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tv   Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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next "extra." nrato fm c ws, this "today"ith kath lee gifforanhodaotb, live fr stud 1in rockell pla. >> hey,
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>> we're sorry, we were talking abwhate're goingo do morrow for lunch.>>re vy busy >> we're going to try take these two kid out to lunch tomorrow tomorrow. >> look who's here. >> a little buzz from last night. >> irought him home, walked him home safe and soun ood girl. >> they wi bwith us for buzz in jusa little b. >> buz how aropriate >> arease isd r a hang. >> i d'tave a hang o's giving me this bad rei i fl sharp versmar >>harp sma he st tolus txa posi. >>is startf innew , evybod happyhi newear. i sh iad kwn thabefo today. >> why? >> bause the man who has bn drivinme f 33 ars back a forth from conneic is
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he my faithfulriend d i ha been ress notishing ha pppy cnese newear. llight we do ve a great show toy. we have thgreacreati mind behind girls ts is 40, a n netflishow cled love. it's really funny. the the stars, ty'llet you talkg.sohey be with u >>nd ao torrow is g nifohoda she is htingheoman d re dre d dssawar you t eve ye. they'v lost aombine 240 unds to improveeah. wel meet all fiv te find out how thid . >> and do ho is waing in the red dress awards? >> i'm so nerv i can't n heels, but you h move. i t to find i did aittle lip nc. that uown funk? >> i tried it choosehe dress for her d she overruled . thinthshter esfor
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olthing.>>horter was probably a beer ea. yone wearsong. >> igetherwith my scisrs a takcaref it. >> of course you will. it wa >> it was a very big day on saturday for me because bambino celebredis sixth birthday. he the one wh a ngover. he has not gotten over h fifth birthd bash. and u went to per bowl rt entherokers' house.eswho ey who is righ cookinaway now. urtn cooked last night. shde the craziest chimichangas.we have ouple of pictur look h pepr t doand expgpper. i like weppe was geg hed. >>ogvereho tir uf tchg tirstuff. theyike . >> anyway, it s de hs f the bnc a peonanningr fe
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nthe, you know, theco wa 24-10. pthanarheron, but 's a sidmazi tm. ey wilbeac bk. and go on seby instraed me, age neon's mothese to m. cam' mother sent o him and he putt on instagram, ihi it was really, really great ce fm a mother. it was excellent. >>ton had huge, huge, -- not only the nngest quarterback, but at ag, also the oldest to win r bowl ornc t wcraz gaga ng, sheasessed, thought, ele. >> thoug resctfu >>h,n sangit w ined.
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the bbsurin ve proofhrghhe nig th ourthurg stire the most mongt was themding at attentiotheir li the line. then hatie and i dying,atiently.ounew yourong was --o rs is came out anit wbeautil fu d then beyce came t dressed to tines. d then b aeyon had
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llas,et's gs sta shaking gi let'setn format ou knowho a you k who i am >> e on whlse is is therwhat els is ther >> i like this move. >> all o - >> wthe legs is wild. wild moves. >> it's nky chken. >> oy goanthen wheu watch all , beruno, ch martin fm play youldll they w frie can we listen? let's . who cares? ar >> i w lpervlawatchihat.
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i'm ke eve eve d you kn that ris in an bceer ls. i ess gwyneth i friends with the whole group and they posd this e, ttustres e friendshi cis mtin'and ynets gweth' daughr with z' daught >> y so swewelluld like a rer thoss who a litt and lon the olr, all right i art a petition have t the super bowl some y. i ju -- mentied i le mtho. got the eetest lfrom their ger sae wo ve to, wre on , we'r sold mea don'td th youngeacts. but ink reallshouldlike the gmmys give it t other pele somes. 's america -- e super bowl is ameca's.
