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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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food, drinks, and art. but who is taking over first fridays in downtown phoenix coming up. this storm hitting all parts of the valley. >> we had a little taste of everything with rain, lightning , wind, and hail. you can see the wall of dust moving toward the valley. >> i was checking facebook live. here is iris with your most accurate forecast . >> good morning. is talk about the forecast as you are getting ready to heading to work. the good news is this morning the commute is looking dry for most of us with a slight chance of a stray shower in the east valley. over the next hour again limited chances for the valley. by this afternoon a slight chance of a storm and we will talk about those rain chances next. most of your delays this
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would expect on the 10. we also have a new crush for drivers on i-10 eastbound taking you to the loop 101 northbound. make sure you stay to the left to get by. you could definitely see those delays stacking up farther. i will keep a close eye on that. also we have a new crush right near the stack and i will let you know next. one man is in custody after he is accused of pointing a gun at police officers starting tempe. it ends at pecos park. it all started when a man was spotted in a stolen vehicle. he took officers from tempe up to mesa and then cross ahwatukee. carl summer is his name. he took off running but did not get far. they never do. he is in handcuffs and is facing a laundry list of
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you sick to your stomach with a baby on life support. his caretaker is accused of putting him there. >> it just looks like he is asleep fighting. that is all we can do right now is watch him fight. [ sobbing ] he is not doing well. >> the victim's and said this is 23 month old adam aguilar. paperwork shows the suspect was suspect the baby for refusing to eat so she threw him on the floor at a home in surprise. the family said there was no previous indications of problems with her. looking ahead and arizona teenager took a plea deal on terror charges and is accused of trying to blow up offices in our state. earlier this week we told you
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a lenient sentence. the morris brothers headed back to court today in the aggravated assault case. the former phoenix suns stars accused of attacking a man texting their man -- mom. we are taking to san bernardino. can we go to the live images? this is some of the live feed coming in. it is a pallet fire in san 4:00 this morning. in nearby strip mall has been evacuated with a dozen firetrucks still on the scene. >> we are just days from election day and the race for the white house is not the only race making news. abc15's katie conner is tracking the race for u.s. senate in both candidates are really pushing full steam ahead. >> reporter: and senator john mccain is bringing a pigheaded
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campaigning -- a big hitter today with mitt romney campaigning for him today. last night they held this rally in mesa trying to sway voters. he said his race against ann kirkpatrick is his toughest yet. some say he has lost latino support for endorsing and then an endorsing donald trump. trump's name was never mentioned last night. to win the presidency but they will need somebody who has been to the middle east time and time again and understands what is going on. >> this has been the most disastrous presidency in the history of our country. >> reporter: the campaign of kirkpatrick is firing back. mccain has gone into hiding of the arizona press according to kirkpatrick. senator mccain is not keeping
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to unendorsed donald trump. we have put in a dozen requests from abc15 and each time they have declined. >> katie conner thank you. now to the close race for shop in maricopa county. tone sheriff in maricopa county. abc15's justin pazera live in phoenix where there is another protest planned. >> reporter: this time is any roosevelt art district in downtown phoenix. it is not uncommon to see folks riding their bikes along the area. these protesters plan to ride three first friday coming up tonight. remember when they shut down the streets in downtown phoenix? they call that his retirement party. this is the same group behind this protest.
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streets but they will get a lot of attention because thousand are expected for this first friday for food, art, and politics. coming up we will be talking about appealing or putting his money where his mouth is making a huge contribution all to make sure the sheriff does not get back in office. we will talk about that in just a bit. justin pazera, abc15. we have an abc15 update on accusation that the donald trump campaign is trying to intimidate voters in arizona. a federal judge in las vegas found no evidence of this happening with two more hearings are set for today and monday in pennsylvania. >> the race to 1600 pennsylvania avenue is down to the wire with hillary clinton and donald trump fanning out all across battleground states hoping to energize voters ahead of the tuesday election.
