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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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tran10's this is abc15 news. taking action. >> alarming figures just into the abc15 live desk when a new report is revealed he -- revealing terrorist activity. and a few asu students not waking up in their dorms after it flooded. we will have that story up. i feel stupid. >> for the first time we are hearing from the ceo who threatened donald trump and the advice he now has for others. good morning, everybody. >> we have a lot to get to but let's start at the abc15 live desk with christopher sign. >> danielle and dan , we have pelley situation just wrapping up and in a south phoenix
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tape is still up at this very moment near 15th avenue and southern. one doesn't police officers are on the scene. at least one person has been taken into custody. they came out of the home without incident and this turns out to be related to a sexual assault investigation. it did not happen at this home, but this is still an active investigation. now to a traffic alert in the deer valley area. we spotted two fires burning off the loop 101. this is a car on fire and we were rolling on our adot camera as true -- crews worked to put it out. at this point it is not going to affect you on the 101. all of these flashing lights are completely off of the freeway in each direction.
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traffic. the same goes for the entire valley. we are seeing all green, but i do want to give you a heads up about some ramp closures this morning in a few minutes. it can be easy to forget how dangerous the roads can be. motorcyclist was killed on greenway road west of i-17. several people saw this happened in the driver did impairment is not suspected. students at an asu dorm are waking up somewhere else because the dorms were flooded. >> it is not good. this is a no water to evacuate the entire building. we have justin pazera in tempe with what happened. >> reporter: the students really do have a ligament --
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dorm is just covered in water. all of that water just trickling down with those students forced out and we are being told about 160 students had to head out of their dorms and find someplace out. the university working through the night to place some of those students in hotels. they grabbed what they could and headed out. >>e some notes with a few pictures. >> we all have homework and obligations. >> reporter: that was a 3 inch waterpipe that busted. at this point we are not sure what caused it but some students have had problems before. they are working to get this back open. a water restoration company was
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back up and running. justin pazera, abc15. it is time now for your most accurate forecast as clouds move into the state. we are starting to see the weather changes so plan on partly cloudy conditions for the rain today -- through the day today. temperatures are in the upper 70s by lunchtime and 84 for a high today. with these changes kick in we track a stronger cold front heading our way. i will show you that in a few minutes. two fugitives in the valley preparing to be sent back to connecticut. today a task force made up of homeland security agents and phoenix police. we are following a crime alert with the casa grande
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these guys. take a good look if you can. those men were seen driving on in an extended cab pickup. they say cats have nine lives and one hooch in peoria has a couple because firefighters had to give this guys some oxygen. they also say to another dog your 107th avenue in northern. a san diego ceo admitting he went over the line threatening president elect donald trump on social media. >> the words of matt harrigan cost him his job and we first told you about this yesterday. the ceo of cyber security said he was drunk on election night and thought only his friends would see the post that said i
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elect. he even admitted to wanted to target the white house and donald trump was living there. >> what he learned from this quickly is there is no such thing as a joke no matter how slight it may be pertaining to this topic. and just don't do it. we still have more ballots to count in maricopa county. it is slowly decreasing but there is still 45,000 original ballots to process, which people continue to do this morning. the woman conceded her own race after three decades helen purcell is out and adrian fontes is in. the challenger
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about how the office functions before he can make any changes. >> the mistakes blossomed into the forefront. >> it has been 50 years since a democrat held that office and fontes will be sworn in in january. we are not seeing as many anti-trump rallies as we have seen in the past couple of days. >> i think that peaceful protest is something that people are entitled to under the constitution. but i believe in this case there has been unruly and unwise. >> a little bit of a pivot from monday when she said many people taking to the streets are imago -- illegal immigrants and don't have the right to protest.
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she is ruled to be up for secretary of the interior. there is cause for serious concern today with brand-new data showing there was a 650% increase in deadly terror attacks on people living in developed countries just within the past year. this is from the institute for economics and peace. it underscores the fluid nature of the modern terrorist activity. if you see something, say something. developing right now police are investigating to find out what made a man opened fire at the oklahoma city airport. the gunman was waiting outside before shooting and killing a southwest airlines worker. this is being called a premeditated attack. >> reporter: hundreds of people were there to witness this.
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year-old michael winchester was shot. the gunman who still has not been identified was found inside a truck. it is believed at this point he took his own life. the suspected south carolina serial killer could now be under investigation for killing someone in arizona. >> he admitted to shooting somebody in arizona. >> that is the voice of a south carolina with the widow of a victim about a conviction -- confession calm, -- from todd kohlhepp. he got out of the department of corrections in 2001 and there is a three-day window of unknown before he got his driver's license in south carolina. two police officers on the wrong side of a law this morning for sebastian castillo.
