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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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you're a victim of last yearandslides in colorado springs, timis running o to get federal funding. thcity is hosting two meetings this weeto help get everyo signed uporederal aid....a the first meeting is tonight at st. paul catholic church near the broadmoor. news 5 greg dingrando there now with areview f us. greg--what can people expect tot? e meeting starts at 630 and its important one. the city is not only trying find out who the victims are, but they have get them sign up f the federal gra program where the city would use fema monetouy their homes. its something residents en super cited about....but many of them are considering. for opikbudd catron...2015 was a rough year. t: 1747 it was unbelievable.
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anhe ss since the initial slide...its ly gotten worse. sot: 1322 the whole de has moved 12 inchetohe nor and drped down2 inchesr more. and he kno itsot done. 1349 i worried about this spring. there probablyo stopping it. the city says he's absolutely ghd that's true for yoffected which is why they're trying to get them out before a disaster happens. they he to dit, by buyg them out sot: 736 they can recee up 75%. not exactly a mb many hoowners are eed about....but some say they don't have ahoice. sot sot but when does thatoney come through? the city says thats another importanpa of these meetings. gettg theist is one ing,utetting p in the ght ot basedn your dag is ano. so 7 priitization has thing to do th value of the property. e prioritization is sed on
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agaithe meeting stts in 30 minutes. if y can't make itonig the seco mting is on thursy atfirsstation 16. e deline tgesigned up for the feral ma 4th. in cos, i'm , n5 new togh a wrongful death lsuit, filed against the father of dylan dwine,.haseen dismissed...because of a clic eor 13 year old dylan disappeared from his father's house near vallecito lake in la plata county in november of 20. his mas were found in 2013,...the cause of death waruled a homicide. his father, markmed a person of intert in the death. the court led a wrongf dth lawsuifiled dan's mother, elaine,...against r huand, should have been filed two years after the date his remains were dcovered. it was actually filed o years after the redwine's were notified,.four days after the statue of mitations had exred.
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in antonito... on ashednesday. busome sayt led to a miracle. that's because the soot leftov r the fire formewh aparto be a crown ov a rtrait of the in mary. an investigator spotted e image while ing the damage church. the headthe church says wo has spread----and ny church- goers considercl ouldike to see the 5'showland spe day speaith peopt e chch---cch h full repo tonight on news 5 at e company planning tdevelop land in black rest that many neiborsug to be protected is planning public meeting ear om nearby homeowners. oukelsey kenne is geing to e bottom of whher or not the la is actually protected.. lsey wt'd you fi out..? part of shamrock ranch is protec a conservion easent.. which is hl paso county. the highlighted ar h planned for delopment of
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unty planners ll me the prious owner.. d the easeme's location to ts small pa of the proper five or sears ago.. this is all that' otected.. something neigorwen't expecting. okq wesre still up, so no onis rea aris is happening." so old they're hard to make out.. gnrdering thpropertyn blk rest rread "wildlife park, no tresspassg or huntg".. neigors believed a 50 year conservation easement on the property mea it wouldn't be deveped anytime soon cover with cool window shot "what i thght i was getting was 50 years of gorgeous view outy front wind." "i left mont and it's growth toot have that here, and it's just coming right along." much of rage was sd to classic home. they're caing the proj flying hset shamro rch.. ans for delopment wi home s a go ce and op sce..
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nt property owners "that's all i see en i look ouont of my hoe that. so i do el tite d i was not included in the mailin" besis the sibity of losing spectacular vis. infrastructure iconcern.. "hmero tt's a feederroad is only about a lan ha lyavto get o the side oasphalt to ps othecar on holmeroad." a public mting is hed for tomorrow nht where nearby owrs c have thei questions answered.. "i'd likto know their plans for water, they're plans for the road fire protection and if ey're going to try to have that aexed into the city as well." now i al spoke ta neighbor whdidn'tave any concerns about the development... though he didn't want to be on camera.. i also reached out to classic homes.. the ceo will be out of tn untitomorrow.. the puic meeting is scheduled for tommorrow night at.m..
