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tv   Today  NBC  January 25, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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descenn ia with the caucus one wk away. supowl bo >>on >>ond hdown of the half >> 39-year-old peyton mng againstis rival tom ady, sending the denr broncos to the super bowl.wton acam neon and thether devour thecardinals. settle u the battle fhe es day, monday, janry 25th,2016. welcome to my house >> annncer: from nbc news, this is ay" wit matt r and savanna gurie,ive from studio 1n rkefellerplaza. good g. welcome to "today" on a monday mog. th biglean up. befo weal abouthe ather, ser bowl 50 is going to be a good one i a couple weeks. >> it's goi to a great one.
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ound and watch footbal because everybody was snowed in. this is the first non-elastic istband i've had on all weekend. >> it demandedre you lived on the east co an hour art from one otr, you gotasically nothing where you live upstat an we got two feet where i li. crazy weekend. yeah. >> our t storythe record-setting blizzard. effects oe orm, far reacng fm th carinas t new englan we haveovered fro every angle,eginngith alror, o isn snow central parkor . al, goo morning to you. >> good morning, guys. at's ght. this storm lived up tots potential and even exceeded it. in fa wead topur amnts as the srm bore dn northeast becse it s ving aite f rt it rea got itselfogetr and and just dped on the city. 26.8 inches here officiallyt centra .
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you'd of all thathey'd stse it a littl bit and getshe record, but didt ppen. ght now though, the nortast is crippled andiggi out. ok athe stticswashon, c.hard-hit, they ar a fer offes cled i washingn,d., a ehe scol so cse plalpand baimore, as ll. we ao she national guard deployed in 12 states. they will be working non-stop for dayst a time. we are ao expecting to see re flightdela.300 flit canceions tay alon real mes ahe aiorts pack your patnc and makeure yo cck you app bor go. the oth deas the dout. ople wbe diggi op an dn t rtas you wt toed hearinglo andhove sapg a y'l he tm againtoday. we've got, rhs, as you loo rightw, wha a beautul sight.
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theki lk goeo. hove we've got another possibilitof norasr coming, a you'r looking live t big d out. let's showou what we're expecting. a system isoingo be developing down anghe florida coast. then it's going to start to make it way up the coast wednesday on int thursday. then sometime early friday. the models all disagree is it cold enough to snow, and how muill this be able to produce? we're going to connue to track it. want to give youome fair warng. this is whate see when we have an el no wier. acve sthern jet stream allytart ovprucinwel heoredetailn ts miptlbit. gu, pk yr pati,ak su y hav your shols rdy an a little more i lt. >> i don'think i'm emotionally praredor another storm, al. we'llheck in with you in a ttlebi
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as we id, many tnsided to kp schools andiness closed to not here in new yorcity dylan drer is w us now. sh in ques this morng. goodmorning. >> goo ing, nnah. istori bliarhit over thend b it' anything but business aal on t monday morn wainon, d.c.t do scols arelosed u and down the mid-atlantic. in new rk, the cit is up and nning witeublic ansportareor, but in th surrounding nehborhoods, rs are still buried. some hbeen sck in the middle ofhe street f da ile tsreas being t to go back t work, for me, prin impossible to get there. >> reporr: thismornin bi dig i underwaoss the east ast. thisweekszzard covering eight s mor than fe sn closin ro cancelling
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er of hours. bly the worst bn the trip.r: i was in the midit, driving from waington, d.c. to new york ty. in pennlviaen of tracr trailers were stuck on rnewecor fodg alonghe shore. a storm so seve people suffered weatheted deat.toda new york city is getting back t b aer thesecond large snowfall total in ci's history.26.8he central rk. this rng,ublic schools are metro north trainvi runn tubway system, whhte tout the orm, is now returningo fl ng whil bar kep ors the last ys, otheecidedove , wit amounf s keg some ki par pets fromenjoying the fsh poer now, after one othe ggest stohistor a new we begin as mlions of people t to ear mountns of snnd rurn toal. >> now new york,or b
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their c buried, lve it there the next wee but aaa has ts t keep you safe. t a theno off your car. the hood, troof, the lights, also head ghts, oco. youlsant make sure you dig o you tailpipe, eve car i idling, topreven carbon monoxidoning. i want point s ifts. some of the sw banks are ller than t childre tha e out aabout. tc children, a it' ing tbe an i as this snow is goielt unt erat getbo freeng. that couldake while. mattnd savannah? >> gdtips.thank u. >> t airlinesryin to get ck on trac arngoday afteror than 12,000 weekend flights were cancelled. this morning, we're already seeing new cancellatns and new dela. m costello covers avtion for us. he's atagrdia here in n
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airpts on theastoast op. look a t veoro washgton, reagan an w they'ven they've been workirounthe clock. lo tat thephotogph fromew york city, where they've been using a jetngine to blow the snow away. we aeady have200 canceltions today. 13 for morrow. we're seeing delays, as you'd aports moseffective, laguardia, jfk, and ltimore, andharlotte and as far nth as boston. to the west, chicago. the number you cited, 12,000 flight canceations sce friday the number could gw again todaverhe weeken 3,100 flights cancelled on friday. 4,500 on saturday. 3,500 cancelled on sunday. chk o the screenhotrom sarday night, when it shows airportsn the new york ty
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we he fewer than a dozen planes in the air ace. me othusst air space ine cotry. 'sften a sea oelw with an u there ithe air. al, yenmtrak tod or tin toetnywhere on amtrak,hatrn sedule is eringn a modie sede today. ppaav yr paticehu. 'llaveore o t n hour. ba to yo >> n goo d t go anywhere thanks vermuch. ase sahe rmat o therm will be fel washington f . federal offesnd sch oshere again les goo our nat corresent migue almuer o is the this moing. goodmorning. >> sava g morning. say washiton, d.c. is shutwn, but it's probably more accurate say thi is crippled. we saw t et nearly two of snow herena's i want to show what it like thisrning. in se th it can bene deep, even t inome
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ross this ci the last couplhours, we've seen plowsng ovive tclea cit street not enoug is bei done fast ough.they shut dhe fed governme here. al pub schls in th are e alsohut dow today. itoingo be a nigmare forfolks wh out tro.the city officials areskg everyone who c some to do so ec the mni commuteo move a snail's pa theye hg a the government sh it' roads ea but goino be amess >>migu, of cour, we' continue to flowheseong prlemsransrtatn iss d h more on tater on. tal abo breakingews ernit. at lst seven people injured on an arica airs flht was fm miami to milan. that p hitevere tuulence tamron has me on that story. >> t injed ilud ssengers acrew. they weent to a nearby spital.
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where passengers we seen en up afterir ordeal. >> repter: terrory. glad to be on the grou. intense. >> reporter: this morning, 192 passengers heang fro miami to milan are not waking up in tir nal destination. amican airlis ft 206 w honto the flight wnt severrbulce. >> t plane actydrped. rolled o sidnd erytng wt flyi, and peop d,ye, it wa ptty intense. >> reporr: wle the seat bt light wasn during the rbulen,sesay flhtdaser sndg tin after injserrepoed, thelitiverte to da. >> i'm happy to be ale.u kn, iwas scary. >> emergencyesnse vehicles. it's a standardprocure, ey be follong y in >> rorter:aramics a up to half a dozmbulces wer on the tarmac t eluate paengers and cr. acrding to american aiines,
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passen were transpord to a cal hospil for evaluaon. bump in th trip. should be a mil at thi point, b we' re. >>orteanryo se the ight side>> i'mlad to be in new nld. alys wanted toomehere not uersecircumance >> now,heexnt of e inri have n bnreveed t another passenger believes ey ran fm a concussion to shodeinry. amic airne ssperso saidhey're wki to recr th aircft e fgh seduled take f laterda obously, friteni monts. atadnothg, really, too withhe blizzard thae' talking about. >>ood reminder to wearhe seatbe. ablutely. >> tamron, thank you. letov to politics and the psidential race. the iowa caucuses one wee from da t candates are mang a finalush ithe hawye state. there' buzzbout somebod w ist y itherace. chael bloomberg, the
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york, contempting a run of his own. let's start with nbcationa corrpondentet alexder. good morning. >> hi,savannah. good monday mni to you. miael bloomberg willing to spendt least $ blion of his own mon if he divesin. if floating this idea of aun was designed to intimidat oppos, tt hn't ppen. donald trump toung a wid lead in iow hs in ia, he's unfazed. bernie sande says bringt . >>eporter: cou it behe ttle of the multbillionaires nald trump saye'd welco a michae bloomrg >> i'dove to hav him com in bee iove the comtion, frkly. i' le bloomberg to comin. >> repter: with aides drawing up a an,t' likelhe form n yk city mayould onlyunfhe general ect mahe trumpr cruzgainst beie saer hillary clinton i vowing tt won't be necessy. >>'ll relieve him of tt and
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have to. >> rorter: analysts wn gettg in comitho guarantees, especially wit a candidate close to walstreet on othe nation's leading ices for strict gun control. rand pl mocked the ea. her ler blionre from new yorkci? ink thatlo is taken. fortifyi his lead just one week until iowa trump mayhink he's almost untoucha imagine any otherandidate saying thi to praise his orters'lolty. >> i could stand in the middle fifth avenue and shoot somedy, a i wouldn't lose any voters. >> repter:later, brushing offcrism. >> i hre lal fm vo than ocaidat,doubiple quruple. i love my people. >> repter: plenty ofove to go around the "s moinesregiers enrsement to clinton and marco bio. "snl erang a campaig
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with an mor. s firecracker. she' a real pistol. she' azy, isn't she? that,ca, ca, ca. >> aun snl this weeken a sourcelose toloombergs enimselfn e march deadline to make si. blerwod likeo be prident butoesn't like to lose aoesn't le t go on >> all rig, peter, tha u. msnbpolitical analyst nicol wallace served as ann avier to thehe mccain/palin campaign a eveornacki is an nbc host and espoent. so tempting ask youbout t tina fey peonation.miamile bloomb flo this understanding isnlhe pasir lkononate. d you s a thi party
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>> i. t yoave to be willing to gage hopelesdeavors if youant tounor prident. ife's a dominoheeeds two r dominos to fal first. if bloombe will get in he needs cz to be repn nominee. that's t oerhing thatfrees up and makes availab enough right v and heeenie nders to l to f ae toe able todd upnoh potentia voters to come h way. >> it sms as if he's relyi on ange tald so much about anger on the ander on the left. he's hoping or cculating that those two people gethe mination, thaticole just talked about, there will be enough anger in the cter to possibly give him path to the white house. >>yes. think all styhen you lookt this, e key is hillary clin ifryillary clint doe't win e docrati nomination, realistilly that 0s upor voters f m. he wou nd a trump or cz o
