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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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can utilize-- like how to seek professional help and support, or how y can work on b your own best advoca. itlso includes information about what trauma , how it feft all andow recover from i ctorharles benig-- a profsor at-c-c-s-- ithe crear of site. he says a rson can use this site to help bridge care for thselves. if they're struggling with the shooting sll, or any other trauma event that they'vd, the site is desied tteach them skillto recover. and if they're wondering, 'should i seek professional help?' ile thsites not nd to replaceroiona coseling, can be a useful self- help tool. doct benht has built seval trauma rovery weites for tric events at have tan ple across the country-- includg thaurora theater shooti. for mo information on other mmunity resources stil ailable-and more iormation on the website, pikes-ak strong-dot-com-- jushead on over oebsite, ko-dot-c. reporting livelorado
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thanks joaa.. the cotopaxi community is coming together to lp a teacher who s brutally stabbed -llegedly by a former student earlier this month. saturday's "mi's mile" event includes f run, luncon, auctions andore -- all to help math teacher mike brown. the normally quiet town was rocked when own ported to sheriff's deputies that his own foer student, "crtney plante", and her boyfriend, "seaoverstreet", attacked him afr asking him for help with a oken dn truck. it hit everybodyt e school rd. it wasn't justim or his ose friends. we're l family here and it h the kids and they're all hurt. i think that shock and disbelief kind of mod intowhat do we need to do now?' students got to work making dons of sters fo brown's hospital room, home and classr anmbs gok organing "mike's mile" --
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track coach, thahas now tued into an all-day evenpland for this saturday. we've t all e detailon our weite, k-o-a-aot com. today... police in lakewood are trying to figure out what caus a zzarcar crh that killed a man om corado spng lice say 51 yearld "frkl nelson" -- wasn a silk in lakewo yesterday -- when he was hit by a c. policeay thear crossed multiple lanesf trafc... before hitting neon -- and thencoming to rest after crashg to the side a walmart store. instigatorsay the driver is 81 year oldan who has bn ted focareless d resulting in dea. as of right now... poli say they "d't believe" drugs or alcoh were factor the city of la junta now h official notice that a palyzed man is claiming his inri we caused by a police beating. donovan duran claims he was injured while in custody last month athe arksas valley cal center. his attoey, ke mcdivt, beeves the incidenwas all rerded on
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body cameras. told us last week the was frustrated by the states "open recordlaw" becauset forces peopike his ient to su just to cesshose videos. righnow... they are waing f the city responbefore taking a further aion in the suit weold yoyesterdathat a colorado springs s club was closing itdoors indefitely... after being raided bthf-i ani- r-s. but... the lazy lion's attorneytell us they can re-on the business and they plan to do so tomorrow. the lazy lhas opated -- in the same wayorhree years.., with lnforcement's fl knowledge. some in the colorado pot industry say the feds are usg taxes as a scapegoat for raiding business. "so it seems they're chey picking. they definitely like the tax ney, but they're very quick to go aer pple onhat premise." still, no arsts made o still, no arsts made or
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we'll keep y updated ithat anges. resides livingear a fast oding sectn of fountai crk could soon be onhe move. el po county leaders have plied for granfrom the state toay for t relocation of everyone living in the "rerside mobe home pk." flooding in cent years has eaten away the banks of a arp bend in fotain cek, putting thbile homes idanger of falling down the embankment. the county is seekg arou and-half million dollars to he people relocate somhere safer. "if th have two bedrooms, bathroom, and a living room, they'll getwo bedrooms, a thro, and ving rm." if the gnt is approv by the ste, t county pes to have evyo roced by th er weather and trafc on the 5s. teorogist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. our thursday mtemperatures are in the 20s.
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chills dip into the teens when the nd picks up, but wd isn't a big concern for mostf us this mornin today ll be betifullsunny. temperatur will rm through the s d 30s this morning and into the lower and middle 40s 10 am. on will be sunny with temperes warming into the lower 50s. even monumenhits 50 this afternoon and ars alonth arnsas river wilwarm into e lower 60s between noon and 3 pm. at 5 pm,emperares willti be in the 40s and 50s. this evening will belear with mid-30s at 10 pm. r big weather usuallcomes from t west. a big storm rolling off the pacific ispreangain to the pacific northwestoday. that system will pasto our north. another systemay out in the pacific is heading our way for early next wee
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here's a look at the dign architectslan to use to build thnew summit house on pikes ak! the city of lorado springs unveiled it yesterday...