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website ko dot com as well.. lisa? ================ apause nats applause nats =========== congressman doug lambornn colorado sings today to lir his "state of the 5t congressional district" drs. he touched on a nu of topics impacting el pas countyincluding concerns surrounding the v-a anre that local vets "have" an"have not" been receiving. helso lked problemhe see with the system overall. == we have the falsification ofrecords, and we ha people t being put on thehoice progm ere they can see a pvate prider when the va system self is too tied up. so this shouldn't be happening, our vetera deserve the very best care. congreman lamborn also talked about the fight in washon over appointing a n supreme urt justicsince the passof justice antin scalia. we'll hearis thoughts on that--onig at 10. a memorom the pueblo city
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tonight. aarently structs city employees toell a supervisor whenever they're contacted by a mef city council. news 5's andy koen getting acti tonhtrom pulo ty council memrs about this change. he joins us live in udio with more. me are surprised by it ... other don't k its a big deal. nothing in the memo actually prevents city employees from spking with cocil mbers. but if you havto notify your boss every time you talk to meone on council, at least one council member tells me ey don't think they'll learn much abt what's reallppeninthe . ok rq the memo was sent february 2. it's just three sentences which say ifemof city coun contacts aity employee dictly . that they en a to inrm their dire supervir and the departnt head ... and tell them everything that was shared with e counl member councilwoman lorwinner thinks the message could have a chilling aect on city oyee 144520 "it kind of sties the open flocommication or the ease ocommunication ere
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employee or employee contt you." but counlman chris nicoll dsn't think it's a big deal. he sees the memo as reinforcing a common courtesy. 1255 "the me really is about when cncil members contact employees direct but they ne to c up channel that bacup tohe cin of command into the city manager k but those communicio are occurring and i don't see any issue wi that." he pointouthe city charter explicit instructs members of uncil noto intfere with hiring and firindecisions. 123513 "with work under the city charter whicstates that the city council twork to the city mager's office on requt sendpecial when we're doing any ki othinwher ployees arbeinreired to completeome sks being tested for projecthat kind of tng." but wier tls uthatame ovision actually empowers council members to freely a questionsf city employees. 1440 "to mataying that you can call anybody a inquire abt anything that you needo
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this memmes at a time when tensions are high at tueblo police dartment ben the officers union and the police chie news five has learned that anothememo was sent last week by commanders in the poli department mandatingupvisor approval before anemployee segroup eml. andy koenews 5. an agreement may be in the works to keep super bowl m-v-pon miller with the oncos!! grant meech breaks it aldown for us ahead at 6:30. and justour days to go until the ti's nexprimary election. we'll have tatest om t campaign trail. mike-- i'm mike daniels
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poli say the apps might be doing mo harm than good. it all begat:3 video from pinon park the spngs. a look from cames acss colodo. highs today in the 50's d 60. rrt mpatur a or