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wh cisn sang a look back at thsupeboan yosaw all the different -- thou sucgrt thing and iteall you abt hi that had comethad u2, ttonehael jan. >> y >>an wtalkbout this? >> the hot ref.whcareababt the game.did you e hi >>ow d i ms the hot f? i wan to see him. n >>is nam e blakeman. look as ar. lo hehalo is around him. e eve what you say. of course it wasome. ofouit was. uslook at him.
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ev rneryoasllim he's aeaold leaeofcial offialrom a. heork for the nfl nce 2008. s twitter counsayse's rson injy attoey? ow inteste med wh chen aah.>> bppfor m. wl, gdy fou nraskhusktwd out he alla baup arteack r th'8 tea so hknowthe . theres a t of controversy ery ar. di you havavorite of e mmerals or did yhinkfelat? pupkeby is th stuff htmares. >> that was ary. >> but you knew it unin >> you don'telling a van. it looked like on ings in a bn movie. >> a little weird. h,onogm one. let's ke a look. hodie. >>nd there iyo beautiful baby.
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>> reallou're eating doritos? 's eatinris on my ultrasound. see what iave dl wi? >> ino >> a! >> i you kn the co wlig one i don't .>> tt was funn peoplare so iesting something at mak perso laugh ofnds's j so rre. i as haveapol ern my poct readto go. >> don't weave ourl, y gu?
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olize r heying wh sheas ahat'saboutoay. who cares. enjoy. but i ought erl at the commercials were nots grea >>hey release them on th inet.>>heve awao ch. ey let everybo s theto so. >> i le christopher walken. ything he does. m sitng inhey's wk- oset injed all rig.f you guys'le y ait. utrn california laers r rof da >> maruris srywas brought to our teio he a hife offero pay eolui of kinderrt stuntat r vista ementary school in ahm,aliforni re's what he had to sa >> getngnttewi bung aewoa ting dede wchneo get an abouth se me, la
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chchnd he was tainabout chary d ging en he gavehat rmoni just felt moved thatuying bo wasery lfisthing r me ild do so much moreimpacthe l of these . anwant to ke surat ese kids have ev portunit go olle thhool iing hard makeure the dren are inspiredo go tege ani juant to re the ncial baiers. au is e cty pang frol.ow >>owre woi tohe frollege thi? th g, byhey. bls you.pelee at >> aso ith guy soe ll f t yrs uny lle twyes itn cifora at a private scol goodorim
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the at>> andhere is thg ong wi buyina bo t adthathoicani thk ame theeaof mony d is go for mon babywhatreou doingthere?our dess our ssert and red tea service. from buddh from buddha co tm treat right. >> athe trair everes thursd? it's good butounow wha she tde to do bor me, she sai dnk a ful lewate >>se icutsown r peti eforbreat, a nn >>a fuote of somethg. our vorite things are coming up aittle ter. >> and if you want access hollood, these two hole key. there rlly acng lan olmarried coup more and re d more. billyush d ki th have ur crityool -- scoop i today's buzz. >>got scoo a lot of d pilled cga beco pets. it not you, it's the laundry. protect ur clothes fm stretching, fading, and fuzz. ...with downy fabric conditioner... it not only softens andhe,
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we w we want different stuff for the super bowl. >> zac brown. >> yes. >> lots of luke bryan, blake ton.t t thetuds of co music. >> mix i. mihe gens up. >>arrie unrwoo >>ll rht. 're rey. tay'suzz. re's theuicyosp th y miss over the weekend. the dynamic duof a hoywd velyush and kit fr,cuteogetr. us,ellyrkn. >>s od tse. she roit.>> she'somin
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>> the da s rid. >> what >> wha she teasing? firstf all i ink it ver ro's birthy party. sh she's tni 2. i'm kidd nok she's goin dind or someth like, iscal. >> ke to disnland t's a vio,ong, a album. ucpresre tndewwa me an annemenli th. we' tking abo i>>abs . >>heas theesba. >> she >>ant. 's pgnant witl boy d r baictures i put e she's so cut sheas theest ba nd i lovher me >> and c we lk about dav -- lryavid on "s"?>> hwas eat,ut hs lay d g rry vi he'sotoingernie sands. het dog rry da hes beie
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tw vide funthough >> just to thede by delassic it'sn yoursias >> l see it. , my god, mr. bernie sander i'mour bgestan and i'ellingyo i'm feeling thebern. >> you coughed into your ha. i don't shake it aft a cou >> no, iidn't. con, mr. sanders, don't be rude. shake my wife's nd. >>sorry, i'mot being rude. she's the one being rude by offering a germ-instedd. i'm ge-infested now is what i am? >> ginfested hand. i'm running for prident. do nke dising ha [ laught
