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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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--allegedly a former student earliethis month saturd's "mike's mile"nt includes a f run, luncon, auctions and more -- all to help math teacher me brown. the rmally quiet town was rocked when report to shifs deputies that s own former student, "courtney plante",nd her boyfriend, "sean overstet attacked him after askingim f help with a broken down truck. it hitvebody at the school hard. it wasn't just him or his cle friends. we're all family here and it hit thkids and they're l hurt. i thk that shock a dbeli kind omoved into do we ed to do n?' studts got to work making dozensf poers r own'hospal roo hanclm. and lty mbergot ork ganizing "mike's mil -- one-mileun run in hor ofhe track coach, that s now turned
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for this satury. we've got all the details on our website, k-o-a-a d com now let's get eaer.. with anoer ftast afterno on the way.. teorologist rl hoffman has thlatest... in our fir alert 5... rlee? today will be beautifully sunny. noon will sunny with temperatures warming into the lower 50s. even monumenhits 50 this afternooand areas along the arkansas riv wl warm io the lor 60s beeen noonnd pm. at pm,emperatures wi still in e 40s and 50s. this evening will be clearith
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the dold trump-less republican presidential debate, just hours away. trumactually went on "fo news," last nit.. and bill o'rlltried to nvince him to dr the boyct. but far, trumn't buing. it's all adding new wrinkle to an already wild ra with the wa caucuses, 4 days fr n nbc's peter alexander rerts. --kg -na: dold tru...
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ne. e reblican front-runner will be in des moines tonight... ... but not the final gop date bere iowa, instead, touting a "special event" -- at the exact same time -- benefitting veterans at a collegauditorium ju miles ay. te wednesday, trump defended hifox boott... on fox news. sot: "i wasot treatedell by fox, they came out with ts ridiculous statement like it was itten up by a child. was a taunt. and i said how much of this do yotake rr: host bl o'reilly a but begged the billionaire to reconsider, appealg to appitand his christian fait sot: "i bought yoso many valla mishakes, you owe me forgive,o forward. answerhe questionsokut for the folks. just want you to consider it. you owme milkshakes.trump - refusingo back down "even though you and i had an agreement that you wouldn't ask me that, which we did, i will therefore forgethat you ked me tt, but it's to fox,
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narr: here, in iowa... sot: "if gentle donald cannotandle megyn key..." narr: ... val ted cruz hn't given up on his mano-a-ma debate duel -- even naming a time anplace. cruzling nbclie ckson iowanshould offeed by trump. sot: "but the mennd women of iowa deserve to loothcandidates in the eye and have we questions of wheth we're, in fact, consistent conservativ or simply saying what is elected." narr: ross the board -trump's challengers piled : chris christie- callintrp's move a mista. "i think any timu get a podiumnd aicrophone and 15 to 20 million pele watching in an ection caaign, you should take it." narr: jeb bu not buyinit, tellg shows up." rushing torump's defense: rush limbgh. "dald trump knows that bnot showg up, he's owning the entirevent." t: stl, lg before trump ever
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kelly... ... heraised her. th exchange from 2011, discussing a debate trump was trying to hostow going viral. sot: lly: do you really think you' aetter moderatoan i ? you. that wouldn't even be close. that would bno contest. you'e a great job the y d i mean it. peter alexanporting.if trump cnges hisind... en at e last minute.. his veterans event is only 8 minutes away. the -c"affzateen is back on u-s soil. this morning, the 18-year-ol who was apprehended in mexico on moh ag arrived at dallas fort-wth airport in nds and with a pole escort. the xan teen and his mother "tonyaou" re the subjects of an international manhunt after he missed a mandatory check-in as part of his prio th were th arrested in mexi on deceer 28 and were transferred to immigration authorities. uch was t probation after killing four people in a drunk driving accident in 2013
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psychologist testified tt the teen was a product o "affluza" -- a terhe useto describe ethan's irresponsible lifeyle associatedith his fluent upbriing new today: firefighte had se trouble puttinout this r-v fire in old colora city. it broke out just bere o'clock on wespis peak avenue near 36th stree a ne firhydran- was out of service... and we're toldasn't be working for a couple of weeks cause it was hit and damaged wh a car crashed into it. they still did gethe fire out... but thr-v was total loss... no e was insi. but a nearby home did suffer some damage. foowing upor you on that off- duty jefferson county shs depu who was shodurin atteted robbery. we're tolde is in stable condition anwill make a full recovery thdeputy was shot several times during aonfrontation wi t juveniles in an
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the deputy was able to return fire, hitting one of the suects. today... authits continue their search f a second suspect. colorado springs polic officer is on administrative leave -- after being arrested and accuseof using excessive force. this is sergeantsteven bisco" -- 's medalf valor recipient... d a 23ear veteraof rce. a n clms officer biscaro esive force on deer 2nd at the scene rash r oro blancond bnes. police chief petcarey-- won't say exacy what allegly happed. biscaro-- was arrested yterday on suspicion of felony menacing and misdeanor assault. y pes the crimin jtice syst does the right thing and makes the be determination theyan, whatroubles me more is that a supervor has been charged wi a crime, that's rticular toughespecial a
