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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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tonight, breaking news. the scare on the subway. smoke filling the train during rush hour. passengers in boston prying open the doors to get out. climbing through train windows. already a nation on heightened alert. tonight, the possible culprit. also breaking, powerful earthquakes striking italy tonight. the images coming in right now. and reports on the rescues. the flight here in the u.s. the pilot under arrest, accused of being drunk in the cockpit. donald trump tonight, visiting his new hotel. the second hotel in two days. tonight, he's one-on-one with george. plus, trump's surrogate newt gingrich taking aim at megyn kelly. >> you are fascinated with sex. >> tonight, her response. and the new poll. trump now leading clinton in florida? the razor thin margin. and the new video tonight after the bombs in and around new york city.
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suspect. what we never saw or heard before. good evening. and we begin tonight with several developing stories. first, in boston this evening, the frightening moments late today as the rush hour commute began. the subway, the t, as new englanders call it, filling with smoke. take a look. it happened at one of the busiest stops, the back bay station, not far from the scene of that terror at the boston marathon. so, you can just imagine the immediate fears. riders desperate to get out, opening those doors, jumping from windows. several then transported to the hospital. this does not appear to be terror, but these were very tense moments. and abc's linsey davis with the early clues tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a rush hour nightmare. cell phone video captures the panic inside boston's famous back bay station as smoke fills the air. passengers try to escape, breaking windows and diving out.
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system known locally as the t, shows commuters cramming through a window get out. >> i'm going to open the door. just calm down. i'm opening the door. calm down. >> reporter: some who escaped then tried to break open the subway doors to pull others out to safety. officials say the train's motor overheated at 4:30 this afternoon, likely causing that smoke. but with the iconic station just a few hundred yards from where the marathon bombs went off, that city is still on edge. from the sky, helicopter footage shows firemen at the scene, ambulances and first responders ready to treat those inside. it's an increasingly familiar scene these days, as america's aging subway systems continue to decline. early last year, a mechanical failure caused smoke in a different boston station, leading to panic. both incidents in boston come on the heels of the d.c. metro incident, where smoke filled a car, sending more than 80 people to the hospital and killing one. >> and linsey is live with us tonight. and who could blame those
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and quickly. any word on their condition tonight? and of course, that bigger question you brought up, about america's aging subways? >> reporter: david, we do know that three people were transported to the hospital. it's not clear just yet if age was a factor. we do know that this line went into service in the '70s, and that is certainly something they're going to be looking into. david? >> linsey davis leading us off tonight. linsey, our thanks to you. the other frightening images coming in from italy at this hour. at least two earthquakes rocking central italy. it was felt in rome. reports of families trpe then the rescues. crumbling buildings centuries old. knocking out power. and it happened in the same region where nearly 300 people were killed just two months ago during earthquakes then. abc's jennifer eccleston is in italy for us. >> reporter: churches crumbled in central italy, and terrified residents ran into the streets as multiple earthquakes struck just after nightfall. the first quake, 5.5 magnitude, then just two hours later, a
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centuries old buildings with holes punched straight through. huge boulders blocked roads, slowing search and rescue teams who evacuated elderly residents, going street by street. so far, at least two people injured. the mayor of a nearby town calling the situation apocalyptic. the tremors striking the country just two months after a powerful 6.2 earthquake in the same region killed nearly 300 people. and david, tonight's quake centered just 12 miles from that devastating one in august. we definitely felt it here in rome, some 60 miles away. right now, darkness and heavy rains are really hampering rescue efforts. david? >> jennifer eccleston from rome tonight. jennifer, thank you. and back here at home now, and just 13 days now left until the election, and america is counting. donald trump taking his campaign to his new hotel today. cutting the ribbon along with his family there in washington,
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two days. he said, there's a good reason why he visited his new hotel during these valuable last few days. and abc's tom llamas is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: for the second day in a row, donald trump's campaign trail led right to one of his hotels. this is turning into the running of the reporters. we're now heading over to the ribbon cutting for something that's billed as not a campaign event. this is the most reporters, probably ever, for a hotel opening. >> many, many years of luck and happiness and everything else. >> reporter: trump opening his hotel in washington, insisting this isn't self-promotion, it's proof of what he can accomplish. >> my theme today is five words. under budget and ahead of schedule. that's what we did. >> reporter: actually, that's six words. but trump's message today, overshadowed by the man in the front row. former house speaker newt