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>> and at the end of tt skit he los bfive votes. >> oh, that's fuy. >> t pee ben tway to gget hicoee.>> be's lihat eal life i lived withry didor n s gueshouse. not lived with larry a toraffa. so ny w he. >>e's actly like tha alife. he quensvethg. 'slways geinin trbl i kw w is g bauseond notorious for tinger heerm-o- he's all o t wit everyb >> i beat immune st. his doctor said strongest on to ever run forpresident. world. irld. >> you guyar wel playrammy game. t that's righ hodie. >> i can sing. >> we'll bght back. can a toothpaste do evything well? this clean w like pow! it added this her vel of can to it just kinda evytng clean 6xleang my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6xhitening
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gram grammys are a week away so we thought we'd play a fun game we're callg tunes and lloons. >> our crack producersho some o best grammyecords over theast 20 years. kathie lee are up agains billy t. ne person h am k a songf e bowl. you m, act iout, give
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billo. wey hstoni will lov howid you -- w. >> oh, mgod. [ humming ] >>orttab. yes talico. ood. co on. >> i knew at by the way. >> oh, her husband just ssed away. >> celinon. my hea will go on. >> pop pop >> g >> ie this >> nou's f. what iit? [ mm [ humming ] >> mic jacksat it. oh,god. go, oh, j
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[ mming ] sp >> skip . [ humming ] >> neil seak le will keep us tet usogether. movie beaches. betwn -- >>hick wg?ohbettmidl. winden wind beneathy wi >>h, sot >>his is so citi. rry.[ mmg ] >>ive mee hints. yocan talk>> alelin the de. andou were singing hello, i
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>>s that 'sim we'lplay ding th eral. don't worry, happy >> do you re need to was your hands aer the batoom? wouldayso. >> and y'll fall in love with 's newest comedy.
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yr day, bab >> so one ofngs you about is the toilet at covers. yosethose in tirports angs. ld youshould y not e? youbsoly do not nee to use these. if it makeyofeel bter, go for it but in realityyou won't ck up opa germs through the toilet. >> d azwh terdi? >> iotalgr couphingere t out. urine on these, 's sterile. t ything. 's somebody else's -- >> exa. here's the. yore sit on the toilet, you a skin. ur ski you barrier agt infeion. ut iughte were pposed to >> i t. >>e' spod ov. >> iyowant tgh wko. >> nodhove tt lo. theyay ty , but it har rk. >> yo thi aut h many gerreead b toucour n face unlesmeboneezes the toileat, ned for at
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afg the rest >>houldn have y is, but ansis cose, yoav wh you s afyouut t om. bui foun10 oeople skip e si u the baom >>mat oin in the st 30 us s sp the rest of us don't wash long enough.>> but imites or someg. t's asg as it keto happythday o times. shing th soad r d waysembeto gunder e nail too. >> i >> i do.escily bwe pat i do >>haabt ha sanitiz iyoren pinc thasothing th y tnk is aoothg? >>f ren pinch anyoha swar,t' urex toandat iwa -- >> b the is corovey. what is that
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t 60% alcohol. >> wha i'veaying. not an anticteria ere istrovbout a substawhics beendied he fda a numbeof years. they donave enoughdence say whether onoit's dangous for humans studieuld be sokohol? xact beche ski por >> yskint sorb anng, butheas that perhapitou bed antibiot natal f t aron sn. >>et's go tenst. thayulyou twice a ye. i out itast ce aye wel tsatwica ar utdad omon. in rli, aot le re of ureawhe it reallyen on urwnrsal risfaors. sothing worth talking yr deist abou ha i yon'tave h? stneary o he dent es. health. >> i'm sav he >> iif that's but i t
2:37 am
need to go more okers, p diabete people with shogeinssyndrome, everthe nt ty nt you too. >> if ha a yoga mat or ev g eipnt, y nee to sitize it i tughthereoingt caustheyere swtingbut u suldeiping i dn no tthaecse yogma, unli youtoil seat are a peect home lf germs. and e tng ee,thcouple ts are al if u have y op wnds or a c, vethita -a. th's howrganmsann.and athip that i fnd rely helpl,onse t me tow tt you wipown a swea piecef eipme a thenuthatyourace. bee ths yo porof eny. >> whyould you? ely thi we'alki abo the r fiers.doou ryeehang osout?
