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tv   Today  NBC  January 29, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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m saah guthrielongside llie, in fthis morng. my remot control working time last night. ast buttn the tv w used a lot lasnight. >> we'llee if thisoff mp. >> thats o t story this rning. donald trump going through on his promise to skip the last night's presidential debate, but his presencwas felt early and of at his own eve, trump admitted he wasn't sure how it would play overith voters. we have our own nbc's correspondent per alexander. peter, gd morning. >> goomorning. i think you t it on the head right there. it was cing counter-programming. was alsbig risk for nald trump. on stage, he said he didn't want toe is own event, at he likes debates. but without hi the republican debate took on decidedly fferent to think of me
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was the elepha not in the om. trump boldly boy trboldlyoycottinthe fo news debat >> wheyou're treated badly, you ha to stick up you ts. and have to stick up for our couny wh we're being mistre. remeer that. >> repter: defying critics who call his move a mistak inviting two underdog candidates to speak.p trumpomparing the cro and hisund-is to e ademy awards. touting $6 million raised. across town, trump's absence gave an opening to deliver their best one-liners. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on th stage is upid, fat and ugly. and,enyou're a terrible surgeon. nothat we've gotten the do trumportion out the way. >> i kind >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was ted bear to me. reporter: the debate offered
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y ha lookelikeithouthe unprictae front runner. ted cruz, mberwon the polls, became numberne target on the stage. >> youe been willing tsay and do athing to get votes. >> a tt's an>> and that's authenticity prm. everybody kno that he isot as perfe as him. >> the last four qstions have be, , tack. o, aack d. ris,ttack d. attack ted. gosh, if you ask one me mean questioni may have to leave thstage. reporter: after jeb bush announced he won even in iowa foraucus nit. >> couldn't run beuse it wasnopular. reporr:e >> reporter: he exchanged barbs over hit issues wi marco rubio. you cnged youposi on immiation. you used to support a path to citizens >> sdid >> well so did you,co >>epor whi chr chriie lashed t at the senators on ste. i feel ke ieed washington to english dictna converter. stop the bull. >>eporter: ben carson highlighted s iq credentials.
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calls than everydyerpu togeth, king life and death desions. repte eveashe chalngs kept talki, donald trump was already his way back tnew hampshir not befo sgeing his pregnantaughter ulbe his >> >> ivanka, it woulde soreat ifou had your daughte in iowa. it would be great. i would definitely w. stand up, hoy. say hello. >> how wilit plafor ump? iowa caucus goers, will they be fended or stick with trump thosaucus those caucu goers have the fil say mondayight. willie and snah? >>eterxaer, thank yo let'brinin c td, detor me thess od morni. >> good morng. >> normay thiti in the mornin iould askhohe debate. day, i'll say,hoonhe nigh ditrump's g gamble pay off? >> you know, ihink it did. the reason i think it paid off,
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of theent. i was surprised how little beef that trump on tt stage. that was aopportunity for a couple othe front runners to co outnd go at tmp. heasn't thto rpond. theyse not tdo i other an the stuff at the top, it was a light touch if you're trump, y're sitting reoing, well, this was great. ted cruz a marco rubio, the two guyshasinge, end up beating each up beating ea other up, and we the targets of everybod se e ing noticed is whout trump ere,hree pple who trump has ju oitered ove thla six months in attacks, ben carsonjeb bush and rand paul, l three of them had their best debat >> chuck, ople thought ted cruzpecifilly, becse he's runng ose thrumpn wawould have a target on his back hodihe handlthe essure last night? >> ihinke strugglewith i rly, in paicul. he was the one getting a lot of coming. i think you could tell he liked
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wiout trump ere. i tht he lood ttle test times. his jofell a little flat. his littleweaking of the moderators dt seemo go er well. look, think he's still the guy that is the nuer twouy here, but he didn't do athing, i thk, to go a gratrum ybe evenome t top. ifnyin rubio may be nipping atis hee a bit this may be a closer three-way race than we thoht cckodd, wll be watcng. you'll have more from wa this sunday on "meet the press, including a conversation with senator ted cruz. > hilly clinton anbernie saerare making their fal pushesheadf wa'saucuses. nbc's nbc's anda mitells also in des moines, iowa for us this mornin >> good morning,e. the democratic side is also heating up. beie sanders goes after hiclinton for her
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her tieso treet. >> reporter: bernisas is on the attac king to another roarg crowd in iowa thur night. >> change is not easy, and the opposition will be strong. >> reporter: hs targeting wall iw >> how does wall street get away with i millions in campaign contributions d speaking fees. >> reporter:ds seen as an attack on hillary clton. >> wl street spends huge amnts on campaign ntribution >> is shboug by ll street? >> i'm not sgestg hing. repter:h tee dayso go before the caucus, clinton is trying to close the deal, nning er a former trp pporte >> you have my vote. >> i cannot tell you what that means me. >> reporter: connecting with o voter whis havintrouble paying herills. >> we veo do more lp pe. it's just not rit. >> reporter:n iowa, one new poll sho she has a five point lead, th women and old voters thring their support behind her. sanders is hoping young people
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help him win on monday >> we have 15,000 people in this atthat least one a >> rorter:linton's people say their groundame is secure. >> we've seen strong support across the state. >> repter: at 74, sanders would be the oldest elected presidt if hwins. on trsday,e releed a medireasg he is in vergood heah. >> you know what i'm thinking do? >> not wh me. >> do i get involved in senior boxing, light heavyweit championship, or run for esident? i dedeto run for president. >> the one thing o n poll shows is that hillary clinton has one advante. her supptersd to be re periend caucus goersnd more committed bernie sanders has to hope that these first-time voterdo sho up at the polls. only three dayto go. savannah a willi >> andrea, watchout.
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yo punch bac >> you have the hand moves. nice technique, andrea. >> tha u, willie >> we are taking the show live to iowa next monday. >> we can tellou donald trump's ly, sarah palin, is joining u durspial edtoday." moving on to tngoing cution of a fewildfe refugeoregon. e fbi has ju released vide this 's fatal shooting e group'spokesperson. nbc's joe fryer ion this ory for us. od morning. >> good morning. e occupati is still not ov. four people remain at the refuge. e already leasing video from tuesd's ddly confrontation with the occupation lears, yingt nts to lay o an unfiltered vif what hapd. eporter: when thorities deded to pover arrest members ofhe occation they dve two vehs down a mote highwaybi plane was up above, recordinit.
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driven by lavoy finicum sitting le for nea minut during that time, the fbi says t d stattrpers wer telling the occupants to surrender. instead, the truck drove on. one mi ler, it veered le to avoid a roadblock, nearly hitting agent. finicum itednds inhe a at first the fbi says on at least t occasions, hreacd s right handowd a jacket pkethat's when finicuwas shot a lled. authorities say he had a loaded miautomatic handgun in t poet. >> athe video shows, it was a rele action that resulted in e coequenc. >> repte finum suppters thinke wanot achi foris gun. three weeks earlr, therizona raher sa he'd rather die than go jail. i have intention of spendi a of s in a cote box. reporr: durine nfntatioive occus
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leader, ammon bundy, whose er is callinr the rest to turn thselv? tessa has beemade. >> repr:heed occupation is dwindlinwith four militants left. in videos posted online, they're sitting next to fire, even ncing, saying they'll only leave if they'reot arrested. >> tling u it's safe to leave, but it'not. >> roadblocks have mov closer to the refuge. the fbi says negottors a working ound thelock to try to bri thito a peacefu resoluti. >> joe fryer, thank you. now a mor development overght in the manhu for the fugitives who escad fr a mamum curi jaiin caforn. a man o worked aa teher at theacility arstednd
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here'sbc's migl almagu . >> >> rorter: the tee inmates cut through the steel and peed off the roof using bed sheets as rope. a jailbreak out of hollywood. now, this twist. >> it is believed that ravaghi habeen has been arrested and believed sherovided toolshat aed i eir prepation foth cape reporter: the sheff's department said thenglish teacher had a relationship with nayeri. providing him with google maps that may havshn him the roof. a caseimar to the upstate new yo prison ea >> i did wrong. deserve to be punished. >> rorter:here prin empleeoyce mitcheladmitted havina,uote, friendip with twourrers before lpg th bt out pson. >>e know there was a relationship that r it wt, whether iwa physical or t,e're ting toconfm at.>> reporter: gone a we a toda accorng to the sheriff,enuo bati duongas last spotted
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adest driving ts van before speeding away. investigators believedug, yeri and jonathan tieu may b living in the n togeer. >> we don't believe they're tside of theri-county area eporter: with n arrested, including ng members, all near little saigon, investigators say they arene st closer to arrestihe three inmates. n want for murder, attempted murderkidnapping and torture, may have pulled off a jailbreak w could ve igid. for "today miguel almaguer, nbnews, santa ana, californi > erare new arhere in e u.s. androthe world over the zika viru al officials pinup to 4illion puld infectedn azil ts year alon we told y on thursday, the wod health orgization ans toold emergen meeting to discuss e spread. tom costlo haseen talking to e experts about it. 's scary. good morni. >>ood morning. the meing is all about
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oureak a glol emergencbut on the ground, thais exactly what they're already dng with. >> reporr: world healt experts call it a rapidly exploding crisissoof the u.s.order, and a tiny mosquito carrhe zika viru ght to be responsi so f, an estated 4,0 babies bn in brazil wit microceply,bnorlly all heads and brns. we were wi a m as to her two month old with microcephaly to doctor. >> the lev of concer high. 's a levelf uncertaiy. >> reporter: the travel advisoes in effect, the uncertaintextendto the u.s. experts beeve thrisk of a large-scale outbreak here is low. largely cause very few americanlive in the kind o mosquito breeding grounds we see inrazil. oued by trasand stagnant water. >> people tycally have air-ndiong and good screens that lim tir posu.
