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tv   Today  NBC  January 21, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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ood rning, welcome to "today alane, the sound up, sound likethis beepbeep,beep >> ty will require careful editing on tha ta. coming up we ll tkbout the weather. preparations well undeway up and down the east coast for wh could be a histoc srm t. nation'sapitolot sma taste. if this was a trial run, itid not go ll. i-27outse d.c. this g. our weath team, lan, ey gott all cored. dyla let'sta wh you.good morning. >> reporr: gd morning. 's been 9 yrs since waingtond. h had a o-ot oworm. were waing for it toom is weend, but tsalt depo here sayhey ar rdy for . thsha 22,000 ton ofalt look ke,dd t t dens mo ks a several mor standby, you we reto gohisentially
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lastnight, one ih o snow i andicati of h readyhe city . there e cars stilltuck o e roa from stnight's cout the d. h lot morereparingo do tal before the srm a. sma taste ofhat'o come pele s on d. highws rho car are abandoned and everything. >> reporte as th traffic rerts und like rus hour ll into t ergh my driv sll caughp t vo, whias not stopped.>>eporr:ot en president obama's morcade c aid the wintery me, slping, sliding, along with eone el o the road hundreds of crhes in viinia. thnagati sm sng a travel nightmarend a historic m lesshan 48 hoursaw coulde one of the three of all mes, if this is
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hdle aliz ard? repor >> repte mayor asng tse stay ohe ro. >> we haven had a forect of a storm of4 ho incs i m mory repr:ast ti.c. saw somethg this bad, , sing the cit r>>ple weting ithe sis of theruckndrabbin for shofrls. >> rorter: it's alreadynd way. >> war all sold out onow ovels. >> repr:ome poisold ou >>eporter: bottl water ten ui a i cane opd. lis onously lo. >> i'm thinkg ead. >>e're picking u extra wine anbeer >> rorter: travelers tryin capeearly.seveaies w fees for pasers. >>he udriv on way is ke, get ready, ma >> reporter: ts ofhoan arnow braci for the winr crash. >>e-bye, erod ge ad repter:ow, yestda
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beer, lded fine. we weayed more than a hour waiting f a dpae parently,here onlyne deiceereagan. eyice te. e wa lotfm to go. maevyonetays ho. matt. savann. dyn, tnkouery mu >> y are wchth closy. whato yo ? smr weropertyome accutidowns you go up north. we sll fl liket's going tbe a mor deal furriends in t washingn eas, virgia.80 milon peopl aected by me sorof wtertorm watch, warnin blizzd we have blizzard wn th w rkarea the inon andaltimore are a. lice a bic alymeansor the hos orre yot sustaine wind greater, bling and fallg sno a oppi tha vibility to les th quarter a mime ere' w wareought thesystemhtnow. it wl use severe weather down toflida, a possibility tornadoes.
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washingt, d. sing later toy. ase getoarly turday, e looking forli in mid-atntic. costal lowill form. offhe rona,t'll me o the coast. satuay it startso streth. heav snowrom philadelpa to wainond. wis incas he inew yk tycostal res, wre looki at wi gusf60 miles perhourth's gngoauosl fldi, andhall be augmted by the fact is an igtide. floodingong islano n jers. as fars cumulaons,he big nuer i gng to somewhe in wt rginia or wte virginia. foexpl rrisonbu,now throug saturd,4nches or more. we goournaon's catal. wexpt the snow t start sotimerida afternoon. there'szzardatch tha begin fridaduring thening hour.
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ilia of brotherly , the snow wilin sometimeaterida thrgh earl satday morning. heavy, w ow.okor per lesoming down. there' gng to be stress on roofs. the snowfalforeca, 1 to 16 ines. here ineworci,ook for about 5 to 8 ihesfsnow ndus of 50ileser ho, costal flng. th'll also bri proble blzard watch saty and sundth move to on. bost, you lucdout. yong t only ma twncfno tgh tuay afternoon into suny rning. byunday afternoon, it is o of re t tre's a lotfin pas to thi syem, wch we will ctinue to ver. after last year,he folks in stonould use a eak. >> exactly. >> al, thanks ver much. >> let's talk about the rough de o walreet thest atart to a year in histor at one point inn day, the dow dro morehan 55 in bef a late rally t closeown about 2ts
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plungein o prices, at t lowest lev sce 20. olia stess at the n yor stock exge lolrice a gthing, generall eaking, but they're falling st, they're swping up not only energy stks. t's right, matt. good morning. th is b it'sotustout chevron andxnxonxo it's us t ergy industr overals b piece othe ameranonomy. en the big energy cpani have t sla their plans enng andy veo l off tusan of op, a tcompaniesnd comnies tt suorseigil majors suffer. at exactly wte've s ady hapning in places like datama ears thesem wns on the back shale l,
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aft whatartth da we g down 50 shing points, were we seeing panicselling? >> inde str iserd ntalit sotum is and of itself. in aselloff rally. the force o selling seems e stng ople downeree tha wl stre prected ne of the stive ressns. the tth w d go an unusll lg period whout a correction in e market ween fr yrs uilas ar. at's unusual. now,he fed raised rates a they don't com ove te etockarket stas t wobb and y, d'tworry, nger eth is, tt, ts is an ecomy that has been producing 200,000s nowor four straight years. we still growitbout 2.5%. at is n an econo on th ink o recessn. olivia stearn thas very much. i lik tha joke. >> me too. lile walstreet humor for your day. l talk politi. e presi race days
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theeudween replin vals donald trump and ted cruz really escalating the candidasrying new jabs a new trump bker s palins t campaig tra with jabsf her ow haveomple cora, giing with peter alexanr. good morning. good morning toyou. with that friendship now ging wa to a ud, it ishe hea to he matchuhaou decid the nextepublin none dold tmp still on the offeive. ted cz aggreivelyrying to unify conservatives, arguing that sporting trump means siding with the washington estahmt. >> r donald trump zeroing on h number one target,cr. >> he's o-faced. >> repr: railing at his l with the uate insult for any republ. >> worse than hillary. >> reporter:z casting hielf as the true conservative. >> we're sing theashington establishmen abandong marco rubio a unifyin behind donald trp. mr. ump's pitch to the
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almake >>orte tha rebuttal aerbob tol the "new york times" t gop would suffer losses if cruz bemes i nominee. ra palin talking for tru t personal. >> it's thelephantn the room >> reporter: the former v presential pick addssin adlines about her son, arrested on monday for domtic violen against his girlnd. >> my like so many others, ey come back a bit different. th comeack ened. m p. the question ough, it comes from our own presenhere they he toook at him wonder do you kno wha we go roh? do you know what we' trained to secure a. >> reporter: cruz securing his own realitytv s poith an endorsement fromuck dynasty. >> they k auck and me a od dk gumbo. >> repter: with trump d cruz ugging itout, the tablenandidates eyeing
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newhis m, jfk' grandson is divgnto the debate. ted cru is no jack kennedy. pouncing pouncing on cruz's claim that kennedy ulbe rublican toy. hewrtstes, i fin this suestion tharuz is taking up my grdfathestle absurd su. >> peter,nk you. let loo at the democrats w bernieanders surging. hillary clinton's campaign i pullgut thetops to try to slow his growing montum. nbc's aa mitchells i iowa with more on that. hi, andr. good morning. >> good morning, . hillary clinton is criosng iowa toy,rying toprevent bernieandersm sweeping both iowa and his neighbori new hampshire. >> thank u. >> repter: hillary cli in wa, fighting off bernie ers surg >>s not wheer you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up i'veotten bk up timnd me and time again.
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expericen aew ad, ioking 11 >>he senat whoelped a cit rise agn. e secretary oftate who stood up for america. >> reporr:anrs unlehed swn ad, showcang his vote agnst the iraq r, which s supported. i voted agast the in iraq, and that s the right vote. >>eportelinton is relying her hus toe her se. >> ts has turned int an interesting election. >> reporter: for the first time, criticizg sanders without ming him. >> her opponent sa hillary' opponesays, onelace she disagrees wh her oppont is - theli >> repor >> reporter: the clinton campaign sayhey want to run against socialist. >> they want t use the term cialt to frighte people away fro bernie sands. i' not sayint wou b fair. i' saying itould be a reality.