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element of the complex which will include the army's high- altitude research laboratory and a counications facility operated by c-s-u. there will also be an emergency shelter hut on the smifor straed hiks. the city is working with a number of partners on this project. still ahd in your health wah... the healthiest stes th t highest well-bng! we'll tell u where colorado ranks on the
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in today's your healy fami -- we're taking a cl look at slp apnea... which is aondition where the airway becomes bloed. if it's left ureated... it canrely affect yo quality of life... an can even be ddly! i spokwith local patients who are nding relief teresa :40 my husband first was
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lot, and i always tellim i don't snor jason 44:13 my wife has mentioned.. thsning s alwa beea prlem.. likeany folkdiagnosed with obstructive sleep apa -- it was these tient's spouse who were t firstnotice --something -- wasn't righ teresa he was telling me that he's exhad because i'm epg him son and thwo yrs at goto the point e i had to eep a separate room.. and it wasn't good.. dr. jared waite with aspen ridge slp solutions says some patients will feel symoms -- like fatig or headhes.. buothers will be symptom fe. 23:47 kind of like having d pressure or high cholesterol,.. u can have those things and not really know that youe t them .. that's why we recommend sleep testing to find t if you he sleeapnea. dr. waite sahepeople who have obstructive sleep apnea go to sleep,... the tissues in the throat relax - blocki the airw 27:17 it rllis scary.
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somebody and they stop breathi -- is very fte.. but this oraappliance -- just one of the ways to treat sleep apnea -- keeps that airway open.resa 360 i'll wakup only on, instead of five tis a night... i uso wake uso much.. and now i feel me rested than i have -- ever.. patien wear it every night.. making a huge differenceuring the day too. teresa 37:00 you're sexhated you can't think,ou can't function it's just horriblelife was hoible jason 478 get tested.. have aleep study done and find out becae 'sefinietly worth sothing getting dresse. prement in quality of life r me.. it me a huge differee for me there are other typeof treaent avlable for people with eep apa ... anotoption is the "c-pap breathing machin... which blows air and also opens the airway using positive pressure.. weather and traffic on the 5s.
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here now with first aler5. our thursday morning temperatures a in the s. wind chills dip into the teens when thed picks up, but wind ist a big concn for most of us this morning. today will bbeaufully sunny. teeratures will warm through the 20s and 30s is morningnd to the lower andiddle 40s am. on will be sunny wh temperatures wming intthe lower 50s. even monument ts 50 this afternoon and areaalong th arkansas river will warm into the lower between noon and 3 pm. at 5 pm, temperatures will still be in th40and 50s. this evening will be clear with mid-30s at 10 pm. our big weather uslly cos from t west. a big storm ing off th pacific is sprding rain into the pacific northwest today. th systewill pass to our north. another syst way out ithe pacific is headi our way for earlnext week. sund night through tsday ll be snow and very cold as winter comes screaming back into rado. ins morning'alth watch... expes recommened that evy adult gets screened for depression... but for the first time ever... they also advise women be screened before and after giving birth! researchs say depression effects 1 in 7 moms...
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in this morning's health tch. experts recommenedhaevy adulgets screened for depression... t for thfirst timeve.. they ao advise women be scened befe and after givi bth researchers sadepreson effect1 in 7 moms... and theris difference tweethe common "baby ues"... and deprsion... by blues usually happen wiin the firs2 weekof bir.. bu.. if the severe xiety ngers tothe six week mark,t could more siifant. experts suggest talk therapy f treamtent... and for pregna women... the risk of medicationust igheainst the risk of g nothg. the u-s ste with the highest overall well being is... hawaii! this is acrding to the most
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statrankings report that was st released. it bas i rans accoing tocal, communityrpose, and final well-bei. colorado placefourth on e list!... bend alaska anmonta. in last ace... the nth year in row... west virginia! overall amicans nsided eir veto be better in015 than in previous years. still ahead... you could be in danger of fraud you've eateatthis popul fast food chain. what you should do to protect still ahd... still ahead... you could be in nger of frd if you've ten at this popula faood chain... at you should do to protect yourlf...
