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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 3, 2016 7:00am-9:01am MST

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? when you have been fighting for it all your life ? good morning, america. the curse has been reversed. >> the cubs win the world series! >> the chicago cubs are world champions. beating cleveland in an epic game seven. after extra innings, not even a rain delay could stop history. back-to-back hits giving the cubs the lead for good. >> that's one of my best games anybody will ever see. >> chicago erupting overnight. thousands celebrating in the streets. the team and their superstar fans soaking up the big win. >> i'm going to remember this for a long time. >> ending the 108-year drought >> good morning, america.
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champions, the chicago cubs. >> yeah! neck and neck. our new poll shows hillary clinton fighting for every last vote. >> ready. we're down. we're down. we're going to pretend we're down, we're down, pretend, right? >> imagine, it is donald trump standing in front of the capitol. >> the trump family out in full force. melania set to make her first speech and hillary's top guns crisscross the country with just five days to go. ? ? baby girl ? and the biggest night in country music, beyonce taking the cma awards by storm. ? when trouble comes ? ? rocking the stage with the dixie chicks. ? my daddy said ? ? i'll always love you. ? >> a star-studded tribute to dolly parton as she takes home the lifetime achievement award. >> thank you so much! >> the best moments from country's biggest night. >> good morning, america. >> how about this guy? >> because we haven't gone to bed yet.
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good morning, america. i was going back between the cmas and the game, but i have to tell you it was a moment. 108 years in the making. ten years, ten innings until almost 1:00 in the morning. total, total team effort. >> i did the same thing as you, back and forth between the two, and the fans of chicago are so excited. there they are outside of wrigley field. i would say they called in sick to work and forgot they had jobs. so they are extremely happy out there. and it was a heartbreaking night for cleveland. >> yeah, too bad for them but they had the cavs this year and chicago has waited so long. take a look at this morning's "chicago tribune cover" "at last." president obama excited for chicago. he is a white sox fan, but he tweeted out in the middle of the night, he couldn't be happier, for the cubs. want to come to the white house before i leave? >> i know. t.j. holmes was there for the
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joining us now from progressive field in cleveland. have you been to bed yet, t.j.? >> reporter: i have not been to bed in two days, in fact, robin, but who cares? after what we just saw i was in here for every single moment of that game last night and we could not believe what we were witnessing and why would we? we've never seen it before in our lifetimes. the guys with the "cs" on their jerseys and the little bear, they were the ones celebrating a world series victory. guys, they got it. they did it after 108 years of waiting, they actually had to wait a little longer last night. and had to wait through a rain delay, and extra innings and wait through a moment where it looked like that curse was coming for them once again. >> the cubs win the world series. >> reporter: it's finally over. >> makes the play. it's over. >> reporter: no more talk of curses or billy goats or lovable losers. the chicago cubs are world series champions ending their
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sending their city of chicago into an all-out frenzy. the cubs popped open champagne that had been sitting on ice for 108 years after they beat the cleveland indians, 8-7 at progressive field in a heart-stopping game seven that went nearly five hours and included a rain delay and extra innings. >> it is gone. >> reporter: after a leadoff home run, the cubs missteps, but were able to build pa 5-1 lead thanks to this bombomb by javy baez. things tightened up after a jon lester pitch and their lights out closer on the mound, this happened. >> to left. at the wall. it's gone! >> reporter: a two-run homer that tied the game and drove cleveland fans like this one wild. >> lebron celebrating.
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so bris -- zobrist says, at that moment, the curse crept in. >> i got to be honest when they came back in eighth, it was on my mind a little bit. >> reporter: to add to the drama rain in eighth inning. the tarp came out, the players and the fans went in before play resumed 17 minutes later. the teams ended the ninth inning tie, but in the top of the tenth, a zobrist double, and a miguel montero single allows them to score and put up one run in the bottom of the tenth but down to their last out this routine grounder made for a final play on a long, hard >> i cried. i cried like a little kid, you know, it's -- it hasn't been done in a century and some so, you know, to be a part of this is definitely a blessing. >> reporter: the cubs have their first title since 1908, and were playing in their first world series since that goat
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1985. to come from 3-1 down to win the world series. >> the city of chicago, i love you, thank you. thanks for all the love. we're world champ, baby. yeah. >> reporter: cubs superfan, bill murray, got in on the celebration. emotional in the stands. honking a horn on the feel and enjoy the champagne in the locker room. it was very interesting to watch the chicago cubs fans, guys. many of them young, of course, so to watch a 30-year-old vent 108 years of frustration was very interesting to see. but they let it all out here last night and certainly the contrast to the indians fans who had been waiting for 68 years have to wait at least 69 now since their drought is going to continue, but i heard someone put it best. it was the "chicago sun-times," this wasn't the best thing since sliced bread, it's the best thing since 20 years before sliced bread with the cubs winning this thing. >> let's go see what it looks like in chicago right now. they were in the streets all night long, and the bars were
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not close last night. the parties have been going on through the night. alex perez is there. >> we won! we win! >> reporter: hey, george, good morning. i don't know if you can hear me. i'm assuming you can. some of these fans have been here through the night. wrigley field like we've never seen it before. [ cheers and applause ] they've been here all night. the team expected to arrive here at wrigley field in just a short time. now, this city went crazy the moment the cubs won in cleveland last night. fans by the thousands took to everything they can to celebrate. hanging out of their cars, honking their horns, doing whatever they can to savor this moment that's been 108 years in the making. i want to show you this. check this out. this fresh off the presses. check this out. the brand-new championship shirts, and of course, there you go. look at the hat. there you go, the championship hat. there you go. they're ready to celebrate here. michael and robin, back to you.
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i'm kind of jealous of you right now, alex. thank you. joining us from cleveland espn's jessica mendoza and, jessica, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. are you kidding me? it's crazy what has happened in the last 24 hours. >> you were there. you were there in the middle of it all last night, the rain delays, extra innings, all the drama that you only read about in a game seven of a book. and how was it for you to be there last night in person to witness history? >> reporter: you know, honestly to have the entire season, and we had the cubs on espn more than any other team. so kind of walking through the process of, you know, just -- the pressure. they were the best team in baseball. you think of all the teams, games they had won and again in in the postseason, you see them down, 3-1, and talking to the guys, feeling the stress. but all of a sudden, got into the game last night and there was something magical about the entire game. first of all, the unexpected, right?