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out different messages. >> we will see even more history made in a few days. >> we know that hillary cannot be trusted. we have learned that. >> both of those candidates will not be visiting florida today even though the state is critical. both are in a dead heat except when it comes to the hispanic vote. hillary clinton is ahead when it comes to puerto rican voters . today both candidates they will be in florida holding rallies. from the live desk i am watching this closely as well because the next batch of emails from hillary clinton's private server could be released at any second here. this is in addition to the 1300 pages released yesterday with females dealing with the wikileaks issues dating back to 2010. they also released more emails from john podesta.
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phoenix police officers were indicted. we are talking about chris fiona and logan at your. they are also accused of tampering with a gps to make their stories matchup. new information on a deputy on the other side of the law. chris radke pleaded not guilty to money laundering charges. is accused of using money on restaurants. he resigned because of the investigation. he will be back in court in two weeks. gilbert police hoping to catch a break in. take a look. investigators think they have some clues into the condo fire that destroyed three buildings under construction. the award is at $30,000.
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friendlies airport. a travel outside calls that the best in the nation. they say sky harbor ranks the top of almost all categories including fewer delays and counsel mentions -- cancellations. he is the top swimmer of all time but the michael phelps has a new love for the game of golf. he will be the featured guest at the waste management open election next month. tickets are himself right now. after a wet thursday evening commute this morning we are looking at dry conditions as we head into work. you will notice that we have a thicker clouds still across the higher terrain to the northeast but otherwise clearing conditions across the valley. right now abc15 desert doppler is all dry valley right. to our east some showers have been tracking through.
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through queen valley now could move into the east valley. it is something i am watching and we also have similar showers to the southeast of florida. they could track in two parts of the valley and i will keep you posted. for now looking dry. does a 10% a chance for rain through the morning commute we will see a slight boost in those rain chances this afternoon and e could see a shower work its way back into the valley. otherwise, plan on partly cloudy skies this afternoon and 77 by lunchtime with a high of 82 degrees today. we will talk about that weekend outlook not. >> abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> we have a couple of new crashes both on i-17. this is some held on the 17th
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partially dipping into the right lane. he will see a little bit of congestion as you are traveling. this crash is not slowing things down just south of the i- 10 stat and i was completely operate as well. we did have a crash near baseline that has since cleared. we still had the crash in the west valley on the 10 year loop 101 and it is slowing things down for driver. st three teenagers decided they would go out and still a truck early this morning. dps track them down and wait until you hear what happened next to them. here is something else you have to see as an e-cigarettes explodes. lady luck was not on the
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when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. a terrifying moment
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that is a man's electronic cigarette exploding just seconds after he put it in his pocket. this happened at a nightclub in france. he suffered second-degree burns but is expected to recover. we are learning now what caused a major power outage at the paris las vegas hotel and casino. a contractor actually knocked the power out after cutting a powerline in the basement. the entire building >> at one point i said is anybody there? there was nobody. i was not going up to the 25th floor. >> there is no way i'm going up in an elevator in that hotel. >> investigators don't think this is a criminal act. it is unclear whether the casino will be fully operational again.
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bellagio in 2004 when the power goes out for four days costing the casino $12 million. it is still unclear how much this will cost the las vegas hotel. we may get some more answers today into the deadly train crash in new jersey because top transit officials will be testifying this morning. lawmakers are looking into the poor safety record of new jersey and what they are working on. remember one woman was killed and 100 others injured when the train slammed into the bumping post. we have new developments at preventing cyber attacks on election day. the white house to announce. working with the cia and the defense department to make sure nothing happens. u.s. officials are competent and prepared for the worse but you will notice hackers tried to breach arizona.
