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tv   Today  NBC  January 25, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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gosh, this guy has an inedle s of pipes. he playsva longoria's love interest. we're supposed to take acting lesson with m. you werey this weekend orusy shoveling snow,ou might have missed the hollywood scoop. l get you caught up with oday's buzz." he hasome big stars asis clients. h tal some of staffers, a wll seeow well he did with our people. then this reay fun g chris co he i "nashville." he has a great sging vce and good sglefffisumber one bu >>e is a hunk too,hu t. whe iaslile he looks like aen do. that wt iou havanted my k doll t looklike. he is fine.
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>>very was inhe ow. you knowwhat you whn sno hard y're s happy becau youet to eep, a youon have to go danytng. >> except ife twokids >>hat douuysnd doin >> id to lnoway cayou jt sit arou >>itound >>ave bloody mary. that's wt we d. bldy mary. >> my ea ivg the ea>> your kids sllakeup. youti have to get . sai t hey,sa,e' gogo e th oortunity to pottytrain. the storm wasood portunit- >>ye e sto becau we were sck inside, righ she can -- it' fine i s pees on you own floo here she iith every toy -- ery possible to i'm a littlbit ra.
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m rsing my -- d't know somebodyha nds a lot of props to use t stomlot of prop it woed. worked. hallelah i thinkhe rean why i did it i was talking wh lindsey, t producer, ashs,li, you vet potty trained nila yet? it onlyy pelaness sh cld hbe ptrdy w, but we reay wa t wteur who weekend tty training? feeadlyboutthat. >> but she gott quic >> sot . shid e o henrs g. well,. >> we tooker stcks. th staks across thetreet was open. we toohe kid f a break o ofhe house. she was, , ion't n t go pee-pe ree, tw one, henry goe whatwet? it all about how yourehe s, , ,o big- th's jus a ltlenog. like h it frompeople you auppose to be,like, oh, no big deal donano scar them avu ever peed your pants youe a kid? >> ipe my pants, like l ek.
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were you ever i your- were yover sittingn cl yoad to go. no, but i pooped pants once. once.i ed my pants on wen downheslid my mom h to --as in kindergarten or something, nd my mom tha she drove ahey were, like, jenad aaccide. i ow h tgo. as sitng on the le lwait >> in somebody 's >> oh, mygod. my worst story whe i was 7 or ybe i was6. w in tap whi i i had t tutu andhe whole wudition or, it was the >> everyone is there, a telling the teaer i h t
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>> that is so mean. >> you can't take off this and. it w i ou a'll never forget . ephuffle h st, istarted eing, a was cryin dping and peeing. itept going. >> in frontferybody? crying and tng and eing but i k going. i wascarred. ber remembeas just sog, an it was w a ove the and tha is what happened i rrifying ver the teacher i let pele pe when they need t was butet'soo at som who hadn.
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t thesn >>es very >> ses vfashioble. s scute. we hav to r vegas littlet. ide -- w had fu on o favor momts in se yissed i was the sne fr "thehangov." we tra the suite. lookt it. i dt ry seeit. okay. >> we nt to s it. >>here- whe are we did iose atooth? i new wshou haveoneo thonny and marshow. wait,ha te i? >> e' late. weave a sw todo. >>here's m oes?
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>>y the way, theuy o the floor is vin. that w theguy. look, we just want to show you what our producer did. we stayed an extra day and whooped it up. our producers -- >> gavin i rightthe. >> tt's him. he got escorte off the property. you don't wt to know whyr ho but t were some issues wigavin. >> we were lghing so ha. the poor guy h t play ou u ow person ttasdut on the - yr rolso be pass out oheground. >>is faceas i a pza box. id tt really haen? i s,keno my tooths stlinct. >> one o my favorehis that we did in vegasas you didsomething that ilove. g toobsee. youaking a drop. an 829 foot drop fro this thing called the skydrop. >> why do i keep saying yes to this? miterally sweating in pces didn't know i could sweat. where am i going? it. , i don't want .
