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tv   Today  NBC  January 27, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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who wants autiful skin? from n n nbc news this i "tay" with kate e gifford and hoda kotve from studio 1a ickefeller plaza. > oh, boe y tuesday.welcome.
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kaieee. thiss adventure aifete by coldplay. coplay we'reoing to seat the sur bowl. >> i love coldplay. >> toy' tigda wregoing to repthe chor." >> is not every day thaanda avery swsp to reca "theher." if y misseit, t yo al, kateudson is here. >> ste. >> she'sthatwhat is ? "kung fu panda 3." >> she comes to pl. she's an amated characr. she's a lot of fun. >> then we have elvis duran's ar othe month n rekt. cat wait to hear h. >> h has a brandew song. it's called "brand-n." the guy is really nice incidentally too, and he has been singing likinig school. heang roh coeg heas aattune. youre looking for somethi who is here. ryan scott he h a one-dish reci that
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what is it? >> is a chicn casserolwith a ste boughthicken and tater on to i made you a dairy-freversion. with cery ro. i'onna show you at >> thaunds delicious. i hate being sileout. >> iwi be go.>> ymy, right? a t of people loof peoplare zzg abouone otat'see oundanthiss ca of -- ths e "frien one the reans ts a b pho isecse t the castf en" d he or areomg thor dictor n merrs. the reon this cte ssiifant baull the ney these oplead they made lot of bank. $1 million an ode. .>> isn'tt crazy? "friends in the da last two seasonsu think, and "the bigg theory" no>> events a reun
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of one. the ly guy missing is mattheperry anhe a play in e uk. but th i whate told bbc dio, wch is kin of surpring. heaid d't remember lming seas threehrough x. cae his battl with alho and drug abe. he says heesibes hse a beg ke aittle out of it fothose. how do you rember nes? you wonderbo pple whar functiong -- >>'seay scaransa anyway - >> so th'shat. wget y is not ming ck.>>e do. when you ke uin the mornto getea, you ur cloes out tight before do yoke up in rng and ar throuour et?before wornghis shift. >> bore workg fts child myother is very ze aid make us lay out our clothes the night , to ink was mi-psych ly ow that i have kidot
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inio b she'lt on prty fast makesense not havethrnin are chs. haveo sa--s isark ckrg, ght. fril mzuckberg >> this hislosehe h otem,he gy sw shand the gree. gray hesnd grashir. caponedt thisay. t dabacker perni ave. shod i wear? he says the reas he wethe sa thingvery daythis i s quot-- he to makfedeons as pos on anythin excepto best serve this cmunity. thu havet. >> okay. >> it's a very altisc reason. rearing the same outfit. i likeimple. >> you have a uniform. leme just deribe it. >>kay. . >> eve -- >> whoa. that'l the me day. >>o, no. ve diffe earrings. ent earringsn.>> i can't finth dss.
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sa -- >> a var. she wears gr leggingor bla legggs ande so of gr p. longray, ng bla. and at. >> thas wh wear y le day uring summer is sir, but may jeans leggingsthese litt sneakersnethat you wear every day. >>e. then e other thing hehich i lovyou li to wr e same s dresses an. i do unteople e in werember, ere s a ess, eonpt sing retire i d evenly,r som took . and at pk ess, wear to ath. she les tore things. myisr, who i pre shionable, says, you should have auniform, because youeel
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sh wears like white bn down andns. down a jeans. she get when ? whas a bigting or photo, and snlent. e shown clip. o loveomuch, because it has to with "the bachelor installing himthe baor," ty called him the bland >> thas for date ts afrnoon. i love taking ce car set i pr class with u. >> iophe dn't move t fast >>hat? iidding tt's a funny ke >> it'ha. all e rlhate me stbeusi'soean tm. it's madmelize tt i ve some dp emional problems and i need to go he and deal wi the >>ould be sad to s you go. >> okay. th i'll ay and just be s insane.>> canteal himor a sec i nto be complete honest with you. okay. >> okay. i havene enormous toe. like, it's so bi
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i need you to see it. h you >>ouotoatch t who thing. que of e chel messa ery, is cong out to tells wh happened. >> it was, like, dead on. >> the best line ever. cai salou f a se why do none of the girls ever >> want this time. no onever sayshat. girl yesterday the show we to las ves. there wa iri the wasrishtep daing, a cello ayer. juste us. thenhere was olivia. olivia, shs the former news anchor. >> oh. >> so she has secr talent. this is at she decides to do. >>hat's shdoing?