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underway with success in men's soccer. the ivy league university team is now suspended after reports of a sexist practice came to life. apparently the players would rank female athletes based on female appearance using vulgar terms. harvard will forfeit the remaining games. tesla now weighing in on a crash that killed two people indianapolis. they said it is unlikely the autopilot system is the reason for the crash. witnesses reported it was traveling very fast when it hit a tree and then caught fire. tesla said if the car was in autopilot mode it could not have traveled more than 35 miles-per-hour. takata is bracing for new problems. the japanese company is preparing to file for
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the airbags could send fire shrapnel into the driver and passengers. they have been linked to more than one dozen deaths and 100 injuries. >> there are new developments over a building sinking in san francisco with the city filing a lawsuit. the tower sunk 16 inches into the soil. the developer claims the building is safe and is blaming construction of the and the removal of groundwater. we have the megyn kelly memoir coming up. she writes robert -- roger ailes started harassing her in 2005 and he is accused of pushing the limits. you can hear much more about the allegations from megyn
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are taking action against hoa forming a group aimed at changing the laws with at least one lawmaker on your side. david farnsworth agreeing to meet monthly with this group. he is on record saying his office is looking at new bills. next month the tempe city council could vote as aching changes to pawn shops. they would have to be 1300 they other pawn shops and this would also apply to new goldfine stores and auto title loan businesses. i know it was a headache to drive in for some in the rain yesterday but we have some unofficial rainfall heading up with those rain gauges. some spots in the southeast valley actually end up with just over half an inch of rain.
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amounts today looking at abc15 desert doppler we are still watching the east valley very closely with the showers continuing to develop tracking from southeast to northwest. it doesn't like the wool clip by parts of the east valley and possibly apache junction and even gilbert. right now they are not impacting our valley freeway, so that is the good news. they are inching a little closer and i wanted to give y heads up you could see some of these showers. we are also tracking a few spotty thunderstorms to the southeast of florence again. so something that i am watching right now and it is drive across the valley. it looks like we will see a slight chance of rain in covert this morning with a slight chance of showers into the afternoon. as you plan your morning, we have cold temperatures in the 60s and a chance for showers in
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to the rest of the day the storm chance does go up by this afternoon but only 20%. we could see a few showers role in this afternoon and we are watching closely. >> our high today makes it up to 82 degrees. over the next few days we were actually start to see those dry conditions into the weekend. temperatures will start to warm back up from 82 today and 85 by sunday. i will show you which spots do have the better chance of getting some more rainfall today in minutes. we are looking at a light friday morning commute with your usual delays on the 17 and the tent but we still have the crash on i-10 eastbound. the good news is they now have it off to the right side. you will definitely see congestion and as far as the 10 goes it is not doing too bad
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drivers to the mini stack. i want to give you a quick look at the north valley. this is loop 101 traveling toward i-17 it is definitely starting to get busy. more coverage of democracy 2017 including an important deadline for anybody voting early this election. >> how online predators using a brand-new app to target your kids. these the massive pallid fire in san bernardino.
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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a squirrel on the attack. the animal actually wondered several people in florida. >> the center have to call 911 for help. >> we had a squirrel that entered our building and it is
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them. >> at least four people were treated for cuts. we are told someone at the facility was finally able to check the squirrel and get it outside. delta and feeling a new premium economy class seat. it will be a class of seats in between economy and business class with seven with 7 inches of additional legroom plus wider seats. passengers will also receive a beverage, premium link it, the blanket. they are going to be available next year. >> i guess every little bit helps. we are talking the holidays. you may have already seen the christmas decorations but today walmart is officially launching holiday helpers. the toy give stations will be
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keep you cherry. disturbing details about a man accused of kidnapping a woman and walking her up. his ties to arizona next. and a group planning to roll through downtown phoenix to show their hate for sheriff joe arpaio and a big donation from an out-of-state billionaire and how much he is pumping coming up. we are tracking your morning commute with some of those delays on the 10 right now and a crash
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vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office. but arpaio failed to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. rapes, assaults, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated, on his personal agenda. arpaio talks tough,
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overnight three teenagers leave police on a chase pouring from the east vaey to the west valley. we will take you where it ended and why they are still looking for one of them. take a look mitt romney will be speaking at this chandler company. it is a fight to the finish. hillary clinton and donald trump both play not all of the stops leading up to the general election. first let's start with your most accurate forecast. if you are in apache junction you are probably seen some lightning in the distance. as we are watching some showers
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right now on abc15 desert doppler you can tell they are moving over spots like queen valley. there is a slight chance they could clip by some of our east valley cities. than a slight chance of showers into this afternoon. we will talk more about that. today it is 82 degrees for a high. your most accurate forecast is next. we have a couple crashes on i-17 southbound at northern afternoon mimic off to the right. he could see it on the right and taking a look at your traffic map that is why we are facing delays from cactus until glendale. i am seeing more delays coming in right now with a closer look at those desert drive times neck. some teenagers are in trouble and another still on the run at this moment.
