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tv   Today  NBC  February 5, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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the eascot. here's what it looks le from rtland toashington, d.c. even raleioong at some ow we'ring to watch thisows isystem develops it will be pushing in a lot of heavy, wet snow. power looks could ce do. tree branches coming down. 41li ppl under some winter storm warning o advisory here's how we track it. here we are, 7:00.mfrom norfolk to bosn. we haveow. the ow falling ato 2 inches becomes windy a with that heavy, wet snow we could be looking at power outages. around on, portnd, boston, warwk, warwk, on the eef the syem. 's a quick mover, it pushes its way off in t afternoon hours. here's what looking at as far as accumulations, heavy stuff along eastern mae, ao into eastern massachusetts, boston, you cou be looking at uds of 6 to 9 inchesf snow, provence, rhode isla, 6 to 9, 5 to 8 in
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new york city 3 to 5ch. as we say, guys, good news is, it's quick ver. it will g out of here st. we are watching somethinghat comes in ely next week which may have a bigmpact alonghe east coast as ll. >> keep us posted on that. thank you, al. apprecte it. let's talkolitics. the presidential race. hilly clinton and rnie sanders faced off in theirt ntentis debate yet. clinton cusing sders of running an artful smear agains her. let's starwi the debate. anea mitchell was the. andr, good mning. >> reporr: good morning, savannah with only four days to go until new hampshirvo a on the democratic side, bernie sanders leadinhillary clinn here by 20 points, the two rivals face off in theeated debate. thstak hh for both sides. >> let's talk about the ises. let's talk about thesss at divide us. >> rorter: clinton and sanrs
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yet. >> secretary clinton does reesent the tablishment. repres i hope, ordinary americans. >> reporter: the debate quick exploded in a fielash over her ties to strt. hundreds of thousands of dollars in speakinfees. and his demandfor caaign finance form. >> enough is enough. if you've got something say, say it directly. think it's timto end the very artful smear that you and your camign ha been carrying out in recent weeks. let's talk about t issues. >> what weeed to do to stand upo the bimoney interests and the campaign contributors. repter: und sutiny for paid speeches to golanhs d dozens of otr groups, clinton ducked a question about ether she'dake those speech tranriptpublic. >> in full disclosure, will you releasof them? >> i will look into it. i dot ow t status but i will look to it. >> reporter: they fought over
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>> there's nothing wrong with being a moderate. yocan't be a modere, you can't a prosive. cherrcking statements esn't change my record. eporter: sande talking about how he could lead the democratic party if electe >> am runng for presiden a decrat. i do want to s major changes in t democratic party. >> reporter: clinton w ain essed over the controversy surrounding her prate e-ils. >> i think the american peopl will know it's an absurdity. >> i willoticiz it. reporteespite calls to review the razor thin iowa cauc relts, sanders sugged f his narrow loss. >> you have 22 delegates, i have 20 delegates. need 2,500 delegates to win thnominaon. this is not t bgest deal the world. >> repte sanders i ldi hilly inton among women in new hampshire andspially ge lead among youngerwome
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women's goverrs and senators but she has not figuredut yet how to insre the younger women who are flocking to bernie and savannah? >> andrea mitchell on the t for us, thank yo the republicans fa off i thn debate tomorronight. this morning we have a new poll t racn new hampire. marco rubio now inecond plac closing in on donald trump. nbc' hallie jackhas that part of the story covered. good morning. >> good morning, matt. as marco rubio moves up, it's ted cruz slipping to thi today, eif he looks ahead tuday's primary, he's dealin with fallout from earlier thi weekt the iowa ccuses. >> reporter: thimornin ted cruz is playing defee. dubb by claims of dirty politics as claims of dirty politicsashese voiceils
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the phone cls alledly ma by cruz campaign, implying ben carson was dropping out. nbc news hasn't veed the calls but similar ones were made. >> please inform any carson caucus goers of this news and urge for them to caucus r cruz. >> reporter: crusaid his staff shared an accurate story, at carson was headed hom to florid after the caucuses. >> i uerstand litical opponents ha been tryin to make hay andmionste things. whenou win, your opponts want to tear you down. reporter: opponene dona trump laughing o wha uz callsis trump tantrum. >> ion't have tan trumz. eporter: loong ahead to new hashire. >> i like to n. >> rorte trump still on top in our newoll with marco rubio rising in th s >> we're working hard at it and we fgood about t pess we've de in, trogrs we're makg he now. i know this about politics, when everyone's attacking yo y
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>> rorter: facing fire from rife rife vals like jeb bush. >> he's >> he's decent, honest, he's everything we need in president. >> reporte m. bush doing what momsdo, spping pictures and later snchating. >> do you think he's goingo win? >> you're darn right. >> reporter: bush's brother working to me that ppen. >> i know jeb. inowis goodheart. reporter: former president orge w. bushppeari in his fi ad to begin ag in south carolina. >> jeb bush eader who will keep ourountry safe >> rorter: for bush, theace for the white house becoming a family affair. bush andost of t rest of the repuican field areow getting ready for tomorrow night's bate with the eeption of carly fiorina. that because s will not be included on stage, t lineu
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is not polling well enough according to the cteria to be inuded she's not happy about it and e's even getting backup from some of her rivals, a surprising source, ted cruz and ben carson baing her up. >> hallie ckson on the story. than you. let's rn to chuck todd and rachel maddow. good morning to both of you. congts on the debate. i hope you enjoyed t 20 minutes of sleep youot last night. >> absotely >> let's start with tha debate. we saw a hillary clinton who w gressi itone. do youthink, uck, she did anythi to change the damic of this race? either in new hampshire or in largebatt for the nomination? >> well, i thinkhat's what she walooking is the larger battle. ok, the clintonampaig doesn't believe they'reoing to win here in new hampshire but they're trying to sort of t the terms of thedebate put nator sanders on his heels a tt bit. and i tell you, itas car they had a pn and she was
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>>chel, thgh, sator sanders is being very v disciplined en it comeso sticking to his game plan. he's saying she's a moderate. she's tied toalstreet, period. is that stregy gog to continue tbe eecti? >> well it'n worki for at least in n hampshire s fa i mean, i think saying that this is all a home statedvantage between new hamhire and veont is a little bitf a stretch. there's definitely a real phenomenon behind bern sanders. i thinso it is dven by ubts about secretarylinton, the one that hs drin home the mt is she's effectively part o a corrupt syst. it was interesng last night that save full voice to all ofer critisms of him. heever did exactly theam thing ck at her. he made his case and he spelled it out but didn't, sort of -- he didn'to as aggressively in tms lag o the stage. that was i aform of discipline think both candidates did what ey wanted too.
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>> theent of the debat was whillary clinton sai you've been running this artful smear. if you want to s something to me, say it right now and say it directly. how does tt play? does i make her loo strongr was the tone offting? >> wllsee. it w teresting,ertainly createdn audible gasp and boos of sorts in the room, whi frankly you could never tell in e room which side thaudience was aning, sanders or clinto that moment everybodyiketood raight. i ca tell you, savann, in talking to the cagn,hat was a real moment, mning this wasn't lik alanned idea, i'm going accuse him of smearing the campaign. sheort of is like, enoughs enough and sheid to got hi i think e two of themig not like each other. >> all right. remans tbe seen,obviously. we didn't t chance to t about the repuicans. we h several days left until new mpshire. we can accomplish that. chuck and richal, thanyou
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>> therereew clues this morning in that midflight blast th ripped a hole in the s of passenger plane insomalia, exosive ridue now discover. nbc's keir simmo is following the investigation. good morning to you. >> a teamf five u.s. eerts have arrived to hel with the investigation this morning. if it was a bomb, crucial questions include wh got it on to the plane? and how? the force that ripped open this aircraft cabin was likely a bomb madef military grade explosives, multiple sources tell nbc news. a newspaper report of suicide bomber in aheelchray not be accurate, according to a so aviationicialho says they're awaiting test results. you he not been told whether explosive residue has been foun >> , not t. we do no theave an official report from the team that did e investigation. that it is from explosives
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been iited to help invtite how some type of exploon blew a hole in the fusege. but if it was a bomb, who is responble? somali is home al qaeda and is-linked militants. another question thismorning, wala air security a factor and where were explosives hidden? a failure of the plane itself stl isn't ruled out. officials believe this increasingly looked li teorism. and the man who was thrown out of that plane h been entified as a55-yeaold but officials tel us that he does not appear to have b a suicide bomber which, guys, aves more unexplained questions. >> keir simmons on the story. thank you very much. wikileaks found julian assange is speaking o after a u.n. panel ruled he should be allowed to walkfree he says the u.n. panel'sinding is a vindicion.