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satellite pictures, not asindy and not wm today. an area of hh essure will bring dry skies again tomorrow with warmer temperates. hour by hour, mostly sunny through the day. a chilly srt then nice and mildrom te morng through te afternoon. a few high thin clds isome ars fr time time. lowsightn the 20'snd 30's. highs tomorrow in the 50's, 60's and 70's. 7 day forecast for the springs, high tomorrow 63, gustwind thursdaynd wm wi ah of 70. gh fire nger. pleasant friday and turday withunine.ooler next week. pueblo higtomorrow 70,indy and warm thursday with high fire danger. a record high on thursday. cooler fridawith less wind. the weekend starts mild then coer air sunday. canon ty and woodld rk, warmer tomorrow with breezy ternoon nd ry windy with high fire nger thursday. pleasant fridaand saturday thenooler air sunday with a w snow showers psible over
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count on newfivekeep you ahof a troubn the s. you'in intve trafmaps rig n at koaa-d- com. seveeather hittilorida this week--some oft caught on tape. resueiance cameras in miramar, florida captured trees and debris flying everywherethis morning in mit ofble tornado. fier winds uprooted lm trand debrghout th tequta cove nehborhood. rtof miami-dade al suffer sigcant damag homeowners compare the sound of the storm to that of a fight train. x
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clean upesftehd afr heavy snowfall. the snow-melt nausing ooding and ice some streetsere under twfeet waterhis morn and the e--atopplirees anpoweines thrghout the ea of roanok one case a man baly escapeinjury after a tree ll on top of her vehiclwhile she was warmg it up. and on another street, a massi tree fell across the st landinon top of a home one wurt. a massive rocke closes more than 20 miles ado interstate--we'low you wh-next at six. and former surgical tech accused of stealing drugs and swpi needles--indicted today. 'll tell yut the federal
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,,,,,,,,,,,,, veng corado tonight: a rmer sgical tech from nver s en iicd on federal taerg d drug cand made hisirst court aeance toy. prosecutors say rocky allen stole pain medication intended for patients at swedish medical ntern englewnd swit syringes. after the algas surrounding allen surfaced swedish out notes to abou-hundred peoe wh underwent surgery dung hbe td for hepatitis and h-i-v. a medical ceheenworked in phoeis ao ring testingatients, but it'sot clear if accuse a
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a major closure on i-70 on the western slope today ter a second rockslide. it happened last night on the interstate in glenwo canyon. the slide so large the road had to be shut down in bh directns a 24 mile stretcrighnodot estimating the closure to continuthugh thursday. e uck was daged, but no e jured asuge chksf ro and boulders came crashing wn the was another rockfall over the weekend. c-dot crews at work in t are to remove the rockfall and mitigatehe canyon walls. xxxx lorado state unirsity in fort colli is looking for permissionrom larimer county to sell full-strength beer at football gam. currently only-point-2 beer is sold at hughtadium, but the unersity's aletic director joe parker says they want to now ll beer that starts at 4- percent. rker says the university has been selling beer for more than a decade without much trouble and says this shouldn't affect operions drastically. he adds more than 30 other college stadms also sell full-strength beer. c-s-u will host its la
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years season. two backuntry skiers hurt anvalanche oside of silverton this weekend thits say five sers were coming down a path ave highy 550 on redountain pass... when they igged the slide. two wereaught up in the flow and carried for some distance. the slide al spilled oo the highway leaving behind debris pile up to 15 feeteep. the corado avala informatcenter says 'sremarkablehat everne surviv. xx the colorado state patrol heing more than just people iseek. troopers in alamosa rescued injureown this mning. they say they foune owl inreon the side of the roadand could not. elvet s hit by a car. troopers picked up the own and took it to colorado parks and wildlifeor reh in twe they said "we even he injured owls. speedy recovery feathered frnd." so whadoesfranchise tagging" a play reame??