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baez, the defensive specialist the entire season. he had a couple of errors. rajai davis for the indians ties it up with a two-run home run. this guy wasn't even in the starting lineup a couple of nights ago. who would have thought it would be carl edwards jr. and mike montgomery to close out the game for the cubs? so you think about not only the emotion, but also the way both of these teams had the unexpected guys come up in a huge way. >> it was a true team effort all the way around, can it was magical indeed. you know, the cubs jump out to that big lead and eighth inning it gets all tied up. what was the key moment do you think in the game last night? >> reporter: ben zobrist. and honestly, ben combined with kyle schwarber and when you think, robin, about just the story of kyle schwarber. are you kidding me? >> yeah. >> reporter: the guy hasn't played since april. we talked about it. he had three hits last night and i know zobrist got the big hit. that was the turning point obviously and you saw the emotion from a guy by the way
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year with the royals, huge off-season acquisition to get zobrist and have him on the team but kyle schwarber, robin, i played the game, i can't emphasize enough this guy did not see a live pitch for 5 1/2 months. and his first game was in the world series. and for him to get seven hits in just four games and to be able to get the rally starter in that huge, huge inning to take the lead in the tenth, i mean, i can't emphasize enough both schwarber and zobrist. >> amazing, re get some sleep there, jessica. thanks so much for joining us. we're going to have more from chicago and cleveland and our friends from espn in our next half hour. >> that is coming up. we'll move on to the race for the white house just five days to go. both campaigns planned all the stops. melania trump has her first solo stop in pennsylvania. president obama pushing hard for hillary in florida. our tom llamas is on the scene in miami. good morning, tom. morning. to give you an idea of how tight
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both ran three campaign ads during that world series, and the only thing comparable to the big money on both sides, the big effort to get out the vote. overnight, in the florida panhandle, donald trump jubilant with five days to go. fireworks, and trump even revealing his strategy for the final stretch in what sounded like an inner monologue. >> it's feeling like it already, isn't it? just -- we have got to be nice and cool. nice and cool. right? stay on point, donald. stay on point. [ laughter ] no sidetracks, donald. nice and easy. >> reporter: trump also out with new instructions for his supporters. >> okay. ready? we're going to pretend we're down. pretend we're down. pretend. right? we'll pretend we're down. now we got to win. we got to win big and we got to beat her. >> reporter: hillary clinton out west making her pitch for undecided voters.
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be like to have donald trump sitting in the oval office come next january. [ crowd boos ] >> hell no! >> someone who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos and african-americans. >> reporter: both campaigns bringing out the battleground big guns for the final days. for team clinton, former president, bill clinton in nevada. chelsea clinton in wisconsin. bernie sanders in north carolina and ohio and president obama in florida. in north carolina, the president issued a stern message to black voters. >> if you don't vote, then you've done the work of those who would suppress your vote. >> reporter: for team trump it's a family affair. >> he's going to do well here because he wants to infuse common sense back into the equation. >> reporter: today don jr. in pennsylvania. ivanka in michigan and new hampshire. eric trump in wisconsin, his wife, lara trump, in ohio, and
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the general election campaign, just hours away in pennsylvania. sources tell abc news that melania's speech will be a very personal one. talking about her family and journey to america. and of course, her husband. her goal is to show more of donald trump's heart. george? >> okay, tom, thanks very much. all hands on deck, and all kinds of information pouring in about where the vote stands in these final days. our poll has a two-point lead for hillary clinton right now. you see it right there, 47/45. cbs has a three-point lead for hillary clinton. lots to sort through and we'll do that with jon karl and you look at the states, and there's contradictory information coming in from some places especially that small state of nevada. >> this is a state that looked like it was trending for hillary clinton. but we have a new poll out in nevada that looks like a donald trump lead and a pretty significant one, six points, but, george, remember, in nevada a half a million people have already voted, and if you look at have the voting is done, who
7:14 am
have a significant advantage over republicans in terms of who is actually -- >> tracking almost exactly where they were in 2012 when president obama won that state by six points. real focus right now on these key states of north carolina and florida. we saw president obama there yesterday because the democrats know if they can take either one of these from donald trump, they win. >> we've had a slew of polls there, two new ones. first if you take a look down in florida, you have a slight hillary clinton is within the margin of error, george. this is a statistical tie, north carolina, north carolina, but the same thing you see in florida, again, 46-45. that is statistically tied, and those states look like true tossups there. >> they'll go down to the wire. a lot of early voting there and in the meantime, donald trump trying to get blue states looking at michigan and wisconsin, pennsylvania. i hear he's going to be in new hampshire today. >> yeah. it's unbelievable. if you look at it, he got some news that was good for him in terms of those blue states, solidly blue states. pennsylvania is one republicans haven't carried since the 1980s and hillary clinton's had a lead
7:15 am
that is statistically tied. similar result in wisconsin. slightly outside the margin of error, but very close for comfort if you are a democrat. >> see if he can take one of those bricks out of the wall. thank you so much, jon karl. matt dowd here and we're coming out of the home stretch and have had races in the past where the race breaks decisively one way or the other in those final days. expect it to happen this year? >> i don't expect it to happen. because if you take a look at the last eight months, there's a solid level of support for hillary clinton, and level of support for donald trump, and we have been trading narrow bounds. two to seven points over the course of this. the one thing we don't know is what happened last week with the comey announcement was something could happen. it's happened before in previous elections. i was involved in an election where it broke the same day 16 years ago. today. so anything could happen in that regard. >> see if big news comes out. at the same time, we have both campaigns focused more than anything else on mobilizing their core voters and organizations. edge for the democrats here. >> yeah, they have a better organization.
7:16 am
and we've seen it show up in the early voting in this, but the interesting thing to me as we take a look at the huge world series win from the cubs last night, both candidates have an argument to make from it interestingly enough. donald trump could make the argument he had the same odds that the chicago cubs did of coming back in that series. he can make that argument and says i'll do that and hillary clinton can make the argument she could end the longest drought in political history. >> in the meantime, president obama running like it's his campaign. >> absolutely, and he is so strategic going right at african-american voters and young voters at the university of north carolina. he is trying to re-energize the coalition that elected him twice. >> they've been lagging so far. jon karl, and matt dowd. thank you so much. five days until the final votes and we'll be right here when the polls close tuesday night. i'll be anchoring news all night starting at 7:00 eastern. now to amy with the other top stories. you have some breaking news from afghanistan overnight. >> we do, george. thank you. two u.s. service members have been killed fighting taliban forces in northern
7:17 am
two other americans were wounded. military officials say they were assisting local troops when they came under fire. and a new message from the leader of isis after months of silence. in an audio recording abu bakr al baghdadi urges his followers to decimate iraqi forces who are now closing in on the isis stronghold of mosul. u.s. military analysts believe al baghdadi may be holed up in that city. and a protest outside a senate debate in louisiana david duke, entered an event at dillard university. police used pepper spray and tasers. tried to push their way into the debate hall. to to six people were arrested. well, facebook is reporting a staggering profit. the company made $2.3 billion in just the last three months. but its stock fell overnight because of concern about future growth. finally if you get annoyed by other drivers overusing their high beams and blinding you on the road at night, you're going
7:18 am
apparently it's a huge problem in china, so they are giving out tickets, and then, look at this. they are forcing offenders to sit and stare in their high beams for 60 seconds. some people are calling it a bright idea, but i must say -- you get that? there has been mixed reactions online. some say it's a human rights violation. some say, am i the only one that thought a minute was too short? >> they're not the ones staring into that light. that's why they -- >> it will teach you. >> thank you, amy. to ginger with weather. the record high wasn't just the history being made in baseball, but history made. cleveland went to 78, a record daily high temperature. all to have those high temperatures that were across the nation this week, and you know it's going to end. i'll have more coming up. i asked michael earlier. why don't they do dances in baseball? chicago should just do a little shimmy. right? your local weather brought to you in 30 seconds, but your warm
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a suspect now in custody. what this video reveals about his past. and the cubs. you can imagine excited about that epic world series win. they are arriving back in wrigley. this was just moments ago with the trophy. what the genius behind it, theo epstein, is saying this morning. epstein is saying this morning. biggest night in country music? i can't imagine doing anything else. i was twenty-eight years old when i felt my first lump. a year later i found out i had breast cancer. i told my students, i promise you i will come back. cancer treatment centers of america, i felt like they really cared about me. i met my team of doctors and my care management team. they helped me manage the side effects of my treatment. the most important thing is that miriam knows that her team is doing everything they can to look out for her, to make sure she has treatment options. in miriam's case surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
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good morning, 7:23 we want to update you on breaking news out of chandler. there 15 over the scene of a deadly crash. a woman was hit by two cars on arizona avenue just south of elliott. chandler pd has several traffic restrictions and we will be we are also learning a little more about a police situation earlier this morning. phoenix police say several men approached the driver who was broken down and they tried to rob them. 45 suspects are in custody. weather is an issue this morning just take a look at what the wind did to scaffolding at abc 15. we will check in with iris in two minutes.