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aware 31 cases of zika infeion in the u.s 19 puertoanin the u.s. virgin ian all victims contraed the virus whe eling abrd weonnow how manyve prnant women. heth departmentsoss the country are under order to report any cases to the cdc. n women a pregnant or thinkingut becingreant are urged to avoid tveling to zi h zones. >> is going to bst orah before we had the baby in june >> reporter: gina and husband had their tickets to meco last month. now, they've cancelled. >> we probably couldn't live th ourselv if meing di pp. >> here in the u.s., t mosquitos that can carry za are most common in gulf states theynot carrying it yet, by the wa they're only active daylight hours. we have anher layer of protti in this country. the seasonal cold that keeps mouis in check. back to you. tom costello with t latest,
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a stretch of ogogh closedmorning after a massive sinkhole opened up i the road. look at thisideo. it hapned on highway 1n the st towcostown boed uthboundanes. nobody was hurt. transportaoniciaet up a detour that will be in place until at lea next ek back to the veo we swed at top of the show. you probably ca get it out of your mind. 18-time olympic gold medalist, michaeelps. at an arona sun devils ge. was the speal guest behind the infams cuain of distion. the idea is distract players on the opposing team during free rows. well, heported a swim cap, bow es, medals and speedos. the distraction worked. the player missed both foul shots. he has been training for the olympics in rio.
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arizona ste. thers en a stu done. it'sood for 1.7 points of an vantage t arena. >> iworth it. >> with miael phelps, it probably goes up. >> the so factorht crease it a little bit. >> you're at t line, is that ael phelps? unbelievable. >> howy medals doehe he? >> that's what thereooking at. al's going on the wer? >> hav lookit the meda. we'rwatchi grounog day storthat's already outest. we're ing toe wahing it closely. we'vgot a lo srs a sn in e pacific northwest. the second storm out he, we're going to be loinat atrong piece of energy pushing in the moisre. itl be enhanced he jet stre. sunday, in f southercaforn. wint mixcross the southwes th mon i en mony,t makea b-ne fothe dwest d the ns. heavy snow frocorado acr e plains. wa m startseme sw
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caucuses are de. then during the y onuesday, heavy snowetchg from kansasll t way to sconsi d nohern michigan. strong thundstorms from the ohio valy all the way down intohe gulstat. we're ing toe wahing this onveryvery close. at's what's going on. we're going to get tyour local forecast in the ne 3seconds.athroomyep, he'gone noseblind thi it smells fine, but his guests smell this... sfx: ding, toilet flushing sf music begins febreze aieffects heavy duty has to o times the odor-eliminating power to remove bathroom odors you've gone nobld and try feezsmall spaces heavy duty... contuoly eliminateup ttwtimes the ods for days
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>>hat's your >> that's you latt weher. sannah? >>al, an. comin up, the mu-antipated mini seri, "the peopleersus o.j. simpn. wh t goldma fil isn happ aututtihe trialf the centy ck ith split spotligh >he bombshellnvtigaon real t real reasonou get out whe yry to buy concerttiets.
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nbc. >> com up, mcdonald'seing called out this morning. e key ingredient a lot of
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thera dy catfor that. good friday morning... good friday morning... wee mi up on the bottom of the hour... i'm ira crin with this today show update... we're digging througnewly released numbethat show a eady increase in the number of "hum traicng cases". the national human trafficking reurce center says the rising numbers are the result of "more repos"... peoplesing any means of communication to rch o for help or...alertiuthoriti of soone nes help. e hun trafcking skorce of southern lora has been working raisewareness for year-- creating thr n
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information. "we wao fillhat id, so we oned up a cafhere in r siness a few weeks ago a procee will go tards hum traffiing organizations." the cafes inside the colorado institute of massa thepyin colado rings, wherehe dict of e task fce rks. broncopridishining i le rk. check th out..the le ck star is nowhiing orange blue. e caleocfi deptment t happ than tck l fetting us share his photos!nd go broncos. meteorologist --arlee hoffman jos usow with a lo aour local forecast... another above average januy y here in the news 5 viewing ea. highs will be in the 50'd 60's today wh most cloudy skies. guy winds for the teoon ghressure to our west will keep our skies cle overnig as w b ls will ba little
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ars still above freezing by midnht wl see lo in th30
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we' back now a 7:30. it's friday,anuaryth 16. that's aappywd outth iare say it's a happyrowd at thistable. friday is good. here's a look at theheadline an english teach working at a couy jail is arrested for allegedl helping inmates escape. the 44-yeaold woman i beeved to have giv maps
7:26 am
one of the me it was student-teacher relationshipnitial and developed in a closer relaonship, where she began provideing him information. >>he escapees remain on the loose. investigators believe they may be ling out of a stolen van. >> reporter:. the l suspend t play intely for cross eck of a official. the lengt of the spension beeleased after he meets with league officials. donald trump's absence dominated last night's republ presidentialdebate. his rivals mking theront runner forot talking part in the deba. >> i kind ofiss trump. he waseddy bea the t me. we alw had a lov relationip in thedebates. debate is polic sue, but, gosh, if you guys say -- if one more mn question, i may have to lea the stage. >> as that
7:27 am
holding rally for veterans a fe miles away. he told t cwdekipped the deba because hwa quote, tread badly and had to sck upor his rights. >> for me personally, ist good ing, a bad thing, will it ge more votes, less votes? nobody know who the hell knows. it's for our vets and you're going to like it because we raised over $5 million in one day. over $5miion. >> reminding you oe again, the show will be iowa for the caucusesonday morning. special etion of "today." now to the hype surrounding the star-studdinieries set to retell the 1995 trial of o.j. simpn. natalie has re >>o.j. simpson was an icoon the football field b was charged in the murde of wife. wife. players are speingut as they prare for the otnal
7:28 am
>> your ex-wife, nicole simps, habeen kied. m so sorry, mr. simps. >> reporter: e"t people versus o.j. simpson," revisiting the trial of the century. om the slow-speed bronco cse to the g tt didn't fit. >>f it doesn'tfit, you must acquit. >> reporr: a the verct th divid a natio >> wehey ithe involved entitled action find t deanto.j. simpson not guilty othe crime of murder, a felony on goldn, aan being. >> repr: thease had the making of a hollywood drama. more tn two decadeslater, it's made its way to the screen with a cast s to recreate hiory. >> w hadhees intentions to in o artistry to the light in the events surrounding that trial and peonalities. >> reporter: however, alongith the buzomes criticism from those clest to th crime. >> who knows how much is fact or fiction. we hav a the history,he
7:29 am
documentarie why are weoing this? >> reporter: exclusive first ok a familyembe o nicole brown simpson and ron goldma ll dr.hil ty fear seri takes attention away from the victims. adng the film makers never contacted them. >> whave a whole new generation w nev s this takelace a is nowoingo see this serie andssume that everything in this series is fact. and that's very troubling to me. >> reporte another player in the real-life drama, nile's st friend, kris jeer the kardashian famil matarch opening up t"people" magazine t wching hat -husband,rort,erve on j.'sefse am. she deserves t trial a a very ressfu ti. llinghemazine, iouldn' wrap my head arod the ft that she'd bn killed in such a rrific, violent way. adding that she never gotten over the lossf nicole >> situati is very worrisome.
7:30 am
concn, audes oncagn eected toune i t watc o.j. mae en the man itself >> i don't k exactly how he feelsut it or whether he would do an interview afterwards or want toalabout it. but he sugs i and shakes his headhen pplealk about it. >> t renown dto who discovedhe bin diseasen nfl players says he believes sisonsuffeng from e diseas duri his 2008 trial f armed robber and kidnapping charges, simpson considered using the defense, t concussions from footba l him committing the crimes he's serng a sentence nebras ently. can hear from tham membsonday o "dr. il."it'll b interestingo see reacti when it on th air. >>erestingut claim he's suffering from cte.
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d it dra you back? ure does, always. >> natali thank > turno al now for aheck of the weather. >> announc:today's weather is brought to y byay lers ever kiss begins with eady for weekendrmup? inow i . jet strep to the n, s we'reoingo searmer teerates to minns wilbe 1 deg above avere. lile ck, 67 houston,p t 76 even atlanta, three degrees above rmal saturday, it starts to slide to the east. ston will above normal temperures tallahassee, 70. kanscity, 18 degrees above average. sunday, we watch those temperatures continu to warm. 50 in nty on sunday. n, 73. as the system we told y earlr its way in it' ing to be clashe air massesnd that's going to lead
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plains into the gul cot.,,, >>s your that's you latest weat al, thks. > now to the presideial ce as said, we're hea to iowa for monday's caucuses peter alexander is already the. he's made his way to e unue place we'll call home f that show. good morning. >> savannah you'llov your new home.
