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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  November 18, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15 news. taking action. >> right now at 11:00 police are trying to find whoever hit a man crossing the street leaving him for dead. plus, border patrol agents facing new challenges as a lack of resources forces them to let immigrants go and what this means for people living in the valley. you can apply for a sport -- passport but it is getting harder to get an appointment. i am megan thompson in tempe. first we have the breaking news in phoenix. firefighters responding to this scene their 20th street and southern. you are looking at live pictures from air15. >> you can see the damage. authorities telling us this started in the attic and then went into a bedroom. and mother
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without injury. firefighters were able to get a handle of the flames and you can see the smoke coming out stealth with serious damage. the mother and her children will have to find somewhere else to stay because of this. stay with us for the latest updates for the hour. good morning. i am danielle lerner. >> and i am justin pazera. it is kind of cool out there, danielle and dan -- iris >> even phoenix fell into the upper 40s but it has been a beautiful looking day so far. some of that dust that moved in yesterday otherwise blue skies and dry weather and the temperature gradually warming. we have gone from the 40s to the 60s as we go into this afternoon we will stay in the 70s and today is in a warmer than yesterday but still a
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we will climb to 72 degrees by 9:00 and at 3:00 77 degrees. temperatures will stay in the 70s through sunset cooling off in the 60s in for a nice but cool evening. today we will end up in the 70s but the 80s will set in this weekend with rain chances to talk about. i will show you when the rain will move into the valley. also happening now the corrections officers after an inmate attacked them in florence. this is video. all of those officers did go to the hospital and are expected to be okay. investigators at this point cannot say if a man from phoenix will survive after he was hit crossing east indian school road last night. police are still trying to find the driver in a dark colored suv. the victim was a critical
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phoenix turned into a homicide investigation after a body was found in south phoenix. the crime scene is in laveen of the salt river bottom . the victim is a man and his death is suspicious. this is in a spot there are not many homes but just a few instances. he is supposed to save lives. today a jury in tucson will begin to liberation in the trial of a former fire captain accused of three murderers. killing his ex-wife, her mother, and the mother's friend. the prosecution said watson was determined to keep custody of his daughter so he killed his ex-wife. >> this was an ambush and assassination and first-degree murder. >> watson worked for the tucson fire department for 20 years.
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in the face by a flagstaff police officer. the whole thing was caught on video and has now launched a criminal investigation. flagstaff police department least the body cam video but it did not catch the actual punch. officials say officer jeff bonar turn his camera off when he was told his assistance was no longer needed but that is when he confronted a woman he thought had warrants. the punch was thrown and he turned it on again on the ground. >> evidence of me being attacked because it wasn't right. >> we are taking this again very, very seriously. it will be an end that investigation -- in-depth investigation. >> she does plan to pursue legal action. the officer claimed the woman kneed him in the growing and is now on leave. the flagstaff police department just launched a website with the entire police
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the body cam video and also the media releases. you can go to the teenager will stand trial. a judge just rolled the case against luis martinez can go forward. he was charged as an adult and investigators say martinez pulled up in a car and opened fire near central and dunlap in april. taylor magi three months in the hospital. take a look at this video. two guys just strolling into law much like nothing happened. these two robbed a couple of a red robin. there is a $1000 reward from silent witness. this happened on october 5 off loop 101. one of the suspects may have had a gun. in the developed in the
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the united states. new report from the associated press shows the authorities do not have enough resources to hold these immigrants in jail. donald trump will have to deal with this and he takes office next year and right now his plan proposes to 14 and jailing millions of criminal immigrants. strange resources are forcing authorities to let them go in california. it is not clear how many have been released. turkey the rise with aaa telling us they expect one of the biggest rushes in almost 10 years but how far are you traveling? across the state or maybe even out of the country? abc15's megan thompson joins us from tempe because before you board you'll want to double check that passport right, megan ? >> reporter: also passports are hitting a high. you will want to get that passport now because take a look at the website.
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the routine is four too five weeks. because of those record numbers the state department is saying they will issue 29 passport applications before the end of this year. officials say now is the time to apply for that passport saying it is the slow season for them. >> get those passports early. check the children's. that is one of the big ones. we hav back from the airport after they get up there are because all their passports were valid to the children's expired. >> reporter: this push for passports is not a surprise. in 2007 it became a requirement to have the requirement if you wanted to travel to canada, mexico, or the caribbean. any locations are books with appointments so another option is the asu passport options that take walk-ins every wednesday.
