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tv   Today  NBC  January 31, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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the oscar-so-white criticm. o leo keeps up the momen as he looks to cla hisirst osca >> i'm tuble humbled by th. sol to theighestbidder. a red pe office tryin kp h k-he mig mht be auctioned off beus hs conderetate property how peoere helpi them sta together, today, janua 31st, 2016. >> announcer: ts is ," live fmtudio1-a inrockraza. >>ca hill >> glad to have you with us. it is
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moines register, thas a gd indicar of how the caucuses willo in that state. donald trump has 5 points aad of ted cruz. hillary clinton 3 tshead bernie nders. they're basicallyeck andneck. we hav full coverage and analysis for youhis morng. we begin wh c's hallie jackson covering the republican race from desmoines. halle, good morning.>> reporter: good morning, erica. for donald trump this poll represents a 15-pointed turnaround sin september. nearly half of likely caucus-goers sayve n the be convinced to change their minds. if they , it's ted cruz tha could stand to benefit the most. flying high for now, it's donal trump on top, the day before the caucuses in iowa. where the lat poll sho he leads ted by 5points. >> the n were s good for me, which'mappy out. >> rorter: but trump's acknowleg tuout will
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>> it all doesn mr if you don't caucus monday. >> reporr: his closest rival here, t cruz, says he has volunteers ming 20,000 pne lls tootential caucusgoers. >> we'reust wanting to know if we can count on you to caucus for cruz on monday. >> rorr: cruz has slid recently, a sign trp's aacks may be working. the most effecve one, accordg to new polling, not on canadian birthplace. >> he borrowed a lot of ney, as you know,ro goldman shs and from citibank. >> reporter:ruz failed to fully dilose his lns from bibanks. but trump has hisroblems too, includinhis support for eminent doma. cruz had bee hitting him on that. >> this raisace is a dead heat, neck and neck. it's an effectively aman rice. >> reporter:arco rioou beg to differ.
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we're looking forward to new hampshire and doing well there. >> reporter: ahef the other establishment candidates in iowa, even as robe eeodownplays talk he talk he cod hav a second place finish. >> i'm confident that when this process is finished a t delegates are counted, we're going to have more th half e dellegatesnd we'll be the republicanminee.>> rter:onald ump is tang t ter to hit ted cruz over mailers his campaign sentut with "ving violation" on them they're a comn practice to get peopleut to th caucus, similar t one usedn the pa. the bottom line about all of this, ,oth campaigns kno turnout will be the k to winning tomorrow ght. >> hallie jackson, tnks. t the demratsno where the race is apparently so clos no one is sure exactly whall
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nbc's kristen welker has me on that. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: crg, goomorning to you. e democtic rac is anyo toin here in iowa. searynt does he a slig lead, but s's n taking anything r grted, and bern sders isn't letng u e demrati cdidates crs-crossing iowa late int the night rday, with st hours to go. for hilry clinton, it was all hands on deck >> i a so pro to support my m. >> she i the single bes change mar i have ever known. >> reporter: husband bill and dauger chelsea helping deliver the fin pitch she was thank yo bill. thank you, chelsea. >> rorter: clinton is entering the home stretch with a boost. sarday's "des moines register"/mbpoll sws
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bernie sandersand "the new rk times" endorsed her. >> i hope we wl persuade you to joi us in ming progress for the country. >> reporter: earlier in the day, clton tried to turn the pag after the state departmt determined 22-mls fm the formerecta of ste's private server wer top secret, clinton tli nbc ns she didn generate th. >> ts isn ierency diut anit playi o in publ. and iant t resolved. >> reporter: senator sanderss still riding aave of insurgent excitement,uoyed b their ciment. t doesn't look like aringe campgn tonight. rorter: now the battle being waged in campaign war rooms. clintonnd sanrs have both built urmie of voluntee, ready to fit, derned to win. >> iaven't seen this excitent in solong. it's got tbeomhi about this czy oguy, right?