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architecturalsalvage. t-o-d-y. 50,000 square feet. they recl repurpose, restore. th table, y're going to love the bench. this w the hood of aford you can see the tailgate, as well. od plate to sit.amel waiting for you, va. savann. special elisionfdion of "today" monday morning at 7:00 a.m. we'll have aive cauc of iowa vors here. e first tv interview with the former vice president cdidate sarah palin. first time speaking outn televisionince endorsi donald trump for president. >> don't kidyourself, willie wants a latte as athe restf >> he has me pegged >>hank youo much. coming , howoou ese beautieven better? trendi,e'll takrom
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, e're back we're backt 7:43ith a nice crowdn pla. thorningnosnres, inde t conrt ticke sas. jef rossen is herend wil explain why the ticketseem to sell out quickly. officials are cracking down, right? >> yes. this happened to a l ofs, probably, in this room and a lot of you athome. you want to see you favorite artist in coert. why wouldn't u? maybe you kids are begging y to buy the tickets t their favori show.
7:39 am
sale, you g online and,uess what you're shut out of the entire aren sold out lik that. my tea began investigang the prlem nearly three yrs ago. this morng, oicials aretaking action. ere do theicts really go? wait until you see what we fod. >> repter: theveeen the hottesthows around, from eber to pink. raise your gss >> reporte t onedirection. obodyan drag m down >> rter: but good luck gettin ticks. >> will beeleasing today a report. >> reporter: new york attorney generalaking out thursday. tting down with us. >> it's a fix game. ordinary ticket per don't have at tickets to most shows. moshow >>ou say it's musi spo events, like showany show >> on average, 5 of th
7:40 am
public. >> the result, girls like jaden left in the dust. she wted to see one rect raite bycomputer >> 10:00 ca iwas ailable, sorr no tkets available. it's impossible for the average rson to get tiets. >> repter:hat'soi on here esidt of fan's rights group funded by sb hu >> who is getting th? the high-e cret card holders whoet the e-mail three days before they go on sale. the fan ub. many goo theistsr the venue. >> reporr: he yshe numbers for many concerts are agring for a o directionhow in new jeey, box office records show at least 64% of tickets were back or sold to scial groups evenigher for pink. i gonna start a fight >> reporter: for one concert in new jersey, at least 77% of tickets were rved forhose specialgroups.
7:41 am
figh forhas left. but the mostramatic example is justin geebbieber. at a concert in fresno, calirnia92% of tic wen special groupr wer hel . moren 12,000 ses, only 0 tickets ticket wer s forhepublic. one direction didn' comment. cketmastersaid, we' coerated wite attorney general's oicnd ensure artist can get tickets io the hands oheir fans. e attorney general is calli for an overhaul. >> we wanto keep prices l for fans, but t c contr it. >> howo you fix it? we have have a trsparent system. thereuld be tabs on how mh you can mark up ticks. noby can drag me down
7:42 am
they have specia they have special software that can buy up tick it es in seconds and resell t online to you for mor money. for a u2 concert in new york, th ag said theots scoopp more than 1,000icketsn th firstinute of sas. >> oh my gosh. >> you don't sta a chance. >> ifou're a fan, youte how long forour band to come >> yeah. >> it's tough. >> this is a gd way for you to >>exactly. >> jeff, thank you s much. coming up, pop start. ledocapr's big day the vacan. what happed during h meeting with thepope. the nflr taking htor the beautifulhings said thousands of people cameut today to runhe race for retirement so we asked em... are you completely ppared for retirement?
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oranoom ti. tamron,ou know, you justan't doing li without gettin --oucan' we believe in love.'re notocng. we're sharinghahaened to russell wilson he took to soalia to profess profess his addoration for hi girlfrie. he wroher hairas mght issed and she honey eet lips thawere lilac soft loving and afftional personalit >> is like a romance novel. >> it's t,t? med lit t butif tobee. ppropr edito at " mag shared link what s if you ch debeaufun." shewrote, oh, no. re enough, if you go to this nk, you'll see wilson smooth words.
7:47 am
honey sweet lips. this l u t twier ver wi ds, ends with describing, this ty, i'd like all the dictind syntax for 6,000 plus languages in the worl y words. i'm rolling with rusll on is. >> me, too. >> true mantic why did she nee t searc his word don't you believe i love, asitor at "billboard >> a we going to pick on him for that, because he wand to say h loved his girl? >> what made her searchthat. wh search it? wh >> nobody is writing that about hoo guy and ibs-d. you know the sptoms when they start. abdominal pain.ntiarra. ere's prti xifaxan xi a newd tr
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good friday morning... gooddamorning... 're mi up on the top of the hour... i'm ira cronin with is today show upd big ges e in woror militaryamilies-- secrery of dense... ash carter -- looking t doub the amount of ternity leave for many service members. the proposal wld: -double the leth of fully paid maternity leavto 12 weeks for my and air force mothers. -expand heal care cove to cle more benefs r women trngo get pregna. -expand the hours at military child facilities are op nd increase id patnity leave for new ers. itould also give servicemembers the oppornity of notoving their fami. by making an option avaible fotrooo e e ability toemain he a
7:52 am
dional sce oigation" the oposal wou c paid materinity leave for navand marine cps famy from 18 weeks to 1 the changewill cost an estimated 385-miiodoars over t next fi years. seetarcarter says -- he n implement some of the anges himsf. othersill ne cession approval. meteorologt -- carlee hoffman joins us now wh a ok at ou local forecast. anotheabove avage januar day heren the news 5iewing area. highs will be in the 50's and 60's today with mostly cloudy skies. gusty winds for the afrnoon high pressure our wwill keep our ski clear overnight as well, but ls wille a littleore on t mild si with most areaill above freezing by midnightwe will see ws in the 30's
7:53 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mama told not to wastmy life . it:00 on "today." coming u the tiger cubs roar. five years aerhe terom ok the world by storm with her controversial parenting style, her children are speaking out about their stri upbringing. did the demas for peection payff? then canou hear ow? t if you're in green bank, weirginia. we'll take you to the town where cell phones arbanned. >> when you want to make pla with a friend, do you ge ahold ofhem? >> what the sidents have to
7:54 am
and brain s. >> so far, i'm already lost. >> h good is yr mory? we'll takeou inside the ow th puts it to thtest and locks some surprising secrets about w our mis really work. toda friy, january 29th, . ifou de lookack jkeepr eyes on me hel frosantfe. >>rom alama,lorida, we're on "today." i don't know hoit happened >> wre gting mried! 4h t big city! >> 30 seconds of fame fomy 30thirthday. this woman is mdestin she said oh hut up dance wit welcck to "today." it 8:00, the 29th of janry, 2016.
7:55 am
i have tosa just shaking hands thismoing, ty are st extra ce today. evybody is looki so adorable. >> iw. >> looatl signing autographs as we go down the ne. >> sning a boo >> shameless. >> i just happen to be signing this book. thank you. >> we got lot of colin panthers fantting ready for thsuper bowl. you wt they want do, right? the it is. there it i there's our pahers fans. > coming up is half ur, the four js will wrap up your start today campaign. if y're having scking with those resolutio to get fit, get organizr get your finaial wld in order, head to "toy's" facebook pe and we'll chat with the ladies i just a bit. >> remember thga batesp? that's wt it loo like. >> it's like they're playingt. >> i sunyour btleship. >> let go natal f the top ories t morng.
7:56 am
gd rning. donald trump made goodn his that to skiphe repuican debate thursday night in iowa because ofis feud th fox news. he held his own event, attracting hundreds of pple. trump said there were so many cameras there, he sa iwa like the acade awards. across town at the debate, the othecandidates jokedbout ump's absenc and with the front-runner away, his nearestrival, ted cruz, beca the main targ. >> you've be willingo say and do anythg order tget votes. >> it's aheicity problem. everody kwssn't as perfect as him. >> gosh, if you guy askne more mean question, i may have toeave the stage. >> trump boasted tt his lly raised $6 million foveterans. e i has released gphic video of tueay's deadly confrontation with the oregon cupati leade. authorities decided to pull over and arrest the proteers o were driving in two cars. the men were told surrender but a whittruck driv by lavoy nicum took o. nearly hittingn agent a
7:57 am
nicuevtual got outith hihandup. fbi yse appeared to be reaching his hand toward his jacket pocket at least twice. that is when finic was st and kill. ey say he d a loed autotic handgun in that pock. w toas whe the so-cald afflnza en appears in the court today after a deportation thursd from mexico. the question now, will 18-year-old ethan couch be treated as a juvenile or an adult? gabe gutierrez is in ft. worth. good morning. >>eporter: good morning. at a detention hri lat today, a judge is expected to decide whether ethan couch will remain behind bars and, if so, whether he'll stay at the juvenile detention facilitor be moved to an adult j the 18-yeaold s brout ba to t u.s. on trsda weeks afr sparking that
7:58 am
immiation dention facilit in mexic city and brought back here to ft. worth. now, hand his ther wer captured ihe rtnf pularta last mon they been on the runfter he skipped arobation meeting of course, couch's casgrew international attention after wagiven no jail timeor ing four people ring a drunk driving crash in 2013. his lawyers argued he had affluenza. essentially, he was too and oiled to know right from wrong. while his mother is out on bail and faces a felony charge r allegedly helping m run from police, cch himselfould only face a fewonths in il. s lawrs a -- oris lawyers say d expect any more problems and they're optimistichere will beo further probation issues but if his case is moved to an adt court,ndhere is another probion violation, prosutors could t him behind bars f up to 40 years, nae. >> gabe gutierrez in f worth for thanks. a woulbe bank ro left pty handed a losing do of war. the manager the pnc branch
7:59 am
for business o thursy when suddenly a gunman wearing a mas shows up andunsor the doorboth men pull onr with all tirht the manager shut a the frustrated gunman ran away.manager wins. a programming note, the dontary akmuer" may have everyone binge watching on netflix, but "dateline" first covered the story in 2005 and tonight andrea canning has a brand new report. the state of wisconsin versus steven a. avery. >> steven a is guilty and deserves to be right where he >> do you believe that there's no way he commted thrime >> from evence i looked at, i think he is innocent.think he certainly was not guilty beya reasonable doubt. der the evidence thawas presente >> the full report tonight o "datine" at 10:00 p.m. eastn, 9:00 central. ground crews getng vi stadium rea foruper bowl 50 corrected what would have bn
8:00 am
they accidentally paintedhe deer bncos end zone in the wrong end ne. it w supposed to be the panthers name d logo. they paintt on the crect end of the fld. foa while, both end zones ha thbroncos logo. what do you makethat stake,uys? it was faintly aft the thattake. thistake. panthersolors. for the broncos. >> yeah, i thi somebody was rooting for the brcos. >> natalie, thank you. amy chua made headlines back 2011. she be known as the tiger mom when she shared her strict parenting meth >>ive years later, her kids are speaking o. >> you rememr critics chastiseher, saying the tactics would be damaging to her daughters. as time went on and they grew up, thgs have gone, by their mom's andards, accordi to plan. repr: t tiger mom's cubs are a g up and speaking out. >> it's a memoir.
