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tv   Today  NBC  January 20, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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all-out tvakver, next 0 "extra." aou >>from n n is ith iod" kate
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st 1a rockellerlaza. > boedayuesd has finally rive andis ao las gas e are packihe bs and goto veg areoing tsee lo a have slirom e thsdayd rengbe takevee stp. wn't it we owis t coenon, and weon'tar beuse are g t tre anay rreing. i i jned bh har,nd khilee takin so timofanth song therisy lile mix called "bck mic" d s od video if a bor. >>ou like it yes, it is a gone. okay. >> and we are ing toave fun toda becau if yoloved "gree." >> which did. when i was little, i useto have my couse danny. >> who wu? >> olivia newtn. and i would say, "suoving" come o go, >> andon't kif we are
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th us, we wille her us in vegas.ok you youave one-track . >> vsa hudgenss goi be be here with becaus are g "gase" theusical - >> iis ox. >>h, iught that had i bc? >> no,hey are here tod. >> but iis a le musicaon fox. >> also, l's finwh n don'n up themse. okay. they wilach us whyhey don't. we hto pick up a of their >>ook at how they are caught toy off gu ey don't cleafter emselves anst jimmy is trying over there. thanks, guys. >> and we ll getnto sword tips from zach mcgowan who
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anybody of any size. a crazy, crazy rkou but is a big day for y. >>re >> icted theg "daddy would hit li kazil hits, and 100 mil, and ank it. ot iom my i gfrom my day look tan. ot it mdaddy >> oh,s. >> you are n going to gas >> oh, my god. >> a ts be so turneoff by rickyre
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anyw, i fourth tim anyway, that's a billion viewses than psy.funk, everybo was talking a the little kid jacobemblay emblay. >>o cute. >> we know he can throw a dance party. look what he did.
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ustad aea. >> ierybody can winner we'lte agmebrating the criticse awards.>> he's al into see a ofhim.>> h>> it's our favorite timesn tuesda la night, mo night was bac night. ea anda averisere with us. >> hello. hi. a pple gng kicked oye >> , yes. a herweo th ivia and nobody kes he >>nd s heea frontrunner, but s is like rely confident,nd she does wanto me a nds with t girls,nd s is all about ben,nd smitten by himand last night there was a taet on
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her up.t. am like, what is the ft. what is that? >> fat toes. >> i know. >> i kw. >> what did you say? >> ian't say it. >> i tnk that agreth you wanto know wt you just said. >>ple were makg fun her toes. ey're horrible d her breath smells terrible. >> youanell. >> i wonder if the smell. >> ty arteto - is li stupid youres, i lik [ laer ] ie that lunteeat a rsel
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es, and it rstime ever ltbaher, bec it wh a me gis moment. it mes you happy to not ben the . >>ndcky,ut didn't fl d fo heve lg. ty int ckil ptynden sa, haveo y meg ri beuse stot teibleews at meen of r mierkilledn a rrib accidt and i lltill g thugh thckta pay, bm t self and he ces rig away sa, oh, she's going to console him. take aoo >> and everybody has stuff on theirody they wou like to change, and , waist down, like my legsi hate them. opleave writn bls that i hav
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sorry. i'm ting tbe strong a theti, it's the scaries ing er. >> a iame her a ttleitown,nd isextl what i wanted tk abt. >>hais nauseating. anowh that ie fiti of rcissm. at is defition. >> sheidt read e roall. the guas in ar and thats the t thing the downs rself. >>in tsown. yes. andinallyd the aven pickon lover thst ce of week she is kind razy, and soy nto e rose ceremo andake a look at what hapned. >> i am maat myself r e way i've act ed since i ve been . this h been really
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i have a lot of work do myself. ybe just need to continueorki on myself and better selfbecauslike tato sa, n'veomeone el uilouruly ve yrsf. sshle t . shwaedff. she tt i ed won melf d i'gog to leave and shleft. actuhe a lot of fanck o her side were tearing her >> on, on this show tare the czy. >> and vanessaudgens over here. >> were total rivete >>ere yosad you we watching these clips or what what? i d'tnow wh isoing on. d i heard that somedyaso rk se, and id yogeitir g wo on yourlf tha youaman. ahi f yo gir >> oy. o laer is onof
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l time, d will soy mother vote movie >> whadoesheike out it? >> evething. so funny? >> s this is dicuuslyd loing. so thed heto be atra in the vie. >> reallme >> "zoolder ii" or oolander iii." anyway.what. it dsn matr. and hey wrother and said, it was the rst re disn ev antheyo did 73 quesons and answered doolander would. ke a l >>hat's the be ovingn new york? theivsity, an ave veryood okinpeople a al attcte peled wh a three wos vi in w yo? >> hustl btlan >> how often do u kehe suby? >> hardly ev. sawies arehe gay te. wt's yr nd righno >>ass.