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we are waking up to some dark clouds, pockets of heavier rain, trustee winds and we had just this morning as those showers kicked up winds. we are tracking even more rain moving into the southeast valley this morning impacting spots like the 202 and pockets of heavier rain. roads. that chance for showers and storms continue through the day- to-day. we could see scattered showers through the morning commute, a bit of low permit day and a chance this afternoon and storms could produce strong wind. we have a new crash on the 10, this is at 83rd avenue. and it is eastbound. it was blocking all of the right lanes, and they had since
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we will give you a look from we will give you a look from the camera paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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some! toys"r"us ...awwwwesome! ? back here on "gma." there are the cubs celebrating their big world series victory. they got the trophy. they arrived at wrigley just moments ago back in chicago. they made history breaking that 108-year curse overnight. so much celebrating by their super fans like bill and the mastermind behind it all, theo epstein, the general manager in the locker room. much more on that in just a moment. >> coming up. also right now, just five days until the final votes. hillary clinton and donald trump pulling out all the stops. melania trump making her first solo campaign speech, the first time since the convention, a two-point lead for hillary clinton is what our poll shows. everybody looking forward to
7:31 am
everybody was looking forward to. country music's biggest celebration, the cma awards. >> there you see her, dolly parton was honored with the willie nelson lifetime achievement award after a superstar tribute. take a look. ? and i will always love you ? >> ah, i love that song. >> that song came out, and you and robin started swaying like trees in the wind. >> lara was there for it all remarkably. she is live in nashville. backstage and will have so much more. >> the first eight minutes don't >> remember i said the first eight minutes? don't miss it? it was country music royalty the first eight minutes like that. so lara will have a complete recap. first in this half hour, that exciting night for the cubs. we can't talk enough about it. the world series drought was ended. the players nor theo epstein could be happier. theo did it in boston. now he's done it in cleveland. t.j. >> reporter: last night, of
7:32 am
we have never seen before or thought we would see. the chicago cubs were in charge from the start, and they led the way until the eighth inning, where they were up go, and the indians tie this thing up, and every fan in here was thinking, curse. it felt like a cubs' game to be honest with you because they had so many fans and they were loud, but there was a hush in this crowd, and they got nervous. you know a lot of names and a this thing. a lot of them you might not know, one that is theo epstein. he was with the red sox in 2004 and broke their curse. now he is head of operations here for the cubs, and broke their curse. listen to him now after the game. >> what makes a great organization is a thousand little sacrifices that people
7:33 am
ateast five years and probably longer, but i've gotten the privilege to see it for five years and that's what makes it so rewarding to see this happen tonight and just the effect on so many people, and generations. bringing families together, thinking of people who couldn't make it, thinking of ernie, and ronnie, billy williams. celebrating with us and the '69 team, you know, the '84 team, the 2003 team, all these teams that were great and could have gotten it done but just didn't have the bounces on their side. well, now we got it done and now ever tonight. >> reporter: so theo epstein, they are calling him the exorc exorcist. keep this in mind. it was such a feat for them to do. it was a big deal after 108 years but keep in mind they were the best team in baseball this year. won more games than anybody, 103. they have a young roster and they are good and will be good for years to come so look out. >> uh-huh. we certainly will. all right, t.j., thanks very much. and as theo was saying about people are going to sleep well
7:34 am
>> right. >> yeah, t.j. in the rain, as well. >> we'll have much more on the world series in our next hour. new questions about that deadly ambush on police officers in iowa. the suspect in custody has a history of run-ins with the law and abc's eva pilgrim is in urbandale, iowa, with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: george, this was a man that was known to be armed. at one point, a court him to undergo substance and mental health evaluations. this morning this community is in shock as you can see hundreds showing their support for police. this morning the search for answers as to why this man allegedly ambushed and killed two iowa police officers. >> poke county does confirm officer down. >> reporter: justin martin just 24 years old, and tony beminio, a veteran on the force. husband and father, the men
7:35 am
other, and the shootings just 20 minutes apart. both sitting in their patrol car, dozens of bullet holes left behind. investigators say the man who attacked them, 46-year-old scott michael greene has a history of racially charged behavior and prior confrontations with police. >> he's just somebody that was known to law enforcement. >> reporter: just hours before the rampage, greene was in court for abusing his mother by physically hitting and financially exploiting her. the court ordering him to out of her home and pay her back $10,000. and authorities this morning investigating this video they say greene posted on youtube two weeks ago filmed near where the first ambush took place. police kicking him out of a high school football game after complaints he was flying a confederate flag in the stands. >> when you fly a confederate flag standing in front of several african-american people, that's going to cause a disturbance. i'm not saying -- i never said it wasn't your
7:36 am
>> reporter: greene has not been charged yet. this is the first time in about 40 years that an officer has been killed in the line of duty in des moines. the first time ever here in urbandale, george. >> okay, eva, thanks very much. over to michael. thank you, george. coming up on our big board. what can we expect from melania's big speech today? we'll talk about that and a $43 million mistake. the woman who thought she scored a giant jackpot, a steak dinner instead. why didn't the casino pay out? we're back in two minutes to
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it's time for the big board. our team of insiders are standing by live for more on today's stop stories. sunny hostin here at the table, and we'll be back with you in a bit. heartbreaking story that you'll have. we'll begin with the campaign home stretch first for melania trump going solo on the campaign trail in pennsylvania. this is her first speech since the convention. cokie roberts here to talk about that. and cokie, melania caught flak after the convention. of course, had passages from michelle obama's speech and she seemed pretty startled in my interview last week when donald trump said she would be doing this, but it's all hands on deck now. >> it is and she's going to the philadelphia suburbs where republican women have been peeling away from donald trump and this is an attempt to get them back, but there are
7:40 am
hillary clinton's husband, bill clinton, has been out there, and one of his successors, barack obama, very effective on the trail. but probably the most effective, his wife, michelle obama, so husbands and wives all over the place. >> cokie, we see donald trump jr. is out there. ivanka trump, chelsea clinton all out there hitting the road. have you ever seen kids so active in the surrogate role? >> mitt romney's sons were very active and the truth is, michael, whenever they're old enough to be active they're out there. when they're little kids like chelsea clinton was and the obama kids were, they are not there, but the big problem donald trump has is he doesn't have anybody else really. he doesn't have any big name republicans to campaign for him. so his kids are the best surrogates he's got but they speak well for him. >> people like speaker paul ryan campaigning for members of congress, but not campaigning for donald trump. >> right. >> all right. >> well, thank you, cokie. we appreciate that.
