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tv   Today  NBC  January 20, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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d soe wi b youll o the tailmoow, althe ho meverend ru run and his wifetyresegoingto behere >>we w t tthreo anhe prinpal'fi>>hi iody w toight and la is hnder trr the . ou havelve mu b like liia iana, illw usoobu ndorof wdom,ecauitwiay wedsday namae, k sy a someuil see gn. you know, they say if you pay e,in ht i of
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>> and boo is all, se whooueicond cags, caus ey pd atteion. a setim y takha s i wn ere rare pe ntio atn. where we bel journeysow us the e everhe >>com, and get k. >> and so we like play unks and whe hobs. letch. bow hisb ss thiseeke. >> allight ay. we have en the abs aot, t somedylse who whave n seenhe aery is daniel dcliff oh, h are t. s s shot.
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somedy abikeou n ,woifou lve eo wil ann lean in re. d no looatt. s # >> y. . who erho >> diel radclie. >> iike patricwart, cae i ahior>>ink baldorkea eah.eris sexy -- >>rks and th right there, t sexy b rama s, justun ngs thrit,ye lik th this >>h,ld works, an he looked up to e, li i ba we alwaysisord. welwew it wo right.sore -- kay. ande abo this, anwh youuy e sing dho h bd u nghat make d ex d moits whenoueave
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ve m s. ayor tht usen thl igou we d t lak ormewh somewhere, wwould leave one t and it was alwayme he electricd so tela pres she is inthey isashhe kids are washi t hands a laurn ss s e li ere teis lik well, yon't haoo,el d ddy homhas hifhe ds d th wabur l,ir he venergy, bausework e engyso heou tn f lf e gh,
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d nt uto b a mes, iisich thmo we al too ia ac ari t tr invers a he thcack, an dyoes ng ad hereanerlike we ed start cthe rd will neverge bathing suits, ll be edging andg and tuge psetim s u kif gref a wdo noinand w enngllf e mn e vacio and oo whayou do d pad erouth the rs a at. >> i i snny th n cain clith say tug thhts erybo sa, i ad ito,nd hes hi and my th h, anit fi
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gotcuo d memat i ca say s havbe maupom>> shgybs or, ge ment wfee r kire nehe haomod imliom dahi it th y nowet it. d ryets rewikids in cathanfo ye a y hviraionline e er awtas iral aalled ow not oal in e ornd sideoyoan sitbuteught r own. n' the. >>e iaywe just dog is ok lhis ow >>old, thianisth pi--do mch tse a go hus pocu
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>> that is not t what it rks. on tw reoh upnd down hoda. , the . >>nd swirlt. >>nd down.>> a y kw, you rem the . >> , sce anolile inyopupindyoac thend wmahe imprnd cool game s games. it is like this. bthwawah li, ah.ah. >> areng asleep. >> no, it is so ome. u buyhem is h >> s, >> $ okay.mean is pi. and kyocan tm
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a s treexpend an kw y ishou tp ic ahestnn u itwit loing e zfeeaskegrou men o d we w see t >>now where e >>t hsiqui eyeler. tried tt now.ugh! i not ere.i i fillit i know i iee t fl it >> i t isner e. >> lend bronzellis not terribl >> kar she c oaye with r and s wt andisremaleantoe ue
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>> ,hiis tbrow , and it iseasy.n i look in the eelhouse? >> -- is? >> i yane buy eyebw. wel youan f andnee iid m menue ts ttleere mut o qckly aoto rk seby sa, myos who d yo matoday? >>y le itno oh. aybe ty dlike s >> anow, we a ge jell bean booz nd yes. started it really flavors thatlike od flavors. >> is a game of risk,
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in f one,nd's looktohat s its. mbne h eitranne dog food o chote in andhiis tpibo. >>re ydoit imoi tat it. t gotchocole. n g dog food. .ree , inky o tui-frti. >> n i g a snky soc o tootrututt frut. oh, iot thes. >>otrutti. >> o
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>>h,nokiddg, a havipo-tum>>ka timeorneor >>ka e rembthe. moldy cese orarel rn? >> should wdo t reay nast e,um ey w htntlate de fis orberrana ooth. laug laer im nokiin >>is lik t gagreex ndtsehehocote sortfteke d . >> my gag reflex ierious ar kick . >>nd llian gngo wp you u
