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tv   Today  NBC  January 21, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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you guys, thank you so mu. yo were awome, awome. >> tnk you smu. >>ll right, we've g aeally fun ow. all thealk is -- you guys can go. you don'tave to sti around. >> nice job, you guys. >> thank you. >> so >> so a high. iam. >>first, a little cheers. >> to vegas. >> here's the thing. bye, kids. >> bye, everybody. j. lo y j. lo you guys w atnet hollywoo last night and she killed it. i went to bed at 1:00nd woke a 2:00. >>helept for one hour. fu alsoeot lilliana. took a tou of t nht life. if you likeclubbing who doesn't,his is the pce for you. she's going to sw y somef
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>> plus,ike you'v never seen before, cirque desoil. will perfofo a lite leron >> werenheconic las vegas st a you guysan see. ot to have a le fast night. >> a lite fun? was it the most fun night of your fe? >> it was o of the funnest days ever because, number i got t sing backuphhe ckup daers. tn the show they're not stupid- but befor theshow. it wase of moments where youe in th group, in the m o a these danrs and you cvet's ppenin j.o w peming she got un sta andt j expled. ihinkhe btart was got toort ofon't kn, i felt like kin of part of themi. >> y are pt of e'reodaloz. >> jlo mom was next to me andheas dci durin t sh. t'watch little bit.
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let the rhythm keep you on the floo >> so >> so here's the cool tng to j. lo's kidwere there. at w rebel wilson and kelly osbourne. so there were -- her kids re there andhe tng tt i loved wa thereere somey pts of the shond the kids hadn those big -- how old are they, like 5 ? >> think ty're7, maybe 6. they'retwins. tre was risque part, e grandma, j. 's mom, took eabies or too the ks's heads to herhest so the bies weren't watching ther were lots of celebsn the auence. kelly osbourne w there, rebel lson. >> bieb >>iebs wther i had a littl pho bomb tha s- who dsn't lehoto ?
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but o of myorite pictures gs ihis on it jenna, who's lost atoot wait, tt'. . oh, tnku. gfr jloo m with the lost tooth. wre going to descre abo whatappens i>> ty omised what happens in ves ayineg a then imdiatel you kw, they id thato , n't we' keep you safhereand th daut that on instagram five condlate iad t we're xt to restnt serendipy 3. >> 42 milliole visit every ye we wd t of our hotel at 4:e morning. ck it's amazing. 17 of 17 of thigge hotels in u.s. areere, w is azy when y t about i 17f the 20 bigst.
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threetthe gio and th rie cle by. e coopolan jdownhe ad. harrs, ram arell o the otr en get lite persctivof wre we. resurants the est rketer the od. 's tigge par v.e tye he m cebritcheftaurteer anhere in thrld. >> hare somef ths. mario. ma>> bobby flay. >> wolfgan on top of astuff, y time wme here, tre mething nal presidentiate. 's in octo 's going to t th sity of lagas. tt's a big deal. >> it'gog be biggie. >>ndhere's 20,000 seat ar-m s of the rlly bimeanet jackson,s n s. so if the'not enough to do well, ther. yeah.
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s. >>t's a lly but the n is rising. it's ys aood time for a nk ats. i see a ampagne ca. o om ook. h good mo ladies. >> so re's thingbout chamgne. welike to ha a le bu.a ofeopl a i wld smo peoe, he r en le t letrsomeg called d. gn uslly yove to it b bole>> wrve ite gras >> glass. >> tha, righ wve thewe have on would you miedou a glass?wone b. >>stour ar right? not aall. ou you're welcome. >> let taste it.
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>> so s pouring. >> one gla >>ss how mh a is.inhe. ave 25. >> $ a le ibuck thiise 're inki liquol >> we should pntut tt mrchow's hted lo lastnight for hegrd opinand th had a l of fun. stik-- so hay.>>heleorne yowoner venown iotsa it s al n.>>ha we? a ttleoast >>hank y vy much. t youo mu we rlly apeciat. >> thanknk you, cheers. ere's $80 lot. >> really good. >> really goodkayoknow whas funny about me, i keapohreally d >>heorlly ks chane out of a box by the way, iyo woering, this isn e le of ght, peopl arted ing, they said matt dan was here.