7:16 am
tentiablmbgwh voter, more likely to co from the demoatic side the republican side. he has a billn r,dollars, cole. th wld me himnmmia contender ife decided to get in. sur>> ho craz heouldn't be tnly billionairin the rac in an otherwise normal ye, that would give himn advanta and le him say not goi to go out fund raise. o s one to ten, t e' aely do it if those tw people are nominated, one is t'so way, whe do you st i i think tre noay cruz anrsevail. withhang the calcus - >> you say the situationoesn presen self >> if it presestself i give it a sen or eight. >>has cheati. >> a right. >> i saw lyerly riging or ere. thankou very much >> we're takin tw to iowa 'll be there next mondalive, lkinhe candidate and the vors on the df the
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e inmatesonsided armed and danrous who pull a dari escapfromaxum security jail in southern cafornia. grainy surveillae video rerded before sunrise on friday shows the very momen the re prisoners made that esca. authorities say the cuthrgh ee bars, went to theoof of the il, then repelled dowthe wallsing set wall using shes. was16 hrsor the guar rze ty were miing. thfb a u.smarsl service have now joid thesech. >>the age is t. the carolinaanths face the denver broncos in super bowl50. let's srt wit t nfc amonsh gam b lina taking on therizona cainals in charlotte. nthers quarterback c newton n for two touchdowns, threw r two re, inclung an 86-yard strike. lina went on to win in thefc championship gat was the h everyone was
7:18 am
peyton manning, versu tom brady.the b and the pats. manning struck first onhis td pass to owen niel nverhe who wa in t fourthquarr, thetrio got witn two pois on aronkowi toucow secos gnew england need twpot convsion to tie. it was intercepted. then broncos win it, 20-18. they'll meet calina, super bowl 50 on februy 7 >> the l t mes of t tr/b ga, sup wo >>'s t mr.roke he's in owy central park. >> i am. thanks,guys. t's showou what's happeni ar theda rest o the coury today. we are look at a fairly quiet day, thankfully. beautifuout west, noain. everythi quiet. we have alipper coming across, inging snow i southern minnesa, parts o wisconsin, rain into the uppermidwest. sunny skies along the coast here. temperatures fairlyseason no big
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tt's >> tsr lat mt tex mnd as is th chi on no, it's a squirrel d ferr ferret. functn overnythinlse onay liketoda al. >> y> me ohetermh he stor ashetire ecot oks dig >> ande're gng t tk to foer defenseecretary donald ruldbo hlecy, about potics and brandew app
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> first,his is od" on nb com coming up, o skier's e fall. 1,00 down a mountaside, and h she wked awa unscathed.
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go mony rnin.. we're coming up on the bottoof hour... i'm ira in witthisod show updat.. denverroos get ine in the a-f-c champnsp game... and are headg to superbowl-50!!! the broncos defense was stellar... d quarterback peon manning was soli but it all camwn to e final sends! with only 17 seconds left in the game.. the patriots score a touch-down puttg them two points behind e broncos! newngland goes for the two-point conversion... but it's a no go! the broncos pull out a 20-18 n! and will maktheir 8tsupe bowl aearance... facing the carolina panthers... making just their second trip to the bigame... the colodo springsity council isxpted to vot tomoown a proposo s and utility rates for coloradoprings utilities customers. commercial customers would see the biggest rate reduction-- arly 11 percent. residential customers would see about a 4 and a half pcent reduction in rates. c-u says theuts arthanks to a dp in fuel prices.
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stephen bowers joins us now with a look at our lol forecast... stephen... temperaturesill be warming througthe 20s and 30s this ing. wind clls can dip in the tes and 20s, and higher dity can make the air feel even more y. a spot of own the hills or upthe paer divide in northern el paso county cann be ruled out, but snow this morning will scarce. teeratures at 10 am will be in the middle and upper 30s around colorado springs and pueblo. the rth side ocorado springs and areas near monent will be oser to 30 degrees. temperatures warm througthe 30s and 40s between noon and 2 pm witsnow limited te high spots. snow will begin developingore and down i-25 between 2 pm an5 pm. ill become more abundant after 5 pm. snow amounts wilbe on the
7:26 am
mall town small tn world, i love the country girl back at 7:30, monday morning,anuary 2h, 2016, and it's a pretty one, despitehe fact that so many people a diggg out is morning on the east cst. a massive storm blew through over the weekend, we'll have the latest oit coming up ia couple. >> on friday, we'll do a segment onow to shel pperly wit hurting your bac watched it. maybe i didn't watch it well enough. >> iake away that you watch the show when u're off. >>bsolutely. >> impressive. e headlines today. the first votes inhe esidential racwill be cast in ia a week from today. in the latest pollg the, donald trump leads ted cruz on the republican side. demoats clinton and sanders arneck and neck. addi dra to the campaign now, formenew york city mayo michael bloomberg is considering
7:27 am
thgeneraelti mch ump orruz against bernie sands. trumand clinton ighing in. i'm going to relievhim of that and get the nomination, so he doesn't have . >>'d love to have hicome i becausi love the competiti, frankly. i've bloomberg to come i hews, other news, police in sohern california trng to track down tee inmatesho escad a maximum security jail. they used tools cut through 1/2 inch steelars before geing to the roof and repelling down. >> this was well thought out and planned escape. it could htaken them wee or en nths to prepare. >> now authorities are offering $50,000 for information leadin to thescapees' arrests. a ic story outf north carolina tieto this ekend's storm. 26-year-old jeff -year-old jefferson heavner, a singleather, helped a driver who spun out on the road. the driver, who apared to
7:28 am
him. the 27-year-old the 27-year-olrvin lee is charged with murder. let's get to more on t aftermath of the blizzard. now, iso causererd flooding. les checinhough withylan in hard-hit queens this rning.goodorning to you. gd moin thisrea ting to get bac andunning a what was a storic blizzard. it was hardest hit osaturday, and the storm deadlnow. it's claimed the lives of 30 people. this sto produced massive flooding up and down the n jersey coastline. some reported to be worse than wh it was during super storm sandy. we had rord snowfa in some areas. w york city, we fell 1/10 inch shy ofhe all-time cord. i drove through the storm om roanoke, virginia,o washington, d.c. and new york ty, drivinalong horrdous roads.
7:29 am
kicked in at 20. p beuse of our press plate they allowed us thugthe lioln nnel. once we t to the city, there were no rs on the road and pele just walking oundn the blizzard condions. nothing that can shut down new york the out boroughs of new rk, we have cars buriein the sn. trying to get here, we couldn't get through some of the roads cause they were blocked with carshat were stuck. they had bn stuck since the storm stard. but it is incredible that scols are back up and running in this area. kidsre waiting for the busses. i want to poinout, a lot o times, the kids are orter than the snowanks and the piles on the de of the road. it's going to be a concern going through the whole week. you need to watch out for kids as you'rtrying to make the turns. evhough the ow has std, there threats gng forwar >> definitel thank you. >>as wmentioned, ather problem caused by the storm, costallooding. in parts of new jersey, road turned into rivers, prompting evacuations and rescues. jacob rascon is in west
7:30 am
how does it look this morning? >> finally hundredof people whose homes were surrounded by water are able to return home. but many will return to incredible damage. at this home, three cks floated hureds of feet f where they were and landed in e driveway. fr above, you can the seawall, now mangled, which was supposed to protect west wiwood, simply caved the town of about 800 homes. it was mostly underw. at its peak, the water fiv six feet high. we got a tour through the damage a humvee, t only way to get around. the flooding wasorsen the southern portion of the jersey shore. the north was largely spared. the governor, chris christie, is back on the campaign tra, but the lieutenant governor will be out later today to survey the damage. matt? >> jacob, thank you ry much. > let's turn to and his
7:31 am
in studio 1a in central . l. >> hey, ys. folks are out, all getting about their buness. of crse, no ca on the park dre this we thm down by, we'll gi some thincredible nrs. top fall total westa, 42 inch n virginia. york cy,1.3. all-time snowstorms allentown, pnsvania, jfk, harris, , bwi ai iw muchwe got.r at leastouties, 've picked ueir seasonal snow more inone orm. now, are we log atnother nor'easter 's the dl,et's syoexactly e onormal ye, you would e the pacific jet stream and the subtropil jet stream. that's normally what youet. but in an el nino ye, here's
7:32 am
the pacific jet and the tropic jet stream all merge, becomes much songer, and tn t cuts acrs,t bringsore storms. here's whawe're looking for. wednesday, we have a low pressure system develong along e gulf. it brings heavrain to florid th it starts to make its way up the cst thursday d fray. the modere not converging ye some keep it a little further offsre, but so keep it closer to shore. if the air is cold ee could be loong at another potential nor'easter wee going to continue to track that. noing give you tely yet,ant toeep you
7:33 am
e coun what's ing in you >> good news is, >> good news is, if we get anhenor', it'sood to know i c give ma do walk. >> n i'm don the shovelinbusiness, al. >> hs retired. >> i am out. we'll talk to you guys in a while. >>a new documentary that has hollywood and peoplen washgton talking, as wel it focuses on the scandal that tookown foer congressman thony weer and h later r for mayor of new york. erica hill has more on that. good morning. >> gd morning. thisilm premred over weend at the sundance film stival while the filmmakers aren't making clips available to the public, it has people lking and speculating about whether this film may impact the 201
7:34 am
reporter: the documenry, weiner, set out to chronicle hisattempted come atmpted comeba. mor of the cityf new yo. >> reporter:s after the inmous 201sexting scandal forced his recognition. the filmmars s the filmmakers s it was more statement on theitical process anthe media. >> it about showing what it's like to bin the center of a mea firestorm. >>orr: the filcovers weiner's failed mayocampaign and the rns it tk, includi tegy sessis to dl with a new sextg issund the actions ofis campaigstaff en t phocame tlight. initfeedbathe domentary been pose. film critic scott mantz said it was rive, sayi it was also the wife's story she sa little in the fm and appeenlyware of th camera newsedutweiner whsaid recently he hasot seen t film.