7:41 am
imagine you walk into a casino, you win a $43 million lottery jackpot, then you have it taken away from you? well, that's what happened to a queens, new york, woman, the casino said the slot machine malfunctioned and, sunny, please help us understand this. this is not the first case like this, though. >> no, it's not the first time a dollar and dream turned into a dollar and a nightmare for so many people. i mean if you think about it, this woman, she thinks she won $43 million and then she gets the ticket printed out -- it's really $2.25. >> the screen said one thing, the ticket says another. happened. you've got a $42 million screen, a $20.18 little ticket and then in washington state, you have an $8.5 million screen, and then you get 80 bucks. so it happens often. you know what they have in common? display malfunction. >> so she seems pretty upset. talking about maybe suing. does she have any legal recourse?
7:42 am
look at the bottom they've been lawyered up. all these disclaimers, one says malfunction of the machine voids all pays and plays so there's a lot of precedent that you just don't get the money. you get maybe a free steak dinner, maybe it's if i filet mignon. maybe it's a porterhouse. >> they could have done better than a steak dinner. >> she was buying dream cars and vacation homes in her mind but she's only going to get a steak dinner. >> can she bring somebody or is it a one-person steak dinner? >> i think it's a one-person steak dinner? >> i'm curious. that's a shame. if any of us, cokie, if you -- if this happened to you, what would you do? >> i guess i'd try to make a deal. i'd say to the guy behind the cage, you know, come on now, can't we split the difference here? >> that's not bad. >> try to work it out. >> sunny? >> i'm suing.
7:43 am
going to sue because it will make me feel better. >> you say you don't have a case. >> but i'm going to sue and i'm going to try to get at least i think the amount that the jackpot is capped at because in the queens case the jackpot is capped at $6,500. so why not get $6,500? >> you are smarter than that. you know it's going to cost you all this money to sue and you won't win a penny. >> i can sue for free. i can sue for free. i can represent myself, exactly. >> what about you? >> i always spend the lottery tickets in my head but i don't know if i'd sit in front of a slot machine anyway so that's a tougher part. >> i thought about this, and i said, after i called my boss and apologized for what i said to him when i thought i won, got my job back, and i just get up and go to work. and keep it moving. unfortunate for that poor lady there. thank you, sunny, thank you for sitting with us. appreciate it and cokie, thank
7:44 am
two minutes lara's live in nashville with the biggest moments from last night's cma awards to the moments when dolly parton said her dreams were made true. and prince harry and that american actress. double dates and secret meetings. >> juicy. ahhhh! i go to the right. i go to the left. fake 'em out. mama go up, up, up! she did it. -again? you can't avoid gravity. but unitedhealthcare can help you avoid financial surprises by helping you unitedhealthcare uh-huh (chuckle) ( ? ) come on, dad. ( ? ) ? they tell me i'm wrong ? ? to want to stand alongside my, my love ? ? whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ?
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7:46 am
? you should have hid it in the closet ? ? you should have burned it ? you should have lost it ? carrie underwood, just one of the many powerhouse performances last night at the cmas. co-hosting with brad. it was really unforgettable, and lara was there for it all. lara, i told you you'd have a great time. i was right, huh? >> robin, i mean, you are so right. greetings, guys, from broadway, downtown nashville. this was amazing. a galaxy of stars not all from planet country, though. we're talking about movie stars, legends, coming together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cmas.
7:47 am
jennifer garner, sharon stone, matthew mcconaughey to witness a tribute to dolly parton and watch a foot-stomping performance by country newcomer, beyo beyonce. ? head held high ? ? he told me not to cry ? >> reporter: bejohn say brought down the house. ? >> reporter: joining the dixie chicks for a foot-stomping rendition of "daddy lessons" off her not exactly country, but the audience erupted. >> dolly is country music. pure and simple. ? working 9:00 to 5:00 ? ? what a way to make a living ? ? barely getting by it's all taking and no giving ? ? here you come again ? ? just when i'm about to make it work without you ? >> reporter: which is why it was
7:48 am
five of country's biggest female superstars from different generations pay homage to the one and only dolly parton. ? and i ? >> reporter: all five ladies singing "i will always love you." ? love you ? >> gosh dang it, dolly. we love you to pieces. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the queen of country then honored with the willie nelson lifetime achievement award. >> for me to be receiving the willie nelson award, this is an absolute high for me. >> reporter: taylor swift electrified the crowd in this black and nude gown as she presented the entertainer of the year award. >> and the cma award for entertainer of the year goes to garth brooks.
7:49 am
>> we are so damn lucky to be part of this thing called country music. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: he was so happy, and dolly was saying, she was trying so hard not to cry during that incredible performance, that tribute because she didn't want to ruin her makeup, of course. and good morning, garth, i'm sure you're still up hopefully sill celebrating the record fifth win for entertainer of the year. so well deserved. and guys, as we wake up here in nashville, excuse the trucks behind me. we have more here. at 8:00 you'll hear from more stars and nicole kidman who of course was there with keith urban who revealed a secret about herself that turns out we have in common. it was quite a moment. poor keith urban is all i'll say. i'll show it to you coming up. >> you're good with those teases there, lara. hmm. >> trying, robin. >> inquiring minds. >> i know. >> robin, i got to tell you, robin, i love this town. you were right. nashville, i'm voting the nicest town in america. >> whoa.
7:50 am
and they are so hospitable and that award show is about the music, and because of the game, people going back and forth, i believe they have all the performances on our website. >> excellent. >> yes. they put them all online so people can see it. can't wait to see more of lara's backstage access. glad she had a good time and all the details coming up on prince harry's royal romance. and huge "deals & and steals" featuring who? who? >> oprah! >> her favorite things, desserts. you'll get some yulery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be backery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. ery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. jery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. eery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. wery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. ery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. ery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. ery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. jery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. ery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. jery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. ery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. wery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. wery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too. >> we'll be back. ery. you'll get some jewelry. >> desserts too.
7:51 am
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severe storms that busted through from texas to illinois. you can see in missouri, the hail falling on the ground there. that's coming with that cold front. it piled up in parts of morton, illinois, thank you to whoi. along that strong cold front, more storms making their way through parts of texas and with it will come much colder air. closer to where we should be. these are actual lows. boston by saturday morning, just above freezing. so that's a lot closer to
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. liberty stands with you.