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favori holiday. wel fai is ve portant me, so i havesay birthday. >> and whas your fa season? pring, no salt. >> andt is your television sho a ti , tha oith ed who lls insu is your favoriteie of all time? >> the one w dinosa "marigold as so funn nde derek olander, and i ican'wait to see that e. s alrdy. cheers >>he >> hyou y wier freh? >>jour >>o. >> and he is a ht, areivit awa >> is somedyoing tora >> don kn. >> then "grease" is
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back. i'ret myhere at hse, on tsgiving day i have a msive heart aack right in miveway. the doute on a bapin regimen. be sure to talk to youroc before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your dtor. you're not indestructible anymore. kind of fa the kind of faly moments th live fo happen here every day. disney parks.
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40 years since the iconic "greasewas
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starring olivia newton john and john travolta. >> aow iis goi to me its y through ryr agn. >> and y rembe nea dgfr roen s, nhes teg with rlos penavega tvive the ros. so h do you feel abt going live? hi, kids rct. >> live,liveli >> howo you fee abt live >> it's happening januy 31st. >> and there i nothing you can do abt it n. the set, so you can hearhem? es, and were live on the send a dude righere. >> and how much rehearsi >> like a broadway show. and we have beenng since december 1st,
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so mh fun, and it so fun, because e casts amazing and everyone is so wonderfu and everybodts along, and we feel le are in high scho. >> and vanes, you say that you are not rvou cars? i feelike we live for e nerv as per form so it is going be n, and what we e doing is sombitious, and we have ran t sho ce. so far. >> and it tookive urs. >> and notnly th, t it is the icon film, ani ew u siing e sos, a making my cousins tch it hours upon end. diyou love the iginal movie? >> hundred percent. yes i don't remember the first timeaw it, but it has onion aart of mlife, i don't reer at of life when i dn't hagreasein it.
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ng h me a bl a g >> ohrrible. >>ait until y hr the ct bum. youhohear g or in." there a w thgs cld do than goita we are ve rht no we have. >> and o y are so great. >>ndas, or they woule us on fox? >>, they woul. wel it is all woing ou >>aybe ntime >>nd youuys a bl have alast. we are so glad that you are with us. "grease" wl air ary 31st on fox. >> you want to ask a guy on oa te, t u don't know what to say? thesfour hunks have
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he's a question,, what your man really tnking? >>robably no well, ere is no bett way to find out than when r "guys
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>> ourunky man panel is back to awe yr questions. chris is single and the host of barlt jackson, whichirs next week on the velocity channel. comean, actor, and dad. and he doeit all. and he doet all. >> >>ti copoen a stl ployed a sion, anmake it cl the 2s a filled out. >> andinally lt but t ast,he finally enge but has not anneth weddg yet. >> and we wonder if it is is eroing to e happ. >>t going t ha, guys >> it gngo
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d w,crosthe reetorhe fst eson i'm couney new rn, h rolinaand i to know guys are nvested inrts ere where th have superstiand ruir whole heeam does not win. is possible that most of e fu our drea in fe, and so wput ou msn e >> and y to viy through the gladiators and you have tlive that. >> and our brains is neen shakin nd in our head >>nd tre is a day of depressn r a game. >> irts. hur. i'be fannd b'n, a i am longuffe. >> y a on ozac. >> im t lion's, and iba >>ndy sbd a ki' n and it n't fowi eier. and duy rose smith ks whyenon't clup after themselv? >> our tki abo a guyst are few tionmove being fcinated fire. the fact twe dot n up, don't know t
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>> here is the thing, we do clean up guys expect it to happen so fast. s like, i willet and why are you picking up my underwear. >> as the stre crazie >> i'mattyrom lahoand ul ke tow if matts ifls he an edu. >> yikes! mattom oklahoma. >> doeit matter when you te someo? ell, itters i to see th re than onyes. talk abouit all of the timy wife has a phd. >> and n i hoity-toity, and we shrelels
2:29 am