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and withusfour daytoo unl the ne primary--- presidential candidates turn up the heat. wetell y who'seang in
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6:30. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, new information fit tonit 6:30. a wrongful death lawsuit, filed against the father of dyla redwine,...has been dismisd...becae of a reported clerical err. 13 year old lan disappeared from his father's house near ito lake in la plata
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his remains were f in 2013,...the cause of h was ruled a ci. his father, ma, namea person of iest in t dth the court ruled a wrongful death lawsuit d by dylan's mothe elaine,...against r ex husban shoulhave been led o years after e dateis remains were dcoved. it w aually fid two yes aftethe reins were notied,...four days after e statue olimitatis had expired. st now aboutget unay in mument- big gatring a ty hall to find out whether or noter rates d go up. as we' reportehe monumt town manager "chris lo" says previo brds of trustees have kept water rates artificially low for 20 years for roughly 1-ound customers we of i-25. as aesult, the monument water enrise hasun aeficit every yearin012. in aition to the sharp immediate rate increase, the boaroposing an 8-percenincrse every year through but the econom development corporatiorns a quick spike
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the board tabled a vote on the proposal last month...and is expected to ket's vote tonight. news fivzach tha is there, a will have an update for us, at0. xxx anmportanteeting tight for dons of homeowrs impacted by landsles after our inedibly wet weather las spring. a meeting going on tonight at sat paul's catlic church nearhe badmoor for those who have damage to theiromes.... li some inhe broadmoor bluffs area, where some homes have been condemned. the ma goal ofheeetings are ghesied up fo feragrant progm ere the city would use fa money to buy the homes in order to avd dister. many d't wanto relocate--b have no choice. t: gre view, t wildlife. no we don't want to leave but if thecome throu with the money we'll have to ke it. homeowners would "only get" 75 percent of the value of their home but manwe spoke with say they're considerin anyw, because they say the
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in south carolina, wit4 days to go 'til the rublin imy, it's a two-tiered contest: trump versus cruz, at the p. with the others fighting to stay alive. steve handelsm has the latest from washington in our ection wah covera. nats tmp "we love south colina. les go!" donald trump in greeille today a rally in gua, trump called up a supporter sot: tru supporr :07-:10 "dald trumyore the best we got so far" he's leading by in south carolinaolls nats trum "so le'ts go getm." to survive pt saturday's primy, jeb busneeds trump seen aa joke sot: jebush - presidential candidate :20-:24 "i'll be a cmander in chief not agitator in chief n a blowhard in chief" ts state with so many active duty and retired military ted cr promised a bigger u-s fighting for. sot: sen. ted cruz r - presidential candidate :32-:39 "with grear capacity to take on our adversaries. let me be clear: wll not go picking gh around the globe."
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chging cruvoted agnst military expansion sot: marco rubio - presidtial candidate :45-:48 sot: "so he's very weak on national security he knows that's liability in south carolina" more than half of south rolina decrate blk. ts mos "wjust wanna be treated fair hiary inn courted afrin american leaders in new york sot: hil con d - presidtial candidate :56-1:00 "my campaign is rely about breaking every barrier" rnie sanders with bck clergin south carolina sot: sen. bernie sanders d - presidenal candidate 1:04:14 "when we talk about inequality, it goes without saying that the african eric community is suffering even more" sanders trls clinton by 21 in a new poll. audio outcuei'm ste handelsman, nbc news, washington. but those uth carolina polls ry wideland perts warn the polling in nevada for th saturd democratic caucuses are en less reliable. special tribute toate supreme courjusticantoni scia. a tradition thadates back to the 19th ntury, wool was draped over the late justice's courtroom chr,...the
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to the mble uroom. on friday....t body of scali will lie in reposen the supreme urt's great ha and e flag flying on t cours front plaza wille flown at half staff for th da. scalia.the longe svice justice,ied ov the weeke at age 79,...of natural causes. former u.n secrargeneral, boutros boros ghali,...dd today at the of3. the former egyptian plomatwhrv one sretary general from 1992 to 1996,...diein cairo, after he was adtted ta hospital with a broken hip. among his greatest accomplishmes,...helping to brer a landmark peace accord between egypand rael. moreow. on a dispute over a loud t-v... at reportedly led to a abbing on superbowl sunday lorado springs police sathe victim kno on vin riley's door on super-bowl sunday to colain about theolumon his t- police say riley opened the door---threwhe man to the ground---and sbbed him multiple tim. he was arrested and booked into