7:56 am
good morning time is 7:56 we are continuing to follow news in chandler where a woman has lost her life after being hit by two cars. allison rodriguez the first on scene. what we know?>> reporter: we can tell you that investigators have markers here and the two vehicles involved still on the scene. let me tell you what happened. woman was trying to cross the road around six this morning on palamino drive and that is when the white truck struck her and that driver swerved and that is when it was rear-ended by the second vehicle and that's why both of them are on scene. .woman was rushed to the hospital where unfortunately she passed away. as we come back out here you see the back because this area will be shut down as they do their work. lets come over this way and you can see the comes up and the
7:57 am
forensic unit showing up. this will cause backups. officers tell me impairment north beach seem to be a factor, but they are trying to figure out what happened here. we will toss it into mallory for ways to get around this. >> you will see arizona close down so the smart route is alma school and mcqueen. the freeways still have lots of slow in and a new crash to show you. this is in scottsdale one-on- one right new braintree and you will see this in the southbound direction. make sure you stay to the right. not everyone is seen rain but we are tracking storms. one area of heavy rain through fountain hills and the southeast valley scattered showers and thunderstorms and just south of public to. all of these tracking from southeast to northwest so they are going to continue to move
7:58 am
phoenix if not the west valley. a chance for rainfall through the morning commute, but as we go through the day those rain
8:00 am
it's good to be alive right about now ? good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the champs. >> the cubs win the world series. >> the chicago cubs make history breaking that 108-year curse. joyous fans pouring into the streets. the team celebrating big overnight. >> i love you! i love you. >> and soaking up their epic win. ? this is my heartbeat song ? prince harry and the american actress. how they met, secret meetings, double dates. all the details on the woman who's stolen harry's heart. ? all night long ? ? welcome to my house ? are you ready for this? "deals & steals" from oprah. >> shhh. it's the biggest edition of my favorite things and where can you get the first "dea "deals & steals" on them, "gma,"
8:01 am
>> bargains you won't believe with oprah's seal of approval. and backstage for the biggest night in country music. garth brooks winning entertainer of the year. >> what a night it's been. >> with wife trisha yearwood. beyonce bringing down the house with the dixie chicks. lara right there behind the scenes. what nicole and keith confessed on the red carpet all ahead as we say -- >> both: good morning, america. ? what would you say ? lara with tim mcgraw. i love that song. good morning, america. awards. and we want indicate to see all the backstage fun lara had with the biggest stars with nashville. and you were with garth brooks, lara, and he seemed mighty happy when he was with you. ? >> he is as happy as i am with morning with banjo ben and friends. can we take it down a notch? that's our party. right now i want to tell you guys about garth brooks. for a guy who retired years ago,
8:02 am
not many people can take some time off but to come back and win entertainer of the year, his fifth time doing it. the last time he did it was 18 years ago, you guys. so well deserved. >> took some time off. i think it was like 14, 15, 16 years and comes back, you're right, makes the most of it. don't you want to grab the banjo or something and play along with your guys there, lara. i know you're tempted. >> i mean, you know. >> i can touch my banjo. >> there you go. there you go. >> chi o she was up all night celebrating with garth brooks and they were celebrating all night long in chicago as well. so many excited cubs fans. >> and we have one of the biggest ones here, vince vaughn, he's here live. there he is at last saturday's game four singing "take me out to the ball game" showing off his vocal skills. >> look forward to seeing him. kevin james will be here, as well. first the morning rundown from
8:03 am
what i'm starting with. the big story of the morning, yes, planning under way for that massive celebration for the chicago cubs. the new world series champions arrived at wrigley field this morning after flying home from cleveland. their curse finally over. their 108-year world series drought ended in dramatic fashion, and abc's t.j. holmes watched it all. good morning to you, t.j. what a night. >> reporter: yeah, what a night and the curse is broken but, robach, it wasn't so clear that that curse would be snapped last night because the they had the lead throughout the entire game and lost it late and then on top of that they had to endure a 17-minute rain delay. they finally got back on the field and in the tenth inning they got their lead back, three outs later it was time to celebrate the end to that dreaded curse. >> i cried. i cried like a little kid. you know, it hasn't been done in a century and some, so, you know, to be a part of this is definitely great. >> to the city of chicago,
8:04 am
we're world champs, baby, yeah. >> reporter: okay, that was after some of the champagne. of course, a lot of champagne, beer, flowing afterwards in their locker room and the president, the president of the u.s. is a white sox fan and got in on this and sent out a tweet and said, hey, guys, come see me before i leave office. they better do that soon and, of course, chicago is flapping a massive celebration. it will probably be the largest sports celebration we've ever seen in the city of chicago and why not. they've had 108 years to plan it. >> every reason to celebrate. thanks so much. now to the race for the president and new polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump now in a dead heat in at least four battleground states. both are campaigning in north carolina today. but last night clinton made a pitch to minority voters in arizona drawing 15,000 people. that's one of her largest crowds yet, and today in arizona her running mate tim kaine is conducting a rally in spanish. president obama continues to lead rallies for clinton in
8:05 am
he made his first public comments on the fbi investigation into clinton's e-mails saying, quote, we don't operate on innuendo and leaks. well, donald trump zeroed in on the clinton e-mail controversy during a florida rally, and he reminded himself out loud to stay on message. well, today his wife melania gives her first major speech of the general election. well, a person of interest is reportedly being questioned in the torching of a black church in mississippi. "vote trump" was spray painted on the side of the baptist church. that fire is being investigated as a hate crime. after months of silence, the leader of isis has released a new audio message and on that recording, abu bakr al baghdadi urges his followers not to retreat from the isis stronghold of mosul where american backed iraqi soldiers have entered the city limits. u.s. military analysts say baghdadi may still be hiring hiding in that city of mosul. a safety recall this morning.
8:06 am
made by midea are being recalled sold between 2003 and 2013 under several brand names and have been linked to several fires that have caused serious damage and our website has full details. finally this is not a surprise to many of us who don't exactly get eight hours of sleep per night. a new study confirming the link between not getting enough sleep and eating too much food. researchers found people who got only about four hours of sleep consumed an average of 385 extra calories the following day. that's about the same as a frosted cupcake or a serving of french fries. i'm just wonderi calories are in the three breakfasts i consume each morning,and i'm not even kidding. robin, you saw me. >> i know. >> i was nosing around like around 10:30. >> that's right. you know, do you notice when people leave the show and you see them, they're automatically slimmer. >> i think the producers put that in every three months, that story. so we remember. don't eat before you go to bed. >> but, you know, you think by eating that gives you energy so
8:07 am
cupcake. i may choose cupcake. >> that's the point. no "pop news" because lara is down in nashville. we have the next best thing. the latest on prince harry's romance. seems like he's spending more time with actress meghan markle at her home in toronto. mara schiavocampo has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. markle an l.a. native, glamorous actress and humanitarian and runs a lifestyle website and now her latest role, prince harry's new love interest. she's the brainy beauty who has captured prince harry's heart. >> it was really early on after after the two first met that harry actually sort of realized this is a girl he had feelings for. >> reporter: the divorced 35-year-old "suits" actress meghan markle reportedly hiding out with the world's most eligible bachelor since the weekend getting to know one another at her home in toronto where she films her show and bonding with her two rescue dogs. >> he got to meet her friends
8:08 am
house, bond with the dogs. it was really kind of like a couple just hanging out at home. they'd been cooking together. they had been taking the dogs for walks. even going out and checking out the neighborhood halloween decorations. >> reporter: just the latest in a whirlwind romance, the two reportedly crisscrossing the atlantic for secret meet-ups over the last five months even double dating with other members of the royal family including harry's cousin princess eugenie. much like the people's prince when meghan is not not vamping it up on "suits" -- >> i don't want another one. i want this one. >> reporter: -- she uses much of her time to give back including as world vision's newly appointed global ambassador working on their clean water campaign. >> she is very interested in charity work. she's an ambassador for a number of charities. she's been to africa on humanitarian projects in the same way that he has. >> now, meghan says people have been curious about her
8:09 am
her mother is african-american and her dad is white so if her and harry head down the aisle she would be the first biracial american princess in history. >> let's jump right over. >> but, you know, she's very different from the women that he's been linked to in the past so people are really interested in this. >> uh-huh. it's out. it's out. >> oh, yeah. we wish them well. if, indeed, they are together. >> exactly. >> okay, thank you, mara. coming up, lara is live in nashville with her behind-the-scenes interviews with garth brooks. oh, i knew she'd get them going ag go, lara. go, lara. ? and we've got a special edition of "deals & steals" you won't want to miss because it is featuring oprah's favorite things. ? at walgreens, you're free- free to seize the savings on medicare part d. from one-dollar copays on select plans to rewards points on all prescriptions, it's easy to save big at walgreens.
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8:13 am
? we got married in a fever ? ? hotter than a -- garth brooks, trisha yearwood.
