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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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tran10 this is abc15 news. taking action. >> with local cities actually play ball? we will have a response coming up. the punch seen around the world. a flagstaff police officer on leave. we will hear from the get a look at the body cam video. the latest on brad richardson who was injured last night in vancouver. it is probably warmer here than it is in vancouver. >> you guys both had the heater on. nonmeat. i am loving this, iris. how is it looking? we are feeling the first 40s of the season in the valley
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right now in mason, chandler, and glendale at 47 degrees. under clear skies and light winds phoenix sky harbor is looking to drop into the upper 40s through the early morning. keep that in mind if you're heading out. that will likely be the coldest point in the morning before we start to see the temperature climb again. 51 by 8:00 with highs in the 70s today. we do have this weekend. i will break down your seven- day forecast in minutes. indian school is closed for several hours after an investigation after a man was found in the road seriously injured or 24th street. please officers believe this might have been a hit and run. so far there are no leads and eye-popping for another update, danielle and dan .
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woman was punched in the face but a flagstaff police officer and the whole thing was caught on cell phone video. >> we have seen the video. the flagstaff police department is releasing body cam family of -- body cam a video of the day. officer jeff bone or turn his camera off when his assistance was no longer needed for that is one the competition happened. he thought the woman had outstanding warrant in the he turned it on again after she was on the ground. >> i am glad that there's evidence of me being attacked. >> we are taking this very seriously. it takes just a little bit of time for the in-depth investigation. >> reporter: marissa morris plans to pursue legal action.
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right in the grain and is now on leave. the police department just lost a website which contains the entire police report, the body cam radio, and media releases. president-elect donald trump has promised to deport millions of people who are in the country illegally. will local cities actually play ball? abc15's justin pazera has the story. >> reporter: good morning. we asked what they would do if they actually have to do this. we are in glendale which had a direct response to the plan of president-elect trump. mayor greg stanton also was pretty direct saying pretty much that is not going to happen saying there will not be mass deportation in phoenix. back here in glendale the
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look for or enforce immigration laws. what is really interesting about all of this is there is mixed reaction but maricopa county saw the most votes for donald trump. or than any other county in the country. the department says there are already laws in place that the deal with legislation. president-elect donald trump could be coming back to arizona with a victory tour to states who helped get him elected. our secretary of state says maricopa county delivered more votes for donald trump than any other county in the united states. >> senator bernie sanders now calling on mr. trump to apologize for calm -- campaign rhetoric. a lot of people are accusing the ceo steve bannon of handling conspiracy theories and white
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states should not have a racist at his side. unacceptable. >> also warning trump against prosecuting hillary clinton for the email scandal. expect to see the name of tim kaine back on campaign signs. hillary clinton's running mate says he will be running for reelection as a virginia senator in 2018. my highest and best used don't use. the corrections officers are recovering after being attacked in florence. all the officers were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. we are awaiting an update on brad richardson. shortly after putting the coyotes on the board richardson went down on his right leg and
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before he was taken to a vancouver hospital. they lost at 3:02 in overtime. turkey day travel on the rise as aaa expects one of the biggest rushes in 10 years. how far are you traveling across the state? before you board, you'll want to double check the passport. >> that is exactly right. even thanksgiving is why, applications for passports are hitting the all-time high. this is showing the processing times and it could take five weeks. now is the time to really get in for christmas and get this done. we are seeing records of 20 million applications from the state department. even with the high production, officials say
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the passport saying it is the slowest time for spring and summer vacations come back around again. >> gets those passports. get them early. >> reporter: everybody. check the children. a lot of people run back to the airport after they get there because all of the passports were valid but the children's expired. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00 we asked the state department why they are seeing such a strict law coming up. now to this man here. he said -- set off an amber alert in tempe but david silver made it pretty clear he did not canapis daughter. we have confirmed he has since been released in the girl's mother accused him of kidnapping the
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tough time with the first solar claiming to lay off a quarter of its workforce and 1500 jobs. it comes just as tesla announced it is acquiring first solar. a spokesperson with not give us details. it is said to affect offices around the world. a week. some people living in a glendale apartment are tired of taking cold showers everyday. the reason for the delay was because they are waiting for the city to give him a key permits to install and industrial boiler. actually they say they rushed the process to get the permit within 40 minute.
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i understand you are probably going to issues right now, but we have tenants that pay rent every month and it is not fair. >> the plan to give a five day discount to those affected. >> we understand a blackhawk helicopter right in the middle of downtown phoenix was part of a training mission with the department of defense. phoenix police helped by blocking traffic and the gulf is to get them practice in realistic urban settings remember similar missions last fall. heads up on that. this is our first look at a new memorial about the tempe beach park dedicated to the police officers. firefighters who died in the line of duty. individuals and businesses
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that the loyal dedicated on tuesday to build that the loyal dedicated on tuesday, december 6. you are invited to the summary at 2 pm -- ceremony at 2 pm. it is time now for your most accurate forecast with temperatures in the valley running 9 degrees colder. you are going to feel the difference then yesterday if you step outside. we have 40s above much of the valley. phoenix sky harbor is still holding onto those l i think we could cool 249 before we warm-up. today by lunchtime it is a little warmer than yesterday with a high today of 77. still a very nice day. i will show you when rain chances are back neck. abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> it looks like we are starting out with a crash this morning on the 10 eastbound.
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and traffic is not being affected by it. besides that, very quiet on all of our valley freeways. we will give you a closer look at us-60 coming up. a college campus is on lockdown. the newest information into the live desk regarding a search for a shooter. an apartments creep rattling nerves. the scenes of the cirque du soleil new production inspired by avatar.