7:12 am
er one poll showsanrs 27 ints ahead.even sanders' ais think it's os tn that,000vont. aewus t get toural eas. enoughoney to go thediance. bernie sanders understands how to win buibuild wning campaigns. he'll bring peoplen who wouldn't be there unlse's the nominee of the part >> sanders i in newamhire today, and clinton heads there tomorrow before bh ce back to iowa, where the critical cauces are aeek from nday. matt and matt a savanna >> anda, thas. chuctodd is here, "mod moderator of"mee theprs." i wder why it t so lon for e sociasmrgeno te so longo beront and center u can imagine replicans running a hammer ad. is this a wni strategy for cltos caaign? >> right now, i don't know. i tnk in the long ru when youtart getngore ste inlved, s, it's possle, when you fus thelectorate on
7:13 am
theowaemrati caucus, poll ask democts wtherhe wo "soclist" or"capitalist" described them. 43 said they're identified a socialist. 38 identified as capitali. thsn't a win argumen in iowa right now. >> let's go ttheublican de. tecruz is trying ou inging out a new strategy. after month of runnginst donald tru asheoutsiders, splittin the vote he said, wait aminutehe estlishment of tepublicanty i ting to come aroun to donald trump. 's nhe estliment candidate. ist effective? >> ion'tnow yet. i think it'sard to sit tre an say that doldtrump,ndhis new palarah palin, are part of th establisent.d cruzsartial gh the establiment is going, if you'reoing to makesic between trump anduz, we'll ke trump or cr. but i tnk that to sit here and y he n somehow make t connection toots to say, dona t i par othe establishment, i don'tnowf
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>> meanwhile, one of th pls i w in n hampsre had cruz ming send. uslly,ew hamre i the e where moderat and mainstreamandites have their chance towell. what do you mak o cruz makg a rn new hampshire? >> cruz on his own. talaboue lanes. e trump lane,he tablishment la. one is fightin for theruz vo, thelibearian, evgelil vote it's not the dominant electate in new hampire, butut if he's the only guy going for it -- ok, if cruz winsiowa, i tnk heill be second we're looking atrump-cruz. i don't knowow the establishment breaksthroug if theyon't take cru down in iowa. >>huck todd,hank y very much. > inther ne, t oma mistrationould aounc toy new visequiremes for some eopean traveler federalffls wt to make harder f europeans who hav ugor isi to enterhe unitedstates. the nelesld affec
7:15 am
of iran, ir, sudan or syria, who visiteose criesn e last fe yes.onapolll,ene mocrats bloed a bill tt would crack down on sia refugees coming tthe country. > the flint wer csis in chigan, rick snyr is asking prident obama reconser the fedal sayst's an imment and long-tm thato residts ther $2 mlioneayor mor boled bottled war,urseand st >>the ffo bls made hiy ondnesy, hiringhe league'sirfull-time feme assistant coac cathe smith was named ality conol sci tms coached. prious sved as a adnistration asstant to r anurin his days at t
7:16 am
an sdmith has provenhe's read for the nt ep. > backo e video wehowe you,he califora owrder oou be fing cmina chars f his aedole i iggeng an ahe last year 29-yeaold christian was wearing body camera when he boded down a steep run i nortrncafornia. e videohows him bied der do theascading snow. wasn an acte avalanc ar, osedthe bl. ey he put himsf, friends, s prol a skigpu at risk>> gd ns youiv banews y mave committed cminaloffee. you know whyhe are so many expletives on the tape. mr. roker, you're busy these ys. >> in the pacific northwest, heavy rain stron wdsrom the pacific northwe io california.
7:17 am
central part of the country. memphis may see a blizzard rning for them out of the storm. severe risk of strong stos
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'll g to your>> that' >>t' you lestweher. savann? >> al anks>> justd, wast approd by vdimiputi th boshel rept o this moingn theeath of a forr russian spy, poisonedit a cup of tea. he navy seal whoel killma binad isnder inveigatn.die take an unauthized uven from the raid?
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nbc. >> omin up sarah patelin back in th otlighs she i r a vicpresidtial my opioid in medationlees me feing lockp!miions opeoplere ested to suffer from opioid-induced constipation,
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utilities board voted ont. it's part ofheir ongoi pla to have -percent renewable energy by02.... and fully decommissi drake by 2035. tyouil will nsider a propal, aped by utilities board,.. to cut electric rates byearl five percent for the average omer, d ral gas by moreha14- percent. utilities says t v demmission unit five at drake, wilsve ratepayney overhaul. "the decomissioning of dke 5 verate payers $2 million net present value over the next 10 yearover converting it to natural s." if city cocisignoff the ra cuts, they would ke effect february first. they will vot thr january th meeting. chmorninmetet -- stephen bowers joins us now a lookt our local forecast... stephen... any lile bit of snow we get will be short-lived and confined to ear this moing. the nd ramps up and blows 15-2mp temperatures will warm from th
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middle and upper 30s by 10 am. no looks okay with temperatures warming toward 40 in coro spngs with mid-40s around pueblo and caon city. most a will manage 40s w 30s in the higspots through 2-3 pm beforcooling backnto the s by 5 pm. i'm ira cronin... with this ws5 now update. happening day... e woman acsed of stabbin denver's fire chief earlier this weekilbeur.. meanwhile...
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it's the it the21st d of januar 2016. chillyor hen n cityts o parf th country,
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>>d mng toyo >> on tha hap note, t's look a thehelines. the wer is the sty. up aown the east coa people gting ready for the monsr storm thas expd to er this regn in the days. th nation'sapitals in th crsairs wp to two fee of sno expected ere. last night, d.c. got a little st o what'so come, a tn tripled fic.presidentobama'sotorcade got caught up in the gridck. >>ff tn could return ttexas. ethan cch h bn fighting deportation from meco, whe he fledfter missing a meeng with his parol officer. ucs u.s. aorneys say paperwork has been filed tond the ongoing immigration oceeding. > oreg's governor calling on ri to stop the sie armed protesterst a wildlifrege. eense situation that began janry 2nd isausi fear among lal rentsnd mt en
7:28 am
ne allegatns tied to the fatal poisonif a former russ sp nbs chiefbal correspondent bill nly h the ory. good rng. gd rning, matt. adim pu as knos a fo spy hif, and m withgr's according to a british e, who accused him of probabroving the murder ofanher former russi spy, a defeorern london. it's a reportnd allegatio at threatens to sou relatio even moreetween rand t west. repter:xander litvinen liinen tea been poisonedy two russi he m at a hotel. today' rept ned the m as theikely kills, acced a
7:29 am
>> the otiono kl mr. tvinentven w pbablyrove byea of eb, a also by prent puti >>epter: litvenko was a rm russian s exosive allat a n'sinkso th russi a. he switcd sides tork for itish british intel yensmade two russians theort says ret to londo klhi eyetlitvinen at ts hote and poure him tea,hi drank. itontaed a radtive li that likely came from nuclear reactor inrussia. he three weeks t die. theyeft a trail of clues but
7:30 am
litvko aed putinf orri hismurder. the n denies involv his wife cis killing an act of nuclear terrorism. brai wts the scts extradited to face trialputin alrey sed. of th is now a laaker. the killing may b involved. the cprit are stillre >> russia this morngalle thept piticalnd reje its lusion the said ts wa ate spoed muer. th won't help t already straed rionsetwe ssiand t wes oryria an oth issues buthe murdere itsf almo ctainly ends . th no everely to fac triaor litvinenko's deat >> biln t bizre ory. thanks very much. now to t iestigations connteto t kilngf osama binaden a fo nav s wholad ay role in the nie g iser wh or
7:31 am
st-selling book former navy seal matth bissonnette claims he not only shotin laden, took pictures of bo. ew report alleges bisette keptne of the ptos for el >>epter: notongfter the infamous rai that leftsama n laden dead, tentagon al ordll pho of the bodyestroyed or turned ov, idonce the images might b udsanti.s opda.a newepts mht bn pto still out thentil rently. accoing to an article t sites who unnamed soclose to the probe, mthew ssonttke aimagefin lades res. the ia that there areo photos of bin laden r outside of goverenon i a silly notion. >> reporter: following the as ois -sli account of the raid "no easy
7:32 am
minutes, whilendisguise, bissnette was under vestatio for revealing classiedinformation.investigators spected hay havehoton his harrive antruckdealing th wouldn't arrest bisnn if he voluntarined it . acingthe ticle. what weon't knowshether is was parcula one of a cle up ofis hea orbody. we do know it was unauthoriz. >>r:hari m verr umoro for thorme seal. the rtaid iormation o the drive triggered aeparate instigatio saying bissnetteay havbeensing s posions a navl to illegally steer busines tois atel owned compies. though those busesn theory were o by ant's not clear that the mmand had a fl understanding ofha he was dng h side siness. >> newsid n depeentl vyhetail t report,ut bissontt
7:33 am
vestigatn into theged e ofssied information last august. he would n comment the exisnce ofphoto. >> so man stoesing o of thatraidhae,ha you veruch. >> l'sur tmrror r a ecofhe wer. >>e veeather t tkboas f a thees coaey a seegor e edrmom io th pafic nwestndorther liforn. going t get hard o the next sevdays. today, anotherin the i san sco. heaintagale. ot of w comg onn e. turd morniou'll get aor break a t nt ste ad to e tol. the sw in th siea wil inease g ns for owck o fivnche ofsn locally,ouldeixnches in
7:34 am
the sierra two theates on th fecasinuding the storm heado th weathe channel a wehecom, gu. oming , n snny. amy scher uer fir f allegedl steing joke at ss sayg about the
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bad, kidyou reminde of a youer me. >>aide the ds eating your rainer again. let's take a sho 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locatis thanps ground. we' we' ck it's . sarah pas endorsementf donald ter backn thepolititlight i big way. what has the former publicane presid noe been d sin h rise to fame in 2008 joe fryer tak alook. ah palin not runor political office onny level more than sevenyes, yet she remains a political e. meone wioyal folw toeersnd anlity to fundrae. also, no shoagef drama. >> a youeady to make america grt again? >> rter: as sarapan endorses donald trump, person probl surfacesn the shadowf h pital life her s ack, a iqar ven, chaedit miemeanors aftrrte on mestic vlencears. >>y son le others come back
7:40 am
>> rorter:t's nothing new for palin,lending persona d epolitical. pan resigne asalaska's govern, eventuall signing on as a fox news cor. t l atur presis whoears jeans. >> reporr: meas books a std rlity shows like ahlin'alaska"n tlc. >>pull. gd ot reporte yet,he remain a conservativeire brd, fundi ke-minded candidas through rital aio mmite, lding h vo tea rtyve. >> t ahe front linn the battl for t fute of o try. >> rter:uringhe hh te palin coined the term dea panel, which was 'sie of th ar.her reac is great, whmiionsf flowen faceoknd itr. el and wco to a new projec rorter: pin had t pull e pner online chanl. >> next estion, yes, ta? no, it's sarah pan.
