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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 4, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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y, i'm hey, i'mramer. weome tomamoney." lcome to cramecarosan ancisco. other peopleant to make friends. i'm just trying to make yoa little money. job isn't jt to enttain buto p it in contextnd educe you. ll mat 100-743-cnbc. oret me imcram. t's givehis daits due. whenil turned up it took the tire market wi it which is how e dow jones average coul go frodown 193 points befo the reversal il to finish up 183 poin. s&p gaed. nasdaq declineds just what a strong,izarre comeback. many stockwere swept up the big jump ioil.
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positive happened today. the stocksf thmpanies that were most on t ropes in e oil patch like chesapeake, freeport and o dead man drilling stockactually rd the rally and at reassed burs who flocked to many of the beaten down ctors in this rket let tell yowhy. for ages oil has been agging do the whole market becausof a falssense that demanr crudis declining. chines that se stocks wh l goesower may make th mone it dsn't make them right. don'want targue fact the fact is the demand foril is going up, not down. there csequence to oi going down, en wheit's a pply gt not demand softness. we get very ncerned. wod, frighteneout oil companies whe e cash flow frhe wells isn't great enough to cover the debt load. hee, b
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horizon. thiss a big but. rude couldtay betwee$35 and $40, a few bks hher than now, mof the troled l coanies can pull off the unthkable and stay afloat. that wld relieve the biggest stressn ou out there at the moment and drive all oc hher ife took it off the table. am i bei foolishere? noreally especially when you consid the twtrends like the doar getting weaker and commoties like copper gog gher. ose are big chans. i don't know if th will la but they are big. in the dolgo down yoneed more greenacks to bua barrel. there is a cau and efft relationip here. while you caacally trump the oil glut it n up the ice the commodity as it did toda we alssteppeto the outer limits of crazy wnor moment, to stocks ompanies that shod
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oil angaices like the retailers and the s did go down today. w ce to see a breath of frh reality creep into the equation. mae this has finally start taking ihi in order to tamp dsome of e dless lunacy. despite the return to sanity there were pkets of nuttiness. the sellg the bank stocks is jarng. hideous. i think it'saud by ror at we ep heari aboutarnks in europe th might be in trouble. e deral reserve is attuned tossue in the banking system d e weaknessn financialles something thefind worry some. they may go hold abth planned rate hikes f. they don't raise rates bas don't make money off deposits. we have a bizarre ation where nancial stks get punished ain and again f the same tng. yet ey can't defend themselves from the selng the giant
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buyers of the bond mt equivalenttocks. you will seelorox or kberly clark rally on dlike today. pele look atse as dividend paying consumer packaged goods plays. they are fixed income stks, too. that's wt theyay. funny, isn'tt? kimberly clark w hated aft rertina baqur. we td abt it today it'sow foraving soliyield. stk is trading well above whe it was when the o came on last week, sa everying was fine. it's well above ere it was ading the day be it supposedlyisappotein earn gs went out on an a-te high the instrials lliecae all r onand onfor all as 3m announced a ne size didendoost and a buyback moving the stock up $4.65 at the same te that eaton wita hi 2% yield rred mo than 7% gher.
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pele eecte rememb, both the conme packaged goods compa and the industrials are huge beneciaries of aecline in the dollar against any major currency. it iworth note ing with today's run in the euro the exchange rate is almost back to wherit wasctly one year ago. i sh you could say it of the other currencies out there. a ite agnst the dollar rise isle golden around re. telogy, otr bad day for facebook, amazon and netfl and alphabetormerly known google which has given up all its gains and then som like i said yesterday you have to be willing to buy a high quality growthtock like alphabet into weakness. in the end in the end, today waa day when the stock market wased not just by ilut by the hope that the draggled oil
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let's say were still in azy town but at least it's a better, more ratnal partthe ighbod. let's go to mark in nevada. aller: wiswas ther the game witu sunday. withll the negatity in the tail sector the multiple store closings i don't own these stocks buthat is your opinion of jcpenney and sear >> like to do what great peter nch taug me. if y d if you don't shop ere,ou don'own the stks. i ha done shpingt jcpenney. it's okay. i don't sh at sears. i can't recommend the stocks debbie in orida, please. debbie. >> caller: h jim. quk estion. i have invesedn eyto fo20-plus ar have really joyed the rfmanc i'm exted about e sney mpanin t fute. what are your oughts? okay. disn is a company that a lot of peoe said, w, wait a nd.