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ten women accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct. >> we don't get to say the ten women are lying. we have to cover that story, sir. >> reporter: gingrich then unloading. >> you want to go back to the tapes of your show recently? you are fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy. >> me, really? >> that's what i get out of watching you tonight. >> you know what, mr. speaker? i'm not fascinated by sex, but i am fascinated by the protection of women. and understanding what we're getting in the oval office. >> reporter: the former speaker trying to force kelly to take on bill clinton. >> i want to hear your words, bill clinton sexual predator. i dare you. say bill clinton sexual predator. >> mr. speaker, we've covered -- excuse me, sir. >> disbarred by the arkansas bar -- >> excuse me. >> reporter: kelly getting the last word. almost. >> we're going to have to leave it at that, and you can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them, mr. speaker. thanks for being here. >> and you, too. >> reporter: then, minutes later, what some are calling a threat from a top trump aide. dan scavino tweeting, "megyn
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herself tonight, attacking donald trump. watch what happens to her after this election is over." and today at the hotel, trump welcoming gingrich like a conquering hero. >> by the way, congratulations, newt, on last night. that was an amazing interview. that was an amazing -- >> and tom llamas with us live tonight from washington. two hotels in two days. trump defending the move. he has had a rigorous schedule in the battlegrounds, we should say, but as he stands in front of that new hotel today, there are the headlines about concerns over whether this campaign could be hurting the brand. >> reporter: david, the trump name may come down from three buildings in manhattan after residents complained. that according to "the new york times." and just today, ivanka trump announcing that their new line of hotels, geared for younger guests, is not going to be called trump, but rather, scion. the trump family maintains their brand is stronger than ever. david? >> tom llamas with us tonight. tom, thank you.
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with donald trump today, and here's how trump answered when asked why the hotel, with the clock ticking. >> what do you say to supporters of yours who think you shouldn't be taking time off the campaign trail from the battleground states? >> well, i think it's so unfair, because, you know, hillary clinton goes to see an adele concert last night and everybody says, oh, wasn't that nice, isn't that wonderful? i have stopped -- i did eight stops yesterday, three major rallies, where, you know, i told you, 25 and 15 and 20 and -- thousands of people. i did three, plus many other stops. i came here. and let me just tell you what this is about. under budget, ahead of schedule. i built one of the great hotels of the world. what am i supposed to do, not show up? i'm taking one hour off. i'm going to north carolina right after this, then i'm going back down to florida. i'm going up to new hampshire. i'm all over the place. but i can't take one hour off to cut a ribbon at one of the great hotels of the world? i mean, i think i'm entitled to it. she does one stop, because she has no energy, she's got nothing going, she does one stop and
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nobody complains when she goes to an adele concert all night long while i'm making two speeches at rallies with, you know, massive crowds. >> george will have much more of his conversation with donald trump and his wife, melania, and the children. the exclusive interview with the family tomorrow morning, right here on "good morning america." in the meantime, to hillary clinton tonight. some birthday surprises from her campaign staff as she turns 69. donald trump, 70. but tonight, the other surprise, perhaps the polls. this evening. the key battleground. the new poll showing trump with a razor thin margin now, 45 to clinton's 43. that's within the margin of error. abc's cecilia vega, in florida tonight. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton is the one lobbing attacks about her opponent being off the campaign trail. >> donald trump is taking time off the campaign trail to officially open the hotel. >> reporter: clinton on a florida blitz, counting down the days.
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in this election, we cannot stop for a minute. no complacency here. >> reporter: with donald trump calling florida a must-win, and that new poll showing just how tight the race here is, clinton now leaving nothing to chance. after three days of early voting, more than 2 million people casting ballots. that's up 10% from 2012. so far, republicans and democrats heading to the polls in even numbers. clinton's team says more latinos than ever are turning out, a good sign for them. team trump pointing to long lines as proof of their own strength. this is the line of people just waiting to vote here in palm beach county, stretches all the way down the side of this library. clinton also took a break from campaigning to attend that adele concert overnight. a birthday gift to herself, plus, this gift from the singer on stage.