7:41 am
rorr: thr i l, she still can't shake h "sn dole doelgang. looksik ient t time a spa again. reporte the timine lls her family. in 2014, they attended a party brawl. no one w arreed. >> whaould he doing puingir around thou? >> reporter: her daughter, fina on"dancing with the sts,"alled off her st year, then gave to r seco child last month. >> now, sarah pin is back in the spotlight. un how muchhe's going t stump f tru in e coming days wedny, she appeare at one ralln okla um t nt onenio.>> joe frye tha you ver much. ust ahead, a rareufo allou memrs o savaah favore gr abba. >>hathey're sin abo t
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hi > w e eck. 7:. on in the o roo with a sweet moment, and it's goiniralhis morning. >>t is. thes twins were bnn australia earli thismonth.ey wer bornpremature, und 29 week theighedbo 2 unds. they did require immedia mecal atntiowh tir fhe winly leo hdm f tir
7:47 am
keook ahi veohe se ithnt, theldgnds. heararmith tnsatchn toac other. the coupl shared tsomen on theiracebk ge, and the video has bnwed 1 milon time thbond didbreak ther when mom hd the babies, as we. they were stillolding hands there. >> adorable. >> she hesitated to share the videot first bhe was rr peopleight disturh theng theathing tus, lpfu shesaid, goo lik cra looking hope when we re told we mighte premure. her story is touching many this morning a both babiere doing very, vy well. >> you don noticehe breathing tubes. you st see litnd really cute. so tiny >> thank u. cing , ist t dea of deptment stores? joretaile clong dozen oflotions.
7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:51 am
ahlilly. she pret much lives in r favorite princess ess. anshe's not exactly tidy. even if she getstain shll wear it fa week saight. so i use tide to g out thosweek old sins and doto get it fresh and and sie i'm thhas to do the laundry, d whny expt dad would do i let her ay sheriff. i got mines tlife. you are free to go. ti and downy. grt on theirwn
7:52 am
,,,,, i'm ira oninith this today show update. this morning an investigation is underway... afr two grass fires sparked within hours of each oth,... lesshan a mile apart i colorado springs.. the first happened near 19th street near uintah... where at least o acre was burned. a few hours later, just blocks away.... otr re spread under a fence and damaged one home... crews got both under control quickly. anno one was hurt in either fire.
7:53 am
but ot sai whetr tho grs fires are related. el paso county commissioner -- repulican "pegittleton noceyesterday that she's tering the race for the u-s senate... to unseat moatic senor chael bennet.. so far 11 republican candidates have thrown their names in the hat... includg the others froel pa county. fellow county commission darr glenn... nessrobe blaha.. and charliehle. chief rng meteorogist -- sthen wers joi us now with a look at our local forecast... stepn... any little bitf snow we get will be short-ved d confin to earlyhis morning. thwind ramps up d blows 15-2mph. temperatures will warm from the this morning toward the middle and upper 30s b10 am. noon loo okay with temperatures warmingoward 40 in colorado s with mid-40s around puebland caon city. most areas will manage 40s with
7:54 am
t' >> it's 8:00 on "today ng ueath ohe dertmentstore? homajoraile are shiftingstoou bu en an inserea
7:55 am
evytng need tonow before you check in. j.lo. jey's on the stripnd hoda's live in las vegas for her eccular new sh. >> is a fantasy toe ahow in vegas. >> thursday, january , e mell tay from alaska to al. >> >> welcome to o family. >> in grgia. >> a alama.>> good moing silr springs, texas. [ cheers and applause ] good morning, everody. it's thursday, janua st, 2016 nice day out on our pla. it's the calm beforehe storm. the snow is comin to the et
7:56 am
plaza. natae, goo job on the throwback thurs ng. >> v good >>finally. >> very oud of you. e give her a hard me. >> blameatieor that. >> welldone. up wre gng to check in wit hoda who was partying it up in las vegas. >> wow. >> i know. >> auditioning to be a backup ncer. how did it go, hoda? >> reporter:tas le a ea huyp and get to the spot. >> did you even to sleep, hoda? >> repter: i had an hour and that's all you need. one hour. >> y wear i well, sist. also coming up, we'reing lagna t lighter and t easier way too. >> that' the lighterway? sign me up. first, let's go inse to
7:57 am
this msive snowsto expected th weekend. the wasngton, d.c.rea already dealing wit an ear taste of what's to me. dyn is the eporte good ing. s, we are aiting a poteiallstoriczard it's bee 94ears sin shingtond.c. has been hit by 2 feet ofsnow. but areheready? stery, wead .7 ihes of snow he inashington, d.c. d it wasn't e mt suessfulest n. hundre o aentse reed. even t present's motorcade waslippg and sliding along th everye else. this morning, we're sti dealing th the resl effects of th there are backups m 5 les lonto a out o the city. several schoolistricts a closed thimornin it's a good thing thi wee stormivat fri a sts roh satuay. so most folks wl b ho.
7:58 am
we have thoands of tons of lt here readyo d n truc ostandb we'll see how i alllays o wh t mai event stas tomorrow. >> finge cross the. al will have t complete rest cominp inus a little b. all es on the stock market todafternother turbulent day. at one point, theow was down 553 thenlosing with arop of abhalfhatmu. e dow is down about 9.5%s yearndnalysts b falling lces and a cooli economy china. donald trump is holding a rally today in las vegas after doubling down on all of his opponents. wednesday, he called bernie sanders a whacko. sarah palin spoke about her oldest s who w aesd thi week accusf domestic violence.
7:59 am
they come bk a bit different. they come back haened. the qution, though, tt ces fromur o president. th have t look and him and erdo y k wha weo thugh? >> jfk's grandson is jumping into debate jaennedy called that absurd. hilry clinton is chris crscross crisscrossing iowa today she holds a slim lead in ia polls and is hoping t prevent sanderfrom sweeping bot iow d hampshire where sanders has a big leain the polls. she criticized sanders saying she wts to start all o again on heah care. two people are recoveri after a frightening crash o day when tru smd into dai queen heasof llas. the fire truckas bng driven back to fireouse by a repair sho worker when it
8:00 am
the driver and o pern inside theai queen werhurt investatoreryg toind ou whatausehat h. > no a real heads up py from the world of high scho basketball. take a look. the pass goesnto thelayer th basket. the ball hs him rig onhe tempbouns u goes in if you're wondering, yes,t i good for two pnt nohot you wanto try when playing horse ihedriv they dn't drill f the o head shot. >> no, they didot >> natalie,nkyou. do y lthe a tripohe ma eah. >> all time. >> parking ialways an issue. exacy. withhe risef online shopping, so peo are suggestinge're actually witnessing the death of departme storeswe them. >> good morng. sincthe ar of, a number of mar retaile have announced plans to close hudsf stor. pes say traditional
8:01 am
to goway tirely, they are chaing. this is the more and more of us shop now. we click up more than$300 bin isales eve year. anhatumbe gring. for many shoppe, driving to the mall and fightin the crowds stsn't necessaryanyme. i no lo find departmen storeppg satisfying. >> online shoppg is the fure. >> two tradial dartment stores already suggling with sales, thosettitudes a chilli. >>e've seeaonliti in fewereptment stores. >> my'slans to close 40 stores this ar. in 20, sears closed 0. jcpenney jcpenney is plannlo anr is year. e've goto find more asons to makehe box mor productive. >> macy pla put backstage discount stores inxisting
8:02 am
nny'ss bringing maj stores. ping cusmers who b tir clothe will think aboutashing andrying them. >> department stores have reinvented themselves multiple mes. that's wt wee sing n. critics onocial media may not be soasyo convin. on tweetg, it takes approximely econds i a departnt sre for me to member why don't often go to departme stores and another, i sti healls and large partnt ores on cnbc, t sayon't cou out thbig guys yet. >> do you think th death of the partment storeas been greatly exaggerated at this point? >> ie do. it's been grosslyexagrated. >> eergree traditional depame stores arno going away. >> i thi we will still have rtment ss and i think th're goi to get bter o me.
