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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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absolutely. democracy doesn't work unless people participate. >> my son he's con vassing right now. -- canvassing right now. my wife and i are going to help with a phone bank. >> this afternoon i talked to a democratic party worker who basically said they need to get out to vote in the latino community. get them voting for clinton if they want her to win on tuesday. we'll talk more with some of the latino supporters coming up at 6:00. >> much more planned for 6:00. before stopping here clinton surprised workers in las vegas. she implored they get out and vote. among her heavy hitters president barack obama in north carolina today. the largest battleground state in the election. >> we don't win this election potentially if we don't win north carolina. so i hate to put a little
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the republic rests on your shoulders. . donald trump opened his rally in florida by thanking his parents. then he called clinton unstable. >> she wants to increase the thousands and thousands that are pouring in right now. she wants to increase that number by 550%. then you wonder why podesta says she has bad instincts and why bernie sanders says she's got bad judgment. they're right. permly i think she's an -- personally i think she's an unstable person. >> trump also urging early voters to change their ball lots and vote fer -- ballots and vote for him. >> optimistic, and willing to fight every single day for what he believes in and for what will make america great again. >> that's how trump's running mate mike pence describes the nominee.
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today speaking to a crowd of about 750. and proving arizona is key in this race another trump surrogate is returning to the valley, donald trump jr. will be here friday for a campaign event. we're working to get the location and time. but in the meantime tim kaine will be here tomorrow. he'll give his speech entirely in spanish at the maryville community center and head to phoenix for a ge rally. time is running out if you want to vote before election day. if you choose to do it in person. if you're mailing in your early ballot do it soon. keep in mind it can take three to five days for mail to get there. you can also drop off your early ballot at any polling place next tuesday. along with the race for president you'll be voting for sheriff. and one group offering free
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themselves team 16. just mention their name when you call and they'll take you anywhere in maricopa county for free. the weather channel will air a nine hour marathon of clouds and rainbows. beautiful photos. beautiful across the valley today. some changes come un. -- coming up. rain chances going up as well. 82 degrees at this hour. very nice. pleasant temperatures. there's some of those showers across the higher terrain. no rains for the 10:00 hour tonight. that will be changing as we go through the overnight hours. abc 15 doppler quiet. but here's the showers we were looking at. near payson moving to the northwest and also have some bubbling up around hayden. moving to the north and the northwest.
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the rain chances go up by about midday to near 30%. 77 degrees. we stay in the 80s. breezes. more on this coming up. a threat against more than 75 schools across the country. the man behind it from phoenix. jonathan powell was arrested accused of hacking into accounts for private information at a new york school from his work computer. he targeted searching for embarrassing content on students. we know how many untested rape kits are in arizona. 6,424. it was formed by the governor. dave first uncovered and exposed the huge backlog of rape kits. >> we kun covered they were -- we uncovered that they were
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kits. now the governor says every kit will be tested. >> we think it's an injustice. these spread doors are on the -- predators are on the street. >> the governor told us this doesn't make sense. >> let's remember what we're talking about here, people that have been violated. >> in 2012 we uncovered 3,000 untested rape kits in the valley alone. a state lawmaker took notice and tried to take action. her republican peers ignored e that changed when the governor reached across the aisle. the result? a state task force to test every kit and the funding to begin testing them. officials say they've gotten two indictments from testing new kits and they are going to implement a new system. in the newsroom abc 15 news. new at 5:00. three people carjacked a man using a hatchet. the suspects two men and a woman allegedly hit him and
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police say one still had the guy's wallet in his pocket. your tax dollars pay his salary and he's in trouble. the city of phoenix employee wrapped up in an alleged revenge porn case. we're live in downtown phoenix. what's up? >> the suspect worked in the neighborhood services department here at the city of phoenix for ten years. investigators say he had pictures, nude pictures, ex-girlfriend on a device issued to him by the city. he's a 44-year-old on disability for eight months. he was arrested last week sharing nude images of an ex- girlfriend that police say he's been stalking since they broke up in 2013. >> mr. abbott had a nude image on a city computer. which is a violation of internal rules. it's misuse of equipment. but it's also a crime in this