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i have a giant wedgy. can you push me? no don't push meyet. >> three, two, one, go. >> viva las vegas. [ [ screaming ] >> , gosh. that is so >> tt so disturng. >> is it a bunge >>hat s sgusti.>> dou feelafr? >> i mean, iel sweat on my patch it ieall amsweang. i' sweatin und my kncaps >> that's when younow are -- >> that' a weird spot iave rea -- i don't le this uff. i hate ybody, mak do i ai >>he doesn't wt to it. >> i don't ever wt toot ag i felt sick toy smach where i was, like, worrieds goi to happen. i could thrup. gross.>> thatld have been
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yeah could have been worse. >> we,grats on doi yeah. yeah. >> i h to jump up and dow too with j. lo's backupncers. shwas rht ther oh,y god. i reaed out and touched her hand wow. yo segment looks s hard >> bthe way, she gives such an awesome concer it i esome,esome. wee going to show a specia bindce clip th hadn' showed y yet. i g to talk tocaer, j. lo's boyfri and it was rht before the ow and you don't -- you see themether as a uple, but you don't really get them and then -- re's a little tape >> what is it being in the audience and not on e? >> i love . ye. i loveching it ingeneral, andhen to tch, of cose, my girl it's en more,nd then wching her is even more. somemes youtep , and you go, ke, she is incredible.
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sometimes wn you love someby and they' on ste, youreart unds for them. >> yeah. certain parts know a comin up that like, aittle bit scary or complicated or it's a big o tow or something. m, like -- yeah, yeah, ah yeah. yeah. an't tell y that s does. she gets very cse tohe edg ofhe sta and there's serity. make sure you areightthe.justcase. she's, like i not goingo fall sure you'r there. >> he is lkingutorher. >> y imagi if jlo was ur girlfrie? >> no >> i jt mean that talentnd that -- youe snding there wangomebody ttalented you e, like, that'sy gifrnd c w sw thend do whave time you didn' get to enjoyhe snow, a i know maybe -- i an,hereothi better thatchg thi pant the nati zove un t sn. >> i sort of fl like tt's
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did a s angel. don't tel him i said that. >> if you leave now,'re goingo miss o favorite thing. stick around. >>yes. plus, the telenovell star that's i a lot of ngle with eva ngoria. be me she me, y way you nt me g ase, it aight me shap, any way nt you've ghe pow to turhe lht e the best p your life. slp nuer bedwi q tech austanwayou it. e bethatovou only aa sleeer. chse the o nerevle-retiona delirs ltransfor netslu, , on li, and intense lor. choose love nerevl ultimate-alin-oara.
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it's an easy way to give listerine total car to t totalamy. listerine tot care. one ttle, six benefits. powetoour ut . and for kids starting at aglier rtinseelers extra cavity protection after brushing. >si, t si, tv ho, and starf age and scen,ut it was zachy levi's re as a computer nerd turned s in the cult comedy "chuck" tt cemented h fame. >> now, zachary is using his porf love oveva longor. >> he is making her character a litt nvous. take a look. here talk. i'm here to sing. >> oh, god. >> i'm so sorry. >> jas. lease forgi m
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along so i put apogy little son little son >> youuys -- >> eva longoria. >> yuys he been pal forces a long ti. >> a decade plus. >> really? >> i working o show edlen perfect" w back in thy. w ait com. it rhen "desperate es wting usittof weetkindred spirits. she's such a lovelyperson. so smart, so talented. th citer show, and she said ieele is cou beethingeally fun to do together. ah, let's do it, so we did it y'all are good friends, but you play love interests. >> ah. there'sinitelyike a love -- is the smooching g on? >> tre's aittlesmching. she's a fantastic kisser. fantastic kiss. >> is it at allawkward? >> that's it. steamy. >>ft ten yearsf friendship and tt moment ppens,s re jus work?