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>> oh, n oh, lord. >>h, gosh. >> oh, no. >>ple are ughing. >> you'll see whatapped after th. watch. >> olivia's performance, it was crinworthy you cld just tell olivia was so uncomforble. it madeer performance rea uncoortable for eryone. i d't wanto be on camera. why can't i just have a ment? >> i havina panic atck. >> jusdon'know. don'kn if i can dohis, yogu. >> i went into i i went into it li feeling good. i ought he wasti. li, i'm here t marriage material, i dot think i
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>>hat ngh he >> she h kind of the fir official breakdown othe seas. shspent the rest of the episode trying to gea moment theno rede hself with him. ll show you the conversati, rember, ty ve not had a da yetso is been lile momts in group terviews. take a look. >> o no, no. >> i'ven trying toke, you know, gr y first eve time and show you that, like, i'm here for y. i just wt to talk to you i nt to be wityou all the time. like, i'm mpletely fng for you. completely, anit's the coolest feeling in t ente world, and i have no fe to say that i falling for you. oliv is here forou m nogog anre. why doeshe talk ith thirpe? did you see his eyes? it's pure fe. he kept her.shwas st tbe calle but says he saves the best for >>ho left? >> se her gi. i didn't even remeer they we on the sho
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>>hich twi >> y can't tell t diffen. he can't either. that's problem. they hav-- he bringsm both on a date. now, tle time these twins ve been allyice talkin about each other like my sister is the besand whoever he picks great. well, one of them, emily, turned lastht. she threher sister under the bus. >> she's the bad tn. >>o, no. >> never thoughthese words would comeutf my mouth, but ieally kind of need ley to go home s ian fus on m relationsh with be i want this badlani know ley es to andow tha our feelings have grown for you, it's gng toet harder. i ju feel ke i'm hinlike a stronger connection than what she is having,nd ihink she's been having a hardime opening up to u from wt shs telling me. >> i ready for ben tmake decision. it going to be ley or me? coue, i hope it's me. >> that was the most horriing pa of the sh
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twin at home wching that? >> it reminds me just of whe barbara and i fought over henry. can you imine going after the same guy if you are a twin. he doesn'tnow them apart because when he dismisseone of th he goes it's beenuch a great ti with yoand you. didn't eveheir names.>> all right, thank you. ming , have two words for you. jenner lopez. were backsta, and we want show you our access vip pass after this. >> and saking of fit and lous stars, you couldn't help but love her mom gol hawn,nd now youan hp but love t gorgeou golden gle
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hathat flag r as. > acess enepreneur, acesom whopenso be onef the most beautiful won hollyod. >> we're talking with kate hudson who has taken on a new role unle any other e's done before. >>or the fir time, ke is voicg a character in the new moe kung fu pan 3, she plays a dancing panda br who definitely knows how to make an entrance. take a look. >> huh? >> i am may-may. wow, s's azing. she's so beautiful th'set, po, but please try to save all hecommts until aftethe performance. >> has it started yet?
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look away. no, you can't, c you? >> why does she keep staring at me like that >> mayay.>> s litaggres. sht be. not vermble ay-may- >> humble isotet may does very we. >> may-may is a dcer, obously. thwhe thing out y-mais e's greaat erythin did you yrsfea h to ribban? , i he ia. s okg these i haveid h tdohi these arvery little bbons, thgh>> mayay has augribb. >> tse are very corf i tnk m-may has a omintly d rion. i n't kn what i uld do with this. >> is intereing. you ser chter ey say, ay, 's whathe araclooks like.