8:14 am
jackson ? >> just part of the magic of the cma awards and back to lara in nashville with some of her exclusive interviews with some of the stars on the red carpet. lara. >> hi, robin. yeah, i wanted to give you some of the names we had the chance to spend time with. names you know, of course. lil big town, dierks bentley, thomas rhett and maren morris, those are the newer names in country music. watching them collide with legends like crystal gale, alan jackson, you name it, both on the red carpet and backstage, all of them sharing their favorite moments of the night and their party plans. what a night it has been. >> greatest opening ever in cma history. ? all the love you can ? >> especially when they hand the mike to randy travis and he goes, hey, man, that was righteous. ?
8:15 am
return to the cma stage for the first time since his 2013 stroke that brought the house down including cma winner thomas rhett. >> me and garth literally looked at each other because i was sitting behind him, and we both had tears like rolling down our eyes. it was the most like almost spiritual country moment that i ever witnessed. >> reporter: garth took home entertainer of the year proving he deserved that title during this showstopping duet alongside his wife trisha yearwood. ? too much love ? >> i came with the most gorgeous one here, no offense and i'm leaving here with the most gorgeous one here so i already got the win. this is awesome. we're not going to go to bed for a long i'm time. >> reporter: nine time host carrie underwood changed clothes ten times to pay homage to 50 years of fashion and she also took home the trophy for best female vocalist. >> i just love you all. god bless you guys. thank you so much. >> reporter: and nicole kidman ravishing in gucci by her
8:16 am
it all hang out or snort. hi, miss nicole. >> hi. i just did my snort. >> you did? i do that too. >> i'm embarrassed. >> i think it's nervous. >> hi. if you just joined us -- >> we're having a snort-off on the red carpet at the 50th anniversary of the cma awards. ? can i get a hallelujah ? >> reporter: another moment, newcomer maren morris who watched last year's cmas from a bar across the country actually believing she'd be there ready to party backstage after taking home new artist of the year. >> you're the coolest. you have a bar setup. >> that's how we roll. >> i may be out of my league. how do you celebrate? >> just like this. >> just like this. cheers to you. with many more to come. whoo! that's how you do it down here? >> yes, ma'am, i'm sorry. >> and good night, america. >> she'll be on in the morning, don't worry about it. >> thomas is right.
8:17 am
be with banjo ben and friends. hit it, boys. >> one, two, three. ? >> got to have a little banjo down in nashville. before i head back to new york, just want to say, robin, everything you said about nashville about the cmas, so very true. this is an incredible experience. congratulations to all the winners, and happy 50th birthday, cmas. back to you. >> so glad you were there, lara. glad you had that time, the late '80s in nashville -- >> fun town. >> it's a f, we found some info, you said randy travis. >> i did a song with randy travis. >> wow. >> it was called "nfl country." that was the album and did a song called "you've never seen a brinks truck follow a hearse." >> know it well. >> it should have been a hit. we didn't get the proper promotions. >> special friday concert coming up. >> you know we're going to find it. >> i'll give it to you. coming up, did someone say oprah's favorite things? we've got "deals & steals" on some of her favorite things next.
8:18 am
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? ? ? and off you go, ? ?
8:21 am
? and off you go, ? for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. back here on "good morning america." it is a beautiful, breezy morning in new york city. i want to show you something even prettier.
8:22 am
from iceland. ah, something you just got to seement all right. tracking some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the valley. some of these producing strong wind gusts and small hail as they move through the valley. not everyone is getting the rain, but these are spotted moving from the southeast to the northeast. our storm chances staying in the forecast for the day. for some it could be morning commute it is time now for a special edition of "deals & steals," a year in the making. and check this out. the new cover of "o" magazine, oprah with all her favorite things all wrapped up in one magazine, and tory johnson, the creative director of "o" magazine is here with some of oprah's favorite things on our
8:23 am
>> savings and we've partnered with all of these companies to be able to bring you these and adam will bring you all of oprah's secrets. >> oh, yes. this is a nail polish lover's dream. 18 different nail polishes from butter london. oprah gives it to all her girls. great lazy susan, look how fun that is. >> gives it to all her girls. i'll give it to all my guys right here. >> everything. >> yeah. >> savings on this. normally this set, $150. >> is 50 bucks, okay. >> we're slashing that in half, $75 and free shipping. >> free shipping, that is good. >> gorgeous. >> okay. from addison weeks, these are beautiful earrings. oprah loves to wear earrings. most women love earrings. she could not believe these are not fine jewelry. this is actually costume jewelry. big, beautiful stones. looks really luxurious. makes every outfit look glamorous. >> sensational price too. normally the assortment starts
8:24 am
ones you see here, go online. we're slashing that in half so $36 to $60. fabulous. >> that's great. >> keep on going. >> i have -- every year i'm telling you, oprah likes to do a jewelry case. this one is leather. from wolf. >> ooh. >> really beautiful. most cases this size do not have this many compartments and a mirror. you are good at this, michael. it keeps all your jewelry safe and sound. all you your carry on bag and you're ready to go. >> i like that. >> big assortment, not just that size, normally start at $59, genuine leather. all slashed in half, $29.50. from wolf, free shipping too. >> really good. okay. let me let you in on a secret. bathing is oprah's hobby. yes, bathing. we are always on the hunt for the most luxurious, moisturizing bath products. this year from cottage greenhouse a beautiful set. gorgeously packaged.
8:25 am
she always tells me. >> look at the packaging. >> i'm big on bathing too. >> really great scents. brings the spa home. >> a really fabulous price on this. normally the selection ranges from $24 to $34 and today we're slashing it all in half, so all of these pieces, $12 to $17. >> this package is phenomenal. >> isn't it beautiful? >> okay. oprah never leaves home without this. this is in all her bags. i know you're going what is it? this is called truffles from sabatino. it instantly adds truffle flavor to everything. she puts it on popcorn, soup. she puts it on her eggs. this makes the ordinary taste extraordinary. >> adam has gone into her bag to check. it really is in there. it's really in there. >> everything. literally. beyonce may have hot sauce but she has truffle zest. >> so you get the two-piece set in the adorable gift bag. normally $32, slashed in half, 16 bucks. >> 16 bucks. >> okay, hands down this is the most delicious pound cake we have ever tried.
8:26 am
texas. four decadent flavors, plain vanilla and then really over the top ones filled with buttercream, filled with chocolate sauce, really yummy. >> delicious. normally $28 to $36. everything from janie's for our assortment slashed in half, $14 to $18. all the deals at and you guys here are going home with polish from butter london and zest from sabatino. >> wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know what, we know oprah loves the bread. i love cake! so, we're going to have cake right now and we have to say thanks to all these companies for these great deals. find them on our website and coming up, kevin james here
8:27 am
good morning a bit of a mess this morning in the arcadia area, strong wind gusted damage in several neighborhoods. 48 street and indian school. look at the size of that tree that went down. under there is a car, fortunately no injuries. >> and thunderstorms and some of them are producing stronger winds and we have general breezes. between 10 and 20 miles per hour. stronger gusts in scottsdale. we are watching some areas of heavier rain and we have a batch of rainfall over downtown phoenix. you can see that heavier rain and it is moving to the
8:28 am
scattered showers across the valley this morning. as we go through the day our storm chances staying in the forecast a 40% chance as we go through the forecast. >> it will take several hours to get things back to normal. the driver of a semitruck trying to make the turn and a bit too tight got caught up on a power pole. the crash knocked out power for about thousand customers at one point. it has been restored, but van buren will be closed between seventh and 15th until the afternoon rush hour. we have another traffic alert a crash involving a city bus. this will be 48 street right near southern. as you can see there are definitely restrictions in the area. 46 street and southern a good option will be broadway to get around some of those restrictions.