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and to hefully get hilla clinton elted president. >>eporter: senator srs could win iowa if young voters turn out inforce, as the did in008 for en-senator barac ama. he won tha groupy a margin of 4o 1. sands and clinton hav another relentless day of campaigng that wl last into th night. >> kristen, thank you. > chuck todd isoderat of "meet the press. he is also iiowa. chuck, good moing. >> good morning, erica. >> the big unknown we keep taing about is h many people ll actually showup. we've been hring from our reports on t ground, t trump campaigns making a push to remind people a rliesow to register a how to vote. is there sense that thats having an pact? >> we don't kn. hav't seen the evidence of an upturn in voter registration on either de. look,igh voter turnouts are
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democrats d trump with the republicans. i've talked to these first time caucusgoers. the cruz campaign believe they're going toin and that they're stl ahead, bause they're skeptical of these fst time caucgoers. i've talked to them. some othemave not voted in any election in 2 years. so that'shy the skepticism is the. you think, boy,re they going get up, go through this process, me sure thegeto the caucus location on time? you can g there aa spefic time or they lock the doo and you can't t in. trums whol reliance is on a bunch of people who he never ne this before. >> uck, turni to the democrats, wt does a secon place finish forernie nders in iowa me for his campaign moving forward? >> i think iteans tt h wil be a tough challenger for hillary clinton. but it's hard to imagine how he could er overtake her. can't sort of makehe
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true one on one battle that's neck and neck the whole time if you can't knock her off he. if you can't beat herhere, then tside of n mpshire, where else is he going to bea her? ife starts making inroa in south carona, nevada, he will convince democrat wow, he pulled off an upset in iowa. new mpire is one thing, that's his next door stat but pul it off here i think could catapt m. it's a muin for sands, to behonest what's e headlin tuesday morning? what a w tking about tuday morning after the caucusre over? >> wl, if it' --look,re gog to be talking about dald trum let's be alistic, ri 's donaltrs world,re just lucky to live i i sometimes. no it will be about whether trumis for real ornot, craig. if he wins is panic time for real for the republican establhment,ecause i think he's going to be very hard to stop. but if he loses, then all of a
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planted into whether the trump phom was all mira >> souch look forward to, right? it going to be ausy -- what did we say, 3 hours or so? but who's counting? >> we'll be sedated. >> that comes tuesday morng, chuck. 'll look f you tsorni on "meet the press." uck's guests include uz, marco rubio, breezy. "tay" has you covered on caucusday. we'll be live from iowarow morning. lan, the other headlinen tuesday morning could be whether they get tt sn in iowa, right? >> itould be a blizzard on tuesday, could be exploring some interesting run-in the a the airport on monday night. roh the daon mond wll sejust increasin ouds mpatures across the e willnning in the upper 30s, ler 4s, erything's fine. then we get i monday n and tuesday. at's when the blizzard warning cks in
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state not under the blizzar warnings. that's w we'll most likel seerain. if you head south, y'lle able to make any sort of flights. but if you're in the moines area any across central a nort iowa,e' looking at very gusty winds, a much as 9 to 12 inches of snow. waterloo lookse one of those areas whee'll see the japot. wel see intesting conditions monday night into tuesda that's the time frame when we'll see our worst conditions afar w isncne >> dylan, thanks. california, three dangerous crimins are back in jail after escapedt ek. e fin twoere captured saturday, one day after their fellow inmate turd himself into police. stev person iive with more. steve, good morning. >> reporter: craig,or eight days those escaped inmates managed to stay at least one step ahead of more than dozen laenforcent departmes
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but only took the quick thinking of one citizen in san frcisco a policand bring them dn. for l enforcement in california, it was like waking up from a d dream. >> o of a sheff's wor nightmares. >> reporr: after a wee o anxiy and atate of excite, a cnce to exha. >> the eire state c brehe a sigh oflief. >> reporter: all t men who broke out of jai back in custod hossnaye and jathan tieu ptured 400 mway in this san francisco parki t. ceredid the qck thki of bystaerho spotted the stolen van and alerte officers. as police approached, hossain yeri fled onoot but dn't ge far.>> he was apprehended without fuhe incident. >>epter:olice fnd jonathan tieu inside thean ong with380ounds of ammunition.