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ecuadoran embassy in london in 2012 in anffort eap extradition to swedenre he is facing rapellegations. he heen detained by britain and swed and should fed. that ruling is not nding. the fbi agenciesn a maive operation. nbc onal crespondent miguelaguer is at levi's stadium whe the ga will played. miguel, good morning tyou. >> gd moing. the d, state a local authorits have bn preparg foper bowl for the last years. officials say this is the largest ting event in the country and ey knoit cld be a target. >> reporterom f-15s in the air to an army of ofcers on the ground. san francisco may be theost fortifd city in the country today. this m, the bay ea may also be e highest profile
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rity event, and we recognize that this is just as important as any other o. whetr it be the state the union address or the pope visit. we're here to protect thskies for e super bowl. >> reporter: with more than a milliopeople herr the super bowl, the land of high-th islso going ol school. metadetectors, bomb snfing dogs, x-ray machin and sharp shoote, all pa of the massive security crash. crush. >> mak me feel saf it's whayou want. it's whayou expect. >> i'd rather be safe an sorry. i like the pole presence. >> reporr: 60 agencies led by thfbi e working the ground anair. vi's stadi is iles from downtown san francisco, a sprawling reon to watch over lots are armed, rey tohoot do drones or any oth threat from theky.
7:14 am
hawks ke these, king part in an aerial ball synced with those boats in the bay. ey're otecting the city's -- icon landmarks >> i don kw any other even had this kd of security. >> rorter: the super bowl, just twoays awaybuis sursiz secitz is we uway. >>he fbi saythe ar crle threa herin the bay area. they say they are most concern about the lo wolf atta. especial after the incents in san bernardino and paris. savann a matt, back to y. >>e'llave re on the bi game a ltle late les turn back to al. we have the orgoing on and a threat of a storm next week, as. well. >> l's sw yowhat's haing oundhe the countr we are lking at wind conditions along the mid-atlant stes. sunshine thrgh frida. gulf coast. anher storin the pacific northwest, bringing wind, as well. santa ana winds and high sf advisories in southern
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we're gog toet to your local
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30 seconds. >> that' >> thas ur latt weatr. a thanks. the music world is mourning another sad loss this moing. maice whitdied at thage of 74. the founder of earth, wi & fire. cars has more on his remaable life. >> guys, he suffered from parkinson's see and retreated from the public the st f years. his grammy-wng brand i stilperforming, known for some of the catchiest songs ever. >> reporter: he was a shining star. when you wish upon a star maurwhite founded earth, wind & f wind & fire in los angeles in the 60s d wi whites the lead singer, the band burst on tohe music scene wh the 1975 hit "shining star." o you member
7:17 am
costumesarrangements and infectiousnd upbeat melodies, eart win& fire created a string of hits in e la '70s and early '80s, including "sepmb dancing reporte >> reporter: got "boogie wonderlandand "let's groove." 's smore tha90 million albu worldwi, won six grammyand was inducted ie rock andoll hall of fame. bo in memphis, tennessee, white was diagnosed with parkinson's disee 1992. while he hn't performed for morehan decade, the nd he built never stopped touring for years, making many stops here at "today true love aga >> reporter: overnight, celebrs sent condolences. quincy jones tweeted your conibutionsill be in our hearts and soulsorev. arre williams iting, we
7:18 am
a we wall remember. 1st night of september >> earth >> earth, nd & fire is d to receive a lifetimechievement award at this year gray's. been a roughouple of months. d must be ilding a heck of a house band in heaven. >>arn,hank you very much. we appreciate it. coming up, me on the fresh fears overhe zika virus. when it mes to protecting yo family, at works a what doesn't? we'll get into the details. > was it planned for days? chillingew developnts in the murder of -year-old rginia girl. what onef e college students
7:19 am
telling the police. first, this is "today"n nbc.,,,,,,,,,,,,, jus just ahead, the new bin teaser stuing t inrnet. can y tell which dirtion the
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dal of honor ripient. army rired master seargent "leroy petry" will be spking to students at falcon hh school... sharing histor stents... and talkbout leaders friendship, and integrity. chiemorning meteologis-- stephen bowers joins us now with a look at our local forecast. ephen... snow over the southeastern plains this morning will end from west east between 7 am and 10 am as clouds break up ound colorado springan pueblo and temperatures warm toward 30 degrs. any lingering snow will beone from t plains by noon. tempates will warmnto e lower and middle 30s. pect sunny afternoon with
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30s to l 40s. 30 on a friday morning, februa 5, . snow is falling in new york city across a lotthe east this morning. a lot snow is not g to stop these fine folks fromanng out on our plaza, sng and waving >> you knowt kind of snot is? theslushy sno that hits you in e face. >> we saw lot of people wit ei red signs out there, a we're dressed in red. >> women againsteartdiseas
7:26 am
sanders went toe to toe in debate in newhampire. one of the event's more memorable changes, clinton questioned her rival forspeaking fees. >> i >> i don't think these attacks are worthyf you. gh is enough. you've got something to say, sayt rectly. ihink it's time to end t very artful smear thatou and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. les tal about the issues. >> all t. e latest pol showsanrs with a 20 pointeadn the granite state. >>n the replicanside, poll shows donald trump maintaining commandg lead in the replican race in new hampshire. marco rio has gaid ground. he in second place with 17%. followed by ted cruz andohn kasich.
7:27 am
extending a health emergey over the zika virus. the tot cas repord is2 in that state. we'll look at h you can protect youramily from zika coming up. alsohismorng, there are disturbing n developmentsn e murder of a 13-year-old rgiagirl s say it was careful planned by two virginia tech studen. craig mvi has more on the ory. good morning. >> savannah, od morning t you. th is a tight knit town in shock this morning. a yog gi overmes a sies of medic problems,nly to be killed. police say kild byne college stent witthe hel of other. >>eporter: in cou thursday, the prosecuto outlined evidenc that the kling o 13-year-d nicole lovell was a cold, calculated plot, hatched by these two.
7:28 am
senhowernd natal keepers. eiseower, a high school a colleg track ar. >> 1600 meter went about as i plned it, which is a new 1600 rd for my hool >> reporter: according to the prosecut, eisenhauer and epers camep with e idea totake lovell t a remote lotion, under the guisef date, and cut her throat. she say the cple bought a shel atwalmar eiseau allegedicd up lovell at herome, where she was waitinger cliing out of h bedom wiow. all thrve to a remote area where cole w killed. with nicole's bodyn eisenher's da they bought cleaning products t cover up th crime,efore driving t nortcarolina where ve's dyas found. keeperaid was eited to be part of somethsecretive and ecial. at the aring, keepers sd she
7:29 am
includin suidal outs. she sai a micolon tattoo behind behind her ear was a promise not to do anythg suidal again. r bai reque was denied. lovingmiling allhe time. >>eporter: on thursday, the small community in virginia said good-bye to a little girl who survivedare liver tumor, overcame lymphoma, fough off a respiratorinfection, and battd bullying by classmates. >> she fought soard toet to this point in her life. then you have peopl like that just take h innocence f her. 's just hetbreakg. >> eisenhauer is charged with firstege mdernd kidnapping. keeps is charged with being an accessor before and after the murder. aminary hring is set for ne month. >> awful case. craig melvin, thank you.
7:30 am
this morning tied to a new natali has more >> good morning. this morning comes in a recent vital signs report,ntended to preventetallcohol rome. it raised concerns amo women who nsider icondcending. >> reporter: the report innded toaution women about the dangers of drinki. wht said set off a fe storm instead. re than 3 milln u.s. women are at risk of exposing their developing baby to alcohol because they are drinking, having sex and notsing birth control to prevent pregnancy. and ggesting not only pregnant men, b those who could potentially be pregnant, should not drink alcohol at all. meook offee. >> they want fewer babies with fetal alcoh ndrome. it great to want that. to tell-all young lady, a a pontial baby vessel,ere's
7:31 am
it gets muied. >> reporter: the recommendation seen by some as aatroning sson that sugsts women are not control of their bodies. wom tweeting, thi has to be a ke, rit? insultin insulting, derogatory rbage. >> am i a person or a thinghat could potentially one pnt coain a ba? seems when you'r sayg neve drink anythg if you're no on birth control, it means the latter, not the rmer. >> reporte theecommendation is based on plenty ofscience. studies know there's no known safeevel of alcoh use during pregnancy. 1n 10 pregnant wom in u.s. admit to drinking aohol at least every now and then. >> while critics say the warngs target women, the cdc suggests otherwise, saying it recoends all adults be reed for alcoh and counsele about reducing
7:32 am
prle with it.we reached out to the agency for a respons butt declid to give a stement. >> annncer: today'seaer is brought to you by kay jewelers. every kiss begins wh kay. >> we have a huge crowd out here. if they stickround until tuesday, they metnoer snowstorm. th a developin storm on sunday, comes outf canada dropping snow, gustyinds in the upper midwes by nday, tre's a lot of icy mix, wintry mixcross midwest. we hav a secd low acrs the mid-atlant stat. into tuesday, the low makes it ov. there e a lot of variabs. re's what we're looki for, moderate snow from washingt, philly new york city, b as you get io eastern new
7:33 am
al, impactingew hampsre for the b primahat again, it's still a littler erarly eay, but we wan to give you >> >> gu, i 32 degrees. th is a heavy, wet snow. it's reall nasty out here. back t you. >> al, thanks ver much. we wl go out there in our next half hour. >> when seonesays, ts is awful, smell it. >> taste it.