8:03 am
it's now aut the experience. they'r offering restaurants, shion shows, ccerts, even massag, tngsou can't get online desned tong yound your mon bk into thetore. >>e were renisceing. what wou jior hh haven thout t mall? >> my m wld drop me of and d be the all day. >> getting ourselves in trouble at the arce. >>ikstlik walki int grt deparent sre>> thereightg back>>owmychum i reacng toegatio she'stealing jokesrom othercomedians. plus, the force delay you'll waitger than y out the next "star w movie. > on consumer unshlconfential, what youeed kno fm ing a heloom to e bedding ithro.
8:04 am
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an ordin an ordinary ja vaseline jell it'sething we don't think about much. except when we've t chped lips or small cut. but for people living in areas of csis, simple skin conditions can turn into serious issues. so we created the seline healing project a partnership withirect li to help millions in needheal their skin. so they can go back to work. orchool. and that ordinary jar can make an extraornary difference. > 8:. we're back witht'sing today. first sry is little b
8:07 am
rodney dangerfielf the syst. several y ago, it was ado longer a planet. >>right. now, we g this ne scntists say they have evidenf a ninth planet at the edge of our solarsystem. no, it is not pluto. it's nicknamedlanet nine. it'selieved to be ten times bigger than eah. it's close point is out 20 billion miles away from us. get this, one orbit around the sun would takeomewhere from 10,000o 20years. which is, as natalie pointed out, a m tarro tdownonitter, som quot brea. plo spo dri sloy palane nineme, sll able to get ovehest. bad s-fi movi >> exacy. >> i lovit. peop areostingicture of theth st, callingt plannine.hilari what is thegest thing
8:08 am
i'm goingo suggest the "washington post" did a new ti and said pt e q-tip. >> why? the aicle pnts t, the ngeife q-tips it is e one thing tha you buy where itlearlytates that the tng yo buytor is prohit us it for ke hoold cleang, butet be hone, don'tou use it to clean your ears>> i says,on't insert itn your ear canal. inther wos, isn't that deep >>sn'that what mosof u do? that's where the wax is. theea partf th ear. >> thenouse it t polish >> ise it for arts and craft all the ti. >> do y use ti? >> yes. >> eve day? i dive rhtnthere. i know you're notposed , t i liet in ther i'll modif my answer i usit more afte i get out of the shower to soak uphe wer wi a opposed to diving in there.
8:09 am
>> t cloth towel in your ear. >> i put it i like this. >>ctly. doesn run intoanythingo itfine hav you eadhi ppen to yo fourho vibrating in your pocket, go pick it up k you realize it's n viating at l. >> all the ti. >> or you don't e have your one i yourpo. you felat,ou'r not ale. scieistsallhis- the's a name -phanm vibration ndrome. it hpe bause phonebecome so integrated in our lives. you can read me about this a ye sometes -- i thought it wasik an electrical thing with m heart. got nervous. is that rhythm? >>o yohave heart? >> oh, m! >> firsthe ain, now the heart. he started ! >> new you.
8:10 am
>> oh, noterted in your ear canal. this is a tough om, ma >> i think for parents, i hear my -- i my -- i hear london crying sometimes bue's t at all. 's a phantomy cry. >>ometesavanna hears wine bottleop. >>hfulthinks. ns fans of "star wars" wiread hearing and whymy schumer is ready to te a lie deerte fs ve twait longer r th n itaf tar wa" wa". ise epise episod viii wl come out on cember 15th o 2017.itl setp an epic be at the booffice "avatar 2"l be relea the followg week. thisht be hingoo with thecript rewrite. manyrgue that episode vii has
8:11 am
release, ty want t p the next one to thatwind >> everythingas onschedule. 2017. by byen. >> start with four. > amychumer is accused of steang jok fro other comeans. sh set the record raig with jim norton. i wld never do at, and i never ha. i'm literal going to take a pograph test and pt on my showhi season. i promise,hatever the results are, i w't let them cu >> there y . am said thisappens when you findsuccess.
8:12 am
>> > > abba showed u tother. th ban oncein reject pleas pleas to perform together. >> you can'to that tme. >> that's abba. >> abba. >> what do you thin >> i used to say abba. don't know. carson is my guru. he wt wit abba. >> thank u. mr. ker? l's show you what's gng on we're talking about thisonster storm. over 80ilon peoplender a wint weather aisor fro arkans all the way tnew york. we're going te wching this. we, i fact,ave a blizzd h ieffect for the shingta up into ltimore. we he alsot one for new rk carea awell. blizza defed as susined nds of over 3 miles or eateforee hours or mo,
8:13 am
vibility t less than a quarter of a mile you can see, aboutn i from bostonll theay out to nashvie ove i saty nit. he is whatre looking fo, you will see snof 24s us. could be three feet. heaviest snow friday throu sarday. the move into washington, is the biggest cy that's going t s the most amot of snow. up to twoeet of snow. snowegins friday dg your afternoon rushr. ty of brotherly ve,ere lookingor phidelphiaeeing snow friday through early sunday mornin ten to 16 inches of snow. w rk cy and n jersey, al gng teoong sicallat abo fe to eig ches of sno with wind gusts of 50 mes per hr plus tal flooding along t jersey shoreline and lg as ll. boston, yo desved areak and you get one. yo wil see may two inches of snow. but you will have song win
8:14 am
>> t >> top threenowsrms for wagtd.c. januar 27th in 22, 28 ihes of . we wl ce ry, vy to at, guys. cko yo ,has such. we arepping up our nserondential series this morning. with annse look ahotels. >> jac i t mho ior of "hea a beds." good m you. good morning.
8:15 am
>> separe flooif youan. ends of the hote wt aromef thrdest thinou'v sn ithe industry? >> takes a lot texplain it. erything happens i hols. newleds, recentdivos, death, kidunning arnd, celebrits. >>erha because otheeird thgs people d in room a study foundhere is lotf eria, ger i hotels. >> absoluly. >> even fournd five-star hotels. >> certnly. >> whatrehe dirtiest places? >> onef the things i point out immediately is t remote control. theyeficulto clean. yo can't spray . it's dficult toclea those things. thing'd commend, usually there is a shower cap. you can wrap it in that. be a little sar. avoid trinking glasses. fine it' one of th solid glasses, hsekeepers don't he the tools to can it s the
8:16 am
or sometimes furniture lish. it takeshepots off. >> we're checking t. >> e. peac out. >> please,stay. >> my wife gets to a hotel, s grabs the bepr and takes it off and pu iin the corner of e room. art? >> aolutely. wed pillows. it goes onheloor and housekeepingks it up. >> you know it's a fancy hot when you're in e bathroo and th toile paper is arrand i iangle watch out. 's usually one last thinheousekeeper doe behey leave the rm. ey'reoday lgfolinghe tissue par. it'seen touched, corosed. get rid o th. >> if it loo like it's been arranged, pullha out and thwt away ar es peaking of thethroom, they have the lovelroduct i the. do you steal them? >>m i sposedo stealth?