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people were armed and dangerous. >>orr: aay eaier, bac ong ongurned himselfin. investators zeroed in on hoain nayeri as eossible mastmind. poceay dpite saking glish, henroldn englisha secon lanage class with teacher nooshafarin ravaghi. she was arrested on ursday, held onuspion tt she provided maps that may have helped the men escape. >> we do know it was much clor anuch me personal than it ou be eporter: nsharin ravaghi' neighbors say they can't believe it. >> it was quite shocking to s she would even have any part of it. >> repter: now t three inmatesnd the teaer may find themselves on the same side of the l a behind bars. officials with the sheri's department here say there hasn't been a jlre in more than 30 year and tt they've
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provents to the il's serity system. meanwhile those inmates captured this weeke expectedo be back here i ongeountyatern this morning. craig? steve person for us in santa a, calirnia steve, thankyo >> in denver, a fight between val ber gangs turd into a deadly bwlutside the motorcycle ex. at least one person was sbbed ashe vleeeslad. ewnesses descredozs of people fightingusefore t nfire ga liceayy' keeng heav pse athe hospital whe the injed being eated to pvent anyurth confrontations. a frhman at vginia ch is n charg wit murder in the dth of a -yeaold rl. 18-yr-oldid eisenhor, an enneer enneering studas
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the young liverpatient caused family family concern when s didn't return home >>ovak jokedjokovicemolisd andy andymurr, the six win for m, tng a49-yeaol record. it also tie himith bjorn bor for career wi. dylan is back now with a ok at a sto that's brewi out west. >> s, thas what's going to e the s in iowa. by the time we get into monday night. meantime, is bringing gty winds to southern california. we c see gusts asigh as 5 to 60 miles p hour. we haveot the heavierockets of in,oome mountain snow. this isoing t produce aut to 2 feet snow possible in th sierraountainrange. do hav winr storm warnings, winr weather advisoes. we have these wter storm wahes in effect movingnt
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then it will sfto the plains a eventually into wa d roughout tayn tuesy. that's therea o low pressure. elsewhere we have this cold front, bnging a couple of scattere rai showers. temperatures will be in the 40s d 50 ha hat's your latest focast. you good?
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? bush's baked bns. the veggie kids love. try our westlavor, asian bbq. ailable for alimited time oy. the the t stars we out in for st night for the screen actors guild ds. a lot of glitz, glamour, a mentions of diversity. >> o of the biggest headlines to come from the eving, the celebration of that diversity from the nominee to the big winnersthemselves. e s.a.g. awards are ao known as anndicator of what happs at t osca.
8:20 am
honors athe 22nd annl s.a.g. awards for ensemble ca. >>o way. >> reporter: aer wks o criticm for all the white osca nominations,iversity was the rl winr of the night. >> look thestage. this is what w talk about when we talk about rsit >> tha you so much, bss you you all. >> i'm in shock rig now, thank you s mu. >>eporter: viola dis f "h to get away with rder." elcome to diverse tv. >> repter: idri alba walking ay with not one but two awards. >> two wins in onenight, that's inedible. reporter: the other for his
8:21 am
>> let's a calm down. >> reporter: tina fey and amy ehler poehler hored carol burnett. >> can sll remember the first timeot nominated f ans.a.g. awards. >> reporter: they ve a good track record f pctin t academy awards. big surise that oar favote brie larson won. and it could mean gold for leonardo dicaprio who won for "the revenant." >> i'm truly honored because it comes from yo flellow actors. acrs. we've seen "thbisht" wint the produce guild award. "theevan won the golden glob
8:22 am
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,,,,,,, a spaghetti di a sphei dinner held for fallen marine - sergeant "jeffrey sempler..." raed more than 55- hundd llars in just three hourst night. y remembe... ses helicopter craed off thcoast ofawaii ring a rou tin missn more thatwo weeks o. the search for him and 11 other miing rines s nce been callff... but thatt ophe community from comg t to help his family. ndre of people packed the anegion hall in fountain... they say it was the least could do to lp the family of fell military me day is lt day to sign up for al coverage through "conct for health colorado." "enroll america" teamed up with entura hh" yesteay to offer free help toeople ill neing toign up. it was all sp inside the g at theboys a girlslub"n south chton. ople say it waa huge help to have someone walng them through it in-person. righnext tire department and "nrose-saint frans hospital" teed up to
8:25 am