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i support hillary clinton 100%. 100%, i do. >> reporter: on her 69th birthday, aides today surprising her with a cake -- ? happy birthday ? >> reporter: -- and supporters in florida breaking into song. >> and cecilia vega live with us from miami tonight. and cecilia, two new national polls just out as we come on tonight, a fox news poll showing clinton up by three over trump, an ap poll shows clinton up by 14 over trum final days. do these numbers concern the clinton campaign? >> reporter: well, david, they certainly watch these polls closely. they say they always knew this race would be tight, but here is their strategy right now. they are holding these last days campaign rallies near polling places to try to encourage voters to go vote directly after the event to try to lock these votes in early, david. >> cecilia vega in the battleground state of florida tonight. next this evening, a commercial pilot under arrest, taken into custody in the cockpit of a passenger plane,
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flight here in the u.s. authorities say he was too drunk to fly. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: the regional delta jetliner took off hours late after the arrest of that pilot. it was a tsa officer who noticed the smell of alcohol and alerted rapid city police. the 38-year-old was in the cockpit for the 8:30 a.m. flight when police boarded, taking him into custody. but so far, police have not released his blood alcohol level. for the 45 delayed passengers -- >> i'm pretty perturbed ju the absolute ignorance of one person, who could have messed up a lot of people's lives. >> reporter: -- they finally headed to salt lake city, when a replacement pilot made it onto the jet. skywest, which operates the delta flight, apologized, adding "the crew member has been placed on administrative leave and removed from flying duties while the incident is investigated." pilots face a stricter standard. a blood alcohol level of just .04 is illegal. still, as we've seen, like this
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average, once a month, a pilot is arrested, potentially facing federal charges, like former jet blue pilot dennis murphy. did you put 270 passengers at risk? >> no comment. >> reporter: in today's incident, the pilot was already in the cockpit, taking part in the pre-flight check when police arrived. tonight, he faces charges of operating an aircraft under the influence. david? >> but he made it all the way to that cockpit. all right, david kerley, our thanks to you. next tonight, to a major new development in the investigation into the bombs in and around new york city. abc news obtaining new video of the terror suspect just before he was captured. a police body cam showing ahmad rahimi, the man accused of those bombings last month, sleeping outside a neighborhood bar, right here in this video. moments later, he would open fire before being taken down. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: police body cam video capturing new jersey officers responding to a call about someone sleeping in a doorway. >> yeah, but you can't be
5:44 pm
>> reporter: after calling out to the man, they get out of the car to investigate. >> what's your name? >> ahmad. >> what's your last name? >> khan. >> reporter: but that's only part of his name. the man is bombing suspect ahmad khan rahimi. >> where do you live? >> i'm homeless. >> reporter: the officer continues to question rahimi. then we hear them radioing other units. >> any other units, you can just head this way. >> reporter: that's where the portion of the body cam video obtained by abc news ends. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: bystanders capturing what happens next -- a shootout. rahimi then attempting to get away, gun in hand. >> that's the bomb suspect right there. >> that's him. >> look at him. >> reporter: the next time we see him, he's surrounded by law enforcement. rahimi, shot seven times, taken to the hospital. two officers injured in the firefight. david, police tell us, the rest
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rahimi. rahimi has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges. david? >> linzie janis back on the case for us. next this evening, the big chill impacting millions of americans over the next few hours. winter weather and freeze alerts in five states tonight. 45-mile-an-hour winds battering chicago already, blowing off the lake. we knew it would come. heavy snow falling in lower michigan. snow and sleet reaching the northeast by morning. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, live along the west side highway here in new york tonight. rob? >> reporter: david, hard to believe we were in the 80s just last week. it's a mess across the great lakes. look at the radar. strong pulses of snow coming down across michigan. this is all heading into cold air across the northeast tomorrow morning. it will be below freezing away from the i-95 corridor. that's where we have advisories up. above 2,000 feet in the mountains, three to six inches of snow. an inch or less elsewhere. times out, it will be here before daybreak. and then changing over to rain, and heavy rain later tomorrow afternoon with heavy wind, as well.