8:17 am
these a memy. u remember youray, use tm later. the's lotfhi you can gett hotels people d'tkn. slippers. if they d't put it in the room, t se sts. >>ple tryte it though right? >> it'sorhe ests. >> what if you arekingown the hall and see thet with the s and loa i iourbag? >> if houseeper catches you, you're rui her ly. ju call and ask forhat you want andy'll bringt up. >>oes the wai bo my room impact the way i'll be treed by the hol? absut mostverying do. i book thi party, le a lot of op,ou save. if you book at the hote th'll take mor priorit with your suite. call twor threeays bere,spk to th front des a say, i booked m reservation. my room ad now there's connection beten
8:18 am
wh ye checking in, it's a bujob, offer gratuity somes. ou feeike tront desk agents kind of the y to th city. be no him orher, your cld change for the be tihe or what? >> just c is >> tip good, too?>> yeah we check in 250 people a day. this ioryou, whateve you no for i appreciatit. it'sn rratedjob. al theing meansmething. they know every rm in the hotel. ybee're n urading you but i can ge you a late checp. the usekeeper, youay it's appropriate to t the houseepe how ch? i usuly $5 nig or $20 forhe stay it's difficult b, as a hoekeeping manager. it's thankless. youer see them. it's magic trip. youlwaysut it inenvelo. ere are a lot of peoplehat come in and o othe roomand, say, tey dsn alway go to em
8:19 am
brin it to e frontsk. >> how noto get cation ff you call. otfs prepaiut i it a rarseation, say i wa to move t reserti un nextwe ca the next dayo ccel and witn the boun >> snky. tha you very much. >> freesht itpriate . jennife lopez kicks offer las ves ridency a hoda has th backsta pass.
8:20 am
let's get loud hour... hour... i'm a onin with thisoday show update... unit five the drake powerplant in dotown coloro spngs... will be coissioned by the end of next year.... ana uttyatcut uld be theorks forustomers. yestdathe colodo sin
8:21 am
it's part their ongoing plan have 20-perntenewable energy by 2020,.. d fully decommission drake by 2035. ci council will consider proposal, approv by the utilitieard,.. tout electric tes by nearly five percent for t average customand natural gas by more than 14- percent. ilities sa tot decommisnit five at drake, will also sa rayers money ov lon "tomissioning of drake 5 saves rateay million net present value over the nex10 ars over converting it to natural gas." if city councif on the rate cuts, they would take effect february first. they wilt their january 26th meeting. chiemoing orologt -- stephen bowers joins us nowith a lo at our local forecast.. stephen... any little bit of snow we get will be short-ved and confed earlyhis morning. the wind ramps up anows 15-2mph. mpatures will warm from the 20s this morning toward the
8:22 am
uppe30s by 10 am noon looks okay with tempatures wng towar in colorado springwith mid-40s around puebl and caon city. mo are will nage 40s with 30s in the high spots through 2-3 pm before coolg back into the 30s by 5 pm. i'm ira cronin... with this news5 w update haening today... e woman accud of sbbing denver's fire ief earlier this week will be in court... meanwhile...
8:23 am
> back now, 8:30 on this thursday morng. it's the 21st d of january, 2016 say hi tomf eeoehoha com on dow to rocfeller plaza o chi mornin actually, not too d. not a lotf wind,lue sk lcome back, every. >> hear a littlej.lo? >>it j.lo musico get us going. >> she had big night in las vegas last nigh her show -- hoda is lucky -- she went behind the sces. saw h it came together and did some numbersith hoda's ba dancers --sorr i mean 's ncers. da think ier dancer >llp fd the betyerneh al thehisou wrenth yo ots,ncdi whats a on siz fs o bra.
8:24 am
n our today foodweek wee c uclassi a lcis aazy sagna. fit,etet cwe >>etook aou oomos i e utt. mid-atntices, heavy thums infl ,euntry. rday, thees itsay up-atlantind to thethea and expandsthe northwestnd trockies. in the plnd gulf coas ay theys out ieast we havshine theaste twrdsthcoy. ok snow ithe ps d
8:25 am
more wet weaer m >> tha >> thas you latt weather. when you nd yr weato to the weath chann on cable and weather.comonli havhese kids from scan, izon r pal savannah's hometo. what school are you from? >> junior high. >> did you wear the hats i tuscan orhe trip ip gngomtorrow? >> bt the snowstorm. >>et's hdacknside evyby.>> yay,tuscan. ,hank very much >>uge event in l gas. jenr lopez premier her show o t strip l night. wn rcarpoeet thetars tur ho was it the nig o y life? >>oh,,ou gu, iwas
8:26 am
all ian think of is -- i ill, i'mtillenny fr the block know her fm "americ id and "shadesf bl." somehow, she man to fd time to channel old hlywood d bng new life toer greate . it was a spectul nig. gus what hit t jkpoth a bine sne lo. >> repor repter:iva missopez. jennfrom t block hased to the stk. don stoeep it moving >> r repter: bet o.l a the poptar tes her luck in lavega with her first resency show called "all i ve." a 90 minute, high-energy eptil,izing onta a plethollywd' thte jeiferays she spent h
8:27 am
>> it's like afantasy, toave ho invegas. ukn, theam of the show is "ave." i wanted to giv everyinghat peopnow about me. >> repter: theho is pked with an intimate dilay of sterfulet design,ith zzng costusnd electrifyi choreoap. on opening nigh a surpre appean by mr. wldwide himsf, tbull, unleashing more eitem o the crowd. >> g flower wano lea her a no >> rorte hoursefor the sh, a much quier scene, when jennifer granted us anll cess backstagess. >> che it out. look right here ma laue 'm still jennyrom the blk ud toave ttle, now i have a l i kw ere ce from >>j.lo's dssing ro, i heard a mor, is thane there. leteouveryth becau
8:28 am
i'm still jennyroth block >> reporte y never kw who u'll run into backste. enter j.lo's vocal ac la, la, la, la,la,la, la, la, la orte i clde e, right? the ans i yes. theyant me to arn e moves, to ho har cou it be get over he brg it ck. dance tht awa >> repr: tim to get on the floor. ack lson before g it all i have oenterage. ,la,la, l onige gon b hit othe flr reporter:ot ut i gues what has in vegill ve toynvegas.
8:29 am
pros. the 46ear-ol age-defiying bety, perhaps findinghe fountain of youth b balcing he psol life with aareer that shows n sig of owing down. whe the confetti was faing,he e othe show what were you feeling inside so goo amin eelike'veeen doing an hournd a half of cardio. it's a gh. it's a great moment. it was a great ment. by way, jfer is goi toperform 40 sr forhe three years. get yoickets becau i have a feeling they're going to sell ba. >> i'moming back. >> we' doing the 10:0 sho fromhere. i'll sw you o picture tt s weird from las night. kellysborne was there and rebel wilson and justin bier. look at the photo. >> somebody else. >> look athe photo bomb >> i see yo >> wt, y gu.
8:30 am
th is a ltl taste ofhat jea and he cominp i ou show ce yost tthn ga >>t' eat. remembe angor"? >> the tattoo. >> cky, i went to an emergency dentalpointmut ythis fi thwas a mont opanic. >> w the ti inbaom. y'll do youworr >>e' here. >> i le the dan moves, hoda. >> yeah. e, fte j.lo. f n theigoff,they lucky to heyou. >> y thethus, ho >>was cano ? iottnow. 'say. >> we'll see yn aittle bit. all right. bye,gu. >p ne,nvtiheight wa howo pouar earned
8:31 am
nb > >>re back at 8: with mor start today's solutis, toelp you achie your goals in 2016 la week, tod financial edold usow tnd le. is mng, itll aut sting tomorrow we're ting theey we're saving. >> thas right. >> by speing less and investing it for our future. fore w gonyfurther, does anythi you're going to cod tod get iacted by what'sn happeni on rkets ove the last o weeks? absutely not. >>no? this isour long-term investment stragy. long-ter notshort-term. we tal abo thedierence. >>'s talk about 401(k)s. mosteopl sig on to tir companyplan >>th way. >>he you. sin to tiromnyplan. if your employe doe't oer a companyplan, wt doou ? >> if yourmplor doesn't fer it- w le01beuse thaveatching dolls.bu s avaab t
8:32 am
or the new myra. it's a starter roth a. u c put up to$15, int it no minimu, no fe you're n g to lose mon treary. >> how doou figur outhat y shoul into savin a oney sinvest? >> moneyou'reoingo need in the next three years to live on in rirementha not covered by sial security, to ke an payment o a hopayor clege tuition, doe not bong in the et. iteverdid. >>et's say wanto rebance. mae i he t mucn th market and i suld savin mo. gin what'sappeni ithe rket should i sl some ocks now, evef i'm gngo ta a loss? >> . ifouee that meyn th xthreeyes, youanto get itut ofthere. thin could getor befe they g bter. yodon'wanto t yrling pens theeyou ne, at sk. >> wt's the best wayo do theal thealthe
8:33 am
theal allocaon? >> it should get less riskier as goal. if we're talkingbout retirent, tak 100, subt age, that's a percentage you should have in stocks. u wanto lance th every ar. >> you lk at ts and you make look rl simple, with these graphics. but it c feel comicated f a lot ofpeople. w do you help? if ion't have you sitng across fm me how d i get help? >> so my solutions telp you. you can basical put you mey in a targe deirent day fund evy 401) a ira has one. it will keep y focused on t retirement date. a managed account is anoeronetemen aount have these days. you're paygomebyo dohe nang f u. people who hav tseav mo. robo advers is new. it's a computerized lution >> do like the? >>hey putogetheour portfolio. ie them.
