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tv   ABC15 News Sunday  ABC  November 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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three valley homes go up in flames, but this could have been much worse. why firefighters say they had to react so fast. new information just in tonight about the driver arrested after a mother was killed crossing the street. what we're learning about his driving record. and a big announcement from president-elect donald trump. the move he just made in administration. hi everybody, i'm jason valentine. we find abc15's meg thompson. first of all, is everybody okay? >> reporter: yeah, jason no injuries in this. that's really to the credit of the firefighters who got on the scene three minutes of this
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fire crews just coming on scene once again to check all of this out, after dealing with this massive fire burning here. after the flames have died down, this is what we're seeing now. all of this damage to three of these mobile homes, affected by these flames. it seems two did have people living inside them, but no one was home at the time. crews working to contact those homeowners now. a captain on scene just explained to us, just how important it was secure this location quickly. the structures are put together very closely, side by side, which can cause spreading very quickly. >> they're a lightweight material. lot of times they're fed by propane. the number 1 thing we're really worried about are the people within that community. >> reporter: this community, obviously concerned, but okay tonight. investigators have come out here working to determine the cause of all of that.
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the coming days. jason? >> all right, thank you, megan. those people in our thoughts certainly tonight. developing story in glendale, where a man was found dead at an apartment complex near 51st avenue, northern. police say he was apparently shot to death, right now, that's all they're saying. we're working to get moring on this story. a heartbreaking story in chandler. tonight, new information about the driver who is he is 39-year-old william eperline. we did some digging and found he's been cited for several serious traffic officials in the last 15 years. police haven't released the name of the victim. this happened last night at ray and college, where police say epperline hit and killed a girl and her mom of the is a far the
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impairment and speed were factors. democracy 2016. a big announcement from president-elect trump. they say trump has chosen republican party chairman, reince priebus as his white house chief of staff. it's trump's first move as he's putting together his administration. he also picked steve bannan as his senior counselor. meantime, while trump his white house team inside trump tower demonstrators protesting outside for the 5th straight day. from new york to los angeles, crowds continue venting their anger and anxiety. other republican leaders are now trying to soothe those concerns. house speaker paul ryan saying there are no plans to build a deportation force. today, trump also took to twitter blasting one of the
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the "new york times." trump claims the times is losing thousands of subscribers because of their quote, very poor and inaccurate coverage. the "new york times" says it has seen a surge in subscriptions since election day. this is a follow up to a story we first brought you last night, about out in glendale. phoenix police telling us tonight, they believe there could be 20 incidents of this happening in glendale and phoenix. it could be much higher than that. from surveillance video, it appears the suspect's vehicle is a late '90s 4 door dark green corolla with stock rims. if you have information, you
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contacting silent witness. police haven't released the victim's name, and they're still looking for the shooter. neighbors found that victim near 15th avenue in pima street. no word yet on a motive. new video of a biker being rescued on camelback mountain. the man had to be airlifted off the mountain. injured guy to safety without much trouble. looking back to the northeast right now, a full moon will be rising. a super moon happening overnight. that you'll want to set your alarms for into tomorrow morning. right now, back to the northeast, toward the superstitions. beautiful photos to share. we love to see those weather photos, especially the super
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outside, well above 80 degrees. that average 77. 82 is this afternoon in chandler, and goodyear, topped out at 84. so beautiful, but warm sunday, and we'll clear things off, as soon as the sun sets. overnight lows very similar to where we started today in the 50s. so as you head out tomorrow morning on your commute. clear skies, light winds, 50s, but headed back up. in fact, we'll be a little bit warmer as we get into that monday forecast, and then we'll be on record watch this i'll let you know when coming up. thanks laura. traffic is back to normal on the santan loop 202, where a car rolled off the freeway. eastbound lanes were closed for hours at arizona avenue. dps says somebody noticed a car just off the ramp lying on its top. investigators say it looks like the car rolled off the embankment. there were four victims inside. one passenger has life- threatening injuries, and two others are in critical condition. no word on the condition of the