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y know kin of taed to ffrekaberg w is ad ofreamwork a he ve me the lowdn,nd theshowou erythi. thid. theseuys are ama aty do and theve been ing forears andrs then wcome iand t you give voiife and try t put uch energ iot as possle. which is actual intesti. when youre doing i you realizyou n eallfa wi it. u sort of exaggerate. >> jt backm chin did. >> aou loved you goee baby pand? did. ver r to actually h one of as. apparent thehad --h, >> they're snuggly and -- >> it was not no. paasft.
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ny cw acon? >> i thoughthey havet me hiyethout maybyoshou ne him binging camyon nameng. >>t d they s >>hey'relikei dot kn>> , ,otppeng. >> w cna >> china was actlleay intereing, amang i didn't know what toexpect i'd never bee to ina, and loveit. th peoplere wondeul and accommodating and it was really, it was really fun. i had gre time. i had s good . ealized the theyo actually call the chese government to s if it s ayor mto hold the paa, and theyai "yes."
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so that wascool, and tn me ho. >>ndaw yoursong. >> i did he this momt whe he we i chinaith my friend so, who is aoy is and, like, i had a mi waidou ever in d be, li, ere in t nt ochin e literay in the me of ch then i wust sayi to pe, ohm ichina. >> you ao tookr kidso the prem. hos that? that wastesting. 's a thing because irely t teep them as out the -- >> youdo. >> yeah. rider's getting a littlbit older and he lesit, he's into the social media tngnd h reallyantetok wahe ca with me.ani was prdf he really held hwn out there. >> what aryou concerned about? >> i jus alw feehait's best for meo keepim -- until ey g onough to mak their ow decisnd wha haveyou.
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really kw what my.the idea, they've never been to apremie right. >> sit a fnything, you ki of , we, may i shouldn'txcluhembout wh my life is. ith th, ft, it's kung pandet'sit. t the ourse th'r like,okay wel - >> ah. and ng i 4. llared abo was yogurt la heanterozen yogurt. wed thre we carp, and th he wa like,an iet froz yogt. noally >>my ion t cart. thanks r comi to e us good luck wit kg fupanda, in theatershis iday. >> iday >>an we try a littl of this? >> go for it. >> the next big star of country. elvis duran.
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> he's a 29-ye he's a 29-ye-old nashville-based sing that's de to be the next countr
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>> youno how we know that? >> how? >> he's elvis duran's guest of e mont the tional rio hos elvis duran, is witn reer, who here kicoff e se leg of amer tr. all herfoances were out. nk i love that. he going to sing to us later om his latest albumndew,"ute wt t t thim f >> hi, ks. >>et me tel yethi aboube ght year ithe ming. th is t an overnighstor here >> rht >> ner signgith aus alassrts all orgac. sells t. evnenows every word really is- hes tr sician. it very intective. you haven writing musi since you're teenager, right, and does it come just from life exriences or how -- wheris it coming from? it comes from a little biof everything. just anything that affects me. times i have to try really hard aetimes it just kind
2:28 am
and your concerts are le sings, which arey favorite typof concerts ever. what's that like to get the energy from e auence? >> si'm neray a ssimist. evyone that works wi me first thin thas kind o endeing. they're, like, come on, n. peoplere goingo come to the sh. it is -- it's thrillg d awesome to havpeleing, baltillevght i'm justlike, who arthe people? why are theyer >>hey know every word to eve so. that g teayou oua litt bit.>> we're goio learn eve word to thi sg when wco back wn u look in that camer say hi tyour m bause you m is watchin u tet rekr,elloi u. here am your favorite sw. >> b >> ben is going toingors ouof minutes.>> can't cheesy ccken cassero
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after yo localewin my kns. but w, i sp ons ine and get my number whh matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthoc inserts. now i get immedie reef fromy ot pain. my knee pain
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>>t isooze d >>t is bze day tuesday. jenna bush hers llin for th l.wh ico oyou wa thing to warupnsid orri. >> our >> our "today" foodeam sted ryan scott to whip up one o hisavorite casseres and want youhas cooked >> we're eited. >>tt lauer wking about it. heou smell iwnstairs tater t chk out wha we're doie mavore chi caerole.