8:34 am
they're ls expensive than hiring financial adviser on your o. >> when people going to start making investments, th're going t find therere fees involved withho investments. how do you kp t fee down, so it'sour money notoing to someone ? >>n a gener way, there's a difference between a passive invest and an active vestment asive investmts a ind nd, or f. where aompuis tracking an inde it's less expensive than paying fund mass jer to donager to do it for you. passive invesen beaak t in - active investmen consistely because the fs e lor. any meyot going t fees goes to yr cket >> that'shat youwa. >> and you wt t sa, sa, sa. 15 ofverying you earn. hard for a lot of peopleut it's your targ. >> it' your rget. if you're not there,atchet it up by1% or 2% aye
8:35 am
todas strategies on our>p next, beautyunderneath. how t me cloth f and
8:36 am
> thi "today" on >> > wreback. it's 8:46 l help you find theeauty underneatht al the lest br, under and robes. we he auty a lestyle expert wit. a wholent unmentiobles. >> s. how doou care foroubra? ihrow minento the was machine. is that ano-no? >> it . escially made from a at likce. nd wh a miletergent and let it hang dry,dry. don't put it in the washing machine. >> we'll talk about the trends in bra. the first isf e bulge and the side t.
8:37 am
back bulge andide fa ismplaytex. if y look at the side,hey ha nelling. it's fthe insithis pelng is rllyng to help ai to smoot the unde are and to smoh ou your back so your cloes fi nice >> y don't want i toght, ur s is hanng ove it wh abo this o seffects,o t's elast band. it gets rid of undere.bulg el you not feel paranoid. >> this next bra is ae fits off,hich t demonstrate in a . anybody can wear this. o size fits most. to 36d can wearis. it'seamless, nclasps. h modelsdemons >> wedo. thet, we havena. on the left, we a 'reearinghe exa same
8:38 am
>> isn that bulous >> it is. notice carson is in e oran ro to >> h aood vi. ah. >> dels thankou so mu. whatbout t one over he >> thiis from thas moisture wicd propties, meaning it'll keep you cond d if you swt. it'sreat for thective girl who isn the go >> let us talkbout unrw is sh this sh a is, aply is all the rage. the brand is called commando. >> it almost fee le y're going commando. look at the lace. it'sairy, breathable, sexy. what's wonderful i i givesou od coverage but a little b ofglamour, >> anxas a version of . >> it rid o muffin ts makeu lookore der. >> i it all the sa? >> wt's i you'r not ttinhe vibanty s, whicis a no-no. ouidehe brf.
8:39 am
his basically aong, t ias mian comession shape wear bui in. if you wantt you waisto lk smoo, or your tummy to loo mofl this he thong for u. okay. erhere you cl this the ma on the nty. >> >> i don't know what t means. nothaind of on the gois is this is made for moisture wicking. or w athlet,ng y dry. it has a t- panty liner, h youw what it helps you. it keeps you dry active moment as well. >> men in the control room having a heart att rignow. lealk aboutros. >> these forit robes at themoment the i'm weang is fro ebjey. 's ft. >> vy li you ot whe ye b ding yourha. >> yrs is fr lendid.
8:40 am
wier morningnd nhts. ne, th is vsand peector dime nittime. >> loo goodith youtfit yourtig. if yant t cute tions, to toyl g up nex w
8:41 am
a fa >> e' we're back at 8:52 wh of our slowook on oday f" kn nutritio wendy i here good to bthou. we're making iagna a sl cooker we're ung a traditionecipe or sometng fferent? t's cla and tritional. very famiar. callt lazylasaa. moly becse it' sy. t isignicantlyghte >> ho yetometh caest? >>we, weselassednts. havllsi weenoods,he chee,th we a ler wh th tr rvee and ghtetup >> g me arte the wa we have our tters wnstairs. i t havening u for 4inuteso g their say hisone. >>ery good h i i>> delicious. >> right
8:42 am
>> this recip is upwaless calories than a tradi lasagna. you'll make tomato mixtu and chse toto s.yo can s tsing to sauc asl. you add the garl io thematoes? yes. traditnaingredientyme, thym orano, sal a pepper.if you rembe your sence se w leaed aut enzy asubsaits ou chohe garc and l it s aooteerate, i bots the nrit levelsnd e heart heahy erti. i mix thisarou atdone. >> make in adhere'she is a, l
8:43 am
hpaan,areynd pepper. this is v ch 's light b we' goi sthin . useur lehich areraonal l sanaasagn >> d't>>on'took tm firs t' las cey,ooo noodle hasorat>>llbuding the sw erip from ere. iutte dis a theotto so i doe't -- is aittl bi sot doesn'tic >> rfec then wedd aittle of e sauce ther brg thatover. >> you can put it? >> little bit of the sauc wee gng to sta t laye. th , tre's lays plushe e. guys,ow it tasting? >> good. >> enying ? >> nderl. then we add sp yose rspin you cserozefou want >>great. >> easy. let's add one single layer of noodle >> cross ways? >> yeah youan break i to fi
8:44 am
y me t -- here' the chse mix wde wth parmesan parman, pepr and h cot teekottta. >> >> pastrybag. >> wese half ofit,ipet alg.>>hatmple bao ece w? >> b to e uce. w seth layer here. little mor sauce. >>o ahead. >> then finish it off he. >> ealeswive hnd lk at wtt loo leafter. holong doe i ok it cks on high f two and a ha hrs o l forou hos. youeep buildingwyer g tavoryui fro the thhrooms andhe protein. >> what suld ido >>ds and i'll dumphat ft. >> lookt what itks hen isdo. i'llas it incothsirs aating.
8:45 am i'ira croninith this today show updat this mning an vestigatn is underway... afr two grass fires arked withinours of eachther,... less than mile art in colora springs. the first happened nr 19 stet near uintah... where at lea one acre was rned. a few hos later, just blocks away.... another re spreaunder a fee and damaged one home... crews got both under control quickly. and no o wasurt in eitr fire. inveigats beeve n mainlved buhaveot sd whr two grass fires ar late paso county commissioner -- repucan "p littlon" announceyesty that she's entering the race for thu-s senate... to unseat democratic senator michl bennet. so far 11 republican candidates have thrown their names in the hat... including three others from el paso count.. fellow couy commissioner darryl glenn... bussn robe blaha...
8:46 am
ief morninmeorologist -- sthen bowers joins us now with look at our local forecast... stephen. any little bit of snow we get will be short-lived and confined to early ts morng. thwind ramps up and s -2mph. temperatures will warm from the s this morng toward the ddle and upper 30s by 10 am. on looks oy wi temperatures wmi tard 40 coradspringwi m-40s around pueblo and caon city. most areas will manage 40s with
8:47 am
>> this this morning on "tod's take," aubrey plas here t n sin"dty grandpa" -star rorty > am amilton, t htest sensation i wn>> consumenfidti. kno befe you buy o
8:48 am
>>ouer:m nbc news, th i"tod's ke wh a roker, natalieras, wile geistnd tamronll,ivro stio 1a i rkeplaza. >>ou a >>ou askedor the mudsico ge pumd and it gpumped. thursday moing,anuary 21, 20. i' willie witnataamron andl. >> santig is from philadelphia. e cri are a abouther. i lehis song "chasi shadows." she's 3 yea old a bursting on to the scene. >> been chasing sdows for a whil sheasbeen. she's huge. it's a good jam, and i thoht
8:49 am
a penalrior cod bngpwo ft osn. upo0ile anou nds.let' just sa iite worrd aut our frids i washington basedn t pemaeasnight.ere sne inc of swnd everodyasowor . estama'ca w uckthe traffi sin d sling along. oplee,allthat i panick. >>eoe go to buy stuff like snowshovs. stripphe she of bot ter. >>right. shovel to s it's t the d of d. give apersctive. you aot t pen your hom for week >> ty haven't h anowfl li this in 90 year thehaot-he las tihey hadwfl of an0s ine dayasn 19. wwa >>hiwa a ih o sn. itas aclippe >> but what's cing could be- >> wt we saw ltig --
8:50 am
caotan sw.ord there i .myir winre,he forecast w fhr ihesf sn. i didt go - i didn'tellhe neroom e news dirtor cd out. hees,isarma.this lace wheir mind i wake treurries. camesyra york d.c. i was what he got worse. persp lastnight? tight annc snow buthey didn'prre road boom i becan ice rkut ther that themess right now, 80illionple undeommf wer- wi wervi. win stormatchnd wagso he i wasngn, d.c. c. fredesbg uo lte,lizzd for yci out t ng nd. a blid iesigsin
8:51 am
nds 35iles p hourr eater. s your visibityo/4 friden s foremph tod.c.sevethreatou h s d florida. ys early saturday mo the c sno fromasle waston, d. the ast, strengthens. rom philadelia baimore, ,p into city. boston right 'reay.en we get along coast, we've got mproblem. gustsf 60 per coding , anmicalhe on rday. 'ldd to th floing. we'rooking one three inchesmnashe, south o boston ishe mone is bigtuff is happeng. harrburg,virgin 24 inch orre. shingt couldee that
8:52 am
aftehr ay no movinon, parts o nd lookis, wre talking outto4 inches of snowblizghsaturd. snow willfter rush hour tomorr. up into elmarv pens a good part ofnd centraly, including friday late throughunda heavy, wet sw. this snow is going v heavy. we could be looking at powe ouo inches. re nk city, n jers, longisnde're bout 5 to inc b wi gustsf mer hour anostal fl. fiy, ston, yourve a break last nter zero t twonches satda ternoonday. stodinll be a sue. that'l be the bigoblem.t oyill w be s - the only tng we have talk about, it's gngo be aheavy,dense going to putess on roofs, o all sorts of things,
8:53 am
dng this,utsost strainnourea of exerci ve to be very,y reful. >> t aood wrap . 'sll beng on. th p out ofonta canada ear-oldked drivingcar, belie i not, because iwaov insn. lice said -- >> did finish thewindshield. >>80-yol sd was and to fhe he could . he out ttf shield h drive far . >>rere thed maritanso help the eld ntleman >> didponave epyou. >> absote >> rv >> canada. >> canad supsed to ce. mo are.>> iught m someone - i thought may they did offernd he dn' acctit.