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in 2010 o was named as a defendt in aexcesse rc lawsuit-- filed by a man who w tased while ing detained b other officer. that case was settled in 2012. continuing coverage -- after a colorado springsmoke club was raideby the f-b-i and i- r-s yesterday..,taz lion's attorney lls news5 they can re-en the business,...and plan to do so, on friday. the lazy lion has operated in the me way for threeears.., wi law enforcement's full knowledge. somen e colorado pot industry say the feds are using taxes as a spegoat foraiding businesses. o it seems there cherry cking. they dinitellike the t ney, but they're verquick to go aerple that premise." stil no arrests de or charges filed after thisd. we'll keep you updated if that
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the ty of colorado springs has unveiled it's prerred design for the new summit house -- to be build on top of pes peak. it's a project wve bn tracking for months... th ithe design architects plan to use going rward. the visitor center... ll include -- thar's high- titude research borary and a communatns facility opered by c-u. there will also an emergency shelter hut -- for stranded hikers. the ty iworking with a number of partners on this ongog oject. still ahead on news five at noon -- it's a perfect day to get outdoors- how lo will it st?? metrologist carlee hoffman is up xt with your extended forecast. carlee? more sunine and rm temperates to finish out the
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for the weekend i'll have an today morning temperat today morning temperatures were inhe 20s. we have alread warmed by degesnd have the potential to wm even will beautifully sunny. temperatures warmed through e 20s and 30s this morning and we
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lower and middle 4y 10 am. noonill sunny with temperatures warming into the lower 50s even monenhits 50 this afternoon and areas along the arkansas river will wa into the lower 60s between noon and 3 pm. at 5 pm, temperatures will still be in the 40s and 50s. is evening will be clear with mid-30s at 10 pm.our big weatheusuay comes frhe st. a bistm rolling off the pacific is spreading raiinto the pacific northwest today. that system will pas our rth. other system way out in the pacific headi our way for rly next wee sunday nht through tuesday will be ow and very cold as winter comes screaming back into corado.
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after thbron news five a no -- it's a condition manstruggle with -d may not even know it. 'rng a closer ok a
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it -- next idain today's your healthy family -- we're taking a cser lookt sleep apa. which is a condionhere the airway becomes bloed while yoursleep. it it's ft untreed... it can gatly affect your qualy of le... and it can even be deadly! news 5's aie snead... spoke wiocal patients who are finding reef tesa 31:40 my husband fst was tellg me that i was snoring a lot, and i always tell him i dosnore son 44:13 myife has mentioned.. the sning has alys been a problem.. likeanfos diagnosed with obstructive slp apa -- it was
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were the first to notice --something -- wasn't right. resa he was telling me that hs exusted because i'm kein him jan and then t yea a igot the point whe i d to sleep a sarate room.. and itasn't good.. dr red waite with aidge sleep soluons says som patients will fe symptoms -- li fatiguer headaches.. but others wbe symptom fre 23:47 ki olike having hi blood prsuhigh cholesterol,.. can ve thosengs and not really kw that you've got them .. that'shy we reend sleep testinto finout if y have slp apne dr. waite says when people wave obstructive sleep apnea go t sleep,... the tissues inhe throat relax --- blockinghe airway.. :17 it reallis sry. when youe layi next to somebody and ty stop breathing -- is very frightening but this oral appliance -- just one of the ways to treat sleep
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teresa 36:40 ll wake up only once, instead five times a night... i used to wake up so much.. and now fe more rested than i have -- ever.. patients wear it every night.. mang a huge difference during the day too. teresa 37:00 you're so exhausted you can't think, you can't function.. it's just horrible, life was horrible jason 47:18 get sted.. have a sleep study done anfind out because it's definiey worth something getting addressed. ovement in quality of life fome.. it's mada huge diffence for me the are other types of treatment available for le with sleep apnea... another opti ia -p breathing main which bls co the nose and uth... and blowair -- creating --coinuous posive airway pressure... openin
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back wh one st cckf filehis tonly fi this the "ly in florida" stories! an elderly woman imii has quite the scare...when she wakes up to find this furry tt guy
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animal icalled a "kinka- jou"! bana is his name... and he snuck into the 99-year-old woman's hoe after nning away from his owner during the night. thwon woke up tointhe creare on toof her! she called her relatives. who me and captured the creatuakinit to a ve t day. bas back wh his owr! ad l , is evening wilbe clear with mi 30s at 10 pm.oubig ather usually cos from the west.
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cific spreang rain into the cic rthwestoday. that stem will pass to our north. otr stay o ithe pacific is headi our w for early ne wk. suayight thrgh tuesd will be snow and very cold as winter com screaming bk in colorado. thanks for spending part oyour
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