7:35 am
ferred us toecent rao interview th alan es. >> tough thing to have documented, but you know, look, own the mistakes that i made. i think it's dupcitous to make it about my wife. she wasn't interviewed forhe movie. eporter: tre is only one rence tohe forr secrety of sta in the document e timing othe film rease has leade tohas ad some to ask wheth there s any pres to cu out sces pertag to their relaonship. e were no essure. e excid be , to sh our fil 've been workin it for long timand are cited fo everyoneo see it >> it's t in ters unti may 20th showtime will show i ocber, just fore theeneral election going to be an inrestin e. invited ras in tcument what he thght would be his comeback. >> a things changed oncehere was this scand. erica, thanks vermuch.
7:36 am
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7:41 am
it's a new bins nture we'rgog to talk h a inurext half hour. first, secretary rsfeld,oo toavyou in nework. rarepportuty ttalk to you. niceo seyou. >>nk. good tbe her >> if i told 20 years ago atn 16, donaldmpas goin be the frontrunner on the publican side of a presidenal campaign, what would you ve thoug? >> iwas ouof theuestio it's jt amin it'st amazing, this eltion ye. it'so different om mt, if not all, othe ier es vexperie. >> ayou wawhat's unfolding as a conservative puicando you see dold trump as someon o n unite broaden party, or do you s someone who is going to divide t party? >> i see someoas tched nee inur country. he's caupeophe's cpeoplespond in
7:42 am
not be able to e ct trnie san and donarump are abl draw 10,0,000, 30,000 peoe to thespeak says there's meg ing on in our counthat they're appealing in a venteresti unusual in yo role asecreta of defee, you dealt with presidengege wbush in his le ammder c. u kn whathide t enils. ven athallges face o military fors all arnd t globe today, wou you be comfortable withond tror rnieanderss codein ief? >> goodnes at's kinof thing you wa to t usedo. you'd to ink thugh. you knour causes thereople, hureds of millions of humain, to w t pple run aroundhe track, and then what's happening is,eople are hang a cnce to look at a
7:43 am
republan candidate and much more most field o democraticandidas, and make a dgmentbout i >> wh all duresp you do it. can you e dold tmpyou peonly, commander i chief? can i see t person that ts eleed by amican peleerve as presenofhe united states? well, my gdns,e' bee ing th for so many yea, you bet. >>ou're still od at this. noueion ouit t me ask you abo ather candidat j bush. an extmely qualified candide. cat get antrtion. you ow all aut the bush mily. y ishat? i d know. i ose ers peop who are uncoe with the dynasty.democride or thelican de on oer hand,hink peop persuaded by soon who isable of talking and king on eir feet. d theyompare the various candidates, 14, , 16 publan candidates,nd th're makigmen about
7:44 am
likely to be able to handla difficult esential campaign agait the otheparty. >> i mentioned t bush family i ha to ask u about a recent book, a biraphy authorized on 41, geor h.w. bush. he had things to he had things to say about you and your time as secretary of defensfor his son. he sai quote, i think he rv the president badly. i n't like whahe d a i thk it hurt thpriden having h iroass viewf evhi. a ck of humity a la of seeinghae r guy thinks. were sisedy the coents? no, we we n >> no, we wereeverlose. heas to thmanner born and i we were never close, so i guess it didt surise me. >> let mask you
7:45 am
beuse i didn't think iwas ve complenta george w. bush, and dn't think it was verhelpfuto his her sowho wainr prident. strae thinfor hito be doing. >> let me ask you abt feat tm. president obama thinks hcan defeat or we can deft isis without lae mbers of u.s. bootonhe groun do y aee? >> o you kno ion't agree or disagree. it see to me that ouant to hd realstate and eline medyrom holding al estate,hat requir people on the ound. t the other hd, what e dealg wi heris a ng war, a long struggle against a very fundamently differt kind of opponent a enemy. 's going ttake many,y yearto deal wi that problem in the wld. >> quily, you were cretary of defense rightow would you recommend the president that he put bts on the ground? >> i'm not secretaryf defense.
7:46 am
with people anlook at seems to , that is only a part othe problem. if you don't know wheryore going, anyoad willetou there. this president clearly h not made a decision withespect what t nature of the pblem is we're fing or h it ough to be dealt th. >> former seetary of defense donaldumsfeld. i s y'll co bacin r next halhour and t about exciting w venture for you. >> good. >> thank youery much. good to see you. 're back after this.od. >> thank y verymuch. od to are u pored byrotein? milk has 8 grams to help give u ener to ueash youtentia start every day with 's protn and milk life.
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mmmmm, m mmmm, mmm mmm, mmm mm, mm mmmm, yoplait (music) man: ll never remember all the projects, ess, meetingi ve up nightfor. (music's drums tensif but daysike this, ll never forget. get out there, in the 2016 ford escape. be utopple thiy fight song takback m st test. . te test. good monday morng... good monday morning...
7:52 am
the hour... i'm ira cronin with this today show uate. members of the pblo police union will answer questions todaabout a survey they conducted in the community. the survey showed more than half of officers quesoned strongly disagree the city of pueblo is sa, and twthds strongly dagreedhat they are fe under the current management. city manager sam azad told news5,ased on the number of compints his office reived, he somewhat expected that sponse. happing today-- nteers with pikes peak united way and catholic chariti will et up to conduct the 26 point in time survey. that bris in more than 7 million dollars inrants for our communy each yr. the fundinthat comes iis a majoportion of what helps us serve 4,200 people who have experienced holessss. th yr, pikes pk united w is alslaunching it's new campgn toy called "31 ds on homlesess." the als to ing ten the issue in our counity.
7:53 am
stephen wers joins us now with a look at our local recast... stephen. tempatures will warming rougthe 20s and 30s this moing. wi chills cadip in the teens and 20s, and higher humidity canake the air feel even more icy. a spot osnow in the hills or up on the palmer divide in northe el paso countcannot be ruled out, busnowhis morning wi scarce. temperatures at 10 am will be in the middle and upp 30s aund coprin and pueblo. the rth side ocolodo springs anareas near monument wi be closer t30 degrees. temperatures wm through the 30s and 40s beeen on and pmith snow limited to thhigh spots. ow will begin deloping more
7:54 am
d 5 . it wilbecomee unda >>t's 8:00ntoday." cong up,diouan ni up million and d the east coast ting g back tolfter historic storm df snow onight differe stat cs mni ou'rting toads, s or airpo >> and tn coping with acold whicremedies actllelp and which ones dot? we'lepate fact fro fiction. a kung fu ka. >> look a lityaway keudn embraces her wild de and she'll tell us all abt i when s sto by
7:55 am
2016. >> we're >> we're from savannah, georgia and we survived the blizzard. >> want to say hi to our ds. we love you so much! >> last day of v >> last day of vacation on "tod." > on this monday morng, it is the 25th daof january 2016. 's the monday afr the big orm that blanketed mucof the east coast. up to twfeet of snow. as usual, the folks here at roefelr plaza ha taken care of all look at this. at's not a drop osnow. >> looks butiful. al is back froceral park, and i've adopted your hat. m ing toall her fifi. >> okay. >> it'adable. >> looks better on you than me. >>o, no. let's get to t top srythe weher. the faou a eap from the
7:56 am
schools are open he in new york but close i washingto d.c. along with the federal government. >> you don't have to live here in the et to be imctedy the storm. the airlines are dealing wh a huge backlog of canceld flights. nbc's tom costello is at laguardia aiort, notar from here.tom, good morning aga >> reporter:ood morning. let mee you the late from here. guardia looking at a quarter of ights cancelled today newark, new jersey%. washington dulles,0% ccelled today as they continue to unwind or rather try toet bac up and running after all of these cancellations overhe last few days. systemwide, 1,300 canceled today. that numr willrise, 140 alrey nceled f tomorrow. since fray, natiwide, we'v now ha12,600 flits cancelled friday. i was uck in l.a. over the weekd.
7:57 am
arring a 10:3 or 11:00 or so. it truly was about the onl flight coming int hour to jfk. this isoing to take some te to wind as we ntioned. because wee the ripp fect. it's nt the east coa, of urse, it also all of t airports nnwide that a cted. when ye got so my planes out of positi, so many ssengers who missed their fligs overhe last fewes d all o air ews, the fght attendants, e pilots, all o em in the wrong city, out of position you ine ts will now take the airlines days to recov from to get their people bk into posi, get thenes o t rig tarma inhe right city and get back up andunning on tht schedule. it's entirely possible we'll continue to see planes recovering and the sedules tryi to comeether the rest of ek. one st note. ak, fiedchedule today beuse th've had so much ow on the tracks they had to blow out of the way.