10:15 am
beingn actors such a wrd b. founatel us e kno each oer f so lo, but that also maket moreawd. you are friend ten ars. do kiss you now? norm you aeeting somebody for tst me hi, i'm zach. tongue or no toue? how romantic is is >> kno so my peo know yo singer,ute weret naschenever that wa - >> yeah. >> i was, like,oh, you'rehere. whenou grabbed that mik he s, like, wt is going on, and you killed. you sang "t star-sngle baer." >> only the secondime i did it. i sang i at the dodger game, game five. doe havethat? do we have that? >> we ve that. rockets rlare the bombs burstin i a that wae firsme i d . it gameve. i'm a b dodgerfan. >>e yourvous? >> i was crazy nervous. nothin a litemaker' mar cat help aittle bit.
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theords or anythg like th? . odyenough, iing the tional anthem lot. >> wher >> jtike o show i dokn. iesiing. ign the swer a lot, and i shat i ow, a i'mo patic, i ow so iingi"ame e bel." od bleamer i wasn't worried about the lyrics, b i was worried about starting in the wrongy. ifou s too high, youet t rkets red glarend you e either goo or, oh, you a super hosed. >> we're going to play a little telenovella. can we? >> you are plang the exec, right? >> yes, i do. i do. i pla the exec. -- >> we have wigs. >> we have wigs as we. >> ydon't. >> i don't get awig. i don nd a wig. i'm already wearing one. >> not exactly -- oh, that's lookight ther >> gunky.>> whave our lines. th looks lik myeal hair.
10:17 am
i'm sure it does. that looks like you. you' plang da. >> allright. plse do it. >> dohave music or anything? >> no do do it >> amiga, you know i have co-hosted wityou many atimes. >>si amiga. >> but you have never co-hosted with senio here and we ha sfw to tell you. >> si,si, we do. >> what is it? >>e are in amore. >> >> for how lo >> f a few minutes. >> this is >> ts is all ppening, you guys. th is reay haening.
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>> ah >> ah! >> the's eugh of me to go around. >> i love you, but you have something to tellou i'm in love wi cat khi lee. >> w doe ts look like my ir? that's my take-away. >> watchtelenovella. >> every mondaynight. 8:3030 centl. the rou about theat company. we on mar 17th. come see"she les me." >> oh, my. n we come >> pleas come. come. all right. we hav a big surprisoming yoway. wi? >> we're auto find out all the juicy holwood scooprom the weekend. >> it' your hair color. >> ingoear ts stea living we
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chen beside bei a super fan. dina just celebrated ve years overarian canc-free. >> dina, we leu. di w o show dg herig kale juiceprzer. shnamed is a kathie d refres. weagree. >> ambh makeov c seentsre hriteut it's tim tut yrndom to a tt wit tvia es. u he5 sondsnd o es >>gh yo neeo answerrigh a you'll win thendize. are u read gi? >> i am s readthis is the best dayever. >> aww. >> lt week jenna a i t the show on t ro. which excing city dide broadcas from >> iwas las ves! >>dina,ou areig you won a fabulouvaonnduest a go tallora, whe
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eat foraant .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it it fun day ay. jealingn kate lee. you are one oif you are of the80 mlion peop diggi out of the sw this weekend, you may hav missedelebrity scoop. >> here's oureekly correspondent nina terrerro. >>ariah ca we knew she was enged. she just met the guy yr ago? >> they started officially dating las year. shenows how to add pieces of swruy to her collection. that engagementing is everything. it's5 ka. that's bigger than kim kardashiannd beyonce's engagent rings combined. is almt as b as the hope diamd. wh can sayo aer being proposed to with that ring? >> i guess would jt wear that arnd >> i wouldo ice skating on that. >> i'm afraid sebodyou yb cut i f, you kn >>hose she engag to? >>ames cker,n australian
10:27 am
third marrie for both of them, and they each have kids. it seemse niccaon, her exas giv hiseal oappr s to instagram o frid he put up a funny memeayg 'st a ring,ck. is,, i ok. greatcoup coratuono yo . >> mari loveser chrima we know at.e i stilliving in rima appareny she is i toodto leat all weend long the snow inspired her to cebrate christmas parttwo. i mean, she had a christmas tree. like, wt a divawants, what a di gets. i don't know how you g a christmas ee ilate january. she even put presents underneath it. >> i feel like mariah carey, it's her holi rt two? >>ecau its? >> bause it sn itut h in the fve spirit. ark is o oe celebritie new yorke seems t hav lost h phone a wallet while walking around in the blizrd.