8:29 am
near i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
8:30 am
? and we're back here live, great audience in times square and they get to see us in the commercial break and we're like -- >> don't tell everybody about the chaos. >> please don't. >> exactly what is happening. >> secret is safe with us. thanks. >> you guys are a great crowd. yes. you guys are a great audience. we have a great guest. one of the funniest men -- i love this guy -- come on out, kevin james. [ cheers and applause ] >> good to see you. >> good to see you, kevin. >> how are you? >> mwah. nice to see you. >> what's up, good looking. good to see you. >> hey. >> oh. >> hi, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
8:31 am
we're excited you're here. we can't wait to talk about your new movie but first we'll chat on some topics. >> i'll start talking laundry. who has done them and your socks come out pink. your sweater too smart. we all made those mistakes. >> i want to see if michael pretends he's done laundry. >> i'm great with laundry. i love laundry. >> i like doing laundry too. it's soothing anticipate relaxing. >> i truth because his eyes get big. >> and i watch the spin cycle. >> i've never done laundry. i watch all the time. my mom growing up all the time -- i can't do it. >> you can do it. >> no. are you one of those guys that says you're so much better at it than me. >> you play dumb and they do it for life. for life. >> i need to get on the program you and george are on. >> i've heard that a few times. a new article in "wall street journal" has a secret to success of you actually have to look at
8:32 am
on the tag. >> i can't understand and they're so signny. >> i cut them out immediately. then you don't worry about anything. you do your own thing. >> see if you understand. there are 35 symbols by the way that are out there. so we'll start with the easy one. let's look at the first to see if you can tell what this is. right there. what is that? >> ironing. >> you need to iron it. >> backwards iron. >> okay, we got that. next one is -- >> what's the next one? >> what's that? >> caution. >> caution? [ laughter ] >> yes. school crossing? >> that means you can bleach the item. >> ah. >> i don't know. you're supposed to know. next symbol please. what's that mean? >> don't bleach the item. >> i like that. >> any ideas? >> throw it out? >> no, it means to dry flat. don't put it in the dryer. all right.
8:33 am
means oh, my gosh. >> something about folding. >> that's folding? >> that's folding. >> kevin -- >> i have no idea. >> i'm taking one for the team. >> dry in the shade. >> dry in the shade. >> well, thank you. so, wait a second. none of you knew that either, right? >> anyone know this one this is something you're not surprised to do. do you know what that is? >> yes, that's -- in don't wash. >> let's see what it is. >> don't dry clean >> don't dry clean. >> don't wash. >> i think we have one more. do we have one more? >> yes. anyone? >> is that -- >> something about washing, right? >> or a crown. >> or a crown. gentle delicate. >> ah. >> this is why our clothes are completely messed up because no one knows those symbols. >> we're even less capable. >> all right. all right.
8:34 am
didn't know either. >> don't look at me. don't look at me. i'm going to bring something to the table. it won't be nearly as exciting. you notice how every generation says, hey, we did it much older or younger than the previous one. you know how you always say it like and so there's this survey that sid "new york post" that says every generation thinks the one after it is doing things younger and younger so we'll put it to the test and find out if it's true. how old when you went to the first concert by yourself. >> first concert by myself? i think i was 15, 16. >> 15, 16. >> i was 15. >> 15, bon jovi. >> crenshaw -- >> the poll said 18. >> 18. 18. yeah. >> wow. >> i want to ask you all this. how old were you when you saw your first r-rated movie. >> third grade but i sneaked it "friday the 13th."
8:35 am
>> in third grade? >> i saw "saturday night fever" and i think i was 12, maybe 11. 12. >> you guys are ruining this survey. then how would you let your kid? >> "how to be singhow old who i? >> let your kid -- >> 39. >> first kiss? >> oh. >> 14. >> tenth grade. >> i was late, 17. >> wow. >> ah. and my daughter just turned that so i have that over them right then. >> but it meant something. >> kevin, you want to say something. >> i don't want to say anything. >> especially after that, right? >> i'm not even trying. >> so much for that poll. >> so much for that poll. >> i like how robin got out of saying -- >> crap. that's why i was conducting the poll. >> we want to talk to you, man, about your new movie.
8:36 am
and i got to say, man, watch out, watch out. you're into action movies. >> jason bourne again. >> but the stunts in this movie were insane and you're a physical actor by the way. >> yeah, i love -- it's my way of being athletic after sports, the career died early on so it's how -- it's how i get it in and have fun but it's getting worse and worse as i get older. i stretch a little bit more. >> you're a great dancer sore some of that transition over into this action -- >> no, actually, it didn't transition. i don't think i'm a great dancer, by the way. i get away -- come on. that's movement but not -- i don't know about -- that's more momentum than -- that's more
8:37 am
think that's -- i don't think -- i don't think -- >> that's the dancing. let's see the action. >> there's no skill involved in that. >> let's see some action. we want to see some action. >> oh. >> come on now. >> i like how you did that. >> come on. come on. [ applause ] yeah. >> thank you, robin. >> jason bourne is sitting in his room right now saying i don't want none of that guy. >> i don't think he is. but, all right, i'll take it. >> who was your favorite action her hero? >> i have tons. stallone and schwarzenegger and just growing up watching those guys it was always amazing but this is just fun. it is a departure for me. something different to be able to take the physicality of -- still, it's a very funny movie
8:38 am
great actor, andy garcia and kim coates and it's -- it was a lot of fun to do something that was kind of serious too and intense. >> the thing about it, you're good so your comedy, this whole action thing now, you dance, but you can also sing. you were at madison square garden and sang with billy joel. >> by the way -- just because you do something doesn't mean you can do it. you know what i'm saying? that doesn't trying it. that's all. having fun with it. yes, yes. >> we had fun. we had a little fun. that was a good night. >> what were you singing? >> what wasn't i singing? let me tell you. when the concert started i just cut loose. i love billow so it was a lot of fun to be there with our buddies and we had a blast. >> you also love sport, baseball. >> oh, man, congratulations, cubbies, huh?
8:39 am
mets were out of it for me i was pulling for them, though. i really was and nice to see and i'm actually happy for cleveland too at least they got close, what a way to go out. >> it was worth the 176-year combined -- >> yes, yes. >> we got a big cubs fan in the audience somewhere. >> we do? >> yeah, we do. >> where? >> oh, that guy there. >> oh, oh. >> good morning, america. how are you? how are you? >> nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> good to see you. that looked fantastic, by the way. >> that was fun. >> and the fighting, unbelievable. >> yeah. >> kevin really is -- i've known him for awhile but he does train with real trainers and stuffer. he's no joke. keep it polite this morning. he's as nice as they get but
8:40 am
>> oh, vince. >> nice to see you, brother. >> good to see you. he ate greatest. >> congratulations. >> yes, yes. >> kevin, what we will do, we will tell everybody that "true memoirs of an international assassin" is ale variable on netflix november 11th. make sure you check it out. and we have more when we come back, everybody with vince vaughan. great movie. great movie. "hacksaw ridge," go see it. a first look at "la la land" starring ryan gosling and emma stone to hit the theater november 9th let's check out the sneak peek. ? >> how are you going to be a revolutionary if you're such a traditionalist? you're holding on to the past but yasz is about the future. ? >> maybe i'm not good muff. >> yes, you are. >> maybe i'm not. it's like the pipe dream.
