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tv   News 5 Weekend  NBC  February 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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g was 8 wes egnant when she vand d was in pueblosee her boriend, "donthlucas." since hedisappearence, schellg's family has filed a lawsuit against thpueblo policeartmeniming th mishdled the itigatia jue dismisthat casut the fa's contied ustration was evidenat today's rally and kelsom saysy're n going ay. laurxton/kelsie's mo t: 18: this will continu we will not give up. i hope we don't ha to do ts agn neear. i pee reach a resolution before then, if we have to be here we'lbe here. we'rgoing to go ay. other faes with miss loeso joinedon today's ray. this year mark a milestone, with ste lawmakers passing a resolution to declare febr 4th "missi persons dayinhe state of cado. thfamilylso filed wronul death lawsuit t lucas, whicinop
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lorado springs and pueblo tonight... sunshine washe story of the y in bh cities.... prompting a ch needed th. ws five metero carlee hoffman join with your firrt forecast... carlee? a chilly start to the day, but sunshine has been abundant with just aew psing clouds. temperatesarmed into the 40's tnks to a down slope wind. winds become a touchez overnit with lows near 20. a dry cold front will give us highs rit ou0 for sunday, but sunshineagain
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happening now... the denver broncos and fans from acrosshe country are getting ready for thg game tomorrow. we've been live in california all week here on news t's check in with sports director grant meech...
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the final preparations are being made to get ready for morrow nightnd all eyes will be on lewivstadi at 430 for kick off for the broos andhe nthers. the newest nfl styadiuis also the mostechnology friendly stadium in the league and the oprganizers want to make sure that all of the fan exepreicnes are primed for maximuinteraction. the nfl is ting enhance th super bowl feel of things and and what exactly means??et the nfl explain we try to enhance that experiences to what the exeriee is like to the enteainment thate have rforming that's a part of it in the biggest game of the eyar 77 thousand people will am into the stadium... wi it be the last time ty see peyton mng??
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netonight. the sech has bn caed o for ssible svivo of mida collision in southern california two small ples hit, nding one plungingnto the ocean near thport of los angele yeerday afternoon. the f-a-a d n-t-s-b are on-snenvestigating. e coast guard says they have coverepa oa plane'tail ana flht log. l three peop w we oard the planes are still missing. a odland park man habeen identified as e person killed inn avalanchnear buena vista yesterda the chaffee county sheriff offices 58-year-old "ron abander" w riding a ow bike along cottownwood pass when the avalanche hit. a arby group of owmobilers
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to check things out and foun tracks near the slide. they cald searchndescue, whfound the tip of the snow bike sticking out of the sw. brander was buried nearby and wadead by the me rescus gotoim a woman is in stable condtion nit ter overdosing on heroin. colorado springs policsay the woman was in theassenger seat of a car during a traffistop -- t drivetold them she had overdosed and need help. officers sayhe was unresponsive, so they us "narcan" to try to revive her. medical crews sait hped and she waquickly taken to the hospital. the driver wasrrested for driving under the influence of drugs. meanwhil springsolicare searching for suspects aft a robbery on galley ad last nigh the viim told officers two m with a gun barged into the businessemandi money. both are described as black spanic, in their 20sabt 6-feetall, wearing dk clothing and bdanas. no one was hurt. a taste of mardi gras right here in colorado today --heck out th
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cookf and para" in manitou springs. this is the 21st yr for the even organizers telnews it s started by a few sidalk arsts and has now grown to thousands of people. we got like inch of ow here and peoe arestill coming out. it's turd into a big event andit hel peoremember that manitos re youw and theresot of niftthings t do here. about 20 people toart in the in the gumbo coooff, each person cooking 5-gallons to make surehere was enough go around. nats of scaming 150 people took a dip in a very cold lake pueblo today fhe county's first ever polar plge the sheriff's office hosted th event and welcomed fro all over southern colora. most sayhecodn't believe how coldt was. sot: 108 - 14 when my upper body hit the water ias like
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it. participants had to raise minimum of 75-dollarto te the goal to raise 10-thousand dollars for specia olympiolorado, b they toppedaising mthan -thousand dos. e colorado springs polar ungeben saturday february 27th at prospect lake in memorl pa year. 's the same day as "intnatiar bear day." still d news fivet 5:30--- thads aralmost as popular the game itsel... 'll sh y what compans are ending the big bucks for thfirst time this year. t rst a live look outside--- news fivmeterologist rlee hoffman is xt with your full first art forecast... on
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chil srt to the day, but, sunshine has been abunda with just a few psing clouds. temperatures warmed into the 40 tnks to dn slope wind winds become aouch bez overght with lownear 20. a dry cold fro will gi highs right arou 40 for nd, but sunshine will again be the main
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the restf the we will be qut anpleasant as a ridge warm highressure buil acrosthe stern ha of the untry. we'll have aoodeal of sunshine all weewith wming temperatur. highs ll be solidly in the 50's and eclose to 60 by tuesday and those rm temperes continu thughout test of tork week netogh.. advertisers are shelling out up to 5-million dollars for a 30-sond mmercial in
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new tonight... advertisers are shelling out up to 5-million dolrs for a 30-second mmerci in sunday's big game. some lar companies, like "anheuser busch," buad time year after year, butor others, taking that le is a major's marbarger wh ok
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nats with more th 100illion viewers, a supebowludience is tough to top. sot arles taylor / professor, villanova iversity "there'seallan opportunityto make an iact that there isn't ywhe iveg." thathy payl's one at ast 13 timr bo vertisers. . t greg fisher / vp, bran marketing, paypal "this is the fst sp in long joueyor us." sunday ad launches a global cign about the any's in the ch naney. soisher vp, d marketinaypal "as a maeter, you're aays holding yo bre but i'm realxcited tsewhat the pele's rction is t coatad, meanwhile, is less about seing and more aut savi. sot jas cooper / execuve itor, adweek "they're running their first ever spoand it based on not sting wate" colgatalready habran regnitn. deh wishfee doest. somike brown / oer, death wish coffe "we're aware millioneople are g see death wish coee for the first time." e all, new york company won a contest through intuit tfund a supebod...ontoutg its ercely cafined cfee.