scho'm not being fu at let hi schoo you have t leted anyt past that,isot a dealbreake b i can takeou the g.e classe >> wifs a ph.d. i bossed up. foon a i puring on itd y find bo with a great educiondn oklahoey have a grt public educatnd you takedvantageit and sang this an indrson, yoursses a easi, and thcurve ower, o in. >> ands is g mit okay, becahe is an indison. okay. have tock around answer more of youquestions. don't go away get ur slowoo from the cabine l be cooking up somethindelicious
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the news. welcome back, everyby. it iboozeday tuesday,nd jna bush hagar is in for kathie lee, and our handsomes are back toell all. >> and we have chris jabs, d the young hn minaj, oh, like nicki minaj. don't insult my sister so ourriteays wh a theefinite n' on a first date? >> w s difficult? he you wana p of coffee or go the dinner? yeel like tha
2:31 am
>> a yes, is flatteriand theresa mutual attrac. and guy wspend soofurime hearin, d would becked, ye ease, take >> andshould asfo coffe dror what? >> like e drink tion, peon, use i like to k n. andhat is t ex sateg ando weavto pay? >>o. >>o. >>usasng. and if you asout, u pay youpl. >> mbe y a jt esblhethatand nce is all fuy and blry on that e. and the rule i-- >> estlish is paying? >> no, thee is whoever as pay but ually thisal thrulehat e man pa, so now- >> and chivay. >>nd ii ked y t, a hcame anhe eecd to pick up thtab, it uld behe last one. >> and hoda, you are a beautiful ma a you y, hey, looki want you to take me out, but youre pang anhe is likei am the n, iill pay. >> a so y hat yoaskeme o yet >> and that is a good on
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allep at one, great. >> and youo aly-oop it, an throit offf e backboard. >> minaj, naj. >> i madison fm atlaeorgia my queion has to th space. my husnd and i sre small hous small cls and small s, and we ar constantly argui overhe s, and how much sce do guys really need? the genele is 2/r her, a fom. let' cut a de u don't a me to cln up so much have so mu space. give eugfo rarsnd soc. >>ndf u would cln upor tn i ulhaveore spac and st enoh for the snears. >> he nt theui for the ow. >> and here u go y douydisappea
2:33 am
m instead of tli e significa oer that he wants to leave the tionship a expl why do guys st vanish is that a new generationhi >> i aways the one left furing out u have not sho up. where did you go? you can find me via instagan n minaj. >> i am filly engaged annow you artellinme tt i am dengaging. >> o morqueson rosshe seet. >>ey not there. >> and snds compcad. tk abo t space. th h queson. what ds it meawhen a g ys the iing tto yhen is ready. i fell in ve wita coorker d them thingsell apart and
2:34 am
staro bother a it has bmonth, anas a new iend and can be friends? >> oh, that ver. onthss a red flag. >> lot of markeam i driving him crazy, and if ye acertain questions the ye >> him onis els. can we be friends? and it blood onesk. on his d >> oh, that ry. >> andomof this does notk with well. >> and nowwant to heafr him aft six mo. anwhat he ising is ti will tto him en i'm r, t it mi'm not ready. >>o as a g ruit it montand the arady tok. >> and atra tw mont >> and so, not ke thaminaj the sociath comment, and the blood comment. oh n i'm just passionate. >> a now, go to and hit the button connect. and to another huie man who is a
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12 hour pain relieng strethaleve. i'm back.
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you have got t mit th nothi bsh o a war day on a cold day,ut w has te std ov tohe stove and sti for hours and hos. >> not me. t me. so the "to t" food team is intoel you geset and foet it. >> is that what yo argoing tdo >>esthe ea sw oker recipe fr mess >> andhes into shows w make a white be cli >> i wantohow u a japeno trick. .t' icy. asalenn it andis groun icn,ndale ini a t,ndou n gaic cin ili wdernd sr crm fothe p. a shous t
2:38 am
the eds t of t lapeno, an d yolike it hot spicy? >> w iike it hot,ndryes itild. >> so you ta hal out. >>o all of the ht is in e inde uff? yes you the veins dhe ses? at'sherell the he is. anyou ke a grapruitpoono go stig thrgh, d u kn wheyou get a jalano jce on the fings yo scratch ur eye, d oh, ou. i have done it. it ia disast. >> iis bad, right? and it hus. >> and wash ur hands afr you this. and th y mce them u theyreea tgo re, d the bestthg about coin wi t sw , and inhis repe, evytngoein at thsa te,o u do hav'to own anyt. >> i le sl cooker. and y want adde wate and start mpg, jna because erything es in. and white bean, and use enough water to cover it by an inch, and that is abt ven cups. and sically inch.