8:54 am
ourriends te rm. >> weove our cadianaw forc thatuy nee tohowco.>>exac good , if y sn person w ishoveling,help them >> likeme. >> yes! like al. >>shoveling. >> hel him. >> by the way, before we g , this t -- >> oh >> oh,. that's ost" f. >> the nork tapoible been on all >> theye been. >> a lmaterial. >>ur g ready for eart me he snow, too. if wewed y yester wld melhe ih of we vid o pe tws holding hands iledling their dad and mo jason ge birth to these two
8:55 am
she gave birarlier t month. chriia and ctiane born at 2 weeks. they weighed two ou sharehis sweet mome onoo page.the v hiewed milliondcoun>> just thedad. you see the hding er theother held em, a well, e babsere clasping hands, to just so little brother holding on to little sister's hand. >> so cute. >> two of them are going to be pals for the rest o their lives. sight there. >>o cool. >>omaid sheosted tha andelucta a fit. but kwinghat twere having ies. t by putng tou it wo hp sebod se, herpleoingou th aswe>> so true. u neeheho >> aund wod,he advanctsy'adn emiearesua unng ther sal gatpils he in thted states.
8:56 am
younk aut twond can n thriv thiway.thats a iniration. >> they're dngwe the t. beautul o. another nice deo. ench tennis player w over the crowd when he interrupteatch to hel a girl in distress. may ha been a ll t toetrieve al when notic she was having oue. >> she got hit in the face. he helpe her, arm get off th ur od for >> can y come by this is touchingment. she sme, doe hurt that ha ttie>> ithat wha thisabout? >> show yource. sot,he gir whurt, bute's ahott. kat is austra. >>here y go. workut we. >> waw hanit and you s hottie
8:57 am
britred. >> al? of the weather? you're mesme by e's >>hat >> that is your lates weher. >> al, thaouery mune, t aress w puttinhe dty in ty grandpa grandp the hariousubrey plazael us aboutin chr in the vie, and what
8:58 am
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9:01 am
> aubrey plaza spent seven years inndiana playing apri alongside amy poeer and company, onnbc's fantastic show arks and recreati >> s hitti the screenith zac efron and tryg to seduc rert deiron "dirty grandpa." >> y'reard man torack wn, profsor. >> are tse mypants? ah,hesere yr pant i fnd aerther's originaln theocket and have been sucking on iall moin >> younow i'm not a presr, right? >> , kn. u' jt a dirty, dirty grdpa. >> i like whe y sd itagn. >>ayt oneorti oue just a dirty, rty andpa. leo i mieshereou y thtitl
9:02 am
theer's pt. >> somf e bes li cane deal with the injur you sustai not duringhe shooti of the film but on a basketball court? whathappened? >> tore my l. i haeen hobingaround ing a cane. i hadurryn my ee. >>ou we pt of this basketball league your am, t plshmps. thasright. lehename. >> thankyou. m on the pistol shrimps. we play i l. it's mesecational league, iuessyou'd ca i what potion >> i'm p ar wasoint guar i' bn told myaskeall re is over.>>no, no,no.>>no, it's t. i'oi to getac o the. >>llrit. syasomg atou beuse you'rheta oth team >>eoere aaying a,n. haveoat m ba. the poi ar yak. >> ye >> we ha to tal authi vie. first ofll, dnironhisle ion't think mosf
9:03 am
explain a lile t. weot aite taste, wt you'reoing toe ni in e vie. craer i o sin br and she has ts thing er she wan t s with r pssor. irolies se's a ofr becse wants t have s wit her oryone thers gam ben them, e there kinf comi at eatherhe wholeie ingoeduceert , intidang? >>yeah >>hat' hdestpart >> when you p ithat y.inarte no. in realife yeah iwa so intimidating. rking with him. cldn'telieveit. i tri to pr tt h
9:04 am
>> eveoman wants tokn, is he aooder? >>reatkiss. the bes iverhad. >>great. , h t. he wase. so co and hwas so downusto atever. h no --mean, obviously, he's like a icon >> >>n to doev. w not and not shy. >> thinkot of people kn by thewa t youe a pagbc many o ago. hat's ght. look youkn. esome. >> it t. ma out we ro oo! you worh zfron in this mov a youitim innothere. 'ming t efron t to
9:05 am
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9:09 am
>>now, he's together with his "prin break" -sta in the new show, d.c.'s "legends of tomorrow." werth plays captain ld crinal w has been recruit to help save the world. but he has ulterior motives f taking the job. >> what about theears before? for fingerprints and surveillce cameras and dna alysis, w did webeco criminal >> becau weate working and we love mon. we can ste the ma lisa, snatchedhe hope diamond before it w discover. this is everythg we gnto ievingor in theirst plac >> wentworth, good morning. >> i lov it becseou were origally on "the flash ch" and played a viain. they moved your characte >> rit. >> ge us temise. youatred a group o folks togeth. >> t basiceae ve
9:10 am
up to take o supervillain how do they playtogeth? t pla well tother, t good gs andhe bguys 're consta tting heads makesreat tv. an aud mber don't une intopl getti along aufuy. pert cam pretty muc every mar. didou have a favore growing up? i wt alled t read mics. i s supsed to >> wow. >> thiis n f me. >> a also concentratin on sties. >> par cldn'force it. >> there's lot of aionn is show. >> ah. is something you like? >> absolute i thinkf theowndhe flash in "legenftorr," it's allart othe sam universe we'reeanto behe mt cic book showut e. it a lot on.
9:11 am
specl fects. it a tre. but 's ao thfamily. essentiall atts heart, isaamil sw. >>we, athhow tha a lot peoe a l forward to, once again,sonbrea is comback wh's i lik toethatng ag hank u. thi lot of the fansre exted to e where the charactere now. cially mine, since iied twhe endf original. >> how did that work out for you? answered curious, to did y likehen wrap it,s was it it over or did y spectoumitsit the ch >> i nevermagined we'd comi t revisit the aracters. it ireprivilege. >>t's interest the fandom behindhewo in tcts w the ns wchase d the stre andn twter, excite w do you balanenti with tojects? >> it' nice toav wor b toba erinly can'tcomp.