2:38 am
filt your ter beuse it's been trese in thu. >> unless u'ren in>>o at t e ss isbout 91of houseldhavemunity water whicis supposeto mt certaistrdbuthat's. so cerinly people wht water from tir own well or thing like that,t's r resibi. but u can to yo lal board. >> and sreen wow all time. than, guys. thank. >>f you lirls, t wreck or knoed up, tn you'll want to check out the new sees love. >> we'lle fun with the stars coming up.take pictures of sunrises. it's my job it's my job and it's also my passn. buwith my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get in me. then i found aleve pm. eve pms the ly one to combe a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving stngth of aleve.
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we h we have a nice hearty crowd out there. >> it's blowinowth have umellas and they're on >> ty'ren thmoodore. yesthey are. inmacynd cmit, sounds li dream relionship. >> for one cple, ican be a laris nightmargillian gillian jacobs andaul rust star i t netix sers "love."
2:41 am
soake a look. better and like why do i believe that? ere these liecome from? it's like, oh, i know,ongs and bos and vies. pleasantville? >> whoa, yh. no, i like it iain. hi, ki. >> wme. thanks for hang us. how fre ywo. at is a eat sce, thoh. yoys slike y're nds bere thiping. do know another? no. i was a fabefore. ew of her ty and thghe ous. very talented. and hot.lebeest. >> >> no. ye, okay, ok. >> and sw did you gea
2:42 am
>>el pauhabeenorking th judd atow on theew ew herman mov that's cong o ts nth. thas for that. >> andn the netflix family. happy help. and en y srted talking abouthe ideaor t sho >> he seems have the das touch. >> yes. >> s netix wou say,yef co. so youte it, all it, or didou write it -- io-wrote it with my wife. that's why you didn gillian was hot. [ ughter ] s ere some ad b ppening?cause itee liket's happening a >> yeah. ted atow style, we did a lot improv o t, theywrote me nice pts. so iwas a wonderfrting point andhereedom to s whatever came alon anyoget play slut. how chun is th. souch tter than becca at
2:43 am
o y h d --idou have too rearc for her? >>ounow, we all have a past. so i thought about eliea of myli, frnds. u n po a l of peop, ere are a lf gattori outher s funo plane whois sliss inhibid. i'm pretty tightly wound. >> dibe ur character. swhis totally like me. a ne. o isth? >> doing some day lewis mehe. , i play charaer he's ae pleaser guy and he's a tor for a young student. >> a y meeer and you're yi to hel pay for herff in srend -- thas ght. >> so lovju finds t tf eful >> ys li epis d a xplo of o people gettietr. aking t ofistakes. >> liklife.
