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tv   Today  NBC  January 19, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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chid ias little, used to havey one cousin be danny. eyou? >> ovia newton an wldummer lovin "vi" come o go, >> a don't kw if war gointo havelivia newton jn with us, but we will have h th us i s. ay. we doc andan hud j goin to here wit us beuse we are doing "grse i thought that we on nbc?no, they are here >>ut a le cal on fox. >> and als let's f out why dot. we havto pick up all o their >> lk at how ty e tolly ard.
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and least jimmy is trying over there. >>nd now, thanks, guys. >> and we will get into some rkout t tips froac mcgow who does a wort is tough r anybody o any size. >>nd now don't say this often, but this time, you are t. >> i predictedhe song "dad" ule kazilit ss, it it hi100 mi and ank gott f mad iot f m daddy >> lk lat m. iot ifry y sfoet ooere-- mves. d a you are notng to gas th u >> oh, mgod.
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off by ricky there. le. >> andrth time thmilestone, and and gangnam style,know, t it i up to million nd still the view eded. and a>> and no is blank ac have suhow going ony is area a it 1illion views less t psy.>> tt i cra he amg. an s iing ofoosong otr good sonis"uptn funk a everybo w tking abt job tlyho won the d d r "rm.>>haspch was scute >>e kn he is gat a and eat s to accept ard nowe knoat h cahrow aance pay.lookthat he d to "upt
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>> i just got a g ia rht w.p-ingtlkids. that is going to b s. >> excep we donanybody to >> t eyome in >> iody can be ner, amy.he whel on e ag aoton tinagawar f mave m. >> we wie sing a loof m yrs tco. and ionofy farite tis on theuesd, cause lastig i"bachelor" nighnd that ans at am daverys here wite upda. heo! he >>eopl gting kicff now? >> yend thr and fr d ty a c lecraz>> a aplethe girl ss not into l us about it, amanda. e we go witholifvia. >> and nobody likes her. >> and she has been
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rls, and she is a about ben,en last night there was a tget o her, andhey brought heup t. am like,t is thes.t. >> ws that >> it is sadtos. >> i know. >> i know. >> wha did you say? >> i can't sayt. tnkhai rewith you. i wa tknow what you ju id pple were making funf her toes. toes suld not be aig dl, but i thk the boobs a are fake >>ouan ll. >> wder if they smell. >> the t stao - it is like upid
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on't like it [ laug ] iove atheolteer th auterse. lookt atth icat ti a mn. >>es, and ithrst ever felt bador he bau it wasuch a mean ganngp o h h >> i b i dn't el bad r veon so to o cocai part anden says, havto sayomethingseris, becse i st gble newhat s friends of our familer in a accident and i will still go throu the co myself. and s she comes right over the coolehim. >> and edy s on their bod they wou like to
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down, like my legs, hate them.pele he written blogs that i soy. sorry. i trying to be -- it is the scarst t ar thingever >> and i camere a little bit , anis is not exwh wanted talk about. hais nauating. >> and you know what that the definition of? na.that is is the dn. >> and she did t room theuysas in tehat is thing when they s yes. >>finall ahe girl i ha beenicng over past couple ofand shes kindcrazy, a so go into theose cemon
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>> am mad atyself forhe wavyct sin i he been he. th h been really rgh for . iav a lot ofork to d on myself. maybejust needo coinue workingn myself and bette myself, because like my , you caomeone elsent truly love yoself. >> so she left the sh she wked off. she said tneed to work o nd i'm gngo leave, and shft. d actually a lot of backn hersibeuse they winr apt. >> what is going on, this show? >> well, theare up craz >> and vanea d jens iis ov here. watcngse cli owhat wh? >> d'tnowh is going
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ani ard that sebods torkn rsf, and said, you t girl, gwo on yourse. >>ning you, amda >>nd thi f yourl ok. oander is o o my favoremovi oll med will alsoy ther's favoritee. t does lik about ? >> hing. >> sony? she thinks itsilarious, and ridicously goodlook hesked hero be a ext in the he mov. >> rllsome. "zoola ii" "zer iii."andenryte and said, it wasrec er. an they also didions annsweredderekander uld. ta a loo >> wt's best part of livin new yo? versit and wave very glookg peopnd