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thound dollar nd. 's now facing a charge of asulwith a deay weap. xxxx onlyinor iuries report after a crash involving a rado springs police offir. it happened earlier today near hancock and jeg. police tell ne 5 the offer was responding to an emergcy call wh lights and sirens on, and was t by another c. the iv was cited for failing to yield to an emergcy vehicle. the wreck cled downes in th dirtions jetwing. a me frothe ebloity nager to citemployees is raising some eyebrs. it apparently instructcity employees to tell a supeisor whenever they're ctacted by a member of ty council. thmemo was issued two weeks ago and coains just ree sentences.. city employeeare to inform servisors immedtely if concted by a meer of city counci and them everything re but to cou woman lorwinner ... it seems like the kind of top down managing style thatould undermine employees. "i tnk iyodon't have anything to hide and you're doing everything corct i dot know why there shod be th a it ki of paranoia "ultimately city manager is one
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works for us but then i think we ve an obligation to keep him in the loop wh wre aing questions in dealing with departme heads" cityouncilman chris nicoll isn'so concerned by the memo. he tell us the wording prett cheflects e ci crt . someeownerin bck fes ulsee huge change in their neighborhoods. land some lieved to be protected by a cservation easement... was bought by classic homes.. very old signs lining the propertyll read "wilife park, tresspassing or hug"o neighbors have continuted to believe the land borded by hodgen and black rest roads is protd.. some wspoke th todayay they movedo the ea tve more space a less neigor.witbeauti ews. so they're notap abo the velopmen "i left monumentnd it's ow toot have that here, and it's
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she's alsooncerned abo holmes road, of the planned entrces to tew devleopment, whi is barely two lanes . th are alsconcerneabout water,..and fi protection. therwille a public meeting tomorr about the velopmt,..d we have all th information rightow at koaa-dot- com. now to a story that some rishioners in "conejosare caing a miracl fire broke out at ur lady of guadalupchurchonsh wednesday. and the soot from the re aprently formed a crown over a rtait ofhe virgin mary. an investigar spotted the image while surveying the dama to the church. the father othe church says word has spread--- many churchgoers consider this miracl many of them would lto see the imagpreserved whil the urepairs damage he rest of the buding. news 5's lena howland spene day kingh pelethe chur---catcher fulport toght on nat 10. right now--the sta of what's typically the busiest timef the year for housing sales. what makes ts year
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mikethe weher center. i'm mike daniels. i'll have your extended first
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a look from cameras across lorado. highs today in the 50's and 60's. current temperatures all over southern colorado.....
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anrea of high pressure wil bring dry skies again tomorrow with warr tempatures. ur bhour, mostly sunny roh the day. a chilly start thenice and mi from late morning thrgh la afterno a w hi thin clouds in some areas from time to time. lows tonight in th20's and 30's. highs morrow in the 50's, 60's and 70's. 7 daforecast f the springs, high tomorro63, guy nd thayndarm th high of 70. gh fire danger. pleasant friday and saturday with sunshe. cler next week. pueblo high tomorrow 70, windy and warm thursday with high fire danger. a record high on thursday. cooler friday th less wind the weekd starts milthen coer air sunda canon citynd woodland pa, waer tomorroth breezy afternoowi. very windy withigh fire daer thursday. easant friday and saturday then coor air sunday with a
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r force has got to gett ing onhe c.. why tonight ghbe t gd night for it and our athlete the week gunnfor a state title - we
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here is odign from losses... its how the team plays durin those. coming offack to back losses... aiforce he coach dave pipoch said the falcons are playing better as thseason has gone on. hopefully they can do the sa agt unlv tonight on the ounds. the st timout e falcon spankedy 36n vegas... n't expecthat topen th time around. la four gameve played ... three of t four - didn't play wagait nevadand the ara team that we don match up wh - ysicalitde and ey kin had thaway with on dnday but uncing back agastanieta am thats realltaed and long an athlet and wh what
