. as we look at the totals, are unchanged since last week. totals just shy of 2.5 inches, nearly a quarter inch below average for the monsoon. for the year, just over an inch and a half below average. still about 48 hours to go this monsoon season. we still have a chance of more rain before it ends. more moisture from the south. some remnant moisture from what was once tropical storm rosslyn is increasing the chances for showers and thunderstorms going
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will be in the morning. 30%. chances taper down in the early afternoon and come back up to 20% later on in the day. look for the chance for scattered showers. 74 degrees at 7 am, 90 degrees at noon and then the mid-90s in the mid to late afternoon forecast, near average this time of year. here are the hazards. not everyone will get wet but the spots that do see storms could see pockets of heavy rain. we could also see gusty winds, which may pick up some bust -- dust. watch for that across the state as we head through the next couple days. 86 degrees right now at phoenix sky harbor. winds at 9 miles per hour. we have spots farther north like cave creek and anthem that have dropped to the 70s. surprise is that 78 degrees. the rest of us in the 80s. 50s along the rim and back into payson. tonight, lows to 43 degrees in
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like have a super tomorrow, temperatures in the west in the low to mid 90s, casa grande 90 degrees, globe at 85 degrees and upper 70s in sedona and payson in the mid to late afternoon. in the valley, 70s for lows and highs tomorrow in the low to mid 90s. our 30 year averages 95 degrees. we're going to be spot on that for the next several days even as we dry out in the weekend. temperatures are not going to change that much until next week. we get cooler air, drop to the 80s for the highs and 60s for the lows. it's the happiest place on earth but also be able to cure a big
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we blindfolded dale and told him to find the chicken with no antibiotics. the thing is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. how's it going, dale? workin' on it! some chicken companies try to get you to spend more money by using labels like "raised without antibiotics." at sanderson farms, we don't believe in gimmicks like that. well, how'd i do? no antibiotics to worry about here. hmmm...that was easy.
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even more breaking news that this hour. i-10 is shut down. look at all those cars trying to get off the freeway. this is i-10 eastbound closed at 43rd avenue. we are told this is some sort of police situation. where working information but the best routes around this would be mcdowell or van buren. halloween is a month away. trending now, a decoration drawing some criticism. >> the complaint is it pokes fun at a serious crime. this is called the scary creeper pre-per -- peeper. after one woman in canada complaint, home depot pulled it from the stores in canada. it is still being sold in the united states.
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you can have while passing a kidney stone. apparently, disney can be good for your health. the bumps and jolts of a roller coaster can knock small kidney stones through your system. a surgeon behind the research tested the idea after a patient said it went right through their system. that is not exactly what happens. >> another reason i am not getting on a roller coaster. >> while writing a -- riding a disney roller coaster. >> all man. >> if you need to pass some kidney stones, we are doing a disney giveaway. starting tomorrow, abc15 mornings is giving away two family four packs of tickets each day. just watch for the weather word of the day every morning from 6 to 7 am. find out more at good luck. >> happy passing.
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acb15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> the cardinals pulled the trigger yesterday and fired their long snapper. they find the cards are 1-2 heading into a game with the rams. they have to get better and the message today is some of the followers need to be better at following. >> we've got young followers that ain't following. we've got good leaders. you what they do. you can't play like them but you can prepare like them. you can eat, prepare like them. some of them are doing that. >> the miami marlins held a
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pitcher jose fernandez who was killed in a boating accident. fans lined up to watch the motorcade passed by. a private mass will be held tomorrow for players and staff. the cause of the crash has not been yet determined. tim tebow has heard he can't play for years. the critics were right when it came to the nfl but this summer, he decided to play professional baseball and the critic today, he had his first at-bat as a professional and he took the first pitch and slammed a home run. one at-bat and his batting average was a perfect 1000. to be fair, he ground it into a double play. it's just one game but at this point, it looks like tim tebow can play baseball. i wouldn't count him out just yet. before we go, we want to update you on the to developing stories we will be following overnight.
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learned two men were shot. one is seriously hurt. on your right, now both directions of i-10 are closed at 43rd avenue. police are dealing with someone in need of rescue tonight. look for updates on abc15 mornings. we hope they are able to escape safely. we have increasing chances of rain tonight and tomorrow.
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soon to a college classroom. students are getting ready to taste the lemonade with credits at stake. >> because it's not right that you be calling me, stressing me, paging my beeper. ? you're just nonstop ? >> come on. >> oh, yes. of course we're going to hear for the first time from the survivor of that mystery at sea. what he's saying right now. b forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by unitedhealthcare. re. eligibility? proaching me don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in.


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