they say we're rigt the peak of season, aetting a shot is the st wayo avoi getting si. even tugh it may seem late i the asonnursesay its les get er to f an
8:26 am
e >> wre bac o this suny mog, jry1st, 2016, the last sunday of january. if you can believe that. wow. first month of the new year almost er. areat crowd out the efeller plaza. want to thank a ofm for spending a lite of the weekendh >> a gens out there holding a sign saying, "fan since the'50s." l takeit. one day to go for the iowa ucuses, the cdidate are out for their final push today. aew poll from the "des moines reer sws donaltrump rginhe of t cru whi hilly intomatain slight edgeve bernie saer
8:27 am
en foriles from thisuge fire in lexington, kentucky. flames bke out beef business d spre to several other nessess well. it took 12 firemen tt it unrntrol. fortunately nobody was hurt. donations a pouring into flt, michigano help withts water crisis. ttles of water a pouringin. lead levels in some homes were so high that fters we not effectin kng lead out. >> let's starts hf hour with the upcoming court appearan for bill cosby. his attorys claim that he is protected der agreement wi the past distric attorney and a tryinto get the charges rown out. kristen call it againkristen dahlgren
8:28 am
has mo. . >> rorter: cosby's attorneys clm the district aorney made angrnt with cosbyoto chhim. >> theurrent d.a. says tre'sno writt evidence of that agreement. >> reporter: cosby admitted in a deposition obtaing quaaludes to give to women he ed t haveex with. the time a. dt char cosby with a crime. >> thinking he probably did do something inappropriate. but thinking that and being able to prove itre t difnt thgs. reporter: cosby's lawye at time has sce passed away, and according to s cre attorneys, cril ence o the agrment has been lo. cosby's been charged with three felonyounts of aggrate indecent alt for allegedly drgi and suasaulting a
8:29 am
she isne of 150 women who have accusedosby of misconduct. his lawyers vow to fight all the accusations. thnext round is scheduled for tuday, when it will be up ta jue toay i a criminal case agnst than once known america's dad will ever make it to trial. kristendahlen nbc newsew york. a retired police officer in ohio coulde ling his best friend. his partner, as bee wi him with him for years he thought they would be retiring together. but according to stelaw, it's not thatsimple. >> reporter: for four years, officer matthew hickey and k-9 officer ajax have been more than best friend they'ven partners, otecting theommunity of ericayettamarietta, when off when officer hickey retired
8:30 am
planned for ajax, who he considers a member of t fami, to join him. >> theres a bond between u anit's very ecial. >>eporter: aja could serve for several more years, so officer hickey w prepared to compensa the ty, but was stunned to learn that uer ate la ajax is considered propty a will be auconed f. >> were under stric rules of how we dis of proy when wee dealinwi ste and federal funds, as well as taayer dollars. rorter: pc tcry beast aurious with comments flooding the facebook page. "let ajax stay with offic hickey." the cy respded, posng in part, "your voices a hrd and your cments arepoant." >> is cold? ll, the law sometim cane cold doik it? not necessarily. reporter: to incase officer hick's chances at thauction, dotions eouring into a
8:31 am
the mor says the auction date isn't se yet. the growing crowd is cng for is law enforcement duo tbe allowed toti together. >> i wld hate to lose my buddy. the power of social media is pretty amazg. the is a gofundme page created for officer hickey a few days ago. it's raise edd $33,000. the pageas been shared over 28,000 times. >> if someone doeo toha auction, they mayoutbid the officer. it would be good if ey gave him the dog. >> i would hope so otrwise i'l be very upt. >> we'll follow the story and keep you updated on this one. dylan dye has a cck on the weatr from the plaza. >> he guys why celebrate one sweet 16 when
8:32 am
young ladies celebrang set 16? 16 rmer than arage inew y city, nille is 20 degrees abeaverage. we're tching a ston e southwest. that'soing to art spreading eaward. that will be the reason why we se perhaps blizzard conditions in ia starting monda night into tuesday. butn themetime, we're looking at very and
8:33 am
tonight is big night for hockey.tonight is the 2016 nhl all-ar game catherine tapp, ion't necessarily think ofashville when i think of hockey. how is it going? >> reporter: that's right, dylan. the ci of nashville, the nashvieretors have truly out de themselves. there has been live music played alday, every day. that sergy will continue later this afternoon. country music starsncluding ris young and charles kelley will join tour ches behind t bench for today's l-star . >> know it's amat thi ye, aew 3 on fo, tt shld me this more eiting than normal this time around. >> reporr: no doubtbout that. it's a decidly new twists ar. there wille three20-minute games being ayed, the first tw bei semifinals, the third being a chaionship ga.