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>>all all righ is he you ever thought this, it is me, it is me veryday. >> and if you have r wine and tyresey agth you. the hip- the hip-p actor and sing a new show p up lled "it is not it is men." and thhey think
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and marriage different perspe the did.together ouip did, used sd the twed the wos a onded to of them, an wa-mail stit s likeagree. i sa is hsaid, res d so w wsa thend t con atn,need a boether egdier." >> and w tho it wasng to th, b wamed i ma. t list tanth is not the manpective, it is startinht is
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unr xposing, lond women, d oengaged, an ge youea of what is around the corner re y there, and some t is uncomfortable >> and tyrese si, and medine. >>es andn inteing, i dowant get t deeut i am a he to get dee andaz thiat all of kufindursees gng mad wiout poin fereof wmarria d oh c you natly methin youe not ed b what i a fher if n d a faththe home, an i'ng tbereating a an i'm dad, because i have made a child wh a woman, t u don't understand the concept fatherhood. h do you grow into that? >> and rev is the first person wiis wifand family that i han around on a consistent lel that is really marri
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of marriage and'm 37,nd ings are chag for me but i'm still sing >>nd se, there is a l o >> of ur. of cour. >> and i kwhat y vhave stuff at you wt aybo it. >> i think that, inow, thalisten i know me whi peoe than most white peop, so i dont't have a racistone my athe end of e da enough is enough. en you havtalent, and you hagifts, and it is n tt you seek the vidation of non-blacks aay i am nothi l you valide me, but it i matter ofhat is fair fair. d wheno to the b.t awards weomate sam smith and robin ro n thicke, becausehe put out great music, andadele. and at the end he day, if
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acto ass film producer, yo should ha opportunityo recogne the most signicant awd eris in th movieilmke there is, and chr rock shouldefinitely step down,nd everyby who aattending anif you are fends with african-ericanan you love them the way wknow tt you do, geouof there, d ke a stemt.that is how you afft change don't ke showip actg as you d't knoat iing on, and thinking about you and the future generations. we cannot effecthange w don't d up forsomething. rev, a thougs o this? op he's hollywood gand all soup supereece. >> all right. good lucwith the show and th premier ofit is noyou, is men" persn ownhis
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an"empire" and we wantll couples, engad, single, rried, rried, straighanday, and weant all yn the living room tki a ts. we le it e lit. >> comon, on. and we have a look at the new vie "w knew" rhtfter sthritis pain, because you believe in go. . y'the y. carpe diem. l 8hr arthris pai has twyers of pain r rst isas secots all. we ge yoyour d b
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,,,,,,,,,, > hey,guys, it is wisd day. na bus hagueinkath. odcret a
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e ek trivi g "w ew" d inonggt bure nowlge city th w kn,ouet t,on worr beuseou w get aigd book it u ve vee s ve>>ne oe fe pl i world. >> a w ask thifore brk,e of the foo is eat ea d i lasas, wis,
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the forh. and thaishi ll w kov n e gor"iktyn sings al thich p colls song -- n t a nit, , yturlove. >>inst >> ain a. no ain a so sin it t shwins t o cantorgeiconic film. >> yes, and s go e yea callf n ndave a v it loo rn caesars,is nll .s a thear. andt i yourna?mi a yar
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e this so ou aoing lig my so >>iv l vegas. >> aha intowith>> she gets . >> he a smartan and may he is gog to $100 of hoda's book iv lasveselviel ot maro prislla er h sgemeback there, aid fouweekof shs an paid haland hangedisife. >> ok.ckr to hoe >> i wto show u th adableids overe.alt. shed t yo icllic rom? okville,na. >>lagas ise argest ank helnt