2:31 am
you li. is o is thing. thiseam ofhicken i lit we don't ma uce. no rstckought at e e gmen youndi. >>eah. st,eppe lemon, nter jack cese,ecse it's ce, and my fari, ranch,s youralt. rch rch.>>wo, e,an >>anch is thkey erythi, ri hat i nt youo do i waou td scons re. u're gngo tehe icn,oviend mt insere witt tse o yo wanthet here? >> yes.>> what isn >> tt ngboutream ch you a iry- it's ous.>> is d. now cckend go he bow e mixing- lis whipped
2:32 am
th the hardffaveo leave it ot tpere. ennayou mi poathe who wafomy witthe wi. priorie i ha bn yr owor ght ar i hariities. noatreng tdo whaaboult pr?>>ou havsaltnd . thh halot alt er utead and ad >> mbeo mot. bodye raised ocream of chi? doake fac >>e labecae -- >> do u talkingut isss? >>ummy endsement. eonhasothing. g foubof ur showould be over. t sauc i said cream of chis i n'want youke bechamel. bech he'sng sick stirri >>usly? st kid>>omovere. is snt igoing where. >> ino
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to >> s's ag odstio tfrozen nexim we phis in re, jenn is goi t put ole d thi here. >> sul put ouhey frozen u can put oz things on t roles? >>e it. tnsut. th w>>ouakit. whatoureoi to do is t potatohi a anythg you wa on top. re mtrk re. classic wrap and foil. veouverag thadcefheese foilou picp, it n ston now tryhis. this thely. th'shaug guyn the cornbut it dicus >>an he e onthat'sot wiely,leas >>ot healthy.
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i lot.>>y lo? >> 9,0 calories. is in this bite right re i put vegep.what i needed.>>me the rane.>> it's good, right?okn t r anng yant. llty,t'deci go trepeom gd. >>e unthreorccs th a numr one album and sold out shows. >> ben rector is going to sing his ng it's called "bra new." rit after this here in the city, paing is hard to find. seems like eveone drives. d those who do should swit to geico because you could save hundreds on car inrance. ah, perfect. vat parkin hello! re's the keys. d, uh, go ea on my ride, mate. , uldn't minsome of that beef wellington... to see how much yocould ve on car insurance, to m. rmounds)
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we have elvi we have elvis n's arst of the month. now 's time to hear hisi. >> he is 29-year-old ben rector. and he's heang on tour next mth>> singing the title tck "b n" for the first time oshhere's ben rector. >> all right i feel like new sunglass,
2:37 am
i feel li taking chances i feel like i feel like windows rolled down new city, reetand cabs i feel like anything can happenauing te me rhtack when ds n tught i'd feel this likwhen i close my eyes and don't even care if anyone es me dan liki can fland don'even thk of touching the ground like a heartbeat sk like an open page lika one way tr on an
2:38 am
it'the waat i feel when with youbrand i feel like feel like a young john cusack like making big mistakes ieel like for the first time in a long time inot afraid i feel like a kid, ver fe le this like en i like when i close my eyes and don't en care if anyone sees me dancing
2:39 am
thinof touching the ound like a hear like heartbeat sk like an op page like a e way trip on an airplane it's the way that ieel when i'm with you brand new time will a time will always try to make us old you remind ou remind me what i used to know h i want to close my eyes and don't even care if ae sees me dancing liki can fl and don'tven think of touchinthe ound like a hear lika heartbeat skip ikan on pagelike a one way trip on an airplan it's the way that i fl when
2:40 am
i feel -- i il -- i feel -- i feel brannew >> y! >> so fun. >> oh, my god,re aa ert. that was asome. thank you ben recr and ter tots on e sa day. >> i get weoplcome out in droves. you have a lot of ns, obviously. they're alin the stands. th're right here i think you're number one on the phe. we had to get bey on the line, your mom. >> it's real? >> betty, are you there? oh, ahere. >> betty, your son is amazg. you have raid a eaone. >> i coun't agree more. i'a arr mb othe ben ct f cb. i joing that n cl. thk we le yo son.