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0 tip off atlune arena wre e falcons haveon two in a row the broncould be crazy to let von miller walk after this season fortunately john elway is not crazy and they will pay miller. how much and when is the question? e denver post iseporting th the broncosreikely ace e franchise g on mier bore the rch t da. the taperiod onetoday and it's likthathe bncos wiag m n asble. franchise taggina playereans cking him in a one yea deal that pays the average of of the top five playerst the position in the league. miller would be able to hold o folong term de the bronc would until j15 to get a long term al done talked about getting paid... nfl mmissi rogooll earned ove34 million dollars fo2014. goodell ba salary was 3 and a lf million dollars but he
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dollar bonus negotiated in013. the nfl is no long a tax exempt organizat so the filing released tuesd is the final one the nfl will be required tmakeublic. state wrestling gets underway this wkend... pube will be well represente as will all southern colorado. our athlete of the week is gunning r a state title for mitchell high hool. for donnie les the road state stted lo ago
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dangerous ough? coach speed. hecrbles. en he ts into a good scramble, that's when he usually comes out onop and can be dangerous. mp: but can rdork and technie ld up under the bright lights of the pepsi center? ------oach meyer seems to think . the pepsi cent can be huge nue th nothing butall-to- wall ms anthat can get int their head but he's already been the, he's alrdy placed in ste, so m ing for t thin from this year. mp: and there's oubt in donnie's mind that he n leave denver ahampn. it fls's just, whole crow around you. yore at home wn you're on thmat up there, it's just great. mp: matt prichard, news 5 orts. g-m unces a w round of g-anuns new round of
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aiags. we'll ll you in ne at 6:30. and is it thba-boomers, generation-x... millennials. we'll tell you whi generation
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, general motors is recalling about 20thousand "saab" and "saturn cars" in oer to
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therare veral mode and years inlv... takata air bag inflars can portedly explode with too ch force and spew metal sapnel into drivers and passengers. rldwide, about 5million takata inftors are under recall. xx presidents day wkend is traditionally the stt ofhe spri housingarket... thbusiest time of ar for home sales. but accordintohe lates numbers from the national association of realts, inventory at the end of december s down nearly four percent from aear ago. the supply of homes for sale was the lowest sin the start of 2005. and back then... there re far more s being built to add to overall pply. last m showi listingso dropped another int-4 perct from a year ago. me appans have discovered going back to the 19-70s canll youipne. turns out manually changing an iphone, ipod touch, or ipas date to may 19-7orarli prent fm turng on after a restar apple has nopred a reason for the bug, but it has
6:49 pm
coming sofare date wl ios devices. new resech finds millennials inmo we th a oer generation. the "nonprofit wine market council" says millennials drank 42-pcentalwi in the u-s st year. at more than 159 million cases of winabout cases for each pers 21-to-38 years old. when it cometo hh frequency drinkersthose o drink severatimes a week... by boomers are number one
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,,,,,,,,,,,,, stly clear tonight with lows in t 20'and 30's. wednesday will be mostly sunny, brzy during the afteoon d waer. ghs in the 5s, 60's and 70's. windy thursday with gusts to 40 h. a firether watch thursday
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it's been a troublesome yearor the pueblo polic department--and chief lo velez. aftesome unionicers complained about feeling unsa--d overrked toght only on news fivat ten---we're tainto city manager sam azad--about what will be done to start tuing thgsrod. ana erresuic th indict on federal charges today---accused of stealg drugs and swpi needles on the job... tting thousands of patients at risk. we'rtainto one of the pelempacted o d too thh testing for vera virus. thanks for jnings for news 5 at 6.
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country music duo florida gea line. it'syler hubbard. [cheers and applause] there yogo, ke a bow for yoursel man. ne to him, we'veot platinum rording artist and grammy award winner ara. [cheers and applause] gorgeous tonight, to and next ther, from mpire," it'sraress" ta'rhonda ne [cheers and plause] that local south side girl. - yes. [both laughing] - across the carpet, representing the florida hal oflorida georgia lis ban kely. [cheers and applause] - yeah! - weot florida and we got georgia, y'all. annext to m, it's the grammy winning r&sing of "american boy," all the way fr lovelenglan e lovely estelle. - yeah. [cers and applau] - and ne to her, it's the people's choice award winning music superstar, hunterayes. [cheers and applause] - ye! - all right. now let's meet the normal, everyday, ruofilhumans theye playing for. my right, she's a photrapher
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