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david? >> rob marciano, thanks so much. i think. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the news of the tiger attack at the fair, the dramatic images tonight. the animal trainer trapped in the cage, screaming for help. and there were children, families watching all of this in horror. more coming up. also, the urgent hunt tonight for the woman in this video. police need your help. the armed robber opening fire on three people. and then, the high-flying stunt gone wrong. the california veteran, he was in a wing suit here, he survives 90 miles per hour into that tree. tonight, the message from his friends tonight, how you can help. to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,
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5:49 pm
>> reporter: witnesses held their breath, watching her trying to fight him off with her fists and some sort of stick. >> no, no. >> reporter: this former ringling brothers circus trainer starts calling for help, as the animal claws her legs and drags her across the cage like a doll. her partner and fiance rushes in, beating the tiger as hard as he can. the whole scene horrifies parents who had to cover their children's eyes. >> i turned around, told all five of my kids, turn around and walk. >> reporter: she needed surgery, but wi l >> he never bit. it was never a vicious attack. he never growled. he never -- he just, oh, it's playing. we're playing. >> reporter: this was a life and death situation, but many are upset tonight that they beat the upset tonight that they kept beating the animal. >> they could have used a fogger. they could have used a fire extinguisher. >> reporter: tonight, animal activists are calling for a federal investigation into the circus. david? >> steve, thank you. when we come back here, police need your help catching this woman, opening fire. the urgent hunt.
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be up for it. to the index of other news. a brazen robbery on the streets of miami. a woman robbing three cousins at gunpoint, demanding a purse and their phones. she opens fire. police say, you can see it here, pulling out the gun. all three were wounded while running for cover. police are asking for your help identifying her from the video. a passing to note tonight. an american hero. legendary world war ii fighter pilot robert hoover has died. he famously escaped a nazi prison camp by stealing a plane and flying to freedom. he went on to test some of america's first super-sonic jets. the high-flying stunt gone wrong. eric de santos, an active duty serviceman from san diego, he survives this, wearing a wing suit in france, soaring at more than 90 miles per hour. above the tree tops. he then crashes into a tree, tumbling to the ground. he did suffer a head injury and broken bones, but he did
5:54 pm
account to help pay for his medical bills. they say he's already been given the biggest gift of all, survival. and when we come back here tonight, the great pumpkin caper. they need your help tonight. look at these thieves, walking off with 200 pumpkins, trying to steal halloween. we'll be right back. there's nothing more important than your health. or the freedom to choose what doctor you want to see.
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ctor about all medical conditions, including if you: have had or plan to have surgery or cosmetic treatments on your face, neck or chin; have had or have medical conditions in or near your neck or have bleeding problems. tell your doctor about all medicines you take. the most common side effects are swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area. find a doctor at finally, can you solve the great pumpkin caper? let's help these farmers. and here's david wright. >> reporter: it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown. as reimagined by the likes of alfred hitchcock. in this case, the great pumpkin thieves. surveillance footage from a farm in wayne, new jersey, as masked robbers pull up and make off with three van loads of halloween treasure. >> i was robbed. >> reporter: 197 pumpkins, valued at $3,000, gone in one night.
5:58 pm
to anybody that can give us the information to get these poor people that we saw in the video arrested. i hope we catch them. >> you blockhead! >> reporter: four blockheads in this case, presumably surrounded by a whole lot of jack o'lanterns. david wright, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to david wright. let's find them. i hope to the identity theft that caused a mercedes.
5:59 pm
effect your plan tonight. this is a huge water line break. this is at 21st avenue and mcdowell. all the fixing of it may not be done until overnight. a semi truck hit of water hydrant early this morning setting this off. we are expecting progress on the process coming up. you can check out more information on get anyone to tell us what they are from. we call the airport, skydiving businesses, and even the faa.>> no one has no idea what they could be. this was taken in dover. is still mystery. we will continue to ask questions. an armed robber wanted in
6:00 pm
health campus. get a hold of mcso if you recognize this person. the fire started to burn near a construction site at banner hospital. no one knows what started it. notre dame prep will appeal to probation of their football team. the scottsdale school team was banned due to a number of parents are demanding that that be change. we will be closely following the story begin you more details at it develops. the sound of his about to happen. the streetcar business, it is a of boom or bust? the city of tempe wants to know what you think about this as they get this going. >> she is at the transportation office. will appearance matter?


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