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sh coffee "the commercial was releed, we haour best day of les." goddy was alsoittlknown... nats untiracy super bowl ads helped it grow into a web hosting ant. sot charles taylor /rofessor, villanova univerty "as time wt by a their awareneswent u they started kiomrisks. this yr, godaddy's risk tting outhe ga badcast. t othecoanies are ready nats "let gondreathe" to rthe di supowl s. nats "brliant!" or "at about a snack stadium?" mark barger, nbc news. ad time is up 11-pernthis year or st yr, and about 72- perct from01 last yea eightifre veisers spent re than 10- percent of their full year media budget on this event coming up next in sports, we're li fm san francisco with a
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wenow under 24-hrs bncos fans. not much time left to wait and boy can you the ancipation sur throughout to. grant meech is right there in the cent of the action, he joins us le and grant the ggest headline of cosehe currt team fighting r a championship.....b ut a broncos great is waiting f a dferent nd of honor, right? ust few hours teell davis wi know if he will me the pro otball hl of fame along with john lyand steve atwater. td was aajor part the broncos winng their two and only nfl tits.
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an the championship te. davis ink thonly similairity is the aging quarterback. ning ge was different the defense was different - in s eyes is totalldiffent. johnould still t... he didn't have limitatns physically like peon so didn't have to adjust the offense arouohn you know make adjustments for the game - we jusran the offense so think ats the main diffence and similarities? i think there are references than similarities stat of the day r you tonit... the number one defense and the numbner one ofnse have met in thsuper bowlhe last eleven years running.... the broncos ha history on thr side when th kicoff on sunday the broncos defense finished the yearops in the nfl and evyone knowshat's where their streng lies. the front fouror denver have
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is juist as good. and its that combo that gives the broncos nfident against cam newton tomorrow nit. were n gng to stop being aggressive despi who war aying - were gonna do what we do..... and i think that'seen predated on brging a g like tj and aqib in with the big hi and the league has changed and you cant do ceain things but you cant take thedge off because were gdiatorout there and atthe way we play and we bring at grit erweek. the number one defense has won 9 of the last years. we'rjust 24-hours away, broncos nation get rdy for the big game. matt?
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colorado clege is ba after a tough loss to nnesota-duth last night, 5-3. the tirs held a 2-0 advantage for thrst two periods, b u-m-d ab tchip ay at it and mp into e driverseat. c-willoofor the lit ght, they'ren the road in minnota....6:0puck op....we'll lo at the highlights back here on news-5 at 10. sp we air force on the other hand coin ewi t opnts 201 thlchavet loam nce nuary 3rd and have tied three t of those 10 games, rest all in tin colu host t nit at acady,ooking for yther victory. ck-drop there ist 7:00 and wehilight that gas
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. teeratures warmed into the 40's thanks to down slope wind. winds become a touch breezy overnight with lows near 20. dry coldro wl give u highs right arou 4for sundayt nshine wl agn
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erin: the defendant, denko, antwo associates, invaded the home of boris and irina ostrovsky. mr. osovsky hafudto make mr. denko a partner his diamd porting business. mr. denko cidedhe w goio change . ostrovsky's mind-- atunpo when m ostrovsky still red cperate, the defendant put that gun tead of iristvs and pulled the tri s ostrsky's beloved wifeed in hims, whe their two ildren epupstairs. pelepren indiablevidence of this heoucrim
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thpeopre proceed?in ware,our honor. thopleall s ostrsky. witness wille sworn . raise your rht hd. do you solemy swor affm thathe testimony you are t to give t truth, the ole trut annothing bue truth? (u saking russn): (jgeangi gav) cose.. (speakrussian): uronor... (uri connuesrussn): one moreord anre contempt, mr. dko. dge: ease repeat the oath ou solnly ear or affir that the testimony u are abt give ishe truth, the whole truth, and thg but thtrh?
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