9:12 am
but iorki with doniqu percell f "pso break," k," as on "legends on tomoow."itvidetohstone it'throackthur. we'v decided we wanted to sw a c from your fst role. >> oh, geez. >>"buffy theamre sie islay." >> >>uckl up. >>ok. uesshe turng yo fish monster? hmm. that s riting. >> great acng. tyo gums? 's a resu ohiard. 's rly m di whyou can help reverse by usingis toour ng routi ster kills to 99.f germ d heversrly gu e t two eks. lierin
9:13 am
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9:14 am
as if damad never happened. new doegerative urisent. taki >>king a loot the helines dvance oe big m. some airlines waiees for people in the affected areas
9:15 am
be sure theck web sites for updateschedule anges. study at tufts university d more than 90% of meals at bi small rurtsee thecommended calories single meal and som ed thenr an entireday. they found the hh calorie co are in erican,hinese and italianmeals. >> t c ssore ofs a vingger tn erican at leas 0ears olped by morehan%m 200. men mak up 80% ofhatro and anghose moran0 deat resecneom fl eumoni pneua a h die. >> theuf billsakinhiy onedneay hirinhe nfl' first full-tim feme sisttco kathine sas nam
9:16 am
prevusly s served as an administrative assistant t s lls rechex . odorhe les getn up fror. ker.>> an dan t eldly m ckedorotlearin his r,ll,hey did tict h bu tn th oicerws elder m cleed off h wishie. he sti cou hav n given mhe tket t th's anothestorthe bliard makg its wayp th miatlantic cot.hey rn minfrom t pacifi northst all t w in centrliforn saturday, bliar mests way up to themiatnt and star tthenortheast, seasonable weathe mewind,
9:17 am
the srm it.we'v got clearkies f t eaern hal ohe untr b other ste will bring sw from the norther plains, sc a into the t>> tt isour >> and tt i yr lest athe nowo broadway tha has peoploundhe wld offeringheir first bor childr for a pai of tis. "hamilton" i aevolutiory shownd a full-o phenon. >> it's mixg history w h
9:18 am
lynn monroe miranda plays halton. firsarueook at the hottest tick in town. someone thinkg past tomorrow >> the hottest tic intown "hilton," an amecanusical ts aernpin o histy. it tells life sry alexanr hamion, face of the $10 bill,infather, first treasury of the secretary, all to h hop. tonon award winning composer err lynn lynn miranda wrote the musical. mirandaave airoo at when would soon beme oadw seatio >> the woroi to k yourna. what's your name, man? >> alexander hamilton. >> it an offbay
9:19 am
aving theic fd a wer andigger hom on ay. tickets ared o ms in ade,nghousdsf fans tolockthe bffic chda so hav been lucky eno t expeence t grounreaking mul f ha. the curtain opens each nigh theold outc pve the hamiltmenon only gettstar and with uowis ja who p georgehington in . ust faw you in "hamilton" more. phenom. revotiy is an rstatement hod u describ it bef phenomenon s reaifficult come up with the words. it le it'lexand hamilton, he'sreasury secrety. don'tou kll o thistuff happened 're deep int the stond reading theokey're lehore yayin
9:20 am
>> i lik geoe shgt. the look people as fas. we're od tst .'sn a little bit sueal. it's a dfilthingoplain. 'site erowthou tcks out a pele h bn abl t pla it oneatorittlewhe. >>oubvly never ever in your wdest dreamedmaginewhhis wouldurn intn such art period e a you deser the pe re ing. ca y talk abo what it's like to perfo for ppleho arebe ntudent o hiory. 'sournt to go lrn me ou. >> w had the mtinedible urce teal it'sre t knowhat t is a a nd aays and
9:21 am
hi i ald weouldn't normal gou r>> y reahethis. a tnkknow geoe waington what d you f out a m? ias amazet h rilient heas is meyho los moreha h n.u ghr besutf tenu i the half famend wainon bti arage was probab w uer that. heas a resie n. he kne howomane the people around him. th could be ahe st ctaerould he en who he becam witut hamion a i don't tnk haltonouldavn abl t riseo h levelf aclishnt witut waingtnablim and alng a creing sceor him. >> yound lnuelo way backhe creat the show yowere in t eist" tother. 's how yeard he was ng u wh ts wholea
9:22 am
weren st doing show. and he lookete andas lik i got tex thg. i s li okay wt is it exr hamilt. alght. of cey nthoug is i there pt f you wer pt of t oginal castri >>rett much. e's trendous m and writnd is gato be o age with m. >> yr wif aaughter are so proud of you. we're rooting for you as well. yo want t rap, willie? >>otagai i've seen him work. >> , no, no not against these guys. >> phenomenal b. thanouo much. just ahead, thinkg a buyingr selling a home? the flags watch outor bere you choe aealtor afrth lie. bo, bo, scale proam puts the focusn yo annot just the nr on the sle.
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l'eggo my eggo (answeng machinehey! leave a message. hi, i know'rthere,'cause i can see y. i'm callg you tellyoto l'eggo my eggo! anncr: some thin are too delious to share. golden cspy, warand fluffy eggo waffle l'eg my eggo > now n to our nur sear oosries "consumer nfiden nfiden.">>dvice onhoosin an agent fromveryth to t common ngo. t you. >> as weas. et's starthhoosingn agent. tirstng whe t abou choosinen you have ange who comes i tells yo exactl whatout to hearpposed tel yohat youe thear, throbly a bad
9:27 am
hitpray you interview four aay it ld 30 one said it' 325, irobably gooto true. if an entells you i can sellit i it,d the fineprin ey'dbly it suc low prildn't bed anyw. n agents red t ge awayir mmison wha makes up tnk they're notoing to givey thece of yo e? >> y say setimes it's good offline tod a hn your area. wn youtart lkingt
9:28 am
alr. come. it you he an a wivesan wks are wre yoreafg buy hoe, chances ty' gngo owbout hseng o t rk befor ive ces on eminis nt t s all thei tonline add, doing their n own own reas much. >> l's talk realtor lingo. professionally clead. >> here's the ality. rememb rl estate ages arelesppland tav to coh t wheay thing pele ifeb ss yrome needs bprofessionally eane theeaty i isikel a arit and ere's no chance it's goi to sell. >>alk arom ho about t selr is tivate >> if yee that i writing o n antaleshato yo
9:29 am
. fome, a pit. u might as wellg a ound the doo handle and let meknow. and topucers. if the ant he o she topcer? >> it t t be sy tryibr selves.ay t agentn an it's more like i d't have engh to sayut myself so i'm going to say i'm a top pr >> for moref mi tips,ead to ming up next ground breaking
9:30 am
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. > fas > fhion mod to entrepreneur and style icon, b. smith is a te original. sh may beest known a a restranteu who oedhree pulareaes, andting show. no. is taking on her tougheole as a ae in he public be againstalmer's,ch s agsen 13.b. a her h 23 s, y, wte book called "beforforget pe, health and acceptancen our fht again eimer' dan, goosee you guys >> alway good to you, >> fi loo terr areing? ieelgrha to be htoday. thank very .
9:34 am
i'mrn whno- new y, ae that it'set b he tit of thek i it has aumbe meanings. le story. it's one oming tremdoobstacles. o rthforthrightbout whatrelationips are a the things yw make difference nc lsnderstanding lzheimer'ssgea that affects 5.2 mlion people. twice as likeln afcaamerans hav it. theve devastating. patients are wome call i 21tury cil righ issue, because impactot going stop on't put theunngup weecided toom t and talk a t government nding.>> yn ink som
9:35 am
s. we weroing a segme for laboda elieve p ander nnah gut won. wed her o sh e-take e-take barb at tt, se. iated andeduced >>baamic? jessi ingysel off. >> dwoy. look u the ingredie >>ys and pnh loth o asa evern t be. wort lik way, whenou dathe mcomi. itoe't c a on. ssntrkle.>> i, knelli, this is set vyfentat h ner happenedo me soile,ou kw, ias
9:36 am
.ieno sef m docrs anoukn,plho k wl meell ough w finhe right ct>> iis sh a ope aonok bt lovetoryut all toac iansticbo. everodee to rea the ok. >> thankyou,al >> b.mithnd dgaalysre tse ou tnkou >>ov u, too, n. nkou so ch >>nkyo
9:37 am
fi ts ay on c.,,,,,,,,,,, >> youhoughisour w od, waitnt y see next hour. da tringp vegas. what goingn out there? >> we areoingo have se fun. o e a ltl joas ghy!
9:38 am
fami. >> feeit we did a fewpictures. i got to sayavorite picture, we ve a couple of th, but my favoriteayave been aicture ifo photo just justin biebe was the center of epiure.>> c y st tan e back>>us i stickg h tguet. we'l g hindhecenes wh j. j o aildingnahe weu?>> i wav led h in u,de. >> w. >> can't wt to see . >> w want to point out our very highhag oofuve
9:39 am
dies,ee y in a few minutes. all right. at doest for us. we,f co, will upda everodyn the imndin r'sternd blizzard comin this way. >> weath aays inrmation.
9:40 am
nbc,s well. >> >ro >> fmbchieclditi of "toith
9:41 am
hpens herays here >> >> vegas, gu >> t was most excellent. >> bec they dn'tropus. >> by the wa jenna and i totaled up our pounda. >> you may notant to hear it. >> i'm 2 and you're -- 148. soanyway, it was 300. >> 300. >> congratulations to our guys. we want to thank erybo here ts trsty ursday, january 21st, 16. we're in las vegas. bush i inorlee. w court from palace. de up of hd maidens,aesars
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