8:34 am
this 3 on format was troduced this year for overti and it has taken off. it lends itself to the worls biggest stars putting on their most oensive prows, the best skillsnispl here. it puts a lot of pssure on the fensen and tenders. most portany, it's aweme forhe fans. itill be areat gam he a bridgestone ara. >> i've beeneein you piures, inowourirst time in naville,ou'rin ery co of it. repor that's t.>> wathe gam tonight, pregame coge startg at 4:30 p.m. eastern. that will be on csn. going to a gre night tonight, guys >> dylan, tha you. a million-dollar prize. >> that's ptty hefty. >> i would say >> coming uphee wachildrens' lives coming lif throughsong. and harry smith brings u uplifting story of howrt
8:35 am
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we we are we are back with our sunday stories. this morning, kids were sic or being verybrave,aving their lis turned into a ng. >> thanks to a programhat was to give a v to chilen who are most in need. 's putting big smis on a lot of ltlfaces. reporter: morgan walker wrote atory about a dog in the pound th waite and waited to be adopted. >> he hasuppy friends at th shelter but sometimes he gets lonely. >> i just like the german shepherd part. because i imagine him really cute. >> reporter: but then agn,er made-ustory n't just aut a do >> here fhug. tes a ccer suiv wh the of more caer, narrative of her own life, but
8:38 am
situn you're in, tre's always going tbeom hope. >> reporter: as an infant, 16-year-old morgan lost right eye to rinal bltoma, even tugh she's part a large loving family,eyond the prottive wal oer home she'lo ndered,ecause o that cancer bause s's ssing an eye, could s somehow be leha dog in r story? growg up, the were moments, like t friend motherho called aft a play date. >> i think sheightave called om andsaid, wdon't want youraughr cing ove anymore, because her havin one eye is not something i wan my daughter around. and that's horrible. >> reporter: but tre's more this story.
8:39 am
music city her ail r ail goregy waseen by group ichakes stoes anith the help o songwriters, turns them into a . h sto a dog in the und, an up andomin gup on music and lyrics. today is my day >>eporter: and then perrm for morgan with her mom a her tn cancerurvivors at lda's cl in nashville. when you hea the words that you crd in the story and put to music, how does it feel inr heart? >> it feels true. >> reporter: recorded by a
8:40 am
now you'll be loved each day and eac nig reporr: a story that's now a song has become t soutrack to aeen canr survivor's life. whetr it's a h ornot, it's a hit. >> that's a t matters. is magical. >> the goal was to bng the voices of kids in need to the world through music. so the one thing that eve k has regdless of cirmstae is imagination. >> repter:ing a story. mo tn 300ongs and unting for morgan walker, a song right t of a story. >> thanks again. thank you. >> reporter: ca sanders, nbc news, nashville. >>uch a great story. >>us makes aot of things better. >> o producer w big on that ory, i'm glad we to see it. women gtiir financial licknra. but fit, the messages. penguin showhis loby offering thfema...
8:41 am
some male pens, however... are a little sma an oers. this valentine's day...everyone loves a gift from kay jewersto 30% on select diamonds r its coinuous tionatches lht fr every angle. at kay, the mbone lrst in america arti every kiss begs with kay. tohe couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'lgive it 6 for composion. scary. wow, what out just puttg a fair, no haggle ice t window? not zany enough? sometis e best
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,,,,,,,,,,, >> were back on a sday mointh one womas vision to hp oer women recover nancially and etially tereing divorced or widowed. >> asheinle tells us, these women are finding their strength
8:43 am
>> reporte besssooming for joan, a rltor who actually has more clnts, not because she sells their houses, but bee e helpshe stay in them. >> i would go out tohe home with my littleisng agreent. ould be in tears. and wuld have a convertion. and they would reveal thatn fact they didn't want to sell eir house. >> reporter: most of joan's house are women with one thing in comm, eitheroing through a divce or receny wiwed. >> invariably they re being told they had to sell, the we no choices, theouse h to go. i would bring in a loan originator to gure out if they couldst, and nineim out of te they could. >> reporter:he rlized there was a trend, not justhathese men needed help maningheir homes,uthey needed a lilito >> whenevernyone tlsou you n't somethg, mayt's ti to say, why no >>epter: joan decided to
8:44 am
he oth women lik herself. it pvides wksho and support fo women like rself, starting over. >> over time we cananage the risk for you. >> reporter: amy spearmought help from the ldflowers. >>y ex-husbandad bee our sole provir fur family. we had chosen to have our ildren i wld be a stay at home wife and mom. en i decidedoeave him, we were literally with no income. >> rorter: amy wanted to go back to school ldflers helped her dthat. the nonprofit providesoney and financial guidance for women like amy to begin her second act. >> i've been the recipie of theircholarships to help pay my nt. dow i a wildflowend blossominghey sa >> reporte it's not just the actica rrces tudith wrightakes advanof. >> you kwhat eryoman in throom i having a similar
8:45 am
age or circumstances, she's gone rough heak and rebung. reporter: after her husband of8 years left her, she's building a newife at 75. >> i felt like it was the end of my life. i really dn't know what else i was gng to do the sharing of stories and the inspiration of just knowing that people gethrough it. i'verobly made o proghis year. reporr: drawn together by a diffilt ending, and moving for to a new benning. >> women who have come through th and blossomed, there's lot of that going on, and life n be terrific on the oth side. reporter: for "today," sheinelle jones, nbc news, new york. >> what a greatstory. >> sheinelle, i loved that on ea hmith is hehouswith some great ctures eces of art,ther, alling some peoe to find lease on lif th's after these message rchases.