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consumer watch. welcomback. this moing's nsumer watch. youe eaten at wendy's lately. you're going to nt to check your bank account! thfast food chain is investigating reports of "unusual activity" on payment
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restauras. the company is encouraging customers to watch for unauthorized charges on any cards they may hed a locations nationwide. if you plan on takg out a loan thisear... you'reot alone ght no.. the personaloan market is booming! in ct.. experts edict a oppi 24-million amerins e likely to take out a personaloan this year. experts say the actual num could enup being even higher... since three in ten amerins have no erncy savings... and are st one unplaed expense away from needing mey in a hurry. "uber" is cracng dowon speeding the ride sharing company will start using smarhos to check how fa their drivers are actually going! it alln attempt to verify thateedback friders is accurate the progm wi use a-p-s and accelerometers to record data
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custom feeack. theidereedbacwasn't curate after checking the data... the formation cabe used to make sure the drer's rating isn'fe. weatr d affic on the 5s. teorologist ephebors is here nowith first alert our thursday morng teerures aren th20s. wind ills dip io thteenwhen the nd picksp, but win t g ncerfost us this rning. today wille beautifully sunny. teeruresill warmhrough ths and s this morning and intoheowernd mide 40s by 10 am. noon will be sunny with temperatures warming into the lor 50 even monument hits 50 this ternoon d areas along e arkansas river will warm io e wer 60s between noonnd 3 . at 5 pm, temperatull still be in the 40s and 50s. this evening will be clear with mid-30s at0 pm. oubig ather usually comes fr the west.
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pacific is seading raiinto the pacific northwest today. that system will pass to our rth. anher syst way outn the cifiis heading our w for early next wee sunday night throughuesday will be snow and verco as winter comes screaming back into
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r tend t r teer turkey breastwich.with all white breast me and no artificial preservative it's hard to rist. evenor us. you ate all the turkey for our ode isla market! how am i supposed to do quality ctrol if ian't tdu you won accounting. the nderturkeyreast ndwich,
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,,,,,,,,,, first up at 5-30.. fireghters had some troubl
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broke out just befo 3 o'clock onest pipeak avue near 36th seet. a nearby fire hydrant-- hasn't beenorng for coue of weeks because of a crash. the r-v was a tol loss. no one was inside. but nearby hse did sufr some damage. w isorng t cy colodo sprin irolling oua newee cuseon helpinoplevercomtrau recent highrofi shngs. it'salled pikes-ak-strong-dot- com... ws 5's joanna se joins us live fr centennial boulevard with a closer look. joanna. go morning... the main purpose of the bsite is to help those w'vbe affected by the anned halloween shting that happened in downtow springs. but it'slso availae for aumatic event. there are different tools u cautiliz- like how to seek professional help and suor or howou can work on bng
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recovefrt. doorharl bht apressoat-c-s--s th creahee. he ss a rs canse this si to help bridge care for themselves. ty' struggling wi shooti still, or a other trauma eventhat they've d, the site is designed to teach them skills to recover. d they're wonderi, 'should i se pfessnal help?' whthe site is nointended tolace pfessiona coseliite a ul lf- heool. do ben hasuilteral maoverwe f agicnts at he n placacro thentry includinthe aurora theater shooting. to learn more about the site and other resourcein the community-- ad to our website ko d com. reporting in colorado spring joanna wise, news 5. than joanna. accused plannerenthood shr erdear.. isaking up in the ate
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where he will undeo a meal alth examination. he was ordered there -- after his last cou aranc.. after he tolthe judghe wanted to fire his attorney and defend himself. e ex will termine ether he is mental capable of making that decision. dear is facing 179 counts,... including fit degree mder shootings last november that left three peop dead,.. d nineeople woun 's n kno how lg it wl ke tmplete the exam. since this a backlog at the state hospital. ar's duek court feuary4t new this morning: the state supreme urt orred the judge inhe case to explain why he'seale probable cause affidavits in dear court file. e "coloro freem of formatiocoalitios the s top cot gave jge gilbert mart february 16th dead. last month judgeartinez le unseing the res wouldn't be the public's interest.