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7:39 am
year. excitement ed in wh i arded e plane and joe namath was sitting a few rows away. he didn't know who i was, but i got to talk to some ofhe leading names in football. we lead up to sup bl 50 here in here in san francisco. that's 5. they'vgotten rid of the roman numerals, thinking the l wouldn't loogood on e merchandising. it's all aboutheerandise, celebrits,ood and,h,eah, football. despit despite the hola, it ishe quterbk match ups thatas evyone talking about. >> toudown, rolina. >> reporte two teams, one game. it all comesown to ts. the denver broncos and the carolina panthers meet in super bowl 50 thisunday, wit matcp that readsike hoywood movie. >> if i'm arti with story
7:40 am
quarterback. >> second time f manning. >> reporr: peytomanng, the aging legend, loing to enhance s nfl legacy with second super bowl win, versus 26-year-old cam newton. th6'5" mvp who goes by the niname, superman, with bodless coidence in his ability and rocket arm to back it up. >> i'm ling cam neon to magic hnson. when mic took over the point guard positi a6'9", no one d ayed the position that way. >> repter: manningnd newton are superstars who come into the game with something tpran not wiout controversy. there's questis over manning's use h trecover from a ckury in 2011. 's an allegation the quarterback denies. >>ompletely fabricated, trash, garbe. rorter: newtowho draws
7:41 am
when hadded to t conversation aboutace. >> i'm aafrican-american quarterbk that may sca people. they haven't seen nothg they can compare me to. >> repter: the run uhe game is more tmanng veus newton. it's big business. j. watt, f t texans,s here selling shirts. >>n't wrinkle. i t in my bag, take it on the road. >> reporter: richard shean is ck for another superl weeken ts time as a pitc man. >> viral rlity bou're a part of it. >> you're right there, le. reporter: for out of towners looking for thsan frcisco experience, e city bthe bay has you covered. everything from ee concerts -- >> reporter: - tir famous gomet food. >> graceful, rig? >> you did great. >> o w. >> reporter: now it's time t take in the nfl experience. you can run, kick and row.
7:42 am
>> oh, so e! at was a goothrow. >> i missed erythi by li a second. it hder toook cooler than m newton, especiallyfter he scores a touchdo. when wtaed to dan patrick about the matchup, he had one request. can you t lauer to dab? matt,'m passinglohe rees can you dab? >> i jusdid . i dabbed once. >> like that. >> dab it like this. >> it's li this. >> it'likeneez >> i c do at. >> sneezinto yr elw. thait. >> iike your l, dy >> picking you twin. u haveood form there >> thank you. i'workin it. >> have fun. thank you. > les go to the man who n dain the orae room. go ahead. >> we're rning the dab. everybody, stodabbg inhe room.
7:43 am
and -- >> johtravol. spoiler ale, we alrdy know who is into win t big me thanks to jmylon. fooloof survey took place on his ow the oth night. have a look. >> ready? release the puppies. oh, w >> oh, wow. landslide. landide rit there. i think it's obvious, the winner are thdenver broncos >> i don't know. >> broosthe most seahed and twted of the two, if that'snything for you. we aed, what's your vorite part of the super bowl? game, hatime show, commercis, a t foo39% of y 39of youayheomrcials. it's t betweenhed d e otba game. lengthf la gaga's natial anthem.
7:44 am
>> or two. >> i agree. how t a coinoss, heads or tails? >> h. >>y. most imptantly, what color are beyonce's shoes? >> red. >> spark. >> metallic. >> you can let us know if you're watching at me. us know whate cheering r. #gopahe or #groncos. >> bos! >> i don't know. >> doritos. >> heads, panthers. >> one more time. >> as long as we'rnot doinit thsame. we have baby bo comg up. we'rletting te bieckthe winner. >> noto be outdo by e ppy bowl. >> whauld go wrong? oming up, on the me, including a great story. five friends who have been to eversingle super bor 50 ars. well thearkable sty. at ben stiller did to la
7:45 am
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7:48 am
one a day. > jus j ahead, shoul you cancel your travel plans? how can you protect your faly we'rensri yr questns out t zika vis. sir eltonohn opens up about his new music, famil and ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! tralka-stz heartburn reliefchews. they work fast a don't taste chalky.
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7:50 am
good frida goodriday morning... we're coming up on the top o the ho.. i'm ira crin with is first alert 5 weather day upda. roads in coloradspris--a bit messcause of a burst of heavy snow overnight.
7:51 am
chf morning meteogist -- stephen bowers joi us nowi a look at oulocaforest.. stephen. ow ovethe southeastern plains this morning will end fr west to east ben 7 am and 10 am aslouds break up around coloro springs and pueblo and tempetures rm toward 30 degrees. y linging snow will be gone fromhe plainbyoon. temperatures will warm into the lower and middle 30s. expect a sunny afteron with
7:52 am
it's 80 on "today, and ming up, zeroing i on ka. th t virusspadg,owo protect youel a your family? we'll separate ft from fiion. plus, he's stillstanding. as he gets s to release his 33rd album, go one on one with sir eltohn as the music legend gets peal about fame, faly, andiscaer. >> i never thought this life of mine wld exist. its been anzing journey. and super bowl record breake you migh dream of attdi one per bowl, buthatf wed
7:53 am
have beery singleone, ever. >>othing is forever, w all understand that bute've been bleed t have the opportuny to do thisor 50years. >> why t annual tradition is about morehan just football day. frid, fruary 5, 2016. >> good >> gd moingo our fily backn calornia and io >> good rng, texas! [ cheeri [ cheering can
7:54 am
fridaymorn it's the fifth day offebruary 16. andounow what,t'sot just a rumor. >> mygoodne. >> think the snows mang r crd evore excid. >>t's a huge crowd. >> it . >> a lot of people wearing red. meanwhile, wve got a lot co >> tharighoming up, you have it takeschange the rld. theloout for the next big thg on again. hotoetinvolved. first let'so inside, nataes athe news de,he has the top stoes of the morning, nalie. >> good morning, onc again the weather. that winter storm srling the morning de to work andl r mil of peoplealong et east beganeq heavyain overnight, butt turned to snow from virginialto maine. new york citis looking a a couple urgesn the bostonrea could get more th half a foot. llarclintos accin
7:55 am
sanders ofunning a smear campaign. in their debate thuday ght, clinnired back when sanders once again accused her of having many ties to wall street, to call hself a progressive. >> enough isough. if ye got something to sa say , directly. so think it's te to end the very artme that you and your cighave bee carry out recent weeks. >> nbc news wall street journal poll released just before the debate had sanrs lding clinton by 2 ps in n hashire. on the repubcane i nbc pol outs morning has marco rubio movingnt second place in new hampshire. donald trump still has aizable le with 30 of likely primary voters backing him, but yee rubio ere at 17%, that's six points he gained to move ahead of ted uz. on tampaignra thsday, jeb bush was joi b his ther, barba bush, forr first la for the firste
7:56 am
battled r martinreli exersed his fifth amendment rit on thudayt aring. dyou ink you'veone anythingwrong? >>n the advice of council, i invoke my fth amement privege agnst se-incrimition and respectfullyne t ansr yourquestion. >> shkreli iuriated lawmakers smiinguring h ho-long aparance. the 32-yeaold came undire last year after jacking up the price of a life-savingrug tethe heing, shkreli was mu more vocal, tweeting, quote, hard to acc that tse imbeciles represent e pple inur governnt histtorney lernsted shkreli ant no disrespect by that. >>arightening, but awesome ene if he japan ernight wn is volno erupted with such explosiveforce. ithotocks and a ithe sky.
7:57 am
no reports odama oinry. there isoncern hever bause thatolcanos jt abo 3 miles from a nuclearower plant.veryool sit, but sryo see. let' look what sanna h now. >> thank u. as we said earlier, three new case of now in ida. goveor eanding the state o ergey. spreingike wild firecrs south america and e caribbean. our medical contributor is her to ansr our questionsbout zi. and ct, people hav aotf questionpeally if ty're pnning to travel, and lot of pple ar thrthe time of year people want to head down south. what should th kn? >> i get this questio eve day.from pients, iend lles. imrtant to restate that th c issd formal guelines for pregnant wome and that is the eanced travel precauti they should thi stngly araveli to the
7:58 am
for example, what if you wt to go to e caribbean, it's not named as a country, should you be worried? here, y uerstand that the reason it's not named i because there's n evince of current, ongog virustransmission. that doe't mean it's notoing to happen. ink we all anticate that the cou thatre currently not affecteas well as florida and the gulf coast of our cotry,ill e som cas. so i think, you know, honestly savannah, the be answer i can give you that it's a personal decision. people are more risk adver than otrs. i think you need to make an inrmed decision a understan that f mt pele, especially if you're nregnant and planning it, the risk of a serious complication is q low. i think u need to consu the cdweite regularly, understand the association with the syndromethe nrologic complition uptick inl salvador, lombia, and br. can't tellouo g orot to go >> if you decide to go or live in one of th states, what is the bt protection? ay.