8:01 am
the rease of amy chua's memoir "battle hymn of t tig mother" oldt daughter sophia is a gduate fr harvard and second lieutenant in the u.s. army. getting r law degr at yale. youngest, lulu, is an t history major also at harvard. the parenting yle was a phenomen whetheir chinese mother a yallaprofessor introduced it in 2011. >> maybe we can leara little something, too. a lite harr on early chd -- i don't know if drilling is the rig word. hard rk, building the bic sk ear on, n being id iour kids will crack if 're a little hard on the reporter: now in an interview with t teleaph, those daughters are standing by their mom, sayinghey woun't raise their own children a other way. -year-old sophiaayeveryonetas aboumyother threateng tow my to on the fire, but thfunny thin
8:02 am
happy,he says. i'm not scar of my mom and never have bee w mdad who i was much mo afraid of disappointing. adding, they had high expeationsecsey had thconfidce i will do amazg things. 20-year-old lulu, descrid as a fire ball herother, adms she h a tough childhood but a happy one. i was playing up to x hours of violin a day a it was too ch. however, wn i rebelledec it was pngoo o a strain on, my cldasily have given up ome adng that she pushed me en i needed it. while amy chua admits she made mistakes, she told nbc news she learned a loof lessons and saysstill deeply bve in gh expectaons combined with unnditionalove. it's great formula. uncoitional love it's gre forma. >>hat's a tig mom like these days? lulu told t elegraph" her m fee she's ne ote, her jobnd now doesn have to hove over m lif t way myfrnds' pents.
8:03 am
oundworkarly itead of beg one of e so-called licoer clege rents, whe univeitie areanni me parts because they can op showing u overseeing their young alts. >>ifferenthings work for different famili. los le s turned out two good girls. >>wo hard working girls. >> unconditionalove is the key ingredient. >> yeah. >> tamronthank you. > comg up, the perfect ir.howoelt thede wine to go wit yr gl scoutokie. >ooeworam-ln gl. ysfterpe aut her baleit o y. > howohe fuon eownn the.s where a cellhones know their family'souths often ne a helpingand. after brushing, lierine total ce helps prevent cavities strengthens teeth and restores tooth enal. it an ea way to ve listerine total care tohe total fily. listine totalare.
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mmon side s include stomacin, dirhea, nausea, gas, viting, and headache. teour do about any side ets anout menes yoke asti interacth them inside e. sogo ta to your dr about opnduced constn. ank once-daily mont right for you. afford yo,astrazeneca ble to help. thne'datr...sharth one i'd ratheve dinner a aie wit none rather le on. being in love is amazing thing. being in love with your besfriend... everhing. troducing the ever us two-stone ring.
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one for your trulove. for the e won in your life who's bo. s. new is valentine's day at jedanle a ri >> all rit. 8:14. meorrending. les share me let'share some win girl scout cookie season is upon us and, apparently, there is an app thatl show you how t pair your wines with your cookies. >> love it >> whyot? >>ou s whyand i say wh not, al. pa my wine wh mo we. >> ectly. th s thinints pair nely with a brunello. pean butter paiewith amone. we decided to do pring here. >> okay, oka ll leave i >> please do. >> can yk the -- >> no,l! >> i wouldn' b you ul >> littlle. no.
8:09 am
>> were first tryin trefoils. what d what do you do fit, sip and thenaste or taste and sip? hat's the difference, whether you dip it or not then? >>e're being clay, a >> i out. >>oth lit and eet, rht? goegether >> yh. toswt r me. >>oo sweet >> nex dyou know wt go with ra-ra-isin? o >>evereard of it before. >> i le the-rrain s ne. givit try >> no. willie. co on. does it worhenou do that this is the spirit of the girl scouts right here. >> it's nicehenou have bs floating arou there. finay, sanh smiles is the coie >> this is yours. >> it does make me sle.
8:10 am
>> seriously. i like th, sannah. >> t we is goo >>ove th. at hertien waiti for myhin mint where a my thin mints? >> thas the after party. >> if you're going to have e, ir it with a brunil. mozzarla sticks. mcdonald's brought back eir versio you mavheard. theygeg critism. peop areticing mozzarellaticks. cuomerare aring photos of their mozzarella stickthat haveo chse ithem.>> tt's egreou >> oneedme iwi extremy w io for mcdold mzarea ic, tomow i was sti dippnted. >> i like hi >> we reaed out to mcdond's fortement aboheir mozzarella sticks. >> wbeeve the ee mtet ringheakg procesin the kitcn anshouldhave sd. alo to y cuoms maven afcted. we a working to f this in
8:11 am
ey sai it w a cple edindes. genera will beese in your mozzarell sticks. >> that's t e of gate. f u're lsean that'sood. look at this adorable note one grandmother wrote to her grandcld. haden, you a special to me. i love you and yonality. c wait to spe morime wi you. m so pud of t a y of th ti. love you witall myeart, grandma. >> so sweet. >>eallnice. >> show you whatrandpa added. same here, grandpa. yes! >> tt iy man. >>e that g. >> wt e sa. >> s sual youusticture what he must ok like, sitting on a la-z-boy. -z-boy.
8:12 am
>> it's the . >> it' ay. soberup, we go. rst up, happysbout friendjamie-le mattnterviewed her on wednaboureinhe battle with ms. the actress said she hoped t contt e disease ulnoct h career. well, cscyber s fered sigler a guest rolon the sw. shwill py a direor of contt fosocial media company. her episode, by the way, will air in marchn cb we're going to be tching in support ofou, jamie-lynn. up next, othursday, leo dicaprio met whis holiness the pope. he greeted pope francis in italia yes, willie speaks ital one morthing toovabout thiscuss a conce they share, envirnt. at thend of the meeting, o giftedn art book to the pe
8:13 am
he also gave the pope a check to use e on charities close to his hear coldplay will release their 16.s. tour schedule. they will be performing in sevencities acrs thisreat countr ldlay hasottod,y thwa 20 the tr actually b seas. ter the super bl arance,they'll kk off the u.s. leg at e stadiumn nejersey in july. use the tips that jeffos taught us, hopefully about gettg tiets. >> was the, know somebody?
8:14 am
>> thereou >> and tha >> and that's your latest atr. willie? y vy much. now to our specialeries, todas "digital divide." theek, we looked at how we're impacted by constantly being connec >> this morning, t one place in t country where people hav nohoice but to disconnect. re's nbc kerryanrs. >> reporter: gre >> reporter: green bank, west rginia, population, 143. knn as t quietest town in america. where cl phos and wireless devices are banned. the town is locatein the nationaladio qetone, a 13,000 sque le area th
8:15 am
home to e national radio asony observatory, with th rld's larst radio telesco. t's the sty of the natural radio emissns that arcoming from bods in sce. >> reporr:he telescope stands 485tall andeighs almost 17 milon pounds it's s big that colge footll staum wou fit inside the dish. >>ow slight of aignal can this pk up? tsity of thi lesces ealt to t er given o by a le snflake hitti the grnd. >> that slight? >> yes. we're talki a blionth of a biiont o a mli oa tt. >> this here can pick that up from -- >> 13 billi light years away. >>an i say wow? >> rorte in ordero pk up those snds in spe, there are
8:16 am
ll pneows t rion. >> if i >> if i live over there, what can i use? >> cell phone, ipad, reme control toy, remote control garageoor opener, wireless headphes, bltooth headphones, microwave ov, the list is long. because all of those a sending out signal that interferes with that. >> thas right. in theicinit of that lescope, theyou a completely pe out the asonic signal.>>hen we badcast, u a wireless microone. cause thsign fthis wi interfereitthis chnogy, we're ving tdo it oldchool. with a boomicrophone and a cable to t camera. >> reporter: there's even a surveian truck to monitor dio freqncies. >> i it like the r? >> ye likhe r polic extly. reporter: residents he have ndlines, remember those? and they do have internet with dialr ether net cable. but day-to-dalife is missg many of t devices and lifestyles we're accustomedto. you don't havenstant aess to the socialdia. >> right.