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of the media ask the supreme court to iervene. colorado springs polic offir isn minirave avthis morning aft bng arreed and accus ousg exceive foe. this iseeant steven biscaro-- a medal of valor recipient. a n claims the officer used excessivforce on dember 2nd-- at the scene of ash near oro blanco and bars. li chief pete cay-- won't say actly what aegedly ppen. bio-- a 23-year veteran of the foe-- was arrested yesterday on suspicion of felo menacing and misdemeanor assault. "my ho is the criminal justisystem does the rit thing and makes the best determinaon they can, what troubleme more is that a supervor has been charged with a crimethat's particullyally a veteraofr tha" in 201biscaro was nameas a defendaninn cessive force lawsuit-- filed by a man who was tawhilbeg tained by another officer. that cwas settled in 22.
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a man is finchargein one of the tee firesn colorado sings we told y about yesterrday. officials say "shawn thomas" is blamed fortarting the fireat a self age facity... near the citadel. heeportedly -- was living in one of t srage units. and had using keene in an open heat it poce said he tri to t t thfire but was unsuccefu omas is facing charges o usg a fake i-d andth dege arso he apparently trieto pass himself off as tt person with police welso have new inftion on the other two fis that sparkeolorado spring within an hour of each other. investats say e causof thisire at theanglewood apartmentsstill "undetermined." investigators say 6 units were at least 6 pele frotheir homes. damage estates are over 100- thousand dollars. the fire at this mti-unit
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colorado city has been ruled accintal. fire and police investators hato wait until later yesterday morning to get a cler look because of the intensity ofhe fire and safety concerns dueo the e of the colex. eight people lost their home anone man did suer bns but is expected toecover. dage is estimated at over 238-thound dolrs. time now f weaernd traffic on t 5s. meteorogist n is hereow with first alert our thursday morning tempatures are in the 20s. windhills diinto the teens when theinpis but wind isn't a big concfor mo of us this morning. today will bbeautifully sunn temperatur wl warm through the 20s and 30s this morning and into the lower and mide 40s 10 am. noon will be sunny with temperatures warming into th lower 50s. monument hits 50 this afternoon and areas along the arkansas river will warm into the lower 60s between noon and 3 pm. at 5 pm, temperatures will still be in e 40s and 50s. this evening wl be clear with mid-30s at 10 . our big weather usually comes
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a big storm lling off the cific is spreading rn in the pacific northwest today. that system will pass to our north. another system way out in the pacic is hding our way for earlnext week. sunday night through tueay will be snow andy cold as winter comes screaming back into
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,,,,,,,, right now. pulo police are oking for this man accused of ooting into a bar... after a gang fight. it happened at schs ba early sunday morning. police say after the fight...the man walked outside and shot to the buildi... narrowly msing the people inside. body was injured and t spect fled call police if you have any informatn. foowinup for you -- on that off-duty jeffers county sheriff's deputy who was shot dung an atmpterobbery. 'rtold he isn stable condition and will make a ll recovery. e depu was shot several times during a confrontation
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tuesday night. the deputy w able to return fire, hittinone of the suspec. day... authorities continue their sech for a second spect. ill ahead... as occupiers continue to stand their ground at a wildlife refuge in oreg.. the grps leader has a message for them from inside jail... plus... terrifng wake-up call when a woman finds this creature taking a snooze on top of her!
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welcomback... this morning... armed oteste still occupy an oregon wildlif refuge... but from behinbars.. the leadertheigroup-- ammobuy-- is urging them to back down d go home! bundy and seven other occupiers remain in custody after being arrested during a traffic stop. yesterday they me their first peance in court. they're all charged with o counch of conspiracy to impede oinjure an ficer. tomr.. a detentn hearinwill be heto determi if thl releas. the f-b-i arrest three me people-- as ey left refuge. thwife of illinois police ofwho died in a staged suide remains custody tod,... and has been indted by a grand jury
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with misusing funds and money laundering investigators y theyound inconsisteiein fancial docunts surrounding a group managed by melodie anher husband lieutenant joseph gliniewi. authorities claim he staged his suicide to look like aomicide beuse he thought his embezzment would be ex they say the thousds of lls awfr the yth group's account may have bn usedor personal ex the foer flori sheriff deputy seen inhis video hittg and kicking a suspect during an arst... is facinjail time. -yeaoles terllhas n indict on ceive rce arges for the 14 incen teelce yea in pr and finof uto 250- thousa dollars if he's convicted. the deputy was fired after this rveillance video wasade public the fourther offerin the video have all rigned from the foe. this morning we're lrning more about a tragic accident in indiana...