7:59 am
this. we're goingoalk abouthe -- and heree ve on th monitor,epa ristered products. at does that me? the epa decid that the following chemire consideredz and applicati as aninsect repell look for something that contains et, picaridin, as well as chdren chilen abohe age of two months. oil ofonucalyptus not undeage o three, a pethrin. want to ke sure you put theez pell lan on expod n. sunscreen, apply first andhen apply therepellan >> that's your top layer. >> exactly. ke sure, very, very simple, basicthing, lgslees, long s. one that's imptant, mosqs like to bite dur e day. stayith places with air-conditioning and screens.
8:00 am
transmsionf zi. >>he cdc iued a interim guideline th if youre male that traveled in a zika virus transmission aa or lives there and you have a partnerhose nant, you should eithe ob for t duration or reistically realistically, use condoms consistent or cctlyor all types of sexual intercourse. i'll leave t details out. i thk yoll undstand. >> people haveo understandny sexual relaonip, any sexua contact, wear a condom. >> loud and clear, thankou very much. coming up, we'll switch gears with wha trending. is is a brain teaser, which way is the bus going? it'll stump u, b it not gog t stumpour ds. dw berryme's hont take on what it means to be hot. and mattne on one with elton john. why he's surpred at how his
8:01 am
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8:06 am
we are back now at 8:13. t's start thhe ancient eeks. >> good idea. >> amang peoe. >> yes, theyere. >> concept of money, tt was their ea. olympics, pyramids. >> toga parties. >> vy good >> greek lif >> gea. screws. water clk. >> really? >> plumbing? >> all greeknnovatio. >> i not sure about th. parentlyey invented something se. lookisdates back to 100 b. look to the left of the screen. they invented the laptop. >> look at that. >> that young lady on the left is holding a laptop. >> that' the sidere. >> wow. >> unbelievabl >> apparentl this has t beenho photoshopped in any way. it's from the seum collection.
8:07 am
holding? police -police -- people think it's a thin chest or jewelry bo >> i think it'a jewelrbox. >> i mean, the computer. you ha the gres doing the earliest form ofheub of communication and news, like the ge room. look at a picture of the orange room, what we dovery day. we have picture, ielieve. >>hey could foresee the future. >> look. that was that was it right there. >> long way to go for that >> supposed to be a little oother. i was waiting. >> kind of left you nging there for second. the internet loves a brain teaser. here'she latest one to go ra it's from the show "brn game on national geographic. what way iit dring? is it gog to the left oro the right? >> standinstill.
8:08 am
>> tthe left. >> you d >> you don't know whh end is thonor the back? >> natgeo says 80% of the kids t e er right. it's going to the . he's how ty know >> the door is on e her side. >> wow. exact. >> thesengerr, you't see it, so it s toe on the other side. nce they drive on the right, the bus is going left, obviously. >> w a bus driver. i had an unfadntage. >> you suld have taken yourself out of the competition. now to t hints coldplais dropping about thealftime show "zoolander" aches nesights. rsonas popart. mu-anticiped super bowl lftime show for coldpl. as a press conference, cis martin and the boys say th'v watched previous act pbably incling ty perry's shark performancom lt ye.
8:09 am
r left shark momt would be. >> we've tined them so wl this year. all of our sharks. we have left shark, middle shk,nt, backright shar and theeserve in case one of t first srks has a prlem. it's a diffilt question to answer. you're sayg which part of the show wl [ blee] ib? >> having fun there. the guys weralso asked team they were rooting f, the broncos or theanthers. chris martin joked, the denv pahers. >>e. next to drew barrymore and her entsbout trying to stay hot and relevant in here's w here's what she said in the quote, i don think i h right now necessarilbecause i all my ons in a bunch of different fires. she added, it's a mistake to
8:10 am
for your whole life. you caot sustain it. it's exhausting not very realistic. >> she's still hot >> she h an empi with your cosmetic lin >> that's what's great abo he e ows who she isnd what she'mo interesd right now, honestly, is her kids and being a mily person. >> dw pointed to the times i her life when she was hot. of course, wn she starred in a "charlie's angels." next to "zoolander." and n skiller. stiller. the cast broke the world recd for the longest seie sck. it happened at the movie's premieren londhuday night. ben joined by cast mates. the selftick measung 28 feet. oolaer 2" is in theate next fda that i your frayopstart. ck to you. anyou,arson. mr. ror, l's talk about the weather. is getting heavienow. yowza! we're ing to be lookinat this ry for the next several urs. stretching from noolk all the way up to portland. we are talking heavynse, wet
8:11 am
it's goi to contint least unarou noon here. 3: in w england. you can look at the snowfall ounts. upwards of a foot as yet to downast maine. even provincwe'rtalking abou6 9, 6 to inches. w y, 3 t5. we'vupped thaccumulation a lile b here in new york. st othe untry,ore rain inhe pacific northwe. from the gat lakeso the gulf ast, sunsh temperature
8:12 am
flida. >> that' >> that'your latest weher. savannah >>l,ha >>whent comes to popus, sielton john is a league of his own. >>s one of theost sucful artis of a mes, his songs have tenations. oh brd-w m, and caught up with sieln at his l.a. home to talk about music, fame and family. >>'m reay feing at 69 years ofge, i'playing and singer better than ever. i'm still stding >> reporter:n e ele wod of music icons, it dsn't get much bigger than sir elton john. >> have had the pleasure now of visitg your he outside of london. yo place in atlanta and now yo pla in beverly hills. you like comrtable suoundin, don't you? >> i le we. i likeo surrounded by art and photographs. i like to ha my homes filled with it so i can get inspid when i get up in t morni, so
8:13 am
i'm lucky enougho beble to do it. >> if i had told you 20 years ago that when we were sitting down today in 20, would be as happy as you've ever been, with a g with a guy you love dear, gally married, a ding father of t boy cr exactly whe you want it, would you have bieved me? >> woulde thought yowere a deadad or put acid in my drk. no, i uld t belie you. the thg about life that i fod, it's aming what unfolds y lefitnfd and yo takehe take t risk. remember en i wasou >> reporr: sound advfrom someone who has been embcing risk for five decades and co. >> when started in a band, i never dreamt of beco sir elton john. i just wanted to do something at had tdo with music. >> rorter: did he ever. he's one of the 20th cenry's
8:14 am
250 ion record sales worldwide, including 37 ld and mul ptinum albums. >> i never thought ts life of mine wouldxist. it's been an amazing journey >> it's journey still evolving. hinew album, "nderful crazy night," was recorded in 17 studio days. what a wonderful crazy night cleathat it's kind of careee music. >> it'joyous. i'm in ts grt position in my life. i'm very hpy. playing great live on stage. i ve a great band. there's nothing happiness around >> youe a t of aontrol frea fair? >> in what way >> wel in that ye to takeare of every detaihe crtive process. you like to ma se your fingerprint is oalmo everything >> yeah, but i don tell people what to play. way.
8:15 am
>> i thinkost successful people are somdegree of control eak. >> wouldn't sai'm much of a corol freak. like other pple's input. metimes yoreoo cse something anyou can't see it sotimes i have good ideas. sometimes i ha terrible ids. >> reporter: with more than 3,500 ncerts und h belt, elton still loves a live audience. his las ves residency is going stng. >> when you we 40, what was your imagef las gas? >> oh, horrible. >> w? >>t s a aveyard of people. you'd never get ro and rl in ther i chgemy md. >> who ces to see the show? it's dep of maybe 50% elton john fans. t but vegas is a walk-uptown people peop go out to whatever show are there. i want to peopleho aren't fans that say, it'a great show. >> reporter: off stage, his
8:16 am
joy. >> mried to david, they have two so. >> it was the eatest decision i've min the lt six years. it's havg the boys. >> you aid always on thesame page withheoys? >> absolutely. they're oupry concern. they'rthings that come first and foremost. here isn't one pushover dad and one diiplinarian? >> no. we're both disciplinarians but inhe nicest frame of mind. >>oes chary know who elton john i >> yes, he doe he's proud ohis daddy. he's more interested in "uptown funk." they sing my songs. they sing "rocketm." ey they sg "bennie anthe jets." they know theidapls piano. wh they come out during the showthey want to shine torches. they know o i am and what do, but th're more interested in their toys. i'm fi with that. that good. >> reporter: juggling family and fame, this roct n saife is hitng all the right notes
8:17 am
make you happier right now? >> no. >> good evening. >> you have to take him at his rd. >> he's one of the best. >> perfect placen fe right now. >> i'm jealous. he's into all of theomes. you to check it out. >> we did an interview outside of london one ti. >> his art collection >> what'great about elton,t the end of the day, he loves music. every time i see him, he says, what are you listening to? what do you like? what's out there?heorked at record store and that's what he set out tdo. >> at a osr's party,ou always hear mee tting ed. >> what doou have, savannah? recor. >> have you been to a listening party? no. nothing. i d a cassette tape in the '7. >> let's see if you can get one of his new albums. st ahead, ou have a brightdea?
8:18 am
next big tng. cheryl tiegs reveals the rprier that finally realized she made it as model. first, your local news and weather. good friday morning... we'rcoming up on the bottom of the hour. i'm ira cronin with this f alert 5 weather day update. the roads oladsprings and elaso unty are a mess. thiss a ve look at i-25 at woodn ro. a biback-up headg rth. a burs hea snow overnight-- made my ros-- y and snowy. c-dot has been working to clear i-25. throwday is clear re. but the sa c't be said for elsewhere. a new5 crew reported highway 115-- had many slide-offs.