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off a business they were under. if i woman is also said to face a judge. amanda miller pleaded not guilty to killing her husband and today she admits to shooting her husband because he tried to light her house on fire. we are learning more about a scary incident at block canyon city. terry mcbride opened fire. >> are you security? >> i'm at the front desk. >> he is shot. >> this is back in june there
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harris and robert sykes both killed. change is coming to our weather. today you will notice. as we talk about the clouds moving in you'll notice this first if you step outside. cool temperature's this morning but we are in for a warm afternoon. before that cooler air sets in. we will also get today and thursday. do not worry about any rate across the valley. we will talk about whether people see any rain these next couple of days and how much cooler it will be. new this morning justice for a toddler whose body was found in a leg in. why police say his caretaker
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hand. the medical device making a difference for women undergoing breast reconstruction. we are going to explain
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the abc15 live drive crews just a ride in the location where a truck fire was happening just off loop 101 and 35th avenue. we will gather more details to find out what exactly no word if this was a wreck but a truck fire nonetheless. sounds good. an arrest has been made in the murder of a 2-year-old boy in chicago whose body was recovered last week. police now say that camille harris killed him because he was kind -- crying from pain brought on by a poem -- milk allergy.
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can't our promise. it is through a meticulous investigation that brought us here today. >> that caretaker and family friends expected to be officially charged with first- degree murder. >> some projects are best left in the hands of the experts. women could reconstruction at home. it makes room for a permanent implant and the goal is to give cancer patients a better sense of control and their treatment. in the valley we may never know if this was the right gun. we spoke with a forensics analyst who was asked to
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no way to know for sure if the former gun should be connected to any of the shootings. leslie merritt, jr. is the only suspect to be linked to the case. it was requested by the maricopa county office. in boise, idaho someone has a four-legged friend to think for saving his life. >> we had blood that was donated earlier by one of the employees. and then miles is another donor who happened to be in the hospital. >> whether the canine will return to duty is still unknown. if you were thinking about having your dog be a blood donor, they do have to meet requirements. they have to be between one and seven years old and be able to lay still for 10 minutes. workers are wanted in the
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they are assessing applications until this sunday. if you would like to apply or find out the testing dates is headed to their website and it is on your screen. are you planning next year's trips? is a good idea because airline prices are going to fall. the will drop 3% class dropping 1.5% in the u.s. there is no need to wait until after thanksgiving to put up your tree. after today permits are on sale to cut down those christmas trees. it is a first-come first-served basis. trees cannot be taller than 10 feet and for the tonto national forest you can find them in
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pretty soon it will feel like the holidays as we track big changes. as you step outside plan on cool temperatures into the 50s and 60s across the valley. still plenty again up 50s and 59 in glendale. we are cooler in moving in 56 with chandler coming in at 53 degrees with 50s in cave creek and apache junction. across the valley we are feeling light breezes and you will notice them when you step out between five and 10 miles- per-hour right now. they will increase throughout the day. to the north temperatures are not as cold as they happen with flagstaff still in the 40s. this has to do with the clouds that have moved in overnight keeping those temperatures a little higher this morning. those clouds are spreading in
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keep them around through the day. these clouds are moving in ahead of our next storm system and a cold front that will swing in. it is colder air moving into our state. the snow and rain is all stain north. as the system moves in the usher in the cooler air that we will feel by tomorrow. the gusts at times between 20 and 25. not as strong in the valley as what we will feel in northern arizona. in >> like flagstaff at times it is 45 miles today but northwest arizona is where they could reach as high as 50 miles-per- hour. keep that in mind if you are traveling to las vegas or kingman we will have some strong wind gusts this evening with a wind advisory in effect
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those winds will usher in some cooler air. today we will still warm into the mid-80s but by tomorrow those temperatures fall with a height of only 72 degrees and a little milder on friday but still in the 70s before we bring back those 80s into saturday and sunday. the forecast looks dry the next couple of days with rain chances early into next week. we will talk more about those but i want to remind you that you could still win some extra cash for the holidays. abc15 is giving away $500 tonight. two lucky winners will get a gift card tonight on abc15 news at 10:00. abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> along loop 202 there are no
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until you hit the mini stack. there was some work overnight at the i-17 stack and things are already back open. part of the freeway was closed off overnight. we will give you a closer look coming up at i-10. teenagers are not known for stopping and thinking things through all of the time. this next case takes stupidity to a whole new level. we will show you how to order a healthier coffee at starbucks this morning. a faster way to fly. >> 13 years after the concorde was retired this could be the future of supersonic air travel. it means new york to london in just over three hours and it could be flying by 2020. the google photo app is
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photos. >> the pictures are then stored in the cloud. >> fans of the emoji can rejoice because original designs were returned. >> the redesign that makes the peach look good. >> it's natural beauty. those
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$9999. there is a way to treat yourself at starbucks. nutritionists say if you like your copy sweet, order is skinny. that means it is made with nonfat milk and no whipped cream. going cold can help with and iced coffee containing only 60 calories. if order the many -- mini. this morning down in the 60s with a nice start and i will show the cool down headed our way. a brand-new terraforming with a holiday -- terra -- terror warning.
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a car catches on fire right off
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take a look at this adot video. coming up, the bigger crime police think this is connected to. asu students have a pretty good excuse to not have their homework done. their homework flooded and how
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students out. something new will be taking over at the maricopa county election center and what that means for all of us. we will check in with the abc15 live desk in just a moment. >> how about your most accurate forecast , iris? >> we have all been looking forward to the end of the week as we get cooler air. but keep in mind today is still a little on the it is 62 degrees right now with no rain to worry about for your morning commute. temperatures topped out at 84 degrees this afternoon and we will talk about the big cool down next. we are doing good so far for your morning drive. we have a crash in the east valley near greenville. i really have not seen anything from our adot camera there. we will give you a closer look


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