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prinicipal died -- saving kids from a runaway school bus. orke of "susan jordan" say they are not surprised that she pushed sever students out of the way before e bus ruck and killed on tuesday. ght now an investigation is underway to determined what caused the bus to ddenly jolt forward before theccidt... the school district says t drer showenoignsf driving under thinfluence. poce are waiting on test results to cfirm that. in this morning's ection watch... threpublican presidential candidates face off one more time before the ia causes! tonight. the seven candidat who are leading the polls will participe in the prime time debate on fox news. that inclus ted cruz... marco rubio... ben caon... and jeb bush. although frorunner donald trump was invited... he says heon't be there, because of his issues with moderar "megyn kel" and as we told you yesterday... senator "ted cruz" i chlenginmp" to a o on one debateince "trump" will
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"cruz" istill offeng that deal! yesterday... he even proposed a date... time and vue for the debate! uz says thatf the two candidates could not agr on moderator, they could take questionfr audience meer trump has since tweeted th if thtwo didebate, they ould do it in cada, refeing to where cruz was born. today marks 30 yea since the space shuttle challenger disaster... 73 seconds into their mission-- the shuttle-- exploded. all seven astronauts ooard re killed, includingchrista mclie"ho wasbe the first teacher in space. in honor othose men and women... and otr nasa personnel who have losthr lives while furthering the cau of exploration and diovery... january 28s the 'nasa day of remembrance.' this morning. the will holdn observance and a wreat layin at arlington national cemetery... later the day -- other nasa centers wi also hold
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in colado -- tre will be rembnces at c-boulder for al who died inhuttle accidents. "ellisonnizuka oh-nuh-zoo-kuh " died in the challenger explosion. and on february 1st, 2003-- al- pana chawla", died in the space shuttlcoluia dter. both will be rememred on the boulder campus on saturday. me n for wther traffic on the 5s. teorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. our thursdayorning temperatures are ithe s. wind chills dip intthteens when the windicks up, but win n't a big concern for most of us this morng. toy will be beautifully sunny. temperures wl rm through the s and 30s this morni and into the lower and middle 4 by 10 am. noon will be sunny with temperatures warming into th lor 50s. even monent hi 50 th afternoon and areas along e arkansas riverill warm io the lower 60s between noon and 3 . at pm, tempeturewill sti
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this evening will be clear with mid-30s at 1. our big weher usually comes from the west. a big storm rollg off e pacifiis spreading rain into the pacific northwest today. that system willass to our north. another systemay out in the pacifiiseading our way for rlnext week. sunday through tuesday wi be snow very cold a wier comescreaming binto
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kw gas prices are low here inouthn rado but th don't compare -- to how chp gas in suay texas! 's only 39-cents-a-galn! now... there is a qualifier... it was only for a fehour.. as part of the "oducers co- operation's" w of showing custom appreciion! dozens oivers lid up to fillp their nk! in ce you were wondering. the price foa gallon of gas has not been that low sie 19-69. a s ation owner in oklahoma fights back against thief... and its alug on camera! you can see the rglapulls out a demanding ca... but the owneisn't having it and instead abs a crowar to defend himself again the attacker! after a few moments ere the roer and clerk can be seen nning back and forth across thfront counter.
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f without any cash! police are still looking for the suspect. f file this in the "onlyn florida" sries! an elder woman imiami has quite the scare... when she wakes up find this furry little guy sleeping on her chest! the animals called a "kink- ajou"! nana is his name... and he snuck io the 99-year-old woman's house after running away from his owner durg the night. the woman woke up to find the creatu on top of h! she called her relatives... whme and captud the creature taking it to a vet. butoday.. banana is back with his owner! still ahead. dream come true r a paraglider oversea.. the ea-taking backdrop for
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weome back. scientists in brazil are rgeting the zika vir by reducing the local mquito polationhat carries th disease. expertare deoying a netically modified strain of male mosquitoes to mate with unmodifi fale squito of the same speci. sciets say the offspring between e two will die off... which will greatly reduce the mosquito population, and the spread of zika vus. as we've been reporting...