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sees theyhut tegas str >>kay. >> oy.>>ndhere sg ca che sce seens. op waltrngo sp hi e ighborhood w wd. >> d >> i didguirbu you kn, cae loud explosns and the re- thiss the fifth film in e anisan it eecd h theats tre tre's aays meg going oner >> alws meth alws mething. i ill mowon bthe y. >>ksood. >>o doou likto use ram? wee a questior y is thst insamed plin las vas? of a thelaces in vegas, doou think i wl, inow wh it is >>would you ha re i wouldthout mewhere he strip.probably t i don't the . t famous signwell, e belagi it's t mosinstmmed pla veg >>e never oughweere going toet a sr likehi
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last night we w j. lo and dawe get steven tyler! come oout! >> hlo, ladi. >> oh, mgod. >>orni, ho. >> oh, my god. so gd see youwo >> h a you >> gd s you. look cloly. lo closely by t way, i know stevetyler anyou look exactly like m. did you gep ct? >> o my god. >>id you >> you >>ou'rasking me if i paid to likis? no, is igod'nse hur. rst atap and tn me you do tributesright? er ierformoregdsn ncert. which is a vy ol dea we're stanngehind th flamin wch is where orx nits ak.
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show in vegas. that'azin ave erhe r ever? eah. >> whadid he?e sa wlookbu ey arelosewe had are tim tual sven d w prked s n. de e w steve ihi t mhtavse bor we're 'rsig ckev putmen s ke and cletaonhe rao. 'sik by ar i papaear,et youtt paraphrang, upo the esng ro. j was nd in th chr ani saajdadd n't itfeel le himsf at dyou k is? even ce up fm be. >> shim dth. >>ears ieyes. we great >> thank y coming. us a hug thank yen. thor stoppin >> okay, tha, eetie, we
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thksing by to e us.>> t muc >> youw wlsas is kn r.>> kn. weddgs. >> tnofficia wdi pital o the rld. sohe are 80,00irmgri linses issd a . er sgle hot beay haschap. m farwnd frank sip natta in . safrnd sahotel. >> demi moe a bru willis. that didn' rk. >> cindy richard gere another fa. w wereared death. se
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just thought w why not y not t ontle ing day?nohat t yoexcite thatay g exc, bu itot ry haing. it's jt a kank yjennethiweet we to brg in. the ace ipok eat ca of us just hermeing we wantca treches of erts. >> ia litteverhi jusan ords?>> ytely. >> at y. his is available asolden oons. justin, tha yo going to e goto do d ve 'm goio haittl crea t'an dio thaou.thg she's >> she's t world's ultimate n girl. she feels right home heren vegas. j. lo makes her debut and hoda was fro and cente
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>> this wasouch fun. check out. she's one ofhe mt speccular trle ing. d actinger waynto supe stardo >> you have o exacy i say. >> with >> with morehan 20 million albums s j. lo continues givell she has. now after three decas in the dustry, jenny from block is hitting the strip. d gus whgoan iite. i got to tell u, i'm pretty excited. you know why? wee e ly crethat's allowed back here fore jlo big night. this is anet hollywood. shs performing at the access theater. we wanted g her sometng cool so i t her owers. i'm al going twrite r a no on myasegasar
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wesomehoi accidentally ended up living ouonof my dreams. wi a lithelp from vocal ach ev m ton tonight we gonna be it on the oor and choreoher tabatha. up withour arm. >> a a afto doesnt toe l ejust f hear onig we nna nce the floo la, la, la woo w w w , ti xt, ti to hie red carp
10:18 am
oor and filly it's show time, ton tonight we're gonna get on the floor by the w, you know you're in good company when you're sitting nexto j. lo's mom. on don't stop keep after 90 minutes of nonstop thrilling performae, j. stpeby to ch with me. in ce you' wonderi, still awless. it w so funny, to me, was so fulof sprises. when iat here i wa't se what to pectd all a suen there ere wa a light show a rotechcs. it waso much br than i exed. >>as that kind of the inte? >> yea you know, the name of the show is "all iave" so wa tve everything. let's loud whenhe music was playing b the way had a le dance
10:19 am
>> you learn thehoreography? >> when >> when the confettias falli and it was t end of at sw, at were you eling inside? >> so good >> so go feels great. fes amazg. i feel like i've been do an hour anha of cardio. it's a high kind of, you know. it's a great moment. >> well, you kild it thank you. i'm so glad you ca and you de it. it was awesome. >> go get soleep. yohave tget in wh, a half hour? >>es, i do. loveha love that girl.