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>> police say he even spread flyers on the victim's front lawn twice printed with nude images and messages calling her names. most of the pictures were shared during their time dating. but one shows her with a different boyfriend. it's unclear how he got that. this case and his ties to the city get comebly kated. that come -- complicated. that coming up at 6:00. a man will face trial after firing at a deputy. 38-year-old jonathan david perez is competent to stand trial. he's accused of firing shots back many may. he told -- back in may. he told cops he was trying to scare the deputy. two deputies killed in
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developing now from the live desk. heavy hearts across the country and especially in iowa. two police officers killed in their patrol cars. they were separate attacks less than two miles apart. it happened this morning. the accused killer was captured hours later. he had an encounter with cops two weeks ago after being kicked out of a high school football >> it doesn't appear they had an opportunity to interact. both officers were seated in their cars and were shot while they were sitting. >> court records show he's been charged before for resisting officers and threatening to kill a man. making our way around the nation. they want justice. >> people in a maryland apartment complex are suing over a deadly explosion. a natural gas line exploded and
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part of the building to collapse. in alabama a fire sparked by a huge pipeline explosion is burning itself out and the company hopes to restart the line by this weekend. as much as 168,000 gallons of gas could have spilled or evaporated monday. gas prices are rising in the southeast. in california call this the worst parking job ever. a woman gets to work this morning but accidentally hits the gas plunging diego bay landing upside down. she's okay. a man in a boat helped get her out. why a private investigator might be after you and why he wants to fix your cars. getting a ride to the airport could score you frequent flier miles. instead of where, it's who.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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new at 5:00 hundreds of suburus flooding the freeways in honor of a man killed by a wrong way driver. we're learning more about the victim. we're talking with his friends and family about a big memorial they have planned. >> more than 1,000 car lovers this victim's memory. i just got done talking to his brother. they're huddling together trying to get through this tragedy. we are learning this victim had a big passion for cars. 22-year-old tony was the proud owner of a suburu. he was a very active member of a car club. his last ride early tuesday morning when he came face to face with a wrong way driver. witnesses came forward saying
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tried to stop him. for shaw it was too late. his car club honoring him with a cruise down the 202 and the 101. >> he loved his car. and if you drive a suburu and you have a passion for it you're more than a friend, you're family. >> i didn't believe it. when i first saw what was remaining of his car that's when it really felt real. >> at 6:00 i'll have more with shaw's family. his mother devastated by the loss. abc 15. >> that cruise for shaw will take place saturday night. we'll post the time and place on adot meantime testing all kinds of technology to stop wrong way drivers. flashing lights and cameras a few of the products. you might spot some of them like these. they're testing what technology is the most reliable and efficient before coming up with
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>> have to move through the process of designing the system and we think that if things go well we could get something out on i-17 to test it starting sometime in 2017. >> of course as we continue to do we will keep you updated on that progress. keeping you safe. a new consumer alert. the government's top auto safety chief saying today honda's got to do more to fix their airbags. that includes of all things ri track you down. 300,000 of these owners out there. and then make the repairs on the spot. only 13,000 have been fixed since june. tests show the inflators in the older cars have a 50% chance of exploding in a crash. more of you are remembering not to pack a gun in your carry- on. of the 65 found last week known were in sky harbor.
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seized in richmond. the owner says it was a prop in a roleplaying game. they predict 27 million people will take to the skies on the friday before thanksgiving to the sundays after. 74,000 seats a day and larger planes. hailing a ride to the airport could score you some frequent flier mooils. lyft -- miles. lyft teaming up with jetblu. points a year. uber letting you request a ride to a friend. type their name in the where to search option and uber will ask the friends to approve sharing their location. shopping on instagram. the photo sharing service is launching a new feature. 20 retailers taking part. they'll include a button to tag items with a choice of shopping now. we have some breaking news.