5:38 am
brn dagen babies. ta a look at this... explosion blo a holin a wall at a jail in bril... promptg a massive pris break! you can se-- dozens of inmates try escape by jumping a fence and ruing to the destroyed wall. officialsay at least 40 men goaway. t many of them ran back into the prison after police shot at them from the reet. two isoners died in the chaos.. and this morning police are stillooking for two other fugitives who aw. nvestigation is also underway into thexplosion. ja is where one man is going... after he was busted smuggling live birds into thu-s from cuba! u-s customs and border protection officials arrested the man at the aiort in miami... when they scovered he s rrying six birdside his fanny pack, anthree others si h pts lucky l birds survived the
5:39 am
to u-s wildlife ofcials. by federalaw, it is illegal smuggle live animals into the unitedtates. one he wor top acrobatic pagliders ju fulfilled his lifelong dream o yi under the northern lights skie check out is picre pct ment. the paraglider prepared his equipment, then soared beneath the aurora borealis above the arctic circle in norway. he had to deal wh snow srms, ozen w and l visy -- an teerures below freezing.... to pull off this butiful stunt!
5:40 am
on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. our thuray morni temperatures a in the 20s. wind chis diinto the teens when the wind picks upt wi isn't a big concern for of us this morning. today wille beautifully suy. temperures wilwarm through the 20s and 30s this morning and into the lower andiddle 40s by10 am. noon will be sunny with teerures wng into the lower 50s.even mumenhits 50 this afternoon and eas along the arkansas river will rm into the lower 60s between no and 3 pm at 5 pm, temperaturewill still be in the 40and 50s. this evening will be clear with miat0 pm. our big weather usually comes from the west. a big stm rolling off th pacific is seading rain into the pacifinorthwt today. that system will pass our north. anotr em way out in the pacific is heading o way for early next week. sunday night through tuesday will be snow and vercold as winter com screaming back into colodo. coming u.. an overnight fire rns an r -- io a smolderingreck this morning in colorado spring.. outhursday morning is off to a clear art with temperatures in the 20s. beneath a sunny sky, we will
5:41 am
this afternoon. enjoy the warmth whi you can because winter will make a return sn. i'll have details coming up in weather & traffic the 5's. go morning, thanks for joi us on this trsday... ary 28th i'annie snead... for sheene this morning. and i'm ira cronin. new is morng: fifighte had some trouble tting out this r-v fe in old colorado city. it broke outust fore o'clock west pikes ak avenue near 36th seet. a neby fire hydrant-- sn't beorkingor a couple of eks because of a crash e r-v was a total loss. no oneas insid but -- a nearby housdid ffer s. cotoxity ico togetherhe a teacher who wabrutally stabbed -llegedly by a former stent earlr th nth. saturday's "mike mile" event incles a fun run, luncheon, auctions and more -- all to help math teacherike brown.
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comi up... oveight fire turns an r-v -- into a smdeng wck this moing in colorado springs... outhursday morning is off to a eastart withemperares in the 20s. nny sky,e will warmnto th50and lower 60s this afternoon.
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return soon. i'll have details coming u weather & traffic the 5's. odorng for joining us on this thuday... jaary 28th. i'm annie snead... in forhellene this mning and i'm ira cronin. new is morning firefighters had some ouble putting out th r-v fire in old colorado city. bke o just before 3 o'clock on west pikes pe avenue near 36th street. a nearby fire hydrant-- hasn't been working for a couple of weeks because a cra. the r-v was a totaloss. no one was inse. t a nearby house di suffome damage coxi comty is cong togeer to help a teachero was brutally staed --legedly by a former studen earlier this month. saturday's "mike's mile"nt includes a fun run, luncon auctions and more -- all to he math teacher mike ow the normaluiet town wa rocked when brown reported to sheriff's deputies that his own former student, "crtney
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