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ices. that drivethings. shorterme have hiccups. don't know if espn will sign up as many. i own the shes and work for them. eat theme pas. i n't know isney can stack up at this moment. to bet agast disney, let's call that a real stupid bet. i would be a buyer, not a seller. let's give cwhe credit is due. today we sawionale ti. don'get me wng areot outf craztown ye tonight, a mster line-up from cnbc one market. sales forccom, int, paypal, fiit. i have the sneak peek at t te today first the king of the cld sales force and intel's ceo on what they are ing toove beyond thec. stick with cmer. >> annou >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money."
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we have to focus on e stomer. this is the time, more than ever before, the customers nd us. this is th time for cloud comping. this is ourme. >> the undputedin othe cld has been on eise since. but now that the stands at the p he lead, can the coany keep its crown >> while wre oere in san francisco, it would be crazy not to take a close look at what's happening at crm. e enterpriseoftwe i a service compy that i like to think ofs the king of th ouds. last time it rorted was in november. it bleaw t numbers. since then the sto which has been one of the greatest performers of all time it's fallen out of far near the 52-week low as the market rned against so-cald highly valued stocks en with aamazg st the compandoest rert i ne quaer uilee wks from n. butarliday, we got a chano talk wit the
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of salesfce about theroader statof the busess. take loo sterdawahed rert at w gwi and lovg. itoutomefr accenture. 25,0 pplusing is. very rel do u see that kind of endorme. wh is thisroductoing peop c say i wh i d eaie these a tfur dams cong toghesneeautifulncement a salesfor.c. e crse is thaaccenture is not just areat partnerf rs and helping us p the cloud in every great company inhe wld, but is w using sasforce to n acnture. we he the firs25,000 users nninic exciting. they said they have never had a more succeful implementation of technology at accenture and what thameans ishere i lot more use coming. m excited about at. whate itosble what u are indicatings a br
3:13 am
ghtnin lightnis the nt generion salece's plaorm th runs phones and tabtsnd arabs ell as ltops and deskto. there is notng like ghing at a other companyn the world. accenturpred that and said now they can go faster than ever implenting technology projects. >> i staedh projt cause we are alwaytryi t gureut h y gotrom billion to2 billion and $3 billion. the answer is, you desoyed some other pros that were good in order to bring out prodts that were great. i would listen to thfull deo. made me thinkhe pession rd $10 blion is track. >> well, the key to growth and the key toitng these traordinary numb and no one s grown as ft ase have at enterprisetware is two ings. one extraor customer success. that is thaccente emp and so many ot examples, a well, in companies you know. it cou be matt, it could be
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it cou be many comniesho have h extraordinary successful sales force coanies l ovhe wld. two,ncredie innovation are on the rge ofur 50t mar ree of technoly. relse 17 yes.every year we have through a great level of discipline delivered three new versions of lesforce with more than 0 new featur every sgle year. no enterprise software divered that rate of innovation. you put the t thi together a, bam, youet traordinarth. >> i always try to get pple at hond, wth i centure, or maybe mine ad.i sat down with mattel people t stock was at 24. the arny difrent parts of the journey. this was this was them not you talking. listening to consume he and what ty were saying in a digital way and the stock i now up 8 bucks and they credit being
3:15 am
what a great used to be with mat 245u8d buy sh price forr ddler and wheu get rdy to go to rbie, they wt ow that re a fisher price customer.the realitthat you're the same customer, you're o a journey mattel you're on journey start, you child. as your delops and growenn incredible e.thmantarts o that journey. that's true for every company. >> barbie had beenoing bay. and it turned and they were trying to figure out why the heck it turned. >> i thinke're at the beginning of the story. ween't reago yesrday yet connect barbie. where you have-on-one experiencend with the parent is managinghe relatiip. but it's o-on-on with the child and matte canld and develop joueys fothe ild as well as for the parents and an interac th theustomer.