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>> ofteno you the subway? sandwichsandwi are the gatay t gate. >>hat's our mi right now? pass. >> wt's fore hoy. well, fais ve important to ,o he to say my bihday. >> and what's youravorite season? spring, n sa. >> and what is yr tevisi shf all time >> o, that wom whoells surae. >>hat is your favite m of ae? >> one wh the daurs reigold hol" because was was so funny. >>derek zoolander, and i i can't waito sethat is thehatter ove >>ight. >> howu say winner fren? >> bonjour. >> to. >> and here is a ht, we are giving it away. >> isomody going to france? and then "grease" is the word
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if hpostnopaus teoposis and higsk foture i call yro is oven thelprotect boome. buthalroof toidli heedbost roeryoetngtr n te ia iyoha w d iu e na, are let, xge. sergicns ch as w bles troubreag; ttighs; fac lip, or towellin sh, g or hivave ppened iople t ia . ter dobout dentblems,severe jaw promay haen, or or ual pin you hiinigs unl thigne furave ocrred ia an cseious eectsinclinw caiuerus ctnsic irhoitizion; skinems; and seve bojot or mcl lylia s reen d protect nes withho y ve p pa rkme. can work you? asoct
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it' >> it's been nrly 4ears since e icoc musical "grease"asurned io a blkbteovie starring the offe olivia newton-john and jo travella. >> vansa huten sang t he ms in"hig olmul." ful. and younow carlo fro thepopular popular boy band. >> rizzo and rk>> , gu you all arengli >> ve,live, li. >> how do we feelutiv livperformae. it'shappening,anuary 31st. >> nothing y can do aut it. >> and there's a liv audi. they are like with u in the se so in the gyasium, they are in the bleacrsre in merni there' dudes like rht e. >> how muchearsal and
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>> a lot. we've beenrehearsing like we're rehearsing for a broadwayshow. >> really. >>taed demr 1st andix days aweek, ten hours ng. it's hard work, bt's so mu fu becau the cast i amazing and erybody is so wderful e all along and feel ke we're in high scol. >> vanea, y say y're not nervous. >> carlos? >> yeah >> but - but i fl like w likeiveor tse nervess peormers, so it's goingo be fun. whe're doing is so ambitious. reay. w the s onceo far. >> andt too fe hours. >> and n only that, it' like t ico film yes. >> i grew u sginghese songs, ming m couns wat it for hours upon end. did you guys lovthe vi originalmovie? >> 100%. >> i don en remember the first te i saw it, but i always feele part of my lif so i don't
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i had "grease i it." >>nd you foriteon i -- >> "sumr ling ion sinheon so fa. m a glra for me >> wai tloueaheast almthough. >> do mething. >>he cum is enal. >> tsome>>ou h s worse thin. >>ittl bi there worsehi coulddo tnoh ar t e' liv rhtno yelrea donit >> weannotwait. >> cane be extras, t wouldn have u on fox? >> , they >> we can m it mbeexttime. >>ys, heblast. >> he a >> thank you.
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wa to know what your man is reallyhinking? >> probay t. , the i no better wo
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te all." >> and up on the panel is chris sing who is the host of baet jackson which airs next week on the vy l. >> a nex t cedian, and he ds itall. >> and ht of t one-man broadway ow, comedian till stillespondent, a stillmployed and shouuts e althnd dentavision, and maket clear. the w-2s are filledout. >> a finally last but not leashe finally gaged, but has n plann theedet. >>nde nd iits everoi tthhappen. iisoi thaen, . >>ndt is g thaen>> okay. anw,crs the streetor e rsqueson iourtney from newbn,h ca noh cana, and i wto know guys e sonvested spor wheherehey h supetition s petitions kit ru tir whole da theirdoes not
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st of use not fulfill our dams in lifend so we putur dreams in the team. aviriugh tdiators and you have to live that. a orain shaking aroundn ouhe a ts y of deession aer >> it hurts. h i' aan afan, and i ag ing. >> you are on . >> i an t lionand its d. >> and my hnds a kins fan and it a't f f t fe eher. and dustrose sth awhy medon't cleaup after thselv? >> a y talbout guys that are fewerions removed from beiascid by re. and th thawe don'tlean , d know ti thats cleo . hers thth we d cleanp oursut y guysect it to happe so fast. wase, will get to thaanwhy are you pick nd wear.