7:58 am
east coast, but dified scheles. back to you. >>tom, good infmati as alwa i translate it t sy home inr pjif youan. the nation capit remai paralyzed by the storm. miguel aaguer there. good morning. >> rorter: savannah good mornin federal vern is sh wn. c. is ippled. i wanto showou the reason wh arly two feet snow has fallen in this area. theyere expecting it, but it's still a mess. th morcros the east coast, in mor t a den stateshis is the g dig. still dating, mainl beuse iave idea what'm doing. >> rorter: in citiike washgt, d.c., it's jusa joadhe >> we will see contiedlick and dangerous roadways. >> reporter: today ith ti's capit, the federal vernnt is shut down again. part of e asonhyth stets are . a struggle tget public
7:59 am
and the ro. so, fit sto t outhe frt door. >> i'm going to be out here fo a lotger than i thought i wod .>> rorter:t s storm r thstory books. this is pennsylvania over 24 hours. a sing d ror nrl27 ch icerapa. in virginia,omcan't see daylig outf theiwindow >> our sonflr window is cole cer in snow. repter: the natnal ard deployed in 12 states. at least 30 have died. roofs have collapsed poweis still muc thers souch snow on the road, even first responderare struggli and stu. >>e madthis far in the sn. we actually couldn't make it y farther. >> reporter: fe, the stery ore mal. snowboding on e nation mall, and sledng in a cardboard x.
8:00 am
for othersone to forget. >> with the fedel government ut dowand schos also osed acrosthis reg won't have to go to wor but they' going t hav a big job ahe of them. they're going toave to dig out. we're tolthat cou take da. >> thank so pretty behind you. >> beaul. tamron ip in for nataliehis morning. let's get a check of thether p stories. take it aw. >> good morning. after months of campaigning, the presidential candidates are talking about a possible late comer he race. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has more othe reaction. peter, good morning. >> tamron, good morning. we're told the former w rk mayor plans to make decision one way or t oer by earl mah.he's 73 old, a billnaire, of cour ael bloombwould likely launch that independent bid if the genal election looksike it's donald trump for ted cruz for the republans ainst bernie sanders.
8:01 am
bloomberg is o.clinton dismissing t whole she insish gethe nominati and put this nvsation to bed. still,othrump and sanders are embracing it trump says, i lo the competition. just out this morning, a new online pl says bloberg's entr intohe race would do th follg, create a dead heat between trump a sanders, 35 to 34 while bombergould lagn the teens. back to yo tamron. hank you vermuch >>a scl over possible matcfixing andbling is casting a shadow over this ar's atrian op. nbc chief gbal correspondent bill nee is following the story for us from london. od morni to you. >> good mornin tamron. this was a game thatorlly would trt littler atnt it w firstunmid doles match between loranked players. this is thgame thplay you'll see in the red d yellow shirts the ania sprd davidre. he made a t ofrrors. ub fault soflobs so
8:02 am
fit set in 2nute ll, nothinstra youight thk. exce huge ountof m were wageredn two gambng webses that the coupleould lose, and ey did. 0, 6. saihe h a ke inry. e tting was so unusu, al four pyers were intervied by official all denied throwing the game. it's possible someone y have simply leaed marrero hadn injurynd gambledn th. ge aunts were aced by a sml nuer of peopleand no theirst tmarro has attracted suspicious betting. tennis iunder a oud right w of cruption with tho rerts la week alleging match fixingy 16 players over the past decade. ha of them apparently competing this same tourment, the australian open. it's o othe world'most prestigious grand slam event it continue but thi isn od for the ga. if they'innocent, it n go for those spani pye
8:03 am
>> bill, tennis fans everywhere are taing about th. thank you very much. the magical def a heavy snowfall is the wayt brings t little kids o brings out the k in grn-s, i shod y. these police officers, this is in washington, d.c., could n sist joining a pick-up game of foball. one officer catches the ball but knocked wn the defenr. he went beast modeefore rumblingown the re to score. lo at it aga. hego. this is rule numbeone,hy y respeclaw. om. >> all rig. back to mvannah fun for ficer, no fun for the opponentre. >>n, thankou coming up of the ald about torm. how the bzzd of 2016 played out on social media.>> oh, wow. >> is right. >> pop srt, shaq surise thpoli officers whbrt exa special ck to a call
8:04 am
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people tangzlareportedeighloss your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side eects may i ide diarrhea, nausea, upper respatoract infection,nd hdache. tell your doctor about a the medicines you take, anif you're pregnant o planningo be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. 8:13. let's trend. guys, we just had a big snowstorm on the east coa. when you were young, how high on >> num one. >> numrone? >> solutely 've n sledded. rew up in texas. >> greupn cafornia,ame thin >> did yetlock o i >> no. >> oka let's move on. >> the is an art on yoo! caed why kids never sled alo anymore.
8:08 am
me only, kids aren'tdding ayhesed to. this day, it's about highlycoroednd supervised activies. 30 yrs ago we g up in this ar,he sn would or wouldn't d you'd go out withour slnd you be gell y. >> no nts,t ds. >> my kids a doing that now. >>ou don't g with ? >> i supervise but ie thethatsled >> you'rether >> right. >> in sight. >> everything today seems more dangs, so parentse on a vised role. >> did your kid sled ts weeken >> they didn' because they're suffering fromcos. >> was going to if they did, w you wat them >> we don't have alope cse enough for tmo walk , lik i could wk when i was a kid. >> with all due respect- >> we w ove cedarhill. arental supervisn. >> exactly. both went, sot was good
8:09 am
they wld l their ks g alone. 70% said they would not let th kids go sing by emselv. >> too bad. >>e unrstand that. do find yoursel getng thro a tough wk atork or a hard timen you fe, youe ressed out andnl the end do y get a coldr fl you get sickfter it. >> never hped me. i grew up i arizona. >> ser eat. like to hea me aut your growing upn arizona. rnsou this n a fluke. r scicehi. they cal it the letdownefct. appantly when your body i unr pressure, the stress hormones actually kick innd they hel protect you against siness. whou'r not uer the stre the hormoels g ba to al. thenour by i like,emember whe went through? anu g sick. i notice itn vation yoget ckhe minuteoue on cati. makessense. >>ook a this ftage that
8:10 am
is is a world champio skr, coinn. coinso e was sing in askhen sheumbl dow t mai about 1,000fe. when she camo a sto iit geheasuio say s wasokay. oy injuri,amd fingers. >> wh? >>heideo was sho last spng beingeleased now as pa of a safe campaign. >> incredible. parents we thereith r, th could have protected her. never would have happened. >> n people who wte to roll arndn the snow. the kids suite up in jus thratngui a mch theirtarting sis. dovento e sw hd first. realized m not the beschce h, mosh.>> tl abo thehnkage. nev get o. videosywhere i saw aot of these videos on twi.
8:11 am
>> wow. >> i t one where t girl dippears in th snow and then come up. >> s her feet danglinup. oh,y go. what does that do to e's body? >> we just heard whad.>> how s haned the storm. tina fey, thaou for comg to "snl." carson has that. >> okay. well, 26 inches of sw -- trying to explain thi- >> grabbedbetween. >> of course guys, somf the ars had to g i on the ry action. hugh manhared this on instagram with a caiot to do after the bzzard 2016. jerry seinfe's wife shared this cture. ssica seinfeld jer took a stroll throuentral park.
8:12 am
reporter stopped a tourist w couldn'tes gi a sutout to h grandson >> stuck here a little il you're not f out anye so >> not flying i am from new ycity. i'm down he to see my daughter my grason milo how you inmilo? >> steven tyler checking outhe sceny. ouery own al roker, y asknd your son your sonnick hit the slopes. is packed. >> i bet. >> lt week, this dh cam went vio. bobby w of the police departme,alled to th sce of noise complaint. instead of punishing the kids, the officeroined in on the n. office whi has outne himself. he brought along apeci gst for secd ga. ve a ok. >> td you iasoing to brin backup, right? u ready? >> yeah bring your goodgame?
8:13 am
sureou can takethem? you' surou canake these guys, right? iroug othckup for y'all. >> getng ready. >> ts shuille neil everybody, fmer nba star. he wanted to surprise theids and did that. he playe basketballith them and gave each kid 00illf th made a fthro he wutut $8 by thend of the day. >> gd for them. >> very good. filly, i thi wall expted "snl" skit after sarah palin endorsed donald trump last week. we were wishinginfey would reis her res palin, whi happened. ta a look. >> we americans are struggling so manyf us have lost o job he factoryr a reaty show out alaska. we've seen own cldrentargeted by the police for no reas other than they committed me cres. theytomp on our necks and sa
8:14 am
ke a chill ll, ji. but we ar ma we've been d. we're not s gl, quotes lora lox. >> ptty amazi that that cast d crew of "sn" satury nit hen nework city, with that blizzardconditns, all went to work and put on a grea show. >> ty all came in early, spent the nigho they had everybody together. >> the audienceas there.
8:15 am
great jo >> show must goon >> that'your l >> that's your latt weather. thankou vy much. cominup, kate hudsonps . , wol wh heaburnits enrtbus ghback fas ms sothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomh acid he source tum, tum, m,um ies! ly from tums adventuresrom $599,plus up to $0 spend at sea. come seek the royal caribbean.
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to t used car bur who's worrieabout geing tan for a ride... n't worry. e only rides'll get taken ont carmax arthones youake yourse. but just in case that absoly 100 rcent ect choice... ..urns oo be... le than perfect... weive yove days to change your mind. soy. h > how does amer secre of defenrelax? fo donal rumsfe, compive ge of chill soire. wan you tpl, as we etarcome ba wh ishurchi solitaire? >> urchil winon chi, used to play thisame and taught it to a friend of mi. the friend ofine taut it t ac in 70s. it's a game that dates back ma, m decades.