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clear if alcohol was a factor in this crash. an abc15 update. this is a happy one. the search is over in phoenix for two missing teens with autism. officers tell us a sandwich shop recognized them from media reports this morning, and the boys got to go home, safe and sound. a major earthquake shakes new zealand. we and casualties, and firefighters from the valley on
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welcome back, everybody. at least two people are dead after a major earthquake rocks new zealand. the 7.8 magnitude quake left people running in the streets. many waking up to shaking, swaying, and things crashing to the ground. residents say the first quake lasted two or three minutes, followed by aftershocks. >> doors were opening and closing. the whole house was moving. yeah. >> creaking. >> creaking, moving. >> the original quake was strong enough to damage roads a and buildings. it also triggered tsunami waves. balloons are released today in honor of the victims of last year's paris attack. the event following a series of somber ceremonies marking the anniversary of the attacks. plaques were unveiled, and
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seven sites hit by terrorists. earlier this year, russell suffered a heart attack and had to cancel concerts. he made a anymore for himself as a session keyboardists. he also wrote several well known songs including superstar. his wife says the hall of famer died in his sleep in nashville. he was 74. no rest this weekend for the ballot counters in country. we'll have the latest on how many early ballots are still out there. and sheriff joe arpaio talking this weekend about tuesday's if he defeat. why he says he has no regrets here. skies clearing across the valley, we'll be nearing records this week. we'll talk about when that can happen, and a strong cold front
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no sunday off for election workers in the county, who are still counting the thousands of remaining early voting ballots. we just received an update. 112,000 ballots are still uncounted. add to that about 55,000 provisional ballots left to research, and that couple of races still too close to call, including county recorder. helen purcell's job. the latest tally has her trailing by just 11,000. prop 205, legalizing recreational marijuana. no is winning by 85,000 votes. for the measure to pass nearly all of those uncounted ballots will need to be yes votes.
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he's sad about his defeat after 24 years in office, but has no regrets about his immigration crackdowns. he told the associated press, he's been humbled by calls from supporters who are upset about his loss tuesday. arpaio remains unapologetic about his decision 10 years ago, to take on illegal immigration. that's despite the price tag profiling case, and contempt of court charge against him. friends, family, and fellow officerses will lay to rest fallen show low officer darren reed. he was shot and killed right before he was set to retire. the funeral is tomorrow, starting at 1:00 p.m. at the church of jesus christ of latter day saints in show low. we will have live coverage on
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learned peoria fire is sending two crew members to help firefighters in the southeast u.s. they sent us this picture. they say crew members and a brush truck are on their way to help fight the party rock fire in north carolina. crews from the surprise and daisy mountain fire departments will be joining them. the north carolina fire has burned more than 2800 acres, and is only 15% contained. it's one of more than 50 large fires burning in the southeast, with dozens still completely out of control. around the country, have answered the call for help. the good news is we haven't had any of that really. >> it's been quiet out there. weather wise, quiet. finally, i think that some people are going to like some 70s. >> that sounds good. >> but first, there's always a but, right? how about some maybe record highs? we're topping out at 85. this afternoon, west-southwest
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here's the plan. 71, dry, and upper 60s on the way by 10. lows tonight will dip into the 50s. a pretty cool start tomorrow morning. clearing skies, statewide. just a little high cloud cover left over into safford, into tucson. it won't produce any rain as we go through the next several hours in that southeastern pocket of arizona. here's what's going on. this is going to be the big story over the next couple days. a ridge of high pressure building in tomorrow. we go into tuesday, this ridge shifts over to the east, right on top of us. this is when we'll be talking about the potential for maybe a record breaking day. at least we'll be close. this coming up on tuesday with the forecasted high of 89 degrees. that record, that 90 degrees set in 1999. so again, we'll be on record watch coming up on tuesday. then some slight changes as a
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on wednesday. currently outside, 55 in flagstaff. 70 in sedona. 55 in show low. 82 in bullhead city, and 68 right now in prescott. lows tonight will be back below freezing across the higher terrain. at the grand canyon, 31 tomorrow and in winslow. 37 in payson. starting out in tucson at 49. back into the 80s. tucson 82. we'll see the mid-80s here across the valley, and close to that 90-degree mark as you get southwest towards yuma to tomorrow afternoon. another peak at those temperatures valley wide. 50s and 60s. we will have slightly above average overnight lows. 55 in laveen. here's a look at your forecast by the lunch hour. already up to 80, and we'll top it out tomorrow, 2 degrees warmer than where we hit today at 86. sunny skies, all day long.