8:17 am
>> no. >> are you deprived? >> no. because i could just -- at scol, you can talk to them most of the time. >>alk? >> yeah, you c talk to them. >> when you want to make plans with a friend,ow do you get ahold of them and say, meet me here at thime? y go see them. >> what's that? you go see them don'taka phcall, stup>> yup. >> if they're not home? >> go nd unt you find them. it's not that big a town. >> reporter: folks are hpy with life ast is. quiet. >> i'll pose a question to you, if you've never tasted ice crm, would y miss it? >> thoug my ll pho was savinge time >> i'm glad you think that but, you know what? your cl phone isn't looking at person eye to ey or u kn, going to their house and speaking and sking their hand, ginghem huand saying, how are u today? >> well, thank you. >> thankou eportoda" kerry
8:18 am
west virgini >> cld y livethere?could you even vis tre for a up hours. may forinute or two. >> drive through. >> i do li the ide o face-to-ce interactio communicat that fte that.ey're proba aot ric th m of us. hat's definitely ue tips from our m.i.t. professor that we interviewed yesterday. you t have to immediately respd to messages. if you have to apologize, do it in pso sorry. the text doesn work. youan start doing eg meals cell pho free which also meanson't p it on the table. >> that's a good one. had the debate on, my so was reading a b a swering anmail my year-oon said dad, c yo stop texng a wchhe tv i was like,h, my gosh.
8:19 am
youuilt >> back after yo local ns. good friy morng. good fridamoing... 're ming up tottoof the hour... i'm ira crin wh this tay ow upde... we're digging through newly reased numbers- that show a steady ie in the number "human trafficking cases". the national human trafficking resource center sayshe risin numbs are the result of "mor reports"... people using any means of communication to reach out for help.. alerting authoties osomeone who needs help. the hun fickinsk of sthern corado has been working to raise awareness for years -- creatg their own ace foe public to nd informat
8:20 am
we oped up a cafe here in our business a few weeks ago and proceeds will go towards human afficking ganization the cafe is in the colorado institute of massage thepy in colo springs, where t director of the task f work broncos idnin castle roc checthis out..e stle rock sr is n shinginorge and blue... the cale rock fire departmt made it happen... thanks tnick forng share his photos! and bronco meteorologist -- carlee hoffn joins us nowh a look at our local forest.. another above average january day here in the news 5 viewing area. s will be in the 50's an 60's tod with mostly cloudy ies. gusty winds for the afrnoon highresse our wwill keep our skies clear ornight as well, but lowwill be a ttle
8:21 am
areas still above freezingy midnig. will selowsn the 30's
8:22 am
8:30 now, the 29th of january, 2016. great morniut on o plaz happy crowd. notoo cold, be mht get a couple snow shors night, huh? >> thi afternoo we'll s fewuick srs, clipper mong across. >> ao comg up one last meetin of th four js bef we say good-bye to january. head t oday's" facebookage d g in you questions. could you escehis maze? wee gngo catch upith the guys behind grainendndra ges t reveal the ier worngs of your nd. i'd be lostorda l get a che of th weat yekend, start ofhtoow, bigw area test. loonghe inner main re wet ang t p st two t y, pretood.aysundsuine along the eas cot. ormysteng t
8:23 am
itl mn anow theai to themiest. daesy, more rain in the pacific northst. tt's you t's yatt atr. ie? al you verymuch. n to ourpeal startay2016at start, thanks toexrts w ve been offering advicll month long a want y to kee
8:24 am
yo questions le on "today" facebo page. faceokpage.quk tipsoreople this year? >> firstp, you c always savee than you t y aou sllxpenses fi tnedium on, then thear es juri .second, when itomes to the maet, a lotfeoplre in a panic now bause iseen so volale. ickoourpl. stick to your plan for the long-term a youl be fin >> we' let you get back to th questions. jo planr meals ahe of tebecae you're giving yrsel ro map. when it comes t dinn, giv eaay ding week a ecial tegory. ample, monday istless mondays. ta tuesday whatever wednesdays.pasta ursdthenen organization y can ft i a mmy, hhy funmeal.thecon g, meekl mi go
8:25 am
amazin r ame, want 4 pounds it theweeklyorte goals that helpss ge ourselves a pat on e back. then it fuels your motivation to keep going so you geto e finish line. ol i le a gdaco tuesday, by thewa >> wto you have,jenna? t fir i get ou in the winter, you can bundle up. it burns morealies and improves joy,chedultout. ke it a meetg. scdule your workouts. i write themn my ndy pnner my mom gives macyear. it it dow a stick tt like it's a mein awdou ifou d . somemes il give mel a frozen yogurr glass of wine. keep to it. nsistencys key,he say. i'm not the pert, but so the say. >> you'v been wking jill, what can you tel us? >> i think it's really about taking a chance in fashion a organization. we painted one wl i vann's guest roo and it
8:26 am
if you wanto getheze u haven worhat y want go fort. faion poupsuosed to fun. organization start off youray ll. we did sals a deals this week a the style makeer. we'll have one lady --e asked u to send inhe oldest thi inou closetndas tagit stt tayconct.oever winset these als. the an ck, ba who t wier? olde thi inr closet, right here sh a loc fonaupas concert. ert. she's n surehy it's still ound. we reward you. canupgrade t look with r steals and deals style keer. congratulations and thankyou, everyone for hanng with us. we'reoing to keep it going. repurposing an oldquilt, to
8:27 am
with anxtra material, making an cessory. >> exacy. ladies, thank you so ch. waso fun. yo too, can get advise on everything from fason t naial,ead to "toy's ees"tod's" facebo page s kp goo w roug 16 vaah>> wiie tnk you s much ow t hp dealiit uncoorble siations. evy parent has beether sosks u a inapprope queson,ightn frt o you kid. should y bw it ofse it as a teachable moment? a family physician, mother of four, has some thoughts on at dr. g.,oo moin >>ood mornin >> do you know wto dohen we get questions? know whaant to s and ow it's tter to gracis anay. the >> t first one, i hear itll the time, a you pregna wch is reallylove exptnou'r not. >> exactly.
8:28 am
mbers had a respo m faf ritrite questionbe asked is,re you egnant? i say,hiis a foo ba, and if you want to throw me a er, i'megte a suay i like her. >> brillit. >> what do youdo? is it okay to ask soone, are yoegnant >> when t baby crowning. if y canandlet with humor anet the perso know sn't a gre quest wut maki tm feel hamed and embarrsed, tt'slove. you can hont a sayi't. but u can also be sweetnd say, youknow wreopgn th ntouef years. >> resist therge to say, that belly fat. >> usually, rest the urge f snark. you can, be mo th you? aerple get, you're afect example, you have four d you wish yohave a girl are you trying the girl? have viewer who wen through . let' see what s says.
8:29 am
you have a boy and a gi. f yo you c be don hav ki. >> okay. theholedea o ppleind of weigng inn your famil ergender >> absolutely e gcis answe, of urse, we're s gladhey're healthy. we'reealllessed. whatever makes sen to you to say. it is ok i think, iomimes give the hont answer which is, we just d get the recipe for girls. nk you have to add more flower. m -- flou it's awkward if you other kidsreere. ar y gng to havenother by? young son bned wwere hoping he'd be a girl. >> a lotf us say to e kids person has a baby in tir belly. how do you talk to kids about pregnancy? >> it'etter to say, will he a baby ors having ba, stead ofavin ay in their bell iad a k ask , d youat
8:30 am
i said, no. >> lea it at that. >> i left it at that. >> is that alway the tip wh ki, givehe bare m? answer the questionhe an sy as you can. hehave a follow-up questions, ty'oyo >> if you havedho has aby the bab a dity, some people don't kn wt to say. it's simple ght? >> i want you toay t same thin you'd sayo someo who had new baby. ngratutions. how can i help >> i it's a closefrnd, is it okayo say, howo you feelout th? ho a you handlinthat? or how are you elg?atives them thening but no t nestyf bearing ei ul >> wt ifouav a non-traditional family lo timese store- i noturhere isadiona family anore. >> you'll hear the caser sayi,sour mom and dad arnd how d youane th, if you have aifrent family? >> i think the answer is, just say, you know what, our famy
8:31 am
, but k you fo asking. g.,nk you somuch. ave a lot mor to handhe awkwarden estionsou pewebsit comin up, s t unlock
8:32 am
fit, tis "today" >>we'rck a we're back at 8:42. the new season o"natl geographic's" geographic's" show rainmes" will test youed in a new cool way. >> they're taking it on e road. joe fryer ught up with them in london and put his own brainpowerthe te. >> rorter: what bett pce to unlock thlabyrinth of the brain than inside maze, especially this classic one tucked in e shadows of an english castle? >> what's going on, guys? welcome to "braigames." >> rortet's her jason silbs mee the latest
8:33 am
>> it's iusiod real. >> repor a pular tv show thatirs on nat geo >> we're trying to gify neurosce. >>eporter: weot sne peek at this show, this00-year-old maze offers a eat setting for a gamef memory. pitsegainst may, a child champion. >> childook on theld with nder and inqtiveness. mye is on her, man. >> yhink y'll beate? eah. >> pretty nfiden >> reporter: here's how theame works. first, we' guided through thi life-sizeuzzl and swn the locations of five ag >> s far i'm alrea lost. >>n aew minutese'll each ha to do it again without mak a mistake >> why don't yo rst, superstar. cool, calmnd coecte maze t off. oughough to see amid the eight-foot hedg, she emerges in minutes, a flawless run. >> sursta
8:34 am
now is my turn. zeyas perfect. iaveo be peect. from here remember theu-turn, e lon lk, rember a thos left turns and finally -- flag time. rember where it allds. a successful run thoughy young competitoras still a b fast. what i ii shou takaway om thi >>ustmifulns, right? th importance ofayin teion, the impornce of engaging wit the world around you. to be like a cld. next we travel to ldonlo e riv thames for a new bingame >>ti. >> jon askolks to stand uen tyear a horn and when he wes a flag. i give it shot. rn flag. yes, tres pot to t flex tes >>hedo you tnk you reaed faster? when made sounorhen i d the ag >> i wouldayroblthe sod. >> youre actually correct.