8:19 am
of and-new app. opley this on tir ads. yes. >> does i difr from regur solita >> fst o all, y use two deck second,t' vtl mor complex an require strategic inking. >> y have to bbrilliant. you ha to -- come or here. you ve to beril wrantliant and smar >>his junior educati i got isn't woing. >> hoe it work? >> s, t ws >>e's moderate llyucated. >> notan >> not myeoe knewhis versio of th game. wi t p, ebody is going to lea it. basicay,he people that urchill tgh and who taught someone else, like me >> you're expanding into a bigger audience. your profits from is >> wl go to military chaties that supporthe troops a ei famie and the families
8:20 am as good mony rning... good monday morning. we're coming up heotm of e hour... i'm ira cronin with is tod show update... the denver broncos g it done in the a-f-c championship game... and are heading to superbowl-50!! thbroncodefense was stellar... and quarterback peyton manning was solid... but all came do to th final seconds! withnl17 secondseft in the game... the triots sre a touch-down putting th two points behi thbroncos! new ela gs for e two-point nversion. t 's no go! the broncos ll a 20-18 win! and will make their 8tsuper bowl aearance... facing the carolina pahers.. making just their second trip to e big game... the coloradoprings city counciis eected to vote tomorrow on propos to cut gas and utility rates for colora sprgs utilities customers. commercial customers would see the biest rate reduction-- nearly 11 percent. residential customers would se abt a 4 d halfercent reduction in rates.
8:21 am
chf morning teorogist -- stephen bowers joi us now with a look at our lol forecast... stephen... temperures will be warming through the 20and 30s this moing. wind chills cap to the teens and 20s, and higher humi c makthe air feel evenore icy. a spot of snow in e e s or on thpalm divide in nortrn el paso county cannot be ruled out, but snow ts morning will scae. teeratures at 10 all be in the midd a upp 30s aroun colodo sprin and pueo. the north si of colora spris d areas ar monumt will be oser to 30 drees. temperatures warm through the 30s and 40between noon and 2 pm with snowimited te high ots. snow wl gin develo more up and dowi-25ween 2 pm and 5 pm. it wl become morabundant afte5 pm snow amounts will be on the
8:22 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i i know what you d last summer >>t's 8:30. monday morning and it's t 25th of nuary,2016. it's aeaifay out he on our freshly plod az l the cities of t eastre recovering fromlizzd 2016. >>recoveng prett well here in new york ci. >> ptty go. >> ins the studi rw, on ofurfavorites, kat hudson i he. lotoalk to her about ts rnin includirandew tatt. >> oh. >>eethis? >> wt does it say? >>brons. >> wow. hat couldave wd o very bay,t 't. wel tk to her about that, d her role in a bnd-new
8:23 am
plus, we've been talki about shoveling snow so many tions, your injury,cially doeselp tht off a col and whad yeachor to treat?theemedies that work a the ones tha don't. i n'know about snow shoveling. >> was that onef the remedi >> i don't think >> also coming up one of the keys to a great ght's sleep. it's the right mattress. we'll show you how t find >> first,et o e weather from mr. roker. >> what do we have going on today? the week ahead, eastern seaboard, pretty quiet. west co saking its way into the lak and w weatr . midweek mieek, we're watching me ang as now around the nor pac rthwte o week,pole storm off the coast. uh-oh.welsee.look forore rn snon pacific hwest.
8:24 am
ai. look at tures.ey in theheas bemal tempes h the s. eek,armt getsthheas england. central plains and northern plai, warmer. the latter part of e week,he warmth conties in the northeast. mae ifhat sto comes up the coast,t's not >> that's >>hat's your latestweather. tt is there with my co-star. >> the you go, al
8:25 am
let's say hi to oscarominated tress kate hudson and the new moe un fu panda 3, plays the c plays the character who caut the e ofhe franchise'shero, po. ta a look. >> hu >> im maymay. >> she's amazing. she's so beautiful. that's sweet, . please try to se all other compliments untilfter the performance. has i started yet? >>ook aw. ok aw. no, you n't, canyo >> why does she keeptaringt me like th? >> sout of craer f you. ka hudsooorning. od tse you. >> i not lik that. >> not at all. >> maybe a lite bi let'alk about your arm, let'
8:26 am
found hiay at thebronco it was like ourhole famy w like, ah! behone, was thatn your before after tgame? >>efore. >> y su >> it was on my snapchat. not juster ty won? >> of cose no >> wt kif fan e you? i have a fling youit at hom anatchhe me, jump over furniture and stuff. >> i grew up with three boys at'shat w. >> edictions. >> don'tart. me? i'm going t go brons. >> two wks away. >> oncos. everyby s to differ. >> we'll s what happen i'll put my meyre. only matters whpens two weeks on sunday let's tk abohis movie. this i first time you've done animation. was itomngou'd always wanted to do? >>yeah. for some reason, it's never happen. jeff eamwor cald said, wil you comendo may ma it'skung fu nda, and i have a 12-year-old soe greup with it.
8:27 am
to b a pt o . hen fir hea you wer in it, the one thing i thoug about, kate, is you seem like thectreho loves to intera with otheracrs. >> i do in a scene. >> ido you d geto do thishen you're doi mov l th >> and look inne when ren the boot i'm sitng the doing all these things i n'kn wt i'm doing. deni difre butt great. push yourself vocally more than anng you go big. >> you eggerate ything. >> mm-hmm. >>ay may is panda w likes tell people toe themselves an conntrate o what theyo st. >> ght. >> wt doou do best that'spo, too. personally o in is rsonally. rememberin i a morning show. what do best, i would thk, isyou kn. alws look on th brit side y a gla hal fl pe. >> i'm opmistic but'm not
8:28 am
st tng i pbabl dis, i'd sa'm arett darnood parent. i' gng toat mysfn the back f tt one. iot good ki. n easy tse da. >> younow -- >> how old are they? >> 12 and 4. rider, youknow is turningut to b --'m reallyuper pud of him. you know, iad somethi to do th that. think parenng is where i feel pbably my strongest. >> i don't think thereou b a better accomplhmentha at. >> iope so. en we get to 18. we'llee what haens. ke huds, two wks fm now o sunday -- >> "kung fu panda 3". >> gobrons. >> more than onehing to plug. >> gd to see u. >> yo too. >>"kfu h rs thisiday. >>pnext the next step in joy'leanse t help youeel
8:29 am
first, thi od on we' >> we're ,t's8:. l week of our sta today seri. but there's alws te to improvyour health and diet. joy bauer is here with more on our dietcleanse. good rnin >> good moing. >> fin week, w mind u what wee csing tnth. >>things we'itting. the whi arch, fatty meets, sugary beverages a toda we'r tal about excessive salt. >> tt's a big part of our et. y? >> ebodys n st nsitiv we do knowhen salt doesot cseigh blood prsure, more than 30% american haveigh blood pressureexcessive salt is like inst to injury. this is a healthy artery age it' like a garn hose. th water is fwihrou i selessly. if somebodas hh blood pressu, t'look at feedafeed artery.
8:30 am
ter, whi mea it'ng to increa the volume ofour blood fluid. yore gng to have high blood pressu. which sets you up f aigher risk for heart disease and stroke. we want to mint. the good ns is, there's simpl things to dot home >> thrreat ideas. i never think salad dssing a sal coainer, but it . righ when y buy- whether is the fattengad dssin at t stor t lower carie, 're 2 milligrs per two espoons. whops a two tablespo >> not me, myfr. >> when it comeso the cy ranch or caesar bottled dressings, dilute i with 50 low-fat butr. >> oh. his is lown salt. it's y, cre and you'll own the sodium by 45%. >> ok. >> wnt comesviga negarett,
8:31 am
doeh red w vinegar. ou he a salad dreg youinfu want to make one yoself. >> i'll tweet it out after t show. if you swapped th, at e of t yea you savyourselfthe sodiumivalent of 2,000 saltine sae. in trapps because wre donang em. >> we'reot wting em. wiches everything. this a h and cese sandwich. because of the bread the y ha mayoustaand,f cour, pickl, 185 millms, almost as much ase should be eing in a da we could do beer. iltsandwh. sa brd. inea of chedd chse, interestingly enou, swi cheese isatural lown soum. stead of th m, i'm using from 4uns o hamo 2 ouns lid tuey meat lowern sodium.
8:32 am
insteadf musta a yo humm. 73 milligrams. >> i tryi wa ias tryingo help. dper sticks instead of pkl. u ved yrself or1,0 paets o sa.i'making a ss super fun. >> ieed thedram >> 30 conds,his is aoo on ffolk he efs, ite ousin aeaoo of tablesalt, switch it over whe y're followi a recipe t kosher salt. if you do this several times ri thewe, a the e of e year, you wl save yelf th sal eivalent of 54 pounds o salty fnchfries. is i weird i wan to lay with t ffrie it's gat th. n' affect cipes?>> no. it doe't work wn you salto taste,course, b wu trade teaspoonf ble st for k saltou saved
8:33 am
>> i likeit, jo thk you smuch. >>se are good. >>hey are. yo can find joy's cle on today, morrow, to b your iendnto tn comcold remedi.
8:34 am
>> rst, this is where do whe do theoodso bac at 45 with the annoyingolds thatome this year. whh home reaesorknd which are waste ofme? . arser to tell us what works? i have a cold. there's a lot out there.