8:41 am
it's very, very exciting.
8:42 am
8:43 am
back here on "gma." all you zap scandal fan, gladiators, we have the exclusive world premiere trailer for the upcoming season. >> thursday, january 19th, you've waited long enough. >> this is it. turn up the tv. >> "scandal" is back.
8:44 am
hype. >> oh, my god. >> the election results are in. >> what if you're wrong? >> i won't be wrong. >> in just the first ten minutes alone. you're not going to know what hit you. >> i am done running for president. >> well, i'm not. >> the season premiere of "scandal" thursday, january 19th on abc. >> ooh. can't wait for that. all right, "scandal" comes back to tgit with "grey's anatomy" at 8:00 p.m., "scandal" at 9:00 and "how to get away with murder" at 10:00 we are tracking storms that continue to push through the valley that can produce gusty wind and hail. that weather brought to you by avis. not hard to find out here. go, cubs.
8:45 am
and i am here now. one of the biggest cubs fans on the planet. vince vaughn and "hacksaw ridge" and follows the story of an army medic who saves 70 lives without using a weapon. take a look. >> there's something off in your presentation, private. can't place it. is it your hair? is it the wrinkle in your trousers? soldier. >> oh, yes. of course. that's it. the knife. what is your name, soldier? no, your name is private idiot. >> nice to see you. congratulations. >> you know what, man, congratulations to you and this is a fantastic movie and congratulations on the cubs win. i'm surprised you made it in this morning. >> i am too. i am too. i almost -- i was going to go to the game but i knew i had to be
8:46 am
could get back in time but ended up staying up just as late anyway. unbelievable game. >> we're appreciative you did. >> congratulate to be with you always. >> hats off -- before, "hacksaw ridge," it's actually a serious movie, a serious role but somehow you always seem to infuse a little comedy in that. >> yeah. well, you know, mel gibson is such a great storyteller and "apocalypto." "braveheart," "passion." much and put himself in harm's way for his brothers in a.r.m.s, so it's just an amazing story. i couldn't even believe it when it came across my desk and the drill sergeant, your job to bring them together as a unit and his choice is bring some particular challenges to that so it was really on the page to have a lot of the humor and stuff and then as well as a lot of the drama and things that play out as well. >> mell was here earlier and spoke so highly of you but working with mel gibson, anything you learned from that experience. >> so much.
8:47 am
storyteller. when you see the film and you see all of his films, there's some really -- the love story with teresa palmer is incredible. such a great, innocent love. you kind of feel in a visceral in that relationship and that juxtaposes when you go to war. that some of the most realistic battle scenes i've seen in a movie. it's just unbelievable the way that he's able to with performance and camera and just everything put together a movie that on all cylinders really fires. >> the movie is more than just a movie about warnd like you said it's a love story as well and whenever you're on a set with a serious movie ike that there has to be some kind of -- something to relieve probably some of the stress of that. i hear mel is a legendary trafficster. >> he is. >> did he do anythingy. >> me and myself and mel and andrew garfield who is also incredible in the movie as desmond doss would hang out and on halloween, we went out on halloween and i bought some silly masks for kind of fun and
8:48 am
professional makeup -- looks like a real person. he looked a little like nick nolte. looked like a nick nolte mask so he wore that but it didn't look like he had a mask on so we went to a restaurant and somebody would be talking, oh, i'm talking to a gentleman who looks slightly like nick nolte until he would grab and peel his face off and underneath obviously was mel and people's reactions were so shocked that someone was taking their face off and it was mel gibson so has a great sense of humor. a lot of fun to be around. >> you know what, we mentioned your big cubs fan and saw you singing "take me out to the ball game." great voice. you carried it. what did you do last night? you weren't at the game. >> i wasn't so i watched it with luke brace cia from the movie and we all watched it together. it was unbelievable. you couldn't ask for a more dramatic game. you said you ended up staying later than you thought.
8:49 am
you know, you've been in those championships that are that close. [ applause ] >> i feel shaken from those. >> how do you describe those moments when it's happening and you realize everything is down to a couple of plays. >> it all kind of goes blank in your mind and kick into overdrive. you're anxious but you just kind of get through it and hope for the best and thank goodness for me eli manning and david tyree gave us their best. >> and for the chicago cubs. >> we got something for you. you're in new york city. we want to bring some c here, baby, for you so we got some deep dish pizza. >> there you go. >> from emmitt's here in manhattan and a little chicago cubs swag for you, brother. >> how about it? >> what's there to talk about? world champion, right? >> are you going to share that? >> ah, i might have to do this like we're in prison, get me arm out in front of it. yeah, i'll share it for sure. >> good to see you.
8:50 am
movie. it's "hacksaw ridge" in select theaters right now, opens nationwide tomorrow. congratulations to the cubs.
8:51 am
8:52 am
and you thought vince vaughn had left. this dog is named vince vaughn from the humane society of new york. we have a big mission pawsible update. vince is a 5-year-old shih tzu up for adoption at the humane society of new york. tell us a little about him. >> he's a shih tzu, 5 years old. he is up for adoption looking for a forever home. >> we've seen so many, ralph, so many success stories. guess how many doings we've had so far. just gait. >> eight. >> eight?
8:53 am
yeah, baby. i'm going to pick you up. yes, in honors of the cubs we'll be at the chicago animal league and kris bryant and 1-year-old anthony rizzo among the many dogs up for adoption there and you can see these at the chicago animal welfare league after our show on live stream.
8:54 am
8:55 am
i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
8:56 am
tomorrow we're going to save your morning because get this, the fray singing their smash hit. ? how to save a life ? >> it's the fray in concert and taking over times square live tomorrow only on "good morning america." presented by carmax. ? "good morning america" is brought to you by quaker, off you go. >> and, man, this is a vince vaughn up for adoption. not the this vince vaughn, okay. go to our website and learn more. >> have a good one. live near 48th street where a powerful storm just blew
8:57 am
look at this tree right here. i want to show you something. look at what's actually under this tree right here. this used to be a honda accord. the tree so heavy if we come back over here you can see the taillights actually on the ground right here. the city of phoenix out here trying to clean up this mess. also a tahoe taken out. a lot of neighbors around here iris they're wondering what the heck hapne >> well you know what the storms and showers were east of there. those winds are what knocked that tree down. in that area. we even had some damage here near the abc 15 studios. we've got a chance of more scattered showers and thunderstorms as we go through the day today. it will likely be scattered but by this evening. best potential overall will be across the higher terrain. any showers and storms that do
8:58 am
at least pockets of heavier rainfall mallory. abc 15 traffic alert. and that traffic is alert is that southern avenue is just closed just west of 48th street due to what is now a deadly crash a city bus and two other vehicles involved here. those two trucks spun around facing the wrong way. avoid broadway road and 40th street is going to be your best op wet roads out in the east valley. and join us next on sonoran living. plus a great way to get cash for
9:00 am
today a quick and painless procedure. keeping energy costs down is tough to do here in in but there is one easy thing you can do in your home that will help. >> and are you planning ongoing to a polo party this season. great polo attire for any match. and you need something special for your sweetie this holiday. we're going to show you a place with jeweler at amazing prices. that's right now on sonoran living. and good morning to you.


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