3:16 am
company. >> right. >> every company w to nnth their customer in a new way. if they are not doing at, then i can assure you they are not going to h their growth targets. that's what we arew, t age of the customer. you have to reconctuho with your customer. when you look at the connected barbie or cohot wheels or whater you , you've got to think about you are buildinghat one-on-one lationship w is th different jous thatour customer is going be on wit it could renew journey, a retention journey, ild be a boag journe thiss going to be the difference beten companies at are sssfu the age of the companynd comnies at fai >> okay. we also have to balance that. we have been iolved with your ock sayi positivthings about with the things you are in a fu day meeting. new fellowthe c.o. >> keith block, our new c.o. really excited. >> enjoy him.
3:17 am
comesout, unconfirm specution om a questionable soce, likely irrelevanr inaccurate abt a customer loss. do you deal with theact the you have a stock out there d maybe a customeras lost, maybe not. versus doing lhtning. >> the thi i have en shocked s a ic comny c.o.o do now f 11 ye whe i look athat, i will s an erroous port likthat. we haven't losmajor custer. that'shere i was like, wow. evenf we lost a stomer, no customer rsentmore tn lf aerce of renue. we have very deep revenue portfoo . we have aery banced poli 've taed about ton t show it's perful. e key for salesforce is we are a coany that has seen all been thrgh it all now. we have livethrough two big recessions in 2001nd 2008. as ceo i have d touide the
3:18 am
we're readfor it >>t the sameime i know you you takehings becse y're yingbe goocitizen. yocan e peentage omoney away you had recent meeting with the president. >> we have a good friend of ours, marcenf of whichs consistent shown as one of t coanies pe most like twork for. part of the rson is thar derstand that h company thrives en he is drawing from the entire pool of talent t there. >> equ pay. these things matter for everybod staholds, not just for the womennvolved. >> tnk you for thepportunity to talk about that. sasf has bn but,ik evercoany, on co value we have lked about these before. ust becae thg is mor important thanhe tst of every single customer. o, of cour, growth. caef y'r n growi ine te iustry,ou're going to hava oblem.
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ke0elease of innovation. d fourth, uality. we are about equaly. the busine of busiss is improve thste of theor. and that businescan be this incredlelaorm for change. that meansany things. it means pay equality fowon. th's why we we at thwhite hoe last week.we strglbelieve that women mu bpa the same asen.jim, i'll tell you what. u know is, bucompans have spentillions ofollars, billionsf llars human sourceanagement stems. you have ceos on your show a the me. >> i do. >> wh the push of a tton, erceo can knowf they are paying wen the same as men but a t of ceos arafidpu the butt i know was afrd. whent sh it said i s payingomen $3 milln less thanennd whato me the change. it'sotust abouwomen. it'sbout makg sure theres equality when it comes to precting the rights of lt like we are doing in indiana.