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you ge. hank. weom >> so even losou wi lddo su. >> iisthe lgest hotel. hotel. the vetn7,0s, danoondaonr is es an'ow, tt is cle"w knew." andr cali and i c "r n,tin ff's craeras tor pyihat mepoke raackjack. lackja
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e w hgot? ri we .ab howy ia ls are ar i ,0,00,00 geic 1>> that isven sw t w s! yo g ,0. nd 80,0 a d e days aew urandou h mbeor od wourie tr., we deime. don'ttime rry,n't ime fo u thing ok. its soatedith bili since im d lillna hashe les trendinse for le
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so, do he rit to remn handme? [ chuc wa uh-o
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us and ain lnzym. tou hiba,urocr nexi hereco. liia dssinroom li intimut it is jennirtime l ihe. i ini. aner sexyoom >> t thankr having us, ft oth a iist-ir couc
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syazerut wa you gh ptty t chane whe lof thitand ia de nt gndrom . >> and >>k at , t it a tael tiethe so p t?dupeand blsendeathlegggs en drestrap w iou go he ck. wel i et, becaersr . y >>, if y wt
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e ors. d tythis l rband re ll i witthe rdrlayit onr head s cu ovhet shoe, if you don'tt cmit t trend,hi easo. ies der 0,nd i in budyor anenipe orle a t aat >>mprt a on i ly i stoso four cles anes h rget theutul hand. d noakef vedit ano iou cnlte it in d
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what in tse b, d itart s ri >> runsi't ould itt is why you to spend le than $50 it.>>ndl rtinea bacto scol f aryss
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and i me with s james fran, andr ste king and the pusr j.j. rams. >>epter:y oplean teou ecthe ty when jfkas sassinated >> who donk dit? >>any pplhink tt haey oswd d. orter: t n seri on elohe premise thathat ne man e power too through hisry an aerhe urse. >>isimpler if you go in imasng. >> in closet?>> cano a favor juk into >> ror bed o best g n sphng, a ghootehejasrao travele to s k's fe wakes.216
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incrible ie tasf e orey whade io rd extrinar te. s is olass make it erfu te ty meet ovheutualovehen king. you w both interest and thoenan eail o pal -r howoes at wote and i kwac other r several yearsndet him owuc ledhe bo, and he if you olved as a pce hond i tho now we are hthincipal's office talking aboutit>> aheraer achend a kethinof myself that seteshe irole where sed to be honesas posble,nd thins is one of th. ep i prpa inl'office todayhi ahai iawi, anwhouerge
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do>> i wrote a newspaper tha called thes b var amesnd into the g ha was ca to olog terin d ters? >> did, beuse i dn't nto geend. >>orr: iyou bb y l tou could goack, have yoed someththou wld go ck anch. aone point, i w goac andh,ot d that moviedsht, ars d years la i wldt is grt, because m fe changed bause. epte not tgive aw eing, but you published an alterndg on e inet, a ae tosed by the e ries >> wl yth b i woueo kill ybody inoonoanha >>mit eb e pe hdo>>ndtiort
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which coientas presidents' day? anit ot sty,f mhisty, and happe i cld the c ilwe
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ng am ry exc fhe es. ming up ter th. > >, who couget nt. is is for th get this, jos gogoing to be makher debut in vegnd whnows wt is in ste, but she iaking resid e, ani goi to ttoe and what is thats it isoi tbefun.oywinesd wednday. nd we will see you on
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>> d't you love that. >>.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ]
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ra , inblitu knwho that is dissting! >>guew far a sneec trav! a hety rmg ntr st. i kn! >> now arey ready for rachael? >>lcome, everyby welco the doctor is oday. we havea jam ed show and up fit well tackl, the most drded time of the year old and usean". weare out to hit the peak of it, right? >> it's a time of arhav to telyou, what'scool about this segm and i cited is i tool, tips and tricks avoithe cos. this is dr. tris stok. and i have often ke ed about him my girliends, he's one ofo docts who's o goodooking toe a doctor,
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