8:35 am
processe informati fte than our visual cortex ght travelfast thasoun >> justno way jason is using games to unck the seets inside thatthree-pound ornn our heads, navigating the mazes of our minds. for "tod," joeryer, nbc newsloon. >> joe d welthe. wd albet. yea >> i'dll be the. >> tse corn mazes ea t. >>e l hathe sameught, "tningmaze the d ofhe "the shining. the w season of "brain games" premieres sundayfebruary 14th
8:36 am
perfmae f pop ,,,,,,,,,, >>nnouncer: t >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is presente
8:37 am
it a bigor gray nomi sing sonr anproducerharlie puth. >> debut album is officiay out. good morning and welcome back. congrats on the new record. >> thank yo >> i like the title, nine track mind. do you have nine thinggoinon atny time? >> probably t nethings. i have like a thousand musical thoughts going cantly in my head. >> ours would be half tra mi. nothing focused. >> doe't ring as nicely. >> exactly. >> you've had a big year in 2015. a lot o people would say, it, this is his d album? i've been listening to h for year now. how excited are you o thi day? >> was nated wit wiz for thre grammys before my album came out. i don't ow if it' supdo work like at, but i produced all this album with a couple great fends of mine. not in the studio. in my bedroond hotel rooms, car ride andairplanes.
8:38 am
>> you're going on tourn march, right? >> , and sol out quickly. >> this has been cra journey for you. not more than a year a or so, yowere at home in new jsey. >> thas right. >> now, you have your own albu you' going tbe ontage at the ammy >> yeah. >> can you pross it all? >> i'm excited about all that, but get to go home to new jeey tomorrow for a seco. two hours. en iet to go bac on tour and everything like that. >> what are you going t sing for us now? >> new single "oall you. th, take itaw thanks. i'm only i'm only one call away, i'll be there to save the day superman got nothi on me,
8:39 am
callme, baby, if you need a friend just wanna give you come on, come come on, come on, ce on reaching out to you, so take a chance o matte where y go, you knowou'reot alo i'm onl one call away, i'l behere to save the d superman got nothing o , i'mnly i'm only one call away come along with and don't be scared iust wanna set you free, come on, come on, come o you and me can make it
8:40 am
a while cause you know, i jt want to see you sle no mter where you go, you know you're notlo i'm only one call away, i'll be there to save the day superman gotothing on i'm i'm onlynelway and when you're weak,'ll b stro i'm gonna keepolding on ow don't you woy, it won't be long darling, and when y fl like hope is ne, j runnto
8:41 am
i'mnly oneall away, i'll be there toav the day supean got nothing o i'mnly i'm only one inly one call away i'll be t i'lle the to save the day superman got nothing on me, i'm onl i'm oy oneall away i'm only one cal away [ applause ] [ applse ] >> chaie this albu out today, "nine tra mind." >> congratsgain, ma so hop payappy for u. you'ek ourext hour and chat? >> right. dohat age th.
8:42 am
we'r backn momt.
8:43 am
>> tt'right.,,,,,,,,,, coming coming up on the nt hour, we have a shrd's pie. al we're making shepherd's pie.
8:44 am
>> andt's lamb shepherd pie, right? >> that'sght. >> chaie phnd polics. and pie. >> and pie. >> you're showing usometng new with facebook. facebook, livorti wil be for everybody. us to be for certain folks. it'll be co doing live stuff. 'reoing to showt off on r faceb ge. facebook/t's take. w does it do? facebook live >> periscope. it's the facebook version. >> okay. also, w know who i goi to be inhe board roo during "celty apprentice." >>ood job teasing next hour. >> we have a lot.
8:45 am
>> b aerour local ws. good friday morning... od friday morning... wee coming up on the top of e hour... i'm ira cronin with this today show update. big anges are in the works for military families-- as sectary of defense.. h carter -- is looking to
8:46 am
maternity leave fonyervice members. the proposal would: -double the length of fully paid mateity ave to 1wes foarmynd air forceothers. -expand heal carverage to include more benefits for women trying to get pregnant. -expand the hours that mitary child facilities are open -a increase paid perni leave for new faers. it would alsgive servemembershe opportunity of not movintheir family. "and by king an option avaie fotrootrade the abily to remain at the a station of choice, at thr commander's discretionfor an additional service obligation" the propal would cutai marinity leave foravy and marine corps famy from8 weeks to 1 the changes will cost an estimated 38llion do over theext five years. secretary carter say-- he n implement some of the change himself. will essional apoval. meteorologist -- care hoffman joins us now with a look at r
8:47 am
day in the news vieng ar highs will be in the 50's and 60's today with mostly cloudy skies. gusty nds for the ternoon hi pressure to our wt will ke ourkies car overnig well,ut ls will be a little moron the mild side th most eas still above freezing by miight. we wl see lows ithe 30's
8:48 am
isornin> th morng on "tote'sday's,"ru ta," trump hds a rally during thedebate. who the real nn? we span the world in sports. one of th biggest stars in si crl puth, i in the building. all thatndoris comin up now. >> announcer: from nbcnews is is "t's take," with al ro natalie w geis and tamro hall, liverom stud 1a in rkeller aza.
8:49 am
it's friday morng, january 29th, 2016. fa great crowd outside. i'm willie inside wit tamron, al and natalie. you, my friend, have chosen our jam this morning. have. emem "lose yourlf." >> favorite me one shot, one opport not t muc pressu. >> the clean version, i should say. >> i was wonding. >> mom of the year. tiger mom. i'm like picturing your child spitting eminem. mom's spaetti o his srt already >> little eminem. >> also made m think of e debate with th song. one opportunity. >> i see, spinning yrselfut of that one. sure.
8:50 am
>> dald trump, as expected, did not show up at last ght's fox news repubcanebaten des moines, iowa. stl, he was the story. we'll start with the debate and then talk about his event st night. th debat opened with question for megyn kelly abo e dona. et'sddresshe elephant not ith rm tonight. donald trump has chosen not to tend this evening's presidential debate. what message d youhink that sends to e voters o iowa? >> let mesay, a maniac, and yone on this stage i id, fat and ugly. ben, you're a terrible sueon. now that we've gotten theonald trp poron out of the way -- [ applause ] [ applause ] -- want to thankveryone her for showing theen and women o iowa theespect t show up and make the case to the people of this state and teople of country, why each of us bieve we would make the bt comnder
8:51 am
[ applause ] >> without trump tndruz runng pretty clhoh behind ddrump in cruz came number o targetn theste. senar marco rubio accusing cruz of doing a saying anhing to get votes. setor ran paul said cz had an authenticit problem. just up the roadtrumpolding a cpeng event, said he raisedbout $6 mil for militaryets.contued to mock fox and tked abou using his daughter ivanka as a secret weapon on the caaign ai >> fox has been extremely nice the last couple of ur actually. they'vanted m tre and said, howboutno ey cled a few mut ago. sn't it already stted? anka, it would be s great if you had your baby i iowa. d defelyin. >> ahe e of the night though wins?
8:52 am
>> what's the ase? >> ggl maps swed aoss the try who was the most talked abt of the debatr the t, andmp - i brhted all t map. was the traffic. it doesn't mean that were all praising him. no, no, >> what's the measur who measures. the attentio >> o oe gat momts in debat washenheulled ou t cpeng vio, bo thude e anbio and cruz on imgration, the stces. >> tt was an important moment, actually, and itould be votal, not in iowa but lat on inewhampire. what's terestin a lot oth pundits onorng joe" hadn arra ofests,nd exrtsswe,ho sai this s the most tantive debate. the y ratings ar in.