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causing major concerns in college campuses across the country. what doctors say this is so unusual. and lady gaga, justin bieber, bruno mars performing sunday but who is expected to still michelle? and black friday is only one week away. a lot of stars already have discounts -- stores already have discounts. have you started your holiday shopping? hopped onto to vote switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream...
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an aspirin pill a day could keep the doctor away. ways you can keep your heart healthy. among the suggestions are adults between 50 and 69 to take a load those aspirin pill
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other recommendations including eating healthy and staying active. an outbreak on college campuses is causing concerns. >> 3000 cases have been reported. doctors are scratching their heads because usually kids get the mums not college students. there is a vaccine and some of the symptoms include swelling of the cheeks fever and body aches. most people do recover. wildfires this morning and the smoke really affecting the health of those folks. doctors say the smoke from the fires can irritate the lungs in the throat. they are also seeing patients severed from sneezing, coughing, and sinus infections. 775 rooms at buckingham palace getting ready for a massive upgrade. the temperatures are feeling good in the 60s and clear skies.
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new overnight incredible video showing the pallet fire in california. authorities say in the 2 acres caught fire just before 3:00 this morning. it took 58 firefighters to get this under control. thankfully there were no reports of injuries.
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buckingham palace is getting ready for a big upgrade. the british government announcing it will spend $458 million on refurbishing the home. construction is set to begin in april and will last 10 years. that is because the palace has 775 rooms. crews have a big job ahead of them. >> that is for an experienced makeover. coming. several inches covering montana and in colorado also got its first snowstorm shutting down a major interstate as crews responded to crashes involving 20 vehicles. both directions of i-70 in colorado foreclosed for hours because of blizzard conditions. -- were closed for hours
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>> snowfall is hoping for an opening today but a lot of that depends on the weather and if the snow will stick around. the crews have been working since wednesday night trying to make the chances of opening 60%. we should get an update as the day goes on and the welsh be sure to keep you posted. here is still feels pretty cool. our temperatures are slowly warming this morning. but mother nature is not for sure. >> i thought it was cold this morning. >> it was. this is right now where we are gradually warming into the 60s. as you look at clouds and later with me it is not bringing any of its own with clear skies across the state. clear skies in the valley also with all of the sunshine looking like a beautiful day so far. you will enjoy the sunset into
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66 degrees is the current temperature at phoenix sky harbor after dropping into the upper 40s. the loan was 47 degrees. we have not felt the temperatures that cold since early february. you felt the jail outside that is for sure. look at the dew points with the relative humidity at 11%. the colder air moved in yesterday and it is sticking around today. with the northeast at at 10 miles-per-hour there are some light bree we have pretty much having 60s across the valley cities this morning. temperatures slowly warming after dropping out of the 40s. we did drop into the teens in flagstaff but we are above freezing with flagstaff at 37 degrees. today despite our cold start we are in for a very nice day across the valley with highs making it into the 70s this
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60s in kingman and 62 in sedona with flagstaff topping out at 49 degrees. overall not a bad day today. sunny skies through the afternoon with 74. the high temperatures will be close that topping out at 76 in tempe and 75 today in deer valley. a gorgeous afternoon. right around 5 to 10 miles an hour per the afternoon. warm up a little bit more. by tomorrow our high temperature makes it up to 81 degrees. we are talking 50s in much of our valley cities tomorrow as opposed to the 40s. tomorrow still a dry day but you will notice some high clouds and then by sunday those rain chances start to kick in. high temperatures will be in the warmer side on sunday and more clouds with rain chances
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we are tracking our next storm system already inching closer to the pacific coast. in the meantime today and tomorrow we have high pressure in control as the storm system starts to work its way inland, it will pull in some moisture across the state and that will be there just as the storm system moves in enough for the storm chances to come to the valley by early next week. we ha s we will also have those sunny skies tomorrow. it will be late in the day when we will start to see those clouds. heading into sunday that is when we bring the rain chances to our northwest and to the valley by sunday afternoon chances for rainfall going up. the more promising day looks to be monday with scattered showers through the day as rain chances go up.