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ganizedchaos,t is assignin pile is wha >>le? >> yes.and yoear -- >> a myfiane, a am the inhe relationship, anam that it is ridiculous. tyunderwr on nd -- ny time a ma overly clean,issociopath, a he going toill >> a oe accumul enoughtu that it worth thef >> across tstreet. azies. i'm matty fro oklaho and i would likeknow if it matterlsav ation. >> yikes tty ho. ds in dat >>l, it matters iwant tosee themore than oe, yes. >>k about ll of the time,y wife aphd. >> and no, is not hoy tiy-to hotoit andd preshe leve. bee i wanou tave
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not befunny, a at le hichool,nd if u ve n compin past at, it is n dealbreaker,an takeou the g.e.d >> i bd up, and found my beyonce beyoncg on i and if you find great education, and in oklahoma, thaa great pu education, and yo agt and ig a an india person, tt ur classes easier, the e is low, goin. >> andhatis is g to make it ok, because hean indian person >> okay. we have totick around and answer mor of your queions >> whave a sw coer on the binet ckingp
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it is ozedaytuesday, and jennaus hagar is in for ka lee, and our hanome guys are back to tell all. >>nd we have chris jacobs, and e youoh minag, oh like nick ckna d't insulmysist. >>nd so wt are definite n' o a firdate wt is sfft? hey, you wcu of coffee go tinner? ou feel lhat mp and yet isttering, and if ther a mutual traction. and guy wend so mucheearingno, and we we woul ye please
10:28 am
>> i le the drink on, peonal, bee ke t drina to and thais t existtegy >>nd dwe htopay? >>no >>no. >>us asking. >>nd if y ask out,ou pay or y li mbe yre just eshedthat, and sin i all fuzzy and blurr t one.theule i >> elishho is ying >>o, theule wer as , usually ts iso rulehathmapa, so -- >>ndch >> and if asked gutand he ce hexpecpde to pi up tat wld b t lae. andoda, areeautul n, a you s, hey,, i you toe out,ou are payi and is likei the mani will pay. >> a why h'toued out ye >> andt is a good >> a you c alley-oophat one, t. >>nd you t aey-o it,nd th it o o t backboa. >> and nag. >> and there is anothequestion ac thetree i'madis fro atlanta,
10:29 am
with spe. my hband a shamall house wi small closets a allnks, and w are nstantlyrguingver the spe ace, and how mh spdo guyseally ? the geralule i f and1/3 or her. >>ndere is t deal, ydon't ask me tcln up so much,ndon'tavtoave soucspac ge me enoh for myrawers and socks. >> andf you wou clean u more, then i wld have me space. and justnough for e snkers. >> h rented t sui f the sh. >>nd he you , why douy dippeanddingerohelaonsh oerhan tli th snica oth thate wantto leave the relationsp d nexpln. why do gust vani >> ishat new genat >> i a alwaye on figuri out y ht
10:30 am
wherdi ou can finde v instagramdr, a ha hassan minaj. nobody is dispeergngdisappeang. >> >> i am finally enged and now yoare telling me tt am disengaging. >> one moreueiocross the stre. >> hey t the. a sous lited. >> tkorebo thespe. and w,haoet mean when g ss ate is going to talk to y when he irey.e fe in love with aco-wke and them tngsell apart and i lt le i was srtg to thndt beex month, and he has a new girlfriend can we b nds? >> oh, thais >> and the areot of rkers, am drivhim crazy, and if you havto ctain questions the answer is yes.
10:31 am
>>nd hheels, is it? can wefrnds? and write itblood on his de >> that is ary. >> andome t doe not workh we. >> and no yout to hear from h after smohs. d at hisayinisha tk himhe i'm rey, but itmes,'m not ad >>o as general rule, it is eight months, andheere ready to talk. >> and an extra two months. >> and so, i did not like tha na wit mm the blood comnt. oh no. >> and w, go and h d hit the button connect. a to anotheanho
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you have got a ishi on a warmealn day, but wasime to stand or to the stove and st for h and hou fwlchlt me t me. theto y" food t is going toelp you get set forget it. hat wh yre goi to to do? >> yes, the easy cooker recipe fm melissa. >> and she is going to show us how to make a white banili wanant how jala k. and w in >> andts g le topt nicend li and you needarlicndumin and chiliowr andourream he the top. and shous the tck. i'm eed fhe ic
10:37 am
out of the halljape, and --o yolike it or spy? >>ll, i it hot, a henrikes it . s you t half >> so all of the heat is inhe inside st>> yes, the tds and the vein. and a grafruit spoon to go st through, a know when youet a jalapen on the frs and you scraur eyed oh, ch. >> havoneit. is ast >>t isrit? >> a irs >> a wyoands aft y do ts. thoucehemup. ey a eeao go herendthe bes thing about coong wi the slow oker, anin thisecipe, eveing goes in at theame ti you d haven' to banythi >> andou wano add the wa war, a start dumpingjenn becaeverhing goes in anwhe bean, a use enough
10:38 am
an that is about seven cups. and basically nch. the lemon in the lemon ze, anthe wedges in the end, and th oregan ande trty j ere, ho. >> and you havtousht around >> no, a qui stir ut you don neeotirt lo >>no,ustreak up that big chunk of chicken. >> y do itefwork. and that took threeminute d you c it,nd turit , anthats it >> and it otally safe,nd i feandbo leangt on a >>nd have hea thereur coer horro story s-- ors, stories,ut sw coer angh urs, butul chkei. d the bes get ck anthicmbuedntohe me. this is your santell m thin you will be the bies,
10:39 am
sy flavors? >>hat arehe green things? >> noit is le baby kale. youit ahe d, ati it right, andtir iin, and it is a one-pot me. >> a you kw what fun with ki, u can do cdis an put thee oe topr theortilla he avocadoeall goodsalsa. >>nd n to theatme ion.>>o wanto gi you desst,s isecally brkft. so aer yav ud e sw coer,as iouanke eat r the ne mng so wyowakep, youill have tmea a wantelutoatsan it is coconut oaea and usehe coconu lk,nd ts is dded coconut. >> a isn't b er noal >>more nutriene eyre who gra taste better thatcinnon bthe wa andhat thapp >>e u go an tfoyohatssstuf at.