10:28 am
f y t t a cull t probay felut oiset. >> hurnedo twier f . ut a sai i lty st n uelp medt . >> fil wh two small children foundis stuff, and he waeally grateful. if you are mark ruffalo,ou don'eed to call the avenrs. you call youfans. you c just call theone. yeah. usehe trke cu. te >> ge em eac $1,omeby id. . >> that's a college fund. >> oer lebrs, i mean -- swren fer hudson, kate hudson, dw barrymory were nul were null aul in thesnow. john stos h t pool.ould have invited me. he's sometng about incomesnowstorm. it was 1/8 of an ih less of the forever record there's somhing about being i a community.
10:29 am
i wchedayoo many hrs of tfx. >> nina, tnk youch. we areate it. >>omg the holly measelebriti hag o his eword. ind out what happens wn tyler sits down wit a few stranger >> plus, a perfo wrans by nashville star and real life ay tal effectsa skinraformatio atals the leading department store moisturize revives skin tfight 7 signs of aging.
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at just 10ears tyler henry knew he was diffent fotellin his grandmother's death and lat rding his clsmates. >> now a dece later t 20-year-old is u his gif to help big nam celebri unicate their parted ies and loved ones. >> can seet all in the n reality series that premiered last night. itle "hollywood medium with tyler henry." >> my at made mehi bear, and it's basically a bear made of my uncle' shirts. he was a farmer type. mad a lot of -- h wore a lot of denim and flannel. >> ok. so is he there. he is coming through. who is elne >> no! ican't. oh my god. >> who is this? tell me. tell me. >> that's his fian. >> tyler, welce. >> thank you. >>hen you are sittinghere withnook or whoever else you are sitting, how does it come to you? do you hear somethg, s somethineel someth >> well, i workrimarily as a clre vot. th means i get vua
10:35 am
i get lepiures, ages, but iave toind of piece toge and delivern a ssage. you were 10 yrs old when you knew you had t ft. how did i come tyou? athaened? >> well,ou didn't feelike a gift initially y ias 10 years old, and i woke upne night and just kw thaty grandmother w going to pass away ialkedntohe room t tel myom that itkn,nd up telli her,e got t call moments laterhat my another passed >> whadid ursay? >> she in cpletshoc 'sard to even ce u with wordsthat point, brom there it jus develed into getting feeling aboutchoo mas andchs and ppl that i inraed with >>e wa youo co to our ofs, a we nted y to re a few of our stafrs, a on our plaza oducs, the plaza producer alex, is one t you picked up . les take a look. i'moi t bri -- ihink two people f you, which is goodo kee in mind. i have a man tharopp of a heart attack. completelyrandomly. the emphasis is that d't think wcould he really predicd thisappeni. that m for you? >> this is crazy.
10:36 am
mydad. he psed away of heart faire completely unknown overnight. >> he did. definitely comg throu ver cleay. i have a vual coming through. wh i can see was a trablg. where does that make sen for you? >> my brother diedf a drug overdose. >>leew he is with your ds well, of cose. ey defityconnec there's a referen t a name being passed down. >> my brother was named after my dad. 's the coection. have that connecon>> , my d. wenow all abo alex and what he heen rough, and i c'tlieveha yere -- you sthosehis or felt those thgs. yo geim what seeike a piece -- it like peaceful. >> your job must beifficult because you are ggeople these news that i hard somemes. >> it's ver ssitive bjts, it rlly puts themphasis on thelivery, b the goals to heal.