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we will talk a little bit more about how much rain we could end up with in just a few minutes. your chance to be some extra cash for the holidays is here. you have got to watch abc15 news at 10:00 tonight and watch for the weather word of the day. two lucky winners will get a gift card. justin bieber, lady gaga, steam, bruno mars are a few of the names stage at the american music awards. >> you can watch it this sunday right here on abc15 so joining us to talk about all of the excitement is abc15 radio correspondent linda lopez thank you so much for being with us. which ones should be the most excited? >> i think they'll be great duets so aria negron day is
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all of those will be great. i am a little old-school. i will be looking forward to green day. those should all be great. >> which artist could break a record sunday night? >> it could be a huge night for drake. drake had 13 nominations. no one has gotten that many nominations since michael jackson. he had 11 holding the record for the album "thriller." >> that is the record. you mentioned sting. why is it such a big night for him? >> is getting a really special award. it is called the award of merit only going to someone who is getting a significant contribution and they do not give it out every year.
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won it and michael jackson. we will sting performed a medley of his so we might get some old police and that should be fun. >> who is your pick or artist of the year? >> that is a question. it is a nice variety of artists. i would love to but it is to go hard to pick. >> you never know. something for everyone. >> you can watch the american music awards right here on abc15 at 7:00 followed by abc15 news at 10:00. the music world says goodbye to a legend with leon russell funeral services taking place in tennessee.
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honorary pallbearers. big layoffs coming to a tempe-based company. what first solar is saying about the plan and if you ever
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not the news you want over the holidays. thousands of workers at volkswagen are getting the pink slip. >> most of the jobs will be in germany but the company has been struggling to recover from the huge mission scandal losing tens of billions of dollars. first solar plans to live a
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worldwide. they plan to cut 1600 jobs so we asked the company if the headquarters in tempe would be affected. a spokesperson really would not give details the says it will affect the world over the next 12 months. tesla plans to merge with solarcity. solarcity makes solar panels and plans to make solar shingles starting next year. the company would like to offer a one-stop and electric cars. donald trump says he is rich that he will now need some serious cash to settle a lawsuit over trump university.
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we still have an amber alert in tempe. david fuller made it clear he did not cannot his daughter her sister. he said he took them to sleep in a bed. he has since been released and no charges have been filed. her mother accused fuller is still in her car and her children she was inside a circle k. a church day care worker who admitted to having child pornography on his computer. this is lawrence who pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual
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the driver accused of hitting a veteran and leaving the scene will be in court. cody gibson faces aggravated assault charges. it is meant to be a celebration but a birthday party in tennessee took a turn for the worse. the 21-year-old mother of two was shot and killed last night. six others were hurt in a 6- year-old boy is in critical condition. witnesses say shortly before this incident is gang related. the police officer charged in the shooting death of philando castile will appear in a court room. jeronimo yanez faces several charges. yanez shot philando castile turn a traffic stop in july sparking nationwide protest. the son of a congressman
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he is the son of john conyers. the family says he shaved his beard before he was reported missing and then he likes a tweet during his disappearance which led police went to him. drivers in san diego was a horrifying scene on the i-5. the wrong way driver flipped off the bridge and then became airborne. when patrol officers arrived, they found the wron dead. another man was rushed to the hospital. it is not clear if independent was a factor in this crash. a helicopter was found in downtown phoenix. this is part of a training mission with the department of defense. they blocked off traffic and the goal is to give special ops practice in realistic settings.