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they still a truck from the arizona mills mall in tempe and even up on the west side for the three filled out and took off running thinking they could get away. there are reports of possible road rage involved so far no weapons have been found. one trooper blew a tire and one of the teenagers is still on the loose. memphis police have just made an arrest in the death of five others. the suspect is now facing murder and weapons charges. the person who was shot goes by the name of all donatello and was killed on tuesday night. they were hanging out this park when this shooting occurred. it might be the most expensive race for sharp ever. >> we are learning more about the billionaire who is trying
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we have justin pazera revealing more. >> reporter: there's actually a protest that is planned for tonight in the roosevelt art district in downtown phoenix. while that is going on this feeling or will be donating millions of dollars all to oust sheriff joe arpaio. we are talking about billionaire george soros. he doesn't live in arizona but his money has with an outline filed today about the huge contribution. arpaio had been trailing challenger paul penzone. the sheriff has done his fair share of defending himself he has called some of his haters extreme who want a sheriff who just looks the other way. the sheriff said he really cannot combat some of these local and national media
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against him so he is also asking for donations. justin pazera, abc15. the race for sheriff is not the only one heating up with senator john mccain seeking reelection against ann kirkpatrick. abc15's katie conner is live in chandler with more on this. john mccain is calling this his toughest race yet. >> reporter: he has really avoided the white elephant in the room and th trump. mitt romney also avoiding talking about trump. mitt romney is in china today for a second appearance after supporting mccain last night in mesa. over the last two nominees for president making no mention of the current one as we reach out to the republican base. john mccain is calling this race his toughest one yet hammering ann kirkpatrick hard on her support for obamacare.
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be holding the event. the setup is underway behind me and you can stick with us for total coverage. and a close race we are tracking his proposition 205 that would legalize recreational marijuana in the state of arizona. a business just made a big donation against the measure giving the campaign. other companies we know of have also today is the last day for early voting in person. we have seen some lines at these locations this week. more than two dozen locations in maricopa county alone will be open today, and you can vote at any of them. after today you will have to vote in person on tuesday. if you have a mail-in ballot don't mail it. take it on election day and make sure you sign the
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fight to the finish with donald trump and hillary clinton both crisscrossing key battleground states. today clinton be in pennsylvania, michigan, and ohio with a concert with jay z and beyonci. donald trump will be at three rallies. he is visiting new hampshire, ohio, and pennsylvania. donald trump, jr. is making his way back to the valley again later this rally at the gilbert water tower . >> reporter: this morning we are learning more about the man accused of holding a woman captive inside of a storage unit in south carolina. he has a dark past with ties to the valley. todd kohlhepp is a realtor any registered sex offender in 1987 convicted of a rape case. the court records reveal he was
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neighbor's head and tied her up and raped her. records also show with faisal he hit children -- finally hit children. investigators in south carolina are still looking for that victims boyfriend and other possible bodies. just a horrific story. this man, john mina williams, wilson the extradited he is wanted accused of ambushing and raping two women in san diego. a crime alert. in earth in his home on sending this video after a guy walked right up to his door twice bringing packages off of his porch. the ups truck dropped it off less than a minute before this guy pulls up.