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all right, one of t things youan alway expect in vegas the unexpected. >> especiallyhovenings when you fl liknything is possible. wait at? >> teller. musician tler is spreading coins all over me. hoo you do at? >> worldamous f pen a tellers you know. >> >> wait, what? >>teller, you're aan of very few words. >> no there's not one in- >> no. >> we'rich, keep gog. what else you go >> that's it. no. no. where are you going? scared. >> you're getting my ng? . no. you' like me to take it f? >>cy cyi woun't do it. >>id it fall? >> we found .
10:23 am
>> okay, wedding ring. okay. >> youe going to make it reappear, right? herwise il be in troub with my husband. >> tret is. okay. got it. want meo hold it? >> yeah, is right there. >>edding ring. i got it. jenna, i got you. i got you right there. >> you got it? >> yeah, i got it. hos pocus. ok, weave to go pretty fast here. >> no way. >> okay. >> wt me to let go? shld i let go? >> , my gosh! u can catch penn and t at the rio and lasegasight life next. >> how did you do that? an ordinary jar of vaseline jelly. it'something we don't think abt much. except when we've got chapped lips oa small cut. but for people living in are of crisis,
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hey,everyby, it's thirsty th. 'reive fro caesa palace in las vegas. i a joined by jenna bush hager. kathie lee is taking some time offor the next cou o week e tking about night life which is one of our favorite subjects. >> you kw whose favorite
10:26 am
r girlilliana. weekend. here' the thi about vegas, 's unevabig life just behind me, you'll see t nighlubith i gorous outdoor terre. it's all one of the hotte spots here on t stri d talut a city that never las ga las vegas is a autun desch debuh russ week. ving you one of besews of t city. av fling theiew right here m jt be a tter. ll gelemen. uuys j mey ri >> y. id is over t ou s where you s theest . >>ow mh re
10:27 am
rndee erying t city has tffer allt the same me. >> now, has any celebrities made anearancehere? >> floyd maywther. shania twain.itney spears. hn jueb. >> cheerso a fun night out in vegas, gentlemen. whatappe in vegas sta in gas. drinking highbove the sip nitely has its vantag. for morleted forf cktaing, i head o to e chaelierar ae cosmolitanhotel. >> it'soing to be a little more class and a l me n. >> s stop talking and le get in. first , a tst on thelassic olfaio >> wre calngs t fall shion. surs bitters and fallashion all in that butiful ice there. >> that's esome. rely go. >> the best drink isn even o
10:28 am
>> it's ing to tantalize yr tong a le bit. >> the flower on t actually alters youras ds. whats gngnight now? >> give theocktail a try again, howchanged. >> it's a totally different drink. >> that's why is n. pele keep cing bk for it. >> i'll definity beac b for now it's off t oriole restaunt at mandalay bay to grab couple of wine est of the nht is red o white. bi bingo. cabernetvion anyone? you can't drink on an empty stomach so more cocks, great fd andiller liv entertaient, iopped i to rose rabbit live. therendy sper clubha ites l vasight life
10:29 am
sin on caviar tacos, past and their beef wellingt, only the best bee wlitoni've er had, it wa time for the ow.
10:30 am
>> she's theual party animal.