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's aboutaking sure t compy is suprting communities we serve th o-1-1 mod with 1% of equity, 1% of profiand 1% of emploe time in communit service. a hun million in grts weun 2000 npfitsnd ngosor free our services. but the st exciting g todged 1% ogms, re than00 companies have now opted 1-1-1. that's what i'm exteabout. >> that cllenge out there, i think that matte. marc be nniof, founder,hairman and o of stay with amer. >> announcer: fitnesjust g more fashionable. the company thattartedimply counti stepsasvolved with the brand fitbit ua. is theative new arable engh to motivate this stk to
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>> annou >> announcer: en it cometo te, intel is in the hall of fame. the cus on mobile technology threats to rusout its bronze bust will big bets on the internet of things rult in the rebirth of a legend? wh
3:24 am
semi cductor manufacturer become too che to nore. they reportea sod quarter. e stk habeenut through the at grinder to the pot it's trading at just 12 times ings. tel is tietohe personal mputer and pc isn dee but e company transitioni to the data centerthternet of things. you have to appreciate the stock's yield while the coany transforms itself. let's have talk th t ceo of intel. welcba omback. >> great to be here. bri, let'get to it. i ink of intel obviously as a pc comny but then i look at the x-games and i think you are the digitzation sport a how can u iboth? >>t's pretty spl sllave rgy pc compy. pc istl portantour mpany. you lk ouat the end of the decade the data ceerwi
3:25 am
e ta center ould be abt the same size pc. th $30illion business. the data centers a aergo bu f us. the way tnkf it ithat taenter f bth digitzation of the life around us. so your ho, car,ports. that's why we are in a of ese. and in theatceer realeengn eachther. >>hadoou mean wh y s its a newato watch sports? e super bowl is cong up. kn y we at the x games. >> what we d is really all of th in spts is out puttin data on everytng you do and really makg itigal. there weut devices on the snowboar. as thekiers wenthrough their tricks andhe b jumps we cod get height, the nuer of
3:26 am
they landed with. what was amazing is you ha hearthat was a soflanding. that was a hd landing. nowe can put data behindt. at's different is it real time coming right up on the screen while y watch the event. relyhanges thevend th's exciting. >>ivme wre it fi in. ere is airtuous circle until ere. i don'want to misld people thinking two yearsrom w what the stk will be driven by is pure data center.i owhat would not be accurate. >> you'rrit. ifou take a lookt itod, you ow, we arebout 60% of our revenuesutsi now >> mucdifferent fromee yearago. ou c s three yrs ago we wenfrom the 40s. up close t60%. u see it mov that's thecenter, de
3:27 am
when i thi of intel 's like a twole cylind engine. you have to ha a pc, it'e still going to be the.we them inur busesses and work a the data centers. ose are the big engithat fuel. the otr ars li fpga, iot, the internet of things devices and morythosare the fuel theeose. >> letalk about the programmables. onhe cference i was surprid in the narrative that altera wasn'ressed. a competitor sd cycles a bottomg. felt like i had mo thusiasm for the acqsition an guys. you are very understan, never brag. where are they moving the needle? >> you're right. rt oit w during the fourth quarter it was a separate indet company. m not allowed to cme o
3:28 am
from now on you will hear us ta aut it. it'sut new produs. ree things i'm excited abo witherra. as wexit the year we should start saling and shipping the ne fie programmable oduct. >> right. >>e are starting to sample this quarter, our first copackage where we put in fp on. >> twoiffent -- the two. >> se pgd our server chip togher, same ckage in a data cenr networking device. you ca meed-up of the da output. as wexit the year you have iot devices,hifor driving and automotive. those devices. >> pc ma t conference call. it is declining. eople think
3:29 am
it'sucrati for y will that ay luctive or wi there be a sp function where we say it's gog souch the whole plan is in disarray? >> we beeve that when thi t , a margin and u think the main dlarshat will be geneted by the pce, contie toold os rgin dlars y? because thamount of innovati we are bringing to the pc. e numberf units may beng wn whether it'low sile digitsmid le digs. it's sewhere in thdecline. our actual asp and the amount dollar we putting into the pc comes from the new six-gen re, a new data tnsmission ocess. all of the new i >> people are worried about th average le price going dn. if it doesn't, i dare that there fewer its. i know iwillelp your
3:30 am
perhaps it's up to the brd. st meshe stockheaper. that's classic. it is. this is ougame plan. to continue to innovate in pcs. yes, uni go down. whou get and theeason yore buyin >> i like situations whereouare paid to wait. you heard it and when altera is cluded iwill be a faster growing compy. "mad money" back after the break. (cell phrings) where are you? well the squirrels are back t a mom? your dad won call an exteinator.. can i call you bacom? he says it's personal this time... if you'ra mom, you ll at thwot time it's wt . if you want to save fifteercent or more on car insurance, you switch to geo. it's what you do.