8:53 am
numbers thend lowes rated. but this is li, whathe senth or eh debate tt they've had the shotnevertheless, there are somho be it waacally won, ere the candidates, while boring wereble answer t questions. >> i thinkhey all came ali a ttle re. b bush, i think, had the bes nit he d, yknf all the deb we' see he ce tlife mao rio a t cruz, they were debating real, substantive issues. >> i was expecting more from chris chris christ >> w't he to spete much longer. people go t vote in iowa on nday. can wa the odayhoill there. >> yeah >> with trumput oth b room --alking about "celebry apen dis apprence,"hairman of th
8:54 am
schwartz .ill be the,ly on. on. warrenuffet will be an adviser. jessica alba, fantastic entrepreneur. ra bas, as well vy great business peoe ie boa room it's goi to be very interestg. >> lot oftar power. schwarzeneer,buffet. >>arrenbuffet? >> yeah. >> wow. >> they're doing thehows time in theaoutside of los angeles, which is sillicbeach. it'sbo tec it's abo technology and invation. >> snooki is going to invent an ap t wl be gr >> siliconbeach,even blocks fr our ho. it'shy we picked it. so this is thege of the day. i'm going to vote for as the e of the there isun atold
8:55 am
meionedit. eyry to fluster the opponent at foul line. called the curtain of distractn.eppen gs up,et rdy dict. theypped the ae ts tim arou theydded a specialuest to th straction or curtain of distractn. chaelphelps. take a lo. >>oh, wow! >> that's a distractio itets er. up it even more. take the wide shot. let's see. >>ait for . >> where is t other picture? >> wherehe good part? thas n the good part >> i g tbe coming>> there it t ar waiting for? ere! it was originally, he had the black pants on, and i kepthin authr farrey and -- >>hip a dal wazyzesway. >>t' the samelo >>rrentl phe israining for the 20 olympics because
8:56 am
he wan to retire andoach in ariza. nevertheless, what was the rerdthere aecor-old on. youd it eaier, willie. >> thepoints? >>. >> arioe this. there. it a 1.7 point differencen their gam for fe th shting >> the distraction. >> i works. >>ithlps ere, it' pots. hawoney won thegame,hichs on m notes. -68. >>plete distraion. >> wealkedut the hockey body ch we showed you win bum in a linesmanuring a team'shome loss,ndntthfe as y'llee in a couple sends. here forhe check. righ weere talking about this yesterday. like what didt loolike >> i'm gla ias rht about is one. >> i said iwa intentiona e try toive peoe t nef edoubt. wnt' o tap - >> it's more tn a shove. thas acheck.
8:57 am
himnily, pding a hearing week. wideman say after t ge at heaidwasstract he ht bnhi i ess he was i guess he was distrted with t t time >> t leagu didn't believe it. >> wn your arm go like this- >> w atick in it. >> trying to help him t. wh abo thi part? >> witthe helmeton. h the guy up. >> anyway, ie th fabooknow,ou h a iphone, ts wilbevailable rndid users, but iis co thing calleacook li. yo go yr stat,ouut li ahen you g ve.ikrie. y streing. >> we're going to check this t. >> ye on w? yeah >> is this on o new page?
8:58 am
s is onur febk ge >>well, is o the phoneig now, right? >> you can watch i o desktop.>> speaking of ich, l's fin t rht now h my fol we've got onur facook page. 77,000 77,000. go to cebook/today'sta. help get the numbers up. ove100, today. let's 100. let's hit it aga to se om. come on folkweano it wee gng t check it t end of wehe i wanto seit or 80,0. telleoplebouthe prizes. >> they didt tell. we -- now a few less- how my me days? 22. >>ys.
8:59 am
go tfaceboodaytake. checthe sweeps check e sweepstakes ou bulous. you ha ahance to win t so be ntasti groundhos d stormoming in. pressur makgts w torduswhatpe ist cses rai losgele icy,nowy mix aoshe southwest monday, iretches, snofr tes all t w south of iowa heav shorsthunrss. th ontuday, nds day,e ha the rk of seve weather from india y lispoliso -- ey sd cut the live stream. , don't cut it. if youre iiowa, slln esy, llie,n't go anhere hes he going? >> i'm speing t week in iowa. >> fab you loisu>> tim in.s check t numbers one more
9:00 am
th >> facebook, >> facebk, n s, let's see what yid f us. boo-yah boo- i. er 80,000. wee breaking 100,00 befor the show ends. >> amg. >> mentionhe prizes. that will get peopl there. >> lots of st >> go to theeboo page. >> not hand-me-down stuff, it's stuff. >> goof. l guestse on this show. nothing but tst. ke - >> charlie puth.
9:01 am
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9:04 am
that's his smash hitith wiz khalif feature in "fus7. he co-wrote that song. the video has more than a billion views onoutu a nth americ tou i rch, but oppi b t han out with us on album relea day. goorning again, mr. puth. >> what's goinon? >> i have col hands. >> he pete bea boxed o our facpage. page. >> go ahead. >> he's go. >> goahead. >> michael jackson. >> >> oh, cool totally cool. >> one this morning. >> wow. >> where does that come from? you talked about sitting in y roorki stuff o on ut you're lik aone-n opera
9:05 am
i -- always made youngi i sll am but- >> how old wereu? >> ias 8. in my ownmi, was d is stuff. running arodnaskel cour nlayi t sport. teachers would b like, arlie, stop makingnoises. itasike mic iy head. at'shy called my alb "nine track mind i'lways in m he >> y wteac? >> ah a now voctrks. i d'tto delthis. no, . keep tha th >> notyavou hadhis amazing y and all ts ccess, buthe other thing , pe want these amazing people want to collaborate with yo >> azing. that's the mark, when you
9:06 am
>> when - all thesertis i grew upistening to li fer so man pele, th'relike, n you're going go in thetudi with em. i usedo lteno- stened to o directi like on spoty, a now'm wring for them. it's absolutelyinsane.>> meghatrainor. 'yeah. >> selena z. i don't look at the as famo pele. they in my workfo weo on tour, and we l dohe me stf. yot me mus together?>> whoo youanto a to the wo forc >>runomars. >> youwo wou be gre togeer. sptacu >> that'd be co. 're lab >>runopilk u >> bru, pd gi him a call. >> i'd lethat people withowerl voic. iana grae. >> that'd behot. >>hiee c yea
9:07 am
aziest moment, crazie person who came to yound sa, i huge fan, that bw your mind? >> i was at the arin music awards i my trailer. i wald out and i heard a -- i'll do aad briti aen - "hello the. it was horrible. sorr it was har styles was , you produced low moti," didn'you, and ias like, number one,ow doou know that itasn bng i was like, wow, yeah, i did. yo like that song? he was like,oowork. niceo meet u. i' like, cool. >> maybe a o dirtion colloratn. >>hatould be kind o cool bu they've bke upthou >> just lost one guy. own a man. filtin. >> tre yougo. >> tnk you'l have me people knocking on your do.
9:08 am
>> alb is "nine track mind." cah him our sn, as well. he'll have one more man in e next hour eat to see you. >> corats. just ahead, the hollywood star acceptedingsendg her root in e tion's largest independent studtesteds perfor acro country. vezon, won b with hundred fty threate wins a and t thirty-eight, sprint got t, and t mobile got, zero. verizon al won first in thus data, s and reliability. a t d t go tt. agnetwork? in verizon and we'll cover yo i y to t a great shape. .. i can do easily. benefiber healthy shapelpcurb cravings. cste-ee dly sulement... ...ts clally provo he keep me fuller nger.
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no discomfort. en you makesh... ...yould stay... all day... nd the power ... netheraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. > it's >>it's fridays,, eryone. how ab pop fix to get your weekend started. cod we love gina rriez re than we d jane jane,ane the virgin" s is donati herreo a tweed, wouldovo wear your lden g dress to om. shed shen' own t drs b wld send her drefrom last year.
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lookse jessica is going to have a prom to rememb. is might be my favorite story of the day. kim basinger istarting to get shady. the oscar winne has jtee cast in t sequel tades of gr. shades of grey. sh will playhe busins partner and fr love of christian gr remember, tt's theharacter whurns him t. anyw, looks le the franchi got a littl steami wasn't into it before, but i am now. is zayn m heading in his own direction? the former one directioner dropped single, his first sieeaving one diron last year. he released a music o. it'soing to steam up your sunglasses.
9:13 am
it's pise and it's aar zone zo >>o the song will be featured on his albu "mind of mine," which iset to be released. the headline, which is not here, that's gig had, his girlfriend in there. ust grild chicn and bush's baked bea. >>mom totally forg to givevetables. i know. it's aweso. >>o-yah. blow it up. bush bakedeans slow cked accordinto our secramily recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eatitheir vegetables. boyah. >>blow it up. whaaat? bush's baked bea. thvegg kids love. y our newest flavor, asian bb available for alited time only. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. noi use this. the niderm cq patch, th uque extended relee technology, helps prevent the ge tomoke all day. i want this time
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only at olive garden.>akin a headnes. nissan i ralli 846,000 ti midsize cars for the third time to fhe se problem. cers the 2013hrough 15 de s. ssan says the m hd latch n ru, allgd to po up whi cars are moving. inwo earlier calls, dealers adjustedhe lates and plied a lubrant, but i it sn't applied evenly, the obm apparently canpeist.
9:16 am
wonit sleingroblemsayhave a hheisk f type 2 diabetes. rearchers alyd healtat oror than 130,000 women.they fnd diabetes riskp to fo times greater for women who had trouble falling or sng asleep who snored had sleep apa or thanix hours night. > federal trade cmission is unchg an eort toel victims of intityef its wsiteil aow youo crea a recoveran viim cscbe theirase tail a thellffer steps to te to get backour idtity a limit the mage. the web address is ideity gov. theft. >>zard pro theecall 5lionhower rugs. the reca invveaq rugs with four plaicucon cu, ld bge aclr. ey recvedorf umers flingn th showe or the batub wlen th ru.