8:35 am
der thege of one e coer b e ncern of botulism. okay. for 2earsnd older, this isfantastic,arcularly to sure aug itord as well a ts chemic,hi i a oveth counr. pting iearra >> the doseswo tepoons, or putn a t quid, which can be andded nefi >>it c, i c is soon as i get a col >> do the same thing. what t resrcoulduggest is tt tag e nnee ingingitin ongularas regula bas doe'tprevent cos. mae it can srtenhe mpto andessen th va severity. ner takeore tha 50 lligrams a day. you'llthe test t. >> is zc awinn? >>oll my iend win segme ng, told y so, the researchn zinc is
8:36 am
can prentolds if you tak over a perio of time. i c cau itom in difftprations takeheoral. can affect t sense of smell. certainly, tg it for longer than s weeks a time is ended. topr deficiency and intect medicines. for allhe supplements, mention em to youreahare over andak s there are no druginteractions. >> modion ikey. >> this is reg. this ior liquid. >> chicken soup. >>oe make differenceo takeomething hot o room temperure? >> reshers britad at this fnd a difference.ther temperature c relieve symptony nose cough d sneezin butot is good f the chill,ue a also sore throat. >> mom was rit. what about pepper >> contain anti-inflammator
8:37 am
>>na the resea doesn't bear >> okay there's saltwate >> this works. keure t use the sterile, distilled or previously boile ter. the s cte is excellent. bringsero theasal es, clears mucus. it's attractive when you do it. >> terrifi try.
8:38 am
nbc. >8:. we're back no as we snd about 1/3 of our lives in d, it makes sen to invest in gremattresses. with a lfptions outere, how do y pickhe rig one? here t hels contbur elizabeth.good morning. >> good moin >>oo to see you. >> goo to see you. >> before we tal about how to go aboutuyg n maress, how do you kno wn you nd to buy a new one? >> most lt about tenyears. if it's been tenyears,ou probably nd aew on if y fee coils o anything popping up, y nee one. if you sle bette elshe than athome, you wake up withches and pains, you kind of got it. >> time to invest. ways to buy amaress. you can go a s or sho ne. let's stwith stores. wh do we need to know?
8:39 am
>> firstf all, it's bjective. what's comfortable for might not be comfortable for me. there's t types omattresses. classic spring ttre,hich this is. >> inner spring. >> right. inner sg mass. coils. it's nothe number of coils, it's t sengththe coils. thetron the coil,he more firm it . and jus to keep this in mind, theower the number, like a 12 gauge, 12.5, is a songer ring. younk peopledo go to thetore, if you can, bring yopartner, the per ye spending time on mattres , and lay down. grab aillow and lay down for n tes. >> absote it's the only real way. this is the gdilocks ence. you want to be justright. i like spring mattresses i'mot personally aoam mattress - thiis foam maress. sto dsn't thi is weirdf y lay down f minutes. >> theyant you's the trationalay of yi a mare. aot of peopl say, i can never buy a mattress unls spent
8:40 am
and thissnoticeab. yocan t yo hands on i and you fee a differee. >> right. a lf peoehe foam mattress. this is a topf th line, absolutely pure te it'sd for kee awayt mites, butt is aarlar feel. once y buy a mattre, two schools of gho flip not to hoten turn mattre over >> you'red to fli you mattress four times a year. there are mattresses that he aow top that youan't necessary flip. you she ratingse fron to . it olongs theife o you mattress. e oth thing that prolongs the maress sais a box sing. it goes with the mattrs and pporit. >>f i buy aattresline at do keep inmind? >> t bigst trend, retlers maki it simple weingou e-st shping where you canome
8:41 am
andhathey do aop othe line preum, claic sprg ttress they're offeringee ops. you don't get to try it. >> but wt they're doing is givi you a -day guarantee. ifouon't like, you can spd itk after75 days. whato they do we maressesomeone h 75ays turn? >> ion'tknow. this i the biggerend o the. ere is ts who line of line foam matesses that crpe . theye affoab. what's interesting about this mattss,his f lull i comes in this size bo >> that mattrs was i here? >> is been inflating littl bi it comesapped. take off thi littlehitethg. his is a foamattress. what you see is wn you c , mean this is ptty mh already sung to life. but y cut it and, lo, i grow a itomes t. 'll continue t gro forhe next4 t8 hrs. >> w.
8:42 am
you do liv i a walkp or ace wreou coun't get a normaling siz mtress in, can'akeheorrs this cos. it i a fm mattre. >> h much dshi co? or a twin, less expensive, like in e $500 range. thiss tmienni, t w thhi agoin wow. >> elizeth, tha you very much. t often y marlon wayans tover a matsegment. >> i he the same mattr nc was 5. it's aweme. >> time for a new on buy. >> so many peoe slept othe maress. >> all righ >> keeping your space right here, matt. co over. marlon wayans has a new moe.
8:43 am
fifty sdes of ack." >> basically like christian gray but he's blac obviously. he'sich but youon't kno how he got his money. it'sshady. he a really badlove chriiaray wasn't very impressive, i have to tell you. heas doing stf,ke, not eat. ristiaack, h has great advancedhoug b h bad bed. >> is this explic? it's different. whe they gxplit andinnse, we ,he t ke. not as heav every time it getsexy, somebodyunny zboin nny is goi to happen. >> wt did u think of "fif shes of gray"? when i first sawike i id, sittingre -- the bo read the ok, par book, because all the women were loving thebook. my mam and allm were like, this boo is intee. oh, mydas just like -- and when
8:44 am
do betr than th. i was goingo do a p book d then saw the mov and i was ke, whave to hit this. we have to. iike thebo. >>lon ya readifty shades ay >> isn't that somethin leaed meing. tbo wtou do, isll about the - you nd the copter >> bng a good monday morning. we're coming up on the t of the ho... m ira onin wh this tay sh update. members of the pueblo police union will ansr questions today about a survey the conducted in the community. the suey showed more than lf of officers questioned strongl disagree the city of pueblo is safe, antwo-thirds strongly disagreed that they are safe under the cuent managent. ci maner s azad told ws5, based on thmb of mplaints his office received, he somewhat expected tha response
8:45 am
with pikes peaunited way and catholic chaties wl meet up to conducthe016 poin time survey. that brings in more than 7- lliodoarin gs for our community eachear. the funding that comes in is a jor rtion of what helps us serve 4,200 people who have experienced melessness year, pikes peak ited way ao launching it's ncampaign today called "31 days on homleses" the goal inntion to t issn our community. chief moing meteorologis-- ephen bowers joins us w with look at our local foreca... stephen... mperatures will be wming through the 20s and 30s this morning. wi chills can dip into the teens ans, andighe humidity can makthe air feel even more icy. a spot of snow in the hills or upn the palmer divide in northern el so cnty cannot beuled out, but snow this morning will scarc temperures at 10 am will be in the middle and upper 30s around colorado springs and pueblo. the north side olorado spngs and ars nearonument will bcler to 30 dre. temperatures warm through the 30s and s between noon and 2
8:46 am
up and down i- between 2 pm pm. itilmee un s m this morning on "tay take,"helizzardf16. tens of millions sti dging out. schos closed, fghts elle and feral offic shutwn. >> from the new comedy "fifty shades of blk," marlon wa the one thi shouldn't do wh your boarding pass. comi u now. >> anner: fromnbc news, is is "today's take," with al roker, natalie morales, willi ist and geist and tron hall live fr studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. go rning. it's monday, january 25th,2016. it'sarmed up considerably and opped snowing. i'm willie with tamron and al. talie is off tay. morng m, what else >>d chce.
8:47 am
>> we were streamingive on nbc and this lived up to and overper peormed. experiencing or two feet of ow. look at this timapse we've got from rginia. srt fmingn his back deck at 2:00.m o frid could watch these lse all just believable. >>oly cow. >> go to "new york times".com website. there's one overoking central park. boom >> wow. >> n. true snow blowing effect. >> up to three feet in the washington, d.c. region. new york cit having the sond laest snowfall in e city's history. just misd it. 26.8 ihe in ctralpark say though, 30eople dying omatd incidents. we have some stasticsoru. s aok. top fall by ste. westvirgin, 42 ines 39n virg
8:48 am
ryndhtbehi.neyoinn at a you look athe owfas, the recor that fell, thisnd of ible, n, 31..jfk,30.5. harrisrg30.2.29 laguardia a newar airports at . here's the otherfo sno the yearth, ok we've tha aseas's wo onownne ihes28ncnesil es mor tn eir average. jfk picki up .3.normal pd up more tn erag eay s unlievle >> it wa relele, to as yaid iwasoi tbe i wok u sury mnind
8:49 am
wllwinghard. set u sh. >> y were very forte, tamron to g back. the re600 flights canceldtoday. 279 cancelled to ike thet flight t in? >> we we fstlighti thinkhe only flight sterday. i landed las nht at 6:.m. wee fir and only flight ev thaeft auin. ho fly f houst to stin, and then t jfk. if hadout a b on that, i s ke, great, it's not haeng. aeady me resuranists his i wanteo eat in auin.then it took off, and wactual land minutes early. >> wow. >> did y real >> aming. frankli ue. shoulsed my flight. >> also, wwere talng about there was going to beosta flooding a, su enough, ts wiwo and stoor w rsey an, ts isooomreo what it s during the hghtf th >> w.
8:50 am
at some intsookeost surrea becauheree ch ofatindownhe middle north ldwo. th id a gd of gti ople sa. it lived u ttsstm. unfortunely, we' b talking outis there may anoer onlurkin >>ou kig? >> when, this weeken>> the l parthis week, and ayss. hree ds from now? >> >> i hav we go backo stin, ye the 35-mil car pileup i kentucky, i kt thinking, wha do you do in aituatiike that? i kw - >> thin >> --hey sed pngut fueloeopl that theyou reach. t il car pileup? >> anoer on penylni >> eig mes, yeah. the templeniversity gymnastics am stuck.