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payi >>paying by checis so last century. payp rev eluon niezed the wod drs in with over 170 milln uses already on the bdwagon all the peskpapemay be a thing of the past. ia in difficult viroen where we know the ock rket can become irediblhostil the k of ae so companieare prg they can be counted on. you should be prepared to buy stocks nextime we get hit with market-wide sell-offs yesterday. i'm taing about paal. the mobile paynts play that saw stks soast weein the ke of a ic qua feel good. it's a huge position fory itable trust whichou can follow along aaction oers i bet itas more room to ru thewe coastere g a
3:34 am
ceof paypa lcomba to "m m." >> t you, jim. great be here >> you had big goals and people said you're a sttched go y single le you at tm. acceleraon of growth here? >> i thi s we have lot ofecular bind it. more peoshped onlinehan intores for the holidays. that'se. at the same timewead a qrter in the urth adng net new additio put on 6.million new subscrers. outransactions per subriber going up because the cust rience is getting better. mbe those and i thk ve aot of ro f growth left. >> we kn youapn toe in a
3:35 am
people tt are vicioubuit seems fromnumber and prentationeverybody can online a you are tak arom prettmuch everyby. >> if you ok at r volumele owth now overall we gr our volume 27% lt year. off of ebay oumarket service growth was 36% that's almost double the share of the e-commerce the growth of-commee. it's gaining share. what's happening now is there is a proliferation of p. you havendroid, samsung pay, walmart pay and chase y. it's becinconfusing for th nsumer. some paywork in some stores t not others. some work on certain devices and not otr guisesonli, not off li.
3:36 am
turnbran they n tr we have ov -- almost 180 n people using platform worwide now. you're sing justn ceration opeople signi up forayl. >> you made a stement about how eap the ock is. something people we surised about. >> we did announce $2 billio >>cee the company. t s e confidence we haveot only teren future ogil and mobile paymen but incasinglm convinced we are executing quite well on our road mapour game plan andalueposition in getting ronger vis-vis the coetitio weal felt at announcent which showed that believe ry much rins value of our stock. >> i had kof a make the things hapn at ale holiday party fo
3:37 am
kayla is one of our anors and e goes, list, llust veo e money.i id ion'tave e. she id, i don't have a checking accnt. how many people don't have checking accounts and doave ve nmo anwhere is it with paypal? >>t's exploding. it is verbow. for the under 30 generio it is theayhey manage andov money. you saw in the fourth quarter resultwe did.5 billion llars of volume on venmo the quarter alone. it was uyear o70%. we are adding mo andor seiceso it. it used to be predomintlpeer to pee uld split bills, pay the rent noat we are doinis opening
3:38 am
line merchants using venmo. we start tt in t first quarr. we'll roll it out more aggresve. th's a treouopportuny for veo users g more value.imrtantly for paypal it is a way to start to monetizehat venmo asset we hav >> since t lastime we lkedwe ry di't talk abt thzoom i think we should do that. it's international and als iendand falyt mmercial. is a beautil mpany. it fits into our vis how we democratize mone how we use chnology t bring in t billion people who artside the financial system who find simple transactions, ions who find simple transtions exnsive and time consuming. one of the most importanof those ansactns is an international remittance where you have somebody in this
3:39 am
a loved one overseas. typically that's expenve and ti csuming. zo ist a ialmost evy se, les expeive. >> now t >> n the superowl. you have an ta big deal. costs a lot of money. what will it do sheholders and r lity? >> wre reallexcited about beg on t world sge. have a 45-secd ad. >> long! at's long. >> unusual format. wilbe in the first quarter as well el which is great. basically it's a celration of w technology can change the pe me and move money. how c inclusive. you , iny wahe financial stem caters more t the afflue, not to the
3:40 am
w money can benclusive for everybody. >> it'soft. 'll see paal's ne but 's a broadeetho >> it'inclusive to the world. it'srand statement for us. it's declaration of who we wantbe in the future. >> just by being in the first quartethat's very wise. okay. at danculm, ceof payp, and a largposionn my charitable trust. "mad money" is back after th break.pump up yo lookplumpiour la plumpify mascara a ginormous lash lifngsh boosts lass to 50 mes thme anlifts es uup and ay... new pify mcara fromasbreezybetifurgl
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cascade. it i it is time. its time for theightning round. say the naf the ock. i don'know the calls or the name of the stock ahof time. you wheo buy or . en you hr sound -- [ bu -- then the ghtnround is over.