8:46 am
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dex grou is famore locations than ups gund. thi >>his mor this mornin on "sdays with harry," you may find it toh it believe, but the answer toome ofli great questions, can be foundn the localmall. >> pablo picassoe said the purposof art isashing the dust of day li off our souls. beautiful, right? but what i art could actual put roo or your head too? now you're lking. >> when i do a picture thisbig, i will kind oflance at it while going aut my daily business. >> reporter: artist scott bennt discusse h work with seral admirers.
8:49 am
look like if i did a starbst pattern at e cter oe ge. rr:istitty zen ld ll. >> this is what energizes me makes me feel more tuned in and receptiv receptive receptive. reporter:hert in this pop- galryn cambridge, masshusetts, is notableor severeasons. allf it has passed ist by a trio of curators. next is the pri ta thousands r an iginal. and each artt is eithe homess orsa. when this opened u and you came in a is saw your stuff up on the wa,hat was i ke? >> it was espially shoing fome come in and see this banner with a picre of melf and a ltl bio. 's the firhing see wn i walknhe door. i was estruck. reporter: kitty zen has bn
8:50 am
she's battled depressi, anxiety, and alcohol abus she used to sell her a from a blket in boston common you're not oth b anymore. >> no. epter:he art speak volumes, giving vceo a choir of contributors whose work would otherwe gonn we thisimply an altruistic enterprise, it wod be pressive enough. but it's moran at. is thihari or art? >> it's definitely not charity. reporter: liz powers is the ceo and fouer of a lifting. >>ne of o goals is to create soal enterprise andreatg bs instead ohandouts. that'she ultimate dignity. reporter: she staed working with the homeless when she was an undergrad at harvard. ofll the people you met, in nine years of working with homeless people, what do they ve icommon? >>ad luc d lot ofitiveenergy.
8:51 am
people t first brea because they haven't had a break. >> reporter: an a number shelters o art therapy. what liz sawnspired an idea market the art like a real busiss. splie proceed wh the arti, just le a gallery. scott bennett used camp neh the buss at theuiy trai station. he found h way into a sheer where someontold him autli dring nce he was a kid, art was about all hhad ft. what do you think of liz? one time ioked withr, i said, is it possible to have a fairy godmother w is half you age? >> rep scott has hsing now, a hope for the future. artiftings u and running in eight ties with mor t come >> when stt w talking earlier, i felt like i was going to sta crying, because we just started this with a very simple idea of, l's foc on people's talents.
8:52 am
atep back, and likeealizing thealents and everyone around us, and that everyone can contribute, because i think that's often ignored. >> ultimate dignity, ght? >> autiful. >> ectly rit. buspeaking to one of the artists, if y really engage homele peop, you fd out, well, the was an illness, there was a something, thereas sothin sudden erything aroundhem falls apart. this guy was sleeping in the bushes at the quincy train station. nohasrt in a gallery. >> tha you so much for that. >> another winner. uck'ssn "meethe nclude tedcruz, marco ruo, and bernie wllve i des moes tomorrow for t cauces.
8:53 am
onunday mornin th this sunday, the iowa causes the candidates have had their say,ow it's time for io voters to ve eirs. can donld trump win hre and just simply start to ll? don't even think have to campaign anymore. why am i even wastingy tim >> can ted cruz beat trump and n thisinto a twman race? >> the tme f a that media noise i pas this is your time. >> what about mrco bio? does he finish second and beco the chief challeer to trump? you see someeceitfulhigs goi on i the minute. >> ted cruz, mar rubio a rand pa are all th me here live. plus, what will the latest e-mail story dotoillary clintos chances? >> i never sent or receivedny e-mail maed classied.
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