8:19 am
ea ofrontier elementary school in e springs. we're hearing atany cars are stuck on seroads ithat area. chief moing meteologist -- stephen bowersoins us now with a lookt our cal forecast... stephen... snowver the southeasrn plns this morning will end from west to east between 7 am and 10 am as clouds break up around colorado springs and puebland temperatures wm ward 30 degrees. any ngerg snow will be gone from the plains by noon. temperatur will warm into th lower and middle 30s.
8:20 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wcomeack to "tod." it's 8:30 on this friy morning. it's theth of february, 2016. we need some window wipersor th shot. is snowy. it thick and heavy. >>hings are getting serious now. >> i know great crowd on theplaza,
8:21 am
the ar unicorns on our plaza. there's very gd ason. it has to wit o of ute's biggest and mos bright ars. 'llxplain the unirn tng coming up with hoda later. >> also,ou know whatay marks? six months out to e r olympic games. we'r going tatch up with the defendin gd medalists a reigning world champion, u women's gymnastics team. >> coming up,upermodel sherylcher egs opens up abo h rise in e moworld, h posr and the dald trump rise. >> did you he her poste whe you wererowing up? five remarkable friends who have been t every sgleuper bowlver playedor 50 ars. th'reoing t sre their sty together for the first time. ti.
8:22 am
>> all, tuay, storms aea gone in the east coas windy itheplns. tay on sday forhesuper wllook fornowrod there lakes. it's goingo be beautif day in the noheast. so the pacific northwest. and super bow sunday, that's ght, ase geto le's
8:23 am
,,,, >> that' >> that's your lest weather. iso redday. wear redor the america hrt association. i have my red sks on today. you all are warm a red? >>yes. >> all ght. let's head back inside. >> al, tnkouer ch thiorningrerapping up ourpecialeries calling, supermodels where are they no we're doingt with arue american icon,heryl tiegs. natali g toee her. sh a honor. tiegs, consire to be the rstmerican supermodel, known for her many "sports lu illustrarated" swim suit photos. she wenn to be a gund breaker i busine, as well. >> you've been called the all-eran supermodel. what does tt mean to u? >> ll, is always flattering.
8:24 am
i always loved modeli. >> repter: cheryl tiegs grew up in california. she got her first bre a 17 with "glamour"gazine. >>he bookede site on scene to go to the caribbean. >> what was it aut your lo, you ink, that made y break through? >> i was thealifornia girl. at that ti, they wanted someone who was calirnia, all ameranndhair. >> repor tiegsas the first model to appear twice on the cover of the "sports illustrated" swim suit issu in 1970 and 1975. >> how important were those for your career? >> being othe coveof "sports illustrate illustrated" is one ofhe ghlits of my career. reporter: in 1978 she ped in a fish netwim suit that
8:25 am
>> wn it was y, it was a m lile more connted and less sea see thugh. >> reporte the w also the pinkikin poster. >> a guy walks up and says, you were on mywall. think, that's nice, reay nice. i don't wano ask any me qutions. >> cover girl, of course >> repter: by1979, sheas gned a $1.5 milon contract with cov girl. th theiggest cosmetics ract ever. bet your bottom doar. >> reporter: in launched a sigtu line of clothing for sears, e first retail ven by a supermel itad almost $ blion in sas. oneagazine hadhe most impact tiegs. >> what s the moment in your career that you felt, w, ve made snit. >> when i was o the cover o ime." the cover story. i just though i can't go any further. >> you're an amazing woman. >> reporter: in 20 tiegs went on "celebrity apence" t
8:26 am
friend's fountion >> i said t donald trump, this show is not f me i don't wanto ithe middle ofud slingg and bad mouthing and nitpicking. i id, that'ot me i've worked hard in my life t no do those things. so sorry, it's n ght. >> what did he say? >> he said, cheryl, you're red. >> reporter: toughout her care, tgs traveled extensively, but it's her son zach w brings her the m jo >> to me happiness is? oh, don make me cry. being withy son. >> reporter: a 47, tiegs posed again for the magine that really put hern themap. >>as it intimidating at l? >> no. i was always pleased toork f "sports illustrated." i was very fit. don't knowhy they stopped using me.
8:27 am
feel beauty comes from within. >> your look has remained the same all these yes. >> thank you. >> what do you tnk your legacy ? >>ou know, i want to be thought of as aice person. thoughtful, sweet, kind, good. i try to be as kind to erybody as i can. that's mygoal. >> always ki, cheryl is rrently doing work for the eah coertion corps and i water organization. theed pin bini poster which i know you all had, alber waon washe photographer. he was supposed tohoot the r with ferr. couldn't because of the scheduli nflict. when he hadhe opportunity with the pinkone, he did it.
8:28 am
>>e bears it. >> mattas no comntn this. >> no wall space left. it covered. coming up next, super bowl's surfans. the gro o five friends who
8:29 am
are abo toake it 50 thi "t 8:40. all morning longe've been gettingeady for super bl 50. savannah met a group o gs who really can't waitor thi game. >> they're aming. most of u dreaming of attending one super bowl. a group of five friends have been to all 49 games, and they're about to mak it 50 this weekend. thr storys about a lotore than otball. they'veever shared itether until now. >> wre you been? >> reporter:0 year aces ago, these iends from east. al, larry and harvey decided to
8:30 am
d rlly eve heardof.itas called theorld championshipgame now,t's called tuper wl. they had such a great time,hey went the next year. and e next. until five years became ten. tencamewenty. it would go on to be a life-long tradion. going back to th superow every singlear. entually, cling their posse, the super bow five. >> why do youhink this group clicked? >> everyone is a family man. if that weren't, i felt, we'll ha familynd get together. >> rep >> reporter:here's prez, prov, chicago, fog, larry mac. there are personalizedackets and sweat suits, rings, bathrobes and a racor named, what else? super bowl five. >> i said to myself, when we get
8:31 am
number five and super bow five,i bet $500 o him towin. he came in fth. >>eporter: they have one rule. no wis. although at times, theul has been be. >> one or t times, my wife uld come whilewere at the game. she' come and go to myot room andait for me to come back. >> that wasn't your wife. who aru ing? >>judyhey' justkidding. >>ife h red high, 5'11"? >> reporter: just imagine, they ha seen erylay i super bowl history, from joe ntana's touchdown pass to ylor, to scott norwd's missed fld goal attempt. for th four neworkers in e group, the sweettlay ohem all. >> when the giantbeat new england and new england w abouto go unfeated. weeat them on this mirs catch.
8:32 am
eat the patriots. >> reporter: they remember when the halime show was a marching band and tickets were, hold on to your hats - >> the first tict was 10$10. >> $. >> repter: when one miss janet jason had a wardrobe lfunctio >> look at is >> i said, what? i almost msed it, but i saw it. >> reporter: perhaps the most moving for tse men, all vetens, all deeplypatriotic, wasuper bowl 25, when f-16s flew ove flew over in missing man formation. >> we were turning around and tears were ruing. the was not a dryye in the stadium. not ary eye in the house. >> beautiful. >> it wa theost emotional time, i thi we've ever had. >> reporter:t's a commitment to each other which has never been broken.
8:33 am
haey's fat passed away a we pri to thega >>uy came over and talkedo me talke to mywife. they all insisd t i had to go. went, but you know,ith of pain i my heart. >> reporter: o in tim of financia difficulties, when rry'ses was struggling. >> i didn't have the funds to go the guys saidno you're going. they picked upy tab for that year. >> wait a minute, you still owe us money. >> i pd u. >> reporter:fterll tse years, to reach 50 yrs i quite a milestone. >> have you been thinking about that an verse viniversary and what it means? >> sure. hits me sometimes. i thank the lord we're together. >> nothing is forer,annah. we all understand that. we've been bless to have had the opportunity to say, ts is yes. >> i've bee thinking about 60. super bowl and where wre going to go.
8:34 am
that's what i've been thinking about. >> you say, keep it ing? >> exacy. >> you also a tt way, keep it going as as youcan. god has been good to us. it's real. >> we're devod to eachther an devoted to the super bowl. >> love lov that. >> great sto. amazing the brotherhoo >>o you knowhe tir seats ar >> the nfl- because ty've heard of tse five --o ty tsi tickets forhem to purchase. e nfl isoing to hor them this weekend. grea >> i adore them feel like i have fe new friends. >>hat' your niname? >> i eve got a ckname. mine is southern comfort. e funniest thing is i met syn van on an rpla. heold m t story and said when w m it to 50, i'let
8:35 am
>> s nice we'ren tlooktorhenexthingagai
8:36 am
first, this is "today" o we' we'reback. we've g the return of a lar seent. toy's next bigthg. >> tay conutorill marn isere to kic thingsf. ll i'mxcited about this. remember a few month ago, we teamed upith qvc to find "today's" next big thg? wee jning force again. first, we w you on wur first winn's life h changed. leslie, you are our winner. >> reporr: wit a ng, lesl d her ingeniousproduc gd hang , won our first"tod" next big next bighing cot. readyoqvc tomoow m no, but yes.