2:39 am
lemon st, d e wedg in the d, a the oregano, and you have the dirty job ther hod >> do you mix ill arnd? o, qui sti >> yon nee stiit lot >> no, jt to break up that big unk chicken. >> you do it before work anthat took thre nutes. and you cover it, and turn it on, and that is >> andt isotal safe, ani el paranoid aboving on all day. and i he heard the esre cooker hoortory are -- stors,ut not slo cooker. i think they'reine. lid on? lid on. and the bes ll get oknd the sce imbued into the at. this is yours and ll mehat you think. you will be th ggest critic, because you are from
2:40 am
what doous thk? deliciou what are gree gs? >> nt ise, babye. you t at the end, and stir it right in, d stir iin, and is a one-pot meal. >> you know what is fun with kidsyou can dohe conments anput thcheese on thto the rtil chips. >> or e avoco is ally good, and sa >> a nowo th eaation. o wantgi u a sser b ths chnically brkfas soer y havused e sl coor, wh out and make brkfast for ne mornso wn yo ke u youill have oaeal. >>has so t. so goio do stcut oats, and it is conut oatmeal, and use the coconut milk, and this is shredded conut. >> and i't it bett th normal? >> yes, more nutrients, because they are whole grain antter. and that iamon he way. >>nd wis that g? >> here yo. d let me top it
2:41 am
>>h,ove those, o. datesight on thtond sugar. oh, no. myger. for re oe slow cookcipes go and ng up, will have more fun with actor zach mcgon, and what this hlywoodunk can doh a sword
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> if youre looking for a swashbuckling good time, we ha a treatefor you. >>nd y don't have to understand all of e pirate jarg. all u haveo undersnd is nk. >> and that is because the star "ack sas" zach mcgan plays the captn who takes the seas long fore robertouis stevenson's tale. why do we lookike
2:45 am
clasc idea of the pirate is kind of like foish kind of kid thing,ndhehois a little bit me realisti represention of it. >> and you are authentic? >> well, aauentic we can . and lg ir n manbaer >> and the leath pants?>>es>> andhe higboots. tt is aic pirate from ck then? >>es, d e high bos toeep the water off ofou fe. >> and wwere, th phique, and we were readinabouth workout reme it's cra nt all.g. ouul o the vemen's heal." >> likwe pct >> a it is a pate rk out, anyou e not sprint walking the plk. >> yesbut ing about thshow is a ry phycal ow, anto be le to do all of thetuff portt. d if you want to get out therto swing arou andave n, you ve tbe able to do >> a we e in season threeand ll us whaplot lines
2:46 am
time well th are ha been iting for a war, andhe pirates ve been operating outsid theaw, and expect england t comeo trto quell at. yes. nd is ur viewer ke, yopicture young loving is show, t is t mething foother ople, toy. what is t abou show is you can it on a if are lookior politic it's very tical. if you want a lot of drama in thehow, and ift to have fun watch pirate shode and fights >> and romce? yes, it is cable show. >> and lk atim, of cose, ther romance. i only wr a t on your s, because onour show i had to wear a irt. >> y go with a shirt ou so choose, cause we dot want to dirinate. >> andgot yo is pat >> i doinghow onime call
2:47 am
that ending,his happrganic from t >> andne of e things that we have beenold about get-up is that there iss of sword fighting. >> the are. >>the a technie to srd fighting? >> yes. when we showed up pirate camp. >> pirate camp. nd they teach us with these, d en you go on to the metal. do do it? >> well, it is simple, and theyaught me like a ne-part system, and it is just likelockg. it is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.>> it's ke dhe bot. i a little mo complicad. >> but can we go le is. >> andesyou can clh like that, and ththe classic, d if people
2:48 am
ght them a >>nd thank y so much >> season threthe "black sails" premiers this saturdaon starz. >> it is a grand prize wkn tyou will enjoy. than for, stephanie. we're, like, so thlike, goth goth. sfx: knocks on door. ney? i'm dying my hair, mom. hair dye no, not in my bathroom! relax, mom. honey, just let me in! sfx:oor tiffany! no. tiffany! it just purp. tee daughter? geing bubb ki 99.9% of germs and desty dirt and gme. you only nscbbingbbles disiecleaners for problem solved. work hard, so you don't have to. sc johnson, a company. the kind of mome the kind of moments that really bring us together, happen here every day. disney parks.
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,,,,,,,,,, are going to ewers happ becse it is ti t away -- i was going to say veryappy, but just happy. a very happy. anif you ever wanted to lrn a n langge, iseek's prize is -- a one-year
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thipir woh al. his how woou cose e 14 la th wl er tt yo needk ri an a soon. htt wedingod par. ouan, to >> aan tons you u wi geta awome aipad ii les find out who t luy winnare. okay. jenna, getn ere. hleeields om et seca, new york. cotulaon kathle. i' g num t he. here. rl bte utomen oo. o. a mthvion hampton, virgin >>nd theast winner, s s on fou >>e ha m >> as is k
2:53 am
>> whave a now,nd wha niojieez isteria, orid >> and conns tollf the winns ke se th youfor next wees and for a list of the complete rus d instruns gto and hit the connect button. >> tomorrow, why rap mo rev r andtyrese want to hel with the woruts. >> and j.j. abrams, and iana>> andhat you wa to shop for this ekend. >> a bad that thie lee is not re, because spanky tudawe ay. y boozed everybody. we will go the vegas hursday with.lo, good bye, erybody. >> my miiois simple, to make you money. i'm here to levee playing field r alinvestor there's always a bull market mewhere and i omise to help you find "mad money" starts n h i'm cmer. weome mad mon, lce
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job is t just to entertain
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