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cramer's "d mone" m goin stah rah in california. ralph.>> caller:jim. anks forakmyall. bohtt r 30. i pl to ld it rer. i fear it's over valued. do i sell now and mon? >> that'not a bad call. take aittle f the bl beusofhe spi. itn okay quaer. t thatre. in conneccu paul. >> cle jimmy. ould i b more, holorell onckesson. >> very ntroveial now. uld rather see you cormic ned in virgia. ned. calim, it is an honor that you took my call. could you tell me what you think of duke ergy? >> i think duke er gs higher.people want eld. us 4%. theld is safe. can we sayliern the week
3:44 am
farrl.that sto is wellff the 4% el i efer that one. we gfrom duke to dominn. let's go to curt in teesse rt. >> caller: hey, m. how yodoin >> goo cle the stock ial. at's your opinion on it? >> thoug alxn wod get ke over bi tals aren't go t it is tennse sup bl week algh te rtnly not in it.i tllou, when it's do ach i not going to alexion. sellan is bet. rick in pennsylvania ck. >>alle hello i woulli tknow about jerahoings incporated. >> it's e of the stocks when
3:45 am
get excid abit. en wther not a giant stm i a preren. if you c hold it. you ha thold it, yes, deedrough anher storm. tiin msour t. calleom. hi, jim. >> i'm sorry, tom. my. to >> cal yes. how abouyourughts on long-term holdn farrell gas partners when i yield uble ds i say weave to stay ay. th aed fla dersnd from rusty braz, at's one othe weak holds. not at particulastock but the fueln the u. situati right now. joe in n york. jo aller: hey, jim. just wt to gyou a bi
3:46 am
sell, hold? i'm n recndiny fossil fuel stks the company seems mmitted to e vind, doing e be they c b t sckare too hard. i have so manyreattocks at ws ioneed toeach into a compy with a dappoinng quarte this no way wean say i anher way to dcribe the bp quarter. that, and gentlem the coon of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lighing roun sponsoredy td amitrade.ay regenerist olay regenerist rewsroth...umng surface cells f a amatic transrmio without the need forille. ur crt tee mht showur a...your in never wl. olay regenert.
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,,,,, n >>cafibithe maker wear able fitnesthat had a bangast year beforthstock plged fr 51 to 16 and change
3:49 am
stock turn? remember, fitb reported two very strg quarters since the ipo. that doesn't matter at all to investors. do they have it ong? are they loong at sties the wronpay perhap wehecked in th the cofounder, cirman d ceo of fitbit takek. have been telling people that if y like thany you shou likstock. buu're notuiing a yo building mpany there aifference. >>otally. every day nd employeesat fitbit are excited to g product thathe get healter.that mission dves usvery dait beea furiver ste ars. >> when you say alth it's intesting. some people think thanis a deviceompany like fossil. you ve fashionut that's only part of the sty and maa smalpart absutel haso t th t dice.