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recognize the suspect the hunt is on for this guy accused of stealing two chainsaws from a home depot store. they were taken from the store in thunderbird and he took off in a white dodge durango. happening today a special celebration at asu to mark what would've been the 100th birthday of walter cronkite. there are activities on the agenda in cruising a video shot with i am watching some showers and a few storms in the distance inching into queen valley coming close to queen creek. you place the lightning in the distance and it is well off in the distance. if you are taking maybe the us- 60 you could run into those showers. it looks like most of them will go over the higher terrain east
6:39 am
there is a slight chance we could see the showers drifted through apache jackson. the lightning strikes are happening in the distance as the showers continue to move from southeast two west northwest here early this morning. a slight chance of rain this morning but today there will be a lingering chance for showers this afternoon. it is a high chance and we will not see what we saw yesterday. notice we have a 10% chance through early afternoon and that means we could see a few pop-up showers across the phoenix area. not a washout like yesterday, but a slight chance. right now it is cool as you get ready to step outside till in the 70s by noon with your high
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we have warmer temperatures in the weekend and i will show you that forecast next. we are just getting word of road closures in the east valley with reports of a possible gas leak. it looks like queen road in guadalupe is closed. they will get you more details coming up in a few. take a look at the 10 really starting to slow down. this is going to be the eastbound side of the fairway from loop 101 starts at 75th avenue. this weekend crews are doing some work and you will see a closure here to start tonight at the i-17 stat. you will see that close the next night in the other direction from the i- 17 split. so to get around those closures your best option is so fun
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give you a closer look at those east valley road closures coming up. a proud new app that is all the rage. >> we will tell you have to keep your kids safe if they decide to showcase their talents on line. >> the experts say you need to do to cut down your kid's gone
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a new app means a new warning for parents to keep an eye on their kids social media. as anyone to show off their performing skills but the comedy features could make kids targets for viewers with bad intentions. experts suggest making a profile private. >> keep an eye on it. check the
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scammers across the country pretending to be law enforcement demanding payment with gift cards. the pretended to be with the irs or fbi. if you become a victim or the thriftiness, contact the gift card company and alert local police. a national alert going out at this moment. an amber alert has been issued in texas. this is the girl right here. we can make the picture just a bit more clear. her name is kayla gomez. she banished from a church in east texas tuesday night. there is a $13,000 reward offered for information leading to her. her family says they are wrapping up a prayer service and she did not show up at the lobby. nationwide alert going out for this young girl here. an update on a wrong way
6:46 am
june. the autopsy shows the wrong-way driver had a blood alcohol level of at least .31. that is almost 4 times the legal driving limit. a grieving mother who lost her son to a wrong-way driver is now proposing a law that could save your life. she wants the body alert to list the status of wrong-way driver 911 calls amber alert. >> this is such a simple, simple assistance that we can offer with a safe driver just trying to get home. >> officials say right now they tried to get the notifications but sometimes the first call they get is already after the crash has happened. >> you might think putting down
6:47 am
the salt intake under control. it is already in the food that kids eat, especially processed food. the experts suggest what mom went suggest with making more home-cooked meal. the maker of nutella trying to change its classification from a desert topping to jelly for honey. the fda is currently information asking customers to tell them how big their portions are. the celebrations continue for chicago cubs fans now world series champions. this is a live look from grand park has thousands of fans are streaming in and the rally that will happen is little later today. the team will start at wrigley field and then head several
6:48 am
the cubs taking that title for the first time in 108 years and it seems about to be honored in the valley with the city of mesa declaring november 7 chicago cubs stay. on monday you are encouraged to wear blue. >> if you need a reason to spend more time on face the facebook, live longer. >> researchers studied 12 million people born between 1945 and 1989 fighting the average user is 12% less likely to die than not users. if you post more photos you will look even longer. they say post away. >> is that for real?