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aren't you lactose inlent this isn'tactose. it's milk. i'veot two rsons to take care omyea. that why i te metameta is cln ellower es trod. r tay heart healthacy meealth r. i you're just tuning in, wee live from l vegas. o knowre washis kind o signage? appantlyhey' bee swing this the dining scene ihis city has emerged as foie's paties with celebritchec ss chs popping up everywhe. we'reucky to havenef th strip's hottest chefs. also sears sucker right here a
10:37 am
>>ood morning, welcomeo gas,iceo see you. >> it'sice when a chef has new ncept. yoha somethi n fus ght? >> we haveheherringbe, the ars sucker here in las vegas. weik t social di, get your friends gether. brought something hehat transl t t hom chef >> we're makin shmp righ >> erything in a the jars. we h j. lo, t we have ja. >>rom j. lo to jars. >> why put stuff in a jar, what's theint? >> the i is, u owt's of nostal u p this stuff in ajar. if you want t p mor than e porti it'so ey to put in the fridge oive it to your friends a at the restaura, it's so much fun to sop and share it with the gedad verythin l at. >> allht so what we're too here is thi i howasy
10:38 am
shmp tomatoes avoc, ledonion. ce grilled bread. >> whakind o breads it? anytng? >> , whatever you want. chips, brd, whateverou --e have pita chips. >>cilantro? parsley. le lemon jue. exa v right here. ou've g to b cefot overcohe shrimp, right? >> how long? until they' nice and cked through, you know, you can cheat athope, take little knife, just mak it'sot that clear glosness. now w havur r. >>ost important, a little salt, pp. then we' goht tohe jar. this is o my wife andids and everybody love at home. when you make a salad a you havereut a the dierentthgs e leuce, maes, youake a msndou he you beauti salad and you haveo do it all over again.howasy i that? so a jar for your sad. shake it up like i.
10:39 am
you put dressin rst? yes, becse t tomats on th botto wl g betr with time. it up right there. you ope itup you're like, ari haveursalad, kids. wow,ook at at. >> you'v don the sam tng with sweets or here. >> there lad,right. >>hat lks good >> cooki in a ke yourrandma used . so saltecamel. theree go. >> good. gr gat conct. beautiful prentation by the way. >> you notehatapn vegas? i t were running out around nigith some -- >> ttas n me. >> rber the stevenyl ok-alike? there's a hoda kotb running around town stir up trouble. >> f o to todacofood. >> getdy f somed g moves like you'v never en before acrib performance after th wearthriti,
10:40 am
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,,,, oer stery noye! that sounds great! couley gue what as? h . reallyamy. keepoug face. so wt d uwhat?! wt! ju wat wddo is?
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so so ma great this about las vegas. there's all kinds of tertaient around re yo c have illusionists a some of the best magician too. >> onef the best is cque de soleil. they've been performingn the strip forore than0 years. ave ton o shows here. >> a lot t choosefrom there's o at thebelagio. >> there's micel jacksonone. >> there's hanity at new york new york >> at mgm grand. >> ts morning, thi is exciting, we have an origil performance from auste,he original cirque deeil a treasusland hotel and casino.
10:44 am
,,,,,,, >> y, >>es, 'smazi go job, guys. >> ino youon't sak but that was a n. outstaing. you've got s one of those cque seil rformancs here in l vega >> we've got a pop song like u've never heard it before.
10:45 am
we'll be back after this. we w had a lot of fun here wee n done yet. >> not ye ou like good look which hoda does, and smooth sods,
10:46 am
hit australian pop voekl group who performs in frontf sold ou crowds >>hey are humannature ey jt sigd a the-ar dency at the venetian. >> all fhe newhow juke box whichrts march 29. hi, guys. >> tl us aut the ow. >> it is a juke box of all the grteongs ollime fm the class p of t '50an '60s, motown today, a l of fun with the bndnces it's t py ltur l. >> w i le ithe son hosen us day. a by yirl mean trnor. >>hats ? a abouthe base. let' do because younow a abt thease about b noreble abohataseut tt base o treble it all about base bout that o tre h it's pretty clear
10:47 am
b i can shake it shake it like i'mpose to d ifou beayeauty just raise ' up ecause every inc of you is rfec from the bottomo the top my mama told me don't worry about your size boys like a little morety to hd atight booty booty no stick figur barbie doll f thaha you'rento then go ahead and moveng bause you know it's all abou tha base about that base no treble it's all aut tha bebout th bas no treble it's all about that bas aut th base n treble it' all abo that bease base >> yeah! >>e badly wted to joi you.
10:48 am
come ba. a gh we had lotf fu congratulations on you residency at thenetian ess who's going to be with us tomorr? olivia newton-john. >> alsojenna' great adntur spots. >> they ph me off abuilding. >> but wll also get ballroom ncin lessons. ndlliana'sere aheing too a sppin spree, vegastyl av an aweso thirsty th, eryone
10:49 am
out that b [cheend appla ouncer on rel ray...racel! >> announcer: kitchen wonders getting done in, putting them t the tes
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