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we're getting this new information on these long waits and long lines out there at some of the early voting spots. we spent jon erickson over there to 57th avenue in glendale. what did you find? >> go jon. >> we're at 57th avenue and glendale where the line has been two hours sometimes more what is your name you waited to vote? >> yes. >> how long did you wait. >> very close to two hours. >> you were committed. >> did you have to take the day off? >> i worked this morning. then i came here and i would like to do that. >> what's your reaction to the long wait time? >> it's typical. when i went in i saw just a small room. but on the corner turn around
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it's a commitment. >> commitment. >> yes. >> thank you so much. have a good night. right now we are waiting for comment from maricopa county reporter as to why it's this long. >> losing his signal there. sending him out there to find out more. keep in mind early voting in person goes on until friday. we'll let you know if there's a fix for this as soon as we hear some rain chances coming up in the forecast. quiet right now. and beautiful with our temperatures in the low 80s valley wide. 82 in sky harbor and 81 in chandler and scottsdale. here's the plan for the rest of the evening. 70s by 9:00. looking for these clouds to increase. not seeing rain chances in the valley forecast over the next several hours. by tomorrow those rain chances come back up to 30% as we stay
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otherwise look for partly to mostly cloudy skies throughout your thursday afternoon. abc 15 doppler again quiet. further to the southeast showers and thunderstorms. a storm system to the southwest. that's bringing in the moisture. from wilcox some storms trying to develop near oracle and hayden. some producing brief, heavy rain as they move to the north and northwest. further to the some spotty showers near pine and payson moving to the north and northwest and some spotty rain showers to the south of flagstaff. quiet here in the valley. rain chances stay to the east and north. future cast will show these crowds move in overnight. we do see a chance for some spotty showers in the valley as we get into the late morning through the afternoon commute. then as we go through the
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the most part move to the north. that's when they will be most widespread tomorrow. potentially up to an inch and a quarter across the higher terrain. across the valley our totals stay between a trace to a quarter of an inch. not a washout in the valley. rain chances again tomorrow morning for that morning commute around 10%. 10:00 that we start to see those go up to around 20% with the highest coverage throughout the early afternoon. then we take down tomorrow night and through friday morning we'll keep a 10% chance of rain before the system is out. 54 in flagstaff. 82 here at phoenix. 79 in gila bend. overnight in the 30s. 60s here across south central arizona and out west 60s with strong winds today. those continue overnight. 53 is going to be a chilly,
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flagstaff thursday. those breezes in the valley up higher tomorrow as well. near 24 miles per hour. 25 to 30 miles per hour across the higher terrain. 81 in mesa. 83 in glendale after hitting 64 tonight. those rain chances will be quickly out of here as we wrap the week friday and we'll see clearing skies on friday. beautiful but warmer weekend ahead as we head into the 80s. 90s return next week. it's about that time for dinner. if you're headed out you need to see the valley restaurants fail failing their health inspections. david muir coming up next. our new tracking poll tonight. the deadly ambush two police officers targeted and killed.
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abc 15 taking action tonight to make sure you and your family don't get sick at dinner. >> the restaurant report cards in. 11 restaurants failing their health inspections last month. that's a drop from the last couple of months. all of them got a d. >> five are in phoenix including zip sports grill. they're in violation of touching food with bare hands. four restaurants in the east valley including an mcdonalds with similar handwashing violations along with storage issues. >> one of the two restaurants is a wing stop. violations include temperature control and plumbing. all new at 6:00. the long lines at the polls for
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there and see what's being done to ease the pain. the wait more than two hours long. he's accused of kidnapping, extortion, and making a big mistake that helped save two lives. >> it was a halloween trick and not a treat for several in snowflake arizona after these political statements were spray painted on cars. coming up the latest on the investigation and the search for suspects at 6:00. how do you tell a service dog from a pet? it's not the best. clouds rolling in tonight and a chance for rain overnight. 10% chance. goes up tomorrow. 20% chance of rain as we get into the late morning hours. 30% chance midday. and keep it at 30% through the evening commute. otherwise look for mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 80s.
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tomorrow. a few breezes also here in the valley near 20, 25 miles per hour. some changes. >> it's going to be like a seattle type of a day where the valley is covered or more spotty. >> more spotty. very spotty rain tomorrow. higher across the higher terrain. finally tonight. what a sight. a hundred motorcycle riders escorting a replica of the moving wall to the gateway park a half veteran's memorial. it's been touring for more that 30 years.
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tonight, breaking news. the new tracking poll. hillary clinton, donald trump, where this race stands just six days out. and are there new pathways for donald trump? he and his family make the case tonight. president obama, vice president biden, bernie sanders, arguing, there's just one choice. and the alarming image. the church set on fire. the words spray-painted on the side. ambush. two police officers targeted and killed in separate patrol cars, shot through the window. breaking late today, the new flash-point over the pipeline in the west. demonstrators clashing with police. and the other pipeline, the explosion, the state of emergency. and now, worries over gas prices. new reporting tonight on the mystery illness in 33 states.


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