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most accurate forecast as i just posted about this. the rain and the storms along the higher terrain east of the valley you can actually see the lightning in the distance if you are its path like thin and queen -- apache junction and queen creek. it is not really move into the valley that i keep watching it. there is a slight chance we could see some isolated storms we have more from superior and also florence getting some of those showers. they are tracking again from southeast to northwest. we will keep watching them through the morning with a slight chance of them happening in the valley. we are also tracking more rate allowed me macon data mogollon
6:50 am
in for somewhat weather. a slight chance of showers in the valley and we could see a few more showers this afternoon. there is a 20% chance for rain through the day although most of us will stay dry. highs will form into the upper 70s in the phoenix only making it up to 82 degrees today. it is a gorgeous day on tap for we dry out by and that is why your weather for the word for the day is "warming" . we will head out to the east valley focusing in on those road closures i told you about in gilbert. right back guadalupe it is close in all directions here. elliott and kuiper can help you
6:51 am
you will want to hop over and use one of those other routes. we have a couple new crashes and i want to give a look from our adot camera. even know the crash is completely on the right-hand side you are definitely seeking delays. >> they are used to closing down city streets in phoenix and now they plan on riding through a popular it tonight.
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i want to get you caught up on this morning's top stories. it is a neighborhood in tolleson. we do know is starting in the garage and they have no injuries to report here. >> senator john mccain is calling in mitt romney today to hold a campaign event at the tech company behind me. last night they held a rally in mesa. now mccain is calling this his toughest race yet. stick with abc15 for tota the rally. katie conner, abc15 news. >> i am justin pazera in downtown phoenix for a protest is scheduled tonight against sheriff joe arpaio. the group plans on riding bier bikes through this area. thousands of people are expected here tonight. this is the same group that shut down city street a couple weeks ago.
6:55 am
party. justin pazera, abc15. and mike turzai teenager will learn his fate taking a plea deal on terror charges accused of trying to blow offices in the state. we told you family and friends sent letters to the judge asking for a lenient sentence. >> the couple found guilty in the death of a 4-year-old girl and her boyfriend. they both pleaded guilty to child abuse. at first they claimed the girl fell off the say she admitted to hitting her in the stomach leading to her death in 2013. michael crane is expected in court today charged with first-degree murder in the death of a paradise valley couple. the bodies found inside their home has crane charged with burglary and arshne. his accomplice was sentenced earlier this year. one man is in custody
6:56 am
tempe police officers. they tell us they are pursuing the suspect after spotting the stolen vehicle in tempe. it ended near pecos park. he tried running away but did not get far. let's check in with george stephanopoulos. >> good morning. coming up on gma four days and the campaign has a close race with a brand-new pull this edging up a bit we have the latest this morning on gma. i've been watching showers and storms east of the valley. you'll notice some of outlining in the distance so far as much making it into the phoenix area. we have a slight chance of showers through the day today before we really dry out tonight and through the weekend with a high of only 82 and otherwise it will be a beautiful day and the weekend not looking bad.
6:57 am
83rd avenue hitting seventh avenue with a stalled semi. this is i-10 eastbound near the i-17 stack. make sure you stay to the right to get by. >> there are reports of al qaeda threatening the u.s. with an attack on monday.
6:58 am
paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
7:00 am
good morning, america. we have our brand-new poll this morning as the candidates hit their final weekend on the campaign trail. >> because everything donald trump has said and done is a preview of what could happen. >> donald trump and hillary clinton cross paths in the battleground states. >> we're going to have some big, big beautiful weeks ahead of us. >> while melania trump takes center stage for the first time since that convention fiasco. urgent rescue. a woman missing for months found being held captive, chained inside a storage container. trapped by a possible serial killer. her boyfriend still missing. how police finally discovered her and the search for more victims right now. breaking news, a major recall affecting millions of washing machines after hundreds of reports about samsung washers blowing apart, hurting people, damaging property. the new warning this morning


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