2:41 am
him with us. >> from >> fro a risin mus star to a mega star. >> we take y behind thsces j.lo's vegas residency one more time.
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,,,,,,, what a ng >> what a song. we did he a lot of fun in vegas, and we can't remember actly everythi that happened, but there are certain moments we can't forget. >> oh, you mn like your big nighout at j. lo's debut while i was taking my life in my own hands jumping from a tall builng >> i do remb that. chalk it up to a tough works assiment, but i daed the night away, and i evenot to talk to j.lo a bit.
2:45 am
>> viva miss lopez. >> jenny fro the block has moved he strip. >> a bon.lo thepopstar ieher luckn la vegas with her first ever residency show called "all have >> >> a 90-minute high-energy spcle sizzlg o stage planetllywoos as thter. >> it's like a fantasyo ha a show ivegas. yoknow, the naf the show "ali have." i wanted to give everying th people know about me. >> the show boastsn intimate display of masterfulet design along with dazzling costumes and ectrying choreography. and on wednesday'spening night a surprise appeance mr. worldwidhimself, pbull, unleashing even more excement
2:46 am
i want to lee r note. but hours bore th ow, a mu quierscene, when nnifer granted us an all-cess bactage pass che itout. ok right he. matt lauer. .lo's dressi >> j.lo's dressi iear a rumor, is that oht there. >> no one is ihere. >> touch everything. she'enn here. i'm still, i'm still jenny omhe b>> y nevnowho you'll run into bacstage. r j.lo's vocalch, stevie mack. >> it could be worse, rit? the sw is yes. they want to len the moves ha could ibe after l, io have experience. >> get over here.
2:47 am
time to get the floor. a quick lesson bore givingt ali haveter ste. >> not bad, but >> not bad, but i guess what ppens in vegas will have to stay in vegas. i think leave i tohe pros the ear-old defy beau perhaindinghe untain of youth whilbalainher rson life wi career tt owno sign owg down >> when e coet w falling, iwas e enof that show, what were youeeling inside? >>o go. iteels azing. feel like i've been doing an hour and aalf of cdio. it's a hh kind of. yoknow? it great moment. >> it'been such a great sh.
2:48 am
if y want to seeern gas, she'll be rforming 40 ows a year for the next three years. >> that was e be day of ur entireife? >> er. er. can you do did? >> no, iegotten. >>heesday of her life. xt up,on't ms our main event. th's m-a-n and that's aint if you did ow. wee ity to fivlucky ns.
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>> all right. >> all rig. 's timto give it >>ore an 8 of entered for this week's priz which a paul mitchell prize
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ow dry like o with the perfect curls waves and volume wh thpaulch neurocelpremie urell premieotler systemand smth, an wave with the paulchell urosmoot we have floot iron rollers and a blow dryer. >> it's so good. >> get aer it. >> put your hand i > lajesus, aust, texa >>o ow he >> i could. i've got marlene from bihamtonnew rk. >>ht. i' got lauren rson fm stchester, pennsylni >>ere's mine. here we go. cathleen shidsrom east -- rk. >> the verbottom o. >> iave jennifer burke from -- auburn, nerk >> a l of new yorkers are gettg a goobl-out ma suru ter for ne
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