10:37 am
jen, whos aroducer of ours. >> she lt her mom too. t's take a look. >> mentioned she was given rmisono go she was also acknowledgingery deeplyhathectually tried to communat she's referencing right before that she said thkfully upon transitiong sheas n cocious. are youware of that? >> yeah. >> s's also anowledging vy clearl that she knew herand waseing held shes so thankful for tha interaction because that was thfor r athe needed, and s t to move rd jt a ltle just to let i be known thathe was there. okay? she'sery clearly very aware that that happened, and tt for her was thegoodye >> didn' kw she knew ti was there with hert the end. >> she she wasawe. e ew. >> oh, mysh. yourjo >> my d it isic to kno bause all he questions a we
10:38 am
gimhatpee. whenouo i a brity's ho a you -- l's say you hearrom somne who may not be the nicest person because everything you have shown h been a gre gift >> sure. >> do you hav difficuy saying, hey, look,y the wa not so happy this one o -- >> well, you know ilwaysay thateath ps things in pective, andftentimes whe people pass, they ry take accoun for theirctions readings are abo hling and the connectn wez mak with our loved ones and what dow in readings is about providing clarit andnsight and clure. bein able to leople know tir loved one are ok, dt' healin bh sides. tnl forhe cl butortheou on t oer si. >> wo we wis you had time for us,ut someonaidut of. >> i know. >> can you flthhere? >> youknow, i'm always pic formation. it rll requires me t sit down. >> maybe we'll do is in mmercial break. >> that was outstanding. >> thaou somuch. i led the opportunity. >> you do it with such a kindness. >> that's tl. >> can cch hol medi on sunday nights at0:00eastn e!.
10:39 am
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>> he is the >> he ithe singe sgwriter th a smooth d powful voice, and, getthis, he ao playsne on tv. >> we're talng abo chris carmhisnow him from "nashville"here he plays t openly gay country singer. >> he just rease his debut e.p. which hits nrne o the singer songwriter chart. it called "pceof u. how good is it to beyou? the show. yoha h recd. yeah thgs arankg ang for me rit nond it'snitg time in my fe. country m on ville,
10:44 am
vibendnd that you are ing tpl>>ou know, i'mti trying tfind my v as a micn an an ar and um reall proud of ts p.t i p t. the sg on the aum is an elecie things, and here am doing ousts. acoust. an't wait >> te it away. >> allright. >>hris carck the the holes in the wall behind the p that you hung theneith our mouths gaping only we froze news 10 a song unng telling old sad stories o time,omhing i held in
10:45 am
and i can't bring melf to patch them up sugars on t counter because yo took your coffee sweet carpets on the floor c you hatehe feeling of theold againstour feet in my bed you're not there i smell a faded memoryf your hair and ian't bring mysf wa t sheets wash the sheets too many piecesf you too many pieces to hold on to could we put t back togeer
10:46 am
wall the holes are there to hang it and i'lle here ifou call we, m mind kps round round t love that we had at e start i could cry, but only nds me of the tears you used to break m heart oh there are
10:47 am
you oo many pieces to holdn to cou we put themac together han this picture on th ll the hol are the to hang it i'lle i'll be here you call 'll be he i'lbe herif you call [ plause [ apause ] >> itunes charts. >> that s rll good. >> thank you, thanyou.
10:48 am
>> thank you for having me.
10:49 am
>> tt was so good.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, time t time to share favorite thgs. ile i was binge wating with jill, w s a show called "billis" on lifetime. sunday nights >> i wanto wchth. besend,eram ismia. sheave mehis paig thisas artist named ksey sm she' fromaustin y zoomt' me py andtlmi. was a little gift. it means welcome poppy. there's cats in thesky. tumeric. this is a spi,y' i wask after vegor obs reasons, with a
10:50 am
they gave me a shot of this. no longer sick. >> leak ahot ts >> y juice i andake a little shot. >> she has no ld. >> torrowou gs a goi to s dow wit lovely a fun kat hudson. >> so, eis duran rls his new artistf themoh. plus your dinner dilma solved. welwi i ayoiv lky
10:51 am
>>ice talkintoou th >> ne taing y >> announcer: today >> announcer: tod on rachael ray... >> racel! >> anocer: pitman forach and her co-hosob harp. >> thumbs up. >> announcer:ob has the skinny on three dishes guaranteed to keep your resolions on trac>> it's sogood. >> announcer: pl a make pa mda surprise. and w,e youeady for rachael![cers and applaus [chee and applae] >> rachael: >> rachael: all righty. -- so -- you get tosts for the price of one today, please lcome back to the show,ow the host of "biggest loser" and
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harper's in the house.
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