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thanks for comg tseus ove" pmies februar19 on netflix. >> a aarently peewee herman rit after at. >> >> five women me pledge to get heart heal a lose40poundsmbined. >> we'll reveal how theyid it
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elim miner d-ortl so why choose anything other thys? febr > februarys all abt heart health. tomorrowight'm hostinghe 13th annual men'y red s awds. doctor a researchers advocates to who areg a differenhe f agast art seas tveill al honor five wom who havarof a liongeannger nge. si spring, theha woedh joy bauer toose . d lower their risof heart diase. >> and we're abouto show off their hardork. >> this e thing s put
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ve a column and every ye wewo a cautroun the and recruit women w have h heartserre in e midst of hrt dease or a familyhistory, and weeral tu the livesroun so sexted. we'll intruce you all of them fir up we he our chr leing een. thiss nicole. 42 from geora. she's a bu m, two beautiful dahts. d e reason that she s r poms is shcohe lol competivcheerlears e ed tbe cerleader >> is th youehind you? >> y, fitihe actually tualown cpetive cheerleading weight. e lo7 . she's lored pressure t r cholesterocaonsage in ha.>> thankol >> and lita isvegetable ampion she's 35, she's from pennsylvania. she'pounds.>> go, gir lowered her b pressur and chesterol all whil
2:49 am
w togoi li yraili that too.>>ouooawesom >> a she aeautul daugeraseland s's theltimathethy role mel. tnk y. awom where mia >> so mariis holding her hot strappy shoes. e' fromorlandorid s a ramp age a airport. demandinjob, alwayg nd bagga but e's dropped nds. normalized blood sugar. re 2diabetes diabetes art disease. and she's ldg her st shoes beusshe coul fit inhem befo. and she losto much wt, theytoo bi she dropa whe shoeize. hat aweso. >> we have to buy her a new pair. you have gre feet, too. esom thank you. >> and next upe have my
2:50 am
thiss rry kell s's5 years old omrand rapids, chig. she's holding a picture her mily. thiss a t ofeartbreaki t noheartwarng story. out o years o --irst, she's a moanshe'a grand mom. two years ago, h husba wen out r jog and he was strk by a carnd he was killed. and shtotally t r health on thehe. d itast unl onofer daughters caed h hysterical ying saying, mom, afra i'm now gog to lmy oer pare. so she's turned her life around. so she dropp2 poun, lored her blood pressure, e bad cholesrol. >>ou lk awesom >> and you >> andourusba is sling down. she's so proud. >>e loveyou, congrs. >> and last but certaiy not least, we have enchilada mama. me gb these from you first.
2:51 am
>> what! althyenilad? >>'s 49 nor carina. moth of ree. assistant director at a chur preschool. anshe so takes care of her mom. >> we' listeni wow. >> she need be more selfh. shwas taki care everybody buherself. and now e has dropped 25 un, lowered herher bld pressure, reded risk for diabetes because s steadied out her blood sar lel. >> congratulat. >> that's fantastic. >> wshould put t recipon r bsite. love it. >> i mad it on yo show! >> so this whole group has droppeabout 25pounds. [ cheers and alause ] >> ladies, thank you so, so much. >> awesome. >> sorry i'mpeaking with my mouthf. webe right back th our favorite things. but firs this is "today" o c. here
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,,,,,,,,, time> tiaroufavote things. u d sq always here th our godin. he a his we are t phenomenpeop. i bkald the pr challen. panereprer eydoina sty wi baylor university f ther sometng to e ct th that ki o actuly gets relts.go o40 day >> a just want to show you one of my favorite things is th guy that i met this weekend, his name tony luca. we wked into ausic place and
2:55 am
here is a song of his. it cle "rht ome." >> i likat. why n't you fi tt kind o muc althe time >>ony luca. everybody knory word. ian lu tony ca. tomorrow imagras. wefo. l divocomi. wn is tha>>orw! >>nd it's boozeday tuesday ople. find out what men really thi where our guysell all. >>myission is simple. toake u mo i'm here t i'm here to level the playing eld for l investors. there's always a bull market sowhere. i promise toelp you find it. "mad money" arts now. 'm 'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcomto cramerica othepeople want toake iends. m just trying to save you some money. my j isn justo enterta but oach and teach youow
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