8:51 am
>> fol, arc grou hd ma tse on the sef e ro. g t g t jesusn tse mont >>hey litly me aar out ofsn.>>sh sco >>er co >> t priai mass. >> a lot of pple fnd aay to he sun inf two mem of wrgunerteam, thiscrazy. is grea prce. at shrinkage, started a trend. y look thneal jum and you s her e's gone. she sapp. i lik thate. >> talk abo the polarge >>acy. mithni nationalo' paa, i nda, i s willie tet this ou a i kept looking at it er andover >> you can stowahi . >> oh, yeah, rightthere, . ritther ye. >>o go
8:52 am
>>hat's how we all felt. that's wt we do "kung a nd >>es o iday. >> that's>>eorked with angiend jack. >> treave it se video playe great in our hllweekd. >> i peaking of weekend, i was workillday. myifboecid to do aittle shoyn o backya she' wri my boot my coat d t shel,ur goo shovel sn eemen ahe didn find it. thisonhe hane i brok. >>ent for tad svel dll went in.i ler. >> sll shollut somef e yard atasfun. then you had a picnic out there. nick and i wento centr park, and wid some sledng, ongith about 20,000 oth peop. >> lookthe cwd behind you. iwascraz du a specialsled or youavepape
8:53 am
erings ot anld flexibleflier, t is upste. didn'tave it w me wh you cou h some mblance ofturning. all those things now he no -- >> they' ier tu >> it's like w we re in collegnd you take t fromhe din hl and sde down e mayet more snow thursday so three days to get the good on i was with thelympic hopefuls, th gymnasts, who maye represenng teamsa. i was ractic with them, that, i mean standingn that. >> ts impressive. >> sone was givinge a sson. weere ihoton. alsa, y, listenhe orm coming r produwas like, , it's nooming in until 4:00 a.m. saay. i said, i doe't com in a cuum om frosomee. atgreenfie? >> greenfield >>oh, ye wel - i sa,matt, we're ed. we took f at 8:53. r returnlight was cancelled and the staedo fa like dominomi
8:54 am
who work at airports. on the phone with a delta reservatio and she was ing me this pple said. tele >> lt's her fault. right. >> it's their fault. >> one w said, iant a lettert grantees that my flightill nd. he wte writtletter? >> frothe dy. she's like, 'am, i in a c ce. what dout m do fax it. >> flighstono auin iad 20inutes to go tes. i'mut whatarned.i didideo of meing. 's mytru >>hat's nxactly runnin t's a fastrun. >>s myrun.>> look'm like, oh, gosh. walk. >> i felt like melissaccarthy in "spy wn her moped w't go. go. >> cou havone faster if youidn'tor evything.
8:55 am
>>y ie dog, mattie. is w in this w inew jersey >>e . >> tties noy. i' go in e hoe. >> don't want togo >> no, i don't. >>lo just bking up >> ied t,t's when you l wterloes but y ha >> come on! >> your dog keeps bking up. >> she's like, this goes on ou sy there. >> you and young george were oute an our s we did s sledding. trped on the skis had the video b itn' go throughausehnologydowork. anyway,eoe -- roud dad. inche pder com do, shredding the poer. lucyutn a hip hop rformae f theages. >> george thhost, re >> welcomed everybo with trivia. was one of the weekend where you make up me >>ou had a par too tond
8:56 am
>>ou listed. e,uream dn'listen. t s matt eenfie so -- >> he'still stk. nfld, still uck. >>go execive od husnd dan, 59'9 uhh. >> lk a that. barely c h onhe deck. lo a that. >> he he is. - >> dan is on the thirdst i don't hy h t say that. full losure. >> legal departnt. >> it's like the standards of practices said iad to say th. i don'ow. >> what city messed up their measurement because they lost their -- >> whingto d.c. out at the national airport, ey dtlear the sw board of they actually may have more snow than ty got. if you leave snow,t mpts. it ma i n be thataccute th probably got me snow thathey said. here's wte' talking out. as far as that next nor'easter,
8:57 am
u get an active stropical jet. what we' looking at is this low weesday. thay morning, it makes its way u the coast. now, the models are diveing. a couple g up the coast and another gut to pein t track is uncertain. we could see some snow, althe northeast. it's iffy but i want to make sure y're ready because this could be rather interesting. that's what's ing on around the country. here's -- john almost made a
8:58 am
my cameran. >> that is your >> that is your latest weather. oh,ygosh, i fee like goldilocks. look who is in m chair. >> i simplified this for you. it is cold, riod. cold, cold cold. wear jacke and bring lotion >> oh. don't want at. >> cold want t ash it gsashyherend between the webs. >> what do they call that? >> ltle ashy ville. ashiest place on a bla person's bo, rht here. >> i'l checkmine. >> white gs are cold, you can't see the jk frost right there. peaking of lotion, "fifty shad of gray"? christian gray, st year. there's a new player in town,
8:59 am
marlon wayans is here wit the ne party movie people are lots of marketing going on in this aisle. fancy labels, slick designs; is one's frsn , it's pretty. after stomu ravages my home, am i sposed to bel t ocean g bloity? no. please. ow what cl smells l bach. the same bach thatsdown dte. and cleans up crime scenes. you wa to end 3 bucks on liquid doubt, be my guest. you wa cleanget a nerwileach t. cloreanslean. fortifying the gravity-fyin.. friend-conne.. daing... strong... you. w speciak h. i-grain flakes with quia, apples, almonds d raspberries. w ecial k nourish. rty. want to rva crazy day? sfx: cell phchimes start with a positivattitude.. and sitively riant s
9:00 am
coughing.sffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. whenour cold is this bad... nd new theraf . . . . maximum streth m maximum stngthices available without a prescripti... fight your worst coland flu sytoms... you can feel better fast and t back to the at hd. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel give ext. get extra. it's always worth remembering... thaicinthe cinnamon rolls
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unash thpower of dough.give it a po the citi double cash card comes in verhandy with cash back ice purchas. earn once when you buy, anagain as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash ck d vu. the ci double cash card. the only card that letyou earn cash back twice on every rchase with 1% en you buy and 1% as you pa with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem oneided. >> put on put on the cardboard, throw them down the hill and hope a car don't hi u. >> talking about sdding exriences. tex edding, project sledding. >>et on t of a can, a garbage can, and someby pushe u fast. it's fun, especiay if you do get hit by a car.
9:02 am
>> theety tip. >> it's how we do it in new york city. >> d'td to introduce him b this is marlon wayans. he comes from one of the most lent famies hollywood. knn for his role as marcus/tiffany in "white chicks andor lnching thescary mo movie movie" franchise. s vies groed $1 billi -- >> d't say this in nyork. going to get me robd wit brooklyn ople. billionae, wre y at? trying to get melled your phonelo >> can i g somef that? can iorrow a mill? i want to say hio my mo she's watching. she's s cute,'s like ba, makeure you bdl up shs aays a moth. make sure you wipeour se. be s toave cle underwear. iever got that. she's like, jus in case y get kill don'tarrass me if i come to
9:03 am
wl a like y ain't m baby >> your mom seen "fifty shes of blk"? >> no. let's s her a clip. >> -oh. >> thank u, black. >> pl call m chstian. chriian.>> i hop insweredll y questions. you certainlydid. >> >>christn? >>oh m gosh. make it stop >> white gi g tha elev fixed. >>marl's mom iwatchi. >> my mom obably isn'toing to t ts one. thastnehe came ,"scary movi"nd when the body par went thrgh theear, s went . my mothe was ke, i got to leave. she's the ndho if she doesn'treas early, goingbe a hugesu
9:04 am
it's n for you. i let my kidseeit. >> ally? >> yeah "hau house," i had ts lov scene. they're3nd 15. enhey we little, 9 or 11, an i took them to see "haunted hous" i had this love scene with this dog. they clodheir eyes. i wa like, open you ey. eha me rightthere? th's how y were made >> theren therapy no >> right now. >> they unll me from all social media. i'm the most embarssing father er. i' doing a showornb called "marlon" aut meing an inappropriate dad. th muninay not. it'lle fun. "fifty sdes grey was scaming for dy. you had to d this calle me. i sng my own business and the movie came out and god said, on, need you to goet this "
9:05 am
charters o iflip "fifty shas of grey," his character was creepy, and i made mine a stker. he's ch, but i madine rich butshady. steals his moy. he's rely, reay bad lover. >> there you have . >>ot like >> notike the infifty sgreat, caus i d some of those things in ninth ade. >> mom is wahi. and he doesn't hav bil llars. >>om had ten kids so they come fromsomewhere. >>arlon wayans, tnk you so much. "fifty shades of black" in thear this friday. here's a turn, are y at for art attack or stroke? new informati to protectr health.
9:06 am
it's wonderful. ne didn't like resictions. noin life. and not wh it ca to watchinger calies. why sett on taste?ja tht 'whjaneoves t fit eek nonfat yurt.
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attentno when it comes t your health.taes,lways gd to s you. les sta with guelines on sodi sodi, fat inkes. >> the rmeations ilu a striionheunf dium thae are recommendin for peopl on a daily bas. 2,30 mgrams a wt to say tha foreopl who e er herteive or ve s sti hypertension, as wells oer riskactoor heart disease, ke cardiovascular deasend abet, man to 1, igra. spk t your heah care prerbout th. thisas in addion toles ra oltel d sa chesroansatuted fa ms recommendation how d i measu theid sources not ded sodut i pssed
9:09 am
eao autritionist about segzes. let's move taist's a dfentumror men dwome iav a tape msure put i arod yourwat, rht e your p ne rht here. u wanttnuck b n t snuck, comprsing the en wome lesthan5chesme les tn inches. the c syndro ihenleaveoo hh cholestero b su, trride thisan contrute t heart sease. thisiscel f is a ris ctor h diase.>> gd tar numbe there. s me to hrtrawe hav lot technog now. the fit bit arythin usrack. what's imp tokn >> wille're talng a someg cd a restingea . en youake in the rning, ha got a lf acvity ven'eater ank, wha ur rng hrt ? als 60 to ats per nu. oul bis you
9:10 am
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9:12 am
alanr i the u.see 19 a 2011. near 15%e youer t 5 ar ol poiblearngigns o conelo cancer include anemi a bowel change merica are buying bigger an mexpensi hes these days. the average size rose to about 2,700quare feet fm lt fro 2,65the yr bere alstal o tew homes buas year had more tha four beooms.butger isnlws better heoungmarket. ildersret mings man starr homes d t land prices and lack of available mortgages for ss-affluen buyers and thi weekend's severe weather on the east cot did some damage tthe box office with my ople choosing to hunk dow a stay home, maybe flex and maybe chill "the revenant" stormed its w wit an estimated16illion. tar wars w second.