3:50 am
ve to love to wear them. it does start with the hardware. the magic is in thsoftware twirds areoftware or ware engineers. they hav they havtoork well to create a magicaoduc >> yave enoumpirical e d an impact on diabetes. an impact onlesterol, heart disease. that see to be a bigger corpate motion for why compans y t t. we have a great custor in indiana universi health. themployee0% of thei employs who vebehave se lowed1c lels ter usg fitbs tirrogram. examples like at are really incredible overof the fortune 500
3:51 am
>> that's a huge numbe i'm sure you spend amuch time workg with corrations as you to fige out at the retailernt. >>orporate wellness is a b partf wh we do corporations are looking for gital toolto helemploy beco more oductive, higher rale. the corporations wanto low their heale so this fits into the lo term strategy. i don want soundike commercial but mdaught lov e sue. my wifwears you inside. i ll tl s wrs it he we have thelta, a ser slim attractive tness and health trackindece. i cat e fashionle device y. again,ig part of really pturing the health benefit of the arab dices and making re people are ted toea them every day.
3:52 am
excited ery day to me it faionable anfit into the lifestyle. exales of pple'liveit saves. >>e get reports all the time. the was one girl in thuk who s wearing e of the heart te trackinproducts.whe 's n medical dice shticeher herate was incrib she went to the doctor andaw her hearenlarged. see storiesike that every y. ese deviceare saving people's lives. >>ow target, we mentiod fo. now the's beennoh me the feba on rg. dodohey want more diffent features? they are trying to make so theris less absenteem. thatosts sal >> they are in increaoductivity. actualmprod heth as wellcontinuing dialogue wi targe and her rge corporatns
3:53 am
they he made our deves avlablto over 45,0 of their plee is is a huge tre in corporate americ not just corporations. biactionh insura coas well. two of the large -- >> lerates. >> psibly lowetes. o ofhe lar hea inrance compies the.s. have made fiit the preferred decen their ograms. these insurance compies cor over30illion liv. is is a pretty big dea >> that wod be something i don'think another device could sa forget at thing. >> we ar >> ware a oven lder in the field. ese insue companie lot rough evaluations. in the programs weave run with , thresultspeak for themsees. think one of e progms,
3:54 am
hameasurably impd resus. >>ransfeg to theublic maet, loing at the numbers it didt seem everybo w w a biowr s a ll. >> these invesrs havbeen investorinhe comny for a long time. they are believers in the long-term story. i think areong-term holders. >>rothe stock standpoi if you d do again would you say it a med call dece? >> we haven incredible consumer device with perful heal and fitness data and trends. you ne thacombination. op nd be excid to we the devices maybee'll lve it at tt. that's theto put it. james rk, ceo anfounder fitbit. sothing that inomy wife and my kids thinis gat for their alth. stayith cramer. we werbelow the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 mil. my m dn fmstti andbite. towe make hiy. >>bienvenidos!
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we g we get another all-star tomorrow. lls fargo, greg creefrom yum, rob gronkowski and benno doerer from clorox. don't get tococky. the mark thmaet will beed by a g reer saloil. we are still ptlinrazy town. th's not how we want the leadersh. we want ito comerom good lid owthtocks.
3:57 am
>>i ke to say there
3:58 am
i will see youomorrow. thursdebruary 4, cong u onearltoday," hilly cnton a bernie saers ahd of their firstne on one bate night. mewhile. >>t is no surprise that donald is tg yet another temper tantruor a trumper tantm. >> cruz hitsackftermp accuses him of voter fraudn wa.
3:59 am
sealssault casagll sby will move foard. >>andha csed a mashi len airliner in soma and a giant panda mes his pick f super bowl 50. you don't want to miss it. "early today" stathsts rig now. tonht democratic candidate said hillary clinton a bernie sandwill face off in their first ever one o one debate withhingtingted as the race kindles oser. saeris doublg dn on callg clinton a moderate and not a ogressive. an attack she ss she's disappointed in. it was kindf a low blow when senator sanders said in response to a question, well, you know maybe s's a progressive on some ys. >> you be a derate and progresse.


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