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two weeks. we saw this similar mission downtown last fall. our cameras were rolling as officers rappelled down the side of buildings. this is our first look at a new memorial about to be unveiled at tempe beach park. it is dedicated to our city heroes. the police officers and firefighters who have died in the line of duty. the contributed more than $175,000 in be dedicated on tuesday, december 6. you are invited to the ceremony. donald trump may be settling with trump university. he will agree to pay $25 million to settle the complaint. as part of the deal, trump will not admit to any wrongdoing. the lawsuit filed claims the school misrepresented what students would actually be
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elect donald trump continues days of high-powered meetings as he prepares to take over the white house. the latest visitors to trump tower include a list of former rivals. janai norman has the latest. >> reporter: president-elect trump is making peace with former rival mitt romney, a republican with some of the harshest criticism for him. >> think of donald trump's personal qualities. showing off. the misogyny. the absurd third-grade theatrics. >> mitt romney has made a total fool of himself. >> reporter: now a change. trump is considering mitt romney for secretary of state. another former rival south carolina governor nikki haley who is also vocal about her opposition to the candidate. as his dream works -- team works
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national security advisor according to senior trump officials. >> it is a great transition. >> reporter: senior trump transition officials also telling abc news jeff sessions has been offered attorney general. >> reporter: also working to keep campaign promises about jobs tweeting about working hard with ford to keep the plants in kentucky moving it to mexico. the company never planned to move it to mexico. >> reporter: at the center of the transition is his son-in- law jared kushner. he is exploring whether he could serve as an unpaid adviser. janai norman, abc news, washington. several names in our state listed with jon kyl who says he
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and sheriff joe arpaio keeping options open. november is diabetes awareness month. 700,000 people have this disease and it can cause someone to go flying. for me it is doctor karine jamaal. thank you for gene -- being here. explain to us what happens. >> the combination of elevated blood sugar and cholesterol microscopic blood vessels. specifically in the eye as the blood vessels gets damaged and the fluid flows into the retina and that is what begins the cascade of vision loss. >> can be prevented? >> absolutely. the best thing that you can do is continue to see your primary care doctor every year and test
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if you have been diagnosed, the best thing that you can do is to continue a very careful follow-up with your eye care professional as needed. >> if somebody is starting to go blind from this, can you reverse it and stop it from progressing? >> there has been a lot of advances. we can do laser therapy and inject medicine and treat diabetes. we can reverse a lot of the damage that has been done, but possible. >> you guys have a special event tomorrow? >> we do. >> this is good for people who need more information. >> as you mentioned, november is diabetes awareness month. we are holding in any facility -- which by the way is the largest clinical surgical and research facility in the entire united states. we holding our first support group open to everybody from
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dietitians and clinicians. there will be a lot of one-on- one time to ask questions and after this event we plan in 2017 to have smaller support groups throughout the valley. >> i've done a lot of stories with you guys and you do also work. thank you, dr. jamaal . danielle ? still ahead, carted off the when we have learned about the coyotes forward injured in vancouver last night. some of the toughest competitors on the planet will
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brad richardson is stable in the hospital and his plan of
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the team after richardson was taken off the ice last night on a stretcher. he went down on his right leg after putting the yolks on the board. of course our thoughts are with richardson in the team said it should have another update a little later today. liberty wildlife in south phoenix is holding any facility this weekend. we have a sneak peek of building that will house thousands of animals throughout the year. you can check out the ego pavilion -- eagle pavilion. >> now that we have this location we will hopefully start taking in mammals. people are going to get a lot to see of the native wildlife around here. >> so the grand opening is full of events for the entire
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until 2:00 on 24th street and broadway. you can even watch a falcon getting released. how does it sound for sunday? a 2.5 mile swim it 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run. >> that sounds horrible. >> nearly 3000 athletes will be doing just that as part of this year's ironman arizona. the whole family can get involved. it is saturday with the fun run and sunday the main event goes through the desert wrapping up at the park. >> look at all of those people. we have some breaking news out of tempe with a hazmat situation near priest and warner. a building has been evacuated and we are told a call center had workers ceiling floors last night. >> no injuries or patients to
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workers did report feeling lightheaded. they have been allowed to go home for the day. are you doing your holiday shopping online? scammers are too. coming of joe lets you know how to stop shady websites and apps. we have rain chances on the way, and i will show you how they will impact your weekend
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[ bell on wall street ] keeping an eye on wall street the dow jones is down 19 points. there is an app for almost anything in the research can make it for ptsd to monitor the heartrate of veterans technology would give the veteran ways to cope like breathing exercises or cannot them with helpline. -- connect them with a helpline. all their arizona did not legalize recreational marijuana several states stand. one scientist is working on a pot breathalyzer to alert law enforcement if someone is impaired.