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9:18 am
mo mild. lo for morenow making its waynto the inner mountain regi. we have showers in central caliia. sund, , big storm coming onho will bring aot of wet weather to southern california, into the sohwest. icy m through the southwes evtually making its to the midsecon of the country. rain around there lakes. sunny skies and warmer conditions. above normal temperatures for
9:19 am
>> that's >> that'sour latest weath willie, should mention if y go to's take go to the sweepstakes ge. our prize f today, a $500 kmart gift card. >> great. >> go tofaceok.comoday's take. >> lik us. >> register ton. >> i'm going to like usight now f $500 at kmt, al finnstame iur series, cll out. y, we ha gadgets to keep you warm. there's sometng for you dog. we have theost of a podcast, here wit your favorites. t's off with this ome scarf. >> which is in the mi goheadnd pul go ahead and pull o. heatedt upor aminute >> it'reator retion tensio feelsgood.
9:20 am
peppermint and rose mary ere are ststhere arets for you hands. >> iwas so cold in dio. i'm goi t kee thi on wholegmt. ne i hat. >> super warm a mftable. theani i from tenenr it hasetootheahones inside. xo eight hours of battery r you and i, we hose on the run.esome. an washt you tak th headphone nice optionor anydy like this, keep ts warm. >> anything better than hd with th a pa this is a pamrm. on temperature setting getting to118 deees. you canut towels i there, sos. of coue, you can put p inhe pam warm >> tolis as ha thrloves t naviga. >> i feelike we've a been the.
9:21 am
cat w xt? yoha t hav compable glov. this is called any ov 5or attle what i'vdone you p two coatsn re. what i does i mak any glove touchscr mpatibleheer 's ctoorat the wle family canonir ipad ipads. t'll warm up yrlos a little. >> it' worth it. >> we the magicinso >>hese are remoteontrolled reless heate inso again, fromhaacher. 110 degr u can control it wirelessly. en trim the if they're big. eaor a siz d, s, grt f stayingouidor tailgating, keeping warm or people whoork tside. >> these days, we have a crew ey're very hot. also a great game, i lig h feet on fir during a segment. hatesit. >> remote controed heat >> extly.
9:22 am
>> threin-one.inexpensiveoption. what's ceit's a flashlight, warmernd a phonecharr.tu thed ere it is.under $21. >> astic. hiis actuallng to fit in your glove box. this is a niceptn for any their vehicle. isl cha y batry take ltletime, but to have and convenienyn ca also, power to gom h depot. th your artphone or blet, as well. >> i'making this f. you're not gettingt ba. >> rest of there idere day.m. > l's sd i off to al somethings cooking. >> nothing says comfort foo likehist a potoes di shephe's e. show you how t mak it from
9:23 am
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9:27 am
all all week o today food, we ve been showing you casseroles and comfort fo. today, i'll sho ysheprd's pie. the great thing about it it's very verle because you can us aot ofifnts in . u' bfi y ca d gunurkey or cck beef, whar you'dli. you have tatoes, sharp chee. re'sgrid. eggs soou basical m ymashtato. ater youooe favo poes tha great. ll tak some cheese. the geist mashed potats is my-to. >>ou stis otter. >> . >> pou of m. uart o hvy m. creamcheeseg lk, iv, ltnd pepper yore goi t masht a .
9:28 am
no you're going to brownp some - whatever your protein is going to be. you do at. frozen vegebles whatever you'vegot, you'llut the in. all rit? thw tha in. can of -- >> this iseasy, . >> i. n cedomatoe and uteat wh this coo dn, u're goi to makour- nd o a gravy. take a nice dark beer, le guinness, and throw it in. then you'reoing t te a cube of boui. put in. hemeanti t a littl water and cnstarch and make a slurry, to thicken this alright? en you'r goingo mix, of urse, the bollon, be ssold. put it all tother. eventual,hat' cook down. yo put it into a caerole. cassol
9:29 am
mashpoto u'oing t son tm op. s go. >> so deliciou >> i could scoop it out like that. >>nd add the cheese, right? >> cheese on top. erytngs already oked. >> right. youon't wryboutoo mu. wh yeoingo , put ttle smoaprinther >>co >> i p evng. >> lit spice. >> sprd on more cheese iold i told our kiten folk i'd like a lot more cheese. >> kitchen folk. >> ty're like the woodland creare ouritchenfolk. you' going take this, put foe last nute, you're just to brn it up bi there you haveit. >> thiishe pfect winter od. >> it is. >> right? comfo food ates >> cheese, potaes protein, all the food groups inthere. >> this is like, you should be atomeith is home.
9:30 am
leftovers are good, to >> exactly. >> patrontate of food. >> tnkou very much. >> you can find this recipe a today.m/od. also, ouut andrea,ne ofur standout food clu membershis we. thank you for sharing much coming up next, let's get ready to laugh. ave good buddy, n, worlilarioorts, spanning t world after these see me. seme. don'stare at me. e me. see me. see meo know that psoriasis is just something th have. i'm t contagious. see me to know th ion stop. until i find what works. scer cosentya different kind of medici r rao replaq pasis en the thematy of pe find clear or most clear ski 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearce at 3 months. whilthe majo saw 90% clearance. do n use if you are allergic to cosentyx.
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so deep thinhe tooth that i uldn hane it. starteeating on ke one side of my mouth, for like a wle mon i was just eating one si of mouth and then finally i was like, i can'do ts. my dentist sd thhousnsode. fe whout hing to worryout what'sna hurmy tee it's gonna be too hot, or too cold, it's nna have ice in . life without sentivity asiee.>>ow to th sport have have to see toelie wit b berman >> you, bet. >> careful. >> a roker, don't waste goo popcorn. od morng. >> they don't give us pcn th rao. is is great. big-time show i shod take it outf my mouth an read this. >> what do you go >> i don know what i go
9:35 am
alabainninghe natnal tie i colge foll. but what were definitely the high of thast cou months? we'll spanning the world. let's doit. >> let's do it. >> unbelievle. >> al,ay attention and sp rowing popcorn.>> h abo mike son? you horboa,own esys. ay ball, but w ishis guy? i don'tave a scorecard. i have to pla against him. i'll check the namen his ba. who are you? th's who you college footba, who get it? you can aaysnt othe c makhe ss. >> gd grab. >> t warors tying their shoes at theame time get it to another guy, threen fi. scores anay. oops of the month. here's aass fromut o unds crowder of boston.
9:36 am
you have tgauge e wind because it'sgainst u. doesn't work out well. favorite fa. neverryo ce between a new yorker and a free hockey stick. >> , boy. >> therere som sidew york values right there. there yougo. >> i minnesa,rom e wedding ceremony to theockey game and have a delicious burger for ur wedding reception. he's notven paying attenti the bride. unevable. st p byplay taboutxcitinsoccer. th chinese announcer falls asleep. he's snoring. in the middle of the game. sta rica, the commeator called tef terrible, so they stopped the gameked it over and t the announcer o the game. ! good-bye, charlie. talk abo rabbiea , dyor yourp? hedron ra., mygoodne. theuy skiing t in the
9:37 am
terrible. sidelinents of the month. helicopter, littl dancin powerlifting. of course,yfavorite, the sis siine cpel sistine cpel celebratio ybe man wasn't mea to squ 855 pous. >>t's going to hurt. , ion't hurt >> oh! >> but nobody got rt. >> the toddler sow is ne. screing ]. >> ye! >> oh, mygosh i love it. >> thas al after a good weher fore. yeah! >> love that. >> nicely do, len. >> len berman, good one. alwa goodo have you.
9:38 am
>>s our tenderour nder turkey breast sawich... with all white breasmeat a no artificl presvatives, it's hard to resist. even for us. yoate all the turkey for our rhode island market! how am i supposeto do quality control if i can't eat the product? you work in accounting. the tender turkey breast sandwich,
9:39 am
>> he hey. >> we had t run up here. >> hey, ladies. >> thanks for showing up. >> nice to he. >> how long of a run is it from downst? >> like miles. >>h kcan you brthe? >> we ran int the karate d. it's lik the itaan festival here. it is. we'll have fun with those two. we are going to have blast. >> we'reoing tolay some game will you play with us? >> what? >> yes. >> h old these twore- >> 974 years d. fo mths and three days >> i bet. it'll befun. >> they're com up. i nt to ccknith al,ee wh o fack les are. that'srit. let's fin out rig w. we cck it out. boom. 88,0. th i grea go's take. checkutur sweepstakes. you could win day. st today.a $500ma gift rd.
9:40 am
> nbc th i"t with kathiee giord and h kive from studio 1a in rockefeller aza. >> you made it. it hapne it is try day fray. swrena bush hager filling in kaie lee. ka wl be back . 'sirresistible. speaking of irresistible.
9:41 am
two hot tall drink of war. >> one tall. >>. >> we have march we and ralph. theye co-sing i a pl>> it out. >> we don't have in auch are are y'all going to boss us nd. >> that's right, wral. we're going to beossing y'all arnd. hey, y'al i'm going to cook sometng in the kitchen wh my sons. >> i'mm a certa regio i just learned. >> this is my sonbobby. i'm paula i'm pauladean >> oh boy. >>ll right.we're toave the guys. th're talking -- they're an italianamily livin under one roof. >> it's ay. >> called"a room of m own." u know, i suld be sting over there. we should be. we shoulde hosting this show.
9:42 am
they actuallyhould . all right.
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