8:37 am
>> we have sold outf our initiashipment >>orter: nnly did ll outore tduct was debed, shead a huge back order. >> sold out. congratulations. >> oh, thank you. >> reporte since winning t three months ago,for e seattle momas whirlwind. >> i do need to update the catalog in se way. >> repor othe heels of her sus, she wasble to focus 100% of herctelopment bu justn good hang ups. including launchi a n productline, good hang upsor kids art, whi has been atured i "paren" mane. she h to mufacture so much so quickly, but committed to keeping her manufactin home in the usa. just recently, she was inved back to qvcor aondtime. aswers continu to be hung up on gd hangups.
8:38 am
success. i'm so excited becse we'relauning next b thing agai this time, in hon of mother's day, we are looking forll y mom ininntors. submit you at you veil m 4 t changeer life and her business >> it did. is works and i can't waitor our nextmompreneur to ll u whathe s. >>opef shean marcomenm. >> thank you. up next, tummer olympi six m ay. 'll c wite u.s. me gnas tea a e roado.
8:39 am
c. w >e're bac with das cotdown tri we are exactly six months from the opening ceremony of the mmer olyic games. >> tm usa hopefs a in trning a as the try. hd to the fam karolyianchn texas and caught up with one of the country's mos coveted group of athletes, the won's gymnastics team. >> reporhewomen's gymnaseam mad htory winng a third consecutive all-around tle at the world championship. now, the focus shifts to ri
8:40 am
nextau. >>xcitin time. how ma ms until rio? >> six. >>seve >> i thoughtt wasseven. >> 200 days. >> six. >> has anyone had a dream about o. , a t me. >>always. >> thoserenighy. i have a dre where i fall and wake up and i'm sweating. >> it's not a gd dream. >> you'r having nht sweats ,yeah. >> repte t girls train separately mos othe year, but evy s often,y come tother as eam ahe seed tining cente simply knn as ranch. there a ctain greing afterong periods of tim ay? >> yeah. >> what' t greeting? a sect ha >> w run up and each her, catchup. it like a famy bond >> reporter: gabby douglaslew away the field in lond, taking gold i tea andll around.
8:41 am
notdefend her tle. there was question about whether or not y wer going to come back this tim around. te me about that teperiod. >> i tnk a lot o ppl out w skiy coback, which i wn' i'm theerso where when i want somethg, i go after . >> were you questioning yourlf? >>er i though want tohis again. i didn't think of giving up the spor of gymnastics was young and i wand to continue. >> reporte as all-around world cham the pt tee years, simoilesanelieve her olympics dreams may come true. >> if i recall correctl you >> yes. >>hat's that story? >> well, wn theyer projte on the wa. i was watching tm and was like, what if one day i got coete a the olymcs? i waou and i didn't tnk
8:42 am
>> reporte veteran aly rsman still basks in the gry of two gold medals in london. >> aftere won, we were on cloud nine it was like, i have so many great memorie from the it really, she punched heretic eed her her her r hetiet. >> foayie for the gold on the uneven bars. >> it pushes me because you wt to havehat medal to yourse. i think overall, i did the best th i cnd i got the g medal i wanted. >> mykayla,t's a team sport butlso anndivual sport. hoo you balce that? >> we cheer each oth on ev if you're a team o didual, you still hop the best for everyone. you hope the besfor tea usa. >> they're working hard. the team will be chosen after th tal in ju. it's work, work,ork until th. >> six months fromtoday. >> wow.
8:43 am
what do u have cing up? >> whave babies. >> forget about ppies. >> crawling babies. >> then a cookoffeten colodo and carolina barbecue. >> join us for it if you wt some. >> i tnk we may haveto. >>somingup. >> have a gd hour ha aoodekend. jo t super bo. >> abo to say, go cos! >> no, ias not. >> yes, y were. go good friday morning... we're comingp on the top of the hour.. i'm a witth first alert 5 weatheday update. roads in colorado springs--a bit mey because of a burst of heavy owveig. ne 5's jnna wises ve t
8:44 am
chief morning meteorologist -- stbowers joi us now with lo at our local foreca.. stephen... snowver the southeastern plai this rng will end from west to east between 7 am and 10 am aslouds break up
8:45 am
temperatures warm towa degrees.any lingerinow will be gone from the plains by noon. temperatures will wa into the lower and ddle 30s. exct a sunny afternoith
8:46 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,, "tay's ta," takeuper bowl50. we'r geang uor ck th acookof and our first ever baby bowl. we're counting dn the best viral videos burng up thewe from the daily sho to her n show, we're l wh the newueen bee of latnight, samaha bee. all that and m cg up w. >> announcer: from nbc ws, thissay's take," with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tron hall, liverom studio 1 in rocfell plaza. welme to oday" on a snow sn friday morninin new york city.
8:47 am
o days befor the super bowl. great crowdoutside in this weather. i'm wile inside whatalie d al. tamr is on assnmen again this morningn newhampshire. ou morning jam is "september" by eart wd and fire. we're playing it in memory of maurice white, who died wednesday at his home in los angelest the agef 74.e of the fouing members of th great band. >> heuffere fm parkins's the last t decades. they are our they were our first plaza performance in 19. they plad a number of times. this is them in 01 hey wereikurou band here for a long time. i remember every time they came in, they'd play "september" and ewd would always goazy. >> terrific. >> what a great cy. as you listen to the song, you'll probl never go to another wedding where tyon't play this. he parke ninson's a stopped performin 1994. twas behind t ss
8:48 am
thinking of him and his family th morning. earth, wd and fire, one of ourvorite bands. we have the astrotf tab today. it's ouruper bowl lo. panthers and broncos. party. >> we have a fl rty hour here. ldplay and beyonce s to peormt lf. coplay relsed video las week calle "hymn for the weekend" which srs beyo chrisarn spoke about coldplay's super bowl plays and joked aut last year's performance by katy perry. >> we'll bring the sharks out. wee the so wellhis year. all of our sharks. left shark, middle shark, left shark, back shark, twoight sharks and the reserve shark in se a firhark a prlem. in which case, i b a psi logolashed on screen.
8:49 am
th talk of the sup bow last time. >>oingis own thg. ca a lebry. the yougo. >> feimmediaty. >> eited abo game. cam newton is great. this could be peyton manning's last stand. lady gaga ispeninghings up. >> this will be incredib super bowl 50. i tnk a lot of people are thinki, ist t game, the fo the snacks, t halftime show, wt it that you love out super bowl well, a grof people were poed. more peoged 1 30 say they prefe theommercialso the actualgame, 26% to 24%. a lot of people like the , too. ihink it was 23% likhe food, as ll. as much as they like the coerals. >> the game is down. >> think this is going to be a great game. everybody is going to be watching this game especially. you have t battle of the quarterbacks. speaking of commercls though, we have a new one for y wa
8:50 am
steven tyler. it is shatterg expections, i think.>> skittles portrait. >> that is e to the z, tweedly ding.ding. you haven't heard m sing on >> higher. dreamn dre dream o >> oh,y sh. >> you won't bieve what jt happened. >> tha note, that note -- >> off the camera. >>xactly theame ti. >> look at this. >> i have n s -- >> that so weird. >> look atthat. >> i am i sh i have never seen that in a tv studio before. >> sohey we showing the
8:51 am
sterday moing when they say the prompr shattered a you saw the. elass popd off when steven tylerit the no >>no. butt's an eenve ga thoseameras are not eap. >> so may it did. >> ours are fi >> last ght, jimmy fallo ued the puppy bow adition on h. check it out. hey, hey, guys. oh, wow. landide. landslide, landslide rht ere. i thinit's oious, the wr arehe dver brcos. i d't know,t seems l puppies,here was comeback. >> when they firstnt,o th broncos. maybe there going to lead in th first half? >> wethought, how do you outdo puppies?
8:52 am
>> we have the by bowl. we have sullivan "sully" stern and ava for tmdenver. >> they' so cute. look at them. >> wre not going to havem going aft bowls ofkiles. >> no see who gets to the end zone first, a crawl contest. of course, food is very popular. goog mostearched super bowl recipes. number one, chicken dip. numb two, chili. mber e, seven-laye dip. >> perfect. >>nef natalie's voris. >> it's on o mygo-tos. it'shat i ke. >> what's, al >> tre's areat ple, grt restaant dow intlanta called buttermiltchen. they me thpament cheese p. >> what goes into it? >> chili, sriracha,ayo. very >> very cheesy.
8:53 am
a seven-yer dip? >>has my challenge. >> especially with the tostitos. >> youee adrill, taking out a coresample. that's what we have to do >> >> desemiabble it to get into it. we'llk on it,al. i' eat mor of yr dip. >> we ve l of weather to lk abo this weekend, too. >> we do. byhe way, we, of course, wan you to go to facebook.comoday's take. we have a great prize. 25 days o prizes. is is, i believe, dayseven, correc i think. >>ometng like that. e have an electrol steam kettle. kettle. i actua have one of those.