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and marijuana. you're probably never seen a light show like this. walt disney world revealing its first drone holiday spectacular at the disney springs entertainment complex. 300 drones spotted maneuvering in the air and over wanted -- over water. organizers say the whole thing class about five minutes. -- lasts about five minutes. mickey old today. he made his debut in 1928 in the animated short steamboat willie which was the world's first cartoon with synchronized sound. it featured walt disney's own voice. joe ducey here with courtney homes. we are talking about black
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i want you to concentrate on these doorbusters. it some cases they are the actual price he could have paid before. >> something else to look out for is the weather breaks. https. the as means a tour. -- the letter s means secure. >> also fake apps mimic real so if the railways are no reviews and better views or something that is new. >> we talk about all of this stuff. the deals and the scams on facebook today. >> happy hunting. hearing your child is on the autism spectrum can mean
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reshuffled. >> nationally whenever 60 kids has autism spectrum disorder and arizona the race is one in 64. this means there is better detection here and better help for families. >> that is why they are chosen to be part of operation santa claus this year. >> it is something you can do to help other people. you really do pu the face of a child and your also put a smile in the heart of their family. >> we are collecting money and toys for charities. you can drop it off at locations on your screen. >> usually whenever we hear the jingle we think we're getting closer to winter and cooler temperatures. >> we are starting to gradually warm. if you are heading out for
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gorgeous afternoon. right now we are sitting at a 66 degrees in deer valley with 69 in glendale and mesa is coming in right at 61 degrees. phoenix sky harbor is still holding on to the 60s for now. i do think we will make it into the 70s, and it will be warmer than yesterday. yesterday we hit a high of 72. we will warm up to 74 and then watching for a degrees. we should hit the high temperature around 3:00 4:00. if you have happy hour plans it is clear skies and continue need to cool after that. maybe take the sweater with you . at the met, a beautiful day in the valley. today we talked out in the 70s. tomorrow we are into the low 80s and it still should be a gorgeous saturday.
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the temperatures fall again. next week monday we may not even make it out of the 60s with a high of 69 and tuesday reaching 70 degrees toward thanksgiving. the reason temperatures are dropping is because rain chances are moving back in. we will not see any rain today. going into tomorrow by later tomorrow in the day are moving in from the west. there will be high clouds. going into sunday those rain chances start to develop toward the northwest pulling in more moisture. by sunday afternoon there is a chance we could see a few showers but through the day to day that is when we have the best potential for scattered showers in the valley. rain chances are in the like
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for spots across the high country. we could see some scattered showers in the valley on monday. the system will be quick moving and otherwise starting to dry out through the day on tuesday. previous weather models indicate we could see a soaker on monday. we will see heavy rain in the valley and then light rain fall scattered through the day especially in the morning. for the evening, still a chance for rain but better potential earlier in the day. in the valley a quarter of an inch with some slightly higher amounts in the higher terrain. we are still a few days away and we will keep watching. stay tuned as we get closer and continue to fine-tune the forecast for you with updates throughout the weekend. plan on potentially a wet day
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70s across the valley. 77 in phoenix with 60s along the rim this afternoon. 40s and 50s in central arizona with much of the valley cooling into the 50s. not as many 40s to start off our saturday. it will be a chilly morning but a warm afternoon with rain chances by early next week. a fier death-defying situation. >> ken lewis hosts a wildlife blog and he step somewhere he shouldn't have. he sunk into the sand and could not move. he was actually slowly sinking. other fisherman quickly threw him a rope from the shore. rescuers tried snowshoes and a shovel but he kept sinking. after three hours wood finally
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>> i would be having a moment in the water. you can see it on the top videos every weekday on right this minute right here on abc15.
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black friday only one week away. have you begun shopping? 17 percents said yes and 83% said no. >> we want to recap our top stories for you. police are searching for the driver who hit a man crossing the street. investigators think the driver was in a dark colored suv. the victim is in critical condition. a lack of resources forcing federal authorities to let immigrants go.
11:56 am
of haitian immigrants crossing into mexico. there is not enough money to keep them in jail. act now if you want a new passport. nearly 20,000,000 people will be applying this year. experts say the number is so high because of 2007 it became a requirement to have a passport traveling to canada, mexico, or the caribbean. fascinating story for you with the tables turn in a love triangle that leaves one person dead. plus, people try to cross the border before the presidential change. is our arizona outpost being overrun? we will look at that coming up on the now at 4:00.
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play -- >> you spoiled it. form and be dark shaq -- nba star shaq is playing santa claus. >> kids wake up with that twice. we are asking people to come and donate. >> he is back open the toys for tots toy drive. >> today is a gorgeous day and
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? >> announcer: today, forget the main course. it's an hour packed with incredible appetizers so you can have an "appy" thanksgiving. clinton's making a delicious party punch with the wonderful christina hendricks. michael's hanging with the amazing ziggy marley. and mario's sharing a restaurant-quality starter that's guaranteed to impress your guests. get ready to have an app-solutly fabulous time, right now, on the "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, everyone, and welcome to "the chew". you know, first impressions are very, very important, and that goes for food too, right? >> audience: yeah.


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