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(my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. dan wood chilly in the valley and let us know what you are seeing in your part of the valley. iris let us know what we can expect for the rest of the day
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chris has the news from the live desk. in louisiana officers are searching for three people in connection to a shooting on a college campus. a 19-year-old was shot at southern university. staff and students were told to shelter in place on campus. the victim is in critical condition. police found a car with shattered glass. they believe it may belong to the victim. a little girl might not be with us if it were not for strangers. the little girl had a pulls and was no longer -- pulse but josh trooper gave him a hand. soon the girl started breathing on her own. >> i was able to see her actually rise and fall
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of the woods. >> you never know when you'll have to take action. the girl was airlifted to the hospital. it looks like she is going to be okay. in michigan family had a scare near walt disney world as their 9-year-old fell from the balcony. the boy was in the room alone. from mickey mouse to unwanted mice a lot of people in a california city are getting overrun rodents. one homeowner has more than one dozen traps set up in her garage. officials say they came from nearby fields rushed out from early rains in october. it goes without saying that this is unacceptable but if it is in your neighborhood it instructs a real nor.
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and kiss a young girl after buying her a can of soda. she managed to escape the neighbors cannot believe someone would try to do this. >> it is creepy to me not my kid. is scary. spencer told detectives he did it because he was lonely and said his girlfriend had recently left him. every third friday of the month you will get one free five dollar cardinal scratchers take it. it really is a win-win taking care of holiday gifts while getting a chance to win a prize yourself. the cirque du soleil is back with an all-new show. >> we went behind the scenes to watch the production. it is really amazing. it has the artistry we have
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soleil. >> indoor kites in the technology is really spectacular in the show. we use projections to really bring avatar to life. >> it is called toruk . now through sunday it'll be awesome. tickets are available through the cirque du soleil website posted on . a look at a your most are going to feel it when you step outside. we have some cold temperatures this morning. we have cold, dry air moving into our state yesterday. clear skies overnight and light winds in most spots contributing to temperatures just dropping this morning and we are down into the 40s in most of our valley cities. we are talking 46 right now and
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46 in living and mid-40s in the south valleys and 46 in gilbert. it is a cold start to the day and the coldest temperatures we have felt so far this season. keep that in mind as you get ready to head out. you may want a jacket and certainly account. spots like flagstaff also window rock in the teens. down to 19 also spots like prescott and page. parts of the magyar room and arizona see some of those first phrases of the season. the freeze alerts are in effect until 8:00 this morning. temperatures will still fall before we start to warm back up. it'll be a cold morning drive
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across the state and we are in for a gorgeous day despite a cold start. we are at 51 now and it cools briefly before worming into 81 and then we move back into the 70s by lunchtime. today it is warmer than yesterday with 77 degrees putting us a few degrees above average. those high temperatures in mid-70s pretty much valley wide under sunny skies and it is gorgeous if you want to get out during the day. it will be a cold start this morning with 77 for a hike in phoenix and 40s up north with 60s along the mogollon rim.
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rain chances move back in and the will talk more about when the rain will start to roll into the valley and how much you could see in just a few minutes. we are still giving away some cash for the holidays. abc15 inescapably $500 tonight. two lucky winners will get a $500 gift card. watch for the weather word of the day on abc15 news at 10:00 for your trance to win. i want to give you from our east valley drive. it is about a 14 minutes drive time on us-60 until you hit the one-on-one. back to the west valley from our adot camera i should do that crash on the 10 and everything has cleared up but traffic is building. the weekend is almost here
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da >> hollywood is hoping the latest j.k. rowling's flick will cast a spell on moviegoers. in today's tech bytes samsung still number one when it comes to cell phone sales. >> samsung sold 72 million phones over the last three months. that is its worst performance ever. apple is second. for satellite-based internet services. they wants to launch 45 million satellites into orbit. >> the goal would be to provide global broadband access. and this may be the looks of your neighborhood mcdonald's. they want to hand out the video kiosks.
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>> those are your check by --
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this is the last weekend before thanksgiving. >> tomorrow is the phoenix pizza festival from 11:00 until 5:00.
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tomorrow you and your man's best friend are invited to tumbleweed park and stop by and atm for heading over. it is a cash only event. the arizona heritage festival is tomorrow in queen creek. admission is $15 and for more details just head over to . it is expected to be a magical weekend at the movie theater. "fantistic beasts" premieres. it could break $100 million. also opening is the comedy "the edge of seventeen" . >> we are collecting money and nonperishable food items for charities on your screen.
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easy. stop by any anderson ford ford lincoln for the ups store locations. you can donate and for every five dollars you get, you will be entered in to win a 2017 ford f1 50. very cool courtesy of stanley support and lincoln. we are in for a gorgeous day today but this morning as much colder than it has been in a while. we will talk about how cold it feels in your neighborhood next. haven alert if you are traveling. we are seeing the first major blizzard in the u.s at 5:00. a mystery to unravel. a body found in a river bottom. the death is now being called suspicious. we have much more abc15 mornings coming up but first let's take a live look outside at 51 degrees.
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all right. iris told us these storms were coming, and they are finally here. she is tracking what you can expect as you head out the door this morning. and we will tell you why the feds say this just has to happen.
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on election day? -- plummet like election day? good morning, everybody. >> iris , you told us this cold weather was coming. and phoenix is now down another degree. >> we have 40s across the valley this morning. you will notice the difference and i say sweater weather may be the key. it is not freezing by any but it is colder than it has been so far this season. a high of 77 than it has been so far this season. a high of 7700 bed we are talking -- a high of 77 and we are talking rain chances. allison rodriguez is outside and it is a little but cool. >> reporter: yes. i was actually looking over her


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