8:54 am
we want to get t 1li likes tually. we'ret 173,000. please go to's take. register for a prize and like us. again, as we mentioned, take iend. didn't want you to trip fantastic. aot o snow. making a lot o today if you hadth. it is a mess. omtlanc cy a the into portland, maine, we have winter storm warnings and advisories. 41lion people affected by em. we're going to watch this system. low pressure deloping making its wayff t coast. if it got closeard the east ast, weould see hvy snow, we said yestery. we've seen rates at 1 to 2 ines per hour. it's sll snowingn new york to boston to portland. nd gusts at5 miles per hour. it's a shefheavy, wet, dense snow. by thisafternoon, it moves o the new eland coa.
8:55 am
maybe snoers lingering eastern half of massachusetts. the snowfall amounts looking like this. we'rcalming for ingcallin for 7 to 8 incin ovidence, 6o 9. >> h >> how many of you liked us on's take. moving up. almost 175,000.
8:56 am
>> friday. >> national weatherperson day. al nee a hug. we thought we'd give you time to pamper. comen over. >> n car. assahair for u, al well! look a this. >> you sit back and rela >> we're going toelp take over your weather forecast for you. it's going to be daerous. get your custom masge on. >> fantasti happy national weatherperson da >> let's get to it, nat. >> go ahead, willie. >> cold fron pushing up to mainehere. pepper pike. your dog pepper. >> i >> >> bacon, look what our food department put togetr f you. myortrait in bacon, that's fantasti th things wking itsay
8:57 am
>> heo! lookout. >>oh, oh, my. >> look out now. >> only the best for you, . >> it's not even plugged . >> the best national weatherperson day ever. >> fantaically done. >> you enjoy the rub a the baco and we'll tell you what's coming upne. you knew her and loved her on the daily show. samant bee i re. how are you? >> well. hi, al. >> national wtherperson day. >> you're a national trez tureasuretrsure, al >> have some bacon. >> i wi. >> sam bee takghe worldf late night by storm. we'll talkoer next. mypioid pain medicatio makes me feel stoppeup! millions of people arestimated to suffer from opioidnduced constipation, oic, caed by the opioids they use manage ronic pain. oic a different type of constition. opios block painignals,
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, the citi the ci double cash card mes in verhandy with cash back ice on pchases. earn once wh you buy, and again as you pay. that cash back now and cash bagain later. it's casback d\j e citi double cash card. the only card u earn cash back twice on every purchase th 1% when y buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of otr cards seem one sid. >> samana bee spent 12 years onai show wh jon stewart. she holds the record as the longest sving correspondentn the show. >> she's putting her own spi on
9:01 am
ining the boy's club of late night wither new show, "full frontal with samantha bee." >> santha bee, good rning. >> thank you for havin me. i'm excited tbe here on turf ble. i'm aexle person,al. >> this is exciting that you vehe show.ouav you feel any pressure? you'll b front a center now. >> i feel pressure in e sense th i should feel presse, b i'm not freaking out about . 're busy trying tout the showtogether, there's little time to let the anxiety bloom. want to te the show n and put it on the air and let it be free. long. it's time toth it >> b of where y come from, there will be expection that feels a little like the day show. same went for john oliver. what is the show going to look an feelli? >> is natural. i'm transitioning off of
9:02 am
we're taking our t poker of comedynd jabbing i where it needs to >> oh, ke >> morning does wrd things to . i think i'm kind of takg that ball and running with itn my owndirection, if tha makes see. ta the ball and runng with it. >>ports li. >> broncos or panthers >> your husband from the dai show, as well, staing swn show he's goi to opening right before yours? >> yes. familyprsure. we are alln on tbs. "the detour," sipted family comedy, will be in april. that'll be my lead in in apri it'sexciting. >> countin on yr huan righ >> we are so tired. weoo bed at 7:30.m. every t.
9:03 am
>> you have twony people in a househol would be a laugh rio all the me, right? >> we still make each o laugh. thi -- well i make jason laugh, anyway. >> has the bettemateal? >> jon cherishes me every day. >> do you py foraugh from the kids >> the children don't find u funny at all. that'she natural orr. ey're n suppod toind you entertaining or cool in the let. >> gladhey're ling up toit. in the promo, one of the lines is, watch or you're sexi, which fuy. 's your way of addreing this thg, she's theyoman wit th late nht talk show. are you interesd inthat talk to people like clsea handle and they don't want to really. it does. 's not the mn focu i meanur secd choe f tagli, w comy with wings, which i know is kind of also my favorite.
9:04 am
it's not allhatt'sbout butit'll be a big parthehow. i' womanness. >>llhe gestation. come on. hot ker. >> i feelike singing a song t i won't. samantha we are looking foard the show t wai until it'll be birthed o monday. "full fal with samantha bee" premieres monday on s. falon has theuppyl t we ha the babywl. it's a craingaloo to th end zone. will the broncos or panthers baby prevail? we'll wat it go down after this everythi well? this clean w like pow! itdded this other leveoflean to it itust nda ke.wipedeveryt clean. 6x caning my teeth are glowing. they are so whe. 6x whitening i actual really like the 2teps.step 1, clea step, whitens. every time i use this together, it fellike...
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gold crispy, warm and fluffy eggo waffles. l'eggo my eggo. > w w puies,bears, manate predictg the super bowl. what about babies right now, right here, we ha the first annual "today"how baby bowl. one forhe paners a one f th oncos. we're gng to plant eh baby on the 5 yard line. en we bw the whistle, each set of parents wil che f their baby from th respective end s. it's up to theentset they to crawl t you. firs baby to makes it to the end zone, closesto mom and dad's ar touchdown da firsor tea carona, bab sullivan. [ apau ] seven and a halfonths d. 14.5 pounds.
9:09 am
>> lsfcarbs. doe he crawl? >> we call itn armycraw lo of arms and n a lotf legs. >> crawlg f team nver, ba ava at eight mthold, oneoueavierhan her competitor. pares, christina and bne bryan. i unrsta it isood crawling >>ood army crawling. >> punupsh-ups, too? >> yeah. >> let's place the babs on the 50 yard line. when the whistleblows, enceaby bow 2016. parent cutest babies ever. >> okay. ther hego. >> sully, thi wa pal. >>his is riveting. >> sully, the's your mo
9:10 am
cane get a repl on that pl? >> go, baby, go. >> oh, my golly. heynow! look at the action. >> sul is trying toake a move. >> oo. >> wch way do i go? >> sly seems more intereste ava's parents. i ha teak o ya >>ome on, sweeti >> my, golly. >> whoever can dab wins. >> i >> thinkbef you -- oh >> he doesn't like it. >> buddy, oh y. >> there no crying in football! >> go, go, go. it's a draw, i think? >> i think we pretty muchave
9:11 am
i tnk it's a draw. >> they're bh adorab. cutest babi. >>e'lliv you both -- i think we dermined -- >> you know what we should have done? make sure they could drlcrl. >> tt wathe flaw our oducer, oince lombardi, way t . >> you can share the ophy dis r yoanhalf dpe r you. there you go. >> big thanks to the babies, ava and sully. coming up, denver and carolina battle. theurger barbecue smackdown. wenow how to eat. after your localews and weather. carrthe ceimeter, divide by 3. something sothing something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the na your pre tool
9:12 am
is that a true storyyeahpeople realldoave anveragef over $50 when they swit. i mean about you inventg . i veed the story d isn't that what really matter
9:13 am
adne rese showshe booster dose of the whping in fa, e vaccine w only moderately effti f one yearndvid byeryit immunity aft two orhree ars. the studutr sugsts policymars shod cside al terme thvaccination stragies likeiving chiren a boo shot ding whoopin coug outbreak. th body mass index, or bmi, ofn criticized as a poor measure of aual hlthut n a study from ucla finds tt 54
9:14 am
obe overweightased on thei eir bommi are healthy. e report g ono the bmi iserrible iorf w f sebody i andhat a bm person could actually be quite unhethy. mortga buyer freddieac said t average rate on a fixed mortgage dpped t 72%his we. e average rate on a 15-year fixed-teortgage is down. hollywood surstar ben sller went to great lengt to get a seie athe lonnreer of zo zoolder 2. he took this shot at a gnea cord for t longe selfie stk. heoothe photo wh will faell,rist wii and other cast mates.