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gu reaze ae n us e "name your price" tool for fr on, righ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's lik they're always on television.
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if >> if y areking for a swashbucklg gd time,e have a treater for yo >> a you don't have to undeta all of e pirate j o.p., but understand hunk. and that is because the star "black sas"ach mcgowanlays the captainho takes the se long before robert l evensos tale why do wlook like idiots, and you don't? >> wel it is the classic ia
10:45 am
foolh kind of kid ing,nd the shs a littore retirepresentation o. >> and y are awe thenuthe? >>el as autic as we ca >>nd long hair? noty barber and lea pan? ye nd t hig bo tha is aypic pire from ck en? s, a the hh bo theerf w ysique e w about regin. nt ll c.g. >>ou shod ben the c of en's alth ikee pdictded. >> and at is pire wo out, and areot sint wag than yest thing abthe show it a ver physil show, d to babledo all ttuff is imant. and ou want out thered and haveun, ve dit.
10:46 am
>>ell thwe have been waitin a war and piras h bee opeting tsid of e land expectanoome t ty to que that y. a is uriewer li, yure theou guylo thishow, i the meg r other pele too? >>abte what gat aut thehows that you cks it o l.if youooking for podraw mar i very polit a lot of drama i , if you ntoe and watch pitehi end s fights androma>>, it icable sh >> ak at him course, e is roman. >> i onl wear o ur shows, your ow, i had to wr shirt. ou go shirt if choose, bse we don't wa discrite. andt got yhis pa? >>asng shoon
10:47 am
en tt ng,his happen organical from there. >> and one of thehingshat we ha been told aut this get-up is that tre isotofword fighng s. the a technique?>>yes. camp. >> andhey teus witese, anthen you on to the tal. >> how d you do it? well, it isleanthey taught le a nineart system, and it is justike blocking. it is one, two,three, fo ve,six, n, eight,nine. >> >>t is it is >> iis atle more comply complicate mpcate but cane go like this. >> and yes, u n clash like thatand this is the asc, and the pple abt at you, you can swipaw. >> swipe. >> andhank you s much. >>ean three e of "black
10:48 am
star >>ts a gra prize thateow ttou wl prsu.
10:49 am
>>ut >> > were goi to ma five luck c kviers ha beusit is time tgive away -- i was going tsay ry happy, but just happ >> very hpen and you evented tarn uaisee ize ise-ub bble with a airiie wor t is how it 1las, a theyivryinthatd atandangu sle thoht that weere seing bo to s. >> b yanrn, too.>> a y canakeheso thyou d g ta
10:50 am
let's fdut w tuc winner ar okay a jea, get i ere. >> khl seldsrom st secasecanew york. ahi o her on p, carla lla smzro kent oh. >> and mtha vion fro hampton, vnia. >> a the last er, and is excg. its -- >> this is onlyr. we have one more. ts is keith ricm irving, texas. >> wexannow, and have new ski fro eria, florida. congratulions toll o the winners anmakeure th you enfor next week's prize, d for a list of compl rules and instructions go to klgandhoda.c and h the connect button.
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>> and j.j. abrams and lillna. >>nd wt youanto sho for
10:52 am
>> and too bad tt kathie lee [ cheers applause ] >> today on rachael! ranco-host jesse palme, tack the superbowl 50me pln. er-garitas, mac & cheese taco and for dese? re. and ryan fitzpatrick anhis wife are rowingdown a slow cooker nsation. and great waing to throw don r game day! now are u ady for ... rachael! [ cheers and applause ] hell! [ro cheing ] [ applause ] >> welcome! [ crd cheering ] [ applause ] >> wow! [ crowd cheering ] [ apause apparently hmohan a
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foball fa in general.
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