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85 gilbert, and queen creek will hit 85 as well. wednesday, we see a little more cloud cover. then 70s. below average highs in the forecast coming up on thursday. cold front comes in. it will bring gusty winds. not only to the valley, but the state. we may see a stray light shower or two across the higher terrain. 74 friday. then 80s, back above average as we wrap up next weekend. >> sounds god, first, we've got to talk nascar. running in the camam500. with everything riding on the semifinal race, the drivers look to make it to the final four for next weekend's showdown in miami. we'll talk about it next. >> first, here's a look at world news. >> jason, good evening. coming up on world news tonight, the breaking news, president-elect trump has just
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it's back to business after the bye week. just three wins head into today's game. this has been a dog fight.
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david johnson touchdowns. one through the air, one on an 18-yard run. but let the niners back in it. right now, we're late in the 4th. the score is tied 20-20. taking a look at the nfc west, the rams and jets going at it at metlife stadium in new jersey. today's snoozer can be summarized like this. one touchdown, one missed extra point. three field goals. both teams yards. todd gurley wrapping up the day with 64 yards for l.a. three field goals for the vietnams, including the go ahead 40-yarder. the rams snap a four game losing streak with a 9-6 win over the jets. in nashville, the green bay packers and tennessee titans each looking for their 5th win
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aaron rodgers hits jordi nelson early in the 2nd to make it 21- 7 titans, but tennessee answers with another touchdown. 28-7, with just under 9:00 to go in the 1st half. tennessee shocked the packers, holding green bay to just 9 second half points and a 47-25 beat down. the packers fall to 4-5 on the season. semi final racing action for the nascar sprint cup teams at phoenix international racewa just four finalists. another exciting finish at pir. this racetrack is known for its ledgary crazy finishes. what's expected to be the final restart? no, on the green flag dropses, kyle busch hits bowman, who was trying to block matt kenseth will finish 20th.
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first career win at pir. logano will make the final four. jason stevely has been at pir for today's race. it had to be an exciting finish for you. you caught up with the winner. >> reporter: fouhy. what is it about phoenix international raceway and dramatic finishes. remember last week, kevin harvick, it came down to a photo finish. today an overtime restart, with a crucial wreck race. another wild one here. moments ago, i caught up with the winner, joey logano. joey, first win here at phoenix, i hear you say, this is the greatest you've felt after a win, why is it? >> so much on the line. this isn't just a race, this is a championship. there's so much to race for right now. and it's special to have your back up against the wall.
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feel pressure in the sport. the way these last few races. >> joined by jimmie johnson, kyle edwards, and kyle busch. winner take all next weekend in miami. >> thanks jason. appreciate it. get home safe. a lot of craziness out there in the west valley right now. let's turn to some golf. the final round action senior tour, the charles schwab championship. longer finishes in second place, just two strokes off the place. finishing with 4 birdies on the back 9. >> first time, you know, probably the biggest thing, and the first time i've won with my girls. my two daughters were here,
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makes it an extra special win. golf up there. we've got golf up in scottsdale. the cardinals playing. it's a crazy day today. >> what must bruce aarons be thinking? >> what are we doing here? tied at 20, late in the game. we should have blown these guys out. one more story. the garage doors are up, and the girls auto clinic is up for business. it's a twist on auto repair. five women working at the pennsylvania shop. not only do they repair cars, they show women how to do it too. and after, they can go to the salon and get cleaned up. why just the women? i want to go to the car salon. >> why not? you should. and forecast looking nice. i want to take the car out maybe to get a wash. going to be a good week for that. upper 80s, we'll be on record watch tuesday. finally, 70s on the way, thursday and friday, we'll have some breezes. you could even see upper 40s
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. you're hired. president-elect donald trump tapping rnc head, reince priebus, as his chief of staff. what that pick might mean. plus, is trump changing his plans for that border wall? and the new twitter feud from our next commander in chief. protests and hate. the nation divided. demonstrations across the country. incidents of hate on the rise. how can trump unite americans? the fire starter? as dozens of wildfires scorch the southeast. the aspiring weatherman now charged with arson. what he allegedly confessed to police about the fire and facebook. no verdict. a mistrial declared after a jury deadlocks over a white police officer who fatally shot a black man during a traffic stop.


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