9:15 am
official chred. when we g tohe oscars,e should break that record. a 29-foot se stick. like it. here's the weend outloo nsne uan dowhe east coas the sto wilbe mery. windcondio in the plains, autiful in the pacif nohwest an the califni cot, 78 inos anges. tomorrow, sunday, sunday! we're lking at sno aroun the great kes, beautiful wth ontheast coaltug owers developon t soheastern atlantic coast. fabulous weather through florida, california, nice that it's a national weather person's day. and hereou go.per bowl forecast, santa cla, calora, 8:00 a.,
9:16 am
temperature 43. it an outdoor >> tha >> that is your andhat's your latest weather. al thank you very much. th denver and carolina squari off o t field suay, we tught wdit the twagait ch oern the kitchen as well. >> representing denver, the chef and ownerflack bellymaet, josia sia and so wre going to start off wh deer. wh a we making here? hfr n mexico,ive in denver so g a little ofth oncos naos,lue cor tortilla chips with orange cheese on top repsenting e
9:17 am
blackans, bits bon a gaiss soe le to fis f, a lite acamole. >>hat' t key to a goo nacho? sometimes everytng ends up on top. >> y hav dotn yers. so we p chipchee, pork thennoth of t same and y ke the whole thingo youave chee all waythroh. >> nhosagna. >> yeah. nicittlampl ere. ne litample re. ver you want it. is sohat's theachos with a lile new mexicohein ther e next is our brcourger. haveison burgers, slider patties, smoke provolone cheese angrn chil he to represent.grn chil sked ovone, this is bacoroht fm my restaurant we make ihous sus bacon. >>hen all thefixing t w i ite ve roastedarlic andhile aoli,
9:18 am
we havour sler. o ie wit theks soe hachile, bacon and cheesell onther a littlet wi us th to, onion, do t fixing >> i a bite of that baby yoy. >> i l acontinue. okay,ake a mess. >> mitche,haven inresting dip. a collard greens di >> collard green dip. and puld pork >>s isne o start af you h a duhov, addour crm, cream eam eese. >> already coed >> alrdy cooked there wh a a ltle salt and pepper and onceouinishit this you just ad t colrd green in ther >> i le y serving in the a bread bowl: >> yeyes, a the reasonor that isohaou c ally exrien itith pisa bre or en torllas and iyou ve
9:19 am
>>oh, wo d tell usbout t ecue. >> traditionally you would hethe one andnly spe ri. 'daute them and ste them real . dhen wkick it off with the st thing we'got, wch is wh we are,he whole hog. >> this was a whole hog? >> a 40 der. so you have a cice ohopped or you have a choice of puld theastut n lst we have our three bean baked dish whic saute that i bourb or a little moon sne tiv a littleck >> a liteor brea >> a ltl cn brd. >>ll rht, so her we go. right here we haveo decide >> we veo decide? >> wiie, we have to dece is. >> h are weupsed to choose? >> c we -- we're goingo
9:20 am
will tell yo who wins the sho downetween burgers coming up. que coming up. there's a story behi the fresh taste of philadelphia cream cheese. we make it dly using esh camilk, al cream, and absolute no preseativ. whent cos to fsh taste,
9:21 am
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9:24 am
es, the burger-barbecue showdown, the winn is, ladies and gentlemen, ed mitchels bark cue bark cue barbecue, north calina. >> it was faastic. >> ngratulations. oh! impressive. >> coratulations. they both were outstandin >> amaz i hado tasteest also,nd i agreith th choi. > let's to the list oe best viral videos of e month. we asked you, the peop, to vote f the or time for the counterdo. >> we have w . i love this segment. it's the best othe st. rst, we ha steve harvey deo.
9:25 am
appened with steve.take a look. >> oh! >> oh! >> it's a girl. >> i g it now. >> genius. >> pretty cool. >> peo this the timecome uth imagitiveaysf ancing it 's topical a t se time >>ittle cr emotional rolle aster. let's g t anunusl out. >> is e of jaary, and erody foothey pmised they'd goo th gym. is guy hasit, the invisib gy t anywhere y w go outside,er lht and nooblem. this is a magical frank sterpranr yoube. yoe. you e confusion o peopaces a he's defng gravit with this illusion. >> do you kno the secret? >> i do but i'd like to goac saying nothin
9:26 am
to sleep. great lullaby vios. maybe this will work. >> t vid i melting heas across the web. it's on the pia annel. yo can see theianond the beard, but it's all about 5 moh old muel. ha anar fect and couldn'tet tosleep. he pye lullaby. mi is you have to transport the baby to the crib, unless you lety sleep there for s. been the. e've arriv at t numbe e video as votedy the viewers. >> we like to joke inrnet is catvideos.adorable gettickled. ha! is productivityn america goes to rono one is doing anything.
9:27 am
>> lie,ry . we'll let yourifech for that ali,nk youo much.y pl >> mpleasure. he tries to win erles sliemann in "how ngle." wel talk to jake lafter this mmmm mmmm mmmm, laughter mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm! mmmmm mmmm, mmmm, mmm mm mmmmyoplait ere'a lighte fluffwayr evne tenjoy greekyogu. t gree100 whips! if was eing hot stchin d it staac like so deep the ttht i dn't handle it. i started eating on like one side of mouth for like a wle month
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ak akeacy beming llywood's goo boyfriend starring an ingring oppose leading ladi, rney marand lena bun ham ham -- a look at how his career took off. >> repter: je lacyot a break in 2012, pying pete lln he office." >> i wl build a little p house. >> reporter: it was 2015hen jake's career started to catch fire he lande a role on hbo's "girls" a lena dunham lov rest. >> shoul we getrinks tonig orwhat? >> reporter: and in the star-studded holiday film, "love
9:32 am
>> be my boyfriend for one night. >> no way. >> we needo figure out how long we've been tother. >> reporter: in 2016, he's starring alongsi ce blanetd roey mara "carol." what? tell me. >> sorry. i have togo. >> repter: and he's back in theaters this month in the new vie, "how to be single." >> eers. ly, that's a ndle. >> je is wit us. good morning, man. good to see u. >> you, as well. thanks for hing me. >>ou tend to play the good guy boyfriend, vy likable. we're going to try to get a little ee to you today, okay? >> ah, great. >> your next movie, you're going to be a villain. >>yeah. my agent was like, no matter what, we will get a baton, some weon in your hand, little destction, fire, something. >> little more of the b y? >> , i wor t jket today.
9:33 am
>> lite black leather. >> it'sorked for you. come on, you get the leading ladies. u've shared kissing scenes with. >>amazing, yes. i've been fortune. 14-yeaold jake is ke,ye. we did it. we're here. >> on this movie, your worlds collide. in "how tbe single," youe with leslie mann, the wife of "girls" execuve producer, judd apatow. how did that go over? we met early on. i was jt coming ono the project andhe's so lovely. we sho andater in the summer, i was on "gir." watching the nitor, someone else ishooting and dd was next to me and like, good to see you unr bett ciumstces. i was like, is everybody okay? he was li, my wife, kissing my wife. imdiately, i was like, oh --
9:34 am
>> the you cuddled up wit judd. >>ou a judd - >>oh, yeah. this was -- lena was sggling wi jud and i was the onl personext to the be i ght, this is weirder if i don't. biggest spoon there. >> i pre weiere. >> yeah. you think tha the cool rt, en it was real awkrd fore. >> wow. >> alsin "c"his year. it's been a crazy good year for you. nominated forars a everythils to me, that's a whole other dimensionor your career. we talked a about the you being the good guy boyfriend, bs that another step forrd for you? >> yeah. i wasonored tbe a par of it. have infinite respect for todd and the movie they create i don't know, i couldt more horendrateful to be pa of it. >> youe had aeal charmed career, it seems like,n the last two years. how hard has it tak you to get
9:35 am
>> i feel like'm the luckiest ki in the world. there are actors out tre who have to have theble jobs that i had f much longer than i had to havethem. >> whas the worst job you had? inc answered an ad off craig's list to be a bkgrod tor in essentially student film. promised 00. i sat in a foldi chair for 12 ho an at the end, was ke, can - the money here? a cwuy lik puld out his walletnd gave me $15. that's it. i was like, okay. >> it's worked outokay. >>yeah, that was ste one. >>tep one tbeg act. >> we'll get you a weapon for thxt movie. great to meet you. >> thank you. >> "howo be single" isn
9:36 am
goo >> good moing. yeah. i'lle one in myhome. we're goi to prepare fo youruperowl party. dylan will be le in san francisco for super bl50. we'll hel y plan you rty. sometimes, there's fancy snas d u' like, i am not doing that. >> right. >> tst me, you're gng t like it on sarday. we'll make you look like amazinfootball,ou know, chef nnoisseur, innious. we'll also have our own version of the puppy wl. we'll have a lot of funn saturd. >>urns out better than our baby bowl. >> i didn'tee it. >> crawlingace b the didn' crawl. >> they were cute. cutestabs. it winsll around. >> cute cheeks. what more do youneed? >> it's iday. >> s. >> sheinelle, have aood weekend. see you tomorrow morning.
9:37 am
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all februaryat subway. from nbc news this is "t"h kathie lee fford and hoda ko. live frotudio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> here it is. >> here its. it is friday, uary 5th, 2016. jenna bush filli in for kathie lee. that's sugar. so fly >> francis yates. 'rke twins.look it up.
9:39 am
's very cute go red for n. for th american heart association campaign tkicks off toaise awareness for women an h disease andot of people d'tealize how many amongwomen. ey think it's kind of a m's thing, b reay isman's thing to >> one in 30 women. >> it killse people t all cancer combed. >>he he. >> w ? >> oscne's s i again. oscar winner griffeyaudi is here. she'starring in a movie that's very personal to her. she's going to talk to us about that and how she looks so good. >> she looks really . if you aren't familiar with her name just yet -- i wasn't, but then lk a her. sh awesome.
9:40 am
cotry. e ubetar arou the d. ifouava daug, yo
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