9:13 am
with them fm "rid along," ken htce up les go to al f t weathe sunshine sunine alg eas coast, sunshineonghe west cot and seshers.
9:14 am
an by the lr partfhe week wule lking at apoible norasragain. plenty o sunshine due to t gu, more showers,,, >> >> thi morning o rosse report live, proteing your rsal information. if youossr boardin pass an hotel keys in the crashnd sel phones, listen up. today, investi correspondent jeff rossen is ca you sulash.>> f le i shod offer you a coke zero orsoin >> peanuts maybe. what are we talking abou when yousellour android, cell phones, how doou keep yourmation safe boardipass, what information et off ofthat?so many selfiesith boarding. ev it ornot,re ps, and hackers can g personormationrom th.
9:15 am
m guessing unless you trash it. i say you trash time for the game. p foru, trash or sth. i heard you ys >> istash. >> meauld keep and not t outhe public ashns y safe tow itou>> i maintai my swer. >> we'll startithoarding passes. an people a this is my bo pas blackut the ce and qr code so many passee that. e qstion is, y safe to throw thisut and crash it, ou youtashit? >> stash . >> tsh it y're youe gh ld on to you holding ps and stash it y? >> wit thi code, you can getour name, your frequent flyer er,ess to your airlinaccot, and there are free appsonli. youon nd to be a hacker. ee appsonline if y take a selfie w this or somebody finds this laying around, they can actuly me fligh aundand book nts for you.
9:16 am
stash, you'rright, or p it up into little pieces. this is my boarding psrom lanight. you' not gtingy inrmation. >>ks. didn'tw that next hel keys. r a timehaverd at y c g persona foationff this. obviously, it's openi the dr ourroom. the question is,hen you're do weotel key, doou trash it? itafe to throwout, or do you kp it >> iive it back to the hotel. >> you ? >> yeah, it' what y're suppos to do, rit? stait. >> trash . >> tns ght. corary to the rumors, there is no perl inftion accordin to hotel dustry perton therd. the onlyhing on e card is the code topen your room. as soon as you c out, it's gone. t the's neverourredit card iormati on th,o u're safe to chuck it. >> giv it back don't theyecle em? >>hankou ver much. >> soy. >> one p finally, talkingboutell phes. so my pe, hugearke on , g's,eoplre
9:17 am
you want toake sureheyan't ge you phot,ldext ssages. >>right. >>he queion is,henou're out toet rid o your cell phone, do yourash it, safe to throw out, or sta it? >> if you ese everhing, it' be safe >> w? just erasing a pto doesn't erase the photo. >>phone has whereou can erase a contentut i d't beeve it. il show y how to do it. the answe is you want to stash it uil youo wha i'm about show you.i'll walk you thrgh it. toy show ione, we have it plugged in toho you at home exacy how to do this. it's right here. first, go to settings down here. hitsettings. w, go neral. i'll hitthat. scroll all the w down to rese see itthe? >>uhuh >> hit rese asell con a seings. >> yu >> hit that. it's going tosk for you pacode. in thiscase, we ve a passde.
9:18 am
or the od" swffher.rm, you t in e thenst eradfuy, dhe you'r safe toel it. if you hav andrd, goo m fabo ge faceokomossenreports. i have a sp by step on how to ke your iormati safen an android dece this is real. i've done it but i have a stack old phones. you're okay as long as youo th. >>rely >> y can jt delett f. >> t y s ch ff. >> ahead, a dish tha mayring back lf memies for you. cookinghannelta shaser hillshire farm,pice is the spe of life. th's why our craftsm sn evy sause perfectl yan coaout great flavor effortlessly. llshire farm. because it'sworth doing right. hillshire farm, there's reas ourlow roasted turkey ste resh seconds after carving, we not only seal evy slice, wdouble se it. the results are something to savor.
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>>eah. >> kseyon ihe tshe ripeith us. good to see you. >> niceo se you ys thiisreat comfofood.>> eecllypo-bzzd, wh we we digou is ohongthat'snttic. look w a lotf ingrients over he. eoodng , you pbablyha %o 95%se inies i ryissometngou should be able to en the cup board and start mang. mnd. >>re ripe rsws. 'rgowi t asc. we upda tlassiciss. wel swap out the canne cam of musoo sp a make our n musm mixture. weave butr and onion tha i've sauteed and i'll add mushros here. these will go about twoinutes or so. >>ould you use any mushrms u wantnded?
9:24 am
muroom youad o frigerator once t bak down, wlldd de of flavor. add a little soy sauce, as well sherri. you didn't have sh, subsysu sti --stitute iyou dn't have tt. have that. equal parts fat, which is butter and flour. , whisk ihecken broth. en onc tha chicken broth getsn there, it's goingo contue to cook. it'll bubble up. 'll thken ande'lldd cream, aswell what's great about this is we're replac those canned cream soups that come from 0s and '60s, and making own. it stuff you a shouldn fl too indating. once this cooks, it's goingto look likeis, a ltle thicker. this is where we're goingo jazz it up.
9:25 am
mushrooms a onns? i . >> add tho i there. all ttflavor, i almost goin to perate theam sauce. >>oh, beautifu >> you could eat that byitself. >> you coul shroom up. ringtown us. >> we have lemon juice to bright it up. we have tuna yo can use any tuna,il pack water pack, or sub foa rtier chi or turkey. this, we have old fashioned noodles, teecu alrea cookng in there. an some p . grea freezer staple to he on .like isa, this is sometng that reallyreat for a home cook. she's g ingredients on and can throw it together in no me.this goes in a 2 quart baking
9:26 am
topping becaut's the best. shredd chehees melted tter. tes y get autil, gol crun p. >> it's the crunch that really ingsthome. >> it' necessy. you have to taste this. >> we'll sample this. lis. ank you so mu. i cheat andad some earlie that's i c say it's licis. u cet t at todacom/food. >> comingup, ever wondered if your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthrit before you a you rheumagist move to a biologic, k if xeljanzs right for xeljan a small pill fots witmoderateo vere ra for methotr did nork well. xeljanz ca joint pain and swelling in as ttle as two weeks, and help stop further joinmage xeljancan loyour ability to fight infecs,
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l'eggo my eggo. 7 days ago, phil wn'thinking about dancg. he was thiing abouhi ts t now he's taking osteo bile d noticing a readifferce in his joint cfort the feeling originates in this area... spreads rougut t body... to here, inducing hiliously high levels of embarrassment in his so he kno it's rking byhat ok of abjt humiliation onis n's face. u were me to d, phil. soce. ows impred j comfort in just 7ays. osteo x. made to move all right. all right. if y talk to your child's teacherehan she does you might be helicopter parent. if your college stude doesn't know how t pump gas, y are a helicopter parent. >> now, there's hp f you from a forr dnf freshman attanfornivers and
9:31 am
raise a adult," break fe from the overpanting tr. juli means business. >>hat's right. >> good moing. >>oo morning, tn andwillie. ank you so much having. >> theave been so man articles of late focused inn this.parents, i thin recognizing that this is real that i can hurt their aildren. ly. was, of freshman, working wy accomplished students. stents whose resumes and pts wereimpresyet, over ar inoticed, wer and fewerf themme amiarhow to accomplish t tasks o life with consu arent parents were to he i had adseehod her parent time zon away to find wres my next cls, even though sheas in bungith huneds of -- manys olde helped her answerhe on >> we canave a whole other
9:32 am
three kinds of over over parentw dooustinguish? >> over protective is parent says torld isscary, unfer and unpredictable an th i must pr at evyurn ofrere mykid for what's outthere. overirecve says, i know be. o s you will do as i say and do it extremely . thenhe is hding kids'hand. i'll wake you, fill o your applicions, make sureou have what youeen yourpack, llrgue with teaersnd ac ithe r. he goodnews, we it can use dage, kids wot be prepared social, especia at coll but the thing is these ares that can beok. who westart? we w sta with stoppin doghese thr thingsnumberone, don't s "we" if mean y son daught 'r on tlocceam.
9:33 am
oudid. bu saying we'r going t college, they stop aui with tehe pal,referestop dng theirmeworky paren are ting t achieve t ort-termin the betterrade by the marewrithe eay doinhe scien projec >> youknow, i hea aot of parents say, io all tse thgs to hpecause i want to themthe college so they w aloe ater life fthsees. what d so ? the t-term we tter gra is lng t long-term costour kid thin, i'm notapab ofoing ythi witut my paren helping. th're young ults bewildered,ecau they' unaccustomed t thinking and planni for themsees. it undercut themn th woe. >> y h a list of slls th 18-year-olds should preparedodo. i ha to do anfessioni'45-year-old whhecopt nt therapy tomoow. >> rhtow o t
9:34 am
>>-year-olds in youamily shou beble to dowhat? thehaveo tko ra ellth,on'tk stngers. the right mesge is, learn to discer the one bad stranger from vast majority o ones. >> we' have e rest of the
9:35 am
his odayn nbc. >> you made you mad it back from vegas? >> yes, we survived. >> barely, as you know. >> terally. >> whave zacha vi, and tyle henr chris rmack. >> know him from ashville."
9:36 am
>> it's all comin u a m >> n new this is kat "today" with kathie lee gifrd h k live from studio 1an rockefeller plaza. >> wee it back fro vegas, and we're her f fun day monday,anuary 25th. nna bh hagere for kathie lee while she enjoys time off ifl andy grammar is singing for us. >> zhary -- >>levi. >> he i in that telenovella show. he is such a singer, this i did acar whenever it wa a few months ago, and